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THE PUBLIC I The 30th was labeled as the Republican Thanksgiving, while the 23rd became the Democratic Thanksgiving, or, as Nucky Johnson, the recently indicted Republican mayor of Atlantic City called Franklin Roosevelt's holiday, "Franksgiving". There were a few real problems hidden under this haze of invented outrage. And then he resigned. In 1937 the Roosevelt administration opened "The Mellon Tax Case", investigating Andrew and his ties while serving at Treasury to the family bank. They figured the boy didn't know enough about Virginia (or Indians) to argue with them if they made him a general. The next thing we may expect Christmas to be shifted to May first to help the New York World's Fair of 1940." Twenty-three governors went with the President's switch, and twenty-two did not. With assistance he clambered aboard an ox cart, and suffered the jarring forty-five minute long, three quarters of a mile ride back to his boarding house in Cavendish, where he waited for an hour on the front porch for the arrival of Dr. And that was required to keep the curiosity level high enough to bring repeat customers behind the fence. * The breaking point for Paul arrived in 1902. But it just seemed less tacky that the idea would be put forward by a Brit rather than by an American. He was also a Senator representing Nevada. When Barnum's Tom Thumb got married, the miniature pony and coach which carried the diminutive bride and groom away from the church, were provided by Tiffany, and beforehand displayed in his store. Almost one third of the world's oversupply of cow burps (the primary source of methane) comes from India's 280 million sacred cows. He was a star in P.T. "I have been deposed by a patent medicine shark, a greasy-coated hypocrite, a seeker for personal advancement." Like all those caught in the act, Smith's (actually Bazarro's) accusations might have been better used as a self portrait. The next morning Carl Browne called a press conference of his own and revealed what everybody there already knew, that the Great Unknown Smith was actually A.P. But it would not be until 1887 before the Tenure in Office Act would be repealed. Edwin Stanton was nominated to the Supreme Court by the next President, U. And yet we still refuse to recognize these rodents are at war with us, preferring to avoiding admitting their intelligence, instead refereeing to them, in the words of one expert, as "clever and persistent", as if we were unaware that may be an even more dangerous combination than just smart. But the reality was that a majority of speculators lost money. T. Now, Mr. These cars had to be muscled around the track. Wilkerson was, according to historian Robert Leckie "a general who never won a battle and never lost a court-martial" He was suspected of several murders, assorted frauds and constant graft.He even warned the Spanish about the Lewis and Clark expedition, and it was only blind luck that prevented their murders by the Spanish agents sent after them. He was also a puritanical workaholic and a hypochondriac with such a talent for venom that he carried a pistol for protection; although he was so nearsighted it is unlikely he could have hit anything. By studying which species had been found in past wells which had produced oil, these practical capitalists could better judge their chances of finding oil in any new drilling hole. However they were not in a good position to prevent it, holding only 177 seats in the House of Representatives (to 252 Democrats) and a paltry

23 seats in the Senate (to 69 Democrats). And he gave money to the needy so willingly that it seemed at times as if Ralston wasn't interested in being rich, so much as he had an insatiable hunger to be richer than he was. Over the previous half century, the nation of less than 70 million people had produced a ten fold increase in the number of millionaires. According to Virginia Whig Henry Wise, Amos was..."the President's thinking machine and writing machine and his lying machine... So he started by trying everything he could think of. And a future Nixon aid described Murray as "...a hardheaded exponent of the campaign philosophy that politics is war." * Murray's first experience in politics came when he worked for Herbert Hoover in 1932. "The Great" was always followed about by a woman who always wore a veil and never spoke. And to their stunned surprise Hamilton admitted to the affair, but he denied everything else. * Doubters like Sir Jacobi like to point out that there are no copies of Will's plays or poetry from the 1590's with him listed as the author, but over a third of all the plays published at this time listed no author at all. . The body inside was wrapped in tin foil. He was never even questioned about the explosion. One week later, on Friday, September 24, 1920, New York Giants Pitcher Rube Benton testified before the Cook County Grand Jury that he knew the 1919 World Series was fixed, and he mentioned the names of several Chicago Cubs players who were involved. And in that small way, the Nebraska populists won. * - 30 * WEDNESDAY: THE 2011 IDES OF MARCH AWARD * Winnie the Pooh And the Honey Tree BOY JONES I begin this tale by reminding you of the central thesis of all of my columns, including this one, which is that biologically we humans have a limited number of emotional responses to stimuli, so we tend to repeat ourselves. Then he was sent to Freemantle Prison. And that's why every one at the time said he did. * In 1634, almost 20 years after Will's death, a Lieutenant noted that his militia company had stopped at Stratford where, "...that famous English poet, Mr. Mrs. The accused witch was Joan Perry. Meanwhile the standard gauge of American railroads is still just four feet eight and one-half inches. This is pretty big business today, considering about 100 million American flags are currently sold every year. It was shortly thereafter that the now 21 year old Will ran away from home and joined a London theater company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men. The net effect was to convince everybody

that Scott was at least an honest man. And wasn't the truth just as entertaining as the myth? Not to Marie's relatives, of course, but it was for me. And that was probably the only reason why none of freshly disenfranchised voters in the room started shooting. * The sheriff of Lincoln County, surrounded by deputies, smashed down the locked doors of the state legislature, charged to the front of the chamber and forcefully handed the writ to Speaker Elder. They were living examples of the new nation, young, illiterate, hard working and hungry to succeed.So as the soldiers hacked and sawed their way south along "The Trace", the Grinder's followed. And when Teddy decided to run for his own term, in 1904, he was opposed by Republican National Chairman Mark Hanna (below), who protrayed his fellow Republican Teddy as a wild eyed lunatic, and called him "that damn cowboy". What Roosevelt needed in 1904 was anything that would make him look like a stalwart defender of tradition. Which is why it wasn't until after the Northern Italians profited from the capitalist tricks they picked up from their Islamic trading partners that Northern Europe was finally opened for business. The Chicago Herald Examiner had also gotten a letter claiming that Detroit gamblers had bet "thousands" on Philadelphia. The public reaction to the newspaper's allegation convinced Illinois State's Attorney Maclay Hoyne to convene a Cook County Grand Jury on Tuesday, September 7, 1920, to investigate the game. Born Jewish, Casino Jack converted to orthodoxy. At 9:00 on the morning of September 19th, 1714, William and Jane were loaded into a cart along with their hangman and the prison chaplain. Day and night gangs of work men were employed...Galleries were pushed in every direction and ''soundings'' were made between them with long iron tools, that no leaden coffin could possibly be missed." The wooden coffins had long since corrided away. John Boyd was officially declared the official governor of the state of Nebraska. But that childhood also goes a long way to explaining how such a smart man, a happily married man and a devoted father could fall for something as old and obvious as the Badger Game. * In 1791 in Philadelphia, twenty-three year old Maria Reynolds, a lovely and avaricious mental midget, approached Hamilton, who was the Secretary of the Treasury. Seven failed - and one of those was Eddie Sachs. * For the first time in its history, the 500 was red flagged. C's depression has been chronic for several years. It is as if this part of the family, and the Republican Party,Ă‚ is still trying to prove that old man Andrew Mellon was right back in 1929,Ă‚ and that the Great Depression did not happen. As Honor de Balzac wrote in his novel, "Father Goriot", "Behind every great a crime that has yet to be discovered." - 30 WEDNESDAY: 1920 - GOING OUT WITH A BANG

Black Sox Scandal And The Wall Street Bomb THE WALTZ KING I have always thought of Joseph II, Emperor of Austria, as a bit of a schizophrenic, half enlightened revolutionary and half unsighted dictator, and totally a legend in his own mind. So the order went forth in typical Teddy Roosevelt fashion, "Dig up our hero! Whatever it costs!" General Horace Porter (above) was a civil war hero, a friend of President Grant, and now the amasador to France. On April 24, 1906, he was placed in a temporary tomb in Bancroft Hall at the U.S. It was Social Security that had "engergized the base". As it was initially passed the program did not cover farm workers, the self employed, state, federal or local government workers, railroad workers, or domestics. But Boyd's father had never completed the naturalization paperwork. "My first job in Kansas City was to look up vacant lots...we would give addresses to them vacant lots. Allowing the drive shaft to pass to the right of the cockpit lowered the car a foot or more. * The greatest surviving American racer of our age, A.J. And now I need your help again. Here, Edward managed to jump ship and walked the 60 miles from Portsmouth to London. Family history was unavailable, as the patient could not name any relatives. As Republicans today might note, this action only deepened the depression, and insured that in 1840 the Whigs elected William Henry Harrison President.Amos tried to go back to running newspapers. bordello. But it was the Dutchman Christiaan Huygens, who first drew detailed maps of the surface. An obituary writer tried to explain his extraordinary career by listing his fields of endeavor. Andrew William Mellon (above), a scarecrow of a man whose life reads like a Balzac novel. Recovering from his wounds in occupied Philadelphia in May, Colonel Buncombe was sleepwalking, fell and bled to death when his wounds reopened. Lewis was anxious to get moving and, suspected Russel, to get back to his "medicine". The turnkey leapt upon him, knocking the gun from his hand. The Samaritan brought Waltz and his meager possession into Phoenix. Similar fights sparked to life in the chamber of the House of Representatives, and a "mob" of 600 angry Republicans descended upon every wayward Democrat in the building, punching and kicking them, and, if they resisted, beating them down to the marble floors of the brand new "people's house". * Eventually, the pandemonium returned to its source; the Republicans laid siege to the Senate chamber. (a bit of a comedown this, from a Russian nobleman to a hotel owner.) This time, when William burst into the room he took the trouble to beat up the mark, poor Mr. Jimmy wrote that, in classic Tin Pan Alley fashion, after seeing a post card of Tijuana. Jimmy was an Irishman, and so English was a second language to him: which may help explain his lyrics for... Which leaves me to wonder if being a witch was just an "eggcorn" for that other crime women are often accused of, the one that rhymes with witch. The "Chairman of the Committee on Charity Lecture Bells," is one of the deputation, and perhaps if he should return to Boston, via Providence, he of the Journal, and his train-band, would have his "contribution box," et ceteras, o.k.-all correct--and cause the corks to fly, like sparks, upward." Okay, ignoring Greenes' the convoluted sentence structure for now, the corks were flying because (mythical) champagne bottles had been opened by the (mythical) band of raucous acolytes, in their mythical celebration. And that left Pluto.

* The more people looked at the guardian of the outer realms the odder it looked. Sally was one Crater's mistresses. The oppressed majority were cow pied out to luck. * Thus was born the Farmer's Alliance, which morphed into the People's Independent Party. House of Representatives in November 1857, and he and Terresa moved to a lovely little house in Washington, D.C.. Once the pinnipeds were sated, the "Shoot-the-Chutes" took over the lagoon. * Designed originally by Thomas Polk, for Boyton's Chicago exhibition, it was a short but exciting ride. Unnoticed in the self obsessed rush, the driver abandoned his wagon, in the back of which were 500 pounds of dynamite connected to a clock and timer, surrounded by 500 pounds of cast iron sash weights. Priscilla Grinder must have greeted him warily. It was the maturity date for Jacob's options. Replied Baker, "And I!" The Republican Party rejected the compromise, disingenuously describing it as so badly written that it "...amounts to a perpetual covenant of war against every people, tribe and state owning a foot of land between here and Tierra del Fuego." But the New York Times would later (February 6, 1861) more accurately denounce Senator Crittenden's work because "it has too much the appearance of a device to destroy the Administration in advance of its accession to power...And when the Democrats demand its adoption by the Republicans, they demand, in effect, that they shall abdicate the government which has been committed to their hands, and put in power, not the Democratic Party, but the (Breckenridge) faction." In the end, none of the words mattered. What they discovered was that Ponzi (above on the right) was worth about $8.5 million. Her nearest customers were in Europe. At 24 years of age he became a "Navvie" for the Burlington and Rutland Railroad. Then in 1965 she returned the United States, to Mount Shasta, California and then in 1988 back to Arizona. * Outside of Sedona, she formed "The Association of Sananda and Samat Kumara". Boyd was asking for a writ of mandamus ("...a court order that required another court, government official, public body, corporation or individual, to perform a certain legally required act"). LLC * On Saturday, January 11, 1964 the Surgeon General's report was released to 200 reporters. In a world without paper currency, every coin was literally worth its weight in silver. Its national headquarters occupied 31 rooms in the National Press Building, and there were 20 state branches. Westbrook, managed to have the lawsuit dismissed, but, as one biographer noted, from that day forward, "...there was scarcely a day during his whole life that he did not have some litigation on his hands." His map business made Jay $5, 000, which he invested with Zadock Pratt, a Manhattan leather merchant. William Shakespeare, was born ...". But the editors at the Post had not rolled over after the lost liable case. If you are going to pay extra for a premium stock, you might as well buy

the stock itself and not the option. So they added an entire phrase, so there would be no chance of confusion; "I pledge allegence to the flag of the United States of America." In 1940, with World War once again looming, the Supreme Court ruled that even Jehova's Witnesses could be required to stand at attention and recite the pledge in school, which the Witnesses had argued violated their faith. All the witness for the prosecution admitted they had not gotten a good look at the suspect with the shotgun, but they were all Protestants, and were all fluent in English. In Boston, women eligible to vote even outnumbered eligible men by 10,000. And it was as President of the Pullman Cars Association that he was invited to a Presidential reception at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, on the afternoon of September 6, 1901. He invested his profits in wool mills, cigar factories, hotels and theaters. His publishing ventures failed. Nobody else thought Harding stood a chance. His hair hung down his back and clustered about his face like a heavy snowfall. His Achilles in crime was the baritone Thomas Wansely, a tall and powerfully built black man too curious by half. They were only told what a whoring booze-hound Phillip Key was. The community, having been fed for weeks on the press reports of tramps, thieves and anarchists, were not happy to see them. "Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; All the rest have thirty-one; Until we hear from Washington." A shopkeeper in Kokomo, Indiana preferred to protest in prose. And anyway, he didn't wear an iron mask. He has smoked pipe tobacco for many years, although workplace regulations at the North Pole have forced him to cut back to one or two pipes per day for the last 5 years. First he threw himself down a well in 1805. The term "repetition" leaps to mind. In late October 1936 the Republican National Committee sent checks for $5.00 to 400 black pastors in Maryland, along with a letter, which began, "Dear Brother," and then argued that the G.O.P. Of course, that was when high tech required floppy disks and your back up was a pencil and a yellow legal pad. But without a body they could not be forced to pay the double indemnity clause. The boxes were usually a foot to a foot and a-half long and a foot deep, but usually no more than six inches wide. His argument was inventive; John Boyd was not qualified to be governor because he was not an American citizen because he had not been born in America. She called her new community the Abbey of the Seven Rays. In addition, every Wig contractor had their mail contracts cancelled, unless they hired only Democrats (duplicated in Republican Tom Delay's 2000-2004 K Street Project). Wallace Hardison was not so certain, and in 1892 he sold out. By evening the Canadians still held their positions and the Americans retreated. Butler...I opened the bag of diamonds....Mr. At any other time she would have been a pariah, and expected to unoad her cargo outside the port, on McNab's Island. Gage was born in the southern New Hampshire village of Lebanon. Flesh and blood, metal and concrete were ripped apart. That bridge is still in use. Then he would drop a 35 pound, three and a-half foot long iron tamping rod into the hole to compact the charge. Twenty witnesses testified they had bought eels from Bartolomeo at his stand in Brockton on the day of the robbery, but they were all Italians who spoke only broken English, and the jury simply refused to believe them. Officially Powers had received 70,187 votes, making him second by 1,144 votes. (with one of our first citizens.) What measures will be taken by the Society in consequence of this heart rending event, R.T.B.S. But rather than the Democrats absorbing the Independents, in fact the Independents absorbed the Democratic Party. By then his invention had been passed on to future generations, who contiued to build fences around elephants. * You, see in the entertaiment industry, the money is all in the fence. * - 30 -

RUNNING AGAINST SOCIAL SECURITY I would say that Bertrand Snell is a shinning example of the "Peter Principle". And as the tide pulled the Vineland into the Gulf of Mexico, Wansely shared his discovery with first mate Charles Gibbs. * By Gibb's figuring the barrels together held today's equivalent of over one million dollars in untraceable cash. The press corps was further augmented by four Western Union telegraphers and two line men. So, Gibbs suggested, since they were already sharing in the crime, why not share the silver as well. For a few minutes it looked as if there would be a wholesale slaughter just for the sake of a theatrical effect. Neither did he have any idea how to help revive the national economy. Cooler heads prevailed and he was allowed to quietly resign from the charity. * In March of 1914, there were rumors that Daniel had finally died. And in Federal Court, it was Althea's lawyer, David Terry, who delayed and obfuscated. Yancey wanted secession not despite the destructive effects it would have on the South, but, it seemed, almost because of them. Once war broke out Jefferson Davis sent Yancey (above) to England to seek recognition. He asked him to leave government so he could secretly aid China in their war with the Japanese. The conservatives were unhappy with the new taxes levied to pay for the war. Grant's attack, isolation, and capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Frank Baum I must begin by pointing out that all good jokes have no prologue. "Two men" may indeed walk into a bar, and before they did, they had to be somewhere else, doing something else. Few knew at the time that Father Coughlin was one of the largest private holders of silver in the America. This made the Tin Woodman very unhappy, for he was always careful not to hurt any living creature; and as he walked along he wept several tears of sorrow and regret. Mencken noted, he "simply lacks the power to inflame the boobs." The party platform that Alf was going to have to stand on had been engineered by Chairman Bertrand and forty-four year old John Daniel Miller Hamilton (above), the "crinkly haired" "jut-jawed" G.O.P. They shot one poor fellow who talked back to them. The Fairs were history, France and the Champagne were broke. The price of gold skyrocketed. When Grant learned about the manipulations, he immediately ordered the U.S. Cobb signed the writ of mandamus on the spot and then ran for the exit; checkmate. * The spectators were so stunned they were frozen. And like a smoker who develops a cough, the deposits on the sea floor, as well as Greenland and Antarctic ice cores, recorded the increasing impact of burning fossil fuels on our planet's health. Proust's dismal ethoes is that it does not explain Professor Bond. Henri's toll was now eight dead - five at the police station and three at the restaurant. At his trial Henri was defiant and bombastic, until his attorney put Henri's mother on the witness list. To this point, Thomas' greatest claim to fame was that he had help spread the rumor that General William Tecumsah Sherman was crazy. To his surprise, Stanton simply said "no". There was a week of stunned silence from the White House, until the following Monday, August

