Entrepreneur Middle East January 2016 | The Collector's Edition

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For a smooth operation, bring all members of your organization up to speed, get them on the same page and fully aligned with the overall company direction

“We believe that great leaders create leaders– not followers.” Osman Sultan CEO, Du “The biggest challenge is not finding talented and capable people; it is finding people who are adaptable to change, who are willing to innovate and who are skilled at creating ideas and opportunities that drive business in a positive direction, so that it outpaces the competition. The challenge does not just come with finding great staff; it’s about nurturing them, so that they give their best to the organization. Maintaining quality and performance amongst employees is a vital aspect of our business. We all have to be aligned in our goals, throughout the organization- working as one well-oiled machine. To achieve this, we try to maintain the spirit of family, by supporting our staff with a variety of internal initiatives aimed at increasing engagement levels.”


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