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Volume 1, Issue 4

Spring Fashion

Maria Long Have A Better Period Tips For Less Discomfort

Are You A Good Friend? (Take The Quiz!)

Your Ultimate Valentines Day! (with your BFF)

What keeps her going when the days are tough

Get The Job You Want With Easy Tips For The Interview! What You Say, and What He Thinks: His Advice On The Do’s And The Don’ts 1

In This Issue... The Usual... Letter From The Editor, Page 4 The Editor’s Pick, Page 5 The Ultimate Valentines Day, Page 12 Maria Long, Page 14 “It’s Spring!”, Page 18 How To Have A Better Period, Page 26 Inside His Head, Page 28 “You’re Hired” (Almost), Page 30 Devotional: Love Is Patient, Page 32

Fashion & Beauty... The Trendsetter, Page 6 The Accessorizer, Page 8

Odds & Ends... Are You A Good Friend?, Page 10 7 Hair Styles, Page 24 Polka Dot Suitcase DIY, Page 25 Making A Difference, Page 27

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Letter From The Editor Every February everything is all about love. I love you, you love me, let’s hang out and be romantic. People either love it or they can’t stand it. The flowers, the chocolates, the’s full-out romance. I personally love Valentines day, I usually don’t do much for it but I like the idea. With all of the hate in this world, it’s easy to forget about love. While a lot of people pin Valentines Day down to be only good for people in a relationship, it’s all about the way you look at it. The flowers and the chocolate are a nice touch, but Valentines Day should be a day for remembering how loved you are and for showing people that you love them. While you’re reading this issue of Enthrall, be sure to check out our devotional in the back, it’s all about God’s ideal love for us and how we can show it to others. And, don’t forget to check out our special on Valentines Day with your friends! (Page 12) And I want to know what you think about it! Give me a buzz at Remember, you’re enthralling! Joelle Arner

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Editors Pick

I’m a sucker for Valentines Day. Even when I’m not in a relationship, I love doing things for my friends and surprising them with heartfelt cards and chocolates. But, I also love to do the holiday justice by dressing up in it’s pretty colors. If I could choose the perfect outfit to wear this coming Valentines Day, it would definitely be this springy dress that makes you stand out wherever you go. The coat gives it a polished look and keeps you warm if there’s still snow on the ground. And, I love this camera case! I’m huge with photography, so the case would be a fashion must for my excursions. Coat:, $55 Dress:, $48 Camera Case:, $20


Who: Oh So Lovely Vintage (Erin & Stefanie) Age: Erin (26) and Stefanie (25) Where They’re From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada Where You Can Find Them: Favorite Stores: Anthropologie and Modcloth Favorite Style: We're pretty obsessed with all things 50's & 60's. We love the bright colors, and all of the prints! We love how back then, they paid so much attention to detail, from the amazing hats, great cocktail dresses, right down to the matching gloves!

Inspirations: “Lately we've been really inspired by the shows Mad Men & Pan Am, we just can't get enough of those Era's. The wardrobe and styling is so incredible. Betty Draper is our hero!:

Favorite Cosmetics:

Lipstick > Lipgloss

Anything by Benefit Cosmetics, we love the vintage inspired packaging! We couldn't live without good black eyeliner, eyelash curler and good mascara, we're all about the eyes!

Bramds < Bargains Dresses > Skirts Flats < Heels Wallets > Purses Headbands < Hats

Favorite Accessories: We love a good printed headscarf to tie up our hair; chunky brass rings and good-colored tights for Fall!

Favorite Brands: We love the Australian brand Gorman, as well as Lauren Moffatt & Orla Kiely

We Can’t Leave Home Without… our iphones!

