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Darlette Gayle

Please tell the readers where you’re from and what you do and where did you get the name Whyte Chocolate First, thank you so much for spelling “Whyte Chocolate” correctly. I’m originally from Washington, DC. I was born here, grew up here and I still reside in the local area. I am the owner of an independent record label “Ettelrad Music Company”. Ettelrad is actually Darlette backwards – so that’s where that came from. I started my own label after realizing the serious investment that would be needed to put into my first and future music projects. I’m also a Mother of two girls and work a full time job at a research institution. The name Whyte Chocolate was a nickname that my cousin started and when doing research for the release of my first project – I decided to call the project Whyte Chocolate. That name seem to be easier for underground fans and peers to remember more so than Darlette Gayle and has become an alias of mine. Tell us what the deciding factor was that made you want to do music and how long have you been doing music? You own your company, please tell us about being an artist, business woman and talk to us about “ownership”. I actually decided to pursue a music career earlier than this project. I was with a rap group with two other girls called “Complexity”. We wrote our own lyrics and recorded a demo that was shopped to Puffy at Howard University at the time. We weren’t signed and ended up eventually going our separate ways. Years later, I was hooked up with a friend to lay vocals on his rap song and everything kind of snowballed from that event. I ended up working with the local producer of that track, recorded a demo, went to Florida and competed in a competition where there were a lot of talent agencies, record labels and management companies. I left my demo in every box that was available. I ended up getting a phone call from a producer who was signed to Atlantic records and he wanted to hook me up with an exec that had started his own label. That didn’t work out because I only had four songs at the time and he suggested hooking me up with some people in LA at Interscope Records so I flew out and meet with the people and ended up agreeing to record with a producer that worked with a lot of big name artist. If I had it to do over again, I would have done things a lot different. Anyway, this is what led me to start my own business. Running my own label is not easy at all because all the time that I put into the business aspect takes away from me being creative. Also, I don’t have a team of people set in place and if I did that would help out a lot! What’s the indie music scene like in DC? I don’t see a lot of big opportunities here for indie artists. I guess it’s all in who you know… maybe. I’m trying to know them. What was the feeling like when you performed at The BET Honors in front of so many heavyweights in music? It was surreal. It felt like a dream and it didn’t hit me until the next day. Were you nervous or intimidated being there or was it just another day at the office? Honestly, I didn’t have time to get nervous because it happened so quickly. God prepared me for that and I did it. I sang to Whitney Houston, and she liked it! I have that memory forever and that’s amazing to me! Everyone seemed to like it but Whitney was sitting directly in front of me – Queen Latifah was to my left. Trey Songz stood out to my right and he appeared more nervous than I was. It was crazy. Is the DC music scene correctly represented or does that need to be remedied? There are folks trying to make things happen. It’s a process still in progress. I believe it can happen.


Who are some of the artists and industry folks you’re connected with? My Facebook page is Darlette “Phantomgirlz” Gayle. Phantomboyz are a team of Producers signed to Warner Chappell Records. I worked with one of the producers (Larry “Pop” Summerville) on the team and he produced my last two releases I Know U Want It, Don’t Stop and Got Me Crazy. You have different styles in your music. Your track “I Know U Want It” is an up-tempo danceable song, while “Hold Me” seems to be very intimate and personal. Was that the desired effect when you released the albums they were featured on? On the Whyte Chocolate project, I combined the four songs I initially recorded in which I wrote and arranged mostly, like Hold Me Love Me, My Baby, and Who Do You Think I Am. I would say these songs represent the artist I was at that time and still am but just more polished and versatile. When I went to LA and recorded, I listen to a few songs they had for me which were mostly done already I knew I would choose four songs. My favorite was So Good 2 U and I co-wrote that song but did not get any credit for it. These songs already had a style to them but when I recorded them you could still hear my signature voice, I did not try to sound like the demo girl. As for the release I did with Pop, we co-wrote the songs but the style and concept was his. I think all of my recordings show my versatility and according to what the judges say on nationally televised singing competitions that’s a good thing! What’s your management situation like? I’m currently still managing my own career and it’s so hard. Sometimes I feel like giving up! But I love it so much and have invested so much that I just can’t. It’s so frustrating because I feel like I’m at a brick wall right now and I can’t get over it to move to the next level. But I’m a fighter. With the advent of video sites, how have they helped spread the word about your music? Social media has helped tremendously. I’m all over the internet. I could use more help with marketing. I recall you mentioned that you were possibly filming a reality TV show on YouTube, in addition to that, are there any recording, production or label deals in place. Tell us about the reality show. I don’t have anything currently on the table to discuss at this time. As for the reality show, it wasn’t picked up by a network. Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with and would like to work with? All of the artists I’ve recorded with are local. I did collaborations with B.I.G. Status, Zander Fields and I did backgrounds for DJ Mello T. I would love to work with Bruno Mars, Neyo, Mariah Carey, Kem and Janelle Monae. What was the first project you dropped and do you have anything ready to be released? My first project was Whyte Chocolate. I currently have nothing planned to be released in the next three months.


