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3 Ways to Give Back Over The Holidays



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I don’t really have a “back up plan” because my mind has always been set on doing this.

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Al l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d – C o p y r i g h t 2 0 1 3 Vol ume 1 . Number 2 . Wi nter 2012 | 03



04 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012 Valeria Lukyanova . Photographed by, Sebastian Faena for V Magazine


emember your old dolls

extremely thin, she hopes to one day

The two females appear to be very

and Barbies you used to

get surgery to reshape her eyes and to

content with their look. On their

play with? Have you ever

make her waist even more dramatic.

Youtube videos and Facebook pages,

wished you looked like one of them? Often, many girls dream of looking like Barbie with her long, full blonde hair with blue eyes, slim waist and long legs. As we got older, we realized that looking like Barbie was impossible because Barbie fits the ideal of “perfection”. Barbie is fake, she is

On the other hand, Lukyanova

is also from the Ukraine and calls herself “the real deal.” She says that she is legitimately the real-life Barbie. She most likely underwent plastic surgery to achieve her look. However, the underlying issue is not the plastic sur-

there have been mixed reactions. Some praise them for daring to be different and urge them to be unique. However, others think they have a psychological problem and believe they are not actually happy with how they look - whether it is “perfect” or not.

gery and whether she is fake or real.

I am an advocate of uniqueness. There-

According to a Diane Levin, a Boston

fore, if this is what makes these two la-

Meet Anastasiya Shpagina and

professor at Wheelock College, her

dies happy then they should go for it.

Valeria Lukyanova, two friends from

problem “is that her flaunted image

However, I hope they don’t internally

the Ukraine who have made many

epitomizes and exemplifies the issue

feel the need to look perfect. They

Youtube videos with tutorials on how

of objectification of women in today’s

may have achieved looking like Bar-

they apply their makeup. The former

society.” Furthermore, Lukyanova has

bie and anime characters but perfec-

looks like a real anime character while

referred to herself as the most famous

tion is a look no one can ever achieve.

the latter looks like Barbie. Shpagina

woman in Russia, but as of right now,

is from Ukraine and has used extreme

Shpagina is actually more famous.

not real beauty. Well, maybe not...


makeup techniques and costumes to enable herself to look like an anime character. As she quotes on her Facebook page, “I’m not like a doll, a doll is like me.” It takes Shpagina a little bit more than an hour to achieve her look. You might say that is not a lot of time but keep in mind, this is because she is experienced and has been doing this for quite some time. Although she is

Anastasiya Shpagina Your World | | 05

06 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

hen you’re about


food bank or soup kitchen. I remem-

Canned Food Drive: You can hold a

to dive into that

ber when I volunteered at my local

canned food drive at your school,

plate of turkey,

food bank. I got to meet people from

where students can drop off cans

mashed potatoes, and gravy on

all walks of life. Although I was giving

at the main office. After a period of

Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, what

them bags of food, it seemed like the

time, you can pack these cans and

are you thinking about? I bet most

gift that I received was much greater.

send them to a local food bank or

of you aren’t thinking about the

The jokes, smiles, and conversations

homeless shelter. A twist on this

needy families who don’t have that

with lovely elderly couples, and sin-

event could be a rivalry competi-

same comfort food on their plates.

gle mothers with adorable children

tion. Your school can compete with

According to Feeding America, in

were the best gifts that I could have

your rival school in raising the great-

2011, over 50.1 million Americans,

ever received during the holidays.

est amount of cans for donation.

including adults and children, are living with food insecurity. Unlike financially stable households, these

Some fundraising opportunities that I would suggest are:

families spend their holidays with

Meals on Wheels: With your school,

an insufficient amount of food due

church, or group of friends, you can

to economic reasons such as unem-

hold a food drive and collect packages

ployment. National and world hun-

or cans of food to assemble meal bas-

ger has always been an issue that

kets. These meals will then be deliv-

our society struggles with. It takes

ered to the homes of needy families,

“Easy as Pie” fundraiser: At your

individuals (like you) to help combat

hence the name meals on “wheels”.

school or in your neighborhood, you

hunger and make the holiday season

can host a pie sale fundraiser before

better for the less fortunate ones.

Thanksgiving, or winter break (Christ-

This holiday season you can

give back to needy families by participating in volunteering opportunities and by holding fundraising events.

mas). You can sell sponsored pies by asking for donations from your local bakeries, or you can bake your own. One of my favorite recipes is Skinnytaste’s Pumpkin Pie. Her recipes are

For volunteering opportuni-

healthy and amazing! You can find her

ties, you can volunteer at your local

pumpkin pie recipe on the next page. Your World | | 07

Skinny Pumpkin Pie Servings: 8 Serving Size: 1/8th Calories: 172.3 Fat: 6.4 g Carbs: 31.4 Fiber: 1.7 Protein: 3.5 g Sugar: 20.7Sodium: 143.1 mg Ingredients: • 15 oz canned pumpkin (or homemade pumpkin puree) • 2 tbsp light butter, softened

Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly dust a large cutting board or flat surface with flour. Roll out a room temperature pie crust sheet, so that it becomes thin enough to cut off about 30%, so that your final crust is 5 oz. Place into a 9-inch pie dish, cutting off excess dough. Place pumpkin in a large bowl. Add light butter, and mix well. Using an electric mixer, mix in brown sugar, milk, eggs, egg whites, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Beat on medium speed until mixture is smooth. Pour filling into unbaked pie crust. Bake 60 minutes, or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Serve with whipped topping and enjoy!

