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24 Indian Tv Series First Episode Free Download |Watch Free Online Anil kapoor is prepared to mark his debut on Tv trade together with his new action,thriller show 24 that may be a remake of american TV series 24. Anil Kapoor additionally vie a task of president Omar Hassan in eighth season of 24( american series). He is very impress with the series that he bought the rights to telecast this show in India with in one year when enjoying the role.

24 Indian Tv Series First Episode Star Cast Sr.No

Star Cast Name

Playing Role


Anil Kapoor

Jai Singh Rathore {Lead Role}


Anupaam Kheer

Cameo Role


Mandira Bedii

Nikita Rai {govt.agent}



Abhinav rao



Anil kapoor flim



Apurbaa sengupt

24 Indian Tv Series First Episode Story 24 may be a political thriller TV series playing Anil Kapoor is in the leading role of Jai Singh Rathore ( ATS officer). This show you the 24 hours of Real life story of Jai Singh Rathore. It is going to be telecast 2 day (Fri- Sat.) in a week ,this show are telecasted on colours at 10 pm every week . This show can telacast regularly upto 12 weeks. In every episode , you'll watch the real life story of Jai Singh Rathore in one hour episode . He is playing the leading role of an anti terrorist officer who solve the case of act of terrorism in 24 hrs and this whole story are telecasted in 12 weeks. It is going to be telecast on colours on 4th of October 2013 onwards.

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