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FabFitFun A quarterly subscription service that provides a customizable seasonal selection of beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle products to annual members.




• Founded in 2010 by two brothers, Daniel and Michael Broukhim • Started as a media business producing editorial lifestyle content • In 2012 expanded to e-commerce • $40 million in revenue in 2016, 3X growth from the year before • Much of their focus is on influencer marketing


Current Campaign Goal Campaign Schedule: September 21 - September 30

CONVERSION Prompt previous customers to reactive their memberships and purchase a new annual subscription.

Ads SWOT Analysis


• Subscription based beauty companies such as BoxyCharm, IPSY, and Birch Box. • IPSY specifically has great video ads running across multiple platforms that feature influencer unboxing and testimonials that may appeal to a younger demographic or be more engaging as a whole. • IPSY branding is punchier, and they are currently running a promotional giveaway. At $12 for a basic "glam bag" their pricing is also more accessible for a their target demographic.


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• BoxyCharm's current promotion offers a box of products for $25, which is a more competitive price point than FabFitFun's advertised $39.99. • BirchBox's current campaign includes an interactive quiz that promises a custom profile and personalized box to fit individual consumers' needs, and they are currently offering a promotional price of $1 for the first beauty box with the purchase of an annual subscription for new members.

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SUSTAINABILITY October 19, 2020

5 Tips for Sustainable Travel if You Care About the Environment Because the planet matters. BY ENTITY ACADEMY STUDENT

International travel to far-away lands has become an exciting goal for many people who are looking to escape their realities. Traveling can increase your sense of curiosity and individual prosperity. However, it’s time to review the impact it has on our planet. As we vacation to popular resorts, beaches, historic monuments, and museums, we affect the environment. Today, the travel and hospitality industry is aware of the negative impact that fast-paced travel has brought to its communities. Many travel brands have changed their strategies to improve their environmental sustainability. However, as travelers, it is also our responsibility to see what we can do to lower our impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at 5 easy tips that you can follow to help sustainable travel become a movement, rather than a trend.

1. Leave The Planned Itinerary At Home!

When it comes to sustainable travel, going with the flow helps a lot! Taking your time while traveling can help you evolve and create meaningful connections in the region you are visiting. Without detailed, down-to-the-minute planning and frenetic traveling, you will be more present and reduce your carbon footprint by staying in a local area. When exploring foreign countries, you don’t always need extravagant plans when there’s so much around your local area. By ditching the itinerary and walking around the local sites, you can help the planet by avoiding cars and other forms of non-green transportation. Which leads to the next point.

2. Help The Local Community

Get in touch with the local community while you’re on vacation! The locals provide the best education for you, and showcase their unique culture and speciality cuisine. Connect with locals to find popular locations, secret beaches, and delicious restaurants. Stephanie Osmanski writes in her article “Why Is Locally Grown Food Better for the Environment” that, “When you eat locally, you are cutting back on the necessity of more resources.” Eating locally is not only sustainable, it also supports the local economy!

3. Book With A Sustainable Hotel Brand

There are many hospitality brands that aim to use sustainable resources. One of the hotel brands that is reversing its impact is the Jumeriah Vittaveli Resort in the Maldives. This eco-friendly resort has been awarded the Green Globe Certification by applying the go green strategy of replacing regular lightbulbs with LED light bulbs and using their Eco Pure system to purify the seawater and process it into pure water. A hotel like this one makes sustainable travel attainable and attractive.

4. Avoid Flying

When a plane takes off, the burning jet fuel releases greenhouse gases into carbon dioxide. It is estimated that planes are responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and oceans. Today, United Airlines has changed the fuel on its jets to biofuel which has created a positive impact on the atmosphere. However, the best thing that you can do is take a train, bus, or car, and avoid flying altogether!

