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Issue 01 July 2013

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Welcome to this, our first and most anticipated edition of Entrespective Digital Magazine. Committed to the growth of our website,, we have worked really hard to put together a high-quality content magazine for our Entrespective readers. As professionals with an edge we have a new and innovative perspective and we want to create an Entrespective movement! Each issue of Entrespective Digital Mag will contain well developed articles focused on the main areas of interest and concerns of emerging professionals and entrepreneurs. Among our upcoming topics: Leadership Management New Approaches to Career and Workplace. Mind Set and New Perspectives Talent Mobility Talent Empowerment and Growth Financial Education and Business Development Let’s impact our world with thought and action!


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What’s Trending Right Now on Social Media?

Social Media is making extremely easy for individuals to create a brand around themselves. Embracing self-promoting on the social media platforms you are already participating in will become a leadership requirement Warning: Personal Branding is a process that goes beyond social media itself. As the big brands you must deliver value and a message. Engage people in a positive way and create a shared experience!

Disrupting Mobile Technology! Take pictures, give directions and translate, going beyond the Smartphone and tablets! Will they compensate for the Over-sharing, unauthorized picture taking and tracking from Google? Will this appeal to main stream and mass audiences?

Access services and information on the go! People have their Smartphone devices with them at all times. More and more platforms are developing their campaigns and image for easy viewing and browsing on mobile devices.

There is no need of big pockets for a new business to grow. Smart entrepreneurs are making do. Limited resources mean hustling and planning strategically. Desperation is a great motivator! Are you being stop by financial limitations that may not be a factor after all?

How do you feel about brands targeting you when you are out and about? Could you really ever be truly disconnected?

80 mil people into the workforce. What do they bring to the table? A new definition of leadership. Experience and Advancement NOW! A culture of individuality and entrepreneurship reborn?

Go after the visual stimuli of your audience. Use images to drive traffic back to your other social media sites and content! How can you capitalize on the image craze? Entrepreneurs are looking to Pinterest as a way to attract attention and generate buzz by implementing simple strategies like contests to move their followers to participate and share

Are you taking advantage of your Facebook Fan Page real-estate? New changes mean more visibility and greater opportunity to attract, retain and convert followers to customers and your audience into raving fans! Goodbye tabs, hello apps! Pin it, Highlight and Share Milestones!

We believe that Talent Management and Human Resources must target its focus on Generations in the workplace. It is not about switching gear toward the New Generation or the Next Generation only. It's about a multidimensional look and outreach across generations. Facts must be faced. Our modern workplace is a melting pot of generations. Generation Y is working alongside its parents, grandparents, older brothers/sisters and up-and-coming little brothers/sisters. In the mind of the modern professional and the culture of the modern organization, diversity is not longer a term that communicates openness and inclusion of individuals exclusively in terms of ethnicity, nationality or religion; as the demographics of the workplace and business change, so must change our talent management strategies. Talent Management must include a comprehensible and flexible program to reach out to different generations in the workplace and explore and develop the skill sets and values they bring to the table. Values, Organizations and their teams must work on a comprehensive Assessment Plan that involves multiple generational perspectives and focuses on pin pointing the core values of all its members. Taking into consideration where is each of your members coming from, what are the moral and ethical principles that guide their own lives outside and inside a working environment will work wonders when trying to connect, and most importantly, evoke feelings of empathy and understanding. It's not about a complete redefinition of the corporate values, but a review of how those values match and reflect the values of the team, and how you may acknowledge those individual values when assigning tasks and evaluating performance. Leadership, As the image above illustrates, each generation has a very different perception of leadership and what it means to lead. Of course these are not set in stone and may vary according to personality. However, the point stands; taking into account leadership styles will greatly influence how the cultural organization is perceive and modify the ways in which the actions and reactions, decision making skills and conflict management skills are best evaluated and best use.

Communication, Communication Styles. Remember than people have different communication styles outside and inside the workplace. More and more these styles filtered themselves into work and business interactions. Teams must implement a variety of communication channels; the main result: have an open doors communication policy, and implement the social platforms that have become part of our everyday lives, social media, email, text. Lastly, the organization and its teams must show understanding about the way in which older generations may struggle to integrate and adapt to new and changing ways to connect and use technology, and must take care to develop the right channels for these skills to strengthen and grow. Have you had a positive work or business related experience in which a great result was achieved by a diverse and "multi-generational" team working together?

