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Entertainment Engineering Volume 10 Issue 4


P.4 EDITORIAL Building Bridges.


Meeting demanding system specifications for Bocelli Tour 2013.


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K eeping sound mixing tools safe and compact in Petrol bags.

P.9 EXTREME VEHICLE DESIGN Pushing the limits of technology to provide increased innovation and cost-savings in defense vehicle design.

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BRIDGE BUILDING You’ve probably noticed that we’ve gone from our usual format to a flipbook format for this issue. It’s been a long time coming and is here as an interim to our next phase. Our original format was designed and developed after a lot of hard work. That was before flipbooks were readily available and affordable. And, it worked for us for a long time. Now, we’re taking the next step, but we’re not through and I believe you’ll like where we are going in the next few months. Let me tell you why Entertainment Engineering has been so much fun for us. As engineers, marketers, and businessmen working in the business-to-business magazine market, we noticed a long time ago that there needed to be a bridge between engineering oriented magazines and fun and interesting content. There are science magazines around, but we felt as though we could bring more technology to those pages since we weren’t necessarily geared toward a consumer market. We’re happy to say that you, our readers, have proven that we had a great idea. You’re loyalty is greatly appreciated. Bridging the gap between engineering and consumer interest magazine has been a trial and error proposition. We try to include the technology in such a way that the general reader can find something interesting and fun, and the engineer can find something useful and applicable to their job. Now, we’re on the road to bridge the gap between what a magazine traditionally looked like and what the internet has offered as an interactive platform. We want to be more dynamic, more useful, and more…shall I say it? Fun. We love that you are with us and that you’re taking this ride, too. And we thank you over and over again. Now, let’s move forward.

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SOUND SYSTEM FOR BOCELLI 2013 TOUR Las Vegas production Team meets demanding system specification for inaugural U.S. concert at BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida

The Production Resource Group (PRG), used a massive Outline GTO Line Array, MANTAS and Butterflydriven sound system for the recent Andrea Bocelli performance in the BB&T Center, the largest indoor arena in Florida. Outline’s exclusive OPENARRAY-3D prediction software was employed to guide the installation of the system. “I decided to specify Outline for Maestro Bocelli’s 2013 U.S. tour based on my first hand experience with the GTO at the 2012 Worker’s Day concert in Rome,” said Bocelli’s system sound designer, Andrea Taglia. “After mixing the orchestras for that event on the GTO, I was pleased with the system’s performance, coverage, and headroom.” While fully capable of SPL, the massive sound system was designed to deliver uniform, smooth and even coverage throughout the arena to enhance the nature of the performance. Outline’s proprietary 3-D prediction software, OPENARRAY, was used by Taglia to construct a precise model of this complex coordination. The integrated architecture included 45 GTOs in an L-C-R configuration, with each hang complemented by

Outline’s patent pending GTO-DF dedicated down-fill cabinet. An array of 20 point source MANTAS on each side provided the off-axis out fills, while three arrays of 12 Butterfly speakers were deployed as the down-field delays. Outline’s latest addition to the GTO family of products, the LipFill-082, designed to complement the GTO-DF and MANTAS, provided the critical front/lip fill coverage for the VIP seats. A total of six DVS12-P 12-inch two-way trapezoidal cabinets were pole mounted three per side, off stage left and right, to augment the coverage for the VIP and patron seating areas. PRG’s team of production professionals skillfully deployed the GTO and related line array products as designed, delivering the predicted response and coverage that was simulated in Outline’s exclusive Openarray 3D sound modeling software.

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GEAR BAGS FOR SOUND MIXERS Brett Alphin keeps his tools in a Petrol Bags Production sound mixer Brett Alphin works on a diverse range of projects, mixing everything from the clinking heels of high fashion reality to the squeals of great sea mammals. Whether he is on location in New York, Los Angeles or a distant locale, he always shows up prepared and ready to go. He carries gear in the Deca Eargonizer from Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. “When I discovered Petrol’s PS602 Deca Eargonizer, it was my dream bag – simple, streamlined, and compact. Exactly what I need when I’m on the go as much as I am, ” Alphin explains. But getting there is just the start. Alphin believes, “The key to a successful career as an ENG mixer is that you must be easy to work with, get good audio, and make the process smooth. There is nothing worse than a sloppy mixer,” he says. “How can

“When I discovered Petrol’s PS602 Deca Eargonizer, it was my dream bag – simple, streamlined, and compact. Exactly what I need when I’m on the go as much as I am,” you have confidence in a mixer whose cables are hanging everywhere and their rig looks like a tornado hit it?” Alphin’s Petrol Eargonizer helps Brett stay organized. His current set up holds a compact Lectrosonics Octopack with two Lectrosonic SRB receivers, Sound Devices’ 788T recorder, and CL-8 mixer. “The whole thing is about 22 pounds,” he says. “I love that the Petrol doesn’t add weight, but is still sturdy. I can set up my gear the way I use it most and keep it that way. One of the other cool things about the bag that helps me blend in is that it’s black—on set, crew are required to wear black most of the time. Alphin’s Deca Eargonizer is constructed of heavyduty water-resistant Cordura and has removable internal 6

dividers for custom configurations. The double floor provides headphone cable organization, the internal pocket houses a mixer battery, and four expandable snap-on pouches can hold transmitters or receivers. Alphin recently completed work on a shoot at Sea World for Animal Planet. His resume includes The Apprentice, Hell’s Kitchen and Project Runway—all with equipment handily packed in his Petrol Bags Eargonizer.

