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Sometimes your career can be like a Hollywood thriller, a romantic comedy or an oscar-winning drama - but as long as you star in it, you will be fine. We are not like any other career guide you will find on campus. We spice up our editorial stories with leading international employers in different industries. At Entrypark we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to find the work and place where they belong. The Entrypark Careerbook helps you explore future employers and get valuable career advice before your first job hunt turns into a horror movie. We all have dreams, want to make a difference and discover the employer that fits us and our ambitions best. That is why the motto of this years Entrypark Careerbook is “Think you!”. How important is it to stay true to your goals when everybody, from your parents, friends and teachers seem to have a better idea about what you want from life? Who are you comparing yourself to?

You should not be comparing yourself to legends, they have a head start. You should not be comparing yourself to your colleagues, they have different experiences and skills. You should not be comparing yourself to your parents (Freud would like to have a word with you). If there is only one thing you could compare yourself to it is... you! Our title story gives you insights in the science of comparison and why staying true to yourself is important on your way to success. We invite you to go online to to get matched with th right career in 3 easy steps.

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The expectations you have of yourself are paralyzing you. Get out of your head and start working on your skills. If there is only one thing you could compare yourself to is... you! Try your best for a small step of growth every day. Begin today! by Alexandros Kilmpasanis

What does success look like?

You see it all over the media. The success stories. The “Top 30 under 30” who revolutionize their industries. The teenage pop stars. The people who write New York Times best sellers and have millions of followers all over social media. You might have even picked up their books or checked out their interviews on YouTube. If you have, good for you! You are tuning into what’s going on around you. You are expanding your horizons and getting on top of the latest trends. You are getting inspired by these people’s work ethic and you might be dreaming of leaving your mark in the world as well.


But these cases stick out for a reason. Reality is usually less glamorous. In the EU, the average graduate lands their first job after 6 months and 60 applications*. And that’s without counting the graduates who are underemployed or employed in jobs irrelevant to their fields. After reading the quotes, watching the TED talks and learning everything there is to know about the greats, you know their path was anything but easy either. So where do you even begin if you have little to show?

What would success look like for you? We all have an idea of who or what dictates success for us. It can be our parents, our friends, our friends’ jobs, our salaries or even our relationship with time. The problem with expecting outsiders to recognize our success is that it never ends. Can you ever say that you’ve made it? Every time you meet a goal, the expectations get higher and higher and success looks further away.

What does success feel like? Lena Dunham, has said about bravery: “We often can’t see the ways in which we are being strong. You can’t be aware of what you’re doing that’s tough and brave at the time that you’re doing it, because if you knew that it was brave, you would be scared.” Success feels the same way. You can’t know what success feels like before you begin. What you expect will be irrelevant to the end result. Where start if the end product looks nowhere near your standards? Who will care about your amateur creation? How are you going to find the time to make it perfect? The expectations you have for yourself are paralyzing you. You should not be comparing yourself to legends, they have a head start. You should not be comparing yourself to your colleagues or peers, they have different experience and skills. You should not be comparing yourself to your parents, (Freud would like to have a word with you).

Hell, you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone. Something about comparing apples to oranges. But also, because no one is perfect. No one has it all figured out. The idols you look up to might have gone through the same stuff. But they didn’t talk themselves down.

#BeginToday First step? Get out of your head! Enough with the comparisons, the critique, the expectations. Respect yourself, your work and love the process of crafting. Trust your hands and your heart. That should be enough to make you happier. Now use that motivation to actually start working on your stuff. Commit yourself to finishing your project, but don’t stress about it.

Try your best for a small step of growth every day, starting today. Write the words, the lines of code, draw the sketch, or edit that video or music file that you’ve been thinking about all the time. When it’s done it will feel better, than any instant gratification you get from a GIF. It will not be enough to achieve astronomical success. It will get you going. And that’s how you #BeginToday. 9

Networking Do’s

& Don’t

We all know the feeling. You are standing at the buffet, alone - hanging on to your carrot sticks in search for a familiar face in the crowd. It does not matter if you are the new intern in a Fortune 500 corporation or the long lost cousin at a family reunion. Don’t eat your snacks alone. Make your grandmother or your boss proud - you need some serious networking skills. Here are some do’s and dont’s for any kind of networking scenario. by Teresa Harbeck

Do How to network right The famous writer and journalist P. J. O’Rourke used to say: “A firm, hearty handshake gives a good first impression, and you’ll never be forgiven if you don’t live up to it.” Make a great first impression with a smile, a heartfelt “Hello, my name is....” and a firm handshake. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Of course you should still seem sane but an overdose of happiness, if genuine and from the heart has never hurt anybody. If you are the radiant positive particle in your own professional universe - who would not want to do business with? 10

LISTEN TO YOUR DIALOG PARTNER. Studies show that people bond with good listeners. Ask questions and try to find out more about the person next to you. There is nothing worse than people monologuing about their life. CONNECT PEOPLE. In a business world its all about give and take. You met Jon who works with something Katy is looking for? Great! Introduce them to each other and stay in the conversation. No matter if you are an intern or a guest at a party. People will remember you for your excellent matchmaking.

’t n o D What to avoid MAKE A SALES PITCH. The most important rule of networking is: Do not pitch your product, yourself or your service without a prior reference. Of course you can reference your expertise but do not start an aggressive sales pitch. NAME DROP. You know people that know people that know people? Congratulations, you’ve just started a boring and excluding conversation. Your counterpart might

even be feeling you’re showing off. Be humble and mention colleagues and friends if they really fit the topic, but not to impress others. NOT FOLLOWING UP AFTER A TALK. Exchange business cards or suggest to connect over LinkedIn. The biggest mistake in networking is having a great conversation without any possibility to connect afterwards.

If you keep these simple tricks and tips in mind, you are good to go for every networking event. You might not only find good company but also make business deals without knowing it. 11

crucial soft skills The decision to become a better team member and leader is a personal one. If you often find yourself feeling not ready for a presentation, a job interview, or even a date, have a look at some important life skills below. by Alexandros Kilmpasanis

1. Communication skills

2. Writing skills

Giving a presentation. Talking to clients. Explaining a concept in simple terms. It is all about communication. Looking for improvement in these areas? Watch more videos of great public speakers like Arianna Huffington or Steve Jobs. TED talks are a good place to start. Learn from how the best share their knowledge. Once inspired, practice how you express your own thoughts more clearly in speech and in writing.

