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Monthly Program Checklist MONTH August


EVENT(S) Mentor Recruitment

Student Recruitment


Submit chapter contact Information and signed chapter letter or agreement.

Develop your 2012-13 Annual Chapter Plan.

Meet with your lead teacher to determine whether you will coordinate your program through a class-integration model or some other credit earning experience, club-based model, or other innovative model.

Develop your 2012-13 Chapter Schedule of Events and start filling out your Event Planning Form.

Develop your student recruitment/retention strategy.

Meet with your university’s Risk Management officer to discuss any additional coverage that may be needed.

Conduct mentor recruiting and background checks on all mentors. See Mentor Recruiting.

National EM Support Support: Preseason planning meeting on September 8-9. Planning call with national EM Deliverables to National EM: Signed Chapter letter of agreement Chapter contact information 2012-13 Annual Chapter Plan

Plan and coordinate logistics for your field trips.

2012-13 Event Planning Form

Plan/coordinate your 2012-13 EM Program Orientation, Mentor/Mentee Training Workshop, and Kick off Events.

2012-13 Schedule of Events

Plan to participate in the September preseason planning

Support: Preseason planning meeting

First Meeting Program Orientation Optional College Access Training and Orientation for Mentors and Parents


meeting □

Student Liaison and Coordinators work together to recruit approximately 20 students. See Student Recruiting section.

Send a letter to parents or guardians to introduce EnvironMentors and yourself. Review the letter with your students and send home a copy. Letters can be sent with a packet of permission slips, including any field trip permission slips, media waivers, evaluation permission slip, and FERPA waiver.

Conduct your first student meetings. Work on developing good rapport and trust among your student group and review EnvironMentors student expectations.

Excel Templates for Students and Mentors Pre-Program Surveys Program Planning Templates and Samples Monthly Planning Call with national EM Deliverables to National EM

Promote your Program Orientation among your students and mentors.

Administer pre-program survey to all students. Send completed surveys to national office.

Put on your Program Orientation Event.

Pre-Program Survey

October Webinar

Attend October networking webinar

Mentor & Mentee Training

Complete mentor recruiting and fill out a mentor contact spreadsheet to share with national EM office.

Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples

Conduct a mentor training. The mentor training template and PowerPoint is available on the Online Community to help plan this event.

Develop a student excel worksheet with student contact information (home and cell phone, emergency contact, email address, home address, demographics, etc).

Conduct a mentee training. The mentee training template and PowerPoint is available on the Online Community to help plan this event.

Kickoff Event Field Trips Scientific Methods Workshop

Permission Slip Copies (Evaluations, Media Release, FERPA)

EnvironMentors Online community EnvironMentors Manuals (Electronic) Planning Call Deliverables to National EM


November Webinar

Conduct a kickoff event where your students will meet the mentors for the first time.

Have students and mentors establish their profiles on EnvironMentors Community.

Conduct at least one field trips with students and mentors

Conduct Application of the Scientific Method Workshop.

Attend November capacity building webinar

Work through Student Project Topic Planning and brainstorming exercises. Make sure mentors also work with students on these exercises.

Based off of student-mentor interviews and preferences, match Student-Mentor Pairs. Collect all Student Program and Mentor Meeting Commitment Forms.

Deliverables to National EM

Follow up with mentors to ensure that their first independent Student – Mentor meeting successfully occurred.

Student-Mentor Pairing Excel Worksheet

First Student Due Date: Student Project Topic Forms

Conduct Science Writing Workshop.

Plan a bridging activity for the December winter break to keep your group motivated.

Optional: College Writing Workshop

Attend December networking webinar

Initiate literature review research for student’s background research papers.

Coordinate a research trip to university library preferably with mentors.

Monthly Planning Call with EM National

Guide mentors to work with their students on the Annotated Bibliography Assignment.

Deliverables to National EM

Science Writing Workshop Optional College Writing Workshop


December Webinar Library Field Trip Winter Break Incentive Activity

Mentor Excel Worksheet Student Excel worksheet Profiles on the EnvironMentors Online Community Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples Planning Call

List of Student Project Topics

Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples


January Conference Call

February February Webinar Experimental Design Workshop


Check in with students and mentors once a week to ensure that they are working with their students on the Expert Interview activity.

Plan an incentive activity during the winter break for students and mentors.

Consistently remind students and mentors of the due date for the Background Research Paper (mid/late January) as well as the date you have set for your Experimental Design workshop (early February).

Attend January capacity building webinar


Continue to check in with mentors and students to ensure that they are on track to complete their expert interview and annotated bibliography

Monthly Planning Call with EM National

Provide a fun incentive activity and/or student incentive awards to motivate students to complete assignments.

Deliverables to National EM

Attend February networking webinar

Conduct the Experimental Design Workshop for students and mentors to learn about variables, materials lists, and various experimental procedures.

Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples

Continue to stay in contact with students and mentors to ensure that students are conducting their experimental research.

Have students update their profiles with their project topic and experiment on the EnvironMentors Online Community.

March Webinar

Attend March capacity building webinar

Data Analysis

Continue to encourage students to work on their research

Monthly Planning Call Deliverables to National EM Updated Profiles on the EnvironMentors Online Community Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples

Workshop (Optional) Career Planning Workshop


papers and experiments. Review the EnvironMentors National Fair Evaluation Form in preparation for Chapter Fairs. □

Conduct Data Analysis Workshop for students and mentors to learn data collection and analysis procedures..

Optional: Begin planning for the Elementary School Presentations by identifying a local elementary school and speaking with administration about student presentations in April.

Coordinate the logistics for Planning Your Chapter Fair including in-kind product donations, fundraising, and identifying judges.

Plan and conduct the Lesson Planning and Presentation Workshop.

Optional: Conduct a Career Planning Workshop for students to make them aware of the availability of environmental science degree programs and careers, and review the college access concepts learned throughout the EM year.

April Webinar

Attend April networking webinar

Lesson Planning and Presentation

Help students and mentors complete their final research papers and prepare for their presentations

Host your Chapter Fair and remember to take plenty of photos.

Monthly Planning Call

Optional Elementary School Presentation

Optional: Hold the Elementary School Presentations.

Start coordinating logistics for attending the National EnvironMentors Fair in Washington, DC.

Deliverables to National EM List of Students who completed EM projects

Chapter Fairs May

Monthly Planning Call

National Fair

Attend the National EnvironMentors Fair and Awards Ceremony, May 20, 2013

Deliverables to National EM Date of your Chapter Fair

Support: Program Planning Templates and Samples

List and Abstracts of Chapter Fair Winners Support: National EnvironMentors Fair and Awards

Complete the chapter, mentor, and student liaison evaluation reports for the national office.

Administer the post program surveys to students and send directly to national office. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR ENVIRONMENTORS SEASON!

Ceremony Deliverables to National EM Chapter Post Program Report Student Post Program Surveys