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GREAT HISTORY OF THE MEYER RANCH WYOMING (AEP) - When Bob Meyer came to the Montana Big Blackfoot River region in 1990, he ended his search for the perfect place to pursue his lifelong dream of returning to his agricultural roots by ranching. He settled in this region, steeped in ranching history, and successfully cultivated that history. Yet raising cattle for the future would also mean looking back to the “old-fashioned way.” After his arrival in the area Meyer bought property as it became available, piecing back together subdivided parcels and pursuing his goal of restoring a large segment of land. The result is Meyer Company Ranch-the largest working ranch in the valley consisting of 40,000 acres of ranch land. Though Meyer wanted to build a progressive ranch, he also wished to tap the historical roots of ranching in the area. Other links to the past are evident throughout the ranch. An old schoolhouse still stands on the former Wales’ property, as does the original log cabin homestead. The historic stagecoach road leading to Garnet passes through the ranch. A horse barn built in 1900 and granary built in 1910 are both still vital parts of the Meyer Company Ranch. Meyer’s working history on the land began in 1990, by establishing firm roots in Red Angus genetics, Meyer used the Meyer Company Ranch to build the foundation for an integrated natural beef program called Meyer Natural Angus, dedicated to raising Angus cattle without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. Quality has long been a sought-after goal in the ranching industry, but Meyer has stayed a step ahead of society’s growing concern over health and ethics in food production. The goal behind the Meyer Natural Angus and Meyer Company Ranch is to produce the highest quality, most consistent, natural beef available while addressing the public’s growing demand for additive-free beef and its desire to support environmentally friendly, humane growing practices. For over 18 years, Meyer slowly



carved out a niche for his company. Today, his companies produce top-quality Red Angus genetics, provide a major market for producers who wish to raise natural calves, and sell high-quality beef into consumer channels. The Meyer Company Ranch on the Big Blackfoot River continues to provide fertile ground for Meyer’s progressive vision. (FR)

The biggest seller in July was again Steaks (ENSE: 0857) proving a popular stock is hard to put down, the value showed a modest increase of 6.5% overall for the month – helped particularly by the sales of the US Angus Medallion. Pastas (ENSE: 2600) soared 6.5 per cent and Envy’s famous pizzas (ENSE: 0883) climbed 4.5 percent thank in no small part to the level of fame attached to the creativity of the Envy Pizza.


The big rise of the week, however, was seen by Nasi Goreng Ayam (ENSE:1385) which climbed 12.8 per cent on previous prices.

HOW THE MARKET LOOKS AT SUMMER TUBAN (AEP) – The Summer promises good things for the economy and given the boisterousness of Envy’s menu shares in July, August is looking like it will expect more. Shares rose overall in July as a result of the success of the new menu with the great value pricing and delicious comfort food, all this gave the Envy shares a boost over other stock markets.

Envy’s Olive Oil edged up to nearly US$108 per barrel last week, in its eighth straight day of gains, lifting energy and health shares. “It was an encouraging performance for the start of the summer” said Envy’s financial analyst Novi, “The volume of trade picked up as well, we now have more and more people dining with us and there is a lot of optimism looking forward.” (MD)


CHOOSING YOUR STEAK CUT WISELY TUBAN (AEP) – As the famous chef Julia Child once quipped ‘The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook’, here at Envy the chef ’s take their steaks very seriously. The steaks at Envy come from the Meyers Ranch in Wyoming USA and the Envy culinary team have selected the best cuts for their hungry guests. Here’s a brief rundown on the steaks offered at Envy….. Rib-eye - A rib steak without the bone; prized among steak lovers for its marbling and flavour.

Tenderloin - Beef tenderloin, the tenderest cut of beef, is also known as an eye fillet in New Zealand and Australia. Striploin - The striploin, also known in Australia as a porterhouse steak, is cut from the short loin.Striploin consists of a muscle that does little work, and so it is particularly tender, though not as tender as the nearby rib eye or tenderloin, the fat content of the striploin is somewhere between these two cuts. To enjoy one of Envy’s steaks, please turn to Page 8

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August, 2013 nvy


PERSONALS SWM would like to meet the following cocktail recipe one part Russian Vodka, one part tonic garnished with juicy melon cubes, Shake with 20-30oz crushed ice in tall NS glass. Drink Casually only. Box no. 9835 Break out of the tired old traditional male/female roles. I’ll be the baby seagull and you feed me regurtitated raw fish like a nurturing momma bird. I’ll provide the raw herring and vomit inducer, you bring the strap-on beak. No weirdos, please. Box #7623 ET/jsatyawira


INTERVIEW WITH THE STAR Name : Gst. Ngr. Alit Semadiyasa Place/Date of Birth : Saba, 17 April 1981 Position : Cook Alit believes that he is destined to be a cook and he has passion in exploring the world through food while trying to draw its attention to his native Balinese cuisines. 1. Why did you become a cook? I believe in destiny and destiny puts me in this path (of being a cook). My desires began when I was working at an international cargo ship in technical engineering department. I saw the talent of the chefs in mixing and matching ingredients and transforming them into delicious food. That kind of talent “persuades” me to learn the art of cooking. 2. What is your favourite food? I’m proud to be a Balinese. My favorite food is Balinese traditional food but with a modern twist.

