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In This Issue This issue is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Charles H. Fuller III. He was called home on September 28th 2013, four days after his 49th birthday. I know he is with with the Creator and our Mother. I miss and love you brother. REST IN POWER....

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2013 The Year Of The Relaunch Tyler Noel Goldie Foxx Nancy Love Sly DelVecchio Clothing KTBorderline Pretty Thugger ?uestion VS. JStarr Marie Ozara Ode Candy Rose Porsche Smith and much more...

2013: The Year Of The Relaunch

Letter From The Editor



Goldie Foxx

ETZ The Magazine sat down with the Vixen to see what's going on with her in the Motor City. Tell us what city are you from? Detroit. Lets talk about your name and how you chose it? Well, I was at a photo shoot and the photographer called me golden... lol. I was going by a different name at the time, so I adapted Goldie to see the response. People loved it. Fox is also my fiancĂŠe last name, so I added the extra X for a sexier look. What made you decide to become involved in entertainment? Ever since I was a child I've had a passion for acting and modeling. Once I matured to a state to execute my dreams, I went for it. Starting with everything I want to do and then some. Tell us about Kasiris Entertainment and what you do within the company? Kasiris Entertainment is the mother company for all hip hop, r&b, and urban music network. I'm the chief operating officer. We are on Roku smart devices iPhone and Android, and we're set to be on additional devices by the end of the year. We provide a platform for independent artists, to be seen and heard globally, so that the labels come to them instead of the other way around. Is there anyone who influenced you in your career (acting, TV personality, modeling & emceeing)? Absolutely! The golden age cinema, I'm very vintage. Angela Basset, Oprah, Meryl Streep, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Marilyn Monroe, T.I, Jay Z. I respect the bold nature of these people, they're all very different. What is the most satisfying thing, for you, about the entertainment industry? Being creative puts you in a different bracket, being separate from the rest instead of being classified as the same. Tell us about your movie projects? Each movie I try to incorporate a different side of me. I want to actually be an actor and that requires going out of your comfort zone and mastering a different character. Each film has amazing writers and great people behind it to create a phenomenal impact. What are some of the things african american women in entertainment can continue to do, to ensure success, in what has been often referred to as a male dominated field? Black women, in my opinion, should stick to the "strength script" , that means being strong minded. Doing our research, so games cannot be played and playing on the man's team with class, sexiness, intelligence and originality. What would your ideal role in a movie be, other than a leading lady? I want to play a seductress. It shows a devious side that has immaculate levels of talent. I admire the seductress, they all show a trust and mystery that I find entertaining. What other goals are you aiming to reach in the industry? Writing my own books and films is something I've always wanted to do. I enjoy writing, so becoming an author and writing films will be my next target after I properly branch my network and acting career. How has the internet been beneficial to your movement? There are a lot of social network sites with different opportunities in each one. Networking via the internet has actually been very valuable to me in reaching certain people that would've took me longer to reach, if the internet wasn't available. If used right it's a great career booster and great way to get you noticed. How can you be reached for booking, photo shoots, appearances, etc?, FB; Goldie thevixen Foxx, Twitter@goldiefox8869, Instagram@goldiefoxx8869, LinkedIn Goldie Foxx, Google+ Goldie.Foxx






Pop/R&B singing sensation, Nancy Love sat down with us to give us some insight about her passion for music and tells us who the Nanigans are. Please tell the readers who you are,where you're from and what you do? I am Nancy Love. I’m a singer, songwriter and performer and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I love to sing, write songs, dance and inspire and entertain everyone around me. Tell us the passion you have for making music and how long have you been doing music? I have always been very passionate about making music and since the beginning I always knew that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life because I love to do it more than anything. It’s a huge part of me, my life and my story. Making music is just one of the many ways that I can truly express myself as an artist but also as a person. Music sends out all kinds of messages to people – and I want to reach people through my music. Music defines me, it is art, and I couldn’t live without it. I started singing at a very young age and never lost interest in my desire to sing. While growing up I always participated in singing competitions, was part of a choir, part of a musical theatre production and throughout time my passion for singing grew. What's the indie music scene like in your city? The inside music scene in Toronto is very strong I’d say. Any indie artist can become huge if they just keep pushing and believing in themselves and their music. The most important part is the fans. Without the fans and the audience, there is no artist. They keep me going and working hard: we are a team. How are you received as a female recording artist in your area and how do you handle your "everyday" music business? I am treated very well in my area and respected. I’ve received compliments and positive support from everyone and it makes me happy to know that I have a fan base – the Nanigans- so great that supports me every day and continues to grow. I handle my music business pretty well and work with my manager, Frank Belluardo – we make a tremendous team. along with the fans: the Nanigans.