5. Beware Of Sunscreen

It’s a beach day, which means it’s time to soak your feet in the beautiful ocean! However, before stepping out into the sun, consider the sunscreen products you put on your skin. Many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that damage the ocean’s ecosystem. Reef Friendly Sun Bum Sunscreen created a product line free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. This chemical-free product is helping to build on Sun Bum’s ongoing mission of preserving the delicate wildlife in the ocean. Let’s do our part and protect our fish friends and heir habitat!

A couple of years from now, sustainable travel is going to become part of our lifestyle. It’s our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, live sustainably, and lower the damaging impact on our environment. Together we can preserve our beautiful planet.




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Intuitive Culture Adventure Creative





CONTACT name@icloud.com

123-456-7890 www.entitymag.com/author

OBJECTIVE CONTACT Pursuing a Masters Degree in the Film and Television Program at the University of Southern California with an emphasis on cinematography. Strong and unique filmmaker with wide range of knowledge from pre-production to post-production with extensive experience on short films and feature films.


321 Anywhere Street

Los Angeles, CA

Cinematographer: USC Short Narrative films including “Unauthorized,” “Light As a Feather” “Esport Counter Strike,” “I Got Eyes for You,” “The Maestro” and “Les Vonts Viendront;” Documentary “Light as a Feather”


Director: USC Short Narrative film “Jenny Loves Satan” 1st Assistant Camera: USC Short Narrative including ”Unauthorized,” “Blood Heist,” “Sunday,” “Tentpole;” and Feature Film “Open Season” Script Supervisor: USC Short Narrative “Immaculate Contraction”




– Los Angeles, CA Summer 2017 ENTITY Academy Mentee • Completed two week rotations in the following areas: writing and editing; social media packaging; digital PR and promotions; SEO, data analytics and insights; and Photoshop. • Participated in daily editorial research, content production and distribution, as well as the creative process from ideation to execution. • Created articles and original social media content that has been published on entitymag.com. LUNACY PRODUCTIONS – Los Angeles, CA (2015-2016) Freelance Production • Hired as a freelancer mainly involved with editing content for the company • Worked on script-coverage as well as creating concept art for developing feature film concepts.




PETS June 19, 2017

A Letter to My Dead Cat Because a pet is much more than just an animal. BY ENTITY ACADEMY STUDENT

People who don’t have pets may not understand the relationship one can have with an animal. They are more than just a creature that you care for. They embody a time of your life, they are a connection to home. They have witnessed you more than any other human being. You become so attached. They always listen to your rants and never interrupt, so when you lose them it’s more than just a physical loss. The loss of a pet is an emotional, painful and excruciating hardship that can be sometimes as strong as the loss of a human being. So here’s a letter to my cat, and now perhaps you’ll better understand why… Dear Black Adder, The first day I met you, it was a humid and sticky summer day in Switzerland. There you stood in front of me hissing, displeased with what you saw. You were an energetic cat, running around the house, jumping all over the place. I knew it was a perfect match for me, the energetic, hyper kid I was and still am.