What can your listeners expect from you and where can we find your music? My listeners can expect that I will always give them my best and that I will always work to give them something that they’ll enjoy whether it’s a recorded project or live performance. They can find my music directly for download purchases at the following links:,, What are your short terms and long term plans? My short term plans are to continue to get work and exposure by developing relationships to get show opportunities for myself to build my fan base and presence. My long term goals are to release a new project… hopefully by 2014 and more video footage. How can the listeners contact you? People can contact me to stay in touch or stay informed by “Liking” my fan page on Facebook at the following link:!/pages/Darlette-Gayle-The-Artist/125953447463647 Darlette Gayle is also on Reverbnation and Twitter. My official website is Thank you so much for allowing me to interview with you! It was my pleasure! Muah!! Smoochez!!!!


Mona J


Please tell the readers where you're from and what you do? I'm from Richmond Va, I am a R&B/ Hip Hop Artist, and President of Mona J 804 LLC. Tell us what made you want to express through entertainment and how long have you been involved in it? I come from a music family. My father is a musician and engineer, my mother & aunts always sang and played music around me. Ive been singing all my life from school choirs to the stage and have been recording in studio since 97. What's the indie music and movie scene like in Richmond, VA and is it being accurately represented or does that need to be straightened out ? The movie and music life is not a big thing here in Richmond, Its more about politics so there is very little funding or support for our local talent. However we have tons of talent here in the R. We are not accurately showcased, most people who showcase the local talent is doing it for the money. Who are some of the artists and industry folks you're connected with in your journey? On my journey I've met Chopper Young City of Making the Band, Project Pat, Waka Flocka & BSM #squad, Calico Jones of SOD, Michael Keith of 112, Grand Puba, Mr Cheeks, Lil Cees, Sean Paul of Young Bloodz, 2 Chainz, M.I.G of Crime Mob, Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger the Gambler of SMG, Kid Capri, Jack the Thriller from and so many more! What do you do to stay current in an entertainment industry that constantly changes and how are you received as a femcee in Hip Hop? I continue to stay in the mouth of the entertainers that Ive met. I promo everyday whether by posting my music or making valid points on Facebook and twitter.. The people like my realness. Tell us about Mona J 804, LLC? Mona J 804 LLC is my Entertainment Management Company. I started it 2010. I always found it hard to find management I could trust and that could put there word in writing. So I created a company, so I could sign myself. I assist artists in what ever need they have, starting from what they already have accomplished. I've assisted Project Pat, Frenchie of BSM, and many more signed and unsigned artist get features, shows, studio time and more.


With technology being what it is today, has it helped or hurt your promotional efforts and why? I am able to reach a much lager audience right from my laptop. In terms of the music, do you have any recording, productions or label deals on the table? Yes, I'm currently working on a EP to drop for the summer for myself, my artist "Kei Culla", my male rap group "NBL" ages run from 13 to 16, and my 13 years young daughter Kemani Jima. I also have plans of mentoring and helping to assist more local talent from all over. You been a part of several groups in the past, is being a solo artist something that suits your style of doing things musically? Yes, I've been apart of a few groups, and yes being indie best fit my career choice. When you are taking care of yourself, all of your needs become primary and the only let downs you have are the ones you help create. I would like to be under a major label, but Im good either way. Tell us about your musical projects, particularly what you have current and do you have any collaborations in the works? I would like to keep my upcoming projects unknown by the world for now. I like to drop when Im ready and full of surprise guest for my listeners to be excited about. What can your listeners expect from you and where can we find your music? Expect me to do what I do best, my music will be on iTunes, reverbnation, youtube, soundcloud, and in a city near you! Short term and long term plans? Short term, have an up and running location for my management company. Long Term, an up and running location for the rest of my business plans. How can the listeners of your music and supporters contact you?,, Thanks for taking some time with us, peace. Thank you so very much!


"Expect me to do what I do best" Mona J.




