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New in Data Collection Solutions He identifies some notable initiatives: Data Roll-up: This enhancement dramatically reduces the amount of system data needed to sort through at any given time. This means that data can be stored and retrieved more efficiently and easily since the data is a fraction of the size, without compromising the usefulness of the information. The data will be rolled up midnight to midnight UTC. This ensures consistency regardless of the time zone of the user or the device reporting data. Next Generation DCA: The benefits of a new DCA to customers will be significant, including: • more reliable and up-to-date device data • lower network and server loads • a simplified install, activation, and configuration • DCA always stays up to date • cross-platform support • on device options • mobile • faster turn-around on device support • remote administration Web Services: PrintFleet Optimizer (PFO) has been built on a foundation which includes ‘RESTful’ Application Programming Interface (API), which enables external programs to access data without having to use its UI to do so. By empowering multiple third party integrations PrintFleet is enabling choice for all of the dealers/resellers to choose who they wish to work with for supplies fulfillment, billing, service, and other unique options, such as PrintReleaf. Why do dealers choose PrintFleet? “See all of the above,” responds Morrow, “plus our move to SaaS and subscription pricing models, which have reduced the cost of entry into a PrintFleet-based MPS program, our deep engineering relationships with the OEMs and our global reach.” What kind of return on investment can dealers who implement your solution expect? 28

“Many analysts as well as some of our competitors quote ROI for successful MPS programs,” says Morrow. “We think that a 30 percent or more reduction in a dealer’s cost base is definitely achievable with the right tools, the right supply chain relationships, and the appropriate focus on true data-driven automation of core business processes. That adds up to a healthy ROI. When you add in win rate improvements through enhanced competitiveness in the market, ROI is further enhanced.”

Print Audit What’s new at Print Audit? “Facilities Manager V3 was released February 5th, 2014,” says Rob Thiessen, vice president of sales. “With this release we incorporated new alerting options which were designed to improve and enhance the automation of supplies and service tracking and delivery.” The latest version of Print Audit’s Managed Print Services tool has a new alerting system designed to help MPS providers eliminate meaningless alerts and increase the efficiency Rob Thiessen of their service and Print Audit supply management programs. Facilities Manager remotely collects meter reads, automates supplies fulfillment, and reports service information for managing fleets of printers, copiers, and MFPs. The new alerting system is in response to complaints from dealers about receiving too many raw, often irrelevant alerts from the printers and MFPs. To eliminate this, Facilities Manager V3 Smart Alerts allow dealers to customize the way that alerts are triggered and cleared through the use of filters. In addition, Print Audit has released an update for the Print Audit Facilities Manager Web portal. Facilities Manager 3.1.0R includes fixes for issues found in previous releases of the software as well as new reporting and alerting enhancements. The latest version offers several toner change detection enhancements, l September 2014

including the ability to detect if a toner cartridge has been changed based on the toner serial number for devices that provide it. The latest release also allows users to view the toner level and device life count before a cartridge was changed in order to track if cartridges are being replaced too soon. Why do dealers choose Print Audit? “Print Audit has the number one MPS Software in the industry according to Buyers Laboratory,” states Thiessen. “Print Audit also has tools that enable office equipment dealers to do more than just track and manage printers. Print Audit has user management capabilities that the other companies don't. The combination of both device monitoring tools and user management capabilities is crucial to understanding and managing a customer’s print in general, i.e. printers don't print, people print!” What kind of return on investment can dealers who implement your solution expect? Thiessen points out that the ROI for using Print Audit's systems comes from several sources, including: 1. Proactive management of customer sites - To block out competition 2. Uncovering opportunities through more comprehensive data capture More revenue per customer including local print devices and additional aftermarket revenue for software as a service to manage workflow 3. Better automation of supplies and service management - through "Smart Alerts" that reduce man hours required to manage data “You can’t underestimate ROI,” emphasizes Thiessen. “[Our solution] allows you to be proactive, which helps uncover opportunities more quickly and blocks out competition. It’s to prevent another dealer from taking advantage of the knowledge that you didn’t know there are five printers out of toner within your customer’s environment and saying to the manager that normally deals with you, ‘We’ve got some remanufactured cartridges we can give to you real cheap

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