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Grab a Dime and Head to the Nickelodeon!

A recent rise in popularity of motion pictures has left the nickelodeon theaters in trouble. Just a while ago, children and adults alike had rushed to the theaters with a nickel in hand to see the latest films. The moving films last 15 to 20 minutes and are well worth your nickel. You can catch a “scenic” which is views of the world from train cars, “actualities” or a documentary, short narratives, illustrated songs, local or touring song and dance acts, comedies, melodramas, problem plays, stop action sequences, sporting events, and other features. All are only a nickel and are a nice way to spend some time relaxing. With the recent rise in motion pictures, the nickelodeons are in danger of going out of business. The nickelodeons should be called “dimeodeons.” In order to make up for the loss of business they have raised their price to 0.10¢ rather than the nickel they used to charge.

The Roaring 20's  

Nickelodeon theaters from the 1920s.

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