12th, when Johnson tried another tact. He was found not guilty of trespass and released without bond. - and specific to the current fight, 56% supported the workers, against 41% who supported the Pooh-vernor. Rasmussen shamelessly insisted "Collectively the data suggest a fluid situation." Which means, I guess, that Governor Pooh is sinking. That name now applies, as a verb, to the redrawing of congressional district boundaries (Gerrymandering) to insure the election of friends of Governor Gerry. * Almost as old is the word "Bunko", meaning a fraud or a fraudulent spiel used by salesmen of bad or faked products. Then he served them more coffee, and when the ladies slipped their chains to escape to the toilet, the trees were bulldozed, and the construction proceeded. The railroad monopolies set the shipping rates and the silo rates and there was no appeal to their heartless bookkeeping. * Try and start a bank to break the railroad monopoly, and the state legislators would make it illegal. And what we remember is that for all its pain and horror, to its 600,000 dead on both sides, the Civil War gave birth to the America dream we share today. Can any of us honestly say we would have prefered an America in which John Crittenden had been succesful and the war had been avoided, all in the name of compromise? - 30 - WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY: PART THREE The March Gets Together DOES YOUR COW POINT NORTH? I am certain that some will think this story much a moo about nothing. They were greeted by a crowd of 10,000 people. The blood from the trunk spurted high as the body revolved into the basket. The editor of the Tombstone Epitaph would later note his calm demeanor, saying he was "...unperturbed whether...meeting with a friend or a foe." Bat Masterson described him as possessing a "... Van Buren had been born in the tiny village of Kinderhook, New York, a bastion of Dutch culture in a rising sea of Englishmen, making their man an ethnic minority. Nixon didn't yet have a way to meet his pledge of ending the war "with honor", so he continued the war, and he did not raise taxes. But when he finally did, flying the American flag while sailing out of France, he had at last justified his luck. What might have been cute in a 14 year old was now just creepy in a 17 year old. It seems he had gotten considerably more than half of the money from the diamond hoax. The cities' University of Sankoré began attracting world class astronomers and mathematicians and Islamic scholars. An obituary writer tried to explain his extraordinary career by listing his fields of endeavor. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "pasteurization". Few have ever denied that individually cows process a certain personal magnetism. Some families found their holiday dinners split between the two dates. And then they returned home for a hearty breakfast. *

JP Van Dyke suspected this, or most of it. Does any of this sound familar? But, back to our story... On June the ninth, 1936, Herbert addressed the Republican National Convention in the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio, and did his very best to rally the faithful to his cause. After this academic execution, Oliver's corpse was discarded into a pit and his head was raised upon a 20 foot wooden pole above the south side of Westminster Palace. It is a phrase you don't much hear anymore, in part because we are losing contact with the agony fire can bring. With a little luck I would have seen a dapper, middle aged man, six feet tall, about 180 pounds, wearing a dark brown double-breasted coat and matching trousers, a bow tie, a Masonic ring and a gold wristwatch, a pair of pearl-gray pinstriped spats and all set off by straw panama hat, tipped at a jaunty angle, stepping into a cab outside of Billy Haas' Chophouse, where he had just eaten dinner with friends. Andrew Sullivan (the Daily Dish and the Atlantic), whose initial position was sympathy for Walker, has turned....A few days ago, the question was: How long can the Democrats hold out? Increasingly, it's how long Walker can hold out." Worse yet for Pooh, it is quickly becoming evident that Winnie the Governor has stumbled over the limit of public support for his "my way or the highway" style. But the Post's columnist, Mr. They were followed by an actress on horseback, Ms. And as Gray had expected, the Republican base was so energized by the gerrymander, that their party was swept back into power that November with a 10,000 vote majority, recapturing seven of those redistricted Assembly seats. Hunt decided not to follow the trail blazed by Lewis and Clark. He did not drink to excess. Instead Harding swallowed and said, "No". He proceeded to pilfer $27,000 from the funds. The cost of this singular expedition was about ten thousand pounds..." * It took two weeks under military guard for the inexperienced Ulster men to bring in the crop of turnips, wheat and potatoes, valued by Boycott as worth about three hundred and fifty pounds. Who he was seems to have been mixed up in what is called "The Affair of the Poisons" which is a morality tale of a cute little love-sick tramp with the affinity for "inheritance powders", and her amoral boyfriend. Throw in the King's mistress for a little spice, and you have a recipe for what Alexis de Tocqueville called "L'Ancien Regime", and what in modern terms we would call a soap opera of the rich and infamous. In 1856 the Boyd family had moved to Nebraska territory and had become involved in business and local politics. Faced with a bruised and enraged Robertson, the Republicans caught his anger. Lilly caring for the new princess Victoria, heard a noise coming from the Queen's dressing room. However, Will did not appoint his nephew as a commander of the local militia, and it was the appointment he did not receive which Nathaniel took note of. But why had this young man traveled to America? Well, Nathaniel had recently married and his new in-laws had quickly realized he was a pretentious pompous fraud. And the attendant deflation destroyed what little credit remained. It just so happened that this bull artist finally met his china shop on a road in northern China, and that the hot head who pulled the trigger happened to have been a communist. It was only a few months later, in mid-1919, that he had registered his Old Colony Foreign Exchange" with city hall. By the beginning of August, The great Red Scare, which had begun with such a furor in January, was pretty much over. First, it was clear that the bumps on the top of the head were not denotative of anything going on inside the skull. The week before, on October 25, 1825, a warrant for Jereboam's arrest had been issued by the sheriff in Bowling Green. The study also noted that five or six were of

"questionable character". "After a few hours the road began to be rough, and the walking grew so difficult...The farms were not nearly so well cared for here as they were farther back. And the hundreds of workers who found work building Kansas City's future, smiled too. It was decided it was self evident the state was going to need them, and the measure was approved by a vote officially recorded as 31 Ayes, 0 nays and 18 "present but not voting". They were not buried by family or friends or even enemies. His sevents and admirers pickled the hero in rum, packed him into an iron coffin, and buried him in the old Saint Louis Cemetery, set aside for foreign protestants. Unfortunatly, three weeks after John Paul Jones was laid to rest, a mob decended on the Royal Palace of Tuileries, and captured the King and Queen. The very first sentence of the very first of the 90 essays sought to explain it all. He added a salute. * Well, it was called the Bellamy Salute, but he didn't invent it. The cavalrymen, well drunk by this time, decided the infantry were after their booze. And it turns out that this celebration of sociopathic behavior was invented by the French, a nation without humorous inclinations since Moliere slipped on a banana peel in 1673. Then there would be a week concentrating on cloth sales (60 European towns sold their wool only at the Fairs), followed by a week of leather sales, a week for spices, and a closing week of hard commodities, grains, salt and metals. Legends claim that Oliver's pole was blown down in a storm and Oliver's dome rolled into the hands of Mr. Grant's most easily defeated opponent was Lt. The court had decided that certifying election results was simply a clerical duty and not a matter of choice. In January of 1622, Richard's was finally released on the condition that he and she leave London for ever. I suspect that this time Jane's arrest was part of a trap. He had realized early that there was far more money to be made in railroad stock than in running railroads. * Between 1830 and 1855, when the nation quadrupled its miles of track, 125 railroad companies issued stock but never laid a single mile of railroad track. And that is why William Burke went up the stairs of the gallows all by himself in January of 1829. And 1920 proved that once again. - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: PASSION AND OTHER SINS Politics, Sex and Scandal in the 1880's. FRIDAY: BLIND LOVE Love and Murder Amongst the Crimminal Class in 18th Century England GETTING A HEAD I would call it the definitive way of dealing with a swelled head. In time the land atop John Paul Jones came to be occupied by a grocery, a laundry, an apartment house and their attendant sheds, toliets, cess pools and wells. And there he might have stayed had not, luckily, a lunatic shot American President William

McKinnely in September of 1901. That lunatic made Vice President Teddy Roosevelt, at 44, the younget man ever to take the oath as President of the United States. Briefly he tried selling his story via public speaking engagements, and displaying his rod. Daniel had so far made a career out of developing legal problems, so he decided that Phillip Key was the perfect man to escort Terresa to Washington social functions while Daniel was "relaxing" in Baltimore with Fanny White, and others. Friends tried to warn Daniel about Phillip's reputation, and in March of 1858 Daniel had a confrontation with Phillip concerning accusations that were already bubbling up about his intentions toward Terresa. Goodbye." Every operator up and down the line heard that message. Lyman and Milton endowed $300,000 for the publication of 12 volumes (90 essays) in defense of what they believed were the five fundamental tenets of the true faith; the total absolute accuracy of the bible, the divinity of Jesus, his death for humanities' sins, and his second coming, which was expected soon, perhaps in the lifetime of people then living. * However there were a few other points made in The Fundamentals which are not so widely talked about today, in particular a listing of the enemies of Christianity - including "...Romanism (Catholicism), socialism, modern philosophy, atheism...Mormonism, spiritualsim,...and Darwinism, which appeared to undermine the Bible's authority." Formed originally as a response to "modermism", the foundations of Fundamentalism remain primarily negative, insisting more upon what they are against, rather than what they seek to build. Then came Coxey in his carriage, ridding with his second wife and their infant child, "Legal Tender Coxey". It was an absurdly pompous threat on the face of it, since being arrested for violating the 60 year old ordinance would achieve the very object the ordinance was designed to discourage. Henceforth, they announced,  it was illegal to solicit funds without a license, even though no procedures had yet been written to qualify for such licenses. " History records that they were singing new words (written by Carl Browne) and set to the tune sung as Sherman's Army burned its way across Georgia. Then in 1845 Amos became Samuel F. The monograms said "MMC" because...he billed himself as Murray M. An old woman and her grandson produced sixteen pounds. "I picked you out of the mud." Browne immediately ordered the marchers to halt. But that is beside the point... * Maury Maverick later won election to Congress, where, during WWII, his honesty, intellect and energy convinced others to make him chairman of the "Small War Plants Committee", overseeing and coordinating the work of thousands of small factories contributing to the American war effort, seeking to avoid duplication of effort, shortages of raw materials and general waste. Althea began to scream for vengeance, and fell upon her husband's body. The poor executioner must have been shagged out from removing the first two heads. Everything he ate made him sick, but he refused to die. But he now announced that he was revoking his gift. Today, three years later, the old man is berating his friend because the silk hat was lost." The election of November 3, 1936 was the most lopsided since James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820. Reading the popular vote results did not seem to make anything clearer. Or it could be the summer of 1819. That year, the northern English midlands city of Manchester was well on its way to becoming "...the

first and greatest industrial city in the world." But, over the previous three short years the weavers, spinners and loom operators that made the city great, the hi-technicians of their day, had seen their wages drop by 2/3rds. Edward refused. Back down under, Edward disappeared into anonymity, and there he stayed, until the day after Christmas, celebrated as Boxing Day in England and Australia. On that day of celebration, Edward Jones, the Boy Jones, got drunk and fell off a bridge over the Mitchell River in Bairndale, Queensland (above). The only hiccup occurred when Daniel publicly forgave Terressa. After biting the officer several times (and one other adult victim) the rampaging squirrel made his escape. But barely had they passed out onto the Atlantic when Captain Thorn turned into Captain Bligh. Shortly thereafter a couple named Gray came back to their rented room at Logs Lodging to find some of the inventory stored under their bed. Then in 1854 he moved to another stage line this time in Valparaiso, Chile. - 30 SUNDAY: CHARACTER FLAW Father Coughlin and the Politics of Hatred POLITICAL SPEAK I wonder how many of you know, dear readers, that the word "Gobbledgook", being a nonsensical word or phrase designed to imply importance but in fact meaning nothing, has an actual birthday? The word was born on Sunday, May 21st, 1944, in the pages of "The New York Times Magazine". "Mr. As the hour of doomsday passed over them, Dorthy's back yard remained just another random void along the space time continuum. * Dorthy was observed crying. Against the Ruth's Yankees (above) they had nine wins against thirteen loses. He warned Robert that she was "a filthy, base woman...noted for her injury and immodesty." And Thomas may have been right, because even the lady's husband described Francis as "a stretched glove", not exactly a compliment. He was there to cover Harry Daugherty, because, as you have seen, Harry was always good for a quote, even if you had to spoon feed it to him. * Also present was George Harvey, who ran Harper publishing, and Republican Senators Wadsworth, Calder, Watson, McCormick and Lodge, Governor Smoot, political fixer Joe Grundy, and Lawyer Charles Hillers, counsel to the R.N.C., as well as his client, R.N.C. Evidently, Daniel assumed that Terresa could also be trusted. The now 500 man Army was swollen by supporters to 4,000, who were hoping, I suspect, to protect the marchers with their bodies, if necessary. A reporter for the New York Times placed a telephone call to his home on Fifth Avenue. But rather than replace these 1,200 miles of substandard rails already in use, the royal commission of 1845 decreed that four feet eight and one-half inches would be the "Standard Gauge" for Britain, and eventually most of the rest of the world. You see, for Dorthy, the end of the world was just the beginning. * Dorthy Martin, a fifty-four year old housewife, received notice on August 27, 1954 that the world was going to end. Load up your water gun, warm up your fart cushion and repeat after me; "Poison d'Avril, sucker!" Funny, huh? - 30 -

CBL- Another false computer promise A few days ago I posted a very nice article on a computer work by CBL computers in Lafayette. But the voters did not care what he thought. Everybody who got the joke was supposed to read these announcements and just laugh, not pack. "Cousin Ed" as Barrow was called, now spent nearly half a million dollars of Col Rupperts beer money buying up every player of talent still on the Red Sox roster, dismatling the Boston team, while building around Babe Ruth a dynasty that would dominate baseball for the next twenty years, winning 14 pennants and 10 World Series, before Barrow retired in 1945. The town's northern land shoulder -Haines Bluff - was protected by the 200 mile wide and 50 mile thick swamp of the Yazoo river delta to its north. He was rescued and after six years of enforced service was finally set free in the isolated port of Perth (above),  on the lonely west coast of  Australia. Those transcripts, kept in the Truman Library, were released in 1983, two years after Tommy's death, at 80 years of age from a pulmonary blood clot. However, shortly thereafter Senator Sharon offered her $7,500 in cash if she would sign a paper using the name "Miss Hill". Industrialist Henry Ford proclaimed that the Great Depression had been caused by "an era of laziness", and President Hoover, from his government subsidized home three and ½ blocks south of the Little Green House, seemed to agree. Yancey publically opposed the compromises of 1850, which sought to establish a balance between slave states and "free" states within the Union. The mob forced one of them against a stone wall...and threw his horse violently to the ground. Over four years - from 1949 to 1950 - the Chotiner brothers defended 249 mob clients, ranging from local bookmakers to New Orleans mobster Carlos Marcello and L.A.'s mob boss Mickey Cohen. The demand for demand needed to be great enough to absorb the vagaries of a business cycle that was collapsing for want of demand. Bob and Blaine and Garfield's two sons helped the President to his feet, and escorted him up stairs, away from the lookey-loos. Angry, James started singing to anybody who would listen that Hamilton had given him inside information on Government bond sales. In 1820 the tall, thin Scotsman in a tight uniform, was welcomed home by the Lord Mayor of London, as a hero. The District of Columbia in 1930 had a population of 607,000 people, and, even many of them out of work. The more you know the less you know, you know. * The first thing astronomers realized they did not know was why two of those three cold blobs of rock and ice circling far out from the Sun- Neptune and Uranus - were so darn massive, too massive to have been formed so far out at the edge of the spinning disc that eventually became the solar system. But the unpleasant truth was and is, that a compromise is not a solution. The ancient traders, who bought hides from butchers, invented the 'futures market' by buying and selling the hides of cattle that had not yet been born. Chairman of General Electric. He was assigned as a teacher to Assumption College, in Sandwich, Ontario. As insurance the trio took on another partner, Abel R. It's lovely down in the woods today, but safer to stay at home." I can. And by woods, I mean "Bretton Woods", the New England ski resort invaded in June-July of 1944 by 730 of the best economic brains in the world, of which Mr. Twenty-four men in all were executed for their roles in the uprising. As spring of 1814 approached, General Wilkerson got word that the disaster was being blamed on him and he decided to save his reputation by taking a cheap shot at 80 British soldiers at an outpost on the Lacolle River. Wilkerson's attack fell on the Canadians on March 30h. He was followed and mocked whenever he left his farm. Army was set to work clearing the trace to 8 feet wide and removing all tree stumps above 16 inches tall, so "The Trace" could be used by high riding Conestoga wagons. One told a local newspaper, "He treated his cattle better than he did us." The server would have issued even more eviction notices, but a crowd of women began to throw mud and manure and the agent and his police escort had to retreat into the Boycott home. Jack was shot three times just behind his left ear. Through the entire decade of the 1920's the

economy grew at 7% per year, while unemployment remained between just three and four percent. Mellon moved to quickly retire much of America's World War One debt, cutting it by $10 billion. The imitative working masses followed, and were transported at 35 cents a head by excursion boats from the Manhattan docks or the newly electrified rail lines from Brooklyn, (or "Breukelen" in the original Dutch). * In the spring of 1884, James Lafferty spent $65,000 to build a hotel on the empty stretch of sand known as Coney Island, just across Surf Avenue from the boat pier and the railroad terminals. He had been a writer for the Post, until Ponzi had hired him as a Press Agent. However the same publication hastened to point out, "He is not a stayer...his brilliant work, genial temperament and brilliant wit made him the "spoiled child" of many a social circle...with his extraordinary talents and accomplishments he might have been great; but at least he always remained dear.". They were still residents in 1867 when Nebraska had been admitted to the union over President Johnson's objection. In Beverly, a Boston suburb with 22,500 inhabitants, only 47% of eligible women actually voted. The Dodge City Times said the bullets went through the theatre's ceiling. He had worked in the gold mines of North Carolina and Georgia and Mississippi. He had worked as housepanter, a cartoonist and a snale oil salesman, and now he was a labor organizer. The similarity between the original sport (outlawed in England in 1835) and the blackmail sting performed on Hamilton is that the dog could be counted on to grab the badger every time, even though the pooch was never allowed to actually eat the badger. And the new owners were willing to switch to a more iconic business model. * The Elephant Hotel was converted into a bordello. It was a joke, of course, an inside multi-layered joke - a joke about a joke about a joke. His best known campaign slogan was "A return to normalcy", although what that exactly meant was never explained. Over the sixty-one days of the official campaign, over 600,000 people took the train to the Harding homestead in Marion, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and movie stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Visitors could get an elevated elephant's eye-view of the ocean for a penny. According to one mocking Republican observer, the ideal world envisioned by these "hayseeds" was a combination of a Victor Hugo plot and a Baptist revival meeting. First there is the cost of the thing. He had spent the last three years laying waste to the Spanish Main, fighting in various South American armies. I learned I did not need to know how my machine does what it dose, any more than I need to know the compression ratio of my car's engine is. And five minutes of talking with Jacob Coxey convinced Carl Browne that while he personally was the partial re-incarnation of Jesus Christ, Coxey was the re-incarnation of Andrew Jackson. Only his compatriots in crime were convicted. Harrison, then John Perry, the self confessed murderer, certainly had. Bat, as we now know, was on the floor of the gambling parlor. Then they did a little math and learned why. To have covered all the money invested in the "Old Colony", the company would have had to buy at least 160 million international postal reply coupons. Like Dick Cheney, Stanton was a Prima Donna who displayed a self indulgent affection for conspiracies, and practiced such hyperbole that "At certain crises...doubts of his sanity were widespread..."(p 286 - "Lincolns War Cabinet" Hendrick). He had already done his part. *

Bob left government service after that and went back into private industry, as a lobbyist for the railroads. Although the patient has a jolly demeanor, he expresses profound unhappiness. And I will begin with the observations of an amateur military genius. But what the sub-prime mortgage fiasco has proven, and the dot-com bubble proved before that, and the Savings & Loan debacle proved before that, is that without regulation there can be no trust. He fought back. And Lewis did two things immediately which almost assured he would be a failure as a Governor. This was repeated several times in front of a crowd of Neanderthals, with the shouting and betting building to a crescendo. The drifting burning hulk now brushed past Halifax's pier six, setting it afire as she passed. * The Canadian Navy tug and mine sweeper "Stella Maris" (above) joined the Imo in attempting to throw water on the fires, and the "Stella Maris" also sent a boat crew to attempt to take the abandoned wreak under tow. * Meanwhile the Box 83 alarm at the Halifax Fire Department sent men and equipment racing toward the harbor and the burning dock. If these regulations were meant to discourage Coxey's Army, they failed. As it was in 2000, so it was in 1800; the only guarantee of a profit was to be an Eastern Banker, or to have one as a partner. * It was this reality which faced Meriwether as he first stepped on the docks of St. But after a few more unproductive seasons, Julia lost her financing. And once they were all well intoxicated, Gibbs told them of the cargo of silver, and confessed that last night he had thrown Captain Thornby overboard. "I first noticed the wound," wrote the good doctor, "before I alighted from my carriage, the pulsations of the brain being very distinct." The doctor recorded that his patient had a pulse of 60, was breathing regularly and his pupils were reactive. The old fool dropped dead so fast that Neagle's second shot, fired immediately after the first, only clipped Terry's ear as he went to to the floor. Right on cue, while the smoke still hung in the air, and the witnesses' ears were still ringing, Althea reentered the dinning room. After the Civil War he opposed Reconstruction. Boy, does that ever sound familar! However, it appears that most Americans saw all of this Republican effort in the same light as that expressed by the voter,  who said that Roosevelt was "the first man in the White House to understand that my boss is a son-of-a-b-tch" In 1936 the Democrats came out swinging, inc;uding FDR, as illustrated in a speech he delivered in Boston, and which he wrote himself. "In the summer of 1933 a nice old gentleman fell off a pier. But before them all was Gregor McGregor, a Scotsman who managed to not only sell what he did not own, but he sold what did not even exist. Everybody in England knew who Gregor McGregor (above) was. The patient feels annoyed and worried when he is told many people do not believe he exists, and I feel this may develop into a serious identity crisis if not dealt with. He was just the first. The Republican attorney general for Oregon, turned to poetry. And that kind of corporate influence left the citizens of Nebraska up the creek without a paddle for yet another generation.