What does staying current mean to you? I am flexible and versatile in my work! I play to different audiences. Whether it’s a younger crowd, or adult, I am versatile in my looks and style on stage. Still, it is important to be who you are through music research and to ensure your relevance and longevity. Has the internet been a good fit for you, in terms of your movement? Yes. My Nanigans and fans and I connect daily. In fact, my debut album, although independent, has been selling everywhere, especially Canada, Brazil, the USA, Asia and Europe. Thank you to my fans. We make a GREAT team. We are one. Do you have any recording, productions or label deals in the works? Yes, we are working on that. Stay tuned. What was the first project you dropped and do you have any current projects? My debut album This is Me which I released this past Summer on iTunes. It has eight of my original songs and its available on iTunes and Amazon. So far its been very successful and I am very proud of it. First Lover, Miss Extreme and more hit singles are there. Please check them out. We have got great reviews, I am happy people love them. What can your listeners expect from you and where can we find your music? You can find my music on my website at: Plans... Short term and long term and please leave us with some lessons on what indie artists can do to maximize their musical objectives? Sharing my music to as many people as possible and to inspire them and creating more and more music and touring the world and being the next biggest singing sensation. I won’t stop until I get there. The best lesson/advice I can give any artist would have to be to keep believing and following your dreams. Work hard. Just know that you will make it if you go for what you truly want despite anything. And #1 piece of advice: without your fans, you don’t mean anything. They are #1!


We linked up with Atlanta vocalist, Tyler Noel, to have a friendly chat about what's going on with her career Please tell the readers who you are, where you're from and what you do? I'm Tyler Noel. I'm from Ft. Lauderdale, FL but I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I'm a vocalist and songwriter, and I’m trying to try my hand at a little acting in the near future.

Tell us what was the deciding factor that made music your form of expression? Music has always been a form of expression for me. But when first heard the Clark sisters, I knew that singing is something that I need to do. God gifted me with a voice and I’m just here to use it and put it out here for others to hear.

What's the Atlanta indie music scene like for you? Well, here in ATL it's more about who you know rather then what’s your talent, but it's been interesting so far! The indie scene here is huge, there is talent on every street corner of Atlanta and you can catch that talent performing across the clubs here in Atlanta.

Your musical influences? I’ve been influenced by all music in general but I do have my fav’s…Karen Clark Sheard (Gospel Singer), Brandy Norwood, Bach (classical), and Faith Evans, to name a few. Currently I enjoy listening to Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. You seem very personable from the homework I've done, how are you received as an artist? Thank you for that comment! I believe that I'm received as just someone that many find instantly relatable to and just comfortable talking to. I really try to be in touch with my fans, speak to them, share my life, my likes, a little of my world with them...I love them for all the support they give me and for all the push needed to stay grinding at this. Your music is very tight, I'm feeling what you're doing. The song and video for Remedy is dope, how was the process of creating that project (music & video) for you? Thank you! The song writing process was as sweet as honey. My manager found the producer here in Atlanta, GA and built a relationship with him. We set up a writing session after hearing the track and the rest is history. The producer, Grandz, and I have a great working relationship. It doesn’t take us any time to put a song together. However, shooting the video was interesting, it was filmed with the help of KLP Inc., here in Atlanta, GA. Tell us a bit about your current project and who were some of the producers and/or songwriters you worked with? My current project is still in the development stage. I’m still doing some things with Grandz and we are still looking for other producers and willing to experiment with different sounds. As far as writers & producers, if there are some out here that want to submit, please send to kenyakreations@ How does Tyler Noel stay current in a music scene that constantly evolves? For one, I am a fan of music. I listen to everything that’s out and I try to stay fresh. I believe that writing relatable songs will keep me current with my audience. Plus I love doing YouTube covers, so if it’s hot, I just might cover it. What’s your management situation like? I’m managed by Karma Kreative Management, Mr. Ken aka Karma is my one man army. He constantly keeps his ears to the grind and works really hard on spreading my music and getting me noticed and just building my brand. He believes in my talent, we get along great as a team, and I know with him by my side, I know we will see the success we are after.


How has the internet been for your movement? It's been great! That's how the majority of my fans have heard my music. If you Google my name, I’m all over the place. Many of my fans have seen me on YouTube and they connect with me on my social networks. It's also how I make many of my contacts. I enjoy LinkedIn for networking with other people in the field. The internet just allows me to freely place my music where I like it to be and it easily allows fans to find it, purchase, download and even share it with others in their social circles. My #NoelNation is getting stronger and stronger.