Writing is not only important for journalists and marketers. All professionals have to send clear and effective emails every day, whether they are simple instructions for XY, or an idea to their boss.


Like all forms of communication, keeping your target audience in mind is key. Apart from that, the first step to writing better is through reading more quality material. Read more newspaper articles about industry-related topics. Read more fiction and non-fiction in the language you will need to communicate in. You can never read enough.

3. Understanding

4. Self-confidence

Being knowledgeable in your area of expertise is necessary in order to have good ideas and solve problems. Great ideas though, come from a place of acceptance and collaboration. Encourage the sharing of better ideas in your team.

If you put all these skills together, you should make a pretty good leader, right? They undoubtedly help, but real leaders also have to have self-confidence. They have to know what they stand for, so they can learn to give strategic no’s.

Next time you find yourself in a team project, assume you have no ideas of your own. Ask your team members what they think about a certain problem and don’t take anything for granted. Bonus tip: Ask more “why” questions to your family, friends and professors. Don’t interrupt them. Just listen with an open mind. If the situation allows it, confirm your own understanding of their situation by making a small summary of their thoughts.

5. Urge to learn What applies to studying and learning new software applies to soft skills too. You can never stop practising. Like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is no finish line. Every small improvement helps. Let your own experiences define your values. Read, listen, watch and think. A lot of business mentors also suggest self-reflection at the end of the day or the week. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Make notes of what you can do better and never lose your courage.

No one said it’s easy. Becoming better at anything requires discipline. But it’s possible!


When you are on the phone, all you have is your voice to communicate. This makes it harder for you to convey nuance and be understood. For instance, if you make a little joke that you normally convey with a smile it may be hard for the listener to get it and ultimately laugh with you. But do not be scared, if you keep these five tips in mind you will master every phone interview. by Greg Wells

Even though the actual percentage is discussable, research shows that that half of communication is non-verbal, meaning without actual words being spoken. Experienced travelers that found themselves in the position of describing their needs with wild gestures instead of the local language know how nonverbal communication can save your day (and get you a good night sleep if you’ve been on the hunt for a hotel room).

1. Keep calm!

2. Surroundings

The person on the other end of the phone understands that this is not the full you. It is rare to get a job without a meeting in person. The phone interview is a first screen. Plus, they must already be interested, or they wouldn’t have asked for it! Remain calm or even admit your excitement from start. Be human!

Find a quiet place to take the call. Distractions will not help you and excess background noise will make it hard for the interviewer to hear you. Try and test the technology involved first so you are sure you have good connection (if it’s a Skype, WhatsApp or Hangout call) or reception. Make sure you have no roommates, girlor boyfriends, colleagues or animals


disturbing you. No-one can concentrate with barking, talking or screaming in the background.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

3. Use the tools you have

Call your mom, your dad, your aunt, your grandma. Call someone, and ask them to do a fake interview with you. If you do your research you can often find sample questions online, if not for the specific company and role, than maybe just general questions that will help you be more comfortable on the phone.

When you are on the phone you do have control over a few things: intonation of your voice, volume of your voice, and the speed that you talk. Don’t “up-talk” meaning ending every sentence with an upward inflection. This makes it sound like you are asking a question. Do change the intonation in your voice as you speak, to keep them interested. Do vary your volume; try making main points softly, rather than loudly. Do speak slowly, but use speed at times to keep attention.

5. Try to convey your personality The interviewer is interested in getting answers to their questions, but often they just want to see if you are likeable. If you are genuine and thoughtful you are going to be fine!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should be confident without being cocky. If you practice and are thoughtful about what to expect, then the interview will be easy and you will be one step further in finding the career that fits you.


ecruiters! Hear it from the r pplications a r u o y e v o r p im o t Tips & insights What do you do when a group of recruiters gather together? You ask them questions! We surveyed last year’s Blind Applying employers on what makes for a good application and interview. What can you start practicing right away?

Job Ads: know which jobs to apply for Read the job requirements carefully! Decide yourself whether you are a good fit for a job or not. If you find a job title that you like, refer to similar positions elsewhere and find out more about their requirements Not all requirements are “required”! Focus on the skills labeled “mandatory” or “obligatory”. Other skills can be learned later on. Check out any employee testimonials on the company’s website to get an impression about the company’s culture and values 16

ann by Laura Geitm

Cover letter: Don’t just re-write your CV Align your career objectives with the position and the company Be specific to the position. Refer to the job ad and explain why your skills and experience match with the company’s No more than three short paragraphs

CV: Pass the 6-second test Remember the skills needed for the job? Recruiters can understand at a glance whether a candidate is relevant for the job or not. The first impression comes from the layout of the CV. Make your application easy to read with the relevant information easy to find Use one decent color and font (Verdana, Tahoma, or Georgia) Bold when appropriate and keep your style consistent Title your sections clearly Align your bullets and paragraphs Proof-read your application! Most recruiters look at the employment section first, followed by the education section. Make sure that these two sections are the easiest to find and read through. Write a few lines about your working experience and educational background Include relevant tasks and achievements Avoid listing unnecessary skills (basic language skills, old certificates)

Interviewing: “What do you want the recruiter to remember about you?” Be clear about your skills and goals and show why you are the perfect fit for the job. Be prepared: Do your research Read about the company’s products, culture and latest news. Prepare examples to prove your claims. Review the relevant skills you stated in your application. Prepare good examples to prove your message. Practice common interview questions with a friend! Go for answers with good structure that the value you can offer from day one. Ask questions Show that you did your research! Ask about the position, work environment or the next steps in the application process. Be a good listener and avoid asking questions that were already answered. Be on time!


Follow-up After the interview, write a short email to thank the recruiter for their time and to briefly go over the main points from the interview. If a recruiter does not get back to you in the agreed time, don’t hesitate to send a friendly reminder. No need to be more persistent than that.

