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Reinventing healthcare in the mena

It’s in its nascent stages, but the region has the potential to be a hub for healthcare of the future


ccess, quality, and cost– the three words the MENA region’s healthcare policy makers often find too difficult to contemplate. Regional governments have been aiming to solve a not even seemingly simple equation for ensuring affordability and access to higher quality healthcare to all. There have been many attempts to work out the value of, let’s say, X, when Y represents the currently lagging healthcare system characterized by different levels of state financial assistance and personal income, varying stages of rural and urban developments, and the shortage of quality healthcare


Entrepreneur september 2017

practitioners- just a few of the issues that are pertinent to the region. Increased healthcare spending has been laid on the table quite often- from US$30.4 billion in 2003, government spending in healthcare across the region is expected to reach $144 billion by 2020, according to Al Masah Capital. Yet, the problem still appears insurmountable. Instead of this less efficient expenditure, solving this equation might today be about rearranging the terms inside of it, or, to put it simply, allowing and encouraging new faster, better, cheaper models of delivering healthcare- a whole new X, if you will.

Entrepreneur Middle East September 2017 | Reinventing Healthcare In The MENA  
Entrepreneur Middle East September 2017 | Reinventing Healthcare In The MENA  

Reinventing Health In The MENA: a focus on the region's potential as a hub for healthcare in the future. Featuring Ecocoast founder and Mana...