* - 30 * WEDNESDAY * THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Four * Popping The Diamond Bubble PARCEL POST I hate to tell you this, but, contrary to common knowledge, we are the ones living in a "simpler time", not our parents or their ancestors. If you can get there, you too can pull a diamond right out of the ground. His friendship never wavered; in periods of adversity it grew stronger. Then the big gate swung slowly open, and they all passed through and found themselves in a high arched room, the walls of which glistened with countless emeralds. He wasn't even lucky in his death, in that he did not die fast enough. * The phone rings in the middle of the night, My father yells "What you gonna do with your life?" Oh,daddy,dear, You know you're still number one, But girls, They wanna have fun * By the spring of 1167 B.C.E., poor, unlucky and broke Ramses III was about 65 years old and had been Pharaoh for thirty-two years. As poor Pooh observed when they pulled his bottom out of the Honey Tree, "You can never tell with bees!" Actually, you can, if you just ask anybody besides your base. Wisconsin Majority Leader Senator Scott Fitzgerald was making noises as if he were having second thoughts about his fearless Pooh-leader's stand atop the barricades, but followed that up by pushing a vote to arrest the wayward Democrats who had fled the state to deny the Pooh his quorum. The officer encouraged Edward to join the Royal Navy. Henri objected. Senate. He has no known allergies. The creator was more likely the lawyer, songwriter and author Francis Hopkinson, who, a year earlier, had signed the Declaration of Independence for New Jersey. Their message appears to have been the alien equivalent of "Mayday, mayday, mayday." But, so far nobody has answered that

message. * The perfect expression of this more complicated communication is the traditional or "snail" mail service. And in 1807 they came to the Tennessee "Barins", high ground between the Duck and Tennessee Rivers, sixty miles southwest of Nashville. Bob Lincoln was not at the death bed. And he had used his position at Hanover Trust to get a loan he could never hope of repaying. In fact it was even too small to be classified as a planet. * On August 24, 2006 the International Astronomical Union struck Pluto from the list of planets and gave it the new title of "134340 Pluto, dwarf planet". Connie Markus, the connection between Diamond and Judge Crater, would end her days in the mental ward of Bellvue Hospital, catatonic from a drug overdose. * That same year, 1931, the homocidal cop, Charles Burn, found a new job, as the body guard for a thug nicknamed "Kid Twist". Was that extra week really helping the economy? In fact it had, but not very much; certainly not enough, considering all the angst and confusion. In early May of 1941, LaGuardia's report informed the White House that "the early Thanksgiving date has not proved worthwhile". with the bugle sounding Taps." The average recruit in the Seventh was in his mid-twenties, and stood about five feet eight inches tall. She was smart, gorgeous and treated sex as if she were a man - as a hobby. The man was so surprised at this answer that he sat down to think it over. "It has been many years since anyone asked me to see Oz," he said, shaking his head in perplexity. General Wood reached his peak on the fourth ballot with 314 votes, and then his support started to slip. Other men would drill a hole into the rock. The clouds above central Arizona opened up on Wednesday, February 18, 1891, and by the next morning the Salt River, which ran past Jacob's property north of Phoenix, had risen 17 feet. They then scuttled the Vineland and set her afire. But those programs were far too small a fraction of the Federal budget to stop the bleeding of dollars. They never gave up. Then there was Cyclone Kirtland, an astrologer who predicted the army would be "invisible in war, invincible in peace." Beside him loomed Christopher Columbus Jones, who always wore a silk top hat, which merely accented his five foot tall frame. Thanks in large part to Amos' constant attacks, Jackson easily won the election. His reign should have been as successful as his idol's, Ramses II, who during his 67 years of rule (according to tradition) threw those freeloading Israelites out Egypt. And I think about them. At a refueling stopover in one of Wisconsin's small towns, The Pooh was asked what school systems in the approximately 60 mid sized cities in the state were to do if the jobs blizzard promised by his tax cuts did not materialize. The eight defense lawyers reminded the jurors that Daniel was " a state of white heat, (which) was too great a state of passion for a man to be in, who saw before him the hardened, the unrelenting seducer of his wife". But Elder believed with good reason there had been 2,000 fraudulent votes cast for Boyd in Douglas County, centered on Omaha, and Elder was pushing for an immediate investigation. * Neither side dared to adjourn. Murder in a open court is such an irrational act that you don't see it very often. Once again he was late. Or the Republican attack on Social Security in 2011. have you

determined to enter in a holy crusade for freedom which shall determine the future and the perpetuity of a nation of free men?" "Yes!" roared the crowd in ecstasy." The faithful went on chanting "Hoo-ver, Hoo-ver, Hoo-ver," long after Herbert had left the stage. Noted Time; "The demonstration could not be stopped for half an hour, even when Speaker Snell tried to introduce a little old lady, surprisingly pert for her 77 years, the widow of President Benjamin Harrison." Finally Bertrand banged his big gavel and informed the crowd that Herbert had already boarded a train for New York. And in 1167 B.C. Today they have just eight seats. Keene. And that was why Nathaniel had come to America. So, those who expected prices were going up, were expecting a "bull market". * A bull in the stock market is a gambler, aggressive and willing to use his horns to get his way. which when fully explained...will receive both sanction and approbation and sanction." Did I mention he was probably high? As a final needling point, Lewis included in his letter those territorial laws he had translated into French, the rejection of the bill for which had inspired this horrendous journey. * Lt. Phineas held down his new job for seven years, far longer than you would expect from an unpredictable violent man - those too are just rumors. Such wounds always leave a scar." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Lathrop was where the rail line from Los Angles and the Central Valley of California, joined the line from Oakland, on San Francisco Bay. State of Maine with Nova Scotia, and that seemed the obvious path they had taken to avoid American ports. Drummond, you shall be hanged in half an hour." And he was. This time the orders were to keep him away from Britain and under watch.The next year Edward jumped from ship again, this time into the Mediterranean Sea between Tunis and Algeria. According to historian Carl Sifakis, "Several times Parker's victims had to be rousted from the bridge...when they tried to erect toll barriers." George's fame stems not just from his invention of this classic American scam, but for his part in creating that other American institution, The Three Time Loser. It was perfectly circular. Their verdict was that Daniel Sickles was temporarily insane when he murdered his good friend, Phillip Key. When Sharp responded, Jereboam identified himself as "Covington." Having opened the door, Solomon was evidently suspicious and said he did not know any one by that name. She had very wealth parents. He served two presidents, and one of his enemies, President John Quincy Adams, said that those two chief executives were merely, "...the tools of Amos Kendall, the ruling mind of their dominion." Amos was tall, thin, asthmatic and prematurely white haired. And like all gamblers, the more Anna gambled the more she lost. There is no longer room for confusion or miss-interpretation, only for over-interpretation. General Thomas was in court. After he had been released on his own recognizance (who was he going to hurt?), Thomas returned to the White House, where, once again President Johnson ordered the old man to go to the War Department and take possession if it. William then stuffed a cigar into Martin's mouth and walked him up and down Fifth Avenue as if they were bosom buddies. He found Garfield lying on the floor of the "Ladies Waiting Room". The official record tells us merely that this anti-Romeo and Juliet were charged with the murder of an innocent man in front of several hundred witnesses - they being witness, jailers, lawyers and judges. He then caught a ship back to England. Nash would be

encouraged to follow the regiment when it moved to Fort Abraham Lincoln, in Dakota Territory, in 1872.  That was the year she married Sergeant James Nash, the "striker", or personal servant, to Captain Tom Custer, younger brother of the regimental commander George Armstrong Custer. Supreme Court for a ruling, which was required because Marshal Neagle (above) had not been officially assigned to protect Judge Field. Eddie had an appealing V-shaped grin, and a comic lisp, which he offered each night in a solo rendition of the plaintive homesick poem, "Kalamazoo in Michigan" * At about 3 A.M. Corral. The prison chaplain read Pslam 51 3; "For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me." There was very little comfort in that passage, but then comfort was not the point. The sin, in this particular case, was that William Holloway had murdered a man in open court, in front of witnesses, and Jane Housden had been foolish enough to love him. The President thus set Thanksgiving 1941 as the last Thursday in November. That really opened the flood gates and even more money poured into Ponzi's scheme. By this time Ponzi's offices, in room 227, in the Niles Building at 27 School Street, were receiving $1 million every three hours from new investors. Now, four generations later, the problem persisted. "There was no patriot like Baker, So noble and so true; He fell as a soldier on the field, His face to the sky of blue. on Saturday June 12, 1920, Kirke Simpston filed a story that included the following phrase, "Harding of Ohio was chosen by a group of men in a smoke-filled room early today." And that is how the phrase "smoke filled room" entered the vernacular. Marshall at Fort Boise, Idaho, describing how she had been arrested, charged as an attempted  murderess, and confined in a guardhouse for hitting her husband with a tin cup that he claimed was an axe...(she was) sentenced to be drummed off that post at fixed bayonets ...she and her three children then had to live in a cold house, without the food ration they depended upon." But the scramble to hold onto the fragil level of security which a blue uniform provided only partly explains the woman known to history only as "Mrs. He now admitted he had signed away the land after Gregor McGregor had gotten him drunk. In early September, outside of the same village, "Captain" Charles Boycott, who owned 4,000 acres himself, called on the tenants to harvest the oat crop of Lord Erne, whose larger property he managed. * "Captain" Boycott would be described by the New York Times (in 1881) as 49 years old; "a red faced fellow, five feet eight inches tall, the son of a Protestant minister who had served in the British Army." He earned his title of Captain not in the military but for his daring attitude in sport. Only an artist like Abramoff could suggest to a tribe that it pay him by taking out life insurance policies on its eldest members. And Jack decided to increase the pressure on the judge. * According to the letter and other documents left behind after her death by Stella Ferrucci-Good of Queens, New York, when Judge Crater stepped into the cab on West forty-fifth street that night, the driver was a Murder Incorporated "button man" employed by Jack Diamond named Frank Burn. He

had never felt better, he told the reporter, and denounced the rumors as a "damn lie." Two months later he suffered a stroke and really died. In an instant the bubble of silence was popped and everybody began rushing to correct their public statements - such as when Justices on the state Supreme Court were asked why they had claimed to have talked with Carter as late as August 14th. * Governor Roosevelt promised that if anyone ever proved that any of the Tammany Hall politicians were connected to kidnapping Crater, they would be prosecuted. He was probably not alone, but with his favorable report, the second half of the $660,000 was paid to Slack and Allen, and the first half held in eschrow was released. Of course, Thomas not only advised the king what was best for England, but what was best for Thomas was well. On the morning of January 30, 1661 Oliver's corpse and those of two of his fellow deceased co-conspirators, were hung by their necks at Tyburn, the traditional place of execution for "commoners". The approach did not work. Governor, "...if he don't stop speaking." * As the doorkeeper and his assistants advanced on Roberts, he announced, "They may remove me. But then Coleman remembered that a train loaded with 300 passengers from Saint John's was due to arrive in a few moments. Put a face on the issue, preferably a face from the legislator's home district. His next job was to raise money to build the New York monument at Gettysburg. But Lathrop never grew beyond a village. (the trees were later replaced). He died in England, having been recalled to explain himself. Historian Susan McCulley has noted, "Bacon's Rebellion does seem at first glance to be the beginnings of America's quest for Independence. This military guard was joined by members of the House of Representatives and 100 staffers, who patrolled the basement. There was an uncomfortable pause, and then Coxey did the greatest thing - the thing that proved him to be a real leader. Army ever had. His plans for a grand investigation of election fraud and a remaking of state government were derailed when Meiklejohn grabbed the gavel off the podium and refused to return it. And there is no recognition today that without a "liberal" media to encourage her, at least one human being found it preferable to live in constant fear of being revealed, in exchanged for the privilage of living as God made her, internally and externally, perfectly and imperfectly. What could a broke, sick, old man hold so dear that he risked his life to stand guard over it, while soaking wet, in a collapsing flooded adobe? Eventually Julia peeked, but all she found inside were about 50 pounds of rocks. And that was when they made a most unexpected discovery. In a slave state like Kentucky, it was a truely vicious attack. In a droll attempt at distracting humor, Tillman added, "The dispatcher said the computers have been acting funny with the monitors flickering. It is human nature to be attracted to novelty. It was great theatre, but if the Governor thought he was directing this little melodrama he was mistaken. The Lion was also puzzled to know what was wrong. This allowed Buckley to appoint judges friendly to the Sharon divorce case. Twenty-two percent of the privates had been in the service for less than a year. And few of them would re-enlist. So he had left that back breaking, tedious work to the only practical miners in the group - Philip Arnold and John Slack. 'to promote the general welfare,' it is our plain duty to provide for that security upon which welfare depends." Franklin Roosevelt. Forty days later the great actor was dead. Nathaniel Bacon died of the "bloody flux", which is the old name for dysentery, on October 25th, 1676. But was this head really Oliver's head? Or was it an imposter's skull masquerading as the

demon Protestant? It would not be until the 1930's that two scientist issued a 109 page report authenticating to a "moral certainty" that the head in question was unquestionably the head of Oliver Cromwell. It allows them to sell themselves repeatedly to large groups of people without laughing. Only the treasure was not there. But Daniel came away from that meeting convinced that Phillip could be trusted. That same year he advised Richard Nixon's first run for office against Democrat Congressman Jerry Voorhis. They will be back, " he predicted. "Not by you", answered the Republican.Ă‚ * A general fight now broke out in the Senate chamber, with the outnumbered Republicans giving such a good account of themselves that one Democrat drew a pistol and - BANG! - shot a hole in the brand new ceiling of the still unfinished statehouse. Try as he might to avoid it, William Ralston ended up just like Henry Comestock, and he made the same exit The day after they took his bank away, William Ralston was found floating in San Francisco bay. With the arrival of April 1811, he bought horses from the local indians and mounted up his French Canadian trappers, each of whom had been hired because of their skills in handeling a canoe. By September of 1811, these miserable dudes had got as far as the North Fork of the Snake River (also called Henry's Fork), in present day Idaho. Marie was brought back to Paris in chains, tortured for a confession (i.e. He took with him his "constant companion", that iron tamping rod. Pratt quickly accepted. Boyd was out and ex-governor Thayer was Governor again. Oh, we're the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society. But they couldn't, so the vines themselves survived, but only because of tradition. Ahh, revenge must have seemed sweet - for about half an hour. * Outside in the central atrium, the gunshot had attracted a crowd, mostly from the Republican controlled House on the East side of the capital. She spoke five languages. Pooh responded that they could demand even more from the unions. The only problem was that Maverick had no experience in ranching and no interest in learning. Off Vancouver Island Captain Thorn applied his powers of diplomacy to a local tribe, who in response butchered the entire crew (including Thorn). The Democrat, James Boyd, had received 71,331 votes, and was, according to county election officials from across the state (who were all either Democrats or Republicans, of course), the winner. The couple netted something around $160,000 from five marks that we know of, before they were caught. * Testifying for the defense, past president of the Texas Bar Association, Broadus A. John Moore, a guard, who snuck the coconut home and stuffed the noggin in his chimney. It's up to you. And just as the profits from the Fairs began to drop off, about 1306, Joan died. In response to Hoover's pleadings, some investments were made. Hunt was sentenced to two years in prison for speaking at the meeting, and he later told his supporters, "I have done everything in my power to maintain, uphold, and secure your rights, but I have failed upon this occasion." James Wroe was also sent to prison for a year and fined 100 pounds for writing about it. By then the humble potato had become the primary food for the 8 milion people of Ireland. (Native peoples, quite simply, did not count.) More than 1,000 of those who witnessed the explosion were blinded by flying glass and slivers of wood and steel. And it is also important to note before we really get started that what drew the Senator and Althea together was clearly not love. But where the Hoosier experiment in perfection stagnated, Massillon was energized because the Erie Canal ran right through town. In that broken

and shattered rock they found the fossils of single celled aquatic creatures called Foraminifera. James made a literal fortune, and in 1914 his company was bought out by Proctor and Gamble, which renamed the product "Ivory Soap" and dropped the OK. That same year, 1845, George Stephenson, "Father of the railways" was married for the third time. Scott Walker's negotiating style is that the guy doesn't seem like much of a negotiator. We don't yet know for certain if they are headed for the North Star or aiming with their dairy-air southward, but we now know that those of us with frontal mental lobes, single chambered stomachs and just two teats apiece have been missing the meat of this story for the last 10,000 years. The word "cow" derives from the Latin word "caput", meaning the head, which is the ancient way of counting cows, as in "Me and Tex are driving five hundred head to Abilene". Luckily, he found what he needed when his abassador to France pointed out that one of our greatest Revolutionary War heroes had been MIA in Pais for the last one hundred years. Can't you just hear him croaking in his perfectly correct Eton English? "If you go down to the woods today you better not go alone. The Perry family was held over the winter for trial.On Sunday, January 6th, 1661, fifty lunatics (most of them ex-soldiers from Oliver Cromwell's army), calling themselves Fifth Monarchists, stormed into St. Tough, I know. Meriwether's relations with women were as clumsy and difficult as his relations with men. * By late November the still single Meriwether and his brother Reuben had arrived at the falls of the Ohio River, in Louisville, Kentucky (above). He told the readers, "There is nothing in the world that drives a man like responsibility." He also advised young men to begin their business careers in sales. "A newspaper correspondent first started the idea of sending assistance to Captain person alone promised to get together 30,000 volunteers. The details were never made public, but it seems the California banker settled for about a third of what he had lost, about $200,000. I guess they were sent down there because Grant figured they could only shoot each other. It was to be called an "Amusement Park". Lees. He got his earlier date for Thanksgiving when the counrty needed it. He was described by one fellow Republican as having, "...a seven-devil lust to live and shine under the blessings of the rich". His real name was Abe Reles (above). Selover grabbed Jay be the collar and shouted, "I'll teach you to tell me lies!" The six foot tall Selover then threw Jay to the ground, and then yanked him up again by one hand, dangling him above the stairwell of a belowstreet level barbershop. Harlow noted "his physical health is good, and I am inclined to say he has recovered. The day after that Coxey's Army acquired a navy. Don't speak so loud, or you will be overheard--and I should be ruined. If I was the guy who carved that, I would keep looking over my shoulder. Thorn was informed by the Senator that the lady would be checking out. What followed were desperate letters from Althea. As it was the boy was saved when the Florida Highway Patrol office who was attending a nearby accident scene heard his screaming and came running. Morse's business manager. From such combinations, legends were born, such as this one I shall now relate. * On April Fools Day, 1920, bland faced Ohio political manager Harry Daugherty (above) was hastily packing his bags in his room at the old Waldorf Astoria hotel on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. '' It is assumed Mickey meant gangster kingpin Myer Lansky, but then Mickey often lied.

