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Alex Young Pop-Phenomena and true entertainer Exclusive Interview

Couture Fashion Week Luxurious High Fashion, NYC

Andres Aquino produces another spectacular show which show cases high fashion from international designers from all across the globe

Elease Donovan

From Bad Girls Club to Fashion Designer

Reality star turned designer brings sophistication and sexy together in her new swimwear line.

Leah Labelle Sexify

Amber Smoke

Mercedes Benz

Rapper, singer, songwriter & dancer releases new mixtape “She Aint Me” and the tracks are definitely on fire

Mercedes-Benz geared up for the spring 2013 collections and showcased some of today’s top designers

Where there is Smoke there is FIRE September 2012

Fashion Week NYC


2 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Krazy Love - Da’Ville - Available In Stores & Online

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september 2012



11 Amber Smoke....Amber Smoke is a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress in Houston, Texas. She was recently featured as the only female rapper on Rap-a-lot’s 25th Anniversary Album. 17 Alex Young ...Alex has proven that she is a true entertainer. Her powerful presence exploded onstage with her opening for Cee Lo Green at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. 24 Leah LaBelle... Gaining popularity from the third season of “American Idol”, Leah LaBelle returns and signs a joint deal with L.A. Reid and Epic Records , Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings and Pharrell Williams’ “I Am OTHER” 27 Elease Donovan ...Beauty, intelligence and determination drives this former Bad Girls Club reality star forward to a successful career in fashion. Inside read the exclusive interview with Elease about her new fashion lines. 37 John Michael..... John Michael has established himself as one of the premier singer/songwriters of this upcoming generation. 47 Couture Fashion Week..... Andres Aquino produces another successful showcase of todays top international fashion designers. 55 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ... The highly anticipated event did not dissappoint. The event showcased returning favorite designers and up and coming designers.

4 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Alex Young photos by: Claire Rosen Photography

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september 2012

33 Neon Love:...Neon Love has a versatility style all their own in music and in fashion. 35 Crown:...Better know as Tajh Abdulsamad the former member of the popular nineties group “The Boys” returns with new R&B music. 41 Machicao...International designer Luis Machicao shows off his latest designs that pay tribute to the hollywood women of the 1950’s such as Grace Kelly and Jayne Mansfield.



52 Chrystian:....Chrystian has not only left his teen years behind, but he signed a record deal, toured, performed and spoke at countless high schools, all while traveling to and from Los Angeles to record his debut album, Genesis. 61 Ray Lavender:...Ray Lavender is quickly becoming one of music’s brightest stars. He offers a sensual yet charismatic brand of music coupled with universal appeal. 62 Artists In Review ...A look at some of today’s artist in music.

6 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

65 GemSto:n:.... This reggae artist emulates Lady Saw and cites her own personal style as a Dancehall/ Hip-Hop fusion. “Head Bussa.” 71 Fashion 2012 ...Designs from various designers across the world.

IN THEATERS SEPTEMBER 2012 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 7

8 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Founder & Publisher Dwayne E. Butler

September 2012

Editorial Editor - In - Chief Elias Xavier Managing Editor Donald Sharpe Assistant Editor Tene’Asia Butler Advisor Evel Fonfrele Writer/Photography Mark “MDot” Bucannah Writer Grace Napolean Writer Helena Tong Contributor/Writer Tene’Asia Butler Contributor Tracy Quinn Fashion Contributor/Videography Christina Islam Photographer Julian Bern Photographer/Contributor Darrin Davis Contributor Michael Minor Contributor Gary Bates Contributor Freedom King El Musical Contributor DJ Music Mike Musical Contributor ClubMaster Steele

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Amber Smoke Versatility


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Amber Smoke Versatility

Amber Smoke is rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress in Houston, Texas. She was recently featured as the only female rapper on Rap-a-lot’s 25th Anniversary Album. Amber received high praise for her re-make of the classic rap song, “Payback” originally performed by Choice, Rapalot’s 1st female rapper. She was also a preliminary round winner at BET’s Next Big Music Star contest and has been featured on many websites including J. Cole’s fan page for her re-mix of “Who Dat” and Roc Nation’s website. Amber released her highly anticipated mixtape, entitled “SHE AIN’T ME” which features original and re-mixes where she has incorporated an eclectic mix of hip hop, r&b, and rock. Amber Smoke’s unique style will surely create a buzz in the music industry as she debuts her lyrical ability on her mixtape, “SHE AIN’T ME”. “She Ain’t Me” is currently available as a free download mixtape on

12 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Amber Smoke

Interview by ClubMaster Steele CS: Were you born and raised in Houston, Texas or did you move there from another state? AS: I was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Houston, TX. My mom and I moved to Houston when I was really young. CS: We’ve seen you perform R&B and Hip Hop. Is there one you enjoy performing more than the other? AS: When I was 8 years old I started writing. The first song I wrote was both singing and rapping. I find it hard to choose one over the other because I started with both and they both hold a special place in my heart... equally. CS: Was there someone that inspired your style of music in hip hop and R&B whether musical pioneers or friends and family? AS: I can’t point to one person. Many artists have inspired me and influenced me over the years. The main groups of artists who have influenced me musically are Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Tupac, and Janet Jackson. I’m really inspired by them because I feel like I can relate to their music and style the most. Even when I was much younger and couldn’t fully appreciate their music, I always looked up to them. CS: At what age did you start singing and performing and when was it that you started to work on your career? AS: I actually wrote my first song and performed it for my family when I was 8 years old. Although I had many shows musically, I didn’t start to do music professionally until I graduated from High School in 2010. I was singed to an independent label right after I graduated and decided to do music full time.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 13

CS: How did you end up on Rap A Lots 25th Anniversary Album?

CS: How did you end up on Rap A Lots 25th Anniversary Album? AS: I haven’t started working on the next

project just yet. We just released the “She Ain’t

- An executive at Rap-A-Lot approached who Me” mixtape about 3 weeksme ago sogoes we by are just the name of “Big Chief”. He asked me to remake the song now putting out visuals and getting for the Rap-A-Lot 25th anniversary album. He said that he I recently dropped a new video loved myperformances. lyrical capabilities and he thought I would do the “Real N*gga Sh*t” yesterday on YouTube song justice. I was honored to have the opportunity becauseand they could have gone to any other female rapper who that’s the first video out of 15 that we had will be a lot of fans and clout, butthe theynext chose3-4 me.months. They believed dropping over Thanks to in me.