• 3/4 cup light brown sugar • 1/2 cup fat free milk

With the first couple of steps you take to combat hunger, I can en-

• 1 large egg

sure you that you will make a difference in households with food inse-

• 2 large egg whites

curity. Make use of your holiday spirit! For Loring A. Schuler once said

•1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

that, “For the spirit of Christmas fulfills the greatest hunger of mankind.”

• 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 1 frozen pie crust sheet, Pillsbury (thawed to room temperature) 08 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012



t’s the happiest time of the year

So, this holiday season hold

ting re-married does not mean that

folks! All you can see are the

hands with a loved one, and that

he is going to replace your father,

green and white trees deco-

does not have to be a boyfriend or

because your father is still there isn’t

rated to holiday perfection and the

girlfriend. Kiss your mommy on the

he? Don’t think of it as a replace-

blinding rainbow lights.

The bells

cheek, surprise your dad with a bear

ment think of it as an opening. You

are ringing and carols are being sung.

hug, thank your parents for every-

are just accepting another parental

thing they’ve done, spend time with

figure into your life. Many people

your siblings playing games or enjoy-

actually have multiple parental fig-

ing a movie night with them. Remind

ures beyond their biological parents,

your loved ones that you love them.

whether that is an older sibling, a


teacher, coach, or neighbor, your step-




a special holiday, unmatched by any other. It’s not just the fact that school’s out, or that gifts are exchanged, but it’s a time to simply be

dad is simply taking another spot.

together; where people gather with good music and over good food. It

is a time to appreciate the people in

that your family likes him and your

your life along with all your blessings.

mom is happy with him. Be happy

Because the holidays often

bring cold winter weather, hot chocolate, nutmeg, and burning fire, it also inspires the infamous ‘Christmas Cuffing’, which is when the feeling of togetherness spreads beyond just family and friends but also to significant others, in other words, ‘love is in the air’. People suddenly develop this deep internal desire to share this

The most important thing is

that you like him because that just Mary . New Jersey . Class of 2015

makes things easier for you and everyone; do not feel obligated to try

Dear Monique,

My mom is getting remar-

ried soon and I am not sure if I should be happy or sad because I like my new step-dad, but I don’t want him to replace my father. What do you think? What should I do?

experience with their loved ones and

Hey Mary,

suddenly couples are walking hand-

in-hand, smiling, radiating uninhib-

already know the answer to this ques-

ited joy, cuddling on park benches.

tion. Just because your mom is get-

and hate him. These things take time and as you transition there will probably be a few bumps in the road as you will adjust to a new person in your family. But just keep an open mind and talk to your mom throughout the experience. This may be a chance for you two to get closer.

Well, to be honest I think you

- Monique Williams

Your World | | 09

hile the madness


by their respective stalwart programs.

The Indiana Hoosiers are

of March cannot

John Calipari of Kentucky, Rick Pit-

the #1 team in America, according

quite be scented

ino of Louisville, Mike Krzyzewski of

to the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll,

amidst the insanity on the gridiron

Duke, Roy Williams of North Carolina,

and rightfully so. Tom Crean worked

this time of year, it is never too early

and Bill Self of Kansas have been re-

arduously over the course of the

to preview the college hoops land-

garded as the best in the coaching

past four seasons to return the Indi-

scape. With just under twenty days

craft over the past decade, and each

ana basketball program to glory after

until opening tip, a clear precedent

coach returns a powerful squad this

NCAA sanctions crippled the once-

has been set for those deemed the

winter. While behemoth poster-boys

proud Hoosiers from 2008 to the end

teams to beat by media and coaches.

for the sport, such as Kentucky’s 2012

of 2011. Last fall, it all came together

Much-maligned by the continuing

freshman phenom Anthony Davis,

for the Hoosiers, who landed highly-

relevancy of the “one-and-done,” col-

Kansas’ low-post bully Thomas Rob-

touted freshman center Cody Zel-

lege basketball will lack an undisputed

inson, and Ohio State’s elite big man

ler and knocked off #1 and eventual

top-flight team throughout the sea-

Jared Sullinger have departed for

champion Kentucky on a last second

son in 2012-13, unlike last year, when

the NBA, new faces will emerge on

shot by Christian Watford in Bloom-

the Kentucky Wildcats ran rampant

the hardwood this season. Indiana’s

ington. Crean brings back every key

behind a cast of freshman superstars

7-foot gem Cody Zeller returns for

piece to a Sweet Sixteen team aim-

all the way to tournament glory. The

his sophomore year, and freshmen

ing for an even deeper run the tour-

lack of a clear-cut torch bearer for col-

such as Nerlens Noel of Kentucky and

ney come March 2013. Zeller is now

lege basketball in 2012-13 will make

Shabazz Muhammad of UCLA will in-

a 7-foot sophomore, widely regarded

for much more parity in the months

fuse new meaning into the term “dia-

by analysts and onlookers as the best

leading up to March and the tourna-

per dandy.” It will be a rowdy ride, as

college basketball player in the coun-

ment itself. With realignment and

it tends to be in a sport with such rich

try. As the potential #1 pick in next

early NBA pillaging taking its toll, col-

tradition and fanatical tendencies.

year’s draft, Zeller is a ferocious re-

lege basketball with have a much different fabric than it did one year ago,

bounder and polished offensive post presence. Zeller is joined by versatile

a now oft-annual theme in the sport.

