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Student Recruitment Introduction Introduction Every high school student deserves the attention and support provided by EnvironMentors. Yet, we can only serve a very small fraction of students. The investment of time provided by Directors, Coordinators, Teachers, and mentors is quite high to make EnvironMentors successful. It is extremely important for Directors, Coordinators and Teachers to approach student recruitment wisely, and set aside the time needed to do so. Student retention is an ongoing issue. Coordinators and teachers can help mitigate attrition that occurs in the later months of the program by investing time needed in the early weeks to recruit the students with the best possible chances of success. To do this read the student recruitment section carefully and work together with your EnvironMentors teacher to determine which students will be the most successful in the program. Tips for Student Recruitment  Recruit those students who have the best chances for success including interest in science and the environment, maturity, motivation, accountability, family stability, and not over extended in extracurricular activities  Recruit students who have participated in EnvironMentors before and ask these students for referrals, post flyers around school, exhibit at school club fairs, or advertise during the morning announcements  Review with students the Student Expectations and the Program Calendar in their entirety  Overall, present EnvironMentors as unique fun, cool, and something that they are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Fun Ideas to Raise Interest in EnvironMentors -

Show one or two of the EnvironMentors videos Review samples of past projects Go over the manual and discuss the benefits of mentorship Introduce them to the many well paying careers that are now and will be increasingly available through the new green economy. Have students write down their favorite pastime or issue and show them how it is related to the environment.


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