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P.4 DOUBLING DOWN WITH DFMA Radical redesign and accelerated assembly.


A compact and intelligent solution for programmable I/O control.


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P.8 DIGITAL POSITIONING CONTROLLER Meets the highest demands in real-time positioning of synchronized multi-axis systems.

P.9 SKI RESORT LOUDSPEAKERS An interactive experience on the slopes with its new high-quality, multi-zone entertainment system.

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DOUBLING DOWN WITH DFMA Radical Redesign and Accelerated Assembly Flashing lights, digitally generated sounds and constantly changing video images keep slot machine players engaged in a fast-paced rhythm on casino floors everywhere. A fast pace is equally appreciated and sought after by the engineers who design and manufacture the slots. Speed counts, and it’s a tough production task given the complexity of the machines. It’s vital to keeping costs down, too. “As engineers, we continually ask ourselves, ‘what can we do to make the product move more quickly through our processes and get to the market and our customers faster?’” says Sam Mikhail, Staff Engineer at International Game Technology (IGT; Reno, Nevada). It’s an important question at IGT, and it’s asked often. Beyond appearance and game type, the need for configuration of components as ordered by the customer drives a great deal of how slots are made and what technology goes inside. IGT slots are sold worldwide, and different regulations impact the configuration of machines ordered. Some casinos require special security for entry points on the cabinet. Others want specific peripheral brands for standardization in order to reduce replacement inventory for items such as ticket printers, bill validators, or card readers. From a business viewpoint, accommodating all these variances is vital. From a design and manufacturing



standpoint, this increases the challenges for the engineers, since configuration can affect standardization of components, the speed of building the machine, and costs. Recently, IGT management requested that engineers improve and streamline the configuration of the popular G20 series slot machine into G20 Version 2. Mikhail approached the assignment as an opportunity to reconsider the role played by each internal component in the system. “Through a redesign you can achieve unexpected efficiencies,” he says. So, instead of just “tweaking” an already well-designed product, the team was encouraged to ask, “How can we make this much better?” This approach ultimately produced a radical redesign of an existing product and proved the value of utilizing Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA®) software from Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. (Wakefield, R.I.). Mikhail, a champion of DFMA for many years, and regular speaker at the DFMA International Conference, had recently introduced the approach into IGT. DFMA software combines Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA). DFM Concurrent Costing guides engineers early in design to compare the costs of possible alternative materials and processes. DFA software focuses on part-count reduction, enabling engineers to create simplified, elegant designs that meet or exceed the functionality of the original product, while


There are also downstream savings, a “ripple effect” caused by part and assembly time reduction. “Fewer parts mean fewer inventories, less inventory management, and fewer purchases,”



reducing costs. “For the Version 2.0 redesign we focused on applying the DFA tool,” says Mikhail. “That’s how we identified and measured our biggest savings.” The DFA tool also helped demonstrate to the team the striking success they could achieve once they embraced potentially radical change. At the project start, Mikhail conducted a teardown analysis of the G20 V.1, identifying sub-assemblies that were good candidates for redesign. This provided a base point for seeking new ideas to improve these areas. “But the V.1 also restricted our decisions in some important ways.” Mikhail says. For one thing, any new assembly had to fit within the predefined constraints of the G20 V.1 cabinet, with its slanted screen and player panel bolster (the “desktop” with the pushbuttons on it). The new machine also had to accommodate many of the existing components that customers wanted for their own customized configurations of the G20. “Our first look at the G20 was what I’d call a ‘soft’ look,” Mikhail says, “but the more we explored, the more opportunities we saw to go radical.” For Mikhail and the other IGT engineers in his team, “going radical” meant reaching far beyond incremental revisions to change the design on an entirely different scale. “Radical redesign can be uncomfortable, because there’s more risk,” Mikhail says. “On the other hand, the potential rewards are greater.” For instance, one candidate for a makeover was the lower door and some corresponding parts on the cabinet itself. In the old machine, this comprised 33 components. “We questioned how we can improve the design