Geographically, where do you come from? From Detroit, East Warren What made you want to get into the music industry & how long have you been doing music? I've been at it for 20 plus years. I started out behind the mic (spitting), today I'm behind the boards (mixing/mastering) and the camera (directing video) What's the indie Hip Hop scene like where you're from? Detroit Hip Hop Scene is continuing to grow beyond the mitten with the success of mainstream artist like Trick Trick (Last seen in the movie Alex Cross), Danny Brown & Big Sean to name a few. Who and what were some of your influences? My early influences being Run D.M.C. / L.L. Cool J today Jay Z & Kanye West motivates me to continue to make moves in this industry. In your opinion, is the Hip Hop scene where you're from represented correctly or does it still need work? I feel Detroit's future in music remains bright. and I will continue working on various music projects and video's leaving my mark on the game. Who are some of the emcees, DJs and crews, you're affiliated with? I was a big influence on DeShaun "Proof" Holton music career early on before Eminem and remained a constant in his life aside from the glamorous spot light or as we use to say " dat hot white light"... I have worked with artist like Obie Trice, Al Nuke, members of The Almighty Dreadnaughts, Charles Gator Moore (R&B Soul), Wayne Draztik, Low Lands Entertainment, Miz Korona. The music scene constantly changes, what are you doing to stay current? Staying on top of music technology keeps me ahead of the game, cats always see how I can be a asset to their project once they peep my techniques (Music Production Video Production) and pro audio skills in general. Who are some of the artists you've worked with, name a few, past and present? I'm currently with Craig Lane (Slum Village Producer) on a project that should day light something in the first quarter of 2013, I will also be appearing in the 2013 documentary "The Untold Story Of Detroit Hip Hop" narrated by Chuck D from Public Enemy, produced by Detroit's own Champtown under his "Footage Fa Dayz" film company.


I'm down with DJ K.D.C., The Notorious DJ Snake, DJ Rob Beatz, DJ Daryl Steel, Quake Johnson & P-Nutt, DJ Ghost, Coon Juiceman, Philpot, 5 Ela, Wayne Draztik, USM. What was the first mix tape/album you dropped and do you have any current projects? "Its Time For Sum Draztik Meazurez" was a mix CD I dropped on my WARNING_LABEL_MUSIC company currently preparing to release it on iTunes in 2013. What can your listeners expect from you, musically, each time you drop an album, single or mixtape? High Quality is what to be expected every time I drop a project, I'm trying to out do myself each time. What are some of your goals, musically? I'm working really hard to launch "Motion_Capture_Media" which is a Multi Company I created in 2010 as a outlet for my film projects. I'm currently working with SEC Records out of L.A. on new Mr. Bassman Guitar Line featuring a commercial with Lamont Johnson Detroit Bassist from Brainstorm ("This Must Be Heaven") produced by my company in conjunction with Aveton Sports Armor. How can folks contact











B. Roc Is She Next To Blow? 20


Mike Braxton recently caught up with Philly femcee, B. Roc. She spent some time talking to Mike B. about her next few moves. What up sis, what part of town are you from? I'm from Uptown Philadelphia, born & raised!!! What made you want to get into the music industry & how long have you been doing music? I started doing music at a very young age. When I was five years old my grandmother bought me a karaoke machine, drum pad, & keyboard. It was right after my mother & father split. I began creating music to express my feelings. It's become my passion & my best friend, the love I've grown for music is indescribable! What's the indie Hip Hop scene like where you're from? It is very competitive. I come from a city where it's "Go Hard or Go Home"! So I make sure to bring my A-game every time!! Who and what were some of your influences? Being as though I am a 90's baby, I have to say most of my musical influences came from that era! I think music was more real & less animated back then. Jay-Z has always been a major influence to me. I also love Biggie, Eve, Lil'Kim, Lauryn Hill, Young Jeezy & the list goes on! Haha!!!... Also My first manager Andre "Murda" Davis played a big role in schooling me about the industry! He taught me about loyalty & staying true to myself as an artist!! In your opinion, is Philly Hip Hop scene handled correctly by its participants? I think Philly is finally getting another chance to shine again. This is a city with so many talented individuals, but we haven't heard much since Eve, State Property, Jill Scott, & the Roots! As of late so many young And fresh artist from Philly have been reheating us back up. From Meek Mill to Andrew "Pop" Wansel! It's a very exciting and inspiring time for Philly right now. Who are some of the artists, you're down with? I am creating my own team of a wide variety of new and talented individuals, from writers down to photographers, mostly from the east coast area!!! Which you will hear and see very soon!