You were black with yellow eyes with a huge brown stain in your right eye, smart and conniving so I named you Black Adder. I was 11 when I met you, and going through the many mood swings of a lost, teenage girl. You witnessed it all, my tantrums, my happy days and everything in between. You had a spot on the end of my bed, but occasionally you would prefer sleeping next to my face. Thanks for shoving your hairs up my nose while I slept. Remember the flood? I wasn’t going to abandon you. You were the last thing I grabbed from the house. I remember holding you tightly against me while trying to stay safe and alive. You were so frightened you dug your nails into my skin, leaving a small scar on my collarbone. The scar is still there, you know, and when I see it, I think of that dreadful day, and of your face. You once ran off for three months. I worried. I thought you were dead, yet I didn’t feel sad. I thought that being sad for the loss of a pet was superficial, because, well, you are just a cat. But I was wrong. You were more than just a damn cat. When I left for college you sat in my suitcase, making sure I packed you. I still don’t get why you wanted to come. Mama took better care of you. I couldn’t take you my first year but come sophomore year, you were in DC with me. I introduced you to a whole new continent. From Switzerland to my tiny apartment in DC, your world got very small and shortly after, so did mine. My last two years of college were rough. I had no friends — well, maybe just you. I was bullied. I didn’t think it was possible to get bullied at that age, but none of that mattered because you were always there, waiting for me at home. It was you and me chilling in my apartment while I finished my homework. One morning I woke up and you wouldn’t let me approach you. Like the first day we met and you hissed at me. Luckily, Mama and Papa had moved back to the US, so I took you to their home. You slept in my bedroom, but even familiar faces couldn’t soothe you. At this point in my life, I had lost everything — my sense of purpose, my ambition, my confidence, my so-called friends and now I was slowly losing you. I would yell at you when you wouldn’t let me near you. “What’s wrong God damn it?” I thought the world was playing one nasty game with me. I’m sorry I got so angry. We moved back home, but you still weren’t getting any better. Now you didn’t want to eat. I would tell you that you weren’t allowed to die on me. One morning Mama took you to the vet. I had had a late shift the night before, so I didn’t go. She came back empty-handed.

You were dying. You were dying, and there was nothing we could do about it. You were in pain, in terrible, physical pain. Was it my fault? When Mama told me the news I was in bed, groggy, but I didn’t cry. The year had been such a bad year that I felt numb to life. It seemed only fitting that the one thing that made me happy was being ripped away from me. I thought I was cursed. The vet told us there was nothing to do. Your little heart was being crushed by the muscles surrounding it. The only way to keep you from suffering was to put you down. Your heart was being crushed, I thought, it’s all my fault. I never gave you enough love and because of it you were dying. So one dreadful morning I went to the vet with Mama. I took a second to get out of the car, still feeling numb. We walked into the room, where you were sedated and seemed calm. You were so precious and cute, just lying there looking up at me. I petted you as you were slowly drifting out. I laid my face next to yours as you used to do with me when I was upset. Right there I felt your last tiny, little breath on my face. When I got to the car all hell let loose. I couldn’t stop crying. I could not stop crying. I cried so much my eyes were swollen and sore. My chest felt congested, and I felt the pressure of something crushing me. You see, Black Adder, I always tried to hold in my emotions. I hid them from the world, and everyone I knew, because I was once told that showing feelings was a sign of weakness. But that day, I couldn’t stop crying. To me, you weren’t just a cat. No, you were much more. When you died, it felt as though my entire childhood had been taken away from me. All I had left now of my childhood were the memories, but you had embodied it all. You were still my link to home and to happy times, so when you died, I lost my home. My point is, Black Adder, I wished I had shown you more love. And I wish I could hug you one more time. Good bye, little dude. You are tremendously missed.

CULTURE June 8, 2017

Avoiding Tourist Traps in Paris: 7 Ways to Experience the City Like a Local BY ENTITY ACADEMY STUDENT

Paris, the City of Lights, is not only known for being the Capital of Fashion but also for being one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Due to the city’s popularity, Paris is often packed with tourists. It’s crowded and sometimes overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to visit historical monuments and museums. But fear not because there are ways to see and appreciate Paris like a local without wasting time waiting in long lines. Here are a few suggestions to avoid frustrating tourist traps in Paris. 1 FIND THE SECRET ENTRANCES TO THE LOUVRE MUSEUM.

The famous Louvre Museum is a must-see in this romantic city. But with around 7.4 million people visiting the museum each year, it makes for a pretty crowded tourist destination. Thankfully, there are side entrances to The Louvre that allows you to avoid the general crowd. If you’re trying to save time, don’t go to the Main Entrance located by the Glass Pyramid in the front courtyard. Instead, enter The Porte des Lions and The Porte des Arts on the side. These two entrances can easily be found on a map of the Louvre, which the museum provides. (My favorite entrance was through Porte des Lions since it always took me five minutes to purchase my ticket and go through security.) 2 BELIEVE US WHEN WE SAY THAT THERE’S A BETTER VIEW THAN THE EIFFEL TOWER.