AS: An executive at Rap-A-Lot approached me who goes by the name of “Big Chief”. He asked me to remake the song for the Rap-A-Lot 25th anniversary album. He said that he loved my lyrical capabilities and he thought I would do the song justice. I was honored to have the opportunity because they could the traction the mixtape has received I have been have gone to any other female rapper who had a lot CS: Why asked tothink dropyou some onfemale a fewrapper people’s do you wereverses the only on of fans and clout, but they chose me. They believed the album tracks. I’mdidreally excited and what it mean to you?about that. I will be in me. back in the studio soon to work on a new single AS: I think that they wanted a female rapper that would do as well. the song justice of course but I also think that they wanted a CS: Why do you think you were the only female Houston female who could represent Rap-A-Lot in the best rapper on the album and what did it mean to you? CS:anDo you write lyrics you light. It was amazing feelingyour to beown the only girlor ondo there partner a writer to get right lyrics and it was beyondwith amazing to be the onlythe unknown artist ondown? there. It meant so much to me to be on the same album as AS: I think that they wanted a female rapper that Trey Songs, Ludacris, Birdman, Lil Wayne and many other would do the song justice of course but I also think AS: So far, I write all of my lyrics. I wrote all artists that I appreciate and look up to. I think it gave me the that they wanted a Houston female who could my lyrics on “She Ain’t Me” and previous singles validation I needed to keep pushing and make it happen. represent Rap-A-Lot in the best light. It was an that I have released. I hope to collaborate with amazing feeling to be the only girl on there and it other writers in the future just have a CS: What upcoming performances are though coming up forto you in 2012 or 2013 and do they include other top artist of was beyond amazing to be the only unknown artist variety and a fresh perspective. on there. It meant so much to me to be on the same today? album as Trey Songs, Ludacris, Birdman, Lil Wayne CS: Is there an artist out there that you have AS: I’m still booking a lot of performance now. I just and many other artists that I appreciate and look up droppedin that you would to datpiff work with mymind first mixtape “She Ain’t like Me” on about and 3 to. I think it gave me the validation I needed to keep weeks ago. perform a duet Ever since thenwith? many people have been reaching out to me asking me to perform at their events. One that pushing and make it happen. we’ve confirmed for sure is the Radio performance AS: I would say thatValeak I would love to perform in Virginia on Oct. 5th. We’re also in talks with some mornCS: What upcoming performances are coming up with Chris Brown one day. I think that he and ing shows about interviewing me and getting to perform. for you in 2012 or 2013 and do they include other I could make a great song together and an But if anyone wants to know about upcoming performances top artist of today? performance being that both sing, they caneven checkbetter and we or tweet me @AmberSmoke1022 and I typically keep both of those write, rap, and dance. things up to date. AS: I’m still booking a lot of performance now. I just dropped my first mixtape “She Ain’t Me” on CS: If you were not rapping or singing, is there CS:You just released “She Ain’t Me”, the mixtape. Are you datpiff about 3 weeks ago. Ever since then many another that you would love to be back in the studio profession working on the next album or next single? people have been reaching out to me asking me to doing? AS: I haven’t started working on the next project just yet. perform at their events. One that we’ve confirmed We just released the She mixtape abouthave 3 weeks for sure is the Valeak Radio performance in AS: I have no Ain’t clue.Me Many people asked me ago so we are just now putting out visuals and getting Virginia on Oct. 5th. We’re also in talks with that question and I never have an answer for it. performances. I recently dropped a new video “Real N*gga some morning shows about interviewing me and Like I said before,and I have this since Sh*t” yesterday on YouTube, that’swanted the first video out I was getting to perform. But if anyone wants to know 8 we years This has always all I’ve ever of 15 that willold. be dropping over the nextbeen 3-4 months. Thanks to the traction the mixtape has received I been about upcoming performances they can check wanted to do and all I’ll ever wanthave to do. asked to drop some verses on a few people’s tracks. I’m and or tweet me really excited about that. I will be back in the studio soon to @AmberSmoke1022 and I typically keep both of CS: How are family members taking your career work on a new single as well. those things up to date. and how supportive are they? CS: You just released “She Ain’t Me”, the mixtape. Are you back in the studio working on the next album or next single?

14 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

CS: Do you write your own lyrics or do you partner with a Whenever are doing something worth writer toAS: get the right lyricsyou down? doing that everyone wants to do there is always a person who pretends to be supportive but they

determination and consistency but I’m willing to put in the work and the effort to make that happen. CS: In your shoots and videos you have some nice looking shoes and outfits. Tell us what thoughts go into choosing the outfit and shoes you wear for these photo shoots and videos. AS: Thank you, my image has always been very important to me. I always want to present myself in the best light possible and I always have a true passion for fashion. I love clothes and the feeling that I get when I’m all made up. So, when picking out the clothes I try to make sure the clothes represent the point I’m trying to get across in the video and with my lyrics. CS: Is there a specific designer you like to wear when it comes to shoes and clothing?

really want it for themselves. For the most part 95% of my family is crazy supportive and really proud of all the things that I have accomplished. They show all of their friends things like, me being on rap-a-lot 25th anniversary album, my mixtape making yahoo news and the Houston Chronicle, or even my video getting picked up by J. Cole’s fan site and Roc Nation’s website. But you have some family members who choose to ignore it or constantly try to pretend to be supportive while trying to push someone they know. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family and a great group of friends who are my backbone and wish me nothing but the best. CS: If you could jump ahead 5 years from now, what would you like to see that you would have accomplished? AS: Five years from now I hope to be in the number one spot. I hope to have a couple Grammys, a lot of hits, and some of the most memorable performances. I recognize that it takes a ton of hard work,

AS: Don’t get me wrong, I love Louboutin, Chanel, Gucci, and YSL, but I never concern myself with labels too much. Whenever I pick clothes whether it’s for a video, interview, photo shoot and/or just going to the mall, I pick the clothes on the feeling they give me. If I like it, I’ll buy it. I don’t care about the name behind it. I care about the way it looks, the style and if it’s really unique. Typically, I find more great pieces in little boutiques that no one visits than in the fanciest stores. CS: For the last comment, what would like to say to Entrigue Magazine readers, your fans and those just coming into knowing Amber Smoke? AS: I want to thank Entrigue Magazine for all the support and love you guys have shown me but most importantly I want to thank the fans that have supported me from the very beginning and all the fans that are supporting me now. The love and kind words really help me to push through everything and deliver to you guys quality work that you will not only like but love. For anyone who is just starting to know about me, you can get to know me better by checking out my website,, tweet me @AmberSmoke1022, like my fan page, and checkout my video on YouTube, smokengee1. I would also like to thank everyone who has believed in me, told me how much potential I have, and has taken the time to help me. All I can say is I know one day I’ll live up to your expectations and I will not let you down.

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16 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Alex Young

Forever Young Interview by Elias Xavier

Photos by: Claire Rosen Photography Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 17

ALEX YOUNG Alex Young is on her way to becoming pops next best thing. Already compared to artist such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, Young has a similar style but yet a look and a vocal style all her own. Fans have described Young as “heart stopping” and “awesomely the best”. Young brings to her fans something that is new and unique. Her uniqueness is also expressed in her signature fashion collection “A Young Rose” and in her jewelry collection which we discuss further in the interview. This uniqueness is expressed vibrantly when coupled together with the brilliant photography of Claire Rosen. Alex states how she loves working with Claire Rosen and how her creative vision so closely aligns with Alex’s own and the collaboration always leads to surprising and provocative imagery. Young has certainly come a long way from her early years with a role on Sesame Street when she was six years old. In 2009 Young released her pop album titled “Amazing” which featured the hit “Cold” and also “Government Name”. Prior to “Amazing”, Young wrote and dedicated a song to her father who was a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. The song was titled “Heart in America”. In 2012 Young was an opening act for Cee Lo Green at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she excited the crowd and was embraced whole heartedly by the fans in attendance. Alex was also a featured opening act on July 26th at the WBLS Summer Stage show in New York City as part of her summer tour. On October 23rd Young released “Don’t Play with Me”, a single off her upcoming album which was a collaboration between Young and producer SeQuence. “Don’t Play With Me” also has become a fan favorite and landed a spot on after she held the #1 spot on Young’s album is scheduled for release early Fall 2012. Young is sure to be around for a long time and her music forever. “Forever Young”

