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Student & Mentor Progress Chart Use the chart on the following pages to keep track of your work, weekly goals, and time invested in EnvironMentors. For many students, this record can be used as a log of community service hours that count toward graduation requirements. For each entry: • Enter the date, time, location, and a general description of activities each time you meet with your mentor. • Keep track of all activities. Even if you just go out to dinner or a movie or spend time at an EnvironMentors workshop or event, it’s important that you keep track of the time you spend with your mentor. • Discuss your goals for the following week with your mentor and record them in the space provided. Assessing your progress: • Compare your progress with due dates set by your teacher and/or chapter coordinator. • Each week, compare your accomplishments with your goals from the previous week. • Work with your mentor to identify what you think you did well and what you need help with. • Tracking your progress can provide a clearer view of short- and long-term goals. Sign-off: • Your mentor should sign your Student & Mentor Progress Chart each time you meet. Make it a habit to do the sign-off at the end of every meeting. Remember, you will get credit for community service hours only if the time is recorded. • Charts will be routinely checked and initialed by your teacher and/or chapter coordinator in order to monitor your progress. Student & Mentor Progress Chart Student: ___________________________________ Mentor: ___________________________________ Chapter: ___________________________________ School: ___________________________________ Date & Time 9/18 5 pm

9/27 1 pm


Total Hours



High School Auditorium

Log of Progress & Goals Meeting Activities/Work Completed: Researched possible project topic – animal behavior, water quality, recycling. Found a very interesting study on… Next week’s goals: Decide on topic; research what resources to use, including the internet, books, and experts Meeting Activities/Work Completed: Attended a weekly meeting with my EnvironMentors chapter and participated in a field trip to… Next week’s goals: Meet with my mentor for 2 hours


Mentor Initials

Coord. Initials






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