The music scene constantly changes, what are you doing to stay current? I am staying true to my myself!! I've studied the greats since I was a kid and I believe the key to their success was creating their own lane, & telling their own story. The greats created their own trends & let the others copy! Who are some of the artists you've worked with? Oh wow, I've worked with so many artist over the years. I've had the privilege to collab with dope female artist like Remedy da franchise, Ms. Jade, Nina Ross, & Hedonis da Amazon. And great male artist like Robby Cassa Blanca, The Insyderz, Sosa, No Question, EQ Da Professor, Oschino Vasquez, Pop Wansel, Mike Knox, Gillie Da Kid, Tone Trump, Tech 9 & many more artist. What was the first musical project you dropped and do you have any current projects? My first mixtape was called "B.Roc Da Ryda". I am currently working on my debut album and mixtape "Almost Famous" which can be expected to drop March of 2013. I will be debuting my new fashion line & urban Novel titled "Schemin" by next summer. & was recently invited to tour in Ghana & London next spring. What can your listeners expect from you, musically? I just want to tell my story!!! I think what music is lacking right now is "REALITY". I live a very intriguing life and I have an even more interesting past. My goal is to use my life experiences & my gift to touch & inspire others in ways that music inspired me. Short and long term goals? Musically I want to build my own empire! I am working from the ground up. For the first time in my life I am in control of my own career & it feels good to learn the ins & outs of the industry for myself without any middle men! I live to grind & I enjoy watching all of me & my teams hard work pay off. Stay tuned world!!!! How can folks contact you? To contact or book me you can email: I am also on twitter & instagram as @Queen_BRoc.


Welcome To The Model's Mansion 26

Dee Dee Carlos


Dee Dee Carlos

Photos by Canvas Photography, New York

So where do you hail from? I'm a full bloodied honduran from Bronx, NY.

How long have you been in the modeling business? I've been modeling for over 3 years so far and still going.

What would you say was you "big Break"? My big break was being featured in Stiletto Talk Magazine.

What made you decide to become a model? I love showing my sexiness and creativity with the help of talented photographers.

Is there anyone who influenced you in your career? I didn't have many influences in my career. I just do what I do and I'm loving it.

What magazines have you been feature in? Stiletto Talk Magazine, Cherricoloda Magazine and Streetfame Magazine, just to name a few

Was there ever a job you refused to do? What was it and Why? Yes, I've turn down a shoot in which a photographer wants to do exotic shoot of him and me wearing nothng but mask. Sorry I don't do nudes unless its implied and artistic.

Is there any advice you can give to young ladies trying to get in the modeling industry? Some Do's & Don'ts. Always be ready and prepared to do a shoot with your hair and make up done, even if they have a hair dresser and a make up artist on the spot. Always be creative in your shoot where scenery, facial expressions, and poses count. Always do research with the photographer, magazine, and site, Always arrive on time for a shoot. Don't call at the last minute, if you wont be able to do a shoot. That's very unprofessional in the business.

Is there anything about the path you've chosen that you would do differently or change? No, I love what I do and will keep doing it.

What can you fans look forward to seeing you do in the near future? More feature magazines, updating my website, behind the scene videos of my shoot, posters, and calendars.

What projects if any are you working on now? A 2013 Calendar

Other then modeling what else are you interested in doing? I've always have an interests in acting.

Turn on's. Sexy Brains, great convo, tats, sense of humor, personality, oh yes, smell so good.

Turn off's. A person with a lack on intelligent, no goal , and no creativity.

Dream guy/girl. I don't have a dream guy. Just want a real guy, someone who love me for me and not afraid to get his all, because I would do the same for him.

In a small paragraph tell us your ultimate fantasy. Hmmmm, a romantic dinner on a exotic tropical islane with sandy beach and a beautiful scenery of the blue water and sunset Then for dessert making love in a watery cave, yummy

Shout outs. I like to make a shout outs to Stylishly Monroe, Canvas Photography, Alvin Ace, Miguel Lalo Perez, Shawndell Bailey aka Mrmedi ScbvisionPhotography, Rashard of ShardCollection, Urban Eyes Studio, Shanwear, Thyck Dolls and Divas on Deck.