18 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

EX: When you were six years old you were a child actress performing on Sesame Street. After Sesame Street what were the next steps you took that brought you from a child actress to the beautiful and talented singer we see today? AY: Performing has always been a passion of mine. Being the proverbial triple threat was something I always strived to achieve. Being on Sesame Street was the first step in really exercising my acting ability. I did tons of musicals in and out of school and began to locally record my first EP at Greer Studios. The transition from that EP to my first album came very naturally which lead me to my current single “Don’t Play With Me” which I co-wrote with Sequence, an amazing, young writer/producer from South Carolina. It’s been such a great journey and I’m super pumped about what’s to come! EX: Who would you say was a motivational factor in your life that helped push you into being an artist? AY: From an early age I was exposed to a wide range of musicians from various genres. I took inspiration and motivation from each of the artists I listened to and watched. Artists like; Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, Joao Gilberto, Jobim, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. I was in awe of their greatness and hoped one day I could be even a fraction as talented and mesmerizing as they were. EX: Your 2009 track “Cold” seemed to be highly a fan favorite from your “Amazing” album. What do you contribute to that success and do you think it can carry over onto your current track “Don’t Play With Me”? AY: I certainly hope “Don’t Play With Me” can and will be as successful as “Cold”. “Don’t Play With Me” has already gained some great traction and is doing well with DJ’s and radio stations around the country. I had such a great time recording both those singles and was equally moved when hearing the tracks develop in the studio. It’s always a process to record new material and I think it’s so important to remember to just have fun because that always translates.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 19

EX: Choreographer Sheryl Murakami worked with you on your “Don’t Play With Me” video and has also choreographed for Lady Gaga. A few of your fans has compared you to the music styles of Lady Gaga. What do you think about that comparison? AY: It is such a blast working with Sheryl. She not only choreographed “Don’t Play With Me” but also my last single “Government Name” and my current Club Show, a four-song set. It is true Sheryl has choreographed for some very famous people like Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I have heard the comparisons before but the only similarity I see is that we both sing pop music! I am currently getting ready to release my upcoming album and have been working on a really different and fun sound. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! EX: It’s always a lot of work and sometimes hard when preparing for performances and even harder when you are an opening act for a performer that’s up there like a Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green. How was that process for you in preparing your act for Cee Lo Green at the Mahaffey Theater? How was it rehearsing and working with technical teams to get your performance to where you and the team wanted it to be? AY: I am a serious perfectionist. It’s a gift and a curse. When prepping for shows, I am in rehearsal, non-stop. When rehearsing for so many hours, the process can begin to feel monotonous but surprisingly that is actually when I know it’s getting in my blood. It’s at that point I can begin to relax and know I can basically wake up at four in the morning and still run my entire show without any mistakes. That’s the level of practice I strive for when getting ready for big shows. I was really pleased with how my performance opening for Cee Lo Green went. There is always an element of surprise with live shows and you never quite know how, where, or when it’s going to happen. But it always does. It was so exciting to see how the audience connected with the performance. They were really engaged and got so involved with the show. Cee Lo is such a kind, funny and down to earth kind of guy. It was a pleasure to work with him.

20 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

EX: Did you get to perform at the WBLS Summer Stage show in New York City? If yes, how did it go and how was that experience of performing in the Park for you? AY: I did perform at the WBLS Summer Stage show. It was an amazing turn out! It’s so much fun performing outdoors. I love it! I was opening for Tamia and made it onstage and through my set right before a massive storm hit! That is the only downside about performing in the park. Weather can be very unpredictable!

AY: I have always had a passion for fashion. It just made so much sense to incorporate music and fashion into what I do. I wanted to create a season-less fashion line. Classic pieces that is not limited to season or age. The line was inspired by timeless old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth: as well as themes like off-beat minimalism and “elegance with edge.” For my fashion line, I collaborated with my clothing designer and stylist Arlinda McKintosh to execute the pieces.

EX: Are you on schedule for the release of your next album due this fall? AY: My upcoming album is slated to release late Fall 2012 but with the crazy schedule I have, it might just get pushed out a bit, hard to say. I am so excited about the new direction I’m pushing toward for this next album. It’s a mixture of different sounds. It’s still pop but just with a gritty twist, kind of funky, electro pop! EX: You say that this album is pushing in a new direction, a funky electro-pop sound. Can you explain what this means and why the new direction? AY: I’m always pushing myself to grow and evolve as an artist - that is what keeps things interesting. I think it is a natural evolution from my last album. The new direction is fun, upbeat, sexy and gritty and that is what I really love about it. EX: Who are some of the writers that contribute to your next album and current single? AY: I’m working with a bunch of new writers and producers. The album is definitely going to have an eclectic feel. From producers like Amadeus who also produced “Heart stop” from my last album, “Amazing”, to new producers like Sequence who produced and co-wrote my current single “Don’t Play With Me”. I really look forward to its release and hope it’s received well! EX: What inspired you to create you new fashion line “A Young Rose”?

EX: What else is happening with you and working in the fashion industry? AY: Right now I am thrilled to be spokesperson for White Diamonds International, a conflict free, fair trade diamond company. They commissioned me to design a contemporary collection of diamond jewelry. The first piece is already in production and my entire “Starburst” collection will debut this December at the opening of their Flagship store in Sweden. My vision for this collection draws inspiration from celestial bodies and exotic forms in nature. It was an absolute dream to see my designs come to life, first with my prototypes and then as finished pieces. My “Starburst” collection includes a ring, necklace and bracelet.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 21

EX: Where can people view and purchase your line of fashion? AY: My fashion line can be accessed through my website and my jewelry collection will be available, exclusively, through the Flagship store in Sweden, this December. EX: Fall Fashion week is in September in New York City, can we expect to see your designs in any shows this fall? AY: For Fashion Week I will be wearing pieces from A Young Rose to the events and shows and maybe even a ring from my collection if it is ready in time! For now, the bulk of my effort is focused on my music and getting ready for my Tour. EX: What’s next for Alex Young? AY: Right now, I am gearing up for my College tour, Radio tour and release of my upcoming album. Also, finalizing the designs of my “Starburst” diamond jewelry collection for the December debut, where I will also be performing at the opening! EX: In closing what would you like to say to your fans and to any Entrigue Magazine readers? AY: I would like to thank all of my fans for being so incredibly supportive over the years and also a big thank you to Entrigue Magazine for having me! Check out more at and follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook at AlexYoungMusic!

22 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 23

Leah LaBelle

LaBelle, born Leah LaBelle Vladowski on September 8, 1986 in Toronto, Canada, is the only child of Troshan and Anastasia Vladowski. Troshan and Anastasia who are musicians and immigrants that defected and came to the United States leaving from communist Bulgaria during a tour of Western Europe in 1979 with the Bulgarian pop music groups Srebyrnite Grivni and Tonika. LaBelle graduated from Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington in 2005 and attended performing arts school, Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts. LaBelle has been performing since 1990, singing and dancing but it was in 1993 that she started pursing a musical career. In 1997, LaBelle won the Washington State Pre-teen Miss America Pageant and was first runner-up in the National Pageant. In 1998 she joined Total Experience Gospel Choir and the Langston Hughes musical, Black Nativity over the following five years. In 2000, LaBelle was part of the WAM Network children’s reality show, Caught in the Middle and continued on the show for two seasons. In 2002, LaBelle won the Grand Prize at KUBE 93.3 Summer Jam Idol and was the opening act at Summer Jam 20. LaBelle gained further public recognition at the age of 17 when she was on the third season of American Idol. She auditioned in New York City and performed Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me.” LabBele received a golden ticket to Hollywood but after making it to the semi-finals, she did not receive enough fan votes to pass the semi-finals. Labelle was then brought back for the wild card show and was selected by Paula Abdul to advance to the finals. After performing during the Top 12’s soul Week, she received the lowest amount of votes and was eliminated from the show and did not qualify for the American Idol US Tour. Her rendition of the soul classic “Betcha by Golly, Wow” by The Stylistics was included on the Season 3 American Idol finalist compilation album American Idol Season 3: Greatest Soul Classics.