* It was Murray's advice that lead Nixon to accept the vice-presidential post from Eisenhower in 1951. And you can't get much stranger than that. But Mr. "Three hearty cheers were proposed for the Hon(erable) Zadock Pratt...This is certainly a memorandum worthy of note in your biography, of the gratitude and esteem which Americans hold your enterprising history." What Jay did not explain is why the new town was named after him, and not Mr. Despite several setbacks, Phineas was able to travel the thirty miles to his mother's home, in Lebanon, New Hampshire in time for Christmas, 1848. There just weren't very many who made it that far. William Johnson (aka William Holloway) had been born in Newport Market (above). In fact, when the Democrats fled the state they were following a valid and time honored practice used by both parties since the founding of the Republic. What Professor Bond was eventually able to describe were eight bursts of cooling (now called Bond Events) since the last ice age ended about 11,000 years ago. The little Green house had been demolished in May of 1941, after the lot was purchased by developers. And it allowed his opponents to brand Maury himself as a communist, which led to his defeat for reelection as Mayor. So the combination of Robert's good looks and Thomas's brains made for the perfect intimate for King James. He reduced the Estate Tax, (known in current Republican circles as the "Death Tax"). William Lowndes, wrote "it is a thing so easy...even women and children...are capable of the act." The act was filing off silver from a coin, melting the filings and pouring them into a counterfeit mold. Instead of cheers and shouts of glee, mass ennui broke out amongst the masses. But could there have been another reason the authorities wanted no living witnesses to the great squirrel airline conspiracy? It is clear that this is already an undeclared international war going on. They were then thrown into a fire. He made bail, but the bondsman revoked it the very next day, on Friday the 13th. In unison they gleefully chanted, "Cing, quartre, trios, deux, un" and...No guillotine. Wet and cold and exhausted, soaked by a pounding downpour, the gang of four came to the realization they had not thought things through as well as they thought they had. He had lived just long enough to see the double defeats of Vicksburg and Gettysburg, which together sealed the doom of the Confederacy. The product of William Yancy's life's work was the death of 600,000 young men and perhaps a million civilians - the vast majority of them southerners - the total abolition of slavery in America and the ultimate victory of Federalism over State's Rights. Under this landmark legislation, bargain priced mining claims made be made by those seeking gold, silver, copper or, as Butler amended the act, "other valuable deposits". The rest of the polyglot empire had fewer options. Third, slavery would be allowed in Washington, D.C. This was done to protect the Irish landowners from having to compete with cheap American wheat. And that is the real tragedy in this Kentucky story.- 30 A NOTE AND A WARNING  must begin by thanking you all who take the time to read my stuff. The Turkish city on the Danube had been captured by Austrian armies in 1688 and again in 1717. But who were "them" really? A Professor Hourwitch from the University of Chicago actually tried to find out. This was a spectator sport, drawn out for hype and hyperbole. And like Disco music and Special Federal Prosecutors, once invented some institutions have proven impossible to stop. He rarely if ever bathed. And it didn't matter how he did it. The last time this had happened had been 1933, and the truncated shopping period (just 20 days) had been a disastrous retail holiday season. George suddenly wheeled his horse and returned to the side of the theatre. That court was, of course, now stacked

with judges whose election had been financed by Frederick Newlander. He was also the self elected "Great Wizardo" of the "American Patriots", a self created political oganization. Under Stackpole's nervous eye, there was a moment of tension, before Althea whispered to David, and then proceeded to quickly leave the restaurant and return to the train. (Meanwhile) corporate profits shot up by 65 %" (Sound familar?) "... Far behind was Governor William Spool of Pennsylvania with 84 votes, followed by New York's Nicholas Butler with 69 votes and Ohio's favorite son, Senator Warren G. He was paid another $1.2 million to arrange a meeting between Bush and the Malaysian Prime Minister. Under questioning Dawes decided to cooperate, and related the tale of the visit to the Johnson brothers tavern. To which Stanton replied "You shall not. Philip Arnold was dug in like a tick on a Kentucky mule, and Ralston was not going to get him out without an expensive, exhausting and embarrassing court fight. Like Sharon, this would-be cupid was sixty when he met Althea, but unlike Sharon, Terry was just as prone to passionate outbursts as the lady. I'll bet that Usimare was poisoned, not killed but weakened enough that within a few days after setting down to spend some time with the girls, he died, perhaps of heart failure or dehydration. In all 38 died, 143 were seriously wounded. Humphrey Dove, Esq. Of the officers, forty of them had either resigned or died. He paid a fine and served 15 months in prison, and was never involved in Missouri politics again. ********************************************************************************************** "An election is coming. Reason was absent. While serving as third mate on board a merchantman in 1768, both the captain and the first mate died of yellow fever, instantly promoting him. This was followed by the Fair at Bar-sur-Aube, the May Fair in Provins, the "hot air" Fair at Troyes, then back to Provins for a second fair, a fair at Reims, and the "cold air" Fair at Troyes in November. The top slid into place, making for a nearly air tight closure without the need for weighty hardware. He was the leader of a socialist group but seems to have been the only regular member. While waiting for the revolution he was ironically employed sewing expensive handbags and wallets for rich people to store their money in. Concerned about justice for the poor, Vaillant had abandoned a wife and two children - leaving them in poverty - and then lived with a deaf woman. But in exchange for this, black slavery would be likewise forever "protected" south of that line. S. In fact, I suspect, that it was Russel who convinced Governor Lewis to change his travel plans and proceed overland. Their God was not interested in contentment, just punishment. He nursed two drinks for an hour at the Terminus, and then as he staggered out the door, tossed his bomb back into the café, where the bomb exploded, killing one. And it was only a matter of time before some moralizing busybody felt the need to drop Daniel an anonymous letter telling the whole sordid truth.. Together they all more closely resembled a circus side show than a political movement. But the most disturbing of all them all was a man known only as "The Great Unknown". Even the Baron Rothschild bought stock in the new company. and started selling everything that wasn't nailed down. The British government issued advice that people should stop smoking. * Meanwhile the United States Tobacco industry managed to deny reality for another seven years. Tempers were a little tense on the prairie that winter and the newspapers all had a dog in the hunt, so to speak, and they could not be trusted to be either fair or accurate. Lees was now granted a leave of absence from the department, and Ralston provided him with an expense account to find out everything he could about the Great Diamond Mountain con men. "The badges the men wear have also acquired a market value, and sets of the several varieties bring good prices, some of them commanding a dollar each." It remained to be seen what profit the nation would make from the Army, now that it was so close to

its goal. "Well, one day I went up in a balloon and the ropes got twisted, so that I couldn't come down again. The truth was Charles Tiffany had never seen a raw diamond in his life. Still, his criminal career didn't really get started until he was 26 and passed the New York State bar exam. Two stood at right angles to each other, their front doors opening on "The Trace". One week later, on Tuesday, May 8th, all three were tried in District Court, where it was revealed that the illegal banners they were charged with displaying were the three by two inch cloth lapel pins worn by every member of the Army. Coxey always maintained that he never stepped on the grass. Workers at the new rail yards up the harbor were drawn to the excitment. But I would very much like to know what became of them, because if, as I suspect, he or she later turned up dead, then we would know if the percentage of true criminal masterminds in this affair was 20% or less - less being the historical average. * -30 SUNDAY WARD HEELERS Crime and Parties, Chicago Style WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER...MAYBE I can not prove what happened to Judge Joe Crater on the night of August 6, 1930. Hardison had made enough money in California oil to fund Lyman for one more try. Again he was asked to promise to never visit the palace again. At his side was a large green box. Blaine at this very moment was walking into the station arm and arm with President Garfield. And his skeleton reveals no broken bones. It was Selover who introduced Jay to a California friend of his, James R. Lazarus wanted Roosevelt to move the Turkey Day forward one week, to give merchants another week to tempt their customers. Roosevelt listened to this plea, and at a Press Conference held August 14th, he said that "I have been hearing from a great many people for the last six years, complaints that Thanksgiving came too close to Christmas". Several nearby mine owners closed down their mines to become freighters for the Vulture...It was widely known among the prospectors that working at the Vulture for a few months could provide them with a grubstake for the rest of the year...Miners would often work the mine during evenings and weekends for their own benefit. The cash for the buyout had come from Jay's new partner, Charles Lessup. But it wasn't long before Lessup began to suspect he was being had, and by the fall of 1859 Lessup was panicked by the commitments Jay (above) was making in his name. He had spent his entire life as a politician, devising one compromise after another. Nash", married Corporal John Noonan. Under this regimen, wrote Lt. They respected him as an opponent. But it turns out the real joke was on the loser, Van Buren, who took only 7 states, to Harrison's 19. In a clearing along "The Trace" they built three one-room structures. But the brain behind the argument was Amos Kendall. * It was Amos who ran Martin Van Buren's (above) successful Presidential campaign in 1836. Louis's

West Bottom neighborhood (middle, above). Everyone wanted to find the first diamond. Twenty-eight days later, on September 19th, Meriwether Lewis became so ill he stopped writing in his diary for three months. But I found myself in the midst of a strange people, who, seeing me come from the clouds, thought I was a great Wizard. But it appears he was the only priest who joined the conspiracy. * Some boys take a beautiful girl, And hide her away from the rest of the world. I wanna be the one to walk in the sun. Oh, girls, They wanna have fun. * See, ancient Egypt was peppered with temples, large and small, and each had their priests and their grain fields to support them, and slaves to work those fields. His attorney argued his case before three judges of the Nebraska state Supreme Court, and a hearing room crowded with armed angry spectators. The Yankees, in a publicty move, offered their entire team to the deaf man in Chicago to replace his suspended players, but he never took them up on it. With the discovery of Hitler's death camps in 1945, Coughlin's brand of virilent anti-Semitism was also finished as a mass movement in America, at least for the time being. He exhibits long-term amnesia, and cannot recall any events more than 5 years ago. As a result, by 1929, the top 1/10th of 1% of Americans had an income equal to that of the bottom 42% of Americans. As soon as half of the final sale price ($660,000) had been deposited in an eschrow account, Philip Arnold and John Slack agreed to lead Jannin to the claim, along with Asbury Harpending, General Dodge, one of the builders of the transcontinental Railroad, and... Instead, she pressed the old man for more details about his hidden mine in the mountains. So they did, without the Governor's approval. So, I think of the late Bob Lincoln as a shlimazel. Even the Lieutenant of the Tower, Grevase Helwys, was hanged, although his only crime seems to have been he suspected what was going on but couldn't figure out which bunch of his betters were going to come out on top, so he did nothing. The only two people who did not hang for the murder of Sir Thomas were the two who had conceived of and financed the whole thing; Robert and Francis. What the public suspected but could not prove until the 1850's was that the Spanish gave General James Wilkerson the title of "Agent 13", and paid him $12,000 and several thousand acres of land to encourage Kentucky to separate from the United States, and he came close to pulling it off. The Legendary Wyatt Earp had killed his first man. * Eddie Foy would later claim that his suit, hanging back stage, was punctured twice by the gunfire, but that too seems an embellishment. In the crashing waves the four seamen lost most of their booty, and were able to save just 10% of the coins. For more than a quarter of a century, he was an ally in political battles, a valued counselor, and a trusted colleague. He hired his own attorney and on January 13th 1891, appealed to the state Supreme Court. Politically, the Republicans were still out on that limb, in strong disfavor in Nebraska, and the Democrats made the smart move of courting the Independents.

* The frustrated farmers and their leaders had come to the realization that to fight the large railroads would take a national political movement, and the Nebraska Independents joined similar groups around the nation. It has become the ebodiment of the old joke about a camel being a horse designed by a committee. * Consider the oath, just as a piece of language. And that is to his credit as well. And she was also an occasional mistress of "Good Time Joe Crater". Ce n'est pas ironique, c'est le plus absurdeAuguste had constructed two sauce pan bombs, but discarded the larger one after realizing he could never sneak a 3 quart sauce pan past security. Mrs. First his radio network was squeezed under new fairness rules, and then the Post Office deemed his magazines as anti-American and stopped providing them with volume discounts for delivery.The final prop fell away when Bishop Gallagher died in 1942. Colton handed him the telegram from Professor King. Bertrand (above, with his ideological opponent, FDR) started out life as a bookkeeper. You just walk in the door and take the first turn to the right. If you wish me to use my magic power to send you home again you must do something for me first. And for five years they were a contended and happy couple, the center of the social circle of Suds Row east of the Fort Lincoln parade grounds, and they were both a significant part of the post's social life. Then, in the fall of 1878, while Corporal Noonan was out on patrol, Mrs. Jay tried to walk away, but for once in his life, Jay Gould was caught. He ran back to his post and tapped out the following message on the telegraph key, "Stop trains. And the most important question they want an answer to is why in God's name were these young men murdering each other? Was it amber or gold? Was it slavery or freedom? Was it fish or faith? Four thousand years later the answer seems almost as important as it must have seemed to them. He lived on adrenaline and publicity. They beat against the doors, and smashed open a transom. Jacob was late in arriving, and the meeting droned on, until the board room clock struck 3:00 p.m. Now that the 1920 baseball season was over, the Boston manager made it clear to Red Sox owner Harry Frazee that he wanted out. Could the noble and handsome Secretary Hamilton provide her with the funds to return to New York? Smitten and horny, with his wife living in far off Connecticut, Hamilton agreed to deliver $30 to her rooms that evening. You must die!" Thereupon Daniel pulled a derringer and fired. Knox.With the approach of the spring thaw however, competition drove the price down to eight pounds per corpse. Its mouth and throat are so soft that it can ingest thorns and bare branches without injury. And then there was the "futures' market" in the stocks and bonds of railroads that did not exist. And after dark Burke and Hare lugged the corpse down Infirmary Street to Surgeons Square, where the old man's remains were sold to Dr. Then in September of 1877, as the orbits of Earth and Mars converged, Giovanni Schiaparelli used a new telescope and drew even more detailed maps. The prisoners were required to be silent for all but a few minutes each day. So her sudden appearance in the dissecting theatre of Dr. The Baltimore Herald said "Such a fantastic aggregation never paraded itself in seriousness before the public." First came Mrs. Twelve of the 33 starters (above) were driving rear engine cars, including Eddie Sachs. Sometime after midnight, with the Republicans caucusing with their Democratic allies in an anteroom, Speaker Elder ordered the doors locked and told the sergeant-at-arms to admit no one without a written pass from him; check. *

Meanwhile, the presumed victor, James Boyd, had requested and received an immediate hearing before the State Supreme Court. Now, at the age of 55, Berkeley again accepted the responsibility of leading the 35,000 English settlers in the "Old Dominion". Following ancient buffalo trails "The Trace" then meandered through a dense macabre forests 445 miles, twenty days by horse and foot, to Nashville, Tennessee, where it joined Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road to the east. There wasn't a legitimate person in the room.'' While introducing Nixon, Mickey announced the doors had been locked and no one could leave until $75,000 had been collected. In 1883 the Stewart brothers and Hardison packed their bags and moved to California. * The desperate search for oil drove capitalists to take a hard look at the only emperical evidence they had, the pulverized rocks drawn up from both dry and successful drill holes. Usually the monks drank the juice while it was still saccharine, and what a sad bunch of alcoholics they must have been. He called Stanton "my rock", but admitting to devising strategies for "plowing around" that rock. It was, in effect, a pre-nup without the nup. The Senator wrote a note to Mr. This could be the subconscious reason he employs only verticallychallenged workers ("elfs"), but I believe his hiring practices are more likely a reaction formation due to body-image problems stemming from his obesity. Here the Canadians had established an outpost, and Wilkerson called a council of war to decide what to do next. So farm and ranch homes were usually lit by candle. In addition she had 36 tons of the high octane Bezol fuel piled about her decks in 50 gallon drums. He even provided proof in the form of letters between himself and both of the enterprising Reynolds', James and Maria. Thorn had by now convinced himself there was going to be an armed rebellion at any moment. But given that success, in the election of 1920, given the hopes of feminists and the subsequent Harding scandals, the reality of suferage remained disappointing. In a way, it should have been anticipated, given the way women won the right to vote. However money did change hands, and in capitalistic nations that fits the definition of a contract. And that is to his credit as well. Realizing this makes watching the the final scene in "Don Giovanni" all the more poignant. After she built a reputation as a dependable mid-wife "few births occurred (on the post) without her expert help". But there is no record Mrs. And then, in 1916, at the age of sixty-one, Percival Lowell suffered a stroke and died. The cops had Marie's confession and Sainte-Croix's list, and just before the case broke wide open...Louis XIV (above) ordered all further investigations to cease. A few people walked out. On the Sunday night of September 27, 1896, the abandoned Elephant Hotel burned to the sand. And the works have survived for 500 years because they are extraordinary and because in 1624, after Will's death, Richard Burbridge, Will's friend and fellow actor and fellow investor in the theatre company, made sure the plays were preserved using the still novel invention of printing. Then the badger would be returned to the box and the dog would be sent in again. By the end of that summer unemployment nationwide had topped 10%, and mobs were raiding food warehouses. He lost. * And that defeat deflated the Independents nationally. The Sackville rises in the center of "New Scotland" near Mt. They were immediately thrown in jail. Here he was examined, and since the wounds did not appear to be life threatening - because he was not already dead - it was decided the President should be taken back to the White House. The eyes of the world are upon you, and you must conduct yourselves accordingly." And they did.Ahh, if they only knew the high drama and low