Donna Banks


So where do you hail from? I hail from the city of Detroit also known as "The D"...What up doe?! How long have you been in the modeling business? I have only been in the modeling business for a year and some months now but it's so fast paced sometimes it feels like it's been longer then it has. What would you say was your "Big Break"? I don't believe I've had a "big break" yet in terms of how others describe it, but the first time I saw my pictures after my first shoot, I was in awe. I couldn't believe it was me! I like to describe that as my personal big break but I will have one soon, just wait and see. *wink* What made you decide to become a model? I was influenced by some local photographers, family and friends. They would call me a "cam whore" but I just like to take pictures when I'm at different functions to show my people the amount of fun we are having! Nevertheless, here I am actually modeling. Is there anyone who influenced you in your career? As I said previously, local photographers and of course other BBW models. What magazines have you been feature in? This Was there ever a job you refused to do? What was it and Why? Yes, I was offered a job to shoot topless in Plumper Pass, however I declined because I will not do a full nudity shoot. I have family that are into Big Beautiful Women and I don't wish for my family or friends to see me in that manner. No matter whatever the amount, I will never pose nude for any publication and I am very serious about that. Is there any advice you can give to young ladies trying to get in the modeling industry? Some Do's and Don'ts. Practice makes perfect, Listen to your photographer/shoot director Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone Everyone is different, Be you, Be unique Never compromise your dignity. There nothing wrong with taking a stand, other shoots will come! Is there anything about the path you've chosen that you would do differently or change? No. I believe everything happens for a reason. What can your fans look forward to seeing you do in the near future? More personal appearances, hosting, runways, and definitely more print work. I have to keep it "Sassy" with whatever I'm doing. What projects if any are you working on now? I'm working on my own calendar and maybe a reality TV show, stay tuned! Other then modeling what else are you interested in doing? Working with my partners in our Event Planning and Party Promotions busines Definitely Divas LLC, traveling and eating pizza, the simple things in life.


Lele Jimenez


So where do you hail from? I hail from the Dominican Republic. How long have you been in the modeling business? I have been in the modeling business for eleven years. What was your "big splash" into modeling? My big break had to be in my home land on a television show. Deciding factor in you wanting to become a model? What made me decide to be a model is that I feel as though you only live once, so if you got it, flaut it that way I can always have a memory of what I have done. Influences in your career? My children influence me. What magazines have you been featured in? I have not been in any magazines yet, but I 'm working on it. Was there ever a job you refused to do? What was it and Why? No, never refused a job before. Is there any advice you can give to young ladies trying to get in the modeling industry? Some Do's & Don'ts. I would like to say to any of the young women trying to get out there and model, go for it while you still breathing. It doesnt matter about age not at all. It 's all about how hungry you are and how far are you willing to go without doing anything tragic or stupid. Is there anything about the path you've chosen that you would do differently or change? If I could change anything about the path I have chosen, it would be that I wish I would have started in the modeling game earlier. You know what they say, the earlier the better. What can you fans look forward to seeing you do in the near future? I want my fans to look foward to seeing me modeling, as well as some acting. What projects are in the pipeline? So far, I am working with urban shots photography modeling for them, as well as T.A.F. modeling. Any other interests? Well as of now, I do have my degree in criminal justice. I am currently working with children with special needs. I look foward to working in something that has to do with my degree sometime soon. Shout outs: Special shout out to my three daughters, who I love the most and also a major shout out to the main man who encourage me to kick start my modeling career B.H. Blackson and Urban Shots Photography.




Photo by Lee Cypress Photography

Please tell the readers, who you are, what city you're from and what you do? My name is B. King aka Queen and I represent the 804. I’m going to tell you where I’m from but you still wouldn’t know. Shacklefords…. Lol yeah.. You don’t know!! I am a promotional model holding down Va to the fullest! Tell us what was the deciding factor that made you aspire to model? One of my homegirls had started doing the modeling and then a photographer and I started chatting. It just went from there. My first shoot I did a fish net dress!!! I just went ahead and said if I’m going to get them to know me, I gotta start with something they gonna remember me always for. Those pics still get likes on my page! What's the modeling scene like in your city? The modeling scene in my area is not really popping. I have seen some girls come out close to the area I reside in, but I really think I’m the major one right now trying to blow up the scenes! Your modeling influences? I wanna be a different type of breed when it comes to modeling. I follow the rules, but to a certain extent. I do what needs to be done to seen and have them saying my name. I want to have my own promotional company one day. So I’m doing what is necessary now to learn the skills and the knowledge of the business. I’m doing a pretty good job so far. I have booked other models before. I have helped with promotions for events. I build websites. I’m trying to learn all that I can and I will. In your opinion, is the modeling scene a cutthroat industry or does it need to be remedied? Let me tell you, this business is something else and I’ve only been in it for three years! I have seen and heard some things that just make me wonder should I continue at times. The business is cutthroat. It is shady too. There are so many positives to it that I let them outweigh the negative that I interact with at times. I just keep it moving into the right direction. I am that remedy for the industry! You ask if it needs a remedy, yeah it do. It needs a true Queen. The end… Who are some of the industry folks you're connected with and have you done any music videos, films, etc? I have had the pleasure of working with many local promoters, artists, and photographers. I have worked with Lee McDowell. I have also done promotional work for Joe Pro’s clothing line, “IThinkUmJoePro”. I am featured on his website as well ( I have done a few promotional videos for Dream Magazine (Ben Callahan and Jayel More). I am working on building myself up for movie scenes and music videos. I have several offers on the table now I’m looking into.


