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Salman Khan's lawyer receives a death threat with live bullet

Dipesh Mehta, who is a prominent lawyer, received Rs. 2 crore extortion threat on Monday in suburban Bandra. Dipesh has represented high profile actors such as Salman Khan in various cases. Dipesh Mehta’s office which is located at Bandra's 28th Road and handed a flower bouquet to one of the staff members. "Identifying himself as 'Azad', the writer of the letter, demanded that Mehta send Rs two crore through his driver, or else he would kill Mehta," the police officer said. Mehta’s assistant lawyer informed the police about the incident and filed a complaint on Mehta’s behalf. Mehta had represented Salman in Chikara shooting case and hit and run case between 2002 and 2012. He has also worked for other eminent Bollywood personalities. More Info:

Salman khan's lawyer receives a death threat with live bullet