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On the chopping block, Jessie Ware’s album titled Devotion. From the start her album accom-

plishes what the DaftPunk album failed to do. Devotion makes a unique blend of 70’s, 80’s genre and today’s pop atmosphere to create a complete and futuristic sound. Devotion has a combination of rhythm & blues, electronic and pop. Jessie Wares music is ominous and mysteriously addictive. Some of the tracks need to be heard with a great pair of Audiophile headphones like Beyerdynamics DT 990’s in order to get the full affect of the instrumentals, as well as with her on time lyrics. The different blends of styles seems foreign, but a treat for all genre listeners. The album title fits, some of the tracks seem to draw you in, and by the time your done listening to the album, it’s over and you want to go on the journey again. None of the tracks flow together but the music fits. I have not researched the thought process for this album but I’m intrigued to know more about this album and Jessie Ware; in all the album is a must have, grab it today. By: Gregory C. Forbes


Photo by: Arlen J Issue 14 Issue 14