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Legal and Ethical Issues. APPLE

In this assignment I have included the legal and ethical issues concerning Apple. This means I have included the laws which fall under legal issues, the laws being; Computer Misuse Act 1990, Data Protection Act 1998 and Freedom of information Act 2000. The ethical issues that will be discussed in this assignment are the misuse of email, the misuse of internet and whistle blowing. Data protection Act: For whatever purpose and whoever the data is collected for must only be used by that person, or allowed to be used by the consent of that person. This act is enabled to make sure any form of data is not misused and abused. However the only time someone’s data may be looked at without their permission is if there is a legitimate reason. If someone holds any form of information about themselves they have a right to know, for example the information your college has about you, and you have the right to know. This act would be beneficial to apple as they are aware that if their data is shared or sold without permission they can sue whoever did so. Data should not be abused, and if found guilty you would be fined or sent to prison. Freedom of information act 2000: This act means that, the public has access to information held by the government. For example information from public authorities such as police, and they have the right to ask them of any information they wish to know that obviously involves them and that they have a right to


Computer Misuse Act 1990: In this act, it punishes those who access any form of data on a computer without permission, even if they just look through data and don't actually copy the data they have still committed a crime. If a company or individual hacks in to apples system for example, and steals information they will be sued. This act is extremely useful to apple, as many people will try to steal or hack in to their software.

Human Right Act 1998: This act was enabled in October 2000 in England. This legislation has been put in place in order to protect people from having their basic freedom and rights. This includes, data protection act, freedom of information act, computer Misuse act, Privacy Act.

Apple abides to all the legislations listed above. They make sure they protect their customer’s data and have software that will ensure no one can hack or steal their software, however even if someone was to hack in to their system they would then sue them for it. Ethical issues:

Ethical issues are associated with the misuse of E-mail, misuse of internet, and whistle blowing. E-mail misuse: The misuse of E-mail, enhances the importance of making sure not

misusing E-mail whilst in the working environment or even outside of it ,if it involves the business you are working for. My chosen organisation which is apple, for example would not want their employees to use their email to trade with other organisations. Another obvious act that falls under the misuse of E-mails, is to not attempt to attain another persons personal bank details or any form of detail with out the persons consent. Internet Misuse: employees should only use the internet for the benefit and purpose their business has assigned them too. An example of someone misusing the internet was on live T.V, this person was in the background looking at inappropriate images whilst the news was broadcasting , a viewer called in and complained and the person was then fired because it would have given BBC news a bad reputation, and since the public pay for these channels they have a right to complain when they are not happy. Also the internet should only be used for researching or if they need the internet for work purposes. Copyright , or taking anyone’s information using the internet is against the law and you will be fined and charged.

Whistle- Blowing : This is when a person has gathered information that the government has held against the public for whatever reason, and then informs the public with all the information that they are not permitted to do so, but they strongly believe the public has the right to know it. This is punished as it is illegal.

Organisational policies : This means that organisations undertake different methods in order to predict what decisions will be taken in the future that involve, compensation policies, private policies as

well as employment policies. They do this in order to make their business ethics more effective and to best suit their employees. Apple abides to all legal and ethical issues, in their code of conduct they state that " suppliers must disclose information regarding its business activities, structure, financial situation, and performance in accordance with applicable laws and regulation and prevailing industry practices' whistle blowing is also prohibited within apple, as they believe that the protection of the supplier and worker are important, as these are the general Apple code of conduct. All in all, Apple prohibits all that has been listed above as confidentiality is important to them, the laws that are set out help prevent any form of copy write or the misuse of their employees and customers data.

Legal and ethical issues  
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