senior power forward Christian Wat-

One tone that has always been com-

ford, the hero of last year’s victory

mon in college basketball is the pres-

over Kentucky. Athletic swingman

ence of coaches glamorized as deities

Victor Oladipo adds explosiveness

10 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Your World | | 11

to Indiana on the perimeter, as does

point guard with years of experience

senior sharpshooter Jordan Hulls. The

in Pitino’s system. While Siva infuses

Hoosiers are likely to start freshman

Louisville with experience and leader-

and Indianapolis product Yogi Ferrell

ship, Louisville has a frugal amount of

at point guard. A naturalist at creating

depth and weaponry. Wayne Blacks-

plays and adjusting to a variety of de-

hear is a talented sophomore swing-

fensive sets, Ferrell gives Crean an in-

The coaches ranked the Lou-

man who battled injuries in his fresh-

stinctive and smart player at the point,

isville Cardinals as the #2 team in

man campaign but enters 2012-13 as

a dire trait for any team contending

America in their preseason poll. A

healthy. Russ Smith gives the ‘Ville a

for a title. Maurice Creek could be

model of consistency under legendary

dynamic guard with shooting prowess

perhaps the most injury-prone play-

coach Rick Pitino, the ‘Ville dashed to

and quick hands fit for steals to com-

er in the country, but showed talent

the Final Four in 2012 as a four seed,

plement the more-mature Siva. Up

and productivity earlier in his career.

surprising pundits with crippling de-

front, Chane Behanan gives the Cards

Indiana must improve its defense to

fensive efficiency. The Cardinals held

a powerful bully more than capable

match its elite offensive efficiency

number one seeded powerhouse

of being a double-double machine.

in order to contend for a conference

Michigan State to a mere 43 points in

Star center Gorgui Dieng gives Pitino

championship in an exceedingly tal-

a Sweet Sixteen upset en route to the

a shot-blocker keen on improving his

ented Big Ten. Teams that succeed in

final four berth. Eventually, Louisville

offensive post game. A pair of new-

March must be stingy on the defen-

ran into archrival Kentucky in the Fi-

comers, George Mason transfer Luke

sive end, a component often lacking

nal Four in New Orleans, where they

Hancock and true freshman Montrezl

for IU last season. It has been a long

were soundly defeated after catch-

Harrell, supply Louisville with depth.

and difficult road back for Indiana,

ing the tournament field off guard.

There is no reason to believe there will

but Hoosier Hysteria has returned to

This year, Louisville will sneak up on

be a drop-off on the defensive side of

Bloomington, a hub of hoops tradi-

nobody as they deal with the burden

the ball for Rick Pitino’s squad. If the

tion. Crean and this cast of stars never

of great expectations amongst college

Cards can cut down the turnovers and

wavered, and the results of such ad-

basketball experts and onlookers.

boost the offensive efficiency with

mirable determination should show

Senior point guard Peyton Siva leads

returning weaponry and a more ma-

in 2012-13 when Zeller leads the Hoo-

the attack for Pitino as a floor gen-

ture general in Peyton Siva, Louisville

siers to 35 wins and a Final Four berth.

eral and catalyst success. An unques-

could be the best team in the state

tioned leader, Siva is a small yet quick

of Kentucky. With the added depth,,

12 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Pitino is more than capable of apply-

#18 overall pick Terrence Jones, and

turn for his sophomore campaign as

ing the defensive press and imple-

#29 overall pick Marquis Teague. With

a sweet-shooting swingman who can

menting his oft-successful half-court

ease, John Calipari reloaded with a

account for a bulk of the offensive

defensive strategy. Pivotal games

new group of youngsters ranked #2

production gone with the departure

against rivals Memphis and Kentucky

by ESPN Recruiting Nation. This next

of Davis. There is a lot to replace in

will set the tone for the Cardinals’

freshman class of recruiting guru

Lexington, but “rebuilding” to other

season early on, and the elite Big

John Calipari includes the #1 player

programs simply translates as “reload-

East Conference with test and try this

of 2012 and heir apparent to the leg-

ing” for Calipari and yet another class

team. Louisville can win it all with their

endary Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel.

of talented newcomers. Calipari, the

experience and suffocating defense.

The 6-10 big man and Everett, Massa-

main advocate for college basketball’s

chusetts product can block shots and

“one-and-done” culture, has another

score, all while rocking a tasteful high

dynamic team and diverse set of skills

top fade. Athletic combination for-

on the hardwood. Kentucky will win

ward Alex Poythress, versatile scor-

another SEC title and should make yet

ing guard Archie Goodwin, and raw

another trip to the Final Four if all the

big man Willie Cauley round out Cali-

talented pieces can mesh and coexist.

The defending national cham-

pion Kentucky Wildcats check in at #3 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll. In 2012, Kentucky lost a mere two games en route to a dominant March where Kentucky was barely challenged in winning the eighth national championship in the school’s rich hoops history. After that glorious run to March Madness riches, John Calipari’s Kentucky program was gutted by early departures to the NBA, including #1 overall pick Anthony Davis, #2 overall pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,

pari’s latest out of his recruiting crops, traditionally deemed the best, most

impactful, and shortest-tenured in America. North Carolina State transfer Ryan Harrow will run the show for Kentucky, distributing and slashing to the basket all while directing the Wildcat offense. The trio of “diaperdandies,” Noel, Goodwin, and Poythress, will start for Calipari much the way Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Teague did one year ago. Kyle Wiltjer, a member of that very same 2011 class, did not enter the NBA draft and will re-

Another Final Four team from a

year ago, the Ohio State Buckeyes check in at #4 on the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll. Jared Sullinger, a dominating and charismatic post presence in Columbus for the previous two years, is now with the (cont’d..)for a title. Maurice Creek could be perhaps

Your World | | 13

NBA’s Boston Celtics, leaving behind

for his junior campaign after averag-

big man who will pull down rebounds

a cast of experienced superstars un-

ing just under 16 points per game in

and make up for the loss of boards

der veteran headman Thad Matta.