comedy that was about to descend upon their heads. "This will serve me a lesson," said he, "to look where I step. That infrastructure attracted industry, which brought in more infrastructure, specifically railroads. 1,700 police officers and 75 Red Cross nurses poured into the disaster scene. But where was this bonanza? Although he never produced a map, in infuriating slowness the old man confided obscure details, almost as if he were stringing Julia along to ensure he kept a roof over his head and food in his belly. That ended his diplomatic career. But they were opposed to similar aid to workers, to the very idea of a safety net or by government investing in infrastructure. For even if Joan and Richard Perry had not killed poor Mr. Squirrels on a sugar rush; and they have even been video taped having consumed fermented pumpkins in America. Althea counter sued the Senator in state court for divorce, and asked for alimony. The divorce trial entertained the citizens of San Francisco over the summer of 1884, with salacious details of how "the other half" lived, including tales of Althea watching Senator Sharon in bed another woman. Besides earning a small income as a washer woman, Mrs. Gage.The most unlikely might be the field of phrenology, which held that just as a lifetime of muscular exertion leaves evidence on the leg and arm bones, mental endeavors - personality, intelligence and emotions - leave tell-tale imprints on the top of the skull; or so the theory went. But there was also poetry, and the wild card of alcohol. Well, Thomas saw the offer as an attempt to get him out of the way and so, taking Robert's advice, he turned the offer down. Then Phineas would insert a fuse through the sand into the powder. By then it had become clear that if you removed the hatred from his message, Father Coughlin had nothing original left to say. It struggled, then toppled and fell lifeless to the gutter." "A messenger lay decapitated, a packet of stocks smoldering in his hand. That's when the treasury stopped issuing real dollars and started issuing "silver certificates" - read your dollar sometime. Tommy wrote fiery speeches that Roosevelt delivered with fire. And nobody else in the world could make that claim in post WWII. But if you are going to shoot at the Pharaoh, you had better not miss. He was ushered back to his carriage, and the Army, now under the command of his son Jesse Coxey, marched "like a funeral procession" toward their new camp, at the site of an old dump on M street, which they dubbed "Camp Tyranny". And he had been in the palace not for a year, but just for that night. And it is just one of the many American words born out of American politics. * In 1812 the Massachusetts's legislature contrived, with the help of Governor Elbridge Gerry (pronounced "Jerry"), to redraw the lines for the Essex County Congressional District, to insure who won the elections there. It was raining and it was cold, and only 86 men showed up to begin a march which was intended to change the course of American democracy. First, his genitalia were removed and displayed to him. But putting the engine in the rear did away with the need for a heavy drive shaft, which allowed the suspension to be lighter. And that was why in the spring of 1872 he jumped on the diamond mountain with such enthusiasm. An economic boom has busted, and the wealthy few at the top are bemoaning their pinched economics, brought on by yet another boom and bust economic cycle - in large part of their own making. Fox and the Canadians did just that, and were never seen again. The next day Captain Thorn dispatched another seaman and three unhappy Hawaiians to find a passage. It makes me wonder why they didn't just hire him.Just after 1 A.M on March 15th,  as a police officer (part of the beefed up security detail inspired by Boy Jones) walking across the grand hall of Buckingham Palace saw a man staring at him through a glass door of the throne room. And on May 5th, 1891 the State Supreme Court agreed with him. (Sound familar, again?) Mellon believed

that weak banks (like weak insurance conglomerates, weak car companies and weak brokerage firms today) should always be allowed to fail. To be successful, it should be just one part of a strategic campaign that includes working with the press, grassroots activism, letter writing, and litigation. As Bruce Catton, points out in "The Coming Fury", "Breckenridge, the supposed candidate of the secessionists, had indeed carried 11 (slave) states, but he had lost such powerful slave states as Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri..." But of course, the American electoral system is not merely a popularity contest. The troops dispatched to Vida had no idea why they were marching away from Belgrade so quickly. McCarty to treat the wounded cowboy. * The Globe commented that George Hoyt "...was in bad company and has learned a lesson "he won't soon forget". (The executioner) himself picked up the head from the sawdust and threw it viciously into the basket with the body." Anarchy, it turned out, was not long lived. And then, he added, "A Massachusetts who, in public speeches, declared that he approved of (John Brown)... Squirrels are either "any of various arboreal rodents of the genus Sciurus and related genera of the family Sciuridae, having a long flexible bushy tail..." or "...any of various other rodents of the family Sciuridae,...". In the first decade of the 19th century, he wrote to the Spanish Governor of New Orleans. But by then there was not much call for new office space, even in Washington D.C. He just never left the building. Meanwhile Thomas had no access to any of that, but he appeared at daily Cabinet meetings as Secretary of War. One crewman balked and joined the captain in the briny deep. Those tenants who could not pay were evicted by the managers. But the capitalist imperative eventually drove all the successful newspapers to copy each other, just as reality television does today.A byproduct of this leveling process was an intellectual rebellion, by those who consumed the same papers but needed to convince their fellow readers that they were smarter. But Paul had arrived in Coney Island with a new idea, something he had developed at the Chicago Columbian Exposition, in 1893. Now, if I were to say to you, "Vanilla's the best flavor ice cream", you'd say ...? Joey: "No, chocolate is." Nick: Well, I need more than chocolate. He carefully hid loopholes in his loan documents, and used them ruthlessly, to ensnare miner after miner, and to make himself one of the richest and most powerful men in California. Nathaniel, with no actor to play against, went over the top. It was a great boon to the egg industry nationwide. Far from hiding, Arnold had followed the example of William Ralston. Somehow fire reached the ship's magazine, and the resultant explosion killed most of the avenging natives as well. That was three years you needed to refer to while talking about just one battle, because of the delays in communications. How much more complicated can you get than that? * Mail was the first invention in long distance communications. It was a diamond, fast enough. By four o'clock we pitched camp on the famous diamond fields." It was, said Asbury Harpending, "...a small mesa...littered here and there with rocks comprising about thirty or forty acres (above), through which a small stream of water ran. But, perhaps the first Parisian to label his victim an "April Fool" immediately received a mouth full of fist, while calling the victim an "April Fish" confused him just long enough so that the prankster could escape. After all, the girl just wanted to have fun. *

 - 30 AMERICAN ARCHETYPE - PART FIVE I would call him a prime example of the past being prologue. He missed both times. But inevitably Jacob lost one more fortune than he made. He had a passion for young women. It was not until Ronald Reagan in his 1981 inaguration speech that the G.O.P again openly call for overturning the New Deal programs. and me, Nick Naylor. She now had a defender who saw the court room as an extension of his happy home. And then Robert fell in love - with a woman, of all people. She was Francis Howard (above), the Countess of Essex. Henceforth, Jay never went out without a body guard. The Tin Woodman knew very well he had no heart, and therefore he took great care never to be cruel or unkind to anything. Or maybe not. The fort was on the west bank of the Missouri River, across from Bismark, North Dakota. As top general in the American Army he had been dispatched to New Orleans in early 1809, when it looked like war with Britain might break out at any moment. However, almost two weeks went by, and still there was no release from General Wilkerson. Initially there were only 25 members of the congregation, and Father Coughlin's mother had to sell trinkets in the gift shop. However it was politically embarrassing. And local wildlife rehabilitator Norma Campbell offered no comfort when she warned against any futile attempts to cull the local squirrel populations. And they decided that the will and the marriage contracts were both forgeries, enjoined Althea from claiming otherwise, and ordered her to hand over the documents to Frederick Newlander. "If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins."Ben Franklin But the judges went even further, lecturing Althea in open court, contending that " and position are in themselves some certain guaranty of truth in their possessor...", and that "A woman who voluntarily submits to live with a millionaire for hire ought allowed to punish her paramour for the immorality of which she was a part..." It is hard to find a more able defense of the Victorian ideal of the nobility of wealth and the original sin of women, than that argued by these two Federal judges. I'm not saying that Althea was justified in the way she expressed her anger with the courts, but I am saying that she was nuts already, and this lecture did not help her pathology. But, as we all know, some men are drawn to crazy women. Marshal Neagle (above) was convinced she used her body to shield her removal of David's bowie knife. Selover, who actually considered himself a friend of Gould's. She called his friends and staff, and all of them urged her to remain calm and not raise a fuss because of the potential political complications that might ensue. * Joe Crater had been a surprising appointment to the New York appeals court because he was not openly affiliated with New York Mayor Jimmy Walker (above), or his friends at Tammany Hall, the center of graft and greed in New York City government since the 1840's. It made no mention of the cutting of salary, only of the refusal to work. The firm of Singletary Rueda designed an 11 story, 108,000 square feet of floor space, 1,260,000 cubic square feet of "living" space, building. Johnson then ordered Thomas to deliver them to both to Stanton. His college roommate described Jack as always "driven to excess". Clemet Clay, the biggest gossip in a town that still lives on gossip. On the first day of sales, the crowds were so large the police had to restore order - or so Tiffany claimed But it was Gideon Reed from Boston who ran the firm's Paris store, and who invented the diamond engagement ring, to handle a glut of small stones from South Africa then swamping the market. We

know today, as the beneficiaries of the interstate highway system, that the investment in infrastructure Coxey was promoting would improve the nation, would create new wealth by creating new opportunities for business and in the short run provide honest work for the unemployed. Morris checked the 56 cents postage on the tag tied to May's coat, and since the mother was no where to be seen, allowed the girl to ride in the mail car to Lewiston. And the square mile scrub brush plain to the north of that peak is the scene of the Great Diamond Hoax of 1872. But even today, while smoking "weed" will get you jail time, smoking tobacco is still legal. * "Nick: Okay, let's say that you're defending chocolate and I'm defending vanilla. And in both cases, in 1970 and in 1819, the attack dispersed the crowds inside of fifteen minutes. He then proceeded to to seduce a Spanish Queen, and to pilfer $27,000 from the funds raised to build a battlefield memorial at Gettysburg. Then I looked at it and it looked like a white sidewall and I knew the next thing I would see would be air. Said another publication, "He accommodates himself gracefully to a given situation; lives well...drinks only the best of wines, and smokes only the best of cigars. Mr.  In 1916 Charles was ordained as a Catholic Priest. If a human being is murdered by a serial killer, a lunatic at the controls of a hijacked jet, a deluded doctor, a drunk at the wheel of a car or a waiter too busy to wash their hands, the result for the victims is the same; tragedy. Luckily, the now destitute Jacob was matched with a compassionate small businesswoman named Julia Elena Thomas, who had a spare room and a bed. Some patients may even experience weight loss, hair loss and a skin rash...These symptoms can last for over three months, and sometimes as long as six months. * "We know from the private journals kept by its members, that on the 13th and 14th of August of 1805 Captain Lewis and some of the men from the expedition 'partied' with some Shoshone women. In what may have been the first time a practical joke qualified as a war crime, on April 1, 1915 a French pilot buzzed the German trenches and dropped a huge bomb, which bounced. Four years later the citizens of Venice awoke on April 1, to discover their sidewalks littered with cow manure, the "gag" of a visiting Englishman, Horace de Vere Cole, with too much time on his hands and too much money in his pockets. Faced with empty coffers and pews, Father Coughlin used his connections with Mrs. He carried his affinity for inflexible convictions into every aspect of his life he was an absolutest in all things. That rebellion had not happened either. As an added plus, Coxey and Carl Browne were also hoping to put their bad press behind them. Although why we should do that I have no idea. * Eventually James got to the point. Peter's Church." The number may have been an enthusiastic over estimation, but in the area known as St. Samuel Williams, accompanying the march, described the hundred and fifty men as "the nucleus of a band of marauders, whose object is to despoil their fellow citizens" and called them "a species of terrorism." "These bands," he wrote for the St. They might as well have planted a big arrow above his crypt that read "Dig Here!" Judgment day arrived less than three years later. As soon as Charles II was crowned king, he had 12 of those who had participated in his father's trial tried for high treason. ( If anyone cares to take notice, it seems to me that the wake up call for doomsday has been given. But their convenient alibi was by now pounding the coast, and after having crossed Coney Creek, the quartet was forced to seek refuge in John Leonard's Sheepshead Bay Inn, where John Brownrigg spilled his guts.

* Leonard was nothing if not decisive. Unemployment rose from an estimated 3% in 1892, to 11% in 1893, and, after repeal of the Sherman Act, to 18% in 1894. After that victory, FDR brought Tommy into the inner circle and made him his private secretary - "speech writer, strategist, talent scout and back channel lobbyist." * "Apart from my father, Tom (Corcoran) was the single most influential individual in the country." Elliott Roosevelt 1939 * It was Tommy who guided the next big fight, after the Supreme Court had killed several of the New Deal's most progressive programs. Is the Republican Party cast your all upon the issue?" "Yes!" roared the crowd....".. It was the speculators who drove Abraham Lincoln's father off his farm in Kentucky, and again off his farm in Indiana and eventually drove him to Illinois, where Abraham gave up farming entirely. * As another source writing about this unromantic American frontier points out, "As a consequence of monopolistic tactics and official fraud, northern Alabama lands were overwhelmingly engrossed by absentee speculators and wealthy settler elites." The leveling process of the American frontier was largely a myth, created by the wealthy in a natural effort to romanticize their past. And his little darling inherited a little money, which she and Saint-Croix quickly burned through.Then in 1670 Marie shed more tears when her two brothers suddenly dropped dead. Just before the green flag was dropped again, it was announced that Eddie Sachs had died. * Announcer Sid Collins gave Eddie's obituary live, on the air, just minutes after learning of his death. He was a partisan in the extreme and his politics were always personal. Without a source of potable water, meaning a drinkable fluid, a monastery could not survive. Lord knows, the Catholic church had long wanted The Fighting Priest to shut up. When other rocks on the sea floor were identified as coming from the same areas on land, the professor's suspicions were Horse Farms For Sale Memphis TN confirmed, and with it a way to measure climate change. Does any of this sound familiar? One wag put it to verse; "Mellon pulled the whistle, Hoover rang the bell, Wall Street gave the signal, And the country went to hell." Mellon saw what was happening, but favored what he called a "liquidationist" approach to the problem. Instead he wanted the Governor to name him overall commander of the entire Indian war. Many of the new car designs were still experimenting with suspension set ups, and on the second lap a rookie named Dave McDonald lost control of his unstable car, spun out coming off the fourth turn and slammed into the inside wall. Now, if you will oil the joints of my legs, I shall be all right once more." So they oiled his legs until he could move them freely; and he thanked them again and again for his release, for he seemed a very polite creature, and very grateful. These tears ran slowly down his face

and over the hinges of his jaw, and there they rusted. His whole heart was in the movement to emancipate labor."The next day, as the march continued into Maryland, the eldest son Jesse Coxey was reinstated on the one condition that "he not sulk anymore". In this case the President was George Washington and the appeasement was part of the Federalists "New England" strategy. There Edward worked for a time as the Town Crier, until he was arrested for burglary. For the incident Frankie spent the night in jail and was fined $20, while Officer Earp was fined $1. Sharon, you are wronging me; so help me God, you are wronging me..." "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion." George Hegel By the end of December, Althea was gone from the Grand and the Senator had moved on to other young women, although he occasionally still spent "time" with her. The Republicans made certain the Crittenden Compromise was never officially considered by the entire Senate, even though they never offered an alternative. The vandals had been identified. And at about the same time the six year long depression came to an end. And dribble glasses are not only not practical they are also not funny - especially on "April Fools Day", when every glass is a dribble glass and every shoe is a potential combustion chamber. But complexity was always hidden just beneath the hide. But a new player had entered the arena. His name was Joseph Allen, and he was the Massachusetts Bank Commissioner. At least Gregor McGregor got his name on a monument outside of Caracas. Still, I have to agree with Will Rogers, who once said, "They may call me a 'rube' and a 'hick, but I'd a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it." - 30 SUNDAY: DRAMA QUEENS Staging A Political Scene COXEY'S ARMY: PART ONE  "You people with hearts," he said, "have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful." - The Tin Woodsman. 1900. Turner admitted under "questioning" that she had been directed prepare the list and to deliver the finished poisons, one after the other, to Richard Weston, Thomas Overbury's jailer. C. But the same images did scare congressmen and presidents, infuriated the wealthy and powerful, and worried local police officers and mayors. He had 4,000 men and artillery. Ah, LOL et al. It fell from a high of 294 points in early October 1929, to 230 points at the end of the month. . It wasn't an antibell ringing society, it was actually a pro-bell ringing society; sort of the way "Working Class Americans for Fair Taxes" aren't any of those things either. Henry Jannin took William Ralston's (above) job offer at his standard salary, ($2,500), and an option to buy 1,000 shares in the venture at a greatly reduced fee. And when the regulations are not maintained and enforced, the market collapses. By 1930, the year that Judge Crater disappeared, Jack's web of speakeasies in lower Manhattan was under siege from the rapacious Dutch Schultz mob, based in Harlem. There was no city of St. Unfortunately, he would not live long to enjoy it. Nash ever served as a prostitute. And during that time witnesses could be bought off, killed off, or just die of natural causes. He survived his close encounter with Bob by another eight years.