of the door while reducing part count,” Mikhail says. “Out of that discussion came the idea of changing our material to combine more components into the assembly.” This drove the team to review each component with the DFMA analysis tool and follow good DFA techniques. “We could not have achieved the success we had with the V.2 without using DFMA,” Mikhail says. When the new design was finished, the team ran another full DFMA analysis on the system to capture a before-andafter summary of what they had achieved. From a manufacturing standpoint, the differences between V.1 and V.2 were striking: assembly time was reduced 50 percent, part count went from about 800 down to 500, and a significant cost reduction was achieved. Even at a company as recognized for its achievements as IGT—the recipient of the 2012 Operational Excellence award from the Manufacturing Executive organization—these were impressive results. In fact, some of the radical redesigns on the G20 V.2 are currently being considered for use on new slot machines. There are also downstream savings, a “ripple effect” caused by part and assembly time reduction. “Fewer parts mean fewer inventories, less inventory management, and fewer purchases,” Mikhail points out. In addition, IGT production has been able to reduce several stations in the assembly line as a result of the new design. Because of the positive results of the G20 redesign, DFMA is now included as a prescribed product development process at IGT.

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POCKET PLC Galil RIO-47300 has 48 Digital and 16 Analog I/O, and Two Ethernet Ports for easy daisy-chaining

Galil Motion Control (Rocklin, CA) is introducing the RIO-47300, which includes more I/O, screw terminals, and two Ethernet ports that allow management of an unlimited number of inputs and outputs without an external Ethernet switch. Galil’s RIO Pocket PLC series provides a compact and intelligent solution for programmable I/O control. “The introduction of additional inputs and outputs on the RIO-47300, coupled with our daisy-chain capability through the embedded Ethernet ports provides customers with a high performance, cost effective solution for distributed applications with unlimited I/O,” said Ann Keffer, director of marketing for Galil Motion Control, Inc. Digital inputs and outputs on the RIO-47300 are increased from 16 to 24 each for a total of 48 optically isolated digital I/O. The RIO-47300 is an intelligent input and output controller that uses a powerful RISC processor for fast handling of I/O & logic. The RIO allows 400 program lines, 254 variables, 1000 array elements, 6 PID control loops and 5 Ethernet handles. Other standard features include PID process control loops, timers, counters, web interface, email alerts, data6

logging, and the ability to read position and temperature sensors. The RIO controller can be programmed using Galil’s two-letter language, which is standard for all of Galil’s motion and I/O controllers. Software is also available for converting a Relay Ladder Logic program (often used by PLC programmers) into code for input into the RIO controller. The RIO-47300 has screw terminals for quick and easy prototyping and measures 10.8” x 4.7” with DIN tray. The RIO receives power from an external supply of 18V – 36V DC. LED indicators provide a convenient display of all digital inputs and outputs. The RIO-47300 is $495 in single quantity and $360 in quantities of 100.

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C-130 F-16

F-5 UH-60

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Aerospace Maintenance Solutions (AMS) is a source-approved repair contractor that provides depot level support for Lockheed Martin, DynCorp, the US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Department of Defense, and various US Government prime contractors. Your operation can rely on us too. AMS has FAA-145 certification and is ISO 9001: 2000 certified. Let AMS put its performance-based logistics maintenance programs to work increasing your mission readiness, reducing your turn time, and mitigating any Dimininshing Material Source issues you may be experiencing with components no longer supported by thier OEMs.