I really want to make our traditional food to become one of the Indonesian comfort foods. 3. If you weren’t a cook what would you be? A sailor. It ran in the family from generation to generation. Since culture and the technology have changed, I let go of the sailor dreams to explore the world and now pursuing them through food instead. 4. Who is your cooking hero? None other than my beloved mom. I easily get bored with same kind of food, but when she cooks the same meal, no matter how often, she always finds a way to keep her “customers” -our family- happy…. That is my inspiration and I am still learning from her the art of being a good cook to make people excited about my cooking. 5. What is your craziest cooking experience? Cooking a cobra in Thailand. I had to catch, slaughter, skinned and cook it and that requires a lots of skills. And for the tips, cobra is best cook in Chinese style. (MD)


Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali is the first and still the ONLY hotel in Bali to be HACCP Certified TUBAN (AEP) – HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a globally recognised management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. It took a lot of time, training and hard work from the resort team to get everything in place. Every

step of food preparation from purchasing to deliverance was analysed for every loopholes where ‘danger’ could occur and we put processes into place to prevent that. It is now a very well oiled way of working, so strict that even the General Manager is not allowed in the kitchen without necessary precautions and approval from the kitchen team!. (MR)

I like eating chilli jam and peanut butter sandwiches in a thunderstorm, watching Carry On film reruns, peeing on birds in the park and licking strangers on the bus; you eat onions raw, have climbed Everest, and are open to naked camping. Must wear size five shoes. Box no. 7863 I have a t-shirt that says ‘World’s Greatest lover. I think that’s my referees covered. How about you? Woman. 25. Box no. 8763 SWF, blonde, blue, gorgeous, seeks six figures and a Lexus. Age unimportant. No baldies. Box # 5648 Obsessive, compulsive, neurotic, anti-social, manic and paranoid, but basically normal. Female seeks male. Box #5689


AUGUST SUNSETS IN BALI TUBAN (AEP) – July sees the day time in Bali continue to get shorter; but only marginally 15 minutes to be precise. The time of sunrise is getting earlier each day through the month, starting on the 1st of August at 06:22 and by the end of the month, sunrise will be at 06:23. Sunsets are getting earlier, the start of the month, sees sunset at 18:23 and by the end of the month, sunset is at 18:10. There are some remarkable places to view the sun setting in Bali. Research tells us that one of the more famous places to watch one of Bali’s spectacular sunsets is along Kuta beach. Here you can join the masses whilst they drink in the last of the sun as it drops below the horizon and leaves wispy tentacles of pink and orange cloud trailing across the sky. The more discerning sunset viewers prefer to be in a semi-reclining position with a cocktail in hand, and if you prefer your sunsets with less humanity, then head to Tuban for the ultimate in sunset viewing. (MD)

August, 2013

03 nvy



WHERE TO SHOP, DINE & PARTY... Tino Indrawanto The island of Bali has so much to offer in the way of shopping, dining and partying. In this first edition of what is chic and not chic in Bali, let’s first talk about SHOPPING! This heavenly island will pamper you with many selections of goods to be chosen from chic dresses to beautifully crafted home décor to the very well known and I guess iconic, Bir Bintang tank tops! You name it you get it all here in Bali. I’d like to first talk about our immediate neighborhood - let’s talk about KUTA, the ever congested but very FUN part of Bali offering many shops to be visited for your hungry eyes hunting cool things to buy. Let’s start from the Mall, one of Bali’s biggest malls is in the KUTA area, Discovery Shopping Mall is typical of a shopping centre that offers you some of the local brands and a great selection of international brands, overlooking the Indian Sea this mall has the best location on the Island, if you are a local brand fashion seeker this is a great place to hang out! For me, wandering around traditional market s is always fun, KUTA ART MARKET, located right on the famous Kuta Beach, is still one of the best places in Kuta to find locally made goods, find your sun dresses, colourful tops or Bir Bintang tank tops all at great prices; ranging from around 2 USD up to 4 USD but surely sure you know you’re going to have to bargain to get the best deal, a little tip when bargaining – cut the price in half and then work up a little! In addition to clothing you can also find some cute accessories and home décor here, this market is so colourful and very intimate, go and get lost there, it will be fun! After you are tired of shopping at the Art Market, go and sit and relax at a humble warung by the beach. Side by side with KUTA ART MARKET is the KUTA SQUARE, a tiny square full with boutiques and mostly surfer clothing lines and street wear, some of the biggest are BILLABONG, HURLEY, QUIKSILVER, SURFER GIRL and many mixed brands here, find your colorful bikinis here or board short s for your surfing lesson sat Kuta beach or cute dresses for your weekend ! All the shops here offer the coolest surf wear imaginable. If you walk around here you might stumble upon many high end brands and you will be amazed at the prices, be careful they are all fake from fake Paul Smith to Louis Vuitton or Gucci bags or even Calvin Klein undies. Sometimes you will even find branded Dolce Gabbana shops, yeap they are all still fake and they actually offering you ridiculous prices, if you want the originals you can only get it here in Bali at the duty free shop located at Mall Bali Galleria or at the airport, so don’t feel like you are wearing some couture as they are completely faux! In the corner of Kuta Square, if you are bit tired of those surfing togs go peek at some great Indonesian Designers collection at a boutique called SOOK, it’s a in amongst it’s contemporary décor you can find mens and ladies collection here, from cool well designed shirts to a simple dress and pants and also you will find a great collection of t-shirts here and all by Indonesian Designers, you will find lots of quirky items here. Lastly, for a long time, Kuta has been well known for many shops stretching from Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta to Jalan Legian/Legian Kelod and stopping at the border of Kuta & Legian Kaja Street, walk this path till you’re tired J there are many shops offering many great items as long as you have a good eye, if you’re keen to find nice ballerina shoes made from exotic skins you will find them at some of the leather shops selling shoes & hand bags, they set a very reasonable price and just remember bargain for everything, perhaps you want to find some fashionable sketches from local painters you will also find them here on the crowded Kuta streets, home décor and those great collections of accessories and clothing are also here. Get lost and you might stumble into what could become your favourite shop and splurge for the things you love, just make sure you wear your havaiana flip flopa to make it easier to walk around the KUTA area! Have fun people!

