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Wooden Front Doors Indispensable Facts About Wooden Front Doors Front and entry doors that are made of hardwood and wooden material continue to be a must-have f eature in many homes today. Whether it would be traditional or modern, many houses have wooden front doors installed on them by their owners f or a good reason. Wooden entry doors have been used since time immemorial and have always been considered to be indispensable in many ways in a home; they are relatively easy to manuf acture and buy, and they come in a wide variety of : f orms colors

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sizes styles.

T hey are usually made with or without glass panelling in them and they are produced using panel and f rame production processes (that help these kinds of doors resist the ef f ects of the changing weather and climate). Some wooden entry doors, especially those made out of hardwood, of f er a good level of security to any residential property because of their imposing weight. Check out this roustic entry door with sidelights, Pre-hung and ready to install: Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Entry Door with Sidelites #20, Right Hand T here are other characteristics of wooden entry doors (and any type of wooden door, f or that matter), and they are the f ollowing: T hey are considered standard f eatures f or old-style and conventional houses. T hey look stylish and pleasant to look at. Wood applications and f inishes help enhance their natural sturdiness and beauty. T hey are ideal f or using in sheltered entry points of your house. T hey can be made of high-grade hardwoods and other wood material such as pine, and they can come in a broad array of stains. T hey need to be painted over and coated on each of its sides, whether it may be on its f ront and back parts, its upper and lower portions, and both its sides.

What To Look For In Wooden Front Doors With Glass Some homeowners pref er to f it their wooden entry doors with glass panels. T he glass panels add luster

and shine that complements the natural glow of the wood. T he glass can either be of a clear, transparent sheen or it can be of the opaque and durable kind. Wooden front doors with glass panelling also come with a variety of designs and sizes to suit the needs of homeowners; they are of ten produced as elegant pieces of art that point to the high standards of their manuf acturers. Glass-panelled wooden entry doors can be provided with three-point locking mechanisms that bolts the door into place at its topmost, middle, and bottommost sections, securing it against any attempts at intrusion and breakage. T hese locks can also be augmented with draw-in latches that provide a protective weatherproof seal which adds to the doors’ durability. T he door hinges can also be paired along with the overall f inish of the doors and the home interiors as well.

Types of Wooden Front Doors, Home Depot -Sourced Home Depot has one of the most extensive and comprehensive collections of doors that can be f ound in the market these days. Whether they can be entry doors, garage doors, and other types of doors, and whether they are made of wood, f iberglass, steel, or any other kind of material, you can f ind them all at Home Depot. For our discussion, we will list here some of the bestselling types and brands of wooden f ront doors that can be f ound at the Home Depot: 1) Top-lite Entry Doors – T his kind of wooden entry door has a glass panel on its upper half portion. T hey look elegant and subtle at the same time; the glass panelling can also add natural illumination to your house’s entry point or room. T he glass panelling can also be made in a number of conf igurations such as f an-lite (shaped in a f an), 6-lite (with six panels), and bevelled glass. Among the brands that are f ound in Home Depot f or this kind of door are JELD-WEN, Steves & Sons, and Masonite. 2) Multi-lite Entry Doors—T hese doors have multiple glass panels that are af f ixed to either the whole central portion of the door or in any particular size that the homeowner would pref er. JELD-WEN, Legacy, and Steves & Sons are some of the brands in Home Depot that carry this kind of door. 3) Panel Entry Doors – Most f ront doors are made f rom a number of sections or panels, each of which add overall structural strength and sculptured beauty to the doors. Among the brands in Home Depot that produce this kind of door are Krosswood Doors, Main Door, and Masonite.

Wooden Front Doors

How Much Do Wooden Front Doors Cost ? Wooden doors are priced depending on the type of wood which was used f or their manuf acture, their conf iguration and size, and whether they are produced with a lasting f inish or are lef t as-is. Hardwood wooden entry doors are especially prized f or their toughness, density, and natural f inish; they can also be sculpted and customized to any specif ication. Wooden doors can be made of mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, pine, f ir, and walnut. Sof twoods can also be used such as western hemlock and pine. T hese kinds of wooden doors are among the costliest types; a pine door made of six panels and measures three f eet wide by six f eet and eight inches in height can cost you around 600 dollars. T here are also wooden doors that are made f rom stock material that is a composite of wooden veneer sheathing that is wrapped over and around a central core made of engineered wood. T hese types of wooden entry doors are some of the cheapest that you can f ind in the market; they start at around 200 dollars and above.

Some wooden doors are made of split panels that encase an isolating center; they are priced f rom 300 to 500 dollars. A total wooden entry door package that would include the prehung door mounted on its own f rame, its hinges, sidelights, weatherproof ing, and locking mechanisms would set you back around 2,000 to 4,000 dollars. Check out this door, is really nice and have a good price: Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Entry Door with Sidelites #20, Right Hand

T hese are some of the things that you would have to consider when you need to acquire wooden f ront doors f or your home. It’s just a matter of caref ully taking everything in mind and choosing what would amount to a lasting investment to your home. Take the time and get more inf ormation about f ront doors by checking our website!:)

Wooden Front Doors  

The high-quality of wooden front doors, design flexibility and artisanship are unsurpassed. Check out the best wooden front doors for your s...

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