Though the Eiffel Tower is a majestic site to see, it’s something Parisians avoid at all costs. If you’ve been to Paris, you know that the area is congested with tourists and pick-pocketers. So if you don’t have the time or patience, there are other places you can visit that are equally as beautiful, if not more. If you prefer tranquil and romantic settings, go to the top of The Printemps Department Store. There, you can truly enjoy a view of Paris, its landmarks and its iconic rooftops. 3 DON’T FORGET THE UNKNOWN, LESS POPULAR PARISIAN MUSEUMS. Most tourists get so caught up wanting to visit popular museums like The Louvre that they totally miss out on other equally as awesome museums. Here are three we suggest: Le Musée de L’Art Forains: This is a museum about the life of the circus in the 19th and 20th Century. Le Musée Eugène Delacroix: This one holds a large collection of Delacroix romantic paintings.

Le Cabinet de Curiosité Deyrolles: If you’re into Taxidermy, then this is the place to be. Although that doesn’t seem like a very convincing argument, it’s honestly something you just have to visit to understand. 4 YOU SHOULD PROBABLY ALSO AVOID LES CHAMPS D’ELYS E.

Anybody who’s lived in Paris knows that the area to avoid the most is the famous Champs D’Elysée. Over the years, this area has become the most touristy place in the city. It’s primarily known as a long shopping avenue of high-end boutiques. Though this may sound glamorous and fun, it might not be the best place for someone on a budget and isn’t staying in Paris very long. If you do have time, though, it’s fun to go window shopping and enjoy the displays on some of the boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada. 5 TAKE A TRIP TO UNDERGROUND PARIS.

Want to get away from the fresh air and experience a spookier side of the city? If so, take a trip to find out what lies beneath the traditional Parisian beauty. You can visit the Catacombs if you dare see thousands of piled skeletons. You can also go to the abandoned and allegedly haunted metro stops if you’d like to take your chances. Then, if your gut can handle the smell, exploring Paris’ sewer lines –

or the French Underground Canals – can make for a good adventure. Be warned, however, you should get ready to get dirty when visiting these locations. 6 VISIT LA GRANDE MOSQUE INSTEAD OF NOTRE DAME.

A place that tends to always be neglected and forgotten is the beautiful Mosque of Paris, located near the Natural History Museum. If you’ve seen all the Cathedrals of the city, make a pit stop at the Mosque to learn about a new religion and culture. Then after spending some time looking around, there’s also a great little cafe inside the Mosque. There you can enjoy some delicious and authentic Morrocan tea. 7 STOP BY THE HOMES OF FAMOUS WRITERS.

Are you obsessed with the writing of some 18 and 19th-century French Philosophers? Why not take a look at their homes, where they once lived, breathed, wrote and created. You can start by visiting La Maison de Balzac, which is tucked away on 47 Rue Raynouard. Another famous writer’s home is La Maison de Victor Huge located right by Places Des Vosges. All in all, visiting such a popular city doesn’t have to be a drag. If you’re looking to get the full Parisian experience, ENTITY suggests starting with these places first.

CULTURE June 8, 2017

5 Websites to Help Plan Your Trip to Paris


Getting ready to travel to Paris for a long weekend or maybe even a couple of weeks? There are plenty of fun activities to do in the City of Lights, but sometimes you just need help planning your itinerary. Thankfully, ENTITY’s put together this list of websites to help you organize and make the most out of your time in Paris. This way, you can pay more attention to enjoying your trip instead of stressing about planning it. 1 PARIS ZIGZAG Although Paris ZigZag is a French website, it’s quite easy to navigate. Paris ZigZag has information about different events going on in the City, especially if you are looking to enjoy the Parisian nightlife. They also suggest museums and monuments you can visit that aren’t as popular as the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. Another fun element of the website is that it provides articles discussing the history of the city. Occasionally, the website posts old pictures of Paris, which are always fun to skim through. 2 MY PARISIAN LIFE