Fashion Must Have: A great 60's party dress is the key to both of our wardrobes! 6

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Perfume: Justin Bieber’s Someday, $56,; Clutch: Call It Spring, $35,; Lip gloss: Dior, $28, Perfume: Tresor’s Midnight Rose, $44,; Clutch: Forever 21, $14,; Lip gloss: Lorac, $22,


Sweet: Valentines Day is right around the corner! K can be tricky though. Here’s a little help on By: Madeleine




Perfume: Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, $62,; Clutch: Forever 21, $16,; Lip gloss: Urban Decay, $19,

Perfume: Vera Wang’s Lovestruck, $78,; Bag: Forever 21, $35,; Lip gloss: Sephora, $12,


Cheery: rner! Knowing what to pair with your outfit elp on what to use depending on your mood. deleine Mulder



Are You A Good Friend? By: Aria Bodden

You and Emmy had a HUGE fight! You: Your best friend Amy wants to go to the mall, but your new friend Sasha wants to catch a movie on the same night. You: a. Tell Sasha that you're feeling sick and go with Amy to the mall b. Tell Amy that your mom is making you do chores and go to the movie with Sasha c. Invite them both to catch a movie at the cinema in the mall d. Tell Amy and Sasha that you forgot Jenny's pants ripped! You: a. Laugh at her along with everyone else b. Just stand there c. Hand her your hoodie and go with her to the office d. Ask her if you should save her a spot at the lunch table

a. Leave her a message telling her how much you hate her b. Smile politely when you walk by each other in the halls c. Apologize and ask if you two can work things out d. Tell everyone she's a bad friend Your best friend Jackie has been hanging out with the new girl, Carey, more than you. One Saturday night, she calls you and invites you for a sleepover. Carey’s going, too. You: a. You tell Jackie you’d rather eat worms than spend one minute with Carey. b. You go to the sleepover, but you don’t join the conversation and go to bed early. c. You accept the invitation and bring a stack of chick flicks to watch. d. You tell her you don’t really like Carey but that you’ll go if she really wants you to.

Lucy and Haley are fighting again. You: a. Tell them to shut up b. Pretend you don't notice them arguing c. Ask what the problem is d. Walk away

Kaitlin's bf just broke up with her! You: a. b. c. d.

Tell her it was probably her fault anyway Give her a pat on the back and leave her alone Comfort her Go after the boyfriend


8. Tina read your diary! You: a. Yell at her and don’t talk to her for a month. b. Get mad at her and ignore her, but don’t talk about it because you’re afraid to lose her as a friend. c. Tell her that there are no secrets between the both of you, and that there’s nothing to hide. But a diary is private property, and you kindly (but firmly) tell her not to do it again. d. Post her diary to your blog and title it “Blackmail- From Val to Tina with Love”. Sara is cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend. You: a. Tell the boys what Sara is up to. b. Not say anything because you don’t want her to get mad at you. c. Tell her what she’s doing is wrong and needs to come clean. d. Try to get Sara’s boyfriend to like you since she’s in love with the best friend, anyway.

Ginger has a date to the Spring dance, and she keeps bragging about it while you [still] don’t have a date. You: a. Tell her no one cares about her and her dumb date. b. Pretend you’re happy for her, but talk about her behind her back. c. Congratulate her and ask your brother to take you. d. Get jealous and flirt with her date You see a big bruise on Taylor’s arm, when you ask her where it’s from she says she fell down the stairs, but you know her boyfriend has an abusive record. You: a. Decide you should trust her, and suspect nothing more of it. b. Debate whether or not to confront her about it c. Talk to an adult about the situation d. figure it’s her problem, let her make her own decisions.

If you got mostly A's: You need to work on your friendship skills! You don't support your "sister" and constantly put her and others down. You need to work on that attitude and temper. Try to be more sympathizing and understanding. If your friends are tired of your actions and want to be left alone, you might end up having to look for new friends.

If you got mostly B's: You're a cautious friend. You don't like causing trouble or be involved in anything embarrassing. You don't betray your friends, but you don't exactly stand up for them, either. It’s okay to put in your opinion every once in a while, just to keep the balance. Remember, these girls are you friends, and if you're not always there for them when they might need you to be, they might not be there at all.

If you got mostly C's: You're a good friend. Your loyal to your girls and are there for them whenever they need you. You know your friends like the back of your hand, and you're always willing to spend time with them or make their lives less complicated. You're involved but not too involved, and your friends like that. Keep up the good work! If you got mostly D's: You're a suspicious, unstable friend. You don't really care about your friend, only yourself and what's best for you. You're friend can be crying of a heartache, and you'll be chasing her lost love. You need to be a better listener and try to put yourself in other's shoes. Take care of your friends, and treat them well, or they won't give you the respect you want or deserve. 11

The Ultimate Valentines Day (with your BFF) Valentines Day can be annoying for some people if they aren’t in a relationship, but spending the day with your best friend can put a whole new spin on it for you. Here’s all of the ideas you need to have a fabulous day with the person who knows you the most.


