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Mentor’s Role Mentors are the foundation of your EnvironMentors program. Your mentors will provide their student-mentees with the knowledge, guidance, and support to develop and complete an inquiry-based science project based on an environmental topic of the student’s interest. To this end, EnvironMentors asks its mentors to commit to the following fundamental expectations of the program. •

Meet with their student once-per-week, or at least three times per month, at a consistent time and location that is convenient to both the mentor and student.

Stay in contact with their student via phone, e-mail, and the EnvironMentors Community between in person meetings.

Accompany their student to mentor-mentee skills workshops, field trips, and other scheduled events.

Work closely with their student to elicit a research topic based on the student’s personal interests and concerns about the environment. Assist their student in development of a project poster or display board for presentation purposes at chapter and national EnvironMentors Fair

Provide guidance and support for their students to develop the background research paper, design and conduct the experiment research, analyze the data, and develop conclusions for the project.

Help their student best prepare for presenting at the chapter and national EnvironMentors Fair.

Assist students as they consider various future college and career options with an emphasis on opening doors to environmentally-related college degree programs and professions.


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