2011-12, and specializes in knocking

accompanied with Sullinger’s de-

Junior point guard Aaron Craft may

down the open 3-point shot. Jun-

parture. Aaron Craft may just be the

be the best in the nation at his posi-

ior guard Lenzelle Smith, Jr. will add

frontrunner for the Big Ten player of

tion because of his developing ability

points along with Thomas and Craft,

the year, and the Buckeyes go as their

to create defense and his renowned

giving the Buckeyes a solid three-

junior point guard goes. If Kraft plays

individual defense that is considered

headed attack on offense. Questions

to his ability sans Sullinger and young-

second to none. Craft, however, will

begin to arise as to the role of sopho-

sters such as Ross and Williams step

need help from his teammates to

mores LaQuinton Ross and Amir Wil-

up, Ohio State can knock off Indiana

assure a possession-by-possession

liams, once-heralded recruits who

atop the Big Ten and make it consecu-

system of lockdown defense. Junior

step in to replace Buckeye greats Wil-

tive Final Four berths. One thing is for

small forward Deshaun Thomas fig-

liam Buford and Jared Sullinger. Ross

certain: a Thad Matta-coached team

ures to be as important to the Buck-

is a talented swingman, though un-

should never be underestimated.

eyes’ offense as Craft is to Ohio State’s

proven in the ranks of the collegiate

defense. The offensive ace returned

game. Williams is a long and rangy


Do you want to earn up to


…a year? Then you should write for

enterteenment Apply online at:

14 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

JR would even yell out, “Jeremy Lin, GO BACK TO HARVARD!” During most away games for the Miami Heat, LeBron James was booed every single time he got the ball, and in Cleveland, he got hit with worse than that.

We’ve all seen the creative fan

signs. They’ll hold up signs that say things like “THIS IS MY FIRST GAME!!”, Steven Philhart of Clovis, CA, AKA The Barbarian

to those creative acronyms where they take the name of the broadcast network and make something out of it, i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS or ESPN. The


ports get people fired up!

hits their team, they really know

best signs are the ones where eve-

The passion brought to

that they have to make every single

ry single fan holds a piece that to-

the games by the fans is

dollar that the fans spend worth it.

gether forms one picture.

what makes the game.


loves watching sports or attend-

The good chants get us into

When the heat is on, the

the game too. At times when a team

fans can always get the players go-

is up by a lot and there is a player

ing. What would basketball be like

on the bench who has rarely played,

if there were no fans distracting the

every now and then the whole crowd

players who shoot free throws? What

will chant their name (clap, clap, clap-

would soccer be like if the passionate

clap-clap). It is also intense to watch

fans were not singing their great and

the fans in the arena target certain

funny songs? No energy and no life.


players and boo them whenever they

You couldn’t call it Joga Bonito, now

gry sometimes it’s also fun to

get the ball. When I went to the Celt-

could you? As athletes, we should

watch. In my experience, the soc-

ics/Knicks game last year, every single

all thank the fans for coming out,

cer fans are the best at this. When

time Jeremy Lin touched the ball, he

showing support us pumping us up.

the anger from the home crowd

was booed by everyone. My friend


ing a game when the fans are into it. The energy When the fans get into the game by cheering, holding up creative signs, or even yelling funny things to the referees, these fans make the games exciting.





Your World | | 15


ompared to the rest of

Alleyoop is an online math

After selecting “Functions and Rela-

the world, American stu-

and science tutoring tool, and is

tions” – because college apps have

dents are sorely behind in

easy as pie (or Pi) to use. Anyone

made me dysfunctional – hot pink

math and science. A variety of op-

can make a free account, so I, your

words popped up on the screen:

tions have been proposed to fix this,

loyal journalist and Guinea pig ex-

from increasing the salaries of math

traordinaire, decided to try it out.

and science teachers, to requiring more advanced classes at earlier stages in a child’s education. In the meantime, however, those of us already in school need immediate help.

Does this look like what

you’re working on now?


Once I signed in, Alleyoop of-

there was a math problem that

fered two options: math or science.


I chose math, Algebra II, and 12th grade – yes, they have designated paths for all of us! The levels range



Find g(1) and f(g(1)):

f(x) = 2x – x + 1

g(x) = 4x – 2


Not everyone has the time

from pre-algebra to trigonometry,

or money for a tutor, but for stu-

from sixth grade to GED prep, college

Of the three boxes below, I chose

dents with access to a comput-

sophomore, or even military work

“Seems right.” It did. The page opened

er, there is a tool that can help.

prep. Who knew such a wide range

to quizzes, practice problems, and vid-

of people had trouble with math?

eo tutorials, all of which would help


First, go to your favorite engine.




Each program is tailored to

girl myself, but any one of them

the demographic’s needs. I immedi-

will do. Then, search “Alleyoop.”

ately found what I was looking for.

16 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

me earn “Yoop” points to open new opportunities. Overall, it was very simple, quick, and self-explanatory, even for a life-long math-o-phobe.