GO ON SPLURGE (must visit shops) 1. KUTA ART MARKET, located right by Kuta Beach, for a fun and intimate time with locals and for fun bargaining!

2. SURFER GIRL, for a heavenly girlish shop, for those impulsive shoppers – beware, it’s hard to resist. Jalan Legian/Legian Kelod 138 Kuta - Bali, Indonesia 80361 phone: +62 361 762442

4. PITHECANTHROPUS, batik galore with olde worlde style & patterns, cool selections of fabrics, clothing you can even find a nice bikini with batik patterns, some batik nick nacks for kids and souvenir, very Indonesian. Jl. Legian 368, Kuta, Bali 80361. Tel: 0361 765 073

3. SOOK, on the corner of Kuta Square just opposite the KFC, for a great selection of Indonesian Designers brands with reasonable prices and a fashionable, quirky style. All collections are for men’s and ladies.

5. HURLEY, for cool street wear and denim lovers, this cool shop offers a great selectionsof surf shorts, t-shirts and denim, find it in Kuta Square. (TI)


August, 2013 nvy


all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)


TO KICK OFF WITH... garlic bread


thick cut slices of baguette dripping with garlic butter

vegetable spring rolls


For sharing




buffalo chicken wings with a blue cheese dip

our very popular caesar salad is a traditional combi-

ives, vegetable stick, pesto dip, baked ricotta, bianca

nation of crisp romaine lettuce, creamy caesar dress-

bread, grilled zucchini and eggplant (2- 4 people)

ing, shaved parmesan cheese and crispy bacon with

middle east

90 starter

falafel ball, tabouli, humus, baba ganoush,

ocean platter



chunky chopped tomato and basil on

potato skins



with grilled chicken breast



with grilled shrimp



tomato and onion salad soup buntut



roughly cut tomato and onion, drizzled with red wine vinaigrette

chef’s soup of the day


daily creations from the chef’s cauldron

with cheddar, bacon and


LIQUIDS indonesian oxtail soup

garlic rubbed baguette slices

traditional caesar salad

squid, broiled shrimp, garlic dip, clams



main course

(2 people)

with remoulade dip

tomato and basil bruschetta


artichoke, sundried tomatoes, marinated green ol-

with a dill cream sauce

breaded calamari rings


pita bread (2- 4 people)

a sweet chili dipping sauce

fried salmon patties


garlic bread.

crispy, deep fried vegetable spring rolls, with

chef ‘s wings

bowl of greens


selection of lettuces and green vegetables with honey balsamic dressing

chives and sour cream on the side

beach salad


cucumber, tomato, celery, balinese sea grass and lettuce with honey balsamic dressing - contains pork


COCKTAILS FOR THE MODERN AGE TUBAN (AEP) - How about something cool and a little bit different? Those were the criteria used when I spent the last few weeks searching for the ultimate cocktail in Bali. My ‘tiring’ (!) research persuaded me that the days of sickly sweet cocktails filled with cloying syrups and juices are well and truly over. There is a new cocktail age in town and if I may use a pun; I have found somewhere in Bali that has really ‘raised the bar’ when it comes to making cocktails.

- vegetarian dishes

- non allergen potential

Wandering along the beach at sunset in Tuban (South Kuta) I heard the sound of drumming in the distance, like a net, the beat pulled me towards the sound and I found Envy – home of cocktails for the modern age. Settling down at the bar I spoke to Indro, one of the bartenders on duty, his first recommendation to me was the Envy Foam, he described it to me as “a simple but radical fusion of vanilla infused vodka, butterscotch schnapps and finished with our homemade butterscotch and cinnamon foam” it sounded too good to miss, so that was the first cocktail on my voyage of discovery. Whilst enjoying my Envy Foam, Jaya was joined at the bar by his boss, Ode, and after Jaya introduced me, Ode was more than happy to talk to me about the history of cocktails and the history and development of Envy’s special breed of cocktails.

