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Pollution, Spill & Firewater Check Valves Due to its durability and speed of operation the Flapstopper™

has now become the

industries most popular pollution and firewater check valve. The range includes a number of in-line plastic valves from 100mm to 500mm diameter and a range of heavy duty fire resistant in-chamber / end steel flap valves from 100mm to over 1m in diameter.

The metal Flapstopper™ features a patented over toggle action that permits it to close off and remain closed even in the event of a catastrophic incident on the site which damages the control panel and removes power.

How it works: Flapstopper Firewater Check Valve When de- activated the Flapstopper™ acts like a standard non-return flap valve, however in the event of a spill the Flapstopper™ can be activated to forcibly close against a flow

from the normally permitted direction to effectively block the drain and hence to create a containment vessel.

How it works: Flapstopper Pollution Check Valve The in-line Flapstopper™ is available in sizes up to 500mm diameter, while the steel Pollution or Firewater Check Flapstopper™ are availble up to 1.5m diameter. Custom versions are also available manufcatured in stainless steel to cope with acids and other similar agresive chemicals. Similarly, for Hazardous areas as defined under ATEX 137 units are available for use in ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations. The Flapstopper™ can also be fitted to the outlet of oil interceptors to shut them off in the event of the interceptor becoming full, similarly the Flapstopper™ can be used to shut off both the inlet and outlet of an oil interceptor in areas liable to flooding.

How it works: Flapstopper in action containing a chemical spill

STOP! Does your site fall under DSEAR or ATEX 137 Downloadable ATEX Drainage Zoning Chart

Automatic Incident Recording and Reporting

Drainstopper™ Semi-Automatic Containment System

The DrainstopperTMin simple terms is a remotely controlled pneumatic bladder system for permanent installation below ground to satisfy the containment recommendations under PPG11, PPG18, PPG21, ISO14001 and the new European Environmental Directive 2004/35/EC. It is ideal for use in areas where the likelihood of spills or firewater is high and/or the chemicals spill / fire would preclude the safe entry of operators into the area to deploy either a conventional Telestopper TM or spill mats. Unlike spill mats is also fully operable when the ground is covered in snow and ice.

Rather than a telescopic pole the Drainstopper is supplied with a purpose built suspension bracket permitting it to accommodate drains from as little as 0.4m to up to 1.8m deep, and with a single extension up to 2.6m deep. By pre-selecting the bladder, pipe diameters of between 10cm and 1m can be accommodated. As with the Telestopper TM, installation is simple and quick, without need to enter the drain access chamber. The whole assemble is slung from a special hanger bracket which is mounted to the top of the chamber using two anchor bolts.

A special counter balance mechanism holds the un-inflated pneumatic bladder tight to the top of the pipe clear of the flow. During inflation the bracket automatically pivots bringing

the bladder into the centre of the pipe ensuring uniform pressure and maximising sealing even within distorted or dirty pipes.

How it works video Drainstopper Containing a Spill Two versions of the Drainstopper TM are available, these are the semi-automatic and fullyautomatic. The semi automatic comprises of pneumatic closed loop controller, electrical air compressor, regulator and pressure gauge with activation is by means of a switch. With the automatic version activation can be under transducer control such as PH, level, flow, turbidity etc. Both units operate from 12V dc batteries permitting installation in areas devoid of mains power.

Hanger Bracket (European Registered Design 4010363)

Unique to Environmental Innovation and what makes us market leaders in our field is our fully adjustable, counterweighted Hanger Bracket designed to support and retract inflatable bladders, suction hoses and transducers at depths ranging from 400mm to almost 3m below ground. Hanging from a "U" notched wall the bracket the Hanger Bracket is fully retractable from above ground eliminating the need to enter the drains to either install or retrieve a containment bladder, diversion hose or transducer. Counterweights can be added (as shown) to counter lever arm to either balance a load or to force the opposing end of the bracket hard against the roof of the drain. This makes it ideal for supporting inflatable bladders clear of the flow, yet when they inflate them move down into the centre of the flow automatically.

How it Works: Now no need to enter confined spaces!

Pollution, Spill and Firewater Check Valves  

from 100mm to over 1m in diameter. closed even in the event of a catastrophic incident on the site which damages the control panel and metal...

Pollution, Spill and Firewater Check Valves  

from 100mm to over 1m in diameter. closed even in the event of a catastrophic incident on the site which damages the control panel and metal...