What do you do to stay current in a modeling scene that constantly changes? I promote myself hard seven days a week. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t talk business with a photographer, promoter, or artists. I make sure I keep my pictures as current as I possibly can. I show people support back that believes in my brand. That’s how I stay on top of the grind. What’s your management situation like? At the moment I am with Dream Enterprises. With the advent of social networking websites and video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc, helped or hurt your promotional efforts? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all the other websites I’m on as really helped me to been seen in the entertainment world. I really appreciate being able to show my work on these social websites.

Do you have any shoots or shows, magazine spreads, etc in the works? I have a shoot coming up at the end of February with AJR Photography in North Carolina. I have more promotional work I’m putting out as we do this interview. I am going to be the cover model and featured in Notch Life Magazine in April. I have videos in the works. The Queen will be seen quite often very soon.. Who are some of the models/ artists you've worked with? I have worked with some local models and artists. I’m making all the possible connections now to go further and beyond just Va.

Dos and don'ts? DO be the best you can be at all times. DO know that everybody is not out to help you. DON’T be gullible to the industry. DON’T be scared to say no. Fantasy date? My fantasy date would be my boo taking me to an Italian restaurant… opening the doors for me..gazing at me..back at his crib there would be strawberries and feeding him.. him feeding me..I love massages..and of course he would get one too..and we just end the night in peaceful bliss..enjoying each other..then falling asleep in each other’s arms..oh and lots of kissing.. I love kissing.. lol What can your fans expect from you, in terms of photo shoots, etc? My fans should be ready to see me in more magazines and videos. The pictures are always going to stay updated but you can always expect to see me in urban model form the majority of the time. I am versatile and very diverse. That’s why I’m so marketable. I can pull of any type of photo shoot I believe. Gotta have that confidence! How can potential clients. photographers, magazines, etc get in contact you? You can reach me at: Thanks for having me!!! Appreciate you! Muah! *Queen*



ETZ The Magazine caught up with this Bronx born emcee to find out why he keeps it ...


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Please tell the readers where you're from and what you do? I'm your boy 100 PERCENT. I hail from the birth place of hip-hop, The Bronx New York, and I entertain through the art lyricism, or the art of rap. I consider myself to be a storyteller.Others have called me an oratorical maestro. Tell us what made you want to express through entertainment and how long have you been involved in it? I've been entertaining since I was 11 years old. I am turning 21 this year so that places me at the 10 year mark now; and I'm just getting started. The thing that influenced me to express myself through hip hop is the level of passion that I've always had for this genre of music. I feel like I was born to do this. I don't view it as a job, it's a part of who I am. That's how I know for certain it's what I was meant to do. What's the indie music and movie scene like in your city? The indie scene in my city is huge. I mean, it is New York City, right? There are a lot of indie artists on the grind out here. Everyone is trying to do their thing. I've been in the presence of some really talented individuals who are definitely beasts at what they do. The thing is, we all share a common goal to be successful in the music industry. Hopefully, we can ALL make it to the top. Your influences, musically, television, film, etc? Well, my "personal" influences are my family and my managers. They continually motivate me to chase after my dream and help me to remain grounded. "Professionally," i'm inspired by artists like L.L. Cool J, Nas, KRS-One, and 50CENT. To nail down a favorite would be difficult. Although, I can tell you that I'm an observer and I draw a lot of my creative energy from people who strive to be better and are strong self motivators. In your opinion, is the indie music in your city, accurately represented or does that need to be straightened out and why? Definitely. As I stated earlier, there's a lot of artist out here trying to make it, but somehow they keep running into a brick wall or a closed door. I know, because I used to be one of them. Without a strong knowledge of the industry, focus, and determination it's hard to make any progress at all. I believe artists really have to learn the ins-and-outs of the music business, before trying to rep their city. Otherwise we are destined for disappointment. I've learned that there's more to this whole thing than just being able to spit over a hot track and shout out my city. My personal life has to be in tact, my understanding of self has to be in tact, my knowledge of the industry has to be in tact, I have to have a great team around me, I have to have a strong work ethic, I have to grind hard. I have to have a plan and execute that plan.