* Vice President "Silent Cal" Coolidge was also there (not shown). The infant arrived safely. But he was the smart one. And curiosity about the elephant behind the fence kept the customers lined up at the ticket booth. * Several times a day Boyton himself would appear to demonstrate his rubber suit, and tofeed four dozen hungry sea lions in the park's central lagoon. But it was also the defining moment of Nathaniel Bacon's performance. Every human chosen to be saved from the coming devastation must be waiting in Dorthy's apartment at the appointed hour to be transported to the Oak Park spaceport. Some time near the mid summer solstice around three thousand eight hundred fifty years ago, some fifty or sixty Unetice raiders were attacked on the banks of the Tollense. MacArthur did this on his own. Daniel showed the note to a friend, George Wooldridge, who then watched the philandering husband sob with his head in his hands. On Saturday night, February 26th, Daniel confronted Terressa in her bedroom (they had separate sleeping arraignments, on different floors), and he forced her to write her confession in her own hand. Copper and tin had to be heated to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit before they would form bronze, and that takes a lot of dry wood, and a knowledge of ceramics. The sheriff of Lancaster County (a Democrat), surrounded by deputies (more Democrats), smashed down the locked doors of the legislative chamber, charged to the front of the room and forcefully served the writ upon Speaker Elder. He shouted from the floor, "Gentlemen of the Senate, I have been by force excluded from the position to which the people of this state elected me." But at this point the acting-President pro tempore, Democratic Senator Alonzo Smith, ordered the doorkeeper, Frank Pritchett, to remove the Lt. And it was convenient for the Senator for just about a year. "Purity engenders Wisdom, Passion, avarice..." Cyril Connolly As late as October 3, 1881, Senator Sharon was still referring in his notes to Althea as "My Dear Wife". Jacob Coxey did not smoke. But the idea that these cow hides might be hiding some kind of mystical, new-age ferris sensitivity seemed, until recently, to be an oxymoron. But Sharp's allies had responded quickly by claiming that the dead child had been born with black skin, and thus could not be the child of a white politician. He just can't stop himself from plotting. But in the 19th century the standard was a month's treatment with the poisonous metal mercury - taken either orally, applied as a balm, breathing in the vapors, or by a direct injection. The pledge was now 31 words long. Curtain on Act Two. He fought in the American Revolution, and served in the North Carolina House of Commons, the state legislature. So I try and concentrate on starting the thoughts, and let them out into the world to do what they can. He used their capital to make loans to miners in the Comestock Lode. Louis he was walking into a den of thieves. * - 30 * NEXT WEDNESDAY: THE IDES OF MARCH AWARD, 2011

* Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Pot * FRIDAY: BOY JONES * Stalking Queen Victoria The Daily Poll Which quote is best proof that Charlie Sheen has been channeling the Republican National Committee? Normal brains can't process me. I just do that for the extra money, and to satisfy my male need to kill and win. I think the one thing I would point to as a primary reason, basically, is that I was a gigantic ass. I have a disease? Bullshit. The next morning Harrison's son went out to search for them both. His third shot hit the tree. His ego could not abide the insult. Allen.grew suspicious. Besides owning a large chunk of Erie stock of course, Jacob had recently bought several thousand 'options', pledging to buy even more. But a touch of reality was supplied by the supporting players. But because of the large number of people about he had left again, unseen. Two marchers died from exposure to the harsh weather, fifteen others came down with pneumonia, twenty with the flu. Still, Stella was counseled to keep quiet. This meant that merchants could short change their customers with the simple application of a file. Conclusions: Physicians, when presented with aerial sleigh-borne present-deliverers exhibiting more than a few of these symptoms, should seriously consider ASBPDS as their differential diagnosis. There were parades, dinners, banquets and lots of drinking, and on the fourth day the Pharaoh had to "run" a course and shoot arrows to prove he was still fit enough to rule. John must have been very disappointed. But I digress... * Anyway, a Jonah is somebody you don't want on your boat, or babysitting your 401K. But this brings us to my real topic, which is the year when Thanksgiving became a real la guerre; 1939 It was the third year of President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt's second term as president. He is supposed to be the moving spring of the administration; the thinker, planner, and doer, but it is all in the dark." And Virginia Democrat Colonel Augustine Clairborn described Amos as a "...little whippet of a man" who was "...the Atlas that bore on his shoulders the weight of Jackson's administration. And that is what you call a successful second career. * The Association of Sananda..." has survived Dorthy. His followers attached a plate to his coffin reading "Oliver Cromwell, Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland", so that on Judgment Day

there would be no chance Oliver would be overlooked. I now have a huge expensive paper weight on my desk, repaired by people who seem to know little more than I do about computers. And it was there that I stumbled across a news story in the local paper about a local company that was rebuilding computers for school kids. And either possibility is not a compliment for the denizens of Nebraska. * Even before Nebraska was admitted to the union, on January 7, 1859, a fracas of fisticuffs fractured the Nebraska territorial legislature, between those who lived north and those who lived south of the Platte River. The Democrats physically blocked him from reaching the dais. This time Lyman hit oil. Truman. ******************************************************************************************* - 30 ************************************************************************************* WEDNESDAY ************************************************************************************** GENIUS - The Beginning *************************************************************************************** U.S. These are not cuddly creatures. "We abandon now the charge that Congress does it; we abandon now the charge that States do it; we abandon now the charge that the individual members of the Northern and Western communities as a body desire to (do it)...but we insist tenaciously and pertinacious (insist) ....that, as a people, we desire to circle the slave States with a cordon of free States, and thereby destroy the institution of slavery..." But was that, asked Baker, a reason to destroy the union of states? "I say, yes," blurted out Benjamin. Philip destroyed the Fairs by removing and not enforcing the regulations that defined the market, and piling on taxes not tied to their profits. America did not have to be settled in this fashion. The conflict between those two desires could get very nasty.In 1742 an angry mob whipped one John Samuel through the streets of Edinburgh after he was caught transporting the corpse of a young girl. Even more improbable to modern ears, this smallest state west of the Allegheny mountains was a crucial "battleground" state, oscillating like a bell clapper, clanging first Republican and then ringing Democratic, six times between 1876 and 1888, swinging each time at the whim of some 6,000 fickle independent voters. * Things came to a head over the winter of 1885 when the dynamic Democratic Governor Isaac Gray (above), seeking a lasting majority for his adopted party, jammed through a gerrymander redistricting of state legislative offices, by re-designing ten traditionally Republican state Assembly seats so they would elect Democrats instead. (fell at Hoboken, N.J.) on Saturday last at 4 o'clock, p.m. And that makes it a very different game than the one that Jacob played. Ă‚ - 30 -

SUNDAY: WHEEL MAN The Price of Technology THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART FIVE I guess that houses are like people, in that if they remain standing long enough they can become all things. First the little house on K street was a home and then it was a bordello and a bar, and then it sat empty for a few years. 1892 *************************************************************** James hired his youngest brother, Tom (above), as cashier and bookkeeper at the "Climax" in the early 1890's. Stackpole. Each night the men formed a picket line around the encampment while a circus tent was erected as their shelter. He praised his friend for saving his life. Also put the story in a larger context - your example is but one story among many. On average about 25% of all power failures nationwide (about one in four) are inspired by suicidal squirrels. He suffered a concussion and a broken nose amongst other injuries when yet another suicidal squirrel literally leapt into the spinning spokes of his bicycle. The proof cannot be made." Senator Benjamin (above) now thought he had his Northern foe pinned. An hour later Stanton arrived and was handed the key. And they must have been very confused. The guest-of-dishonor was stretched naked on a butcher block table. He had brought the man from his post at the Chickasaw nation, some 100 miles south-south east of Fort Pickering. B. It would have been depressing. Lessup's daughters bitterly demanded Jay repay them for their father's investment, and Jay countered with an offer of a payment of $10,000 a year for six years. It was an Irishwoman named Doucherty. And they succeeded. Still, even with the Lyman's piety, it took seven dry wells before Lyman and Harding produced their first gusher in Santa Clarita, California. He put his healthy young country in the same house, and for a while in the same bed, with this parent who was already yielding to the collectivist cancer. And although they never paid the filing fee (and their case was never on the docket) the founders, whoever they or he was, kept the joke going by arguing with their non-existent critics that they had as much right to gather together as "any other moral and benevolent societies in existence". All the violence had been perpetrated by the representatives of law and order. John Lees, who had served at the Battle of Waterloo, and had received two saber head wounds at the demonstration on St. First, he is one of the men who brought you the Great Depression; second, he is the man who invented "trickle down economics", which may yet bring you the next depression; third, his name has appeared on more dollar bills than anyone, with the possible exception of Alexander Hamilton; and fourth, his obsession with money was so great that its poison has leached into our own time, for Andrew William Mellon is the 'prater profectio' of the "vast right wing conspiracy." Suffice it to say that if Freud had ever met Andrew Mellon, psychiatry would be a recognized science today. Andew was lucky enough to be born in Pittsburg during the latter half of the ninteenth century "hell with the lid off" - and to a Scrooge-like father who disapproved of those with..."festive dispositions". And though his estate had been hurt by the massive tax settlement, and even though Andrew had spent the last years of his life giving away much of the wealth he had accumulated, Andrew still held so much money that, in 2007 (seventy years later!) the various trusts that Andrew created saw that his grandson,...

 ...75 year old Richard Mellon-Scaife, was still collecting about $45 million a year from them. And they succeeded. It also seems an inefficient use of resources, what with years of housing, feeding and clothing so many sperm receptacles when, in the end, only one counted. Allow me to explain... * On the day President Abraham Lincoln died, his eldest son, the late Robert Todd Lincoln, (above, called Bob by his father) had just gotten back from the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House. At about 1:40 p.m. But she was never described as a great beauty. His exit had been achieved by nonviolence. The cavernous Ben Springer's Theatre "The Lady Gray Comique" (com-e-cue), at the corner of Front and Bridge Street (modern day 2nd Avenue), was divided between a bar and gambling parlor in front and a variety theatre in the back. * In July of 1878 the Comique featured an entire vaudeville show headlined by "...that unequalled and splendidly matched team of Eddie Foy and Jimmie Thompson."Eddie Foy had been dancing and clowning in Chicago bars to feed his family since he was six. government stopped issuing silver coins. He just called it something else, so the Republicans would swallow the common sense of it without chocking on their own bile. Still, it must be counted against Amos that while he never owned slaves, he did nothing to encourage slavery's demise, when he had the chance to. And always will be. He wrote Hamilton, "You have deprived me of every thing that's near and dear to me. He lost that job in 1874 for embezzling county funds, which he probably used to finance his education in gambling. * Moving on to Dodge City along with the railroads, Wyatt was hired again as a police officer. The archaeologists are going back to the banks of the Tollense, because they think there is more to learn, more skeletons to be uncovered. This was about all that Jacob shared about the source of the ore in his candle box, before he died of pneumonia in Julia's spare bed, on October 25, 1891.The ore in Jacob's box brought $4,800 from the assay office - a lot of money in those days. And his career in politics thus saved him from being butchered by Mexican troops under General Santa Ana. And that was probably the only reason none of freshly disenfranchised voters in the room started shooting. 30 FRIDAY: INTO THE WOODS Get Ready For A Big Surprise 1920 - THE YEAR WITHOUT A REVOLUTION I don't believe that Ed Barrow (above) was capable of playing the idiot. And that, surprisingly, does come from the head end. It seems important. The line of Lincoln is no more. * Bob could not be blamed for any of the unusual coincidences that marred his life, but neither could they be ignored. That amount was exactly the yearly income of an appeals court justice. *

But Roosevelt was already positioning himself for a possible run for the White House and he could not afford to be connected to the Tammany Hall machine in the public's mind. But there was a war on. * The SS Mont Blanc was just out of New York carrying 2,300 tons of the explosive trinitrophenol (TNP), 200 tons of trintritoluene (TNT), 10 tons of gun cotton and 300 rounds of small arms ammunition. With the feds and reformers sniffing around, Judge Crater felt he could not decide the cases the way Diamond wanted them decided, not without drawing attention and raising suspicions. * That evening, when Connie told Diamond of Judge Crater's attempt at a payoff, Jack could not afford to let the cases drop, not with the Schultz mob sniffing at his heels. Parnell called on the crowd to shun any who took over the property of an evicted tenant. And behind him came the "army", all 86 of them on foot or bicycle. But none of that reality stopped the fight from becoming the most famous twenty seconds in the American West. * Wyatt remained a professional gambler all his life and died in Los Angeles of a chronic bladder infection at the age of 80 years, in January of 1929. An entire Innuit village of 22 families on the Dartmourth shore was drowned by the wave. * Windows were shattered 10 miles away. But then he had been brought to trial by himself for a Christmas Eve 1919 attempted robbery in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This was a cross between Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and the carnival in Rio. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands paid him $600,000. But Drummond for one would listen to no such warnings. But the role of the missed opportunity for the application of simple common sense in John Birch's death did not stop candy-king Robert Welch from building an elaborate conspiracy theory around Birch's death; a virtual black hole of paranoia and invective that eventually sucked into it everything Welch came in contact with, including the Republican Party, the Republican President and former five star general and war hero Dwight David Eisenhower -whom Welch accused of being a "conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy" - tooth decay and, believe it or not, the entire state of Alaska. I'm not kidding about the Alaska thing. His family had immigrated to America when he was 14. It is one of those nasty bits of reality this new generation of American pseudo-politicians seem not to have been taught in their right wing madrases, such as the high school aged Pooh's American Legion's Badger Boy's State Program, which paid for his trip to the Boy's Nation in Washington, D.C. But just like Caesar, Pooh seems intent upon ignoring warnings and committing political suicide. His namesake may have paid the price for that excess of zeal. For that was exactly what was being created on the American frontier. Then because of the flaying about looking for the thing, you lose your train of throught. No strangers were supposed to be in the palace at that hour. Okay? - 30SUNDAY: SISYPHUS ON THE WABASH

Democracy and Violence in Hooshier Land AMERICAN ARCHETYPE: PART THREE I wonder if you realize how little different America was in the first decade of the nineteenth century from the America we know today. That same year the Supreme Court reversed itself, and "offical" pledge was no longer compulsory. * Then in 1951 the Knights of Columbus decided the words "Under God" were needed in the pledge, and on "Flag Day", June 14th, 1954, Congress made that addition offical. and they did go... Instead, he's rejected every compromise that's been offered -- and his allies are starting to notice. Currently waiting for a response, and I honestly don't expect to hear from them again. SISYPHUS ON THE WABASH I want to take you back to a time when there were just two million Hoosiers in the whole world, and yet Indiana had 13 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 15 electoral votes. They were further supported by 12,000 witnesses, among whom was Mr. This is the company Ralph is using." Jack Abramoff * It was inevitable that someone like Jack Abramoff's would come to dominate this new fourth branch of American government - the lobbyists. But Terry lost round one when the federal judge ruled to begin taking testimony and evidence under oath, before a court appointed examiner. But the destruction of the Bank of the United States came back to bite the Jackson Democrats.During the first three weeks of April 1837, 150 businesses failed in New York City alone, wiping out $100 million in wealth. Hare and BurkeIn December (the off season for bodies, with the ground too frozen for excavations) another lodger named Joseph Miller fell ill. It may seem pointless to be divided by a stream famously described as "too thick to drink, and too thin to plow", a river which, in the late summer, resembles more plain than flood plain, but politics is rarely about reality and doubly so in Nebraska, where reality is so flat and peppered with cow poo. L. I learned this lesson from John Paul Jones, the pugnatious and aggressive Scotsman who founded the American Navy. John Paul had the first requirment for greatness; luck. It is a wonder that juries remain so certain they continue to take the lives of those accused, when they have no earthly reason to be so certain, and certainly no heavenly justification either. 30 -SUNDAY: THE PRICE OF GRATITUDERichard Nixon's Brain AMERICAN ARCHETYPE; PART ONE I don't want to call the lady a liar, but I don't believe any of the stories Priscilla Grinder told. ... State and Federal investigators were already sniffing around, looking for an opening to bring down the Tammany Hall machine. *

One of New York's most successful madams, Polly Adler, who had operated houses of prostitution for more than a decade under mob protection, had recently been busted. Unfortunately the loop contained a minor design flaw. The dreamer awakened to discover the America of 1933 had been a dream. * "Lobbying is part of a larger process of social and legislative change. In the summer of 1880 she was a "rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed beauty of the Golden West," in her late twenties, and as looney as a bat in radar factory. More immediatly, Boyd appealed to the U.S. Eddie Foy went on to a successful career on the vaudeville stage, appearing for several years with his children in an act billed as "Eddie and the Seven Little Foys". "That's all yours", said Tommy. Hampton was thus dispatched to command troops on Lake Champlain. From day one things did not look promising for the campaign, and then at the last second Secretary Armstrong decided too dump everything into Wilkerson's lap, and head back to Washington. Suddenly things were starting to look up in this crummy war. In November of 1930 the town voted a $40 million bond issue, for a "Ten-Year-Plan". It has always been hard to tell what he is doing, but easy to tell what he has done the day after the election." Tom helpfully described the methods he had learned from his older brother. It was an absurd idea, since Cumberland was already overflowing with its own unemployed. On Tuesday he lunched with two judges he would serve with on the appeals court and in the evening he played poker with friends. * And on Wednesday, August 6, his last day in New York, in the early afternoon, Crater went to his office in the Foley Square Courthouse, where he began going through his files. In its own words, "We are standing by in readiness to loose the ones who are of other time bands. And I think he's angry. Then, in November of 1911, at just 55, big brother James died of kidney failure. But very little of that fortune went to Henry, in part because Henry sold the mine after a few years (and eventually died broke), but mostly because of something called "highgrading"."Freighters would line up at the mine with wagons to transport the gold ore (to the crushers and smelters). And when Daniel was elected to the U.S. The spectators were so stunned they were frozen. Senator William Sharon's adopted son from his marraige with his fiirst wife, Frederick Newlander, continued to fight his father's and Althea's divorce settlement in the California courts, delaying and obfuscating, But Frederick also launched a new front in Federal court, which he had access to because the estate Althea was now laying claim to, was spread over two states. Back in the United States, in 1852, Daniel met his legal lady fair, his personal Alice Alquist from "Gaslight", MissTerresa Da Ponte Bagiolo, now Mrs. And while the process was argued behind the closed doors of the Senate, a compromise (of sorts) was reached. On Saturday, May 16, 1868 the Senate took their first vote on an article of impeachment. Gould that he landed on his feet." Overnight, Abin Selover became the most popular man in New York City. Just about everybody who knew Thomas figured his death was just a happy accident; but not everybody. Sir Walter (above) fumed while Francis Howard's marriage was annulled just a week after Thomas had died. Because no matter what you have misplaced, the cost of finding it is always double. Patience was in short supply. The US Navy had begun a canal (above) that might eventually cut off the river bend just above Vicksburg by joining the Walnut and Roundaway Bayous, before reconnecting with the river below Vicksburg at the tiny hamlet of New Carthage. And almost the first thing George peered at was Mars, where he canals. He said the squirrel walked out

along a power line and then jumped to a transformer. If you want to see the Diamond Mountain that has no diamonds, find Diamond Wash Draw, in Moffat County, Coloardo, about one mile south of the Wyoming state line and a quarter mile east of the Utah state border. From Monday October 8th through Saturday the 13th , 1660 (on the old Julian calendar), the twelve were each subjected to what contemporary witness William Harrison described as "The greatest and most grievous punishment used in England....drawing from the prison to the place of execution upon an hurdle or sled, where they are hanged till they be half dead, and then taken down...". Since everybody was now out of bullets the gun fight was over, and the tally was seven rounds fired, one antagonists wounded, one innocent bystander killed and two more noncombatants injured - a typical gunfight. Oddly, that same year saw the first use of the word as a second person perfect adjective, when Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, "Hitler seems a little squirrelly to me." The problem is that the small rodents are ubiquitous and as such we assume we know them. But it helped to achieve the impossible. The New Deal became "The Raw Deal". Weary of the dialog, Daugherty responded off handedly, "Make it 2:11," grabbed his bags and headed out to catch the train back to Ohio. * The reporter turned that conversation into this quote, which he stuck into Daugherty's mouth; "I don't expect Senator Harding to be nominated on the first, second or third ballot, but I think we can well afford to take chances that about eleven minutes after 2 o'clock on Friday morning at the convention, when fifteen or twenty men, somewhat weary, are sitting around a table, some one of them will say, "Who will we nominate?" At that decisive time the friends of Senator Harding can suggest him, and can afford to abide by the result." * And amazingly, that is almost exactly how it really happened. But the Scarecrow seized the oil-can from Dorothy's basket and oiled the Woodman's jaws, so that after a few moments he could talk as well as before." On Sunday, April the 22nd , the Philadelphia recruits which the Army had been waiting for, arrived in Hagerstown. Again under Mr. There, with a nor'easter brewing in the gathering darkness, the four men struggled to lower a skiff and fill it with their burdensome barrels of silver. They lingered into 1940, when the DuPont family finally pulled their funding, and the group then quietly died. And it would now be illegal for there to be any public assembly on public property without a license. (Sound familiar?) Adams had permitted the rape of an American servant girl by the Russian Czar (a complete fabrication). But the conservative wing of the GOP charged that "Ike"was a Republican In Name Only, and his administration was nothing better than a "little New Deal" administration. It seemed that with time, the Republicans managed to forget the lesson Alf had sacrificed himself to teach them. - 30 THERE'S A WAR ON I find it instructive that the citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia (above) have never obsessed over how the disaster of December 6th, 1917 could have happened to them. Certainly all these threads came together in Father Coughlin, but clearly they were aleady present in Charles and much of upper class Detroit of the 1920's.By 1930 Father Coughlin's audience numbered over 40 million, and it was said you could listen to "The Fighting Priest" and his entire "Golden Hour of the Little Flower"