By this time I had drained my Envy Foam dry and was ready to move onto the next cocktail, this time Jaya led me towards their Envy Cappuccino which he told me was “a quirky alcoholic twist on the classic cappuccino, with vodka and espresso laced with caramel syrup and kahlua and topped off with a nitrogen charged sweet espresso foam and finally dusted with freshly grated chocolate”. It was amazing, truly the nectar of the caffeine gods. So, dear reader, I can confidently say that I have found my ideal cocktail destination in Bali. Great cocktails, beautiful sunsets and the friendliest staff on the island. What more could anyone want? For a full list of cocktails at Envy, please see page 10

August, 2013 nvy


all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)


a 12” round ( for 1 person) or a 20” long (for sharing) crispy thin crust pizza, from our stone hearth oven 12”












tomato, mozzarella, balinese sea grass, asparagus and cold smoked salmon

margherita pizza tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil

pizza alle verdure tomato, broccoli, red onion, bell pepper, mozzarella

infastidito pizza pesto, mozzarella, chicken, onion, mushroom

stromboli pizza


created in philadelphia, the only ‘real’ rolled pizza. spicy minced meat, mushroom, tomato concasse and mozzarella

calzone pizza



PIZZAS envy pizza



EUROPE (AEP) – There is no question that the price of Italian cuisine is Pizza. With it’s long and colourful history, and regional varieties, pizza is what most people first think of when thinking of Italian food. Whilst the first record of pizza was in 997AD, the history of the Margherita pizza started much more recently, in 1889. In 1889, Queen Margherita of Savoy, accompanied by her husband Umberto I, decided to tour her kingdom. During her travels around Italy she saw many people, especially the peasants, eating large, flat, round bread with various ingredients on top. Curious, the queen ordered her guards to bring one of these pizza breads. The Queen found the bread delicious and would eat it every time she was out amongst the people, which caused some consternation amongst her courtiers. It was not seemly for a Queen to dine on what was seen as peasant’s food. Ignoring the consternation the Queen summoned the famed Chef - Raffaele Esposito from his famous tavern – Pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi , she asked him to bake some pizzas for her. Chef Raffaele created a special pizza for her, deeming the traditional garlic to be unfit for the royal palate, he used tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil (to represent the colours of the Italian flag – red, white and green) and named the pizza after the Queen.

the pillow pizza – tomato, mozzarella, spicy chicken


sausage and mushroom, all folded into a pizza

mafioso pizza













mozzarella, beef sausage, tomato, olives, onion

metro pizza mozzarella, tomato, capsicum, broccoli and olives

hawaiian tomato, mozzarella, pineapple and ham

envy gourmet tomato, mozzarella, sweet corn, peas and chicken

napoletana tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, capsicum, oregano and beef sausage

milano tomato, mozzarella, capsicum and ham

- contains pork

- vegetarian dishes

- non allergen potential

HOW TO MAKE A PIZZA SPECIAL BALI (AEP) – Take one adventurous chef, one ticket to Italy, add 365 days of learning and eating, blend well and leave to simmer for a few years. Oh yes, and don’t forget a good serving of some red, juicy tomatoes with just the right mixture of herbs! Chef Chris spent a year eating his way through copious amounts of pizza whilst attending cooking school in Italy, as a result his palate is finely tuned to how an authentic pizza tomato concasse should taste. The pizzas at Envy have one particular ingredient that make them very special and that’s the tomato concasse layered between the thin and crispy base and the selection of ingredients and mozzarella cheese on the top. Because of the myriad ingredients that can be on top of a pizza, the tomato concasse is often lost in the overall flavour, but a good tomato concasse makes all the difference to the total taste sensation. Chef Chris keeps his recipe secret but if you offer him a nice cold ginger beer, he has been known to pass on his recipe!


August, 2013 nvy






TRI DATU Tridatu Means “The Three Colours”, which are: red, white and black. Each colour represents the manifestations of the godhead - Brahma (the creator), Visnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). You will see the Tri Datu colours engraved into the wood of pillars and posts of houses, temples and other structures when the ceremony to bless and sanctify is carried out. The Balinese hold the ceremony they call “Pemelaspas” to rid in any area of bad spirits and “Tri Datu” is an essential part of the religious ritual. An animal is sacrificed to provide the blood to make the red colour, while the white is made from lime or chalk and the black comes from charcoal. Tri Datu isn’t only attached to buildings; occasionally you can see Balinese wear the threads on their


INTRODUCING OUR CARTOONIST BALI (AEP) - Julian Lee has joined the Envy Times as the lead cartoonist. He comes from the background of arts as his grandfather is a painter. Julian discovered his loves

body. Red thread on the right wrist, around the ankle - a black and white thread attached to the ear. Tri Datu thread is to calm the mind so that it won’t be influenced by negative thoughts. Most common, the threads are wound and tied together around the right wrist or placed on the crown of the head. No matter how the Tri Datu is worn, the threads were attached with prayers to endow the recipient with power, strength, and longevity. Those who have faith in the power of Tri Datu, use it to cure wounds by wrapping it around the open wound directly on the skin as one would use a bandage. For the cremation ceremony (Ngaben), Tri Datu threads take on a new name when they become part of the ritual ceremonial equipment, being then called (among other possible names) “panjanghilang” meaning long and lost, possibly because they are consumed in the fire.( JA) of cartoon at the young age and honed his skills whilst being part of high school cartoon club. Mr. Lee finds his inspiration from the people around him and daily life in Bali. As a youngster Julian made his pocket money from selling his cartoons in mini marts around town. Julian will be producing a new cartoon for each edition of Envy Times and hopes to entertain everyone. (EJ)