Do you have any recording, productions or label deals in the works? We have a few conversations going on, We have walked away from things when we felt it just didn’t add up for us but we are still just working hard and if the right situation comes along, we will then just pray on it that we make the right choice. If any situation out there is looking for a seasoned singer who is ready, let us know. What can women do to better handle their entertainment business? Women should learn the different aspects of the business process. Definitely learn the business side when it comes to the paper work. Learn the creative side like developing your image, your brand, the visuals such as the photography, videos, EPK and etc… Read, read, read and stay informed. Woman should know what needs to take place in the studio so that their money and time is being used wisely. My manager has shown me so many ways to stretch a dollar that’s it’s not even funny. What can your listeners expect from you and where we find your music? Listeners can still expect music from the heart. I’m going to write about my loves, my heartbreaks, my life and my dreams. As far as finding my music, you can just about find me every where. I’m on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Google Plus, Spotify and just about every where else you can think of. I’m out there.

Your plans and what lessons can you leave for the up and comers? In the near future I hope to have an EP, then of course the album released. I also hope to have a fragrance line out for the ladies and I want to write a book. I have a couple of ideas for books that I will soon focus on in the very near future. I would tell newcomers to stay true to their own brand and the fans will come to them. How can the listeners contact you and when can we see more of Tyler Noel? Listeners can follow me at mstylernoel or even on Instagram @mstylernoel. I’m on Facebook and http:// for my Official YouTube page and my site is If it’s business related, I can be contacted at Most fans just connect with me on IG, Facebook, youtube and twitter. My fans know that I have no problem speaking to them and I’ve developed some really good relationships with many, some I even call my family.

"I’m going to write about my loves, my heartbreaks, my life and my dreams"--Tyler Noel


Where are you from? I was born and raised in South Jersey, right over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philly. How long have you been in business? The clothing line was launched in the Spring of 2012 with launching on the 4th of July, 2012. What made you decide to go into the fashion game? I have always had an appreciation for fashion with random thoughts of having my own clothing line. I made a few shirts years ago, when I used to produce music. They went pretty quickly. It was then that I knew that I could have a somewhat successful clothing line one day. What's a typical day for you and your clothing line? I fill every role in my business. From graphic design, to printing, to advertising, to shipping and receiving, to web design. I do it all so, every day is different. One day I might be dropping off merchandise at Status Shop (327 South St, Philly) and one day I might spend on advertising via social media. I like that about doing everything. It's rarely boring.


What inspires you when you are creating the clothes? I draw inspiration from every aspect of life. It could be anything that inspires me from an architectural line on a building, to a texture on an object, to a verse from a song. What makes your brand stand out from the competition? I don't follow all of the trends. A lot of these brands out right now are doing the same shit. Everybody wants to make all over sublimation prints and Pyrex jersey style tees. Honestly, it's not too hard to be different. I try to Stand out by making what I like and using high quality materials. Who are some of your influences and why? I try to avoid being influenced by any celebrities. If I see something on somebody that I like, I stay away from that. Most "artists" are dick biters and just follow trends. Sure, there's money to be made that way but it's not my style. I like to stay in my own lane and ride my own wave. What would you say to someone who wants to start a career in this field? Follow your own path in anything you do. If you think something is dope, do it. Some people will like it and others won't. Don't let anyone discourage you. How can folks reach out? Instagram: SlyDelVecchio, Facebook: Sly DelVecchio Clothing, Twitter: SlyDelVecchio1, Vine: Sly DelVecchio,


Kereal & TGunnz

We caught up with KTBorderline to talk to them about their plans on making it big...


Please tell the readers where you're from and what you do? Kereal from South Jersey and Tgunnz from South Philly. Tell us what was the deciding factor that made you want to do music and how long have you been doing music? we both been doing it since we was kids back when 2Pac and Biggie was alive around when LL Cool J was hot. What's the indie music scene like for you? At first we were lazy lol. We thought it was easy to record a demo then send it to a label. Then we get signed, but we found out it didn't workout like that. So we started grinding, then we reach over two million views. Your musical influences? Shady, Jada Jay Z, TI, 50Cent. How did you get the name KTBorderline? The letters is for Kereal and Tgunnz borderline stands for South Jersey and South Philly. In your opinion, is the indie music in your city, correctly represented or does that need to be remedied and why? Tell you the truth, we have no market. We have to go more north like NYC or Philly. Who are some of the artists and industry folks you're connected with? A few people, but at the end of the day its a lot of sharks in the business, so I just do it myself long as I have my budget as far as promotion and marketing. What do you do to stay current in a music scene that constantly changes? Just keep

making good music and be real good at putting a plan in motion to stay hot.