According to Alleyoop, five

out of six high school students will not graduate from college. Often, this is due to the lack of a strong math




Alleyoop also partners with

Get Schooled, a program designed to boost attendance. One of the greatest


barriers to success in school is skipping class – and Get Schooled works with students and encourages them to avoid this. You can even sign up for

enterteenment 12.16.2012 . 6:00-10:00 PM . Space57

wake up calls from celebrities if you have a hard time getting up in the morning – this week it’s Wiz Khalifa!

I’ve visited Get Schooled’s

website a few times now. Not only do they have interesting links, but some have led me to helpful college advice ranging from completing applications to financial aid. I’m no Wiz Khalifa, but as far as I can see, these are valuable tools for junior high and high school students. So do the math and get schooled! - by, MOLLY McGINNIS

Your World | | 17




18 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012




s the Northern hemisphere is slowly dusted in white and snowmen appear boulder by boulder, parents and friends fill stores in search for the perfect present for the holiday season. Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, and even well-timed birthdays are each decorated with the idea of giving. Yet,

in a world where a 30-second Internet attention span and Tweets dominate, sometimes the best presents are ones that require time: books! Luckily enough, there is an e-reader and book customized to every personality.


We all have that someone who is most likely the trendiest person we

know. She or he always know the newest slang word, the coolest place to go to, and of course, looks right out of the most popular fashion magazine of the month. However, the gift of the holiday season for this person cannot be the mundane and predictable i.e. iPhone 5. What this person needs is a book and a matching e-reader. Presenting to you: the Kobo Touch Reader! With a quilted metallic back and Wifi capabilities, Kobo is not a trend, but a trendsetter. Light weight, it has a screen that reads like a book, and in fact can store 30,000 of them!

The perfect book set to match is Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines Series!

Like a new Vera Wang collection for your fashionista, the newest addition, The Indigo Spell is written by the same author who wrote the ever-so successful Vampire Academy Series. Adventuring through the entanglements of friendship, romance, wars, and shocking betrayals, the novels center on alchemy, as a young girl named Sydney discovers her identity in a ruptured world.


Predictably, you may be thinking of a sophisticated book of an esteemed

sort to gift your intellectual friend. Yet, the holiday season means so much more than Plato’s Republic. A perfect holiday gift requires an upgrade of your friend’s vast collection of books to digital and a new addition to the collection. We propose for the most qualified e-reader the Nook Tablet! Specifically designed for people who need quite an amount of storage, the Tablet has 16 GB of internal memory. It only takes three hours to recharge, and is games and email capable. Further, it can record a book in your friend’s voice! PreYour Reviews | | 19

set with Netflix and Hulu

Plus, the e-reader also offers ad-free reading.

For the book to accompany this state-of-the-art e-reader, we recommend

the one and only Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal. Written by Glee’s Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), who is considered as one the most influential 100 people, the novel centers on a high school outcast, who blackmails the school’s elite into writing for his literary journal, so that his resume may be adequately buffed for his application to Northwestern University. Bright minds do think alike.


According to a Barnes and Noble Survey,

64 percent of adults read regularly in bed, making the possibility of you buying a gift this holiday season very likely. We got you covered!

For the bed-time reader, we believe that the Nook Simple Touch Reader

is best one! With impeccable design and an easy-to-use program, Simple Touch is choice for travelers. More importantly, it supports LendMe technology, which allows your sleepy reader to borrow books from the local library. Simple Touch was designed for bed-time, as it not only has e-ink, but emits a softer light than the iPad. Thus, the e-reader is technically a book that can be read in the dark.

Keeping with our theme, the book to pair with the Simple Touch

is Princess of the Silver Woods. A conglomeration of Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, and Twelve Dancing Princesses, Silver Woods centers on the youngest princess, Petunia. After being sent to her grandmother, Petunia must travel through a forest reigned by Hood-esque wolves. On the other side of the forest, there is a dark curse waiting for her. 20 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012


In every excited person, there is a bookworm. And for every bookworm,

there is the ultimate gift. For the thrillers, the Kindle Fire HD is an incredible choice because of it adjustable brightness, dual antenna for faster downloads, and dual speakers for a surround sound effect. Not only can the reader support eBooks, magazines, and newspapers, but the user can also enjoy the excitement of movies and games on one of the best resolutions: 1280 x 800.

Along with the Kindle Fire, you should definitely check out Timonthy Wil-

liams’ Another Sun. Centering on French-Algerian judge, Anne Marie Laveaud, Another Sun follows her relocation to the French-controlled Guadeloupe. There, she is assigned to judge a murder case, in which she is sure the suspect is a scapegoat. Yet, with a suspect that won’t talk because she is a woman, Anne Marie finds herself in a frightening situation of injustice and terror. The thrill just got better!


At the holiday dinner table, it is very easy to point out the busybody.

Just like all friend and family, the busybodies mean a lot to us. Unfortunately, the holiday season just makes them well, more busy. Have no fear! The iPad 3rd generation is here! The perfect device for multitasking, and the least one that needs any pitches, the iPad is also a wonderful e-reader for the busybody. Equipped with virtually everything, it has 4G, allowing emails to be sent from anywhere and at anytime . Make sure your busy body has one by New Years!

As for the book we recommend, we did not chose time management self-help books, but instead, a novel to

emphasize being with your loved ones. The End of Your Life Book Club, written by Will Schwalbe, is about the author and his mother, Mary Anne. After returning from a humanitarian trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mary Anne is diagnosed first with hepatitis and then with fatal advanced pancreatic cancer. At the end of her life, the two start a book club, discussing faith, courage, and listening. Undoubtedly, your busybody will make the time to read this book.

