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Bigg Boss 7 | 29 oct 2013 Episode, 44 | Kushal and Gauhar Leave Bigg Boss Bigg Boss 7 | Kushal and Gauhar Leave Bigg Boss | Exclusive Sneak Peak | Step by Step Bigg Boss 7 continuing episodes going get on a lot of sophisticated. In this Weak the Task named as Ignore. The

Obvious housemate were asked to ignore Andy where as talking , teasing , irritating , etc. throughout this task, Andy Behaved showing bad manners with Gauhar by passing crude remark . Gauhar Become angry with andy. once someday once more Andy Misbehaved with Gauhar. once the tip of the task she told to Andy that his strategies were low-cost and unacceptable. She additionally same that she thought-about Andy to be one amongst her best friends and had ne'er expected this type of behavior from him and would favor to stay a distance from him within the future. Kushal was a Gauhar’s facet all this whereas and was angry by Andy’s.

After someday being in Calm quiet Kushal Behaviour moves Brust like Volcano and go move Towards the Andy to him. alternative housemates ran Away tried to prevent Kushal from inflicting Andy any physical damage, Kushal continued to abuse Andy endlessly.

When true got out of hand, Bigg Boss asked all contestants to assemble within the lounge and declared that Kushal’s shut one's mouth and Calm behavior with Andy, he would have to be compelled to right away pack his luggage and leave the Bigg Boss house. sort of a true friend Gauhar conjointly determined to pack her luggage and leave the house even if all the opposite contestants tried their best to convert her to remain. however from each of them no foretell else stop and move Forward by exploit the Bigg Boss house.

After fighting for one or two of hours, Kushal and Gauhar left the house along. however the Bigg Boss house is one place wherever you'll perpetually expected the surprising. For TRP everthing is feasible in Bigg Boss 7 house.

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Bigg boss 7 29 oct 2013 episode, 44 kushal and gauhar leave bigg boss  
Bigg boss 7 29 oct 2013 episode, 44 kushal and gauhar leave bigg boss  

Here we have a written Huge Fight are created between the Kaushal, Andy And Gauhar. Lot of Abbusive language used by the Bigg Boss 7 Housema...