Your management? Robert Williams, TMarquise Entertainment LLC. How has the internet been for your movement? Great, it took me places I could not afford to travel. I mean my video has been seen everywhere in the world, also that's how I build a big movement. Do you have any deals in the works? We just signed with a Publishing Company called Zilah Music Publishing. Who are some of the artists you've worked with and would like to work with? Meek Mill, Big Sean, Jay Z and Justin Timberland. First project? We recorded our first demo back in 2005 in Nashville, TN. What can your listeners get from you and where do we find your music? iTunes, youtube top radio stations, Facebook, reverberation and on TV networks. Short term, long term plans and what lessons can you leave? Short term goal is to have a hit on the radio station before we get signed. Also land the cover for the freshman class for XXL. How can the listeners contact you? and ktborderline.


Pretty Thugger dropped by to holla at us about his love for music and what it means to represent. Tell us who you are? I am Pretty Thugger aka Eskebar.

I was born and raised in

Wilmington, Delaware. Grew up in the projects of Riverside and spent most of my life on the “Concord Avenue” streets. I am the C.E.O. of SDEnt Music Group and SuckaDuckn INC.

Our primary focus is:

Artist Management, an Independent Record Label and a

Clothing Line. Why choose music? Music is a very close love of mine. It enables me to escape, to vent by telling stories creatively and also release the lyrical beast that lies within. I’ve been an Emcee from the age of nine (9) years old.

Writing is very therapeutic

and challenges me to push myself on a daily basis. My lyrics are real, raw and uncut. No filter and no bull shit. Is Delaware Hip Hop represented to the fullest? It has his pros and cons. You are free to express yourself and received with love by many if you possess real talent. However if you’re not skilled at your craft, don’t have the “cheese”, Big money backing your project; you are pretty much “F_cked”. You have to have a great team and strong fan base in Delaware to solidify yourself and earn respect on the streets.

We have

very few artists that possess originality and drive to make it in this game.


other percentage tries to remain relevant in this city instead of focusing on making good music. How do you stay motivated? I motivate myself daily and continue to create great lyrics, select the best beats. Staying sharp is a must! I make sure my team is on their tippy toes and always a step ahead of the next one. The camaraderie I have with my manager, Jackie King is one of loyalty, dedication and hard work. We understand what it takes to complete action items and achieve results.

I would still be local and at square

one if it had not been for Jackie and my team. I am involved in every decision that it made and my manager make sure my voice is always heard. for my brand, it’s not a good fit for me.

If it is not a good look

You have to make sure your inner circle

is filled with people that will give 150% all day long.

I had to align myself with

someone that would work instead of sleep and someone that is not afraid to take risks. We have a strong foundation and we have seen results in a short time period. How has the web been for your movement? I am active on social networks. I try to be an artist people can relate to by keeping it 100. Real recognizes real! It’s improved my placement in this music game greatly. create a platform to be heard.

Social networks and other music websites

It has taken marketing to another level.

You can

accomplish so much via the internet. Your influences? My influences are 2PAC, Biggie and NWA.The people that will love me are the people that can appreciate truth and real life experiences.


Anybody can

recite lyrics written by “ghostwriters” but there aren’t too many artists that create, write and perform original music.

Pretty Thugger Any deals in the works? Yes, we are working on finalizing a distribution deal for me and shopping my artist, Mylezia King for a major deal as well. Solo or group? As an artist I am strictly solo.

As a C.E.O. I am a leader of a great movement

called SDEnt and SuckaDuckn Inc. I formed SuckaDuckn Inc. with Emit Poon. SuckaDuckn means: To evade or stay away from any person or persons (male or female) that are known to be fraudulent, parasitic or devaluating. To escape undesirable company. Latest project? My latest mix CD: “Let Me Vent” can be downloaded on This CD followed “Truth to the Hood”, “Most of the Monster Volume 1, 2” and “A Concord Ave. Movement”. What can the listeners get from your music and where can we find it? They will get Intellect, Truth, Pain, Pleasure and Heart felt Music. My music can be found: My CD’s are also sold at 1 Stop and Caveman Apparel in Delaware.The release of my Album: “Loved, Feared and Respected” The release of my 1st Book: My artist Mylezia King’s New Releases: “Girls Night Out” and “Love Don’t’ Live Here” released by RCA Records.

Both can be found on iTunes,,, How can folks reach out to you? and prettythugger1,,, My manager:Jackie King:


Who Is He?

His name is VS.

