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Background Check Guidelines EnvironMentors prides itself on the Mentoring relationships we provide. These relationships are meant to be positive, potentially life changing relationships, and therefore we require all mentors have criminal background checks run on them before they are admitted into the program. As the National Mentoring Partnership says, "All programs that work with children and youth have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care when faced with the chance that harm could result from their activities. Screening is part of the larger risk management effort that helps your program meet this responsibility. Screening is a multi-step process that includes performing a criminal history records check." Background Checks usually include: • Finger prints • Filling out a form with your social security number, date of birth, current address, and legal name • Search of criminal records and sexual offenders databases. Background checks can be very complicated, therefore we advise that you use an outside source to run the background check for your mentors. Such as:  Your university Human Resources office may have a background check program or organization that they use for screening university employees.  Your local Public School Administration may provide the service for free for any volunteers who are working within the school systems.  Your local Police Department should provide this service for a small processing fee.  Or you can use one of the many Background Check online resources which can range from $10-50 a person. At minimum, every chapter must make sure that ALL Mentors have been screened through the Department of Justice National Sexual Offender Registry (