Did you get an offer? Congratulations! What if you need to deny it? Do it constructively: Be grateful for the opportunity Provide a good reason for your decision Ask to stay in touch over LinkedIn. Leaving a good impression with the recruiter can help a lot for future opportunities Be polite and professional. Always!

Is that it? We wish! When looking for a job, good preparation is key, but it still doesn’t give you a contract to sign. Rejections for jobs are never (or very rarely) personal and submitting the perfect application is only one factor. If there is someone else who fits an employer's expectations better, there's little you can do about it. What can you do though? Define your goal and get out there! Acquire the skills your dream job needs and look for opportunities to practice them. Talk to people in your desired field and see what they have problems with. Beyoncé would call it “hustling”. We call it “career advice”.

Feeling inspired? Use the tips above and apply on A new, surprising group of employers and exciting internship opportunities around the world await! Applications open Oct. 26th.



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Graduate Programs

Thesis Work Direct Entry

About Industry: Research Headquarters: Geneva

Why work for us? Imagine taking part in the largest scientific experiment in the world. CERN needs more than physicists and engineers - if you’re a student, a graduate, just starting your career or an experienced professional, whatever your field of expertise, CERN could be your next opportunity. Take part!

Our mission Research: Seeking and finding answers to questions about the universe Technology: Advancing the frontiers of technology Collaborating: Bringing nations together through science Education: Training the scientists of tomorrow

How to apply? The key to a great application is research and preparation. Visit our website to delve deeper into all that is going on in this unique environment: you will be amazed by the extraordinary breadth! Work on your motivation statement, tell us why you want to work at CERN, what makes you stand out from the crowd. Be aware of deadlines; prepare necessary documents before applying. The selection committees will consider your ability to work in a multidisciplinary team; willingness to travel; communication in an international, inter-disciplinary environment; and desire to broaden experience and skills through complementary training. You will find all you need, tips, advice & further information regarding deadlines & the application process on our website Take part!

What is great about working for us If you’re a recent graduate from university or an advanced technical institute, you’re no doubt looking for the chance to make your mark. Here it is: you could spend up to three years working right at the forefront of scientific research. We want lively and enquiring minds with a heightened sense of curiosity. You could join us for research work in particle physics, or you could join a project of advanced development work in varied applied science, engineering and technical fields. Whichever route you take, it will be an extraordinary experience. An experience like nowhere else on Earth.






From software engineers to administrators, from fire fighters to health and safety officers – every kind of thinking is welcome here. Take your career somewhere special.

Ta k a r t cer e p er

Entry options



Graduate Programs

Thesis Work Direct Entry

About Industry: Investment banking Headquarters: London

Why work for us? Citi’s success is driven by its exceptional people – their passion, dedication and entrepreneurship – and it will be people just like you who will shape its future. Citi works tirelessly to provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial services and products. We strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial ingenuity that leads to solutions that are simple, creative and responsible. ”Every day my work presents me with new challenges and opportunities; the fact that I can continually be learning and improving motivates me greatly.” - Elena, Investment Banking (Associate)


How to apply? All applications must be online through our graduate site: For Full time, Summer and Placement Programmes, we open for applications at the beginning of September and review all applications on a rolling basis. For our 1st year spring programmes (Women in Finance and Work Experience Week) the deadline is 10th January 2016.

What is great about working for us A career with Citi means being part of a global firm that provides the most forward-thinking financial products and solutions to the most enterprising corporations, institutions, governments and individuals around the world. This is an opportunity to join the heart of the global financial services industry at a truly exciting period in its development. It’s an opportunity to work with the brightest minds to drive responsible, positive change across the organisation, the banking industry, and beyond.

WE’VE GIVEN GLOBAL TRADE A MAJOR SHORTCUT. Ready to do more extraordinary things? Join us.

Citi Opportunities


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Contacts dpdhl. jobs

Internships Graduate Programs Thesis Work


Direct Entry

Industry: Logistics/Transport Headquarters: Bonn/Germany

Why work for us? BE PART OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST LOGISTICS COMPANY We’re proud that the work we do makes a global difference. Our solutions are powered by trade, logistics and most importantly, the drive and passion of every employee in every country, across all divisions in Deutsche Post DHL Group. Join us and whatever your role, you’ll play an integral part in creating connections that deliver opportunity and prosperity all over the world.

Our company culture The two ‘Rs’ have helped make us the world’s largest logistics company. RESPECT – we value our people while simultaneously providing them with opportunities to achieve. RESULTS – these are realized in the form of challenging but realistic tasks.


How to apply? So, if you’re up for a real challenge, one that will help you to realise your potential and make a real impact on the world, then learn more and apply at:

What is great about working for us PERSONAL BENEFITS At Deutsche Post DHL Group there are always opportunities for development and growth. Our interns regularly choose to stay on and develop their careers with us. CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY Our people thrive on the positive implications of their roles. For example, we help communities to develop their own businesses by getting their goods to market quickly and cost-effectively. REWARDING No matter how satisfying a job might be, it’s good to know your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded at a competitive rate. Whatever your role, we never forget that it’s our people who make us what we are.


COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES. ONE FUTURE MARKET. DO YOU KNOW A GREAT DEAL AND WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? WE GIVE TRAILBLAZERS ROOM TO GROW. Deutsche Post DHL Group is the leading mail and logistics service provider for the world. As one of the planet’s largest employers, operating in over 220 countries and territories, we see the world differently. Join our team and discover how an international network that’s focused on service, quality and sustainability is able to connect people and improve lives through the power of global trade. And not just for our Customers, but for every member of our team too. Interested in getting to know the Group? Find out more at CONNECTING PEOPLE. IMPROVING LIVES.


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Graduate Programs

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About Industry: Energy

Why work for us? E.ON offers a wide range of opportunities for people with wide range of skills and backgrounds. We welcome committed people who are looking for an exciting challenge in the global energy market and people who want to benefit from the structure of an internationally successful company. Discover E.ON for yourself:

Our company culture The work environment at E.ON is an expression of our culture and our values. It forms the common foundation on which E.ON employees all over the world shape the future: Internationality Team-orientation Challenge Attractive workplace location


How to apply? If you are interested in working with us, please check our current vacancies under: and apply online.