My Parisian Life is run by Yanique, an American from New York City who posts about her discoveries from her life in Paris. If you’re looking for a good restaurant to try or fun activities around the city, this is a good site. The website is fun, quirky and always a good read during your down time. In addition, My Parisian Life has an updated map of the Paris Metro, which is helpful if you want to get familiar with public transportation before your arrival. 3 LIKE A LOCAL If you want to plan a few activities to discover the city, Like a Local is a great website. On there, you can book activities with local Parisians. These locals will take you on interesting activities that allow you to experience a different side of the romantic city. Some of the activities include bike tours, the catacombs tour and a tour of local bars. Plus, they also allow you to go on outing events with locals so you can have fun and practice your French at the same time. 4 PARIS FOOD AFFAIR Imagine eating delicious cheese, meats and drinking French wine on a late sunny afternoon in Paris. Sound intriguing? If you’re a big foodie, then definitely visit Paris Food Affair. It’s an amazing website where you can discover all the greatest food joints in Paris. You’ll never go hungry with this website in hand. 5 LOST IN CHEESELAND If Paris Food Affair doesn’t fully satisfy your foodie needs, Lost in Cheeseland is another great website to go visit. Thanks to Lindsey, the writer and owner of the website, users will never go hungry while in Paris. So now that you’ve got the perfect resources to eat, drink and be merry in Paris, you’re pretty ready to book your flight!


STYLE July 31, 2017

Why You Should Copy Carrie Bradshaw’s Style This Summer We still can’t get over this “Sex and the City” fashionista. BY ENTITY ACADEMY STUDENT

Are you a shoe addict and overall fashionista? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We all fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw, the famous character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in HBO hit “Sex in the City.” She gave a performance that has left her in the minds of every woman, influenced by her bold fashion trends. So let me share a few fun fashion trends and tips to help bring out your inner 90’s Carrie Bradshaw style since this summer season is all about bold colors, floral patterns and bringing back the 80’s and 90’s fashion styles. 1 HERE’S HOW TO WORK THE TUTU INTO AN OUTFIT. Who could forget that iconic tutu in the opening credits of “Sex and The City”? Sarah Jessica Parker is prancing around Manhattan in a light pink tutu that stands out like no other. Luckily, today the trend is coming back so you can find tutus for sale in many different styles. If you want to stay true to Carrie Bradshaw’s style, try picking a cream-colored or baby pink skirt. Then, pair it with a tight, white long-sleeved crop top for a modern spin. Adding Sandro Sneakers and a fun black or blue denim jacket will give this look

more edge. And if you’ve got more of an Audrey Hepburn style, then opt for a cute pair of ballet flats with a tight pony tale, and a statement necklace. 2 MAKE THAT BUSINESS SUIT WORK FOR YOU! You are a working girl and want to make a suit look fun and stylish, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. I got you! Massimo Dutti, a brand under the same company as Zara, is a great place to find decently priced tailored pants and suit jackets. Add an oxford shirt, or simple shirt dress in a fun bold color that pops and screams summer trend. Like Carrie Bradshaw, instead of a blazer, why not try a vest? Besides, it’s usually too hot to wear sleeves in the summertime. You could also give this style a more masculine look by adding a tie, similar to Diane Keaton’s famous look. But if you want to stay feminine, use a silky scarf and knot it the way you would a tie. 3 MIXING PATTERNS Carrie Bradshaw was known for mixing patterns to give her outfits a unique feel. Since this summer is the season of bold colors and floral patterns, why not mix that stripe shirt you have hiding in your closet with a bold, floral skirt? Or maybe you could mix and match a polka-dot green shirt with a leopard print pencil skirt. Be bold this summer and try new things! 4 MIXING STYLES What I always loved about Carrie Bradshaw was her ability to mix two opposing styles, like fancy structured dresses with simple sleepwear clothing. If you’re going to a fun event this summer, why not bring the sass and edge to a structured dress you own? For example, during an episode in which Carrie went to Paris, she mixed a beautiful green floral dress with a black spiked belt and black, heavy, open-toed shoes. In another episode, she wore a gorgeous skirt, and paired it with a simple, black T-shirt as pictured above. What a bold and fabulous statement! 5 FINDING THE RIGHT SHOES Buying shoes is better than sex. That’s right. And I’ll say it again. Shoes are better than sex.

