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EnvironMentors Core Program Model EnvironMentors model of success includes the following key characteristics and core program components carried out at each chapter: •

Aimed at students underrepresented in the sciences

Students paired with adults in one-to-one mentoring relationships

Mentors support students in development of independent, inquiry-based experimental research projects on an environmental topic of the student’s personal interests

Student-driven experimental project design and implementation

Focus on development of critical thinking, scientific research, and life skills

Director, Coordinator, and Teacher team

University chapter partnerships with local under resourced high school(s)

Cohort of at least 12 students presenting at chapter fairs

Program duration of at least 8 months, including at least 3 face-to -face meetings per month of contact time between mentors and student mentees

Commitment to carrying out all program elements included in the EnvironMentors curriculum

Presentation of student’s projects at university-based EnvironMentors Fair with top three students from each chapter presenting projects at the National EnvironMentors Fair in held each May in Washington, DC