HE is the future of hip-hop. His name is VS., a true emcee who started off freestyling and won the first talent show he ever entered with the first rhyme he ever wrote. Destined for greatness. VS. is versatile and able to rhyme on any type of track. His energetic and passionate words are brought together in clever wordplay displayed through a smooth, powerful delivery with some of the most creative punch lines ever heard. VS.’ style is like no other artist out there; it is what separates him from the rest and undoubtedly ranks him as one the elite emcees in the game. His thought provoking concepts and impeccable flow captivates diverse audiences and leaves them wanting more. The name VS. exemplifies perseverance and a competitive spirit, with the endurance and ability to succeed in the music industry and in all aspects of life. To overcome when it is you Vs. the odds, to be a true “Competitor” and “Never Say Never” is to walk a day in his shoes. Extremely marketable and an electric performer, VS. is the breath of fresh air that hip-hop needs. Making the Garden State proud and putting Jersey back on the map, this is the man himself. Who is he? Ladies and Gentlemen HE is "The Answer" for hip-hop. His name is VS. Now CEO of VS. The Oddz LLC., VS. (Drew Barrett) is bringing motivational speaking and inspirational music to the world. VS. The Oddz, changing lives two ears at a time!


?uestion DeShaun Gales aka ?uestion, (Quest for short) was born and raised in the Northeast section of the Bronx, NY. He grew up on Bronxwood Avenue and 217th street; it was there that his love for Hip-Hop was conceived. When Quest was a teenager, a childhood friend named J-Class came to his block with a cassette tape of his music. J-Class was rapping over an old school beat that he recorded on a karaoke machine, Quest heard it, and decided he wanted to record a song as well. That day was the beginning of the rest of his life. His uncle, who was an established jazz bassist for the legendary Thelonious Monk, heavily influenced his musical ambitions. He spent his summers in California around such jazz legends as Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and Marla Gibbs, to name a few. At a tender age he began writing rhymes & practiced rapping in the mirror. In just a short time he became well know for his metaphors, punch lines and clever wordplay, all while honing his skills, battling other rappers throughout NYC. He caught the ear of a few notable personalities in the entertainment industry such as DJ Clue, Fabolous, Dame Dash and Diddy. Throughout the years a few offers were made, but never came to fruition. After a failed attempt to close a deal with Roc-A-Fella Records, Quest left music alone for some time to focus on his personal life. After a long hiatus, Quest has returned with a vengeance. Living out tons of his dreams, he is now one-third of the up and coming internet radio show, Right Now Internet Radio, where he delivers enormous amounts of energy and charisma to the panel. He has even developed a biweekly sneaker blog, You Ain’t Got These On. It’s featured on the radio show and his website; the show streams live each week via Ustream and Da Matrix Studios. He has become involved with coordinating shows and securing featured artists, along with mentoring emerging talent to make the process a bit less tedious by sharing his experiences and errors along his lyrical journey. With an impeccable flow and rhyme style, along with a one-of-a-kind raspy and gritty voice, Quest is here to kick down the doors, letting the hip-hop world know that he is here and is not to be taken lightly.


Ozara Ode

Please tell the readers where you're from and what you do? I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for most of my life, but as a military brat, I lived everywhere from Brooklyn, Miami and San Diego.

I wrote my first love song at 7, it was incomplete

because I didn’t know much about the subject. I am still a songwriter, poet, playwright, and actress. Tell us what was the deciding factor that made you want to do music and how long have you been doing music? I do what I do, because every time I thought I was going to do something else, the music called me back. Complete songs would wake me out of my sleep and not let me go back to sleep until I picked up my voice recorder and sang into it. I had no choice but to do music, or not sleep. What's the indie music scene like in your city? Most people forget that Al Jarreau is from here, as well as Eric Benét. The indie music scene is full of talented artists, gifted musicians, and great venues. Milwaukee is home to “Summerfest”, the largest music festival in the country. The sound ranges from Soul and Hip Hop to Punk and Folk. When people discover that I’m from Milwaukee, I’ve heard everything from do you know the Fonz to “so, you drink a lot of beer”? While Milwaukee may be known for Happy Days and beer, there is much more magic once you take the tour, and you will be presently surprised at the caliber of talent within.


