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“If the Entrepreneurs’ Forum could be replicated throughout the UK, we would have a stunning economy. What a dynamic group.” —Justin Urquhart Stewart

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Inspirational Events

Inspirational Events

“Being an active member of The Forum has helped me feel part of the North East’s business community, introduced me to inspiring, like-minded business owners and given me a pool of knowledge and connections to tap into.” —Christine Nugent, Business Travel

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“None of us got where we are today by ourselves. We all need mentors, friends and advisors to achieve success and we all continue to learn as we grow.” —Sir Peter Vardy


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“Although I’m the fourth generation to lead the family business, I find that there is always something to learn at the Forum’s events, and it’s fantastic to be see how the Forum is inspiring entrepreneurship in the North East region.”

“The events at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum are second to none and the networking with people facing the same challenges is particularly beneficial. Whenever I go to an Entrepreneurs’ Forum event I come away feeling like I’ve had a shot in the arm and I can achieve anything.”



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