I have to understand where the industry is going musically and what listeners are responding to, I have to have a killer presence, and my stage performance has to be Fire! Everything has to be tight. I believe that's how I can best rep my city. Thankfully, the people around me (Team100) aren't trying to eat off of me. They are teaching me the things I need to know so that I will have financial security and longevity in this business. To sum it up, the best way for any artist to represent their city (no matter where they're from) is to learn the business and be prepared. Our talents can take us to great places, but we have to know what we're doing when we get there. That said, if we represent ourselves better, that's the best representation any city can have. Who are some of the artists and industry folks you're connected with in your journey? Right now I'm working with a small circle of people that are helping me become a better artist. So far I've worked on projects with Legendary DJ Ron G, DJ Envy, and noted producer, D-Gatez. What do you do to stay current in an entertainment industry that constantly changes? One thing that I do to stay current is to be diverse with my music and follow the trends in entertainment. I know that everyone has their own opinions about entertainers and their craft so I try to be as informed as possible. I listen to many different genres of music and watch as many movies as I can. I'm the type of artist that imagines having a variety of songs all on one CD project, from hip- hop to rock, to pop. As well as venturing off to wherever this talent takes me. In fact, I have some movie stuff in the works so, I'm gearing up for that. You guys will be able to see me cut my acting teeth. I'm crazy excited about it. Things are happening so fast, but it's what I've been praying for, waiting for, preparing for. Production starts later this year with Lion Head Films. Tell us about The Hip Hop Foundation and Lion Head Films? I'm glad you asked about that. The Hip Hop Head Foundation is an organization that was created by my mentor and manager, C. C. Cowan. He is the President of Brillionaire Entertainment Group. The primary focus of the foundation is on the importance of education. They have a desire to aid in the decrease of the high school drop out rate in this country. Especially in the African-American school districts. Sadly, we're living in a time where a lot of kids feel that education is not as important as it once was. The Hip Hop Head Foundation has teamed up with the hip hop community and corporate partners to present an initiative called, "I AM A HIP HOP HEAD" which will not only encourage continued and higher education, but slow the dropout rate to a halt.


Everyone has a dream and a purpose in life but they have to understand how education plays a significant role in how we pursue and obtain those dreams. Not only do I support their efforts, but I've also been asked to pen the theme song for the initiative. So, I'm excited. With technology being what it is today have video websites helped or hurt your promotional efforts and why? Video websites have definitely helped me with my career in a major way. It has made promotions a lot easier and more affordable on my end. Its important to build a fan base. Back in the day, artists used to travel back and forth to radio stations to promote themselves and even sold their own material on the streets. The internet has now allowed us to reach out to a larger number of people around the world. To be able to record, edit and then upload to my website, in a matter of hours, is something I really enjoy. It's convenient and its taking me places I never imagined before. In terms of the music, do you have any recording, productions or label deals in the works? Yes. My debut project "Mixtape Music Vol..1: The Initiation" is dropped March 27th, 2013 and it's doing great numbers. Right now, I'm in the studio working on my new EP "Club 100." This is a busy and exciting time for me. I'm doing what I love, bringing the fans what they want, good music. As for my upcoming album, all I can say is it's going to be LEGENDARY. Who are some of the artists you've worked, past and present? In 2011, I did a track for DJ Envy's 'Audio Uprising: Vol.. 1' which was a great experience. Performing at the showcase was extremely exciting. Just to be on the stage doing what what I love motivated me to continue on this quest for hip hop supremacy. I am currently in the process of collaborating with other, but unfortunately I have to keep my current plans close to the vest for now. Stay tuned though, you will be surprised. What was the first project you dropped and do you have anything ready to be released? My debut mixtape project, titled "MIXTAPE MUSIC Vol..1: The Initiation" is my first official project released with Brillionaire Entertainment Group. I'm very excited about it. A lot of hard work and long hours went into the development of this project.The songs, the mix, and the sound quality had to be right. I'm announcing to the world, that I'm coming! Being it was my first project, like any other artist, I was hoping that it did well. And it did! So, all of your readers, listeners and followers can download it and let me know what they think.