ET/J. Lee

BALI (AEP) - Chill out music, sometimes simply called ‘chill’ first emerged in the early 1990s when relaxing, mellow music was played in designated ‘chill rooms’ at dance clubs. Chill music covers a few styles of electronic music with the tracks always having a mid-tempo beat and being relaxing in mood. An entire culture has evolved around chill out music, with many bars, clubs and hotels around the world catering to a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere through the design of the venue (muted tones, relaxing furniture – day beds, comfortable chairs), the food and beverage product (creative cocktails, simple and tasty food) As a result of its relaxing and mellow beat, chill out music has proved very popular at beachside locations with great sunset views, such as Café del Mar in Ibiza and Envy in Bali. (FR)

PERSONALS SWM, Burt Reynolds type, loves Rush, hates Hillary. I think a woman’s place is in the laundry room and I have a lot of laundry that needs doing. So get to it. Box #6587

August, 2013 nvy



all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)




chicken kiev


breaded chicken breast filled with herby garlic

tagliatelle al frutti di mare


tuna, prawn, squid, clams and mussels

nasi goreng kambing/ayam


butter served with fries and salad

your choice of lamb/chicken fried rice

grilled chicken burger prawns in a thai green curry


prawns in a spicy thai green curry sauce served with

nasi goreng ikan asin



with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion

salted fish fried rice

nasi ayam rica


mutton rogan josh fish & chips




chicken stew in a spicy tomato and sweet basil

an indian mutton stew served with paratha bread

sauce served with steamed rice

bolognese linguine

sweet and sour chicken

deep fried fillet of fish with straight cut fries and tartare sauce


served with steamed rice

a traditional rich minced beef and tomato sauce

fettuccine al salmon


100 beef stroganoff

thin slices of smoked salmon in al fredo sauce


chicken in a basket


deep fried chicken in a herbed crispy coating

with mashed potato

and fries

lasagna al forno

75 croque monsieur

beef, tomato sauce and pesto


grilled ham, mustard and cheese sandwich with

aussie jump



french fries

beef burger, fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato,

bbq pork spare ribs

onion, pineapple and gherkin, served with fries

penne primavera


to make it a double decker burger



served with potato wedges and salad

garlic, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, spinach and

carbonara linguine

green peas

steak frites ravioletta


with caponatta and tomato sauce

mac and cheese


parmesan cheese

grilled steak with french fries and herb butter, with a green salad


oven baked and cheesy

envy cheese steak


thinly sliced grilled steak with grilled onion, melted cheese, bell peppers and french fries

vegetarian pad thai

40 chicken teriyaki

nasi cap cay


stir fried vegetable with steamed rice



grilled chicken breast glazed with teriyaki sauce served with steamed rice


herbed bean cake burger with lettuce and gherkin

chicken makhani


indian butter chicken cooked in a smooth, creamy tomato sauce with steamed rice

mee goreng

50 envy club

fried egg noodles with vegetables

triple decker of iceberg lettuce, tomato, chicken,

indian vegetable curry


fried egg, bacon

served with steamed rice - contains pork

- vegetarian dishes

- non allergen potential

as it’s cooked in italy – bacon, egg and



August, 2013

08 nvy



FROM THE VOLCANO STONE GRILL all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)

All our steaks are Certified Angus Beef coming from the Meyer Ranch in the United States. The cattle are all raised in the USA and are fed and cared for naturally with 100% vegetarian diets to ensure that the meat has the best flavours and is as naturally juicy and tender as possible. PRICE IS per 100GR, please choose the weight you would prefer US angus rib eye


US angus strip loin


US angus tenderloin


additional per 10gr 10



mahi-mahi steak (150gr) guntur steak (150gr) barramundi fillet (150gr)



tiger prawns 175

70 115

shrimp fra diavolo 80

bbq US beef inter costal 115

river prawns 170

double chop of lamb 200

salmon steak (150gr)


grilled marinated spring chicken 99

sword fish (150gr)


grilled chicken breast 63 pork chop 85 all items from the grill include 2 side dishes and a sauce of your choice

VEGETABLES broccoli, baby bean, asparagus, spinach, zucchini and eggplant, mushrooms, green salad, mixed salad STARCH baked potato, roasted potatoes, mashed potato, fried wedges, french fries, steamed white rice SAUCE salsa, beef jus, lemon butter, balsamic reduction, red wine, white wine, garlic butter, bearnaise, pepper sauce , barbeque sauce - contains pork

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir, I wonder if you could settle a matter of great debate in my household. We cannot agree on the subject of where the best sunsets in the world can be viewed. Some in my family say Hawaii, others say the Philippines, however, I believe the best sunsets in the world can be viewed from Bali, and as head of the household I feel that my opinion is the correct one and should win the debate. What are your thoughts? E.N. Smith, Ulan Bator

- vegetarian dishes

- non allergen potential

Dear Sir, Whilst in Bali one evening, I sat holding my chilled cocktail and watching the sun set and wondered why it is that not all locations in the world can be so relaxing and offer such a wonderful way to spend a holiday. I would be interested in your other reader’s opinions. J.K. Philus, Tokyo Dear Sir, If you have just quit your job at The Bali Journal and just joined The Envy Times, you probably remember my letters of August 20, 1997 & Jan 11, 2000. If you haven`t changed your job recently

please ignore the earlier sentence. This letter is to bring to your notice that the glamour quotient in your newspaper has been dipping. In the last six months you have carried only three photos with the navel showing (one of which was a man`s) and only five photos with the cleavage showing (two of which weren`t clear because the color had smudged). Please compare it with the statistics of your glamour quotient between Sept 2002 to Feb 2003 – 16 navel shows, 24 cleavages and 6 bikini shots. Please explain. Mrs, A. L One, Middle of Nowhere