Carrie Bradshaw shoes are to die for, and lucky for us, Sarah Jessica Parker has created her own shoe brand, the SJP Collection. Overall it’s safe to say, if Sarah Jessica Parker is your fashion icon or inspiration, then you can’t go wrong. She — and her character Carrie Bradshaw — is a great example of a woman who isn’t afraid to take a chance and make a bold fashion statement. Remember dressing up can be a great way to show your personality to the world! Now go show off your inner Carrie Bradshaw.







ENTITY Mentee I Entity Academy I October 2020

The Client Maru Davila is a mom , best selling author, celebrity weight loss expert and healthy chef. She has been featured in major media outlets and has a

considerable following on social media.

Sites: www.themexicanfooddiet.com + www.flacaforever.com https-//wwwfacebook com/flacaforever/ 14k Followers https://twitter.com/flacaforever/ 4k Followers https://www.instagram.com/flacaforever/ 12 k Followers https://www.youtube.com/flacaforever/ 187 Subscribers

The Client

TIIIS1Pf(IIIICOU<WiS,,_ _.....,.om,ohelp)'OI< 11.omfllfm-,ov,lif•oncl�lnt"" -�o/-lft_...,_

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El'lectMwr,toS!l)'Le... Can!l'OI

Current products include: weight loss products, detox

program, coaching sessions, and her book (digital and

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print version).






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6-.. ..... pe,pao.Tlle �,,.....baotolo;ttfl,..... �-wtbfltdontneeo. GIIMn-frtt.d,olry-frcc,--frtt. �cf'Uff<lf11t111oHonmy RKI_Pfo,r.,...!bl1Nn ,..- .. 11wper1oasnxk.


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:: =::::: 06 DollCIOu$...clPtS10ti,;o,,-11'1t _,om11y__.,......,._ ofilorll'lt_...,.....,...., --(Orlll'ln.,....i_,




---01o1•a111o­ ,_,te_...W-...,1Mar-.No .........i,,1nu.,dlot.(.......... ..,,,,....... __ 60paun<II.

Ads Analysis Current lnstagram Profile include information about nutrition, workout tips and personal posts.

889 12K 7,414 Pool•�-�


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INSPIRATION October 23, 2020

Edith Eger gifts us a new gem with her book, “The Choice.” BY ENTITY ACADEMY STUDENT

Tutu, Jeannette Walls, and Marie Forleo, among many others.

Edith Eger so you know who you’re learning from.

About Edith Eger Edith Eger is a Holocaust survivor who went on to become an internationally-acclaimed psychologist. She’s originally from Hungary, but she was a teenager, she was sent with her family to Auschwitz. Eger lost her parents, Helen and Liosha, in the camp, but her two sisters, Magda and Klara, survived with her.

barely surviving the Nazi concentration camp.

The book highlights her different phases of healing and how she chose to forgive her captors so that she can come to terms with what happened and be free. Most importantly, she writes about how this mindset can be applied to anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Dr. Eger’s determination allows her to thrive professionally and personally. She earned her doctorate in clinical

current partner, Eugene Cook.

shame, unresolved grief, rigidity, resentment, paralyzing fear, judgment, hopelessness, and being unforgiving. At the end of each chapter, she provides prompts and exercises, making her book a practical guide to healing. She also includes stories from her family and her patients that illustrate how these tools can be applied to any situation, despite the terrible and traumatic experience they went through.