What is great about working for us Join one of the market leading companies for the reason that developing innovative solutions for the future of energy is one of the most challenging and exciting tasks of our time. Whatever is developed by E.ON can have an effect on millions of household and future generations. We are looking for people who wish to take on challenges and always give their best in everything they do. Therefore, we can provide a clear path for advancement in a particularly exciting future market.

We apply for

students and graduates with good

prospects. Find out all about your future career at:

Your energy shapes the future.


Entry options Internships Graduate Programs Thesis Work Direct Entry


About Industry: Telecommunications/ Information and Communication Technology Headquarters: Stockholm

Why work for us? YOU + Ericsson means having the freedom to take your career in many different directions. It also means developing within the supportive structure of a big organization, with clear development plans, training opportunities and career paths.

Our company culture Whatever you want to achieve, we have a culture that respects and supports your ambitions. You can have a global career. You can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Above all, you can always have a positive effect on the people closest to you and the wider world around you. What do you want out of life, out of your career? At Ericsson, we give you the opportunity, the support and the empowerment you need to fulfill your potential and achieve your goals.


How to apply? Ultimately, every applicant needs to apply to a role online during the recruitment phase. We encourage all applicants to create a candidate profile which can be done by joining our talent community. Once a member of our talent community, you will receive job alerts that match your interest. Complete this step today and begin discovering what makes YOU + Ericsson, a powerful combination, your future starts here: For more about the application process, visit

What is great about working for us We advocate and support proactive career planning for all of our people. Our objective is to empower you to achieve more in every role or project you undertake, giving you the understanding, tools and guidance you need to take control of your career and progress in a direction – and at a pace – that suits you. It can involve classroom learning, on-the-job training, mentoring and ad hoc Learning & Development initiatives. We call it ‘Career Agility’, because it helps to ensure that every one of our people can adapt to deliver truly agile software solutions that modern businesses require.


Entry options

Internships Graduate Programs Thesis Work Direct Entry

Contacts About Industry: Electricity, Natural Gas & Energy Services Headquarters: Paris

Why work for us? Working at ENGIE means, over the course of an exciting career, putting utility at the heart of one’s professional life and being the architect of major changes.

Our company culture Our 155 000 employees gather around 4 key values: Drive / Guaranteeing our performance over the long term for all our stakeholders, continually seeking efficiency and innovation on behalf of our clients and in the public service Commitment / Advancing the Group’s development with respect for the planet while providing essential services for people Daring / Living in the present with optimism and building for the future with creativity Cohesion / Mobilizing all our strengths with a shared spirit of teamwork to make energy and the environment sustainable sources of progress and development If you’re in that mode, we seek above all committed people, bold, with a strong desire to undertake and innovate. Join us!


How to apply? Discover and apply directly online for our jobs, internships, apprenticeships and VIE (French International Internship Program) section: By choosing the job offers that correspond to your level of experience and by clicking on “apply”, you will be invited to create your job application (CV/covering letter). If no online job offer corresponds to your requirements, we advise you to submit your profile online on our site. Your application will then be accessible to the recruiters from our various entities. We also recommend that you regularly visit the site or create an alert so you can receive email notifications of job opportunities that match your career interests.

What is great about working for us Meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of energy supply, maximizing the use of energy resources, fighting against climate change, etc. These are the challenges that stimulate our employees day after day.

You have energy to spare… we’re looking for new resources.

ENGIE : SA AU CAPITAL DE 2 435 285 011 € - RCS NANTERRE 542 107 651

ENGIE IS RECRUITING NEW TALENT: 15,000 YOUNG OR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS To meet the challenges of the energy transition, the Group needs new sources of energy: technicians, engineers, sales... With more than 250 business lines in over 70 countries, ENGIE has a place for you in this great human adventure. Energy is our future, let’s preserve it!


Entry options



Graduate Programs


Thesis Work Direct Entry

About Industry: Manufacturing Headquarters: Nuremberg

Why work for us? Your studies have provided the theory. Internships and/or your thesis have confirmed your choice of career. Now it’s time to lay the foundations for your future. We’re delighted that we have made your shortlist, and can offer plenty in return – both at the start of your career and beyond. Our atmosphere is inspired by teamwork and international flair, while we can provide an extremely diverse range of roles and responsibilities. From our graduate hires, we look for a thirst for knowledge, curiosity, an interest in international challenges and a passion for shaping change. By combining your ambition with our history of success, we can ensure a bright future for both parties.

Our company culture In recognition of the importance of social responsibility, LEONI offers a comprehensive package of employee incentives, attractive social benefits, and salaries appropriate to employee levels and roles. These are all designed to benefit staff, and are in the interest of individual and shared success. LEONI sees itself as a career platform for people from a wide variety of professions and across all hierarchical levels. The company strives to create the ideal environment for all employees to succeed and progress in their chosen field. Individual support motivates staff, and motivation is essential to ensuring personal commitment and excellent results.


How to apply? Whether you are applying for a specific position or are submitting an open application on your own initiative, our online application form is the easiest way to get in contact with us. It gives us a direct, straightforward picture of your qualifications and skills, and means we can update you on the status of your application more quickly.

What is great about working for us At LEONI, you will be integrated immediately into one of our ongoing projects, giving you the chance to prove your skills and knowledge. In addition, you will continue to develop under the guidance of a specially assigned supervisor from your division. A targeted, personalized induction programme will provide the best possible preparation for your role. As time progresses, your commitment, skills and motivation will be the critical factors when it comes to assigning greater responsibility. At LEONI, innovative ideas are always welcomed, while regular appraisals and support will help you achieve rapid success. And that success confirms we’re on the right track – both for you as a new starter and for us as a responsible employer.

Connect your talent with our innovations. Your career connection.