Make Your Own Movie

Make a silly music video to your favorite song or pretend to be a news cast interviewing famous celebs. It’ll give you something to laugh at and look back on when you’re older to remember all of the good times.


SNACKS! Lazy Day Salad

Ingredients: 1—20 oz. can of crushed pineapple—drained 1—17 or 20 oz. can of fruit cocktail—drained 2—small cans of mandarin oranges—drained 1—4 oz. package of instant vanilla pudding (dry) 1—8 oz. container of cool whip 1/2 cup pecans 1/2 cup coconut Directions: Mix all ingredients together with cool whip being added last. Pour into dish. Top with 1/2 cup pecans and 1/2 cup of coconut.


Dye Each Other’s Hair!

It might sound a little crazy, but buy temporary hair dye from a drug store and see what you come up with. If it doesn’t look that good, it’ll just give you more to laugh at!


Watch Movies!

Everyone loves watching movies. And when you watch one together it gives you someone to share a laugh (or a cry) with. Valentines Day is a good choice, or The Vow, in theaters February 10!


Do Each Other’s Make-up Hold a mini competition to see who can do the most best make up look without making it look too crazy! Then take pictures and print them out for a keepsake of your memorable night.



Embarrassing Moments

Ask each other what your most embarrassing moment was, and if you’ve ever had an embarrassing moment on Valentines Day! Here’s one embarrassing moment to catch your attention: When I was in fifth grade, my teacher wanted to have a valentine's day party. We had to make valentine boxes and decorate them. Instead of giving valentines for fun, all the girls agreed to make a super-special valentine for our crushes. Of course, I was the youngest fifth grader at the time, and to me it sounded like a great idea! So I handmade a valentine with lace, purple candy hearts, and sparkly stickers. I put 2 candy lollipops in it. some of the older girls helped me write a lovey-dovey poem to put in the valentine. On Valentine's day, during recess, all the girls went inside to put our valentines in the boys' boxes. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. all the boys' boxes looked the same to me, so i just stuffed the valentine into the box i hoped was the right one and ran out the door. When we had the party, all of us girls watched anxiously as the guys opened their boxes and read the valentines. I watched my crush like a hawk, waiting for him to pull out the amazing valentine I had made him. Then one of my friends poked me and whispered, "I think you gave your valentine to the wrong guy."I looked around the classroom, wondering who i had given it to. I almost died when i saw who got it. This boy who lived to annoy the living daylights out of me was holding my beautiful valentine and reading it with his eyebrows raised. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life.

7 8

Eat Chocolate We all know that chocolate is a girl’s best friend. So, why not eat as much as you want on Valentines Day with your best friend?

Listen To Music If you haven’t heard of Kina Grannis before, you need to check this girl out, she’s amazing. Her single Valentine is especially fitting to listen to on Valentines Day.


Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is tons of fun to play with your friends, see who can come up with the best one!


The Ultimate BFF Valentines Package

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with gifts for people, so here’s some ideas of what to include in your V-day present for your best-y.

Chocolate Gift Card


(To Her Favorite Store!)

Mini Stuffed Animal


Balloons Pringles/Chips (Her Fave Snack)