Your musical influences? My musical influences first began at home. My father is a crooner, and his brother and sisters formed a group called, “The Brooks 9”. The women’s tones ranged from soprano to contralto, which is probably where my influence comes from the most. I spent my younger years humming in the background to their melodies throughout the home. My stepfather had a band, and I thought rehearsing in the garage was the performance, so as far as I was concerned; I was a Rock Star by 9. Tell us about a typical music day for you? A typical music day starts with reflection, then plenty of water. I sort of allow the day to unfold and let the dreams and thoughts I had the night before marinate until a concept develops. Then I pull out my Mac, or my phone, depending on when and where the words begin writing themselves, and begin recording. If I’m in studio mode, I rest my vocals by limiting how much I talk, drink lots of room temperature water, and go over the song (s) in my head. What does staying current mean to you? Periodically I listen to the radio to see what’s good. Other times I pay attention to what’s being said online. It seems in the last couple of years the sound of the 80’s and 90’s is making a strong comeback. You can look at fashion, and that usually dictates where the music is. Retro is in full-affect. What’s your management situation like? As for management, I have been blessed with a consultant who is a genius.

At present I am actively seeking a manager who will

understand who I am as an artist, and has the desire to take me to the next level. Label deals in the works? There are a few Indie labels reaching out to me, and I am really excited about it. I am open to exploring all opportunities. Is indie music in your city, expressed the way you would like to see it or is it under represented? Yes, I do feel my city is underrepresented. I’ve had people become almost angry with me when after I performed they’d ask if I was from New York or L.A. I’d say no, I’m from Milwaukee. They wouldn’t even believe me, but I am only the tip of the iceberg in Milwaukee. I believe it’s because we are a lil big city, who some have claimed as a suburb of Chicago, but we can hold our own on the microphone. (I say in a B boy stance) lol. What can your listeners expect from you and where we find your music? I’ve never truly dropped an album. I more like recorded some songs, and periodically said, “Hey, I have some songs you can listen too.” Lol and smh. I have an EP entitled, “I Dream” on my website www.ozaraode. For the majority of my career, I have been a performing artist, which I absolutely love, but I wanted to create something that people could take a part of me with them after the show. How can the listeners contact you? I can be reached on Twitter at ozaraode , on my website at, and you can follow me on Instagram. Thanks for taking some time with us, peace. Peace, be well.


We Love JStarr Marie

Please tell the readers who you are, where you're from and what you do? My name is JStarr Marie I am from Hartford CT but i grew up in Wildwood NJ. I am a song writer, music artist, singreaders & rap. I who have you done are, videoswhere & short films, from I model andwhat host you parties. Please tell Ithe you're and do?

My name is JStarr Marie I am from Hartford CT but i grew up in Wildwood NJ. am about a song music artist, I sing & rap. I have done videos Lets I talk whywriter, you choose modeling and music as your form of expression? I began & short in films, I model parties. modeling pageants since Iand was host 7 years old and I did choir during my elementary middle & high school years. It was my passion to do both. When I finished high school I decided I really wanted to sing. So I pursued that the most.

Lets talk about why you choose modeling and music as your form of expression? I began modeling in pageants since I was 7 years old and What do you hail from, what the music scene& like you're from? IIt would I didcity choir during my elementary middle highwhere school years. was my to doCTboth. When NJ. I finished highopposites school I decided I really say passion both Hartford & Wildwood They are both from each other but wanted pursued that the most. both havetoa sing. big hip So hopIr&b following however, I grew up with my spanish side of my family so I also love spanish music.

What's the music scene like where you're from? I would say both Hartford CT & Wildwood NJ. They are both opposites from each other but both have a big hip hop r&b following however, I grew up with my spanish side of my family so I also love spanish music.


Does being a model make it hard for you building a relationship with that special person? Sometimes. . Lol.. my outfits can be crazy at times depending on the event I'm hosting & my pictures vary from being an artist to being a model so some of my pics can be explicit though I don't do nude, I think it's only normal for him to feel some type of way. At the end of it all. I have a lot of respect for myself. You seem very personable from the homework I've done, how are you received as an artist? Everyone mainly knows me for my music. though they love my pictures. I make sure I express the fact that music comes before anything. I would have to say I am received in a much positive way. What sets you apart from other models? Well.. Music is my priority. And with that said I believe what sets me apart is the fact that I do it all.. There are not many who do all of which I do. What’s your management outlets like? I have currently been meeting with different people to discuss management since I fired my manager a year and a half ago. It was a waist of my time. so I am very reluctant to sign a contract right now. How do you stay current in an entertainment scene that constantly changes? I'm constantly changing myself. I love changes. Is there anyone who influenced you in your career in music and/or modeling? Musically I would say, my grandfather as a child he would play the guitar and ask me to sing all the time. When I decided singing was what I wanted, he supported me in every way. I wasn't allowed to watch much TV so I didn't know of modeling much. I always just felt it was something I wanted to try. Musically I would say, my grandfather as a child he would play the guitar and ask me to sing all the time. When I decided singing was what I wanted, he supported me in every way. I wasn't allowed to watch much TV so I didn't know of modeling much. I always just felt it was something I wanted to try.

