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BSHS 332 Complete Class All DQs and Assignments Professional Ethics, and Legal Issues in Human Services Click link below to Purchase Entire Class:

BSHS 332 Week 1 Discussion Questions What are examples of classical theories of ethics being applied to the professional practice of counselors? What is the relationship between ethics and a value system? Which precedes the other? Explain your answer. Are professional ethics concerned with actions, the result of actions, or both? Why?

BSHS 332 WEEK 2 Individual Assignment; Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper Paper on Workplace Ethical Dilemma—Submit a 3-5-page paper dealing with a workplace ethical dilemma that you have either experienced personally, or that you are otherwise familiar with. This paper may be written in first person; however the format must be written in APA-style with at least two references, and must address: a. The essential points of the dilemma, as you understand them; b. How this dilemma intersects with your personal values; c. How you did/would solve the dilemma and why? BSHS 332 WEEK 2 Team Assignment; Major Ethical Theory Presentation and Paper 1. Presentation on an Ethical Theory—Read the chapter in the text that reflects the ethical

theory for your learning team presentation, due in Week Two. The team must notify the instructor which chapter the team has agreed upon. The chapter preference must be posted in the appropriate thread in the main forum. Teams may choose from chapters

Chapter 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 of the text. Chapters are available on a first request basis, chapters may not be duplicated. Using your ethical theory, prepare a 10-15 (not including title and reference pages) slide presentation that includes: o The major elements of the theory; o How the theory is used in making ethical judgments, including the decisionmaking process.

Using the same ethical theory, prepare a 2-3 page team reaction paper detailing each team member’s views on the ethical theory. This paper, written in APA-style with at least two references, should address: All team members views and how the theory intersects with your personal values (this is easily accomplished by heading each section with the team members name) The essential points of the theory, as you understand them; Be prepared to answer questions related to your ethical theory.

Prepare the Learning Team Log

Discussion Questions How might critical legal decisions affect the practice of human service professionals today? Can you obey the law and still commit an ethical violation? Explain your answer. Can you be ethical and still break the law? Explain your answer. Review the codes regarding intimate relationships with clients in the NASW Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics, The Code of Ethics for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist , and the Code of Ethics for the American Counseling Association. The links for each of these Codes of Ethics are on page 5 of your syllabus. What are the similarities between the codes of these three organizations? What are the differences between the codes of these three organizations?

BSHS 332 WEEK 3 Dynamics of Ethics Paper Paper on the Dynamics of Ethics—Research a current ethical issue that deals with a change midstream of expectations or ground rules. You may develop your own idea, however examples include: a. The Income Support Division of a local HSD office has determined that they have spent most of their budget by the end of the third quarter, so they change the ground rules in terms of the length of time between episodes of eligibility for aid. This change would decrease the money being paid out, but is it ethical? b. Schools must meet new federal requirements but have not been funded to provide the training or equipment to meet them. What are the legal and ethical issues? Their funding, inadequate though it may be, is at risk. a. You may draw from the business, political, social, medical, educational, or any other arena that helping professionals intersect with.

a. a. b. c. d. e. f.

Submit a 3-5-page position paper that describes: The previous situation; The changes that are taking place; Why the changes are taking place; Desired outcomes/future situation; Your opinion about the issue. Remember to include a minimum of two APA references. The paper must be written in APA format; however 1st person may be used.

BSHS 332 WEEK 3 Team Assignment Website Regulatory Team Assignment: Website Regulatory Visit your state’s Website and search for human services department policies and the state’s statutory code related to children and adult health and human services. Explore the various policies related to the delivery of human services in your state. Examine the statutory code related to the protection of the health of children and adults for your state. Include a discovery of the procedures for reporting child and elder abuse. Research laws governing confidentiality, privileged communication, and the right to privacy. As a team, Write a summary of important items for each of the three areas you have examined. The final draft should represent 250-300 words, per team member. Compare and contrast the findings from different states. There will be a thread in the Main Classroom for each team to post their findings. The team leader should also post the completed summary to the assignment section.

Discussion Questions What is your personal responsibility as a clinician when you believe yourself to be either not be competent, stressed, or burned out. What is your responsibility when you know a colleague is not functioning up to par, or when you know that a colleague has been unethical. What do you do when you believe your supervisor is incompetent. What is your personal responsibility as a clinician when you believe yourself to be either not be competent, stressed, or burned out. According to ethical codes and standards of three different organizations listed in Freeman, or in your syllabus: What is informed consent? When must informed consent be given. When it comes to informed consent, can a client have too much information? Why or why not?