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C-130 F-16

F-5 UH-60

Rely on Aerospace Maintenance Solutions experience for Mission Readiness | Quality Work | Cost Savings | Fast Turn Times | Source-Approved Services

Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) is a source-approved repair contractor that provides depot level support for Lockheed Martin, DynCorp, the US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Department of Defense, and various US Government prime contractors. Your operation can rely on us too. AMS has FAA-145 certification and is ISO 9001: 2000 certified. Let AMS put its performance-based logistics maintenance programs to work increasing your mission readiness, reducing your turn time, and mitigating any Dimininshing Material Source issues you may be experiencing with components no longer supported by thier OEMs.

Our certified technicians have more than 100 combined years of service repairing:

Electronics | Radio | Radar | Instrumentation | Hydraulics | Mechanical | Accessories | Fuel Systems



EXTREME VEHICLES DESIGNED IN SOLIDWORKS SOFTWARE Howe and Howe pushes the limits of technology to provides increased innovation and cost-savings in defense vehicle design. What began in a garage in 2001—the creation of the Ripsaw, the world’s fastest robotic tank—grew into a US Defense Department contract, as well as Hollywood and a Discovery Channel show, titled “Black Ops Brothers, Howe & Howe Tech.” At age 31, Mike and Geoff Howe of Howe and Howe Technologies became the youngest contractors to receive a prime level contract from the US military and set the record for the world’s smallest allterrain armored vehicle in 2010. To support development in their multi-million dollar company, Michael and Geoff Howe take the top technologies available and push them to their limits to test the boundaries of what is possible. “We take the same approach to choosing design tools as we do for the designs we create. We choose the best software which will adapt easily to the machines that we have, such as a plasma cutter and CNC machine, and allow us build innovative products,” said Michael Howe, founder of

Howe and Howe Technologies. Originally, Howe and Howe used AutoCAD 2D design tools, but soon realized they would need a 3D development platform to move forward on their projects. After evaluating a number of software tools, Howe chose SolidWorks Premium 3D design software for its ease of use and short learning curve. “SolidWorks also works well with different CAD formats,” said Howe, “which 8

makes us compatible with a wide range of customers using different design programs. “Adopting SolidWorks enabled us to deliver prototypes to our customers quickly,” said Josh Spaulding, Chief Engineer at Howe and Howe. “We draw up a design, create renderings, and quickly adapt them to a manufacturable design while providing the customer with an opportunity to see progress along the way.” With increased productivity help from SolidWorks, Howe and Howe built innovative machines such as the Ripsaw and the Thermite, a self-contained, all-terrain fire-fighting and response robot. In addition to its use in military defense operations, the Ripsaw has even made its way to the big screen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation starring Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum. “Being involved in a Hollywood production is a unique opportunity because we get to work on some interesting projects, which help expand our product line. We are currently involved in another film project, so we’re looking forward to optimizing some of our current designs with newer versions of SolidWorks to fit our client’s needs,” Spaulding said. Built off of the base platform for Howe and Howe all-terrain vehicles, the Thermite features the addition of a fire hose attachment to the top of the vehicle. Using the robot’s remote capabilities, which provide stand-off distance, firefighters can more safely respond to blazes

and emergency situations. Other firm projects include an underwater exploration robots and a vehicle for

Since implementing SolidWorks, the firm has shortened roll-cage chassis fabrication time by 1000 percent and cut costs related to scrap by 850 percent.

SWAT teams that deploys a moving bulletproof shield to protect the team as it exits the vehicle. Spaulding said that the variety of projects Howe and Howe has done over the years would not be possible without SolidWorks. Using tools such as the “optimization tool” in SolidWorks Simulation, the firm is continually able to improve upon existing designs. “As the firm continues to grow, we look forward to exploring new opportunities with the software and create better and more cutting-edge machines,” he said.

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CASINO EXPANDS HD PRODUCTION Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway broadcasts multiple shows in multiple locations with a compact system Professional video and audio systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) delivered a fullHD video flypack to the Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway in Westchester, N.Y. The casino uses the system to produce two ongoing series. One of its regular series is Empire City’s Lucky Break, a three-camera production shot on location in the casino’s entertainment lounge using the new flypack. The one-hour weekly talent show is shown on Sundays on Cablevision throughout the Greater New York area. The flypack is also used for a horse racing handicapping show, which is produced with a virtual set. Michael Rooney, director of media convergence, plans to use the new flypack to record presentations during other events and concert performances at the casino. Rooney said that ABS was helpful in recommending additional system components, as well as a wide range of product choices. The compact system is contained in one case, which is long enough to accommodate three crew stations, but easy enough to roll to various locations on the property. Anchored by a Broadcast Pix Mica 500 Video Control Center, the flypack features a Mackie audio

console, Clear-Com intercom/IFB, JVC HD monitors, Grass Valley Turbo iDDR, and four Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio disk recorders.

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