LEONI is a leading, international manufacturer of optical fibre, cables and cabling systems. Employing more than 70,000 people across 31 countries, we offer opportunities all over the world, and provide the ideal conditions for staff to achieve their full potential. Our corporate culture, team spirit and the personal support we offer our brightest talent make LEONI a top employer for ambitious individuals who are on the look-out for new challenges. If you think you’d fit in at our company, apply now at. 37

Entry options

Internships Graduate Programs Thesis Work Direct Entry

Contacts About Industry: Renewable Energy & Natural Resources Headquarters: Genoa, Italy

Why work for us? ERG has been operating successfully in the energy sector for almost 80 years. Through ERG Renew it is the leading wind energy operator in Italy and is one of the primary operators in Europe. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchanged, ERG also operates in the production and marketing of thermoelectric and steam power. Experience, dynamism and sustainable development are the hallmarks of our way of doing business. We rise up to challenges and we count on the talent of our employees and the value of our partners to achieve increasingly better results.

Our company culture ERG in a living system in which individual and collective talents develop to generate innovation and value. Our approach is characterised by a sense of responsibility, credibility and efficiency.


How to apply? Visit and find out more about our opportunities.

What is great about working for us We are an energy maker‌ We are broadening our frontiers and enlarging our field of action with resourcefulness and courage to turn our ideas of the future into reality. With us you can discover and develop your talents, have training in the field, hands-on experience and dynamic environment which promotes growth.

Your Future as an Energy Maker 39

Entry options



Graduate Programs

Thesis Work Direct Entry

About Industry: Pharma/Healthcare Biotechnology/Chemicals Headquarters: Bagsvae rd

Why work for us? Novo Nordisk is a global company offering worldwide opportunities to employees. From research and development, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales, the skills and backgrounds that our employees bring to work are diverse. Our comprehensive value chain offers the potential for you to experience areas of the business outside your initial skill set, so developing your career through in-house as well as external training.

Our company culture Our company framework, The Novo Nordisk Way, supports our culture of innovation and responsibility. It ensures the long-term growth and welfare of our company and helps us find the right balance between compassion and competitiveness. The passion for helping people is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously develop our expertise and products to stay ahead – both as a company and as individuals.


How to apply? We offer career opportunities and programmes tailored for students and newly graduated. We are looking for more than 70 graduates to kick-start their career in September 2016. Apply for the Graduate Programme from 1 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. To apply you must upload a CV, cover letter and a short video. Read more at We offer 17 different Graduate Programmes, which are open for application for all talents with a recent master’s degree (finalising in 2015 or 2016). If you are more experienced please note that we offer a total of 5,000 jobs a year. Sign up at Internships for spring 2016 will be published in the beginning of October at Application deadline for all internships is 5 November 2015.

What is great about working for us Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 39,700 people in 75 countries and markets its products in more than 180 countries.

More than 70 graduates needed BRUNO CALO (Brazil) MOUNA BENSIRADJ (Algeria) LUISA VICTORIA EUSE (Colombia) YOGESVARAN GOPALAKRISHNAN (Malaysia) International Operations Business Graduates

Kick-start your global career with the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme Start your career in September 2016 Do you have a recent master’s degree and an international mind-set? Join one of the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programmes and kick-start a lifechanging career. The Graduate Programmes provide a great springboard for launching a life-changing career in one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are currently looking for more than 70 talented graduates to start in September 2016.

A rotational development programme Each Graduate Programme for newly graduated master’s students is a 2-year expedition. During 3-4 job rotations you will explore the company, gather international experience and be exposed to various projects. You will start building a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues.

With the Graduate Programmes you personally and professionally develop from being a student to an employee at 100 miles an hour while still feeling safe Maja Rolst, Graduate

More ways to join Novo Nordisk In addition to the Graduate Programme, Novo Nordisk offers more than 5,000 other life-changing careers. See all available jobs at and connect with us at

Am I a qualified candidate? To join the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programmes you must: • Hold a recent master’s degree in Business Management, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Science or a related field • Have no more than 1 year of work experience since finishing your studies • Be a team player with an international mind-set (through internship or exchange semester abroad) • Be ambitious and able to adapt to change

Apply before

10 January 2016 at

We offer opportunities within: • Research & Development • Procurement & Supply Chain • Engineering and Manufacturing • Finance & Business IT • Business, HR & Marketing


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About Industry: Energy Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

Why work for us? People and things move in increasing volumes from one place to another. Distances have lost their meaning. The world will always keep moving. Without Neste and our important work with renewable fuels produced in sustainable way, this cannot continue. For us, the only way is forward.

Our company culture Neste is a pioneer in oil refining and renewable solutions. Our values: Responsibility, Excellence, Innovation and Cooperation drives us to search for better solutions for our customer. Our sustainability culture has been recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. Safety is core to our culture. Our aims are: we work safely and professionally always, everywhere, and the only way is towards zero injuries. We at Neste focus to improve cooperation, give and take responsibility, focus on customers, value good results and react when needed and do things right and do them safely.


How to apply? We offer summer internships to around 300 students every year. Application period to summer internships is from mid-January to February yearly. All open jobs are published on website Cleaner traffic, energy and life are moved forward by about 5,000 professionals. Take a step forward with us. Follow us also on our Twitter accounts @nestecorp and @nestecareers to learn more about the company and our open jobs.

What is great about working for us We can and want to be a part of shaping what the planet’s future will look like. Choosing a workplace is a decision that is worth being proud of. Meaningful work inspires us to determinately reach for the common targets. Curiosity drives us to bold experiments and to look for originality, developing us as individuals and as employees. At Neste we have the opportunity to solve actual and important problems. The role of a comparatively small Finnish oil company in renewing the entire sector is something that people want to hear about, both inside and outside the company. It’s important for us to work together as a team. We need everyone’s input. We encourage everyone to be active, develop their ideas and use their own judgement in daily work. We care about people and help each other to succeed.

Take a step

FORWARD with us.

We are actively looking for people who strive to achieve their goals. We want pioneers who are not afraid to explore the unknown and great thinkers who see beyond the horizon. All kinds of possibilities exist at Neste for those with the right skills and attitude. For us the only way is forward. Read more: 43

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About Industry: Telecommunications Headquarters: Bonn

Why work for us? Great experiences every day: It’s our goal as one of the world’s leading service companies for telecommunication and information technology to make sure that our customers can share what is important to them.

