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14 Feature E N V Y Super Model: Saori Kido-Rey 20 Model Theme: SWANK July Round 2

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EMPLOYEE BENEFITS include paid holiday leave, paid maternity and paternity leave. Cumberland City residents are eligible for dental and medical benefits. 5

6 Photo : Scott Nobody

To the Staff of E N V Y Magazine,

We recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts. All achievements begin with an idea. Your innovations put those ideas in front. This impetus has empowered the momentum for success. Thank you for providing us with powerful ideas. When others were ready to admit failure, you steadfastly persisted. By refusing to fail, you contributed to the eventual success of E N V Y. Thanks for coming to bat at the end of the ninth inning! You wisely said, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And, you did!! Thank you for making E N V Y Magazine successful. Each exchanged idea and every shared opportunity magnifies the mutual respect we have for one another. Your ability to listen to others’ ideas with concern and an open mind creates an environment of mutual respect where relationships flourish. It’s your careful attention to detail that makes you so special. You consistently “go the extra mile.” When others rush headlong into new undertakings, you remain mindful of the finishing touches that make a good job a superior job. Thanks to all the Models and Photographers who worked very hard on each issue to bring life to our magazine. Special thanks to Arianna Jasmine, Scott Nobody, Zoria Marino, Kiett Prince... without your management and dedication to E N V Y there would be no E N V Y! From Chief of Operations, I say to you with great appreciation…


Analena M. Darkbyrd Chief Operations Officer


Editor’s Notes By Scott Nobody

Only 2 weeks remain of the SWANK July Round, so now is the time to head over there now and get some of the amazing deals. All our models in this issue of E N V Y are featuring outfits from a handful of the over 100 designers that have set up shop over at SWANK. Each model’s photo have a style card, and a quick click on the SWANK logo will get you to the event. Adonis






SWANK is also introducing something completely new. KittyCats. Yes, KittyCats has gotten their own event. Here you can browse and purchase quality and rare KittyCats. You can get the landmark by clicking the SWANK logo below. I got a tour the other day, and it’s quite an amazing display of cats, cat accessories and cat furniture. Do you have a rare KittyCat you would love to see go to a new home, you can sign up for a spot in the display that rotates every month. The KittyCat event is Co-founded with Dolome Demonia. Our own Saori Kido-Rey is this month’s featured Model. You have seen her in two roles here at E N V Y, both as a Model and as a Staff Photographer. We talk a bit how she got started as a model and her experience so far. Her feature starts on page 14.



Congratulations to E N V Y Model and Model’s Haven Owners

Resmay Bloodstorm &

Drawde Coba on their Wedding day from the entire staff at E N V Y. 10




E N V Y Model - Saori Kido-Rey. By Scott Nobody - Photo’s by Saori Kido-Rey

Saori Kido-Rey is next in our ongoing series where we feature our E N V Y Models. Saori began her model career about a year and half ago. She graduated from EC Models in April of 2015, and from Nexus University of Fashion in March 2016. Besides modeling, Saori is in the process of making her own clothing line and poses for her store that will open in the near future. Saori is also a very talented photographer. She won the E N V Y Good vs. Evil Photography contest back in May, and started to work as a photographer here at E N V Y shortly thereafter. Her Second Life family is very important to her, and that's usually where you can find her when she’s not working.

Scott Nobody: Saori, tell us how you got started as a model? Saori Kido-Rey: I have always loved fashion. One day I was shopping in a store and the store model greeted me with “Hello, and welcome”. He spoke to me in Spanish which is my main language and for me, it was like heaven hearing those words. I talked to him for a quite a while and he invited me to take a course at his school. I finished the course and attended the fashion shows organized by his agency. One specific show stole my heart. It was a fantasy show with Fairy Tales as the theme. The show was a charity event for “Say NO to Child Violence” which has a goal to use the world of fashion not only for beauty but to spread an important social message. That was one of the things that made me fall in love with the fashion industry. One year and four months later here I am, still modeling and loving what I do. SN: Share with our readers what your greatest achievements are in your career so far. SKR: Before I graduated I entered Miss Virtual World 2015 contest as Miss Honduras, and that was a very memorable experience. I learned a lot and had lots of fun, but the most important thing, - I made friends. Later I entered in the casting for The Fantasy Angels and I got one of the Top 5 spots. Another achievement was making the casting for the group The Fashion Teller and then I became a member of the staff. But one of my greatest achievements is being a fashion blogger. I can combine fashion and photography, both are big passions of mine. 14

SN: How far do you want to take your career? SKR: I don't have a determined goal. I only know that I want to learn and grow as a model every day and have fun with the things that I do. SN: I’m guessing you have a favorite fashion style? SKR: No, not really. I don't have a specific style I like. I like them all and I love the challenge of creating and be innovative in every style that I have learned throughout my career. SN: You have been in the industry for about a year and half. What would you tell a friend who would like to get into modeling? SKR: Becoming a model is not easy. It requires a lot of time and dedication. But if you love 15

fashion, love creating and show yourself, I’m sure you will fall in love with the modeling community. SN: Speaking of the model community, what is it like? SKR: My first community in modeling was Latin, many of them are friends or family, and I feel very comfortable with them. But I wanted to try the Anglo side and it was a surprise for me to be included and accepted so well and I am very happy to have new friends and learn new things. SN: You began with E N V Y as a photographer after you won our photo contest a few months ago. What is it like to work for E N V Y as model and a model photographer? SKR: I’m very happy to be part of the E N V Y staff. This is another achievement for me and I have the unique opportunity that I can style to my own taste and take my own picture. I like to make new friends and laugh with the models when we are in a photography session. SN: Saori, thank you so much for sitting down with me. Last question. Of course you know we have Model Themes in E N V Y. If you could pick a model theme, what would it be? SKR: I would love to make an anime character, hahaha, but that is just me. Perhaps a theme that could have important characters in the story. SN: Thank you Saori.