Handmade Pictures! Candle Card (Go to

CD Mix Of Her Favorite Songs

to make a special picture for her!) 13

By: Joelle Arner

Maria Long

When I talked to Maria on the phone for our interview, you could immediately tell that she’s a happy person. She laughed throughout the whole interview either at embarrassing moments she’s had onstage, or the different ways God has used her to make a difference in the lives of others. But, she’s serious too. She’s very conscious about how God is using her and what she can do in return for Him. Having been in the music business for four years, she’s released two albums so far, Endeavor being the most recent. She’s super passionate about what she does and you can tell that she gets a thrill from it. “I think I’m kind of seen as more progressive and I really think that I am. And I think that’s why teens are really responsive because it is more progressive than [other Christian music].” She says. While a lot of stars get criticized for their music, Maria doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with that. “I’ve never really had anyone who has been super critical of my style because it’s a lot of styles, there’s pop, rock, alternative, pick your song. It’s not just one style all the way through, and a story can hit anyone. If I have old people at my concert they will so buy my CD for their grandkids.” She has a lot of stories too, she hears so much from her fans and listeners, about how it’s touched them or people they know. Each story is different, and they all remind her why she’s making music. (“One time there was like a 90 year old, the first old lady who bought my CD. She came up to me and was like I need that one song, that one CD. For my son, he’s in jail, he needs to know God is here with him. I started crying because I think when you’re young, it’s like you look at older people like they don’t understand and it was so cool to know there are people who are listening and who are supportive and who understand.”) When she’s not performing, Maria is either teaching guitar lessons, performing her role as a worship Pastor, or spending time with her hubby (they met at camp when they were little, and then again in college. “I tried to set him up with my best friend but ended up setting him up with myself!”) She also counsels young teens who are going through different problems and addictions (she’s half-way through getting her Counseling degree!). It can be hard in any business, especially when so many people are watching you, but Maria knows how to keep her cool while still having fun. And she doesn’t forget who’s the one keeping her going, which makes her all the more admirable. What drives you to write your songs? There’s a lot of songs , I just honestly wanted to share a different picture of God. If they hate him, blame him for things, I want them to see there’s a God who will love them through addiction, if they’re being a liar. It’s a journey. I have these people come up to me from porn addiction, their mom died from cancer, and then I see.

When did you begin your music career? I’ve always played at church, the random person birthday party, nursing homes, on my free time I was always doing music but I would play anywhere. When people ask me how I got started, I just say play everywhere.



How did you get started? In 2006, I had started a youth ministry and it was called The Basement. All of the skits were so cool and my job was to go around to different states and set up retreats with cool activities. I would do music at the end, and I would just come into contact with tons of teenagers and they would all be like “you need to record your songs”, and I would blow it off, say I was too old and they would be like, “So? you don’t look old.” That summer in July I recorded my first CD. I never expected anything would come from that. I was featured in CCM as a new artist, BMI was trying to make me sign a contract with me, and just a bunch of stuff started happening from that. I didn’t even try, I didn’t even know I was in CCM magazine. That was just confirmation from God to keep going with it. Who are some of your inspirations/role models? Some of them are different, as far as music, Imogen Heat, she’s just really creative and maintained her independence, basically took out a gamble on herself and she was really successful. Christian music wise, my inspiration is Worship music, I love people that really seek out the heart of God and are genuine about it. I think it’s really important. Have you ever had any doubts or wanted to take everything back? When I was in the process of recording my second CD, it was expensive. And it was just such an investment for me that I started doubting and I got a lot of speeding tickets and then my car broke down, and it was so expensive. I was like God is this the plan or what? One day I remember almost breaking down crying at a stoplight and I’m just like I hate this, you know? If you don’t want me to record or whatever, I won’t. I look up and see this SUV for the first time and see “endeavor” on it. And I’m like, I’m gonna do it. In the Bible He’s told me to make music in your heart for me. Now, I don’t

question at all, it’s just a part of my life. I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a calling. Do you ever feel under pressure? Sometimes, people want you to have a hit or they will be like why don’t you sign with a label? I have reasons for what I do. Are you one of those people of loves Valentine’s Day or one who just can’t stand it? Um, I mean honestly I think anyone that’s in a relationship loves it. But, I’m more of friends type so I try to make it a day where you show all of your friends you love them. I think a lot of people categorize it as a relationship day, but use it as a day to be thankful for all of the relationships you’ve been given. What would you say to someone who is struggling with different things in their life? I think it’s important for them to realize that God isn’t doing this to you. Unfortunately people you love will hurt you but it was never God’s plan to hurt you, he loves you, and his plan is for you to be with him forever. This place isn’t your home, it’s temporary. Just remember God is still with you. Have you ever had any embarrassing moments on stage? Yes! I have forgotten the lyrics to my own song, I’ve started a song and I was getting the dance moves and backed up and almost fell down because I hit a mic stand. I embarrass myself almost regularly. Have you had any fan experiences yet? Yeah (laughs), when I went to Canada, I promise you I don’t know who told these kids about me. I got to Joplin and I felt like Miley Cyrus. All these kids were coming up to me and screaming and I (Continued on Page 27) 16

“Unfortunately people you love will hurt you but it was never God’s plan to hurt you, he loves you, and his plan is for you to be with him forever. This place isn’t your home, it’s temporary.