"Music is my priority"-JStarr Marie What is the most satisfying thing, for you, about being a model and musician? I get attention In a lot of ways, whether through my music, videos or modeling. Do you have any recording, productions or label deals in the works? Yes. I am in the studio a lot. Currently working on stacking songs. I'm working on a album & mix CD. As far as labels, I get offers left & right however, I want to build my fan base and do a lot of independent stuff. Again I am very reluctant to sign a contract.

What can your listeners expect from you and where we find your music? My music has a lot of truth to it. So many can relate. I also make music to dance to & some to pop in car cd player and just sit back and ride to. I love all types of music so all types of music I will do. You can find some of my music now on YouTube or you can visit my website at Your plans and what lessons can you leave for the up and comers? My plans are long term, to be the greatest I can be at everything I do. As far as a lesson.. just make sure you learn from each mistake. Never make the same mistake twice. Never give up. Your the only one who can truly believe in you. Make it happen! Would you want to be known for your beauty or for what you've accomplished? I honestly believe my accomplishments are much more important and meaningful than my beauty.

How can you be reached for booking, photo shoots, appearances, etc? My website, Booking line 860-294-9363, Facebook JStarr Marie, Twitter @JStarrMarie, Instagram @JStarrMarie1.




What city do you hail from... Also share with us what the indie music scene is like where you're from? I'm from my number one city in the world, London UK. (Big-Up London) London is vibrant hub for creatives and up and coming talent. The indie scene is full of undiscovered treasures, that should have better platforms for exposure. London does let you get heard with the many venues that provide stages for indie and unsigned music. I'm sure if you dropped by, you may discover a new indie artist you love. Lets talk about your name Queen of Hooks. How did you choose it? Lol! Actually my name is Candy Rose. I was fondly dubbed the queen of hooks by noted International Music reviewer Zach "the mothman" daggy when he reviewed my debut album, A Rollercoaster Love and found my songs especially my lyrics quite catchy. I think he may have been partial to Hooked On You. However, the name stuck and I quite like it as it's a notes recognition of my work and song writing ability. What made you decide to become involved in entertainment? I loved writing songs and singing. Nothing more than that. You are a multi award winning songwriter, has that validated what you do and what you've been through musically? I guess to a certain degree because I am unsigned and independent, every recognition has been very personal and quite humbling.


"I think if you respect yourself, people are more likely to remember you for what you do and not what you once did"-Candy Rose Influences and inspirations in your career? I'm influenced by various things, as I tend to draw from experience and what I observe other people going through. If the question was about other musicians that have had an impact on my taste or style of music, then it would be Michael Jackson, Madonna - the original king and queen of pop. I have also been inspired a lot by Fall Out Boy, especially Patrick Stump, the lead singer in the band. But in terms of my writing, Babyface has been a major influence, as well as Anita Baker, Sam Cook and Dolly Parton. What is the most satisfying thing for you, about the entertainment industry? Taking on the major labels and producing material at the same level, if not better. There is still a misconception with some, that my debut album was released by EMI, but it wasn't. I released that through my label, CandyRose Inc and it was a labour of love. So it's quite satisfying when people think it's a big label production. Tell us about your current project(s)? I'm currently working on my second album, and negotiating some performances around various parts of the world. 2014 looks set to be a very busy year as does 2015 so do watch this space. What are some of the things black women in entertainment can continue to do, to ensure success, in what has been often referred to as a male dominated field? Stop taking your clothes off, if you want to be remembered for your art and not what you displayed... I think it's much better to be remembered as the queen of hooks rather than the queen of boops. I think if you respect yourself people are more likely to remember you for what you do and not what you once did. Tell us about CandyRose Inc.? That is my label. I hope to in the future have a series a companies I run through my incorporated company. I already have CandyRose Productions through which I create and distribute my music videos. I do have big plans for the future but one dream at a time. What other goals are you aiming to reach in the industry? Can't share too much as all still being dreamt up but I hope to be helping other indie artists get heard and creating more videos through my production company. Has the digital age been beneficial to your movement? Extremely beneficial, but also been a hindrance as there are many dreamers out there. Not always easy getting heard from the din. Where can we find your music? iTunes, amazon, cd baby and various streaming services.CD baby and Amazon stock some CDs which I recommend getting as I only print 1000 of my CDs and no more. You can also listen to some snippets on my site, How











