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College Access Introduction and Suggested Activities Introduction EnvironMentors has partnered with the National College Access Network (NCAN) to enhance the college access programming to all chapters. The overall goal of EM's partnership with NCAN is to assist chapters in delivering college prep activities and support services needed by students. It is highly suggested that chapter identify a potential partner organization to assist in delivering college access activities. Three Steps Towards College Access Success 1. Be sure to take advantage of NCAN’s membership by obtaining membership registration to NCAN's Website. There are a number of resources and materials to help you deliver college access information to your students. 2. Identify potential college access partners located on or off campus to assist in delivering applicable college access information to your students. It is suggested that one college access workshop per month would be beneficial. The NCAN website provides a directory of College Access Programs across the country. See list of suggested activities below for ideas on potential topics. 3. Take advantage of consultative opportunities provided by the Dr. Tia McNair at the Association of American Universities and Colleges by coordinating an initial college access consultation.

College Access Suggested Activities Activities College Access Training for Mentors & College Access Orientation

Description Mentors will be introduced to the college access expectations of being an EM Mentor. Mentors should be prepared to act as secondary one-on-one college access advisors to further the students understanding of the college access process. College Access orientation will be in conjunction with the Kick- Off/Orientation. Parent involvement in supporting the college access process is pivotal. This event will explain the college access commitments of both the students and the parents.

Study Skills and Time Management

This section will cover practicing good study habits and time management skills. Students will be provided resources (based on grade level) to teach them how to organize and prioritize their academics, work, extracurricular (EnvironMentors) and volunteer activities for effective time usage. In the process of organizing all of their activities students will identify all of their activities and begin creating a college access student portfolio. Stress the importance of a program like EnvironMentors in the college access portfolio/ process.

College Access Early Action & College Search

This workshop will cover the steps of college access for grades 9-12. Students (based on grade level) should be made aware of how to gear their high school courses, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, jobs/ internships, and other portfolio building activities towards college access. Stress the importance of creating a student portfolio that showcases their work throughout high school. This workshop will also introduce students to the college characteristics (type, cost, location, size, campus, etc.) that are important to consider when students are searching for suitable colleges. Students should also get an understanding of how to determine which colleges are in a realistic range for them to attend based on college characteristics.

Admissions Process

Students will gain an understanding of the college admissions process. Important discussion topics for this portion of the workshop are college applications, admission essays, admission recommendations, SAT scores, admission interviews, and DEADLINES. Encourage senior students to register for the SAT/ ACT. This workshop would be best presented with break-out groups for each grade.

Standardized Testing

Students should have already taken the PSAT administered by their high schools. This section will emphasize the importance of the resources available


to students based on their PSAT. Upperclassman should receive information on registering, financing and preparing for the SAT/ ACT/subject tests. Also address the importance of preparing for AP course exams. Financial Aid ParentStudent Night

Financial Aid is the most important aspect of college access and requires a lot of parent (guardian) involvement. Students and parents should learn the basics of how to secure funding for post secondary education. This workshop must stress the importance of the FAFSA and how it relates to obtaining other types of financial aid. Other financial aid sources such as loans, work study, grants and scholarships should be discussed as well. There are a number of important topics that relate to financial aid and the NCAN Advisor Module has provided over 70 pgs to cover these topics.

Writing Workshop

Personal Statements are vital to the college application process. This workshop should provide students with writing tips and possibly writing activities to familiarize students with the proper approach to their college admission essays. This activity will be an addition to the scientific writing workshop.

Career Planning & Environmental / STEM/ Other Post Secondary Degrees Awareness

The career planning workshop will expose students to the various careers in the environmental and STEM fields. Mentors, university faculty and other community professionals in these fields can present on their professions and other related careers. This workshop should also explain the educational paths that will prepare students for such careers.

College Life (A Day In the Life)

Students should have at least one experience with college tours, college presentations, and other on- campus informational opportunities.



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