One thing to remember this holiday season, is that the ultimate gift you can give to your book worm is a great story. - by, AMAL CHEEMA Your Reviews | | 21

A by, TI



Brandon Cappiello Photographed by, Iggy Barskov Styling by, Jasmine Neilan Makeup by, Nicole Baglione Clothing provided by, NORDSTROM: DIESEL® ‘Schadel’ Woven Shirt

22 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012








B-CAPP of Easton, Massa-

chusetts grew up in a traditional fam-

my passion! I love life on stage! TIA: Who do you you owe your success to?

ily and has spent the past 15 years

B-CAPP: My parents and all the great

singing and dancing. In addition to

people who have pushed me along

performing, Brandon is skilled in the

the way.

art of boxing and his cousin, the legendary Rock Marciano has been a major influence on his life. Seven years

TIA: If you could team up with any one artist, who would it be and why?

B-CAPP: I’d have to say “Gotta Have It” is my favorite. It has sick choreography with a new school hip-hopmixed-urban-pop kind of feel, I like to call it “pop-hop.” TIA: What do you prefer: writing songs or recording them? B-CAPP: Both. When I write songs, I get personally attached to them.

of boxing has contributed greatly to

B-CAPP: Chris Brown or Kanye, I love

For example, my song “Reach for the

Brandon’s confidence as a performer.

them both.

Sky” is very personal to me. I also like co-writing songs or even just record-

Today Brandon is a dedicated

ing hot tracks.

recording artist who expresses

his passion for music through song

TIA: If you didn’t pursue a career as

and dance. As Brandon prepares to

a recording artist, what else would

release his debut album with Mu-

you want to do in life?

sicBall Productions, your teen music expert and columnist, Tia got to

TIA: Can you tell me about your

sit down and ask the up and com-

relationship with Snooki?

ping star a few questions.


B-CAPP: That’s hard to say. For me, acting and singing come together. So I guess I’d want to be a full-time

B-CAPP: Snooki and her team are

actor. I don’t really have a “back up

great people. She found me through

plan” because my mind has always

TIA: How did you First realize that

a co-worker and loves my music.

been set on doing this.

you wanted to become a singer?

Right now we’re just hanging out

is Tia’s inside scoop with B-Capp!

B-CAPP: For as long as I can remember this has been my dream. I started

acting, singing and dancing

when I was 3 1/2

years old. It’s

and building a working relationship. She’s a great girl! TIA: What is your favorite song you’ve recorded and why?

TIA: If you could give one message to your fans, what would it be? B-CAPP: I love ya’ll, and I appreciate your love and support. Just get ready for the best stuff coming in 2013! Feature | | 23

Worldwide Waves For Your Playlist by, TIA DI SALVO

One of the best things about music is that it can be shared with people all over the world. I find it quite interesting to listen to different music from other regions of the world and see how they differ from the types of music that are produced in the United States. Some international artists have made quite successful careers in the states; some even worldwide. Some of those artists you may know include Rihanna, One Direction, Adele, David Guetta, and U2. Other artists may only become successful in their own country and never have the chance for that to carry over into the US. Unfortunately, because the music industry is so big here in the states, we don’t always get to hear of these successful artists from other countries. Places online like YouTube and other social media sites make it much more easier for us to discover international artists. South African duo, Goodluck has started to make headlines all over the world. Their electronic-swing style music has climbed charts throughout their country. Goodluck’s jazz meets dubstep sound is just so crazy and different, everyone who hears it falls in love with it! Their singles “Hop On Hop Off” and “Taking It Easy” have led them to be nominated for numerous awards including 3 MTN South African Music Awards (the equivalent of the Grammys). Between selling out shows throughout their country as well as touring across Europe, Goodluck is 24 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

one of the best new artists!

One common misconception people may have of international music is that they won’t be able to understand it since it is in a different language. Yes, sometimes that is true and you many not be able to understand exactly what the artist is singing, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy the music. For example, PSY is a Korean singer and rapper who’s humorous videos and funky beats totally make up for the fact that we have absolutely no idea what he’s saying. His hit song “Gangnam Style” has been making headlines all over the world! It has made it to the number one spot on the iTunes chart as well as to the top of the Billboard hot 100! PSY has become such a hot rapper shows like The Today Show, Saturday Night Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Extra have all brought him in to be special guests. His techno/hip-hop style music is great for anyone who loves to dance and have fun with music.

One of my favorite international groups is Swedish House Mafia. This group, composed of three DJs, is the level of awesomeness that artists like Skrillex and Avicii wish they could achieve. SHM is the dubstep of dubstep; they are the best of the best. Their music has taken crazy to a whole new level. With most artists, they have a few good songs and all the other ones are mediocre, but with Swedish House Mafia, every song they have produced could be a hit. Recently they have been noticed by the European Border Breakers Association as one of ten bands that have reached audiences outside of their own country with their first international album. Although they have achieved great success, Swedish House Mafia have recently released a statement that after this upcoming international tour, the band will break up. This last tour, which they have titled “One Last Tour,” will play around the world. They are playing in Dubai, India all the way to Oslo, Norway, and ending the tour right here in the states in Los Angeles on March 8th. Although they are not making too many stops in the states, there are a few. SHM will be playing in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles throughout February and early March. All their songs are full of insane, fun beats, that make you want to never stop dancing. If you love having a good time and love to go crazy, then defiantly check out SHM! Your Reviews | | 25

Paula Fernandes is a young, extremely talented singer from Brazil. Although all of her songs are in Spanish, she has one of the purest, most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Although I have absolutely no idea what she is singing about, her voice is just so lovely to listen to I have no problem not understanding it! She is extremely popular in her hometown of Brazil, selling over a million copies of one of her albums. She even had the opportunity to perform a duet with American superstar Taylor Swift called “Long Live.” Some of her songs have made it as far as number two on the Brazil hot 100 and she has also been featured on MTV Unplugged!