Healing from traumatic experiences can be challenging. Edith Eger is proof of this. However, even though you can’t control what happened to you, you have the choice to respond in your best interest. We can use the gift of self-awareness as we dare ourselves to step away from victimhood.

As you evolve in your path, you will need reminders to keep you on the right track. That’s why we selected these quotes everywhere. Your path towards healing can start and evolve with these words from Edith Eger.


ENTITY ACADEMY MENTEE Contact mentee@gmail.com copymycontent.com

OBJECTIVE Bilingual (Portuguese and English) marketing professional with 14+ years of experience working for multinational telecommunications, cosmetics, and financial technology companies seeks to increase digital campaign results for companies.


+1 123 456 7890 123 ENTITY Avenue Manhattan Beach - CA

Digital Marketing Consultant/Copywriter

Self-Employed – Los Angeles, CA (2019 – Present) • Provide digital marketing guidance as well as copywriting services for clients.

https://www.linkedin.com/ in/

Education Advertising and Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Digital Marketing Manager

Getnet (Santander Bank Group) – Brazil (2018 – 2019) • Assembled and managed 6-member digital team, implementing and directing innovative digital marketing initiatives to improve marketing results and quality decision-making based on data. • Launched new website: reduced load time by 64%, decreased bounce rate, and optimized campaign effectiveness. • Oversaw marketing budget and managed vendor contracts with ad agencies and other service providers, ensuring all marketing activities were completed within budget.

Marketing Communications Manager Avon – Brazil (2018 )

• Managed all B2C and B2B communication efforts and implemented digital campaigns using strong messaging to drive

Production Management

engagement across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Blogs.

Master of Science

• Developed, launched, and managed digital marketing campaigns for makeup and skincare products across social.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Business and Management of Entertainment

• Skillfully negotiated media contracts, increasing savings on media despite investment reduction year-over-year.

Digital Marketing Coordinator Avon – Brazil (2017 – 2018 )

• Collaborated with internal stakeholders to implement the first creator’s development and certification initiative aimed at educating, leveraging, and inspiring the agency’s audience through Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


• Reduced agency’s extra hours by 50% by restructuring KPIs and organizing processes, resulting in more functional and

UCLA Extension

timely insights.

Skills • • • • • • • • • • • •

Exceptional communication Relationship building Leadership Strategic planning Proficiency in Microsoft Office Proficiency in Google Suite Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Google Adwords Google Analytics Instagram Facebook Ads

Media Intelligence & Performance Coordinator TIM Brasil – Brazil (2015 – 2017 )

• Developed annual strategic media plans while managing one of the top 15 largest media budgets in Brazil. • Increased online sales by 20% by improving tag management and implementing effective media mix changes.

Digital Content & Campaigns Coordinator TIM Brasil – Brazil (2013 – 2015 )

• Designed and ran story-driven digital content and B2B/B2C communications campaigns to acquire new customers.

Leadership Development Program/E-commerce Manager/Others TIM Brasil – Brazil (2006 – 2013 )

• Supported business objectives and gained cross-functional experience completing job rotations in Social Media and Web Marketing, Trade Marketing, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Procurement, and Process Management. • Up to 15 MM savings on improvement of URA project; Average of 25% savings in all negotiations conducted during period as a buyer; Implemented TIM’s first online process for client support through social media (Twitter) – case presented on Infotrends 2010 and IBHE Febraban 2010. • Developed the project and launched TIM’s virtual store (Awarded E-bit 2010). • Supported Senior Accounts and Implemented retail project that increased in 800% sales in each point of sale.



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# C1D3E5


Honesty Trustworthy Studied Positive intention Loving Joyful


#000000 MOOD BOARD