Our company culture As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of communications and information technology, we stand for making special experiences possible and enabling them to be shared whenever, wherever. Diversity is the current that runs through everything we do and is the enabler of outstanding performance, in an environment that offers the space to develop personally and the best conditions for finding the ideal work-life balance. We are an international network whose goal is to overcome challenges with teamwork and team spirit. And we support all employees in their efforts to put our social responsibility into practice. We firmly believe that changes open the door to new opportunities for development and innovation - and that people who strive to perform at their absolute best can exceed all expectations and create something new.


How to apply? Business or IT? America, Asia, Europe or South Africa? Perfect! Leave your mark in the digital world of tomorrow’s generations. Simply apply for your favourite job position via our global job search

What is great about working for us Everything we do is born in a diverse place within an international network. A place with room for personal development and the right conditions for managing professional and private life. A place where answers to great challenges come from true team spirit. A place where people are encouraged and supported to bring our corporate responsibility towards all stakeholders to life. A place where change means opportunity for progress and innovation and where people with the ambition for peak performance can go beyond what is today and create what is tomorrow.

re than m. o m – p u start ainee progra just a tr w! apply no

The answer to virtually everything. Find the answers to your career questions at: Apply now!


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About Industry: Manufactoring Headquarters: Riyadh

Why work for us? Could you create the next breakthrough material? Help aeroplanes fly further with less fuel? Bring clean drinking water to more people? These are just some of the things that SABIC people have helped achieve. If you’re excited by the possibilities of science, SABIC is the place where you can turn them into reality. We’re looking for people with vision, drive and ingenuity. People who can be part of SABIC’s journey to become the world’s preferred leader in chemicals. We aim to be a partner in your professional and personal development, giving you every chance to build a challenging and satisfying career that maximizes your existing strengths while unlocking others that you never knew you had.


How to apply? We are always looking for talent in manufacturing, technology, supply chain management, ICT, finance, marketing and sales, and other business functions. Check our website for vacancies and to submit your resume and application:

What is great about working for us SABIC is a company you encounter every day. From packaging for your food and drink, to the clothes you wear, the car you drive and even the screen you are looking at now, SABIC products will have been used to make them. That’s hardly surprising, because we are the second-largest diversified chemical company in the world, helping to our customers to develop over 150 new products each year. Growth with stability. We are already a Fortune Top 100 company and our plan for continuing stable growth means by 2025 we intend to be the world leader in chemicals. We have operations in over 40 countries, customers in over 100, and we employ around 40,000 people.

FROM PACKAGING TO PATIENTS, COuLd yOu MAKE THEM BETTER? Not all our products have lives depending on them. But we treat them as if they have. From tough, lightweight packaging to our uLTEM™ resin used in a sterilization tray for the healthcare industry. At SABIC, we need people who take innovation seriously. We’re looking for people who can.


© 2014 Copyright by SABIC. All rights reserved.

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About Industry: Civil Engineering Headquarters: Milano

Why work for us? Salini Impregilo ranks amongst the world’s leading civil engineering companies, specializing in construction of major, complex infrastructure projects that help to improve the lives of people everywhere. Operating in over 50 countries with 34,400 employees and a turnover of around ₏ 4.2 billion, the Group is the leading global infrastructure company in the water segment.

Our company culture

How to apply? We look for people who have courage, humility, determination, flexibility, team working and open mind approach toward international and challenging experiences. Are you ready for the challenge? To find out more about our training programs, internship offers or job opportunities and apply:

What is great about working for us

We believe in challenges and in continuous growth, we believe that our success comes from our people, from us, with our history, our aspirations, our competencies; men and women capable of working together for a common goal.

Working with us means belonging to a dynamic, competitive and multicultural organization where you can develop the skills and expertise required for a career with the best professionals in the industry.

Join us means belonging to a multicultural environment composed by 85 different nationalities in which relationships are based on respect, transparency and trust; it means participating in the construction of unique, high engineering projects in which technological innovation is combined with process innovation.

Combining the vibrant energy of young talent with the outstanding technical expertise of the company’s experienced staff is one of the driving forces behind our efforts to bolster our growth. We offer training opportunities and development paths for students and graduates to be carried out on-site at an international level or in the headquarter of the Group. Join a top player and make the difference.



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About Industry: Automotive Headquarters: Mlada` Boleslav

Why work for us? ŠKODA is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world with a more than 120-year history. We are a dynamic and innovative company which reached a milestone of 1,000,000 vehicles sold worldwide in 2014. Our production sites and importers are situated all over the world. We are proud that our 25,900 satisfied employees help drive our business forward.

Our company culture Responsibility: We are able to offer free space but we also demand it from others. Outgoing attitude to the customers: If we put our customer to the forefront of our interest, we can meet the needs of our customer, shareholders and capital part-owners more easily. Maximum performance: The top results can only be reached if every individual perform their best. Respect: We respect the work of others no matter if they are our colleagues, superiors, easiness partners or competition. Sustainable development: Our everyday actions reflect our respect to the company´s targets. Innovation: We stand up for our ideas but at the same time we are equally open to ideas of others. Creation of values: We are always trying to put the little extra something into every activity we do or we do not do it at all.


How to apply? Visit our website: Here you can find the necessary information for all job options. Before registration don’t forget to prepare your structured CV and motivation letter in English and/or German language.

What is great about working for us As one of the largest and most successful multinational companies on the Czech market, we provide our employees with limitless opportunities – we enable them to grow with us. With us you will have the opportunities to work on yourself and gain intercultural experience by working on many projects overseas, such as in India, China and Russia. Drive us forward. Grow with us.