24 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

In October 2004, LaBelle collaborated on a record album, Volume 7 of “Christmas in the Northwest” featuring singers and songwriters from the Pacific Northwest to benefit Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Centers in Seattle, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland and Children’s Miracle Network in Spokane.”Christmas Time” was written and produced by Casey James and is sung by LaBelle. In 2005, LaBelle pursued a management contract with Sixthboro Entertainment of New York City and recorded a demo with Andreao “Fanatic” Heard. In 2008 LaBelle was hired as a background vocalist for Keri Hilson. Hilson hired LaBelle after hearing her Youtube cover of her song “Energy.” The two would then form a mentor type of a relationship. Hilson then invited LaBelle on tour with Robin Thicke which allowed LaBelle to understand the workings of the music industry a little better. LaBelle then began touring as a background vocalist for artist such as Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers and Eric Benet. She also appeared in the music video for Sparks’s SOS (Let The Music Play) single in 2009, after building a lasting friendship with the singer.

LaBelle recently signed a joint deal with L.A. Reid and Epic Records, Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings and Pharrell Williams’s new label I Am Other. “Sexify” was released in March 2012 as LaBelle’s debut single and leading from her debut album, receiving high praise from R&B fans for its throwback sound. The music video for “Sexify” was shot the weekend of March 24, 2012 in Los Angeles. The music video premiered on on May 9, 2012, cameo appearances included Dupri as LaBelle’s landlord, Williams as a pizza delivery guy and friend singer/actress JoJo. “Sexify” was released to iTunes on June 19, 2012.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 25


Melody, harmony, and rhythm are fused together in the new collection from Carrera y Carrera. Inspired by music, so inherent to Spanish culture, MĂşsica is a collection where emotions are expressed and reinterpreted in each of the exceptional pieces.


An innovative collection designed to waken your senses, it is full of volume and reveals an outstanding combination of the company’s characteristic matte-shine effect on gold.

Alegrias Danza

26 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Elease Donovan Elease Donovan Fashion

Interview by Mark “MDot” Bucannah

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 27

Elease Donovan, the Model and Television Star: Beauty is found within a woman of good quality and an essence of confidence and style. A business woman is found within one who is skillful and values the knowledge of her industry. A prime example of a “good” business woman would be the emerging entrepreneur, fashionista, trendsetter; Elease Donovan. This Kingston, Jamaica native has always aspired to break out of her relatively small world into something significantly bigger. At first glance, one would think that Elease is nothing more but a pretty face, but after one encounter of the diva, it becomes clear that Elease is far more than just an attractive woman. She is clever, educated witty and confident. Her keen of fashion is validated throughout her appearance on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. The model turned reality starlet got her television break from one of the series’ most watched seasons via Oxygen’s hit show “Bad Girls Club.” America continues to buzz about Elease Donovan as she captures the scene, as well as, keeps fans wanting more from the charismatic, sexy and confident diva. Elease allowed her niche for fashion and designs evolve and mature as she has in age. During college, she studied the ins and outs of modeling and fashion style until she branched out and started her own swimwear line entitled Elease Donovan Swimwear -or- ED Swimwear line. Elease Donovan, the Swimwear Line: The Kingston, Jamaica native, raised in Miami has always loved the beauty of tropical weather and fashion. Donovan brings the two together with sophistication, style and pure seduction in her new swim line. Elease Donovan swimwear puts a spin on traditional swimsuits, with pin-up styles, body suits and sheer fabrics that turns heads continuously while keeping the eyes wanting more. The 2012 collection is an array of oranges, pinks, purples along with vibrant animal prints. Elease Donovan Swimwear launched spring 2012 worldwide via the online boutique at The line is for the jetsetter who exudes confidence and dresses for the occasion, even when there is none. The focus of ED Swimwear line is to celebrate the beauty of a woman’s body with sophistication, style and seduction. The style in the line combines originality and uniqueness that are ready-towear poolside or on the beach swim pieces. “My swimwear line is like framing a masterpiece that is priceless in its view. It is about embracing your womanhood while never losing its value”-Donovan adds. Since the launch, ED Swimwear has gained the likes of not only her fans of the model/actress, but women all over the world who appreciate custom tailored, sequin dazzled or jungle goddess inspired swimsuit.

28 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Elease Donovan Fashion

Interview by Mark “MDot” Bucannah

MB: How long or should I ask at what age did you become interested in designing? ED: I think I was maybe three. I would cut up my own clothes and make Barbie clothes and my mom would be so pissed off at me. I would just try to make these garments for my Barbie, other than the ones I already had and I have always been very creative, always drawing from an early age. So that is how that came about. MB: Oh O.k. Now a lot of the girls on the BGC were complimenting you on your figure and looks throughout the show, did that play a part in you bringing out your fashion line or was this something already in the making?

Python Priestess

ED: Oh that was something already in the making. That was something that I always wanted to do. The only thing with BGC that maybe pushed me to do it was the 15 minutes of fame and so I figured I don’t need to wait anymore and I should go ahead and push it out now. MB: Oh O.K. So you did already have this on the table. ED: Exactly. I knew I was going to start a line but I wasn’t sure as to what it was yet but I knew I wanted to do this. MB: Before Elease Donovan Swimwear fashion line was there another line of clothing you put out that most people don’t know about. Whether it was a success or not?


ED: No, I didn’t make any attempts. I had drew sketches then I showed them to a few people and then I had hoped to get them in the works sooner rather than later. MB: Who else is involved with designing and manufacturing your swimwear line and do you have any major investors? ED: I wish. {Laughing} No, I invest in myself. I funded the whole project. I wanted to get investors but that sort of a thing takes a while. I’m one of those people that when I’m ready for something I want to do it today and not tomorrow. MB: Right! Right! Because dealing with people, you have to wait on them and they want to control different things.

Congolese Catwalk

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 29

ED: Exactly and there is the wait to get a loan and it’s a long process. So I didn’t want to wait for all that. MB: Then there are people that want to have creative control. ED: Right! I have had people say they want to be my partner but I would tell them I need an investor not a partner. MB: So basically it’s all about the grind with you then? ED: Yes, exactly. MB: Was it difficult to get started with the business of designing and presenting your line to manufacturers? ED: Actually it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The hard part about creating the line was just knowing who to work with and who not to work with. Going through this process was a learning experience and a very costly one. For instance, this woman took advantage of me because she knew I wanted to start a line and she knew I was on TV so a lot of things that she did and charged me for I could have gotten it a lot cheaper. So again you have to know who to work with. MB: So she was watching your purse and looking to gain profit off of you. ED: Exactly! MB: There are a lot of snakes in the grass in this business and like you said it is a learning experience. I think from here it should be skies the limit for you. ED: Exactly! MB: Most of the top designers attended some form of fashion institute and during my research on you I found that you also had some type of training in fashion. Can you tell us a little about your training?