Just remember God is still with you.




It’s a new year and a new season, which brings fresh fashion to ite looks for Spring so that you can show



ion to all of those trendsetters. We bring you some of our favorshow off your pretty self with confidence.


“Librarian Style” Pairing a busy sweater with a summery denim styled dress and heels with a color that pops gives you an outfit that brings you across as mature and smart. Take a white spring dress and put it together with combat boots for a “tough and sweet” vibe.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Bookwormâ&#x20AC;? You want to mix things up whenever you put together an outfit. If you wear a miniskirt, wear something with a higher neckline up top to balance things out. 21

“On The Go” If you’re always on the go, it’s fine to wear jeans. Dress them up with a sheer blouse and polished oxfords 22

“The Photo-Op” It’s not always a bad idea to piece same colored pieces together, as long as you know what works and what doesn’t. Balance things out by working everything around one key piece (in this case the jeans). Add matching lipstick, and everything gets pulled together.

“The Perfect Combo” Lace and denim go well together, you don’t have to do much when you have both. They make a statement that says you’re relaxed and casual, but still know where you stand. 23

7 Hair Styles If you’ve got a big date for Valentines Day, sometimes you can get a brain freeze about what to do with your hair. Here’s some tutorials that might make it easier for you.

Sweet gestures Show him your artsy side by pulling your hair into a side French braid. It’ll make you feel adventurous and comfortable.

You hardly have to do a thing to accomplish this look. Simply take a small section of hair on each side and pin it back with a bobby pin. Easy as pie.

Create more volume in your hair by teasing a portion of your hair in the back and then pushing it into a bump. Secure with bobby pins. If you’re going for fun, gather all of your hair up and twist it into a bun on the top of your head.

Take a small section of your hair at the front and make a braid, then pull it back into a ponytail for flirty confidence.

Curl your hair and then pull it back with a headband that has a color that pops for a casual look.

Pull your hair into two side braids and pull them around at the neck so they lay against each other. Secure with bobby pins for a romantic look. 24

Polka Dot Suitcase DIY! Our trendsetters, Erin and Stef have put together a cute DIY for you! If you love it as much as we do, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be making your own suitcase in no time! By: Erin and Stef from Oh So Lovely Vintage

If you have seen our blog before you probably already know that we are huge fans of past eras and are totally obsessed with all things vintage! Right now we are totally obsessed with the new television series called 'Pan Am' which is based in the 1960's and follows the lives of fashionable female flight attendants (which reminds us of an airline version of Mad Men!) So in honor of that, we decided to make a fun doit-yourself post on how to personalize your vintage luggage! Sound fun? Let's get started! What you will need: -A sponge brush -Some pretty colored craft paint -An old suitcase (preferably not something with a fabric cover) -Something that you can trace to make your polka dots (we used an old mason jar lid) *This is a very inexpensive project because the majority of these items can be picked up at your local dollar store!* Instead of making a stencil, we decided that it would be easier to just use the inside of this lid as a guide. We picked our first color and filled in the inside of the jar lid to give us our first polka dot! Be sure you hold the jar lid down very securely to insure no paint bleeds underneath! Also make sure you wipe down the bottom of the lid after each circle just in case any paint did get through! If you make any mistakes, just use a damp cloth to wipe it away!

...and TA-DA! This would make the perfect accessory for any overnight getaway!