International boy bands have become a huge sensation lately. A prime example of this is One Direction. However, One Direction is not the only boy band to receive attention, Australian boy band The Janoskians, are also starting to make headlines. This 5 member boy band first started posting videos on their YouTube page last year, and recently they have become a huge hit! Their single “Set This World On Fire,” has been toping Australian top 40 charts. With over 250,000 followers on their recently verified Twitter page, teenage girls have started to go crazy for these adorable guys. SHINee a Japanese based boy band is another prime example of enjoyable music sung in a different language. Their catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms make it easy to just enjoy their songs. They have become very well known for their highly complicated synchronized dancing. If you watch any of their videos on their YouTube page, you’ll understand exactly what I mean; these boys know how to move! SHINee has become so successful
















hildren are screaming. The

ing in buying a new Nintendo DS or

with funky new colors such as light

sky is falling. And winter

an iPod Touch, think again! A neat

blue, or yellow and a newly designed

might just come on time

thing about this device is that you

pair of earphones, or “EarPods”, as

this year. Is the end of the world com-

can start playing a match on your

Apple describes them. This new de-

ing soon? Maybe, but for now let’s just

PS3 and finish playing with your PSP

vice is perfect for staying on top of

get crazed for the upcoming holidays.

Vita. If that didn’t get you excited,

the leaderboards for Jetpack Joy-

then maybe a front and rear touch

ride, or just having one of the top-of-

screen will with a built in motion

the line MP3 players in the market.

sensor to make the fun never stop.

Wii-U: Oui, the Wii is back

with a new “U” to make it more ap-

devices come in every possible size

pealing to everyone, including you.

and shape imaginable. This modified

This is simply great. The new com-

version of the iPad series comes with

patible gamepad that the console

a 7.9 inch screen and nearly the same

includes comes with a touch screen

processing power as its older brother.

Surface: Microsoft strikes back

and a handheld structure designed to

This device is just big enough to enjoy

with a unique new tablet designed

continue the game even when the TV

your favorite media on the big screen

to make life easier. The surface is

shuts off. Get this console if you want

while small enough to fit in your purse

a new ~10 inch tablet comes with a

to savor those precious moments

or back pocket. Be on the look out for

new smart cover similar to that of the

playing party games, or just have

a Retina display on the future mod-

iPad. Instead of simply turning the de-

something to hard-core game with.

els of this device as it’s not present

vices on and off from sleep, this new

Be on the lookout for popular titles

on this model, but something tells

smart cover has a built in soft touch

such as Assassin’s Creed III, and Call

me we will see the display very soon.

keyboard which makes typing worry-

of Duty: Black Ops 2 at launch day.

iPad Mini: It seems as if Apple

iPod Touch: Who doesn’t

PSP Vita: PSP’s back with a

want a new iPod that’s “Engineered

completely new revamped system.

for maximum funness?” Well I know

Not only can you enjoy high-end port-

I wouldn’t mind one of these new

able games, but now you can take

devices with iOS 6 and a completely

pictures! Yes, now if you’re consider-

new look. The new iPod Touch comes

free. With a stunning resolution of 1366 by 768, there’s no doubt that the newer tablets being released today (including the Surface) can replace older laptops and even desktops. - by, SAREM RASHID

Your Reviews | | 27

DIESEL® ‘Warwick’ Puffer Vest . $248.00 The North Face ‘Blues II’ Beanie . $25.00 Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Classic’ Reversible Scarf . $58.00 The Rail by Public Opinion Crewneck Thermal Shirt . $32.00

Title: Credits:

‘Falling Into Winter’ Photographs by Tracy Aiguier Clothing provided by NORDSTROM Styling by Kenneth Cruz and Jasmine Neilan

AG Jeans Straight Leg Chinos (khaki) . $138.00

28 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Your Lifestyle | | 29

30 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

John W. Nordstrom® Cashmere Scarf . $98.50 7 Diamonds ‘Treviso’ Blazer . $289.00 SLU ‘Mondays Hate You Too’ T-Shirt . $25.46 Hudson Jeans ‘Byron’ Straight Leg Jeans (Turbotech Selvage) . $220

PRPS Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan . $270.00 PRPS ‘Utility’ Waxed Canvas Field Jacket . $595.00 The Rail by Public Opinion Trim Fit V-Neck T-Shirt . $22.00 AG Jeans Straight Leg Chinos (khaki) . $138.00

Your Lifestyle | | 31

32 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Obey ‘Rapture’ Trim Fit Layered Faux Leather Jacket . $130.00 Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Weekender’ Wool Blend Knit Cap . $60.00 Scott Free ‘Sauvage’ Graphic T-Shirt . $40.00

The Rail by Public Opinion Cotton Flannel Shirt . $49.50 The North Face ‘Grinbriar’ Knit Cap . $28.00 Your Lifestyle | | 33


Photographs by Steffon John Clothing provided by FOREVER21 Styling by, Chloe Anello Makeup by, Nicole Baglione Hair by, Stefanie Leigh Spacco

Sequin Wave Top . $22.80 . Navy Cuffed Faux Leather Shorts . $15.50 Rhinestoned Bracelet . $14.80

