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Watch the show Friday, June 18 at 6 p.m.



Comes Together for Our Members

Every young woman should feel like a PRINCESS.


This is the story of a community that believes in... Choice. Independence. Inclusion. They came together from different walks of life to support an Envision member-led, member-designed, and member-focused event. Perhaps it's because our community also believes in... FAIRY TALE ENDINGS

You Made This Mission Possible Watch the fashion show online June 18 at 6 p.m.

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Actress, real estate agent, award-winning former model

Sheree met Envision the same way so many people do: through a chance encounter with Chief Development Officer Marty Kenahan. When Sheree mentioned that she had formerly been a model, Marty cataloged that information and kept in touch.

Sheree sets up trophies she purchased for the models, as a token of her appreciation.

Fast forward two years. Envision members wanted to stage a fashion show. Marty instantly reached out to Sheree, and just as quickly she volunteered to help.

Sheree says our Envision members' enthusiasm and willingness to be sassy enough to walk a runway were an inspiration for her. To encourage that sass, she

presented each model with a trophy at the dress rehearsal. Each was personalized with the member's name--and the mantra she taught them to repeat to themselves as they strutted the runway:

"I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful. I got it going on." We appreciate the time Sheree devoted to rehearsing our models, and the joyful energy she brought to everyone.

This trophy belongs to: "Super Model Lillie S."

Christopher Crowell, currently a DSP in the I/DD CILA program, has worked with Envision for five years. Chris is also a graduate of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and has 15 years of experience as a make-up artist, which made a huge difference for our models. We were lucky that another Tricoci grad, Tierney Burton, is also a DSP in Envision's I/DD program. These two pros delighted in delivering polished looks that matched their models' couture gowns while Lead DSP Crystal Love was holding down the hair-styling tools so the models were perfectly coifed. DSP Marquita Moore's eye for detail was in the right place-and she made sure nothing was out of place and the models could be confident that they were looking great. And the leadership of I/DD CILA Program Director Lakeisha Strong provided comfort to staff and models, many of whom expressed delight that she was close at hand.

Store manager Danielle Keenan and owner, Gigi Roberts, were overwhelmed by the generosity of customers eager to participate in "Fashion Outside the Box"

The upscale Glenview store offered customers a discount in exchange for gently used formal wear. They received a wide variety of beautiful dresses, including wedding gowns. Some even refused the discount. They said, "No, no, no. This makes me so happy that my dress is going to a good cause."

"People were so excited about it! That made us really happy because it meant something to them too." Danielle Keenan

Watch the fashion show online June 18 at 6 p.m.

Fairy godmothers must shop at Gigi's Closette. That's the only thing that would explain how a request from Envision [read: Marty Kenahan] for dresses would mushroom into a donation of 100 designer bridal gowns and formal wear for our "Fashion Outside the Box" show. Seamstress Joyce Greening altered the gowns to fit each model perfectly. The extra gowns will be used for future events.

"It’s rewarding to know that it’s going to such a good source, that they’ll put these dresses on and feel like a princess for the day." Gigi Roberts

Jacob is a 2021 high school graduate and prolific artist who was awarded a scholarship to the very selective Carthage College in Kenosha. He will start classes in the fall.

About five years ago, after learning to draw by watching YouTube videos, Jacob decided to paint "Peanuts" characters on an old pair of sneakers (photo on the right). While in high school, Jacob leveraged his artistic talent to launch a business that supports charitable organizations. He has created and sold dozens of custom-ordered, hand-painted shoes for their fundraisers. Silent auction bidders eagerly pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of Jacob's shoes. He saved the money he earned from his business to purchase a printer that enables him to create custom-painted apparel. Often customers will bring him a design and he will print it onto apparel for them. Jacob is supporting "Fashion Outside the Box" by offering custom-painted shoes in our silent auction. Check out the catalog in the FOTB Program Book for more details.

Behind the Scenes Envision Media Club member Charles (L) Fashion Show Commentator Erika Gilchrist

Adventures Unlimited videographer James Sanchez (L) Videographer & Board member Zernul Shackelford, Jr.

Envision CEO Mark McHugh poses with fashionista Phoebe (second from right) and "The Touhy Ladies," whose work inspired the show.

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"Fashion Outside the Box" Supplement  

A behind-the-scenes look at the community of individuals who helped make "Fashion Outside the Box" a success.

"Fashion Outside the Box" Supplement  

A behind-the-scenes look at the community of individuals who helped make "Fashion Outside the Box" a success.

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