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HIGH-SPEED SYNCHRONIZATION WITH EPOS3 70/10 ETHERCAT Designed for brushed and brushless DC motors, compact in size The digital positioning controller EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT meets the highest demands in real-time positioning of synchronized multi-axis systems. Extremely compact in size, the EPOS3 possesses a wide nominal power supply voltage range from 11 to 70 VDC and delivers a continuous output current of 10 A, during acceleration and deceleration even up to 25 A. Designed for DC brushed and brushless motors with a power range up to 700 Watt. It provides outstanding uniform running for motors equipped with incremental encoders. maxon’s EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT easily integrates as slave into real-time EtherCAT protocol-based Ethernet networks. A multitude of operating modes allows efficient, flexible use in a wide range of drive systems in robotics, automation, and mechatronics. The positioning controller supports a broad bandwidth of encoders. In the typical EtherCAT, the EtherCAT master calculates the trajectory points and sends the target parameters cyclically and synchronous via EtherCAT network to the EPOS3. The corresponding control loops for position, speed, and torque/current take place in the EPOS3 and then delivers the measured actual values (position, speed, current) to the EtherCAT master. For the actual drive control, the EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT is equipped with superb motion control functionality. Additional features include speed control with given target velocity to a defined mechanical position using numerous implemented methods is available. The same applies for the generous number of inputs and outputs, which makes the extra EtherCAT I/O module obsolete. Digital inputs/outputs (11/5) can be configured as reference or limit switch as well as Capture or Trigger, or can be used to activate holding brakes with definable ON/OFF switching delays. 8

Additionally, analog inputs/outputs (2/1) are at free disposal. Perfectly tailored for servo motors, the EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT offers built-in motor filters with motor chokes for EMC-conform operation. The controller offers comprehensive circuitry against overcurrent, excess temperature, undervoltage and overvoltage, against voltage transients and against shortcircuits in the motor cable. Furthermore, it is equipped with adjustable current limitation to protect motor and load as well as protected digital inputs and outputs. A comprehensive documentation set, including Firmware specification and application examples, as well as the graphical user interface (EPOS Studio) is available online.

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LOUDSPEAKERS BLANKET SCANDINAVIAN MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT The largest ski resort in Northern Europe has amplified the lighting and sound experience for its guests, with Technomad advanced audio loudspeakers as the centerpiece. SkiStar, located in the Åre municipality in northern Sweden, is giving skiers an interactive experience on the slopes with its new high-quality, multi-zone entertainment system. The Technomad loudspeakers, projected by systems integration company Watt & Volt Sverige AB, communicate the history of SkiStar and deliver atmospheric audio in eight locations. Watt & Volt worked with project leader Ljusarkitektur AB, which is responsible for the new lighting structure that accompanies the audio system. The complete, synchronized system delivers a captivating lighting and sound experience to skiers, with audio originated through zoned DMX-controlled MP3 players. “This is a completely new concept for ski resorts in the north of Europe, perhaps even beyond,” said Hamrin. “To our knowledge, it is the only system in the north of Europe of its kind, in the way the ambient sounds connect surrounding areas with the lighting installation.” Watt & Volt recently joined Technomad’s European dealer network, and chose Technomad loudspeakers for their complete weatherproof construction and ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments—also noting excellent audio quality and broad coverage as benefits. “There is nothing to compare with Technomad,” says Niklas Hamrin, managing director, of Watt & Volt. “We find the audio quality to be very good, especially considering the extremely rugged build. Their loudspeakers provide the appropriate protection considering the large snow amounts and extremely low temperatures, which can drop to between -30 and -40 Celsius.” Technomad Paris loudspeakers, which provide fullrange audio output in a classic column design, were installed at locations where musical reproduction and exceptional bass output were required. Watt & Volt chose Technomad Vernal loudspeakers, the most compact model in the company’s portfolio, at stations where intelligible speech is a priority. Hamrin added that both models satisfy unobtrusive audio system requirements

from SkiStar and Ljusarkitektur. The loudspeakers are installed alongside compact, protective, heated cabinets with built-in amplifiers to complete the outdoor installation. Future expansion plans include the installation of more loudspeakers at outdoor gondolas throughout the resort. The gondola systems will include batterypowered, RFID-controllable MP3 players built into ultra-compact, highly protective plastic cases.

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