August, 2013 nvy



DESSERTS all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)

ENVY END banana split


three colour ice cream and banana topped with choco sauce, peanuts and whipped cream chocolate lava Warm molten chocolate cake


apple pie warm apple pie served with vanila ice cream


refreshing fruit platter seasonal selection


vanilla crème brulee crispy top, creamy underneath


toffee banoffi pie banana, toffee, cream and crumbly biscuit


pisang goreng indonesian fried banana


tiramisu the italian ‘pick me up’


black forest cake a slice of the classic


cheesecake baked new york cheese cake


pineapple crumble buttery, crunchy crumble with spiced pineapple



TIRAMISU Anna Maria Volpi

I was in Italy at the time. A friend of mine told me about this new cake recipe she got. She was so enthusiastic about it that I felt compelled to try it immediately. The taste was unbelievably good, as I had never tasted before. Since then, I have been in love with this dessert. Everybody knows by now that Tiramisu’ means “pick-me-up” in Italian, named for the high energy content (eggs and sugar) and the caffeine of the strong espresso coffee. There are many different

apple pie

chocolate lava

banana split



stories about the origin of Tiramisu’. It is a layered cake, so some people place its origin in Tuscany, where another famous layered Italian dessert is very popular. It is called “Zuppa Inglese” (English Soup). It is neither English nor a soup. It is a simple cake of ladyfingers or a sponge cake soaked in “alkermes” liquor with alternating layers of chocolate and egg custard. Layered cakes have been around for a long time. The brilliant idea in Tiramisu’ is not in the technique of layering, but in the components. It was a great idea to combine coffee, zabaglione cream, and chocolate together. This is the true innovation of Tiramisu’. I love to study the history of food. In my book The Timeless Art of Italian Cuisine – Centuries of Scrumptious Dining, there is extensive information about the culinary history of the Italian regions. I tried to trace the origin of Tiramisu’ by investigating Italian cookbooks. Open an old Italian cookbook, browse through the index and… surprise! There is no Tiramisu’

cake recipe. My first encounter with Tiramisu’ was in 1985. The first clue is by the famous Italian gastronome Giuseppe Maffioli. In his book Il ghiottone Veneto(The Venetian Glutton) first published in 1968, he talks extensively about zabaglione custard. The name of this cream originates from Zabaja, a sweet dessert popular in the Illiria region, a coastal area across the Adriatic Sea that was Venetian territory for long time during the golden age of the “Repubblica Serenissima” (“The Most Serene Republic”) of Venice. Zabaglione was prepared in those times with sweet Cyprus wine. “The groom’s bachelor friends,” says Maffioli, “at the end of the long wedding banquet, maliciously teasing, gave him a big bottle of zabajon before the couple retired to guarantee a successful and prolonged honeymoon.” “The zabajon,” Maffioli continues, “sometimes had whipped cream added, but in this case was served very cold, almost frozen, and accompanied by baicoli, small thin Venetian cookies invented in the 1700’s by a baker in the Santa Margherita suburb of Venice.” The combination of added whipped cream, the serving temperature, and the cookies are close to the modern Tiramisu’ recipe. And even the allusion to the energetic properties of the zabaglione seem to refer to Tiramisu’s name. Later in my research, the oldest recipe I could find was in a book by Giovanni Capnist titled I Dolci del Veneto (The Desserts of Veneto). The first edition was published in 1983 and has a classic recipe for Tiramisu’. But the final word on the origin of Tiramisu’ is from a book by Fernando e Tina Raris named La Marca Gastronomica published in 1998. It is a book entirely dedicated to the cuisine of Treviso. The authors remember what Giuseppe Maffioli wrote in an article in 1981: “Tiramisu’ was born recently, just 10 years ago in the town of Treviso. It was proposed for the first time in the restaurant Le Beccherie. The dessert and its name immediately became popular, and this cake was copied by many restaurants first in Treviso, then all around Italy.” The restaurant “Le Beccherie” still makes the dessert with the classic recipe. They use ladyfingers soaked in bitter strong espresso coffee, mascarpone-zabaglione cream, and bitter cocoa powder. Alba and Ado Campeol, the owners of the restaurant, regret not having patented the name and the recipe to avoid all the speculation and guessing about the origin of this cake and the diffusion of so many recipes that have nothing to do with the original Tiramisu’. I have tried countless different recipes among the infinite variations of Tiramisu’, but the classic one, the recipe from Le Beccherie restaurant, is still the one I prepare today and the one I prefer. (LW)