TRAINEE PROGRAMME AT ŠKODA AUTO Do you like cars and wish to link your career to a successful brand? Become one of ŠKODA AUTO Trainees. Opportunity for M.A. programme graduates. One-year development and adaptation programme. Our requirements: › Full-time college or university study graduate (max. a year after completion of studies) › Competence in German and English language › Participation on an interesting internship / study period abroad › Flexibility, creativity and willingness to learn Our offer: › One-year employment agreement › At least two professional rotations, stay abroad within VW Group › Possibility to attend lectures, discussions and other development measures › Financial and non-financial employee benefits

Want to know more about our Trainee programme? Apply at

Job at ŠKODA AUTO – the opportunity of a life-time!


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About Industry: Manufacturing Headquarters: Helsinki

Why work for us? Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. We offer our customers innovative solutions based on renewable materials with 27,000 colleagues around the globe. Our GROW Global Trainee Programme offers world-class management training and an exclusive opportunity to make an impact. Find out more and apply!

Our company culture Stora Enso focuses on profitable growth based on customer insights and innovation, supported by structured processes and motivated employees. We honour our purpose “Do Good for People and the Planet” and our Values “Lead” and “Do What’s Right.” Inspiring leadership and good communications are important in building a winning culture, and we prioritise safety, business ethics and sustainability. Everyone Home Safe, Every Day.


How to apply? We start recruiting for our next GROW Global Trainee Programme in December 2016. Find out more and apply at For all other career opportunities around the world, please visit

What is great about working for us Let’s hear from Anton – one of our previous GROW Global Trainee Programme participants. Anton says, “This is a great place to work, with extremely competent colleagues. We are one of the world’s oldest companies but operating in an industry that is in need of transformation and new innovations. This provides a dynamic and exciting workplace for those who want to develop the company and themselves by taking on new challenges and turning them into opportunities.”


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About Industry: Big Data & Business Analytics Headquarters: Brussels

Why work for us? We welcome highly entrepreneurial graduates who are not afraid to take responsibility early on and run with it! Real Impact Analytics (RIA) transforms telecom data into action by embedding big data apps in the day-to-day work of our clients’ teams – mainly telecom operators in emerging markets.

Our company culture Although we’ve grown exponentially, we still kept our cool, up-beat start-up culture. RIA is a place where ideas take shape quickly, where you’ll be able to see the impact of your work daily, not just in static reports. We understand that everyone is different, so we focus on outcome and results rather than time spent at work. However, we do enjoy hanging out at the office, taking kicker breaks or just organizing get-togethers for the team.


How to apply? We are welcoming applications throughout the year, but if you’d like to beat the crowd, we strongly advise you to apply before the 15th of February 2016. Our application process is simple and straight forward: you will be able to find all info on our website, in the “Join our team” section. You can also find more info on the interview process, dos & don’ts and how to impress us with your wit and personality. See you soon!

What is great about working for us Working at RIA is a continuous, thrilling adventure! You’ll meet extraordinary smart and fun people, wise mentors and energizing leaders. As a young company, we truly believe the best way to learn is to do: you’ll quickly gain responsibility and become accountable for your actions and decisions. You’ll have the chance to travel the world and understand a set of very different business cultures. The latest big data technologies will become your toolbox and you will shape the future of analytics. You will be able to build knowledge and learn through formal trainings as well as from our experts.


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About Industry: Automotive Headquarters: Paris

Why work for us? Valeo is an independent Group, fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry mainly for the reduction of CO2 emissions. To serve its customers around the world and fulfill their requirements most effectively, Valeo operates in 29 countries and works closely with the major global automakers on all their markets. Valeo pursues long-term HR policies through management development, training and internal mobility. Therefore, we are looking for candidates who wish to develop their careers with us, 3 prerequisites being essential: will to progress without being career driven only and to broaden the scope of competences, language skills (proficiency in English), geographical mobility. Join us!

Our company culture Our culture of operational excellence is reflected in exceptional quality standards that meet the demands of global automakers, and also in a strong social and environmental commitment upheld by our teams working on the ground. Valeo’s culture is based on five Values: Ethics, Transparency, Empowerment, Professionalism, Teamwork


How to apply? Spontaneous applications could be submitted all year through our on line application system hosted on our website. Applicants could also see our open available positions at any time in the candidates section of and apply directly to the offer. Our job offers are also displayed in our LinkedIn page with all details on new positions opened & information on recruitment activities & testimonials.

What is great about working for us Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the improvement of vehicle performance and to the development of intuitive driving. In 2014, the Group generated sales of 12.7 billion euros and invested over 10% of its original equipment sales in R&D. Valeo has 133 plants, 16 research centers, 34 development centers, 15 distribution platforms and employs 81,200 people in 29 countries worldwide. Valeo is listed on Euronext Paris and is a member of the CAC 40 index. Valeo is also Top Employer Global in 2015.

When was your last real thrill?

You never walk when you could run, you do today what others do tomorrow, you live life to the full. Valeo is powered by the energy of those who take on more challenges, enjoy more responsibility, more opportunities. Ask for more, experience the thrill of success which will surpass your expectations. Life at work should be thrilling, at Valeo it is.

Valeo adds value. You make it happen.


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About Why work for us? The future belongs to those who are empowered by a great idea and have the ability to carry it out. At Volvo Car Group, our vision is clear: ”To be the world’s most progressive and desired premium car brand” by simplifying people’s lives. We have bold targets when it comes to innovation, sales and customer satisfaction and to make this happen, we need talented people onboard. People with passion, energy, business sense and the drive to innovate. People that want to create the next generation Volvo cars in a global, dynamic and respectful environment. We will support you to reach your full potential. Join us on this exciting journey into the future.

Our company culture Our Volvo Cars Culture unites us in the most unique way and it starts with our commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. We define our culture by three values: PASSION FOR CUSTOMERS AND CARS: Being curious and customer oriented in everything we do. MOVE FAST AND AIM HIGH: Seeing and seizing opportunities. REAL CHALLENGE AND RESPECT: Taking initiative and acting on your experience. Our values are authentic, and they will not change. The challenge for each and every one of our employees is to find personal meaning in our values, and act as role-models each and every day. We are people that create cars for people. Our success lies in being truly passionate for our customers and cars, while moving fast and aiming higher than ever before. We dare to challenge and accept challenges, yet never compromise the respect we have for one another. This is the essence of Our Volvo Cars Culture.