through open windows as you walked down any residential street in America on a Sunday afternoon. F. The maid, of course had already cleaned it up. He added an English bottle, stronger than the French ones, to restrain the 90 pounds of pressure per square inch generated by all that carbon dioxide farted out by the yeast. Roosevelt reminded the press that Thanksgiving was still not an official holiday, and that each year the President picked the date. The staff assumed the rodents were after the sweet nectary of these plants, as they would ignore roses or other non-nectar flowers. And they might have made it there sooner if Philip IV had just stuck to the rules, and gotten drunk on the vino, instead of the bubbles. She began to loudly denounce witnesses who offended her - in open court. Iman Elf, M.D. On January 2, 1997, Mr. What was needed was what Roosevelt called "priming the pump", but such ideas were anathama to Mellon's economic thinking, and anatham to Republicans today. Finally, in February of 1932, with Hoover looking for some way to get the disgraced economic mastermind out of the public eye before the November elections, Andrew agreed to step down from Treasury, and accept the post of Ambassador to England. He lashed his ship to an English warship and fought it out until both ships were sinking. First he announced that should he be out of the territory for any reason, then his old comrade William Clark (who Jefferson and made the Indian Agent) would serve as acting Governor. He won the unquestioned backing of President Jefferson after he betrayed Burr, making Jefferson just about Wilkerson's only superior he did not betray. Eventually she also began to carry a pistol in her hand bag. In a perfect bit of historical staging, the Army's headquarters for the night were in the town's opera house (below), one of the few buildings not damaged by a tornado which had struck Frostburg the year before.After listening to everybody's version of what had happened on the road, Coxey stood on a box on the stage (he was not a tall man), and called for a vote. All he got was a burned finger. At the War Office (above), Stanton read both notes, and asked, "Do you wish me to vacate the office at once?" Magnanimously, the old man answered, "Act at your pleasure." Stanton insisted on first making a copy of the letter. While Thomas dumbly waited, and a clerk laboriously wrote out an exact copy of the order, Stanton arranged his thoughts and morphed into a petulant two-year old. At a press conference Director J. But it also provided a sense of excitement for those with a rebellious spirit. There was bitterness in that description, since Jackson and Amos were intent upon dismantling the Bank of the United States and firing its president, who happened to be Mr. The difference in any individual policy was small, but after 15 years the amount impounded while the courtroom wrangling continued was up to $10 million. Of the 100 skeletons uncovered along the river so far, almost all are young male adults (draft age), with many carrying injuries inflicted shortly before death; broken faces, damaged skulls, an arrow head embedded in an arm bone, a thigh bone fracture which mimics that still commonly suffered by horseback riders. He gambled on cards, horse races and he was also, of course a land speculator. At some point in the conversation Connie must have told Diamond about Crater's plans to have dinner at the Chop House that night. What was needed now, explained hero McGregor, were settlers not afraid of hard work and sacrifice, and, of course, a few patriotic investors willing to fund another expansion of the profitable British Empire. McGregor secured his "in" with English social circles when in 1821 he named the very proper Major William John Richardson as his legate. In May of 1972, when the "Plumbers" were arrested planting "bugs" inside the Democratic Party National Headquarters in the Watergate complex, Murray Chotiner had an office directly above them. * As the crises grew and began to engulf Richard Nixon's Presidency, on Thursday, January 24, 1974,

Murray's Choitner's car collided with a truck in suburban Washington, D.C. Many of the power players from Tammany Hall were her best clients. Amos had thus created the "Spoils System". "They shall not slander me!" she shouted. They were poor people. It was the Hays' Commission that turned Rhett Butler's exit line as he walked out on Scarlet O'Hara into a major social crises, even though the line appeared in one of the most widely read books in America, "Gone With the Wind". Thus the will of the successful was God's will. In 1954 a 20 year study of 40,000 smoking English doctors was published, which confirmed that relationship. Twelve hundred people. And in any case, the Auger was not the guy, I don't think. But if you are of a novel mind set you might ask yourself a few questions.Why would the King of France keep someone locked up in one prison after another -for decades? Why not just kill him and get it over with? And what secret could be so big that the prisoner was required to wear a mask at all times in front of strangers? What secret could be kept secure by ordering a prisoner to never speak to anyone, not even with his jailers? Could such a convoluted plan even hope to work? James Bond villains have simpler plans than that. If you ask me this story is mostly a fantasy invented by Alexande Dumas. To offset this fluctuation Hare and Burke simply increased production. But the disabilities of various head wound survivors was proof that different sections of the brain did perform different functions. And third, the old adage that medicine is the search for profit after death, was confirmed when in 1866, Dr. And just as the telegraph was being pushed to extinction by the telephone, the lucky "OK" was given yet another new boost on May 5, 1961. And worse, millions dared not invest, thus hurting the nation as a whole. * Consider the very real and profitable Norwich and Worchester Railroad in Massachusetts, whose largest stockholders signed a secret agreement to sell their Norwich stock only to each other. But the pull of the Palace was strong, and Edward somehow managed to return to England, where he was arrested for theft in 1856. In 1860 one of his brothers, who had a good job in Melbourne, Australia (above), invited Edward to live with him. Nash was a valuable member of the unit, and the rumor was that she had amassed a tidy little nest egg, too. Daugherty said nothing, so the reporter suggested further that Daugherty must be expecting the managers to collapse about 2:00 A.M. And the humans stumbled upon this udderly amazing fact; cows got magnetism. He is mostly forgotten today in part because, for the next one hundred years, his sins became the Democratic Party's sins. Mr.Pyle's genius was his discovery that the only difference between soaps was advertising. But that year, Eddie managed to lead a lap. And, strangest of all, there was Aaron Watkins of Indiana, running for President on the Prohibition Party ticket, in this the first year of national prohibition. Harding and Coolidge won the Bay State by 40 points, 681,000 Republican votes to 277,000 Democratic votes. He escaped, he said, when his master died. It was signed, Nathanial Bacon, General, "By the Consent of ye People", and was made without any of ye people present. And by mid20th century they came to understand that the multi-billion dollar petrochemcial industry depended upon a detailed understanding of the anceint pre-historic, pre-biblical, fossilzed shells of extinct microscopic creatures found in drilling cores. What is amazing is that with this much at stake, Clement convinced the Big Six not to deny the dangers of smoking. Then, since no one was allowed to wear guns while in town, the cowboys buckled on their gun belts and mounted up. The nuts and bolts packed around the explosive, shrapnel intended to kill 150 deputies, instead lacerated Auguste's neck and chest. Charles II back in London would later observe, "That old fool (Berekely) has put to death more people in that naked country than I did here for the murder of my father." A year later the final curtain dropped on William Berekeky. Better telescopes, including one in earth orbit, showed it to have less than two tenths of 1% of the mass of the Earth, and to be only about

half the size of our moon. It needed new purposes. Sarah championed turkey because her middle class homemakers were on budgets, and the randy, strutting bird brains cost less than half per pound what a chicken might. But the real Turkey revolution came in 1934, when the United States Department of Agriculture discovered the key to making turkeys palatable; artificial insemination. But what finally destroyed Father Coughlin was his support for "The Christian Front".  Remember, Caesar is the mold. He rarely bathed, and spent his time reading and rereading scrap papers he bought for a penny. Evidently, being known as the best did not interest him. And in 1908 George opened the lens cap on his new 60" reflector telescope in his new observatory atop California's 5,700 foot high Mount Wilson. It was not a surprise. He married and produced at least one son and a daughter. * But of the two remaining masterminds, John and Mrs Johnson, who were last heard of escaping with today's equivalent of $800,000 in cash, nothing more was ever heard. Everybody from Land's End to Inverness was absolutely gobsmacked. Poyais was a gift from George Frederic Augustus I, King of the Miskito Sambu tribe, who gave their name to the Mosquito Coast of Central America. It was 12,000 cold, hungry and disorganized Americans attacking a few thousand Canadian militia. He sent a telegram ahead to Lathop, to notify the railroad agent there that there might be trouble in the morning. And like a snake, Ramses III lashed out from his death bed against those who had stepped upon him. * In three scandalised trials conducted after Ramses III's death, twenty-seven men and six women were convicted of treason, including her boy, Pentaweret. But if anybody thought the restoration of the monarchy was going to return a certain stability to Britain, they were about to suffer a very rude awakening.Three months later, on Thursday, August 16th of that year, the estate manager for a wealthy Calvinist merchant left his home in Chipping Camden, intending to walk the two miles to the village of Charingworth. Our Replacements Are Already Here.

See all 3 photos FOLLOW THE LEADER "A leader in the Democratic Party is a boss. Benjamin of Louisiana, described by a Republican senator as "A Hebrew with Egyptian principles." The states, said Senator Benjamin, "...have reserved to themselves under the Constitution....every right not expressly denied to them by the Constitution". He was elected Mayor and then Treasurer of the city of San Antonio, and later served in the seventh and eighth Texas Congresses. * He also dabbled in East Texas land speculation, and sometime in 1843 or 1844, as payment for a bad debt, Samuel Augustus took possession of a ranch around Matagorda Bay, Texas. The more famous

message, "What hath God Wrought", was telegraphed as a publicty stunt in 1844 and was suggested by Anne Ellsworth from my home town of Lafayette, Indiana. And that is something we can all be thankful about. - 30 WEDNESDAY: 1920 - DOG DAYS OF SUMMER 1920 - SEVENTH INNING STRETCH I hate to point it out, but in 1920 the Boston Red Sox began the month of July on a very sour note. Texas and Colorado couldn't make up their minds and recognized both days as the holiday in question, although the governor of Colorado, Ralph Carr, announced he would eat no turkey on the 23rd. Percival had a nervous breakdown. But it was Francis who laid out in the magazine, instructions for the "salute too far".; "...At the words, "to my Flag," the right hand is extended gracefully, palm upward, toward the Flag, and remains in this gesture till the end of the affirmation." Forty years later the extended arm salute would be premtpted by Musoillini and Adolf Hitler, and tactfully dropped from the American pledge. * Not that people ever stopped trying to improve upon perfection. And that is where we find Auguste Vaillant on Saturday December 10, 1893 entering the public gallery above the Chamber of Deputies, the French congress, carrying a sauce pan bomb in his overcoat. William was eventually released from jail and inherited $125,000 from an uncle. And indeed, when the Nebraska legislature convened in joint session in January of 1891 things went from the melodramatic to the down right absurd. * To begin with, the new speaker of the House, farmer Sam Elder, decided he was going to bypass the acting President of the Senate, Republican George Meiklejohn, who was also the lieutenantgovernor, and preside over both houses of the legislature all by himself. It is a new form of the old threat to shut down the mill if the employer's candidate isn't elected. A postal service spokesman said, "In the 230 years of postal history, I've never personally heard of another squirrel biting." My guess is, he's just not listening very closely and he's not nearly as old as he implies. The flat topped mountain in front of you is Diamond Peak. God bless us, every one.  - 30 -SUNDAY: WHO ARE THESE GUYS!?! COXEY'S ARMY: PART SIX I would say that it is a dangerously romantic concept, this idea that government can be petitioned directly by its citizens. And that makes the world much simpler. * For the first two million years of human evolution the limit to language was the sum of the speed of sound divided by the speed of walking, divided by the number, width and depth of rivers and oceans, and the height of mountains and width of deserts separating you from the persons you wished to speak to. Alas, it was a like sending the Little Dutch Boy to stop a forest fire. To achieve that task

Gray had literally locked the doors, preventing Democrats from bolting the building and thus denying a quorum to the Republican majority. According to Will Ector, a school district spokesman, the first victim was "...trying to get it off and another parent was trying to was nipped on the fingertip and scratched on the arm and the other was bitten on the arm." The errant rodent nibbler then "did a loop around the (blood soaked) classroom and ran out the door", where he encountered his third victim, an innocent 11 year old girl, whom he immediately bit on the arm. But after only one year he smelled the impending scandals and got out. "We...say, help, or we and our loved ones must perish... The performance was described by the Lubin film studios, who were selling a 30 second Kinetoscope of the show to nickelodeon operators, as "a decided novelty". More immediately, Boyd appealed to the U.S. But, finally in 1881, he accepted the position as Secretary of War under President James Garfield. We'll call her Maire for short. Later that same year postal workers in Stillwell, Indiana accepted a parcel post box marked, "live infant". It seemed that Mr. And this was the man the new President, Warren G. In this incarnation March 15th is the political holiday. It is the philosophy of libertarianism. It was Thayer's open kowtowing to the railroads over the previous year which been most responsible for the defeat of the Republican Party in the past election. The missive arrived at Dorthy's home at 847 West School Street in the north side of Chicago in the Lake View neighborhood, not by United States Postal Service - something with a return address or a postal stamp to indicate the point it entered our world - but via the mystical and untraceable communication mode of "automatic writing", "...the process, or product, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer." * The notice sent to Dorthy explained that before dawn on Wednesday, December 21st, 1954 the sea would rise up and consume England, France and the underpants of everybody in Chicago. Thus a gauge is a standard of measurement, or a tool used to measure. They taunted Daugherty on his boastful support for the turgid and mediocre Ohio Senator, Warren G. Hate is a character flaw. A neurological examination was consistent with a mild herniation of his L4-L5 or L5-S1 disk, which probably resulted from carrying a heavy sack of toys, enduring bumpy sleigh rides, and his jarring feet-first falls to the bottom of chimneys. The couple had five children, and Clarence finally revealed his true identity to poor Ada and the children in a December 1901 letter he wrote as he lay dying in Arizona. And if it had remained merely a matter of Ponzi verses the Boston Post, he might have won that battle. Smothering Mr. And he whispered suggestions in Robert's ear, who passed them along to King James. Not surprisingly he missed. And then he convinced the U.S. And the subsequent invasion of Washington by the army of Roosevelt's New Deal technocrats now destroyed "the incomparably delightful relationship between the official and social life" of Washington. But that never worked out and he even contracted pneumonia. This would later be reprinted on the front page of Haper's Weekly, a national newspaper (above). He had advised William that Sir Thomas was weak, and might be near death already. It was probably the most noble thing Elizabeth I did for her people, something no other monarch of her age did. Everything I ever wanted in my life, I found inside the walls of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For the next 13 years he continued this divided life, black man James Todd at home, and world renown geologist Clarence King away from home. Finally, on Monday, August 5th, 1867, Johnson just asked Stanton for his resignation. Occasionally so much more CO2 built up in the bottles that come summer, they exploded. . And that was when Charles Guiteau fired off two rounds of a Bulldog .44 caliber pistol right into Garfield's back. * Bob was not a cop. She was married at the time to Mr. But none of the students felt comfortable enough with their suspicions to raise the accusation against the eminent Dr. By then Joseph was near death, weakened by malaria. Fox Searchlight Pictures. He perfected the making of a white wine

from the best of dark grapes, the Pinot Noir mixed with the Chardonnay. The industrial revolution was still a generation away. He built a fleet of tankers to carry Unocal oil up and down the West Coast. In Jacob's case he worked the Vulture Mine.Henry Wickenburg had traveled in the same wagon train that had brought Jacob Waltz to Arizona. I should point out here the obvious, which is that until the 20th century far more people died drinking water than from drinking booze. There it thrived alongside shrines to Sango (above), the thunder God, and Legba, messenger to all the African gods. Key was also the Federal District Attorney for Washington, and thus a good man to know for anyone who might anticipate developing legal problems. His father had begun the naturalization paperwork in 1849 but events, both personal and political, had intervened. After the hearing it was expected that the judges would retire to consider the arguments. There he introduced his mistress, Miss Fanny White (under an assumed name, of course) to the King of England - scandal in England. On October 6, 1859, facing financial ruin, Charles Lessup shot himself. Certainly, the businessmen or women who risk their own futures on the vagaries of markets, deserve universal respect. Terressa Sickles - a good Catholic girl. * Terresa Sickles (above) was the perfect political wife. As Sam Rayburn put it once, "A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one." And again, Tommy was both of those, too. * "I know the corners of this town in the dark" Thomas G. It was almost as if Mozart was trying to send a message to Joseph. The archaeologists who discovered these skeletons want to go back to learn more about this no longer pre-historic life and death struggle. Each and every book became a best seller. The problem was politics. The longer a coin was in circulation the less reliable was its face value. In the 1690's the English Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. Technically, this was Tommy's first year in private practice, and he earned from this and other such cases, $250,000. * "When you're charging fees . 2006 * Tobacco in 1962 was a $7 billion industry. Although James and Mrs. Supreme Court. Rhody announced to Thayer that "I saluted you for the last time." He did, and then marched his little army back to their barracks. Then I looked down and it looked whiter and I slowed down. Having been raised to be a King, Joseph expected his army to have blind faith in him. All others must pay cash.On March 23, 1839 the Post (again) carried the following follow-up story on page two, concerning that mythical field trip the ABRS did not take to New York City. As a teenager Will got his girlfriend pregnant and had to marry her. They were sworn to provide sanctuary to all who asked for it and who sought forgivness for their sins, but...on the other hand, how do you solve a problem like Marie? How do you catch a cloud of suspicion and pin it down? How do you keep your convent running when you are short of money? The good sisters consulted scripture and after due deliberations decided to rat out their guest.They allowed a cop disguised as a priest to enter the convent and while offering solace to the trouble little lady he escorted Marie right out the front gate, where she was immediately arrested.It is not a happy ending for our little heroine. A waiter ran after Henri,

who shot him. As a small example, consider the life and death of a grease monkey and a gear head, a man who had one big dream. Encouraged, William returned to the Coney Island Beach to confirm the security of the cache, whereupon he made a most distressing discovery. * The larger cache was gone, as was older brother John. "People will deal in chance....Would you not, if you stopped it, promote gambling?" It was and is a philosophy which fails to see an advantage to drawing a line between gambling and investing. When William Drummond was brought before him, the governor greeted him by saying, "I am more glad to see you than any man in Virginia. Daniel answered the phone himself. Everyone in town, it seemed, stopped what they were doing to witness the drama unfolding. * As if in slow motion the two ships struck. Yet Sharon lived in San Francisco's Palace Hotel (which he owned), and only traveled to Nevada ocassionally. But still, the process put $145 in the army's coffers.The community of Cumberland had once been Maryland's second largest city, surrounded by deposits of coal and iron ore. Having achieved his goal, he finally stepped down in 1897, and died in 1899. In 1892, four years after David Terry's death, Sarah Althea Hill (Sharon) Terry was committed to the Stockton State Hospital for the Insane (above). And listen to my song, Great Coxey is among us, to right each grievous wrong. He died suddenly. He was not very a smart, but he was gorgeous, ambitious and he was willing - very willing. But the same Grand Jury that indicted Burr missed indicting Wilkerson by just two votes. But Harding would not die until August of 1923, fifteen months and a day after rubbing shoulders with Bob - which seems like a rather extended time frame for an effective curse. Roosevelt, also while lying in his teeth about his intentions, and we have never been able to get out of that bed since." You might notice this disturbing repetition of bed (and parent) analogies throughout Welch's ideology, whether the commies are in the bed or under the bed, alone in the bed or sharing the bed, there are a lot of beds. He refused to leave unless his heavy candle box came out with him. Many nights and every Sunday Carl Browne would berate the men with ideological harangues, selling his vision of the unity of all working and unemployed men along with his version of Christianity mixed with a little reincarnation. J. The 49 year old lingered for almost a year, finally dieing of pneumonia on August 8, 1879. It was this decision that led to Althea's downfall, but not for what was said in court, but for how she reacted to what was said. The girl was under a lot of pressure. He held up something glittering in his hand. And each November Sarah would bombard her 150,000 subscribers with recipes for Roast Turkey, Turkey stuffing, Turkey gravy, and Turkey stew. It was not a name chosen at random, but self promoted. For more than an hour, diamonds were being found in profusion, together with occasional rubies, emeralds and sapphires." "There wasn't the usual row over who should cook supper, who should wash the dishes, who should care for the stock, which little incidents of camp life had brought us to the verge of bloodshed during the three previous days. Here in Lathrop (above), in 1871, Stanford's California Pacific Railroad had opened the largest hotel in California, built for the astronomical sum of $50,000, with an enormous dinning room, to handle the 12 passenger trains a day that paused in tiny Lathrop to switch engines and crews. The publics' hunger for information on Poyais was fulfilled by Captain Thomas Strangeways, who penned a book describing the Mosqito Coast as free from tropical diseases, and blessed with fertile soil, which lay atop uncounted veins of gold and silver. Being a politician, Will also took the opportunity to shore up his own political support by naming his