We continued this with our first color all over the front of the suitcase and then we did the same thing with the yellow and the turquoise paint! After that we let it dry to reveal our finished product... 25

10 Ways To Have A Better Period By: Kelly Wiedemann The dreaded monthly visit that leaves females feeling cranky and bloated and males fearing for their lives….There is good news: it is possible to survive without any friendships ruined. (Gentlemen may want to take note and politely suggest these tips if the going gets tough.) 1. Keep A Calendar Grab one of those free pocket-sized calendars from Hallmark or other store and mark the days of your period. This not only helps you know your normal cycle (and detect when things aren’t normal) but lets you know when the next cycle is about to hit so you can plan your social life accordingly.

2. Raspberry Tea They say this helps ease cramps and it also happens to taste good.

3. Peppermint or Ginger Tea These teas tackle bloating, gas, and any digestive issues contributing to the icky feeling.

4. Advil or Tylenol I don’t like to take lots of pain meds, but if I feel heavy cramps coming on I take one Advil or Tylenol immediately. If you wait until the cramps are crippling, one pill will turn into two and take much longer to work.

5. Watch Your Diet Avoid starchy, sugary foods that make you feel stuffed and deplete your energy.

6. Dark Chocolate A great way to satisfy sugar cravings with low sugar and high antioxidants.

7. Hot Bath With Epson Salt Is there anything a hot bath doesn’t fix?

8. Hot Pad Look for a pad that can be used hot or cold. I have a pillow filled with lavender and rice that I pop in the microwave and then put on my abdomen to ease cramps. It helps quite a bit.

9. Vitamin Supplement With Iron Iron is found in blood so it’s important to replenish our Iron levels during this time. I hate swallowing pills so I take Isotonix Multivitamin with Iron as my daily vitamin. (Can be found on

10. Be Realistic! Be aware that you are going to get cranky. Don’t let your ego keep you from admitting your hormones are urging you to snap at friends and family for no reason. And remember that your stomach did not get “fat” overnight. You are simply bloated and your midsection will look back to normal in a few days. 26

Making A Difference We want you to meet Kelly, a 17 year old girl who shares encouraging posts and pictures on a blog she created to remind girls that they are beautiful, and loved. They’re not the only ones going through tough times, everyone is going through something. It’s a beautiful message, and we don’t want you to miss out on it. What inspired you to begin your blog? I was inspired to start my blog, because I have suffered from severe self esteem and confidence issues since middle school, and I wanted to create a positive environment for people to ask for advice anonymously, listen to music with positive messages, and read stories and quotes that are inspiring and uplifting. Society today tells us that we aren't good enough if we aren't skinny or beautiful enough if we don't have blonde hair and tan skin. So many teens are harming their bodies in order to become "perfect", and people are bullied every day just because they're different. I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are. I also created this blog as a way to overcome my own insecurites and self esteem issues, so every single post and song that I put on my blog is encouraging to me as well. I have found so many amazing quotes and songs that I live by every day, and my posts have definitely made me realize how truly amazing life is if you continue to think positively and don't let the pressures of society get to you. When was it started? My blog was started in April, 2011, and has been growing ever since!

Have you had any uplifting/encouraging stories from followers who have been encouraged from your blog posts? Every once in a while, I recieve e-mails and messages on tumblr from followers who tell me that my blog has changed their life, and my posts make them smile and thing positively about their lives. Just the other day, I recieved an e-mail from a girl who told me that my blog stopped her from commiting suicide. Messages like that are the reason why I started the blog in the first place, and It was such an amazing and indescribable feeling to know that I just saved someone's life by posting positive messages and songs on my blog.

that He loves me, I want people to see it and understand it. I have so many teenagers that I wasn’t used to that. I felt like I had to prove I could talk to, even last night I had a student that texted me. A song translates when they have it at sing or whatever. I’ll have some people who will come to every single concert I have no matter where home. One said “I want to cut”, and I’ve been trying to help him stop cutting because his home it is. I had one who bought 100 CD’s at my CD release and just handed them out to people. At my CD relationship is terrible. And another girl asked release I signed CDs from 9:30 to 2am. I have a lot me about something else. If I’m not there, who are they going to talk to? of support, that’s why I do it because I know it speaks to people. (Continued From Page 16)

What keeps you going when things get tough? God. God just showing me that it’s still the plan and 27