Based on the week 3 reading, and the Codes of Ethics of at least two organizations listed in your syllabus; each as a separate paragraph; explain how you handle confidentiality, privileged communication, and the right to privacy in your practice as a human services professional?

BSHS 332 WEEK 4 Personal Values and Ethical Standards Paper Paper on Personal Values and Ethical Standards—Prepare a 5-7-page paper on the development of your personal values. The following elements should be paragraph headers: • Describe your personal values. Focus on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. Do this by defining your values, the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped shape your values, and the criteria and decisionmaking factors you use today to revise them as necessary. Not to exceed one page. • Discuss your values and how they will impact your work as a human service professional. • Discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals in that will be easy for you to handle due to the alignment between ethical practice and your personal belief system. • Address a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals in which you either anticipate difficulty, or have experienced difficulty, in ethical practice due to a conflict or discordance between ethical practice and your personal values. • Briefly discuss the use of psychological tests in the courtroom; the lie detector; boundaries of competence; integrity; sexual harassment; human differences; and the legal definition of insanity.

BSHS 332 WEEK 4 Team Assignment Abuse Reporting Paper Learning Team Assignment: Abuse Reporting Paper Review and report your state’s child, elder, and spouse abuse reporting laws for this meeting. Discuss these laws in relation to your thoughts on confidentiality and the duty to protect others from harm. Refer to the ethical standards of human services professionals and any other code of ethics from your text that is of interest to you. Write a 700to 1,050-word APA formatted paper summarizing your team’s thoughts on the issues that were raised. If team members live in different states, compare and contrast any differences in state laws.

BSHS 332 WEEK 4 Team Assignment Informed Consent Summary Report Team Assignment: Informed Consent Summary Report Each team member should obtain two or more informed consent documents from any human services agencies in your community; you may bring one from your place of employment or a volunteer site. As a team, critique each document for content and thoroughness. The critiques should include comments regarding how well the document meets the elements of informed consent found in the text. The team collectively should write a 350-600 word, APA formatted summary of your critiques and submit copies of the informed consent documents along with the goals of the organization and the four elements of informed consent described in Ch. 12 of the text.

Discussion Questions Name and briefly describe 5 ethical standards as they apply to research of humans, according to the American Psychological Association. What are the advantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them advantages and to whom? What are the disadvantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them disadvantages and to whom? According to the American Psychological Association, what are our ethical responsibilities to animals? What rights do animals have? Based on the above question, what is your opinion on the necessity of having ethical standards for animal research?

BSHS 332 WEEK 5 Local Human Service Agency Summary Local Human Service Agency SummaryThis assignment requires students to interview two or three individuals at a human service agency about the following:Agency nameName and position of person contactServices provided by the agencyPopulation servedRequirements for agency internsGeneral ethical dilemmas in the human services profession (from the perspective of the interviewee) Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by this agencyLegal requirements placed on the agencySpecific efforts required for compliance with legal requirementsSpecific efforts by the agency to assist employees in resolving ethical dilemmasSystem(s) used to collect client/consumer informationInterviewee’s perceptions of the unique challenges currently facing the human services profession Any additional information that the interviewee wishes to share

BSHS 332 WEEK 5 Team Assignment, Ethical Standards for Research Ethical Standards for ResearchReview Ch. 14 of the text prior to the Learning Team meeting. Explore the issues that are presented when doing research involving human subjects.Respond to questions 1, 2, & 4 at the end of Ch. 14. As a team Write a 700- to 1,050-word, APA formatted summary with bullet points about your team’s discussion. If there are irreconcilable differences of opinion among team members, note all points of view in your summary.

Discussion Questions Of all of the codes and standards you have studied and researched, which ONE made the greatest impression on you, grabbed your attention more, gave your the greatest surprise, or made the most profound effect on you, and why?

How has the course content and the discussions of the class affected how you think about yourself as a worker in this field of such ethical codes and standards? What do you think you can do to personally abide by codes of ethics within a human service organization?

How do you think you would respond if you had knowledge of a colleague who was blatantly breaking the codes, and not behaving ethically towards clients? Given all that you know now about codes of ethics, the organizations that develop them, and the purposes of them to organizations, communities, professionals, and the public; do you believe that your those who work in your current agency or any agency you are familiar with, functions within the codes and standards? What areas do you think needs the greatest change, if any? What do you think you can do to be instrumental in that change? In what area does your agency meet or exceed in practice of the codes of ethics. Please feel free to contribute any other thoughts or statements about practices, codes, standards, agencies, professionals, or things that you believe to be important in this regard.

BSHS 332 WEEK 1- 5 Complete Summaries Included.

Bshs 332 complete class  
Bshs 332 complete class