34 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Sequined Open Back Sweater . $22.80 Pleated LamĂŠ Skirt . $8.50 Glamour Bib Necklace . $9.80

Your Lifestyle | | 35

Sequin Shrug . $22.80 Ribbed Longline Tank . $4.80 Beaded Pearlescent Necklace . $10.80

36 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Studded Denim Moto Vest . $24.80 Shimmering Paillette Tank . $24.80 Rhinestoned Painted Spikes Bracelet . $15.80

Your Lifestyle | | 37

Sequined Open Front Blazer . $32.80 Ribbed Longline Tank . $4.80 Sequined Checkers Skirt . $19.80 Rhinestone Triangle Necklace $12.80 Rhinestoned Peep Toe Heels . $32.80

38 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Asymmetrical Ribbon Trim Dress . $29.80 Rhinestoned Painted Spikes Bracelet . $15.80 Rhinestone Triangle Necklace $12.80 Rhinestoned Peep Toe Heels . $32.80

Your Lifestyle | | 39

Sequined Collar Layered Shirt . $24.80 Tiered Tulle Skirt . $12.90 Glittered Oxfords . $24.80 Studded Waist Belt . $4.80

40 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

Final Fantasy VII,Tifa Lockheart


he first time I ever made a

to another game called Light Bikes. I

ryone who is boss. I was not going

connection between a video

decided to join in and ended up win-

to hide my gender anymore. There

game and real life, that I can

ning 6 games in a row. Unfortunately,

should be no need for me to do that.

still remember, was when I was in

the boy sitting next to me found out I

As time went on, video games be-

my freshman physics class. I realized

was the one who was winning and de-

came a place where I was destroying

how to do a lever problem because

cided to lock me out of the next game

a stereotype that guys are the only

I had just experienced a similar pre-

by flagging my account. I was pissed

people who are good at video games

dicament the previous night, when

because he had the audacity to do

and who play them by choosing to

I was playing Legend of Zelda: Twi-

something so sexist right in front of

put myself out there and call myself

light Princess. Of course, I would use

my face. Of course, I chewed him out,

a hardcore gamer – which was reaf-

this experience against my parents

but things for me did not end there.

firmed when I took up writing this col-

as proof that video games teach me

When I started to play MMORPGs on

umn. People at school are always sur-

something every time I wanted to buy

a regular basis, I witnessed similar at-

prised that I play video games, but I

a new game. To most people playing

titudes where I was called not-so-nice

enjoy their surprise because it means

videos games equates to a waste of

names and cheated out of power-ups

that I am showing them something

time, while others believe that it is a

by characters who made it clear they

new. Female gamers do exist and we

wonderful source of stress relief, and

were guys. I was even harassed by

are not going to tolerate the sexist

to others yet it is a way of life. The

one – the kid stalked my character

attitudes in the video gaming world.

point that I am trying to make here

around and said sketchy stuff until I

is that video games mean different

reported him. Apparently, they did

things to different people. To me,

not like it when girls were playing

it means destroying a stereotype.

“their” games. So I started assuming

As a female playing video

games, there are a lot of stigmas I face – especially when it comes to online gaming. [WARNING THE FOLLOWING




RANT.] During middle school, everyone, as in all the boys, played a game called Armagetron which is similar

42 | enterteenment | WINTER 2012

masculine characters and pretending I was a guy and everything stopped. There were no more “only serious gamers should be here...go play with your dolls” and no more sexist comments were directed toward me. But I got sick of that facade, and reassumed my true self and showed eve-

On, a woman

by the name of Anita Sarkeesian decided to bring awareness about the issue by asking for people to help her fund a project that would explore the gender stereotypes in video gaming – especially those directed at women. She created videos that would show how different things would be if women were shown as heroines rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to save the world

(see my article online titled ‘My Top

but I think it is important that we are

7 Video Game Heroines’). Unfortu-

aware of its detriments to society

nately, as written in the Huffington

and how it will be both beneficial to

Post article – “Tropes vs. Women in

both men and women for it to end.

Video Games’ Tackles Sexism and Mi-

The way women are portrayed in

sogyny in Gaming”. She also faced a

video games, although I sense that

huge wave of backlash that included

it is already changing for the better,

threats, vandalism and harassment

enforces the wrong attitude towards

on Wikipedia and YouTube. But she

women and just allows for sexism and

still continues with her project, and all

misogyny to continually manifest and

twelve of her videos are free to watch.

that is not good for anyone. Creating

The important thing is that she made

a safer environment for female gam-

a stand against discrimination and

ers only improves the gaming world

really brought awareness to an issue

as a whole. The phrase “the more

you probably don’t realize unless you

the merrier” works well here because

are either experiencing it or some-

new doors are opened: the gaming

one else shows you that it is there.

experience is more varied and social interactions improve as a whole. So it

You are invited to join our book eClub for a reading and book signing by the Author of The Good Braider Terry Farish at the Microsoft Store at Prudential Center February 24, 12-2 PM

is the duty of both sexes to make this

change. Guys – you have to stop being so overprotective of “games” and give girls a chance. And girls—you have to get over the idea that video games are just for boys and take a chance!! Although I do recognize that this sexism will not disappear overnight I think that it will disappear sooner if

Anita Sarkeesian . Wikipedia

I have ranted a lot about how sexism occurs in the video gaming world,

we all do our part to make it go away. - by, MANAL CHEEMA

For more information or to join an eClub based on your interests or start your own go to: eclubs

Your Lifestyle | | 43


March 2013

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