Inside His Head Sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s eating him and what he doesn’t like. We set out to interview different guys about what girls do and say to upset them, and this is what we found out. By: Sarah Tvrdik “It’s the way they say things…” Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you say something, he starts acting different? You may think it was what you said, but sometimes it’s more than that. It’s the way you said it. “If it’s snotty, then it’s really annoying.” His Advice: “Just be sincere and speak from your heart, don’t try to sound ‘cooler’ or ‘Barbie-ish’ - Peter, 17

He Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong. “I HATE it when you can tell something is wrong with a girl and you ask what’s going on and all she says is that she’s fine when she's clearly not.” - Chris, 19

When your guy friends really care about you, they want you to be comfortable around them. If you’re not telling them what’s wrong, it’s like you’re hiding something from them and they feel hopeless. They don’t want to see you hurting. His Advice: “Be honest and if something is bothering you, then let it out. Don’t bottle it all up!”

Complaining About His Parents You may not think too much about what you’re saying at the time, but remember they are his family whether you like it or not. And even if he doesn’t agree with them all the time either, he doesn’t need to be reminded of it. His Advice: “Word it so that not every little problem sounds like the end of the world as YOU know it.”


PMS = T.M.I. “I was in the car with my friend driving and we were having a conversation and she was being kind of a jerk to me about it. After I told her that she was being a little mean about it she looked at me and said, "sorry, it's just that like...I'm on my period ya know." ...well, actually no I did not know and didn't care I don't know what to say..."oh that's cool.." or "oh I'm sorry." is it sympathy you’re looking for, or what? It made a few of the following minutes in the car ride quite awkward.” - Trevor, 18 It’s totally normal to get cranky when you’re on your period and lose it around your friends, especially guys because “they just don’t understand”. But, remember, they don’t understand. If you’re having a moody day, don’t let them know why. Instead, do whatever you need to do to take your mind off of things.

Zoning In On His Looks “Once a girl said "you’re sexy" and another time a girl said "let’s make out" it just makes it uncomfortable and awkward” - Daniel, 18 Sure, guys love it when you tell them they look good, but if they hear it all the time, it can get old and annoying. It’s okay to admire from a distance, he might admire you more for doing so.

His Advice: “If you want say a guy is strong just say ‘your strong’ stay away from the muscle comments. And it you want to say a guy is good looking just say ‘your good looking’ or something like that. Don’t say ‘you’re sexy’.”

“K” Sure, you get in a rush and you feel like you can’t text anything more than that one letter, but when all you put is “K”, he feels like you don’t want to talk to him anymore. End of conversation. And maybe it is, but instead of leaving him hanging so abruptly, simply tell him you have to go and can’t talk anymore.

The Silent Treatment Guys can’t stand it when you don’t tell them what’s going on. In our mind, he did something he shouldn’t have done deserving no extra attention. You’ve heard the line (maybe even said it yourself), “you know what you did!”. The thing is, they have no idea what they did, so be more patient with them. His Advice: “Guys are nowhere near as complex as girls. For us things are much simpler. So just tell us outright and we will be fine with it. No point of dragging things on.” - Elijah, 18


“You’re Hired” (almost). Searching for acceptance can be exhaustive, and nothing hurts more than open rejection. But, if it’s your first time preparing for an interview, it might not only be intimidating, but also paralyzing. Having successfully secured several jobs and developed a strong work ethic, I offer a few tips to help you feel better prepared for the big day. By: Brittany Baugher

Interview or Rejection? You decide before it happens. Go into an interview with a sense of confidence in your abilities. Learn to recognize your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. If you have a positive mindset and willingness to improve, you’ll make your position within the company that much more valuable.

Specifically recognize your weaknesses and work to improve. Interviewers frequently ask candidates, “What are your weaknesses?” Mention a skill that you wish to improve and describe what you are doing to achieve improvement in this area. On theory, interviewers don't care what your weaknesses are. They want to see how you handle the question and what your answer indicates about you.