Email: or contact


Porsche Smith


We know. You're thinking, black music isn't supposed to sound like this. Soul music isn’t supposed to feel like this. But you're wrong. With the emergence of the indie artist also comes the time to throw out the stale comparisons that have rotted our ears and speakers. It's time to embrace the new and refreshing. It's time to embrace Porsche Smith. An Essence Magazine "Take Back the Music Campaign" feature, and winner of both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Best R&B Song, and the John Legend "Be Legendary" contest, the Dallas-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer is carving a niche of her own. Having shared stages with Legend and India.Arie, collaborated with soulstress Iman Williams, guitarist Justin Lyons, and sang back-up for indie soul icons Yazarah, Choklate, & Slakah the Beatchild, Porsche Smith is establishing herself as one of the versatile, must hear, indie artists in music today. Sporting a style that is engaging and heartfelt, Smith has recorded several projects, including her critically acclaimed debut, About Life, a genrebending follow-up EP, Loveland and a hip hop/soul mixtape entitled The BreakUp. She has also recorded a self-titled EP with her multi-talented all female band, Beauty and the Beats. The Oral Roberts grad has taken a love of hip-hop, jazz, and alternative, fused them with a rock edge and poured this potion into what she is currently preparing to release as her sophomore album, Superhuman, a project she singlehandedly penned, played, and produced. "I wrote [the title track] back in 2007 after somewhat of a bad breakup. At the time I wished I could walk away from it unaffected, unfazed. I had this picture in my head, of having Teflon skin, where nothing could get to me. From that, the idea began to expand to other ideas about being Superhuman...being able to transcend genres this being a multiple genre album and such. Simply put, it's the under and overestimation of ourselves, where we are perfect, supernatural, yet frail and imperfect, and ultimately in need of God." At her most complex Porsche Smith presents a symphony of eclecticism that is neither overpowering nor pretentious. At her simplest, she's just an artist whose paintbrush and canvas are her Fender and Roland. "I would describe my sound now as 'transcending'" Smith says, "It doesn't fit into a box. If you want to walk away with spiritual connotations you will. If you want to walk away with something practical you will. I wanted something new, something upbeat, something unpredictable... adrenaline-filled, something I hadn't heard before from a black female artist." She is well on her way to accomplishing just that. Armed with an impressive musical dexterity, thought provoking lyrics and a soothing alto, she will first open your mind, then your ears, and inevitably open your heart and soul until you may believe, that Porsche Smith has indeed the capabilities of being all things to all people, much like a superhuman. I first heard Porsche Smith by accident. I stumbled upon her soundcloud page and was immediately blown away. Her songs "Be Where U Are" and "Cryin" are soulful tracks reminiscent of the neosoul movement that popped in Philly in the 1990s. With her songs "Life" and "Neglected", Porsche Smith dives into what feels autobiographical. I am thoroughly impressed with this songstress' skill. She strikes a chord with her music that few artists, major or indie, these days seem or care to do. Porsche Smith is a force to be dealt with. She will be around for a long time to come. Thank you Ms. Smith for sharing your gifts with us. Please continue to do so.




Please tell the readers where you're from and what you do? I'm from Philadelphia, PA and I rep the whole city. Tell us what made you want to do music and how long have you been doing it? The deciding factor was I can make money at this. I've been doing music since 1996. Philly music scene? It really could be better especially since we're a consuming city. Artists that got you hyped when you heard them? Jay-Z,Tupac, Biggie, Fresh Prince, Big Daddy Kane, Cool C, Beanie Sigel and Snoop Dogg. Tell us about a typical music day for you? I'm constantly in the studio. In your opinion, do Philly artists, correctly represent the art form or does that need to be remedied and why? I think MF, major figgas was the closest label to being indie, so you tell me. Who are some of the artists and industry folks you're connected with? My bro Steve Mckie, Reed Dollaz, Joy Denalane, Omillio Sparks, Big Bo, Bilal, Blue Scorpion(Atl), Spark Plug Entertainment and Jamal Hill. What do you do to stay current in a music scene that constantly changes? I am a trendsetter, so I don't worry about how the game change cause I will change the game. Management? I managed myself. I had a really great support team, brother Lodge and my brother Larry.


Any recording, productions or label deals in the works? Triple O! What was the first project you dropped and do you have anything ready to be released? My first solo project was what u mad 4? Hosted by DJ No Phrillz, a classic. I am working on my autobiography and this Triple O album with my man Big Bo, we'll be dropping some time in 2014 first Quarter. What can your listeners expect from you and where we find your music? Expect great music! Near and distant future plans? God orchestrates my life. How can people reach out out to you? China whyte@Facebook and Thanks for being with us. Thank you, much appreciated !!



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