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If there is a particular cocktail that you would like


but isn’t on our menu, please ask one of our service team and we will happily make it for you. The best cocktails do take a little time, so please allow our bartenders a minute or two to prepare

all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)

envy cappuccino

OUR CREATIONS asian martini


fresh lychees and home-made lemongrass syrup spiked with a large measure of vodka then finished with crystal clear apple juice, served straight up

aussie mary


our signature australian bbq mary features vodka shaken with our special homemade bloody mary mix consisting of roasted tomatoes, steak and cajun spices with lemon juice, served long with pickled ginger and speared cherry tomatoes

peppered strawberry margarita


berry frappe

sugar hill punch

passionfruit and vanilla mojito

clover club

a classic from the 1920’s. we lightly shake gin and fresh raspberries, then shake well with lemon juice and sugar syrup. served straight up

envious cosmo


passion and grape smash

spiced swizzle

envy foam

bourbon & grape smash


a simple but radical fusion of vanilla infused vodka, butterscotch schnapps and finished with our homemade butterscotch & cinnamon foam

envy iced tea


our signature iced tea created with our homemade jasmine syrup and fresh muddled peaches, shaken with gin and fresh citrus juices, served long and topped with coke and garnished with a jasmine tea bag

TO ENJOY WITH SUNSET sunset martini

sunset punch



A refreshing fusion of vodka, triple sec & fresh passion fruits, muddled & finely balanced with red grapes, mint & simple syrup, topped with apple juice, served long over crushed ice.

our twist on the contemporary classic. we shake a delightfully refreshing fusion of citron vodka and cranberry juice and lime juice, then finished with nitrogen charged toasted orange foam, served straight up




A delightful refreshing fusion of rum and fresh passion fruit, muddled and finely balanced with fresh vanilla and freshly squeezed lemon juice served long over crushed ice


mango and almond bellini fresh mangoes muddled with amaretto and peach liqueur topped with sparkling wine

dark rum with muddled fresh, succulent mangos and mango juice, grated coconut and coconut rum


breakfast martini

raspberry bellini 100 fresh raspberries shaken vigorously with vodka topped with sparkling wine


a fruity frappe ensemble of vodka muddled with fresh strawberries, watermelon and raspberry preserve shaken with cranberry juice, midori and cassis

fresh basil muddled with apricot liqueur and then shaken with a blend of rum, fresh lime & mango juice – served long over ice and garnished with a sugarcane stick

premium gin shaken with orange marmalade and freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice served straight up with a side of marmalade and crisp toast


a quirky alcoholic twist on the classic cappuccino, we shake a tasty mix of vodka and espresso laced with caramel syrup and kahlua, topped with a nitrogen charged sweet espresso foam and dusted with freshly grated chocolate

an unlikely fusion of peppercorn infused tequila, plump fresh strawberries, crème de cassis and freshly pressed lime juice-served straight up


your drinks.


a cool refreshing blend of myers rum and freshly pressed lime juice shaken with amaretto and a splash of apple juice - served long over ice with almond flakes


a thirst quenching marriage of orange vodka, freshly squeezed pink grapefruit and passion fruit vigorously shaken and poured over our vanilla infused ice cubes finished with a top of sparkling wine

sunset sling


a startling mix of bourbon muddled with chunks of fresh watermelon, shaken with midori and freshly pressed lime and apple juice and served long over crushed ice

citrus and passion martini


freshly plucked basil leaves, muddled with homemade coconut syrup and spiked with citrus vodka, pineapple juice and fresh passion fruit, served straight up

citrus and grapefruit sling


an invigorating marriage of citron vodka and campari shaken with lemon juice and fresh pink grapefruit – served long over crushed ice


kentucky bourbon whiskey stirred with fresh mint, grapes, then spiked with vanilla syrup – served long over crushed ice

THINGS THAT SPARKLE citrus bellini 100 gin shaken with orange marmalade and fresh citrus juice, topped with sparkling wine

envious martini


a stimulating fusion of premium vodka shaken vigorously with cassis liquor and pineapple juice served straight up and garnished with a chocolate dipped raspberry pineapple and pomme martini 95 a unique mix of cherry brandy shaken with pineapple juice and pomegranate syrup – served straight up

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BEVERAGES HOUSE SPIRITS gordons, gin bacardi superior, rum sauza gold, tequila jim beam, bourbon johnnie walker red label, scotch st. petersberg, vodka

all prices in IDR ‘000 and are nett (no surprise service charge and taxes)

TEQUILAS 80 80 80 80 80 90

sauza gold jose cuervo gold




absolut blue 80 absolut flavoured 95 vanilla, raspberry, pears, mandarin, peach, currant, citron smirnoff twist 95 apple, watermelon, cranberry, orange, citrus, vanilla, strawberry 110 95 95

95 80 80

SCOTCH dewars white label famous grouse johnnie walker red label johnnie walker black label johnnie walker gold label johnnie walker blue label chivas regal 12 years

80 80 80 95 180 380 95

SINGLE MALTS glenfiddich 12 years glenlivet 12 years macallan 12 years


140 140 155


martini rosso, martini dry, martini bianco, campari, ricard



baileys, galliano, kahlua, sambuca, southern comfort


benedictine dom, cointreau, drambuie, midori melon

GIN bombay sapphire gordons beefeater


de kuyper 80 creme de cacao brown, creme de cassis, triple sec, cherry brandy, amaretto, creme de menthe white, apricot

BEERS bali hai small (indonesia) bintang bottle small (indonesia) bintang bottle large (indonesia) heineken (holland) san miguel light (philippines) carlsberg (denmark) guinness black stout (ireland)

40 45 75 50 60 50 75

SOFT DRINKS coke, coke zero, sprite, fanta


diet coke


ginger ale, tonic water, soda water green sands recharge

26 20



WHISKIES & BOURBONS canadian club jim beam white

espresso double espresso americano latte cappuccino mochaccino

24 30 24 24 24 24

iced coffee iced black coffee, iced cappuccino




lemonizer, old fashioned lemonade, cranberries, apple mojito, manggo lassi, pineapple and mint smoothie, fresh berries and strawberry crush.