Be inquisitive. Typically, at the close of an interview, you will be asked, “Do you have any questions?” The worst thing to say is that you do not. While it might be true all you want is to get out of the office and breathe for a minute, grasp the reins of your emotions and calmly reflect on what you have experienced. If you need a moment to think say, “I think your description of this position was very thorough, but I was wondering if you could tell me more about your career?” (If this is a fitting question.) If you truly do not have any questions, say, “I can’t think of anything specific at the moment, but I’ll be sure to ask when I do.” I’ve given interviews where the entire discourse is an exchange of question and answers. This can be good to ask questions as they arise within the interview session.

Research…Yourself. Take an inventory of your talents, skills, experiences, and past work history. Were you involved in Pathfinders? Did you help students study as a teachers aid? Were you a janitor? Thoroughly recognize the experience you have had, so you’ll be able to retrieve necessary information during the interview.

Be focused. Make sure to have your head in the game. Turn off your cell-phone during personal interaction. It’s either the Facebook post, or your future. You decide.

Be Pro-active. Make sure to send a thank-you note or letter to every interviewer and follow up your correspondence a few days after by calling the company and either asking a question or additional information. You want to appear active and not lethargic. Employers are looking for energy and positive people to hire. Do your best. And keep the memory of your smile fresh in their mind.

Keep God in Your motives Even if you memorize the establishment date and know every past president of the company, it’s not going to guarantee a position within the staff if God has a different job for you. Keep Him close and share your hopes with Him. Because with God, all your needs will be fulfilled. 30


Love is

Patient By: Joelle Arner


Introduction When I was really little, I was all about romance and cute boys. I fantasized about my own prince charming fairytale and pretended I was Cinderella washing tables. I was so wrapped up in my world of love that it was sometimes hard for me to understand when my parents said I was too young to have a boyfriend (I was only eight). But as I got older, I learned that there is so much more to love than a hero coming to rescue the damsel in distress. God lays out a whole chapter in 1 Corinthians 13, all about love. He sets the perfect example of the most beautiful love there can be. Love is patient, love is kind, it endures all things...sometimes it doesn’t seem like it can be that hard to love perfectly, but when you dig deeper, it’s a lot harder when you actually try.

Love is Patient The very first guideline God gives us is just three words: love is patient. Patient. It’s a word that reminds us of all the times we’ve lashed out at our siblings, our parents, our friends, because they made us impatient. But, there’s another way that love is patient. I stumbled upon it just recently. It goes like this: when you don’t have a boyfriend, you’re either happy, content, confused, envious, desperate, etc. You can have all of these feelings and emotions attacking your insides, and then you might begin to

wonder if you’ll ever meet the right guy for you. That’s right where those three words come into place. “Love is Patient” also means waiting patiently for the right guy to come along. Just like when I was a little girl who didn’t understand why she couldn’t have a boyfriend at the age of eight, sometimes we can be little girls who don’t understand why nothing is working out.

He Understands But, if there’s anyone who knows about patience, it’s God. He has been so utterly and lovingly patient with us since the very beginning. He knows how hard it can be to wait for something purely awesome to take place. Sometimes (scratch that, a lot of the time), we get so caught up in the materialistic view of things that we forget about the things that really matter. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child. But, when I became a [woman], I put childish things behind me.” (1 Cor. 13:12) With all of the appealing gadgets and merchandise at our fingertips, it’s so easy to develop the “I want it now” mentality . But, it’s easy to forget that some things just feel so much better if you have to wait for them. When you finally do get what you want, you’re more grateful for it. So, if you're wondering if there’s something wrong with you, stop worrying. (Look up Matthew 6:25 -34). Just because your relationships keep on not working out for you or you can’t seem to find a guy who treats you the way you want (and deserve) to be treated, it doesn’t

necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you just need to talk to God about it. Try handing your love life over to Him and lay low for awhile, what happens. You just might find out how much better things will be when you let God be in control. Jesus has been more than patient with us, now it’s our turn to be patient with Him. You’re not alone, never forget that. You’ll always have Jesus by your side, trust Him and everything will be so much better. Happy Valentines Day! This month, you should really check out these Bible verses, they’re some of my favorites! Matthew 5:43-45 Zechariah 8:16 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17 Job 11:7-20 1 Corinthians 8:9 1 John 4:7 1 Peter 2:1-3 James 4:8 Jeremiah 29:11


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