What can your listeners expect from you and where we find your music? They can expect to hear genuine hip hop styling. Right now, a lot of the new artists sound similar to each other. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I have my own flow, my own style, my own experiences that I draw from to create the fire that comes from the pit of my belly and burns up the mic. I'm a young cat but my records are very mature and I have a very skillful delivery. I also have fun in my music. That's something listeners will be sure to hear when they pick up MIXTAPE MUSIC vol.. 1: The Initiation. My music can be heard, downloaded, and brought on my websites, also on my Management's You can also find me on, iamOneHundred, and Short term and long term plans? Listen I'm young, but I've been taught by those closest to me that the ability to even do this is a gift from God. So, I plan to treat it like a gift. I want to create landmark music, historical music, music that will bring the fire back to New York; more specifically back to where it started, THE BRONX. I also see myself helping people throughout my career, inspiring youth, building up communities, and more. But short term, I plan to kill every mic I touch, blow up every booth i step into, murder every beat and burn down every stage I step on. I plan to make every artists out there feel like they have to step their game up because 100 PERCENT is in the freakin' building. I plan to live up to the name 100 PERCENT. I want my fans and followers to be proud. So, in the short term, I'm gonna work hard to give them everything they want and expect. How can the listeners and supporters contact you? Hit me up online: iam_100PERCENT,, also they can leave fan mail on my website which is, For bookings contact my management at Thanks for taking some time with us, peace. Thank you for having me.


I Believe’ is the debut single from up and coming singer/songwriter Kenza. Hailing from East London, Kenza has over seven years of experience working in the music industry. In that time she gained a large 14,000 fan following on social networks, performed all over the world and had the pleasure of working and making music with many established artists including Lyfe Jennings, Mclean, Roll Deep, Wiley, New Jersey Rapper Fonte Cruise, Alley Boy and Ghetts. She wrote and recorded the official UK Remix of Mims’ hit ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’ which received airplay on many UK radio stations and earned her a trip to Miami to work with the original producers. After experimenting with a range of different genres throughout her career, her speciality now lies within the pop/house categories. Produced by ex-Roll Deep member Chunky Bizzle, ‘I Believe’ portrays this with its funky, upbeat and infectious melody. This type of music is clearly dominating the charts- at a time when many UK artists are breaching into forms of this genre; a door is being opened for more artists to fall into this category. With a powerful voice and attitude to match, Kenza’s music, unique vocal and personality suitably fit this position. Now equipped with a full backing band, her live shows have become an even bigger spectacle (as demonstrated during her recent single launch at Farringdon’s Ember bar.). ‘I Believe’ is available for digital download from iTunes and a music video to accompany it can be seen on YouTube.





Who is Chill Moody? by David Indikator Fuller Chill Moody is the next big thing to come from the City of Brotherly Love. He is a West Philly emcee with everything needed to catapult himself into the stratosphere. I recently met Chill Moody at Marsten House Studios and had an opportunity to sit and talk with this Illadelph wordsmith. He had a great many things to say. He is very sure of himself, yet humble, which in my opinion, is needed. In my meeting with him, he did not put any other artists down, but rather, lifted up his crew. He is a very personable young man, with a lot going for himself. His video for the song "RFM" was recently picked up by MTV Jams, which he states is a blessing. The emcee I talked to, is an emcee's emcee. He is very much in control of his destiny. I asked Chill Moody where his handle came from. He told me, Moody is his surname and as a child, his family used to call him Chill, because that's what he did... chill. Chill Moody and I talked about several different topics, including the Philly Hip Hop scene. I asked him about the craft of emceeing, as well as how he earns his keep doing what he loves to do. Chill Moody is a full time artist, he does this for a living, stands by that and will continue do so. I asked him how he felt about his video getting added to the rotation on MTV Jams. He replied during our interview for Enter The Zone TV, that it felt great. People hearing his music, is a very good thing. Chill Moody will only get better and better as time goes on. He is a college graduate (Millersville, Pa). He has started a clothing line and puts out dope music. He has released several mixtapes and goes hard every time out. He has sold out the Theatre Of Living Arts and The Hard Rock Cafe in Philly as the headliner. He works his ass off to make sure his City, The City of Philly, is represented to the fullest and in a positive light. There are many chapters, yet to be written about Chill Moody and his movement. This young man has his best years in front of him. It was my pleasure meeting and talking with him. He is focused and deliberate. In my opinion, he represents not only his generation of Hip Hop, but that of generations past and we welcome that. I want to say thank you to Chill Moody for just being being yourself in a world where so many of us wish not to be. Peace to you, young brother and most of all, represent. You will able able to see Chill Moody on an upcoming episode of Enter The Zone TV.


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