Spots of Glamour

30 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

ED: Yes Pretty much. I went to school for fashion merchandising because I wanted to broaden my fashion horizon and I wanted to learn more about the business. A lot of people think I went to school for design although I did start in the design program but I didn’t like it because at the end of the day it was more for someone who sews and some other things that were too time consuming but at the end of the day you have to

learn how to run your business so I figured fashion merchandising was a lot more because I sketch and draw which was my thing so for me to just sit there and to be sewing all the time really wasn’t for me. I already know how to do the basics so all that other stuff was irrelevant for me. MB: So you wanted the bulk of it, you wanted the meat and potatoes of the industry. ED: Exactly! MB: That is a smart thing to do. Do these design ideas come naturally or do you see things that inspire you to design. ED: Definitely! I get a lot of inspiration. It could be from anything. I research a lot of things like for my next collection I can be in an art gallery and get an inspiration for colors or just walking down the street I can see something that catches my eye and I will take out paper or a napkin and begin to sketch. On my plane ride coming back home I was just sitting there sketching about twenty different designs. Once I got home I then perfected the design. MB: What would you say separates your ED fashion line from other similar fashion lines that’s been around a while? ED: I just believe that with my line you get the style that you want and the sexiness without all the extra going on. Some of these other lines have to have beads or some other type of flare to be sexy. It’s so overly done but my line is not overly done. You can switch it up from the pool party and into the pool and not worry about messing it up. MB: Are you considering any acting in the future? ED: I would love to. If I had the opportunity and anything comes along, hey I’m like a master of all trades. I do it all. I’m young and fabulous. Why not go into acting even if it is just one or two roles? I wouldn’t mind. MB: Can we expect to see any upcoming showcases showing your ED swimwear line?

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 31

ED: For this year probably not. I’m really pushing things for my next collection for next year. If anything does come along, I don’t mind showcasing my ED Swimwear line this year. MB: As far as the branding what other types of fashion wear will you be bring out next year? ED: I’m working on my new collection. It’s the second collection for my line so I’m really excited about that and I’m working on men’s wear “Donovan” by Elease Donovan so that should definitely be something to look for. A lot of people think I do this for fun but this is a job for me. It is something I love to do but this is also my career. So I’m serious about it. MB: What advice would you give up and coming young female designers? ED: Just don’t give up. Work hard. If you know you’re good at something work hard and focus on it and you will get there. Hard work pays off. MB: I thank you for your time Ms. Donovan, I enjoyed talking with you and I look forward to the ED line and everything you have to offer to the fashion world.

On The Prowl

Jungle Fever

Royal Lioness Red-y to be Tamed

32 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012


Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 33

34 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

CROWN CROWN is Tajh Abdulsamad most commonly known as one-fourth of the late eighties and early nineties Motown Records multi-platinum selling teen singing sensation “THE BOYS”. Known for their clean cut positive image, boyish charm, backflips, and production talents, CROWN and his brothers had three #1 singles on the R&B charts and have worked and recorded with legends and luminaries such as Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, “LA” Reid, Akon, Debbie Allen, Rosie Perez, Dead Prez and many others. CROWN is all grown up now and producing soulful, heart inspired music and is branding a unique sound that is all his own. Apart from flexing his vocal skills CROWN is also a writer, arranger, producer, audio engineer, and label executive. CROWN has released three solo albums: Ancient Ways (2005), New Leap (2009), and CROWN DELUXE Vol.1 “Love Notes” (2012). Each release delivers a universal sound incorporating elements of Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae/World, Dance and Pop elements blended with sweet melodies, and insightful lyrics. CROWN gives listeners a truly exciting, heartfelt, unique, and diverse musical experience. “I am constantly in the studio creating and working with my brothers on new projects for our fans who I affectionately call my Royal Family”, says CROWN. “ Getting an early start in the music & film industry I already have over twenty years of professional experience in the recording and music business under my belt. As a young man who is entering his creative prime I feel like I’m just getting started”.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 35

Jaguar design philosophy is based on the continuous and homogeneous flow of lines that guide the gaze along and around the vehicle. And the stylistic approach that has led to the definition of design of Sportbrake was obtained with the goal of maximizing the convenience. The creation of the Sportbrake was a great opportunity to further improve the design of the XF. The flow and the Union lines that lead the eye around the car give a practical station wagon but consistent with Jaguar’s reputation for elegance and spectacular.

36 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | February 2012 31

john michael

Interview by Tene’Asia Q. Butler

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 37

At the age of 23, John Michael has established himself as one of the premier singer/songwriters of the upcoming generation. Born in northeast Washington, D.C. and raised in Virginia, John Michael began writing at 16 years old. He has penned material for several distinguished producers who have worked with top artists such as Wale, Rick Ross, Lloyd, and Jay Sean. Although he is a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes, John Michael is ready to step into the spotlight and showcase his own music. Unaware of his innate ability to sing, music always surrounded him growing up. His mother subjected him to the sounds of James Taylor while his father introduced him to the world of soul, funk, and big band. Throughout high school he dropped hooks for classmates during freestyle battles and mixed his own beats. He began to take his talent more seriously after friends were blown away by his rendition of Dru Hill’s “April Showers.” It was at this point that singing and writing transitioned from a hobby to a daily grind. Musically influenced by Stevie Wonder, Glenn Lewis, Donell Jones, Jon B., Lauryn Hill and Dru Hill, his unique ability to write and perform places him among the elite. “I set my standards high. I view my competition as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and similar artists out today,” said John Michael. “I need my music to sound like that or better.” His strong work ethic and willingness to put in long studio hours has resulted in soulful hits like “Just a Man” and “Where I Belong.” The key to success for John Michael is that he never gives up. His determination to prove skeptics wrong only adds fuel to his fire. This focus and dedication keeps him in the studio writing new material for his debut album. He is also working on songs for potential Budweiser and Nike commercials, as well as songwriting projects with Scotland artist Kasey Monroe.

38 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

TB: What material have you penned for other top artist that the average person may not have known about? JM: I have done a lot of work for different production groups and artists. Some were submitted for previous albums but as far as right now most are in the selection process. TB: You definitely have that Donell Jones flavor going on and it shows in your latest track “Sophisticated Lady”. What are your thoughts behind creating that specific track? JM: Sophisticated Lady was a track that I knew going in was going to be a song I could be proud of. It’s funny you mention Donell Jones because he is a major influence. But when I heard the beat I had it in my mind to make this song my next single. I really took my time with it to develop lyrical and melodic ideas. Obviously I spent time thinking about women, but I have a specific type. I am looking for someone sophisticated, full of energy, and not amused by simple acts. TB: Out of all the songs you have recorded or penned for others, which song was your favorite and why? JM: I have a lot of favorites really. The things that stick out to me are more related to the intricacies of writing and recording for example a nice run, a dope harmony or a crazy mixing idea. Being the engineer of my own vocals I find small things interesting. To be honest “Sophisticated Lady” was one I have always considered a favorite. There are a lot of subtle things I did to try and make the song sound the way I envisioned mixing wise. It’s hard to explain but like I said before I really did take my time with the entire process of that song. TB: In your bio you speak of artist that influenced your music styling. Is there one on that list or off that list that you really want to work with on a single or an album? JM: I always imagined being in the studio collaborating with Kanye West to be something that would bring great music.

I know people think of him as a huge superstar but I have followed him since his early days before he was with Roc-a-Fella. His ideas flow very well and I would love to see what we could come up with considering how fast my ideas flow. TB: Have you tried to reach out to that artist? JM: A while ago I mailed a demo tape to the G.O.O.D music offices (Lol). It came back in the mail as returned to sender. TB: How old were you when you first started singing, take us to that moment when you said to yourself “hey, I can sing” and how you started your career as a writer & singer? JM: I started singing I think when I was about 9 or 10. But everyone around me said the only reason I sounded good was because I was really young. I believed that so I didn’t pay it much mind. But when I was 15 or 16 I sang for a couple of people in school and they gave me honest reaction and convinced me that I really was good at it. I started writing more out of necessity. My friends and I would collect beats in high school and the only way to get lyrics was to make your own. Over time I would just try to make everything more and more complex.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 39

TB: When you’re chilling with your friends and family, do people recognize you on the street and do they approach you? JM: Lately people have been approaching me a lot more and recognizing me. I really appreciate it all. TB: What goes through your mind when this happens? How do you feel? JM: All I can think about are the years I spent making music in my room with nobody ever listening. That thought helps me not take anything for granted. I tell people all the time about how hard it is to constantly work towards a seemingly impossible goal. I can vividly remember so many days sitting at the stop light before my old apartment thinking to myself...”why am I still doing this”? TB: Assuming you take a break from music, what do you do on your downtime when you break from musical creativity? JM: I like to stay busy. I feel like I am being lazy if I’m not at least doing something. The only real thing I get caught up in besides music is sports. I’m not some average sports fan. I get fully into it. I know stats, insights, inside information, everything. I think I could easily be a sports analyst if I wanted to be. TB: If you are allowed to speak on this, what is the story behind the writing songs for commercials for Budweiser and Nike? JM: It’s just one of those things where different connections bring different opportunities. There is a multi-platinum writer that comes to me for help with different records and she came to me with that situation. She really likes my writing and arrangement work so of course I was open to the opportunity. I have co-written with her a lot over the last couple years. TB: What musical projects are you currently working on and when can we expect the new album to be released? JM: I am a studio rat so I am always doing something, but my main focuses are the mixtapes I just released online, my EP which was recently wrapped up, and continuing to work on my full length album for everyone to hear. I am really excited about it! TB: What kind of toll does it take on you when you spend so many hours in the studio? JM: It definitely takes a toll. The main thing that I miss out on is going out, clubbing and stuff. Relationships suffer, friendships suffer but lately I have found a good balance and I am enjoying a lot of those things more. TB: Some rising artist hold down another career while they

40 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

try to make it in the music business. What is your status now? Are you holding down another career or are you fully vested in your musical career and you’re doing well enough to not need another career? JM: For the past few years I have been taking online college classes, working 9-5, raising my son, and being fully immersed in the music industry. TB: Is there a “Sophisticated Lady” in your life currently and was she the inspiration for this track? JM: No there isn’t. I wrote the song with the hopes of bringing her to reality...or at least to my doorstep (Lol). TB: In closing, what would you like to say to Entrigue Magazine readers and to your fans? JM: The one thing I always appreciate and need is support. Being able to make music and have people listen to it is so much of a blessing. I put all of me into every note and lyric. So to all the readers of Entrigue Magazine, please support ya boy! TB: It was a pleasure interviewing you and to all of us at Entrigue Magazine I want to thank you and wish you continued success in anything that you do. JM: Thank you, I am honored to be interviewed by you

Luis Machicao International Designer

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 41

Luis Machicao

Luis Machicao grew up with one thing on his mind… FASHION; however, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that he actively began to pursue his dream. Mr. Machicao began his career in Peru by enrolling in The School of Dramatic Arts where he received his education, later he decided to move to another school and began studying Fashion Design in a local Fashion Institute where he graduated with honors. Afterwards he enrolled in the University to study Sociology, he is on the belief that fashion is a social manifestation of the human being. After 4 years at the university he flew to Paris where he knew he could complete his education with experience. It was while in Paris that everything came together on how to dress people from head to toe in good taste. Later, when Mr. Machicao went back to Peru, he began working in TV miniseries, Soap Operas and Theater. He was then hired for the First Lady to serve his country with his impeccable taste, also dressing celebrities and socialites. While working he began showing his own collections in fashion shows. It was here that he found his passion - runways! Mr. Machicao began to show his own collections internationally which resulted in him moving to the United States of America. He has presented his collections in cities such as Houston, Austin, San Francisco, Miami, Charlotte, New Orleans, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Washington D.C. and now, showing his latest Fall-Winter 2013 collection at New York’s fashion week. 42 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Since moving to the United States, Luis Machicao usually would show his collections in states such as North Carolina, Texas, Miami and other major cities. In 2011 Machicao showed his Spring 2011 collection for the first time in New York City at Andres Aquino’s Couture Fashion Week at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Machicao has said that he loves the stars of the 1950s and was inspired by many actresses of that time period and the fashions that they wore. He began designing his couture fashion in remembrance of celebrities such as actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, American actress and Playboy playmate Jayne Mansfield who was also a Hollywood sex symbol. There are many more celebrities that inspired Machicao’s designs. Machicao not only is inspired by the 1950’s but he also would design his couture fashions to other time periods of the 1920’s, 1940’s and even the 1800’s. When designing his collections, Machicao always designs so that when women wear his designs they are extremely comfortable and that they feel elegant and sophisticated and feel that they themselves are true Hollywood beauties.

Luis Machicao International Designer

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 43

Luis Machicao grew up with one thing on his mind‌.... FASHION

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 45


46 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Couture Fashion Week

Produced by Andres Aquino Photos by Mark “MDot” Bucannah & Elias Xavier

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 47

Designers Sushma Patel (USA/India) Robert Flores (Dominican Republic) Diani Mota (Dominican Republic) Joan Couture (Dominican Republic) Marisu Miranda (Spain) Wendy Luzon (Dominican Republic) Isabel Zapardiez (Spain) Giovanni LoPresti (Switzerland) Andres Aquino (USA) Sai Suman (India) Zizi Cardow (Nigeria) Carlos Vigil (Peru) Barge Ramos (The Philippines) Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar (USA/Russia) Joseph Domingo (The Philippines) Estilo Caribe (Dominican Republic) Miguel Paulino Yirko Positano Arcadio Diaz Ariel Cedeno Marisol Henriquez Arthlene Legair (USA/Dominica) Pilar Macchione (USA) Catalin Botezatu (Romania) Jorge Afanador (Colombia) LaureLuxe Metal Couture (USA) Jewel of India Pure Elegance by Parna Ghose Sumbul Rizvi Charisma by Ritu Boorgu Citrolina Designs by Citra Gala Juhi Jagiasi Charms Couture by Madhu Manyal Shekhar Rehate 48 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Diani Mota

Robert Flores

(Dominican Republic)

Lounge Couture Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 49

Sushma Patel (USA/India)

50 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Veronica Lovan

Luciano Lamonarca Performances by: singers:

Veronica Lovan Angeles Dominguez Reagan Richards Cristina Fontanelli Christine Reber Tyler Merell Luciano Lamonarca Thomas Cook Angel Rose Olga Orlovskaya Cynthia Basinet


cellists the Monticelli Trio pianist Prince Igor pianist Christopher Wilson guitarist Serge Khrichenko


the Nika Ballet Company Ting Ting Yan Anton Tregubov

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 51

In May of 2012, Pop and R&B artist Chrystian released the debut single, “Get It In” both digitally as well as to radio. The track was picked up early at multiple radio stations that began playing it in the few weeks since the video debuted via MTV’s Buzz worthy and started to create a viral buzz around the artist. Chrystian also launched a remix contest for the track via Indaba Music here: Indaba Remix Contest. Over the span of just about a year, Columbus, Ohio native, Chrystian has not only left his teen years behind, but he signed a record deal, toured, performed and spoke at countless high schools, all while traveling to and from Los Angeles to record his debut album, Genesis. He has performed in front of thousands of fans and built up his social networking throughout the process. The 20 year old has always had ambition and drive, even getting himself on to BET’s 106and Park at age 16. In addition, he won a contest that put him in front of Grammy winning Producers Midi Mafia. Once they saw Chrystian’s natural talent, the opportunity to record one song with the duo quickly gave way to their working with him on his debut album. MTV has said Chrystian sounds like a mix between Chris Brown, Usher and Jason Derulo, and these big-time comparisons were instantly confirmed when we saw how swagged-out he gets in his “Get It In” video, an up-tempo pop and R&B banger that serves as the perfect backdrop for Chrystian to showcase his effortless dance moves.” The video for the track was shot in Los Angeles and was pulled together by the up and coming pop star’s dream team. “Get It In” was directed by Ryan Pallotta (Jason Derulo, Tamia, Javier Colon feat. Natasha Bedingfield). The dance moves were created by famed choreographer, Luam who also choreographed artist such as Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears. Chrystian’s leading lady in the video is none other than Ashley Everett, best known as Beyoncé’s lead dancer on tour and in videos such as “Single Ladies” and “Runs the World”. Be sure to look out for more bangers from Chrystian.

52 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 53

1077 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226 Telephone: (718)363-0850

54 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Fashion Week New York City Summer / Spring 2013 Collections

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 55

The start of the international fashion week season happened in the first weeks of Septemeber. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the first major stop in the circuit of fashion’s most influential events, geared up for a week full of top international designers and the next generation of emerging talent, took center stage at Lincoln Center. IMG Fashion, producer of the Event, announced the preliminary line up for New York City’s most renowned week. The Spring 2013 Collections shaped up to be a much talked about season, with a large amount of celebrated designers that returned, and many up and coming designers made their runway debut. One of the best things about the shows in September is the picturesque weather that makes the whole city come to life. The energy of the week is truly palpable as you walk throughout New York City.

56 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 57

“This season’s list of designers participating in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a testament to the strength of the fashion industry.” said Stephanie Zimmer, Manager of Brand Experience Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. “Mercedes-Benz is a supporter of fashion initiatives in over 30 countries and we are proud to continue supporting Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. It is the marquee event and this season is an exciting spring collection.” The Theatre, Stage, Studio and Box will once again was home to the 80+runway shows and presentations, making Lincoln Center the heartbeat of the city for the eight days of fashion events. Throughout the week, numerous entities including the Lincoln Center Business Improvement District and Stone Rose Lounge, the Official After-Party Venue of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, hosted events, parties and promotions to welcome the 100,000+ industry professionals to the city and neighborhood. Title sponsor Mercedes-Benz was joined by DHL, American Express®, Maybelline New York, TRESemmé, Diet Pepsi, Fiber One® Bars, WGSN and SKYY® Vodka as well as the following media outlets: The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily and Getty Images.

58 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 59

60 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Over the years, Atlanta has introduced its fair share of music superstars to the world, and with the introduction of Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Model Ray Lavender, that tradition will undoubtedly continue. Coming to Atlanta by way of Monroe, Louisiana, Ray Lavender is quickly becoming one of music’s brightest stars. He offers a sensual yet charismatic brand of music that simultaneously is coupled with mass universal appeal. Growing up, Ray admired a wide array of artists from Sam Cooke to Prince; but it was R. Kelly who truly inspired Ray Lavender to pursue his passion. “When I met him he urged me to continue to write as well as sing and become an overall hard working musician,” says Ray Lavender. This work ethic is engrained in Ray Lavender, as he is still equally passionate about songwriting as he is about singing. Even though his musical peers serve as major motivators, it is from his own life that Ray Lavender draws his greatest inspirations. Coming from a large family of music lovers, Ray Lavender was destined for the stage, but it was the untimely loss of his father that motivated him to make a difference; not only for himself, but for his family. His career took off while at a studio in Atlanta when a music executive overheard sweet harmonies from a group called Collabo, and was particularly blown away by the lead singer, Ray Lavender. They formed a relationship that prompted Ray Lavender to begin recording as a solo artist, and it was then that the music industry would begin to take notice. Ray Lavender’s tireless pursuit of success gained him the respect of the industry’s top producers including Jazze Pha, Dallas Austin, Teddy Riley and Tricky Stewart. He soon began writing gigs and received an early placement with the song, “Knock, Knock, Knock,” for R&B great Gerald Levert’s A Stroke of Genius album. Soon thereafter, he began working on his own project and linked up with multi-platinum-selling superstar Singer/Songwriter/ Producer Akon. In 2007, Ray Lavender was signed as the first act to Akon’s KonLive Records via Geffen Records. Even though his debut album was never released, Ray Lavender garnered radio and digital hit singles with “My Girl Gotta Girlfriend,” featuring Fabolous & Red Cafe’, “Put It Down,” featuring T-Pain, Against the Grain, featuring Akon, and “Stay,” which was produced by Tank. Ray Lavender has performed throughout the United States and in countries all over the world. A gifted performer, Ray Lavender has an incredible stage presence and has toured with some of the industries biggest stars. Although music is clearly Ray Lavender’s passion, a very unique opportunity presented itself in 2010. Ray Lavender starred in and won the heart of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth on Donald Trump’s executive produced reality show, “The Ultimate Merger.” Ray Lavender states, “My father always taught me to surround myself with successful and hard working people, and working with the Trump organization was a great opportunity for me.

Ray Lavender

I met a lot of great people and had a blast winning the competition. Most importantly, however, I feel like I was able to show my fans and the public the real me, which is a hopeful romantic that will do anything for the girl I love.” Now, in 2012, Ray Lavender has signed with Global Artist Group and is setting up his official CD debut with a series of singles that he has written that show his diverse range and versatility. The club popping single “Tequila,” which features his label mate, Jordan Humphrey, an incredible young rising star whom Ray Lavender is developing, just may be the party anthem of the year. The sweet and soaring “We Love” reminds us that it doesn’t matter how tough life can get; love conquers all. And the soon-to-be released “Sexy Mutha” will have people all over the world rushing to the clubs to get their sexy on! Ray Lavender promises to be a part of a selective group of exceptional artist signed to Global Artist Group that delivers hot jams to the dance floor, as well as huge ballads for the masses.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 61

n I s t s i t r

w e i ev



Megan Nicolle Megan Nicolle

Megan Nicolle was born in Hightstown, New Jersey and from a very early age, she recognized music as her true passion after performing in her first talent show at age nine and attending her first studio session at age 11. Megan finds inspiration in life experience as well as musical influence. While admittedly a shy person, Megan becomes alive when she has the opportunity to perform. A woman of few words, she is a go-getter, unafraid to do what is necessary to make it in the industry. Equipped with strong morals, individuality, and a positive attitude, Megan is on a mission to turn her dreams into reality.

Qwote Pink Pink releases another spectacular new album titled “The Truth About Love” on September 18th. Her new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” which was release July 9th has already become a fan favorite. This album is sure to please.

62 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Qwote is back with another banger and with feature artist Pitbull on this track call “Letting Go (Cry Just A Little)” With his new album L.U.S.T. (Living Under Sin Truthfully) coming soon on Ultra Records Qwote is sure to excite audiences everywhere. Also look for the release of his brand new mixtape entitled “Addicted To Her”.

Leah LaBelle gained public recognition on the third season of American Idol and now Leah is back with this electrifying summer hit “Sexify”. By signing a joint deal with L.A. Reid and Epic Records, Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings and Pharrell Williams’s new label I Am Other, Labelle is soon to be pop and R&B’s next sensation.

Leah LaBelle

A Broken Silence Hailing from Sydney’s west, A Broken Silence launched on to the hip-hop rock scene in 2008. Breaking the silence with their debut LP All For What in 2009, the five-piece band quickly began to consume the ears of hip-hop and rock enthusiasts of the world.

Peia Alexander is a singer, songwriter, pianist, violinist, and guitarist. Peia fuses numerous genres of music to created her own unique sound. Peia’s current released tracks are “Breakout” and “Ordinary Girl”.

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 63

64 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

Entrigue Magazine | September 2012 65

CS: What is the meaning behind the colon in your name GemSto:n? GS:The colon is a phonetic representation in the study of Linguistics that shows lengthening of a vowel, in the case of my name, it shows that the [o] is a long vowel sound = [o:]. So instead of the traditional spelling of ‘Gemstone’ I used something closer to a linguistics structure for the last syllable of the word (sto:n). CS: Your bio says you studied at University of California. Are you currently in the USA or in Jamaica? GS: I am currently in Jamaica, I studied at Berkeley for Semester III in 2009. I was sent there by the University of the West Indies to take special courses in the ecology of language at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) institute that were not available in the Caribbean to help with the writing of my thesis. CS: When was the last time you were in the USA and will you be back to perform in any concerts or events? GS: I was in the US last November; and that was just to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. There are no events or concerts planned for the US so far. I tend to have show plans for Europe (Italy and Spain) and those will be confirmed shortly for 2013. CS: I have spoken with many performers and artist who pursue degrees in different areas in order to have a backup in case the music career does not work out. Your choice to pursue a PhD in linguistics is a first I’ve heard from an artist. How did it come about you choosing this path for a PhD?

66 Entrigue Magazine | September 2012

GS: I honestly think that this path chose! I had no idea I would have become a Linguist or even imagined doing a Ph.D. in Linguistics, but sometimes life has a way of directing our paths. I went to the University to get a regular first degree in Media and Communication and ended up doing a degree in Language, Communication and Society with a specialization in Linguistics. I fell in love with the discipline and was offered a scholarship into the University’s Linguistics’ M.Phil / Ph.D. Program. The University paid my fees and I was paid a stipend to teach tutorials/seminar classes to undergraduate students. I am now a part-time Lecturer at the University of the West Indies; writing my Ph.D. thesis in Linguistics focusing on Phonology which is the study of the organization of

CS: Can you explain a little bit more about when you say you will be selling dancehall not only through it’s lyrical content but also through it’s culture and literary side? GS: By this I mean I will be selling the sound of the music, the authentic Jamaican sound that is unique to the people of Jamaica. I have done songs like “Writing Jamaican the Jamaican Way” which talks about the phonology, the history and the symbols for representing the language of the people of Jamaica. I don’t limit myself to what I can and cannot sing about as it relates to being Jamaican and how my people and society function. CS: You’re extremely sexy and your very talented and when someone gets to learn more about you they find you are very intelligent. Do you think one day you will step into the political arena?

sounds in Languages. This involves language and speech apparatus (oral cavity, nasal cavity, vocal tract; language and the brain, socio-phonetics = Language and its use among people in society). CS: Which are the five languages do you speak and do you speak them fluently? GS: Jamaican Creole (Fluently) -English (Fluently) -Spanish (Fluently) -French (Moderately) -Haitian French Creole (Fluently) CS: Are you married or have a significant other and if so, does this person support your career? GS: No, I am single. CS: Does your career in music effect your relationship with family and old friends you have grown up with? GS: Not really, the strange thing is and I say strange because I am surprised that I get the full support of my family and friends. They truly ‘get it’ while some new acquaintances don’t. The people who truly know who I am, accepts me for all that I am.

GS: Oh wow! you seem to have very high expectations of a very simple girl. The political arena is definitely out of the question for me. I just want to be able to put my linguistic abilities to use so that others can benefit from the discipline and use it to assist in areas of education and music. Right now there is a big debate going on in Jamaica about using Jamaican Creole as a medium of instruction in schools to help students to better understand and demonstrate their use of English. This issue arose out of the significant failures in CSEC English results for Jamaican students. If the key players in our education industry had a good linguistic knowledge they would know that when a child has mastered their first language (L1) it is significantly easier for them to master a second, third or even a fourth language. CS: It’s been a little over three months since you released your album “Diamond in Da Ruff” for free downloads. How has it been doing and what responses are you getting from the industry and from everyday people? GS: It has been getting a lot of positive feedback from both the music industry and everyday people. People just love the songs, the downloads have been amazing. Within the first 2 weeks of its release, the album received over 600 downloads and even if it

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CS: In closing what would you like to say to Entrigue Magazine readers and to your fans?

was just 1 download, I would still be grateful. Because of the album, I have been doing countless dub plates and jingles for both local and international, radio stations, sound systems and video jocks. Most of my dub plate requests come from Spain, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. CS: Out of all the music you have put out, which track is your most favorite? GS: This is a hard question, I love so many of the songs but I must choose one then it is track 5 called Galan. CS: Are you in the studio creating more tracks and a new album? GS: I am actually on campus Lecturing courses all of this semester and writing my thesis. Hahaha..shaking my head and thinking right now, you must be saying “what sort of artist is this?”. That was my main reason for releasing the album in May before the start of the new academic year. I am really trying to balance both careers. I am in the studio every other weekend trying to finish off my list of dub plate requests CS: Tells us something about yourself that you don’t mind sharing that people don’t see in your bio or on the websites. GS: I am shy and prone to having some very blonde moments. I love to laugh and have no problems laughing at myself at times. A very good friend of mine refers to me as ‘teacher Barbie’ lol! This title is absolutely hilarious and each time she refers to me as such, we both burst into laughter.

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GS: First, I am very thankful to Entrigue Magazine for having an interest in me as an artist and for sharing my story and music with their readers. I want the Entrigue readers to look out for some more positive musical works from GemSto:n cause the sky is the limit; log on to my Facebook fan page and twitter for a copy of my album “Diamond In Da Ruff” if you like and support me as an upcoming female artist trying to make a name for myself in this male dominated music industry. To my fans, I say big up! nuff love and respect from my heart, yu zeet! You are the most important people in this music game; without an audience the music would be static. CS: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and Entrigue Magazine wishes you all the best in your education and your career.

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