Industry: Automotive

How to apply? Apply for the 2016 Volvo Car Group Graduate Programme and join us in creating the next generation of smart, sustainable premium cars from Volvo. Apply in November 2015. Programme starts in August 2016. Find out more information about our Graduate Programme at

What is great about working for us? At Volvo Cars, you have approximately 30,000 colleagues around the world. Whether youíre an engineer, a talented designer or passionate about marketing, there are career opportunities for you within the company. We have built a reputation as one of the world’s most attractive employers. And we base our success on three elements - we’re a global brand with a dynamic and respectful environment; we make innovative and attractive cars; and we help employees develop and further their careers. With a company as dynamic as Volvo Cars, there is a huge range of business areas offering a variety of job opportunities. So whatever your career path, we provide the arena. We offer a great working environment and the chance for you to realize your dreams whilst helping us to reach our ambitious goals.



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Contacts About Industry: Energy & Natural Resources Headquarters: Finland

Why work for us? We provide complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets and have an important role in meeting the world’s increased demand for energy in a sustainable way. This vision and ingenuity means that we deliver even smarter products and solutions that keep our customers one step ahead.

Our company culture Our values “Energy, Excellence and Excitement” are strengthened by the diversity of our employees. We want to capture opportunities and make things happen, do things better than anyone else in our industry and foster openness, respect and trust to create excitement. We believe in equal opportunities and personal growth. We support our employees in developing themselves and finding their own path within Wärtsilä. Finding and retaining the best talent enables us to continue being our customers’ most valued business partner.


How to apply? Sounds interesting? For further information regarding our career opportunities, please visit our careers site at and submit your application.

What is great about working for us At Wärtsilä, people are the ultimate power source. Around the world, Wärtsilä employs more than 18,000 men and women with diverse skills, backgrounds and ambitions. You can find us in over 200 locations in about 70 countries. For more than 180 years we have been at the frontier of engineering innovation. We shape the marine and energy markets with advanced technologies and focus on lifecycle performance to enhance our customers’ business and benefit the environment.


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About Industry: Manufacturing Headquarters: Essen, Germany

Why work for us? A company is only as dynamic as its people. We support you in taking your next steps in a challenging technological environment influenced by international customers and projects. Responsibility and reliability have been among our core values for over 200 years. And you can count on us to be a good, fair and responsible employer.

Our mission We are ThyssenKrupp – The Technology & Materials Company. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We engage as entrepreneurs, with confidence, a passion to perform, and courage, aiming to be best in class. This is based on the dedication and performance of every team member. Employee development is especially important. Employee health and workplace safety have top priority. We share common values. We serve the interests of the Group. Our interactions are based on transparency and mutual respect. Integrity, credibility, reliability and consistency define everything we do. Compliance is a must. We are a responsible corporate citizen.


How to apply? You’ve found a career opportunity with us and would like to apply? The simplest and quickest way to submit your application is to use our online form at The entire application process - starting with the first contact up to the hopefully positive reponse for you - takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

What is great about working for us Our Collegial Work Environment: which is characterized by a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. And so we share our knowledge, our responsibility, and our success with each other. Our Technology Level: To us, technology and innovation are relevant when it makes something better. And we know that the future is not just in 20 years’ time, but tomorrow. Engineering to us is solutions driven, being ingenious, hence we are fully absorbed by competitive, technological solutions. Internationality: We work together, with vision, and with a passion for engineering and innovation. We know that we can only come up with useful innovations if we understand our customers in different markets and industries.

Got the right chemistry? Become one of us. Like Maria del Pozo Gomez, process technology engineer at ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions – our chemical plant and refinery specialists. As one of us, she is responsible for planning and commissioning chlorine production plants and her work takes her all over the world. If you want to be in charge of international projects one day, become one of us.

Developing the future.


erns c d o t l n u s o n i i h d e s n r a u o Why y

rj hip o


Any internship can give you a line to put on your CV. An internship abroad though, helps you develop all those communication skills that are so necessary in life and in work. If you have the chance to accept an internship abroad, do it! And here’s why. by Alexandros Kilmpasanis

You get experience in a diverse team

You learn from other people’s behaviours

Different teams use different tools and are organized in a different way. Become a member of your new team by learning to adapt to their style. You will discover you are more flexible than you think.

By going and working abroad, you will meet a lot of people. By meeting a lot of people from other cultures, you will see that they will not always behave the way you would expect or prefer. Learn the reason for their behaviours.

You might get to practice You become more a foreign language understanding You can study a language all you want, but being required to speak it is the best practice. If you end up in a country where you don’t speak the local language, and you are not a native speaker, English means survival. 64

By meeting a lot of people you also see all the small things that make us different, but also similar. You will see that everyone makes different choices than you and that’s totally fine.

You get pretty good at planning

You prove to yourself that you can make it

Preparing a CV, a cover letter and getting through the interview is not enough. There’s also... tickets, visas, passports, housing, luggage, budgeting, learning the streets in a new city. Chances are you will manage just fine and you will learn how to take future needs into account.

Living abroad is no easy task. What will you realise once you’ve done it? That you still succeeded, despite it not being easy. Feel proud!

You make new friends When you end up landing alone in a foreign country. You will be forced to meet people and make friends to help you around. If you thought you were too scared to do that, you will realize that it’s not as hard. Being kind is appreciated globally.

You try out all these great dishes You might miss your favourite dishes from home. You will for sure discover new ones! You can learn a lot about a culture by the kinds of spices and side-dishes they add to their meals.

You leave old worries behind What looked big and tough will look small upon your return after an adventure abroad. The world is much bigger than we think. There is so much to see and feel, we can’t waste time on worrying about the small things.

You learn that life doesn’t stop for anyone People who return home after some time abroad, often feel like not much has changed. They have had a crazy time and everything else seems stuck in the past. That reminds you the 2 or more months you spent in a foreign land is a significant amount of time. You can learn so much during that time by simply motivating yourself to look for such experiences.

Ready for an adventure? That’s the spirit you need! Sign up for Blind Applying ( to apply for our secret international internships.


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