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Planning Month 1, Planning Your Academic Year Chapter Coordinators will: Gain a stronger understanding of the core program components and activities in order to plan your EnvironMentors program. Chapter Coordinators will also make use of a number of tools developed for chapters to create chapter goals/objectives, program calendars, and learn more about the technology and college access expectations. Partner Teachers will: Learn the basics of EnvironMentors programming and core expectations for students. Partner teachers will also find supporting tools to assist in engaging school administration in the EnvironMentors program and learn how to apply the program as a class or as a club-based model. In This Section Program Planning Introduction 1. EnvironMentors Core Expectations 2. Core EnvironMentors Activities

3. Chapter Director Role 4. Chapter Coordinator Role

5. Partner Teacher Role 6. Mentor Role 7. Technology Integration Information Sheet 8. Suggested Technology Lessons 9. College Access Introduction & Suggested Activities 10. Online Community Users Manual 11. Annual Chapter Planning Worksheet 12. Monthly Program Calendar 13. Event Planning Form 14. Chapter Calendar Form 15. Chapter Incentive Packages 16. Educational Context 17. Curriculum Standards Alignment 18. EnvironMentors Model: Class vs. Club

19. Teacher Planning Form 20. 100-point Grading Rubric Checklist for Chapter Coordinators/Teachers

□ Review the full Planning Your Academic Year section so that you have a good understanding of the EnvironMentors Core Expectations and Important EnvironMentors Activities. Also review the roles and responsibilities of each member of your chapter team including, Chapter Director Role, Chapter Coordinator Role, Partner Teacher Role, and Mentor Role.

□ Also review the Technology Integration Information Sheet, Suggested Technology Lessons, and College Access Introduction & Suggested Activities to learn more about benefits and types of activities to integrate technology and college access elements into your program.

□ Become acquainted with all the resources the EnvironMentors Online Community has to offer through the updated Users Manual.

□ Schedule a chapter team (Director, Coordinator, and Teachers) planning session to discuss key issues, review last year’s program, and develop goals for your program. The Annual Chapter Planning worksheet will walk your chapter through this process.

□ Use the Monthly Program Calendar to help guide you in designing and preparing for the fall and spring semesters. Start planning your chapter events by using the Event Planning Form and use the Chapter Calendar Form to complete your schedule of events.

□ As you plan remember to include incentives into your program calendar aligned with spring due dates. Fun activities such as hiking, skiing, skating, movies, bowling, or gift cards can be popular and motivating for students during the lull of winter break. For more information see Chapter Incentive Packages additional Information.

□ Teachers: Review the EnvironMentors Educational Context and Curriculum Standards Alignment sections that can be used to help cultivate the school’s administrative support for EnvironMentors.

□ Teachers: Decide which EnvironMentors Model: Class vs. Club, is most appropriate for your students and use the Teacher Planning Form to determine the logistics of the program in your school. If you choose to deliver program through the classroom model, use the 100-point Grading Rubric. Deliverables □

Annual Chapter Plan

Event Planning Form

Teacher Planning Form