nephew to the Colonial Council, thus assuming he could count on the support of his family. Phillip's father, Frances Scott Key, had been so familiar with a certain popular drinking ditty (so difficult to sing that it was used as an 18th century sobriety test), that on the fly he converted it into our national anthem, translating "And swear by old Styx, that we long shall entwine, the myrtle of Venus and Bacchus' vine" into "Oh, say, does that star spangled banner yet wave, Ore the land of the free and the home of the brave." * Phillip was forty-two year old widower at the time, with six children, and "the handsomest man in all Washington society", according to Mrs. And if they are laughing at you, they sure don't have confidence in you. Every other ship in Halifax harbor suffered casualities and damage. * Of the ten firemen who had just arrived at the dock, nine were killed, including the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief. He was not an idiot, but he was smart enough to play one in public. The lesson is of 1920 then, it seems to me, is that democracy exists in America both of because and in spite of the venality of the American public. Of course, most of these "after market sales" were made with borrowed money, usually borrowed from the previous owner, like an "seller-financed" house on the market today. * And should a speculator be caught short on a payment, the lands would return to the lender. That year Jimmy Clark won in a rear engine Lotus-Ford. However, all this merely proves that a smart woman is just as likely to have terrible a taste in men as a dumb woman. This same day, Chicago outfielder, "Shoeless "Joe Jackson called the courthouse to say he also wanted to confess. Tiffany viewed them gravely, sorted them into little heaps, held them up to the light, looking every whit the part of a great connoisseur. That just left everybody blind. The capitalist sharks now smelled blood in the water. The Court then immediately moved on to the trial of both David and Althea for their most recent show of contempt for the court. Stanton heard Thomas' boast almost as soon as he had uttered it, and at 2 o'clock in the morning as the White House Party was just breaking up, Stanton was awakening a federal judge to sign an arrest warrent. At eight the next morning, as Thomas was just setting down to eat breakfast, he was arrested and charged with violating the Tenure of Office Act, which Congress had passed to prevent Johnson from firing any cabinet member without Congressional approval. When queried, Redpath explained, "I am bothered about a word. Pemberton, a Pennsylvanian who had chosen to fight for the South. to make all things O.K." The fledgling word derivative then received a further boost from new technology, when the Morse telegraph was introduced in 1844. It was during this time that Jack also acquired the monikers of "The Mayor of Capital Hill" and "Super Lobbyist". * "All of my political work is driven by philosophical interests, not by a desire to gain wealth." Jack Abramoff *

If you wanted Team Abramoff as your lobbyist, the fee was $500 an hour. The next day Ponzi surrendered to the cops, and was charged with mail fraud. And Jacob could. * Jacob Little was called "the original Wall Street Bull". He would become President, after the death of President William G. William Sharon was also a widower with three grown children. He was apprenticed as butcher, and then became a surgeon's assistant. all of this was tax exempt, which shifted more of the tax burden onto the nobles and peasants. Many "honest" shopkeepers rented out their cash boxes overnight to clippers, and many a shop's customers found their change shaved of 2 or 3% of its face value, thus inspiring the descriptive phrase, "a clip joint" as a shop where you were cheated. Governor Robertson never presided over the Senate, and Governor Gray never served as a Senator. How did they get thousands of miles out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Professor Bond concluded the only delivery method that made sense was that an ancient glacier had ground against the cliffs, carried the limestone out to sea when it calved icebergs, which then melted and dropped the pebbles into the abyss. He got into big time crime working for "the Brain", Arnold Rothstein, the man who fixed the 1919 World Series. Thousands of people turned out for speeches and general festivities in the Army's camp that night One of the reasons the welcome was so strong for Coxey's Army in Hyattstown was that the area had for generations suffered with what was described as "the deficient link of the Great National Western Road.". When it was realized that the arch villain Oliver Cromwell had somehow escaped, rewards were offered and notices posted demanding and threatening punishments unless he were returned. To remain descret, Mr. It produced so much protein per square foot that a family could be supported on a quarter of an acre of land. And, that's a wrapture! - 30 SUNDAY HOME IS THE HERO Digging Up John Paul Jones CRIMMINAL MASTERMINDS I hasten to point out that the men who sought shelter at the Inn were not a harmonious quartet of criminal masterminds. George Parker, the fabulously wealthy but temporally distressed owner of the Brooklyn Bridge. George C. Mr. With a month to go, its time for you to name your preferences. They were stacked three high and then two across, in rows of 25. But in this case the wizards had helpfully bid the price of Erie stock so high, they made the premium more than worth the price. Almost half of all retiring members of Congress now see their government service as preparation for a profitable career as a lobbyist. Bond Event Four occurred about six thousand years ago, and humans responded with the domestication of sheep and the invention of bronze. Rather, he urged them to not only accept warning labels on each pack, but to insist that they should write the labels themselves. And the original firebrand of American poltics, the first self described political fire starter, was William Lowneds Yancey. Yancey's (above) South Carolina family were strongly pro-Federalist, and at an Independence Day

celebration in 1834 the young man told a crowd, "Listen, not the voice which whispers...that Americans...can no longer exist...citizens of the same republic..." He also championed the Federal Union as editor of the "Greenville Mountaineer" - at least until 1835, when he married an Alabama widow with an Alabama plantation and 35 slaves. The United Nations paid $2 million to buy the war surplus aircraft and a company, Commercial Air Transport (CAT), set up by Tommy and run by Claire Chennault, promised to deliver that medicine and food. Nash no longer had any testicles at all, ownership having been returned to the manufacturer) and although the story was clearly based on hearsay and unqualified medical opinion, the eastern papers picked the story up, and you know how that goes. Every yahoo with access to a printing press felt obligated to pontificate. The less they knew of the facts the more opinions they had. Public morality is, it seems to me, an excuse for being ignorant, loudly. And in this case the volume was a thunderclap in a drought. When poor Corporal Noonan returned from patrol all his protestations of innocence and ignorance fell upon deaf ears. But that figure came up again in August of 1884 when Henry was arrested in New Orleans for passing bad checks totaling $7,000, back in "E" town. Chicago right fielder Max Flack, with a .306 batting average, went one for four that day. By this time, however, William Ralston had managed to convince the Kentucky simpletons to sell their entire claim to him outright. The newlyweds then moved to Alexandria, Virginia and dropped out of history. In 1856 Daniel was elected to the New York State Senate, which shortly thereafter censured him for giving a tour of those august chambers to Miss White, who was at this time identified as the operator of a popular N.Y.C. It was also the first to explore the physics of inverted amusements. Some say it was while giving birth; some say that Philip had her poisoned. The marshal however was transported to jail in Stockton. Unfortunately Joseph encamped his army on mosquito infested marshland outside of Belgrade, and over the next few weeks 33,000 of his troops contracted malaria, including Joseph. But besides a cutting sense of social humor, to remain in business Dr. To earn a living he practiced law, sharing an office with his older brother, Jack. And by what seemed at the time to be a happy coincidence, Neelly now had urgent business in Franklin, Tennessee, just 20 miles south west of Nashville, Governor Lewis' intermediate destination. His achievement dropped the Sox record to 30 wins and 32 losses, with one tie. But just when it seemed as if Russel would have to send the Governor off into the wilderness alone, a seeming savior arrived at Fort Pickering; * James Neelly; agent to the Chickasaw Indians, and an ex-army major. He approached the insurance company (yes, even in 1830 there were insurance companies), and inquired what they might pay as a reward for the return of some of the silver. And, with a little modification in spelling, it changed from "Buncombe", to "bunkum", and then to "bunk", as in a useless, pompus and empty speech, or "bunko" a false promise intended to further a fraud. * Gobbledygook has a much simpler history than bunko, and more recent. He never forgot and he never forgave. Every drop of water was filled with pathogens, bacteria and assorted filth. Louis, and in early January 1808 he advertised for subscribers at $3 a year. And a shlimazel is just like a Jonah, except that God is not involved. This may have once seemed an esoteric pursuit, (although as a life long rock hound it sounds like heaven to me) but in that seemingly meaningless melange of sediments Professor Bond stumbled upon layers of limestone pebbles which had nothing to do with the ocean floor. I believe it was William Yancey whom Jeffereson Davis was thinking of when he said the epitaph of the Confederacy should be, "Died of a Theory.'

After censure, Yancey returned to Alabama, where he died in July of 1863, just 2 weeks before his 49th birthday. R. He died there in 1616, as proven by his will, which details the division a rather large estate, including several properties in London. In fact he had already ordered her present, a new canoe. Frank Baum - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY PART TWO Not A Good Beginning FRIDAY: BUYING THE FARM Selling The Brooklyn Bridge As A Life Style TINY BUBBLES I guess it all goes back to the bubbles. In all six banks were pulled under by the Ponzi scheme. There were lots of people worried about just whose pocket one of Polly's distinctive calling cards might fall out of next. In fact squirrels are such an ignored threat to our infrastructure that if Osama bin Ladin had been a squirrel, he would probably still be out there. In another terrorist incident with shadows of 9/11, a recent Americans Airlines flight from Dallas to Tokyo was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Honolulu, after the flight crew heard what they described as a "skittering noise" from above the cockpit. As he stood, he shouted, identifying himself as a police officer, and ordered Terry to stop. Look at the art work from his weekly newspaper (above and below) and make your own assessment. Marshall, who had disarmed David Terry in the courtroom confrontation of '88. But she finally made money off Jacob's mine, once she gave up trying to find it herself, once she switched to selling maps to Jacob's "Lost" mine, for $7 apiece. I prefer Mozart's "The Wedding of Figaro" myself, but then it is a generally accepted truth that I have no taste in opera. The startled crew rushed to Phineas' assistance and found him awake and alert. Or so she said. " violence to which you get hooked by pleasure." Isabelle Adjani "In the city and county of San Francisco...on the twenty-fifth day of August, A.D.1880, I, Sarah Althea here, in the presence of Almighty God, take Senator William Sharon, of the state of Nevada, to be my lawful and wedded husband...I agree not to make known the contents of this paper or its existence for two years..." And "...I, Senator William Sharon, of the state of Nevada...take Sarah Althea Hill.... Luckilly they were stumbled upon by compasionate Indians, who fed and reclothed the men before passing them on, tribe after tribe, until they were welcomed, each sad ragged party after the other, by the survivors of Astor's ccean going disaster. Charles Tiffany (above in his 5th Avenue shop) was the public personification of Tiffany and Company. And that again confirmed McMasters' documents; Ponzi was worse than broke. Lead by constables and followed by a squad of soldiers, the sad procession passed through Holborn Street, St. It was the brainstorm of James Upham, junior editor of The Youth's Companion. They were his fellow board members on the New York and Erie Railroad, and it seemed to them that Jacob was overextended. Here they camped for two days. Even today, three out of every four oil fields are discovered because of surface "seeps" of asphalt. Dove's death that is. In exchange for a small taste (bribe), boatmen working the ferries

between the immigration station on Ellis Island and Manhattan would alert ropers (outside men) when they spotted a rube with a crowded oakus (a new immigrant with a full wallet). I found you on your uppers in Chicago" Smith shouted. Tey also managed to draw the army into the conspiracy. Naturally, "The Commodore", as Vanderbilt liked to be called, was seeking a monopoly, so he could charge whatever freight rates he wanted, and he began to buy stock in the Erie. And none of these great men were above hiring thugs to drive squatters off "their" land. It was a sorry end for the "Old cradle of an infant world, In which a nestling empire lay" (Ode to Jamestown, James Kikke Paclding). Hunt's command, they scattered in search of food. She and her sons, John and Richard, were all hanged, but she was hanged first. The authorities were hoping the older boy, Richard, if freed from his mother's witchcraft, would confess. Near the bottom, the ramp curved upward. And then came the lousy camp sanitation, because the officers were already learning from their commander. But at 48, he was getting too old to risk his life four times a day for ten cents a ticket. In the words of Tom Jensen, director of PPP, "Only 3% of the Republicans we surveyed said they voted for Barrett last fall, but now 10% say they would, if they could do it over again." What can you say about a Republican who is so not a RINO that he is driving voters to the Democrats? You can say that he is the winner of the 2011 Ides of March Award! Our winner was described by the Boston Globe as "...a boyish-looking man with sleepy eyes". Frederick's lawyers argued in Federal Court that the new will which Althea had produced was a forgery, as were the marriage contracts she had used to win her alimony claim in the California courts. Window awnings 12 stories above the blast caught fire from the heat. Okay, it's not up to the standard of "Gimmie Some'a Lovin'", but it was pretty hot for its day. So if you've got a date in Cons-tan-tinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul." (The name was officially changed in 1930, at the behest of the Turkish Post Office.) But my favorite Jimmy Kennedy lyric remains the vaguely ominous drumbeat of... Each of their publishers had an axe to grind, from conspiracy theories ( the Anti-Masonic Christian Herald) to benevolent rich people (the National Philanthropist), or they carved out special interest niches (the New England Farmer). "...give me the sum of (a) thousand dollars and I will leave town and take my daughter with me...". Each source is independent of the others, and although they would not pass muster in a court of law, in history research they are about as close as we are ever going to get to the truth. In 1839 an almost destitute Gregor McGregor left England and sailed for Venezuela. That's where I fell in love when the stars came out to play. Offered a chance to surrender, he responded, "I have not yet begun to fight." Then the British warship surrendered to him. When that war was over John Paul Jones was out of work. Yancey denied it, but that question indicated there was no chance that England would recognize the South. The cowboy fell from his horse, and either from being shot or from the fall, he broke his arm. Does that sound familiar? The army post was thus at the very edge of the famous "Frontier West", and home to about 650 men and some 300 women attached to the U.S. Seventh Cavalry regiment. Robert Marlin tried to describe what kind of desperate people would sign up for a year's service in such a place. "Immigrants, especially those from Ireland and German, filled the ranks. Joseph decided the best way to counter that move was to take Bada Vida, before the Turkish reinforcements arrived. They were armed with standardized mass produced bronze daggers and hand axes. The evidence was so convincing. And with the battles of Island Number Ten, and the river fleet Battle of Memphis (above), on June 6, 1862, the river was in Union hands from its headwaters down to the Tennessee/Mississippi state border. He was an alcoholic and the worst kind of gambler, which is say an inveterate one. If the oath were to stop after the word "stands" we would have a simple sentence ("I pledge allegiance to the flag) with two modifying phrases ("of the United States of America", and, "and to the Republic for which it stands".) In this case the Republic is the modifier of the flag, which makes sense because the original intent was to sell flags; remember? But that was not good enough for all those who honestly wanted to improve on the oath, make it

clearer, avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Don Juan has the chutzpa to sing, "To none will I succumb! For me there's no repentance." How refreshing to meet an honest liar, if only on the stage. In this strange element, you can't keep a live cork down." Life Magazine. Attorney General, "David A. They were too big, their orbits were odd, Neptune was spinning on its side and they both wobbled. The term was borrowed from canal builders who plotted their work cross-country by compass - inland navigators they were called. In fact Cohen donated $5,000 to Nixon's 1946 campaign and provided free space for a "Nixon for Congress" office in one of his buildings", again according to Chotiner. * There are two pronouncements usually credited to Murray Chotiner. And when Alexander McKay, another junior partner in the venture, commented on the lousy food, Thorn called him "the most worthless human who ever broke a sea biscuit." That night McKay wrote in his notebook "I fear we are in the hands of a maniac" McKay had no idea. Wilson Hunt and his party left St. This shot hit Key in the thigh. So he took it. The pressure by 1970 was for Nixon to increase taxes to pay for the war. Nobody got anything done because nobody could hear anybody else. In the end, the nicest thing I can say about Stanton is that he was a "rude and offensive" manic depressive lunatic on the right side of history. When Stanton first set eyes upon Lincoln, in an 1857 Cincinnati courtroom, the bully loudly demanded, "Where did the long-armed baboon come from?" Eight years later Stanton lay literally sobbing on Lincoln's deathbed. Libbie wrote that Tom Custer was very "put out" by this desertion. By now anything short of total domination by slave states was not a victory, in Yancey's view. Also in 1838 the true nature of the man was revealed, when an alleged political insult led to a street brawl between Yancey and his wife's uncle. That was the real answer to the bankruptcy of supply side economics; demand side economics. "In front of them, and at the end of the road of yellow brick, was a big gate...There was a bell beside the gate, and Dorothy pushed the button and heard a silvery tinkle sound within. There are some 4,000 species of Formaminifera in today's oceans, living from the surface to the bottom mud, from the artic to the tropics. Pull on either one and the whole knot might start the great unraveling. * Finally, on August 16, ten days after her husband had last been seen, Stella sent her chauffeur to the city to look for her husband. According to the account by Stephen Ellis, it was papers related to those cases that Judge Crater went through in his office on August 6, 1930. Again we deny it. She ran off to seek protection with her husband in exile. After a two hour tearful visit, heavily documented by the company publicity department, the children were "mailed Special Delivery" back to the Alco, Tennessee Post Office, where their mothers were anxiously waiting for them. And Dr. Physically they were very similar, and they shared the post of Secretary of War, albeit a century apart. Sharon... He forbade his normally profane roustabouts from cursing on his first California drilling site, which earned it the name of Christian Hill". But Doctor von Brucke did invent the field of psychodynamics, which, while a medical dead end in itself, was to have a great impact on his student, Sigmund Freud. But Freud's discovery of the subconcious mind and repressed psychosomatic phobias and dreams

about locks and keys and mik maids and bows and arrows was still a decade in the future in 1875 - which was a shame because a little Freud sure would have helped those poor ladies at Fort Abraham Lincoln in 1878. However, I believe his bulbous nose and erythematic face may indicate long-term ethanol abuse. As teenagers they ran away together, and in 1799 were married in Nashville, about the time their daughter, Parthenia, was born. And it was appropriate that "his" fort, standing on the bluffs (above) along the Mississippi River, was half military establishment and half private enterprise, which sold and distributed goods to the Chickasaw Indian nation. The firm boasted that their new Senior Director of Government Affairs had been "deeply involved in the Republican party and conservative movement leadership structures." Once settled in, Abramoff assembled his "dream team" of lobbyists, including Shawn Vasell, previously an aide to Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mt), Tony Rudy, previously the Chief of Staff for Tom DeLay (R-Texas), Todd Boulanger, previously an aide to Senator Robert Smith (R-NