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EnvironMentors Mentor Training Workshop Template


, Mix, Mingle, Munch


Welcome from university administrator, EnvironMentors chapter team, and College

…………………………………………………. OBJECTIVE: This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of the roles of mentors, the local issues that their student population faces, and review the EM program calendar and expectations. BACKGROUND: The EnvironMentors Mentor Training is partially informational where Mentors learn the philosophy behind mentoring, as well as introspective where Mentors will reflect on their past mentors. The informational sources should be given in a PowerPoint presentation. It is good to invite a local anthropologist or professor to talk about some of the issues that your student population faces. Let your College Access Partner give an overview of the college access events and materials that students will learn through the year and the role of the mentor in the CA process. PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST □

Identify an ideal location that is large enough to accommodate Mentors, with the technology necessary for a PowerPoint presentation.

Identify a time that will work for the Mentors, ideally after work.

Develop a flyer including the What/Purpose, Where, and When information and email it to the Mentors.

Provide food or snacks for the event

Develop your agenda, and talking points

Copy all needed materials

MATERIALS CHECKLIST □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Laptop LCD projector Projector screen Mentor sign-in sheet Name tags Pencils Mentors in My Life EnvironMentors Guru Scenarios Food and beverages

Access Partner 6:20

"Mentors in My Life" Activity


National Mentoring Center- Mentor Cycle PowerPoint Presentation


EnvironMentors Mentoring 101


Question/Answer and Showing Past Projects


College Access Overview (CA Partner)


EnvironMentors Guru Scenarios



ADDITIONAL IDEAS During the "Mentors in My Life" exercise, have the Mentors pair up and share with each other their past experiences.