Debbie Jasper & Scott Nobody Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Scott Nobody


Debbie’s Outfit: Accessories:

Shoes: Hair: Scott’s: Outfit: Accessories: Hair: Furniture:

SAGA - Christi Dress PINK ICE - Luana Floppy Beach Hat, COVERT - Blues Highway Sunglasses, HEARTSDALE - Golden Rosa Necklace & Earrings VINTAGE TOUCH - Summer Breeze Sandal NO.MATCH_- No Meaning GHOSTYSS - Renaud Tank Tube JZ - Men Graffiti Board Shorts GB - Round Sunglasses ARGRACE - Bucket Hat / Kai OTB - Surf's Up 1, Beach Shack, OTB - Ladybugs Everywhere Pergola, OTB - Lazy Dayz Deck Lounger


Saori Kido-Rey Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Saori Kido-Rey 22

Outfit: Accessories: Hair: Skin:

SELENE CREATIONS - Deauville Noir Bikini IT - Precious Bond Set 6 Jewelry B&W - Divina sunglasses SENTINUS HAIR- Fitted mesh Angel hair 23 O4S - Guiselle Blossom Auburn Makeup 5

Cherry London Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Maiya Gant 24

Outfit: Accessories: Hair:

TD - Miraj Gown with Appliers MODERN COUTURE JEWELRY - Mika Bracelet Gold 25 SPELLBOUND - Sirana Chapter III- Magic

Lisana Rossen Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Saori Kido-Rey

Outfit: Skin: Accessories:

Shoes: Hair:

POLLY Dress WOW SKIN - Aurora Tan 2016 WOW SKIN - Aurora Peachy Lips WOW SKIN - Black eyeliner LOORDES OF LONDON - The Devils Horn XEN’S HATS - Colorful Beach Hat JE SUIS - Brilliante Bangle JE SUIS - Earhoop GLAMISTRY - Cynara Heels ELUA - Shena



Outfit: Accessories: Shoes: Hair: Furniture:

SNOWPAWS - Ghost Corset Top SNOWPAWS - Ghost Capri Pants THE FORGE - Beach Bum Necklace GLAMISTRY - Sunglasses PU2004 TASHI - Lules TRUTH - Opal TM CREATIONS - Cuddle Rustic Bench Rocks w/ bushes TM CREATIONS - Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement TM CREATIONS - Pathway Beach Wood w/wo Ferns

Amity Sorbet Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Saori Kido-Rey 28


Catalysis Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Maiya Gant


Outfit: Accessories:


SUMMERSET - Nautica Bodysuit (SWANK Exclusive) SEMI-PRECIOUS - Dakota Necklace (SWANK Exclusive) SEMI-PRECIOUS - Dakota Bracelet (SWANK Exclusive) IZZIE’S - Hair Flower 31 PHOENIX - Chloe Hair Updo

Vann Underwood Theme : SWANK July Round Photographer : Saori Kido-Rey 32

Outfit: Accessories:

Shoes: Hair: Furniture:

PAISLEY DAISY - Sun Dress Egyptian RYCA - Gold Long Bangle RYCA - Choker YUMMY - Gold Septum Rings - Tribal HUCHI - Varese Sandals EMO-TIONS - PRUE WOODS WORKS - Beach Cabana 33 TM CREATIONS - Kalia Deck Set Adirondack

Sarah Tremor, owner and designer of Edelfabrik By Kiett Prince

Guten Tag E N V Y Readers! We are here with none other than the energetic and spry Miss Sarah Tremor the owner, mesh designer and creator of Edelfabr\k! She uses Blender, Photoshop and a little Black Forest magic to bring you original content for all mesh body types! If you didn’t guess it, she’s a German designer! We chat, we visit her store, we exchange horoscope signs and of course, I fan girl all over her! Kiett Prince (KP): *smiles warmly* Yay! Welcome to the E N V Y Magazine headquarters! *turns chair around to face Sarah, pulling out interview recorder* Oh wait Sarah! Is this your creation that you're wearing??? *Sarah is wearing a sexy outfit that reminds Kiett of a

Tokyo inspired street style pink and grey ensemble that Kiett has not seen replicated anywhere in SL! Loving it!* Sarah Tremor (Sarah Tremor): Yes Kiett :) That’s one of my latest :)! KP: *grins* I love it!’

Sarah Tremor:

:) Thank you!

KP: You're so welcome! What is this look? Is this Edgy Punk? Sarah Tremor: Well, most of my creations are slightly provocative in the way of "accidentally sexy", but not without class. And almost any of it is mix and match. KP: Which is super important! I hate not being able to mix and match! Now, the name of your store? *Kiett tries to pronounce it using a German accent* EDELFABRIK Sarah Tremor: laughs at Kiett’s accent....[Adele-fabric] :). KP: Where'd you get the name from? *laughs at herself* Sarah Tremor: Yes, thats a German word, a 2 word combination it means "noble factory" KP: I wasn't too far off track! German! *pats herself on the back* Are you German? Sarah Tremor: Yeah, I am German. *laughs* KP: Guten! I love my Germans! I think in your style, it is very modern German and street style Tokyo to me - very sexy, very creative and unique! 34