If the devil can convice you,that you are small, you are already defeated

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ifthedevilcanconvinceyouthatyouaresmall youarealreadydefeated


Thiszineistheresultofalotofhoursseeing/listeningtotechnosets atBoilerRoomandHör.theideaofthispublicationcamebecausei wantedtosharethesetsthatsofarturnedintomyfavorites,aswell abitofinfoabouttheDj.Ihopeyouenjoyreadingthezine. entesanomicos.com issuu.com/enteszine recontrapunk@hotmail.com

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ifthedevilcanconvinceyouthatyouaresmall youarealreadydefeated

aired host length styles 20.03.2019 RoomBoiler 54:53


Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil this set all about the Brazilian Baile Funk mixed with a highspeed Hard-dance. Her set is packed with hypnotic house bass lines and soundsystem vibes. Totally recommended.

aired host length styles Boiler47:38Room hard dance-funk 19.08.2019 Originally from New York-Usa, this artist has a very good sense for mixing,putting naturally together a handful of sounds that just fit as it should be. On this set you can hear a lot of Brazilian Funk and Detroit Sounds. A set that is surely very enjoyable.

and sonically a




LuciaLu styleslengthhostaired BerlinHör57:56technohardstyle-modern 12.04.2022

in a

energetic way. The

Coming From Berlin-Germany, Laura a set that is speedful,elegant and with a lot of good vibes. mix of kinds of set it very special total rollercoaster very kind of set that you will want to all over again.


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aired host length styles Hör1:00:14Berlin harddance-berlin school 03.01.2020 Hailing from Berlin-Germany, this artist has a very mystical sounding presence.His set is all about obscure sounds with a highly apocalyptic aura. Hard tunes that have the right speed not only to enjoy them but also to come in a trance status. In other words, this set is fire.

aired host length styles Hör56:23Berlin harddance-industrial 12.04.2021 From United Kingdom but based in Berlin-Germany they are a non-binary performer and Dj ,who has a great ear for mixing dark sound with an ethereal and obscure soul. Their set has a post-apocaliptic aura putting together with a high sense of melody and a dramatic wall of noise/sound. The kind of set where you will discover something new everytime you listen to it.


aired host length styles Boiler59:47Room


Born in Sweden but based in Germany. Her set is obscure, intimistic almost catartic,the mix of sounds and speed created a very vivid set. With a high weight on Trance, this artist combine perfectly the heavy and catartic sound of Hard-dance and combine it with a dark old school sound, mixing a set that is just addictive.

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