SMOOTHIES single fruit strawberry, mango, orange, pineapple, banana


blue colada blue flavour, melon, mango, orange & pineapple


cha – cha 30 strawberry, apple, orange, banana & water melon tropical blonde 30 banana, mango, pineapple, passion fruit & strawberry



strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, banana



english breakfast, earl grey, green tea with jasmine 80 80

RUMS bacardi light meyers


tomato, apple, pineapple, orange, cranberry, mango


ciroc grey goose 42 below

orange, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, honeydew, lime, carrot

CHILLED JUICES remy martin vsop


80 80



chamomile, peppermint equil (still natural water) 380 ml equil (sparkling water) 380 ml aqua 380 ml

15 35 10

TWG TEA harmutty, imperial lapsang souchong, creme caramel, english breakfast, grand wedding


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PAIRING WINE AND FOOD Matching food with wine is a tricky subject as the choice of what goes with what ultimately comes down to personal preference. All of us who regularly drink wine with food may have a general idea of what is likely to be successful. Tastes change as do moods and rules are there to be broken. There are few combinations that do not work. White wine with red meat is not wrong; indeed Champagne, for example, goes pretty well with anything. Likewise red wine and fish is these days seen as quite fashionable. The stronger the flavors though, the harder it will be to match a wine. Chocolate, for example, is death to most dessert wines. Fine, complex and old wines are best served with simply prepared food. One’s attention should be on the wine not the food and anything too strong or rich could overwhelm the subtleties in the wine. Very elaborate dishes are probably best served with younger wines. While you may not agree with all the suggestions, there is plenty of food for thought here and we hope you find it useful when searching for wines to serve with particular dishes. Happy dining & wining!


WINE All prices are nett and quoted in ‘000’ rupiah (no surprise service charge and taxes)

WINE BY GLASS Bottle / Glass 2006 Croser Petaluma 699/175 Piccadilly, South Australia, Sparkling Wine

2007 Chateau Le Rose de Clarke Medoc, France, Rose Wine

2006 Torbreck Woodcutter’s Semillon 599/150 Barossa Valley, South Australia, White Wine

2007 Mollydooker “The Boxer” Shiraz 599/150 McLaren Valley, South Australia, Red Wine

Two Island Chardonnay Bali, Indonesia, White Wine

Cape Discovery Explorer Red 560/125 Margaret River, Western Australia, Red Wine





A blend of harvests of 2 years or more. The grapes used for these non vintage Champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier, blended together in order to keep the style consistent year on year.

Champagne and sparkling wines might have a similar production process; however, everything else including the region, the soil, the grapes, the climates are different.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve


3R’s Sparkling Brut, Hunter Valley, Australia Naked Range Sparkling Brut, Yarra Valley, Australia

850 1,200

WHITE 2005 Naked Range Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, Australia


2011 Naked Range Sauvignon Blanc, Yarra Valley, Australia


2008 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand


ROSE 2009 Splash Organic Rose, Victoria, Australia


RED 2003 Naked Range Cabernet Sauvignon, Yarra Valley, Australia 2006 Ruffino “Chianti “ Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy

1,300 780

SWEET 2005 Tabali Late Harvest Muscat 375 ml, Limari Valley, Chile


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All prices are nett and quoted in ‘000’ rupiah (no surprise service charge and taxes)


399 2006 Laroche Cabernet Sauvignon VDP DO’C, Lanquedoc, France, Red Wine


2007 Chateau Le Rose de Clarke, Medoc, France, Rose Wine 2008 St Hallett Eden Valley Riesling, Eden Valley, Australia, White Wine

49 9

2006 Domain Laroche Chablis, Burgundy, France, White Wine 2006 Naked Range Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Australia, Red Wine 2008 Naked Range Merlot, Yarra Valley, Australia , Red Wine


599 2007 Stonier “ Mornington Peninsula “ Pinot Noir, Victoria, Australia, Red Wine 2006 Torbreck Woodcutter’s Semillon, Barossa Valley, Australia, White Wine 2004 Chãteau Villa Bel- Air Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Bordeaux, France, White Wine



2007 Mollydooker “ The Scooter “ Merlot, McLaren Vale, Australia, Red Wine 2007 St Hallett Faith Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia, Red Wine 2007 Mollydooker “The Boxer “ Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia, Red Wine





69 9 2006 Croser Petaluma, Piccadilly, Australia, Sparkling Wine

During this month we will offer our carefully selected wine on menu a very special price during brunch, lunch, happy hour and dinner service. The promotion is available with no restrictions on


89 9

the day of the week or the time of day. Guests are invited to take advantage of our comprehensive wine collection, which includes more than two dozens different labels on the wines from around the world.

Billecart Salmon Demi Sec, Champagne


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