Financial literacy is a concept I first came across when reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It certainly opened my eyes to the very basic yet crucial difference between assets and liabilities, and the misguided assumptions and interpretations that I had for both. Our limited financial knowledge is the greatest hinderer of wealth in our society, those who learn to appreciate the different between these concepts fare far better than those who remain blinded by the bright allure of home o wnership, savings accounts and the accumulation of stuff you own and pay for, still holding onto the "American dream". What are assets? Assets are items of value owned by an individual or company. Assets may be tangible physical items or intangible items with no physical form. Assets add value. What are liabilities? Liabilities are obligations of the individual or company to transfer something of value to another party. Money is leaving your pocket. A majority of us have learned what we know about finances from our parents, many of whom belong to the "poor dad" club, never realizing why they cannot get out of the never-ending cycle of debts and financial obligations, which now we understand as liabilities. At school, the focus is on math, the institution doesn't seem to care that our kids have no real sense of practical and essential aspects for wealth growth. As Kiyosaki asserts in his book, there is a way to get the message across by the use of simple images that reveal the mistaken perceptions we have had for most of our lives. Once we see it, there is a mind shift. “The goal is to have enough positive cash flowing investments to generate enough income to cover your expenses. When this occurs, you can choose to either leave your current occupation or stay. Your investments could be on autopilot, with little or no involvement from you. This is financial freedom.� Bobby Champagne,

Many people would believe that our everyday lives are filled with small losses. We lose time in lines, money on stuff, gas on the commute, patience with people. At work, many professionals seem to be fighting a losing battle with politics and bureaucracy; they must answer to one or more supervisors, and deal with small but recurrent disappointments. In a very bleak day even tackling paper jams in copy machines, dealing with an uncooperative fax or a slow computer may mean a lost battle, an unproductive day, a dissatisfied employee and unhappy self. This is when a mentally and organizational culture geared toward small wins can work wonders for both 'personal' and 'personnel' moral. Small wins create a feeling of accomplishment, and sets expectations for further success. They actually become successful habits with expected and consistent results which may produce physical reactions and do trigger positive psychological impulses. We














Habits are what you repeatedly do without any conscious thinking; habits are what control your unconscious actions. But just as our bodies are keen to fall into habits so are our minds. Habits of thought are truly a foundation for the quality of your life, as they are connected to the perception and reactions to your world. We may not always get to choose our environment and the people that surround us, but if we celebrate ourselves every time we reach a new level of understanding and incorporate a new strategy for coping and overcoming those external elements in a positive way, we'll be closer to establishing new success patterns and new success habits. Small wins or small victories are pathways to cement Successful Habits and at the same time charge our everyday with rewards for our progress.

According to the book The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, habits are created by following this simple sequence: 1. Cue 2. Routine 3. Reward Remember: Small wins or the celebration of small victories encourages progress and empowers the individual or the group to take on more complex tasks/projects/assignments with confidence. Share with us some of your recent Small Wins! Leave a comment on our Facebook Page Book Resource: The Power of Habit

Global Mobility is not a new trend. Talent has been moving all over the map from the beginning of time. People have an innate need to follow that dream and get to that place. People pick up and move for a variety of reason, as varied as the travelers themselves. In times of political unrest people move as refugee’s. In times of economic hurdles and lack of job opportunities people move to find a better life for themselves and their families. Global mobility is never a selfish or isolated activity. It involves people and the belief that happiness will be found at the other side of the border. Global Mobility is the challenge and head on confrontation of the individuals to those borders. And we are not talking about exclusively of illegal immigration, but the movement of professionals who have taken every opportunity to grow their talents abroad and want the experience of culture and language evoked for during their formal education years. Global mobility is the result of Global necessities of expanding companies. As before were the conquistadors and the waves of first settlers, now are the mobile talent professionals going were the new fields, new technologies and better growth opportunities lay. Today, professionals need to be, more than ever before, aware of their value. They must be willing to ride the mobility wave and fare in the war of talent with the tools of continuing education and practical, real-world experience; an experience that only comes with the challenge of a new culture, a new social environment and participation in a team abroad made of a combination of skills and a combination of hearts and minds.


The Road to the Rat Race, Part I “The College Years” Norman the mouse was heading out of school with his a little piece of paper that said he was ready for college. It was an exciting day. After years in school and hard work it all paid off, he got into Mouse University, it was all going to work out. Oscar the mouse, on the other hand, had no clue of his destination; so many worlds to see, so many possibilities. What he was certain of was that college was not for him. However, as his friend Norman, he wanted things, he wanted to find out how to get them, but differently from Norman he decided college was not the place to learn how to make his fortunes. Norman the mouse thought that his friend Oscar was a complete loser. “How can you face your mother and father mice knowing that you are breaking their hearts by not going to college?” said Norman.

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“How dare you waste away your mother and father mice’s money and go into debt so you may get another piece of paper just like the one you hold now in a couple of years, while they break their backs for you?” was Oscar’s answer. These two friends were as different as they come. Yet both had ambition. Norman wanted to study to become an engineer. Going to college would give him the right credentials and specialized studies for the field. His focus was aimed at an employee’s lifestyle; secure pay check and company benefits for him and his family. “What an accomplished life that would be”, thought Norman. Oscar wanted freedom. He wanted to learn a variety of things to further his multiple interests. Why should he fix himself to only on trade? Why should he work hard to realize somebody else’s dream? He wanted to learn to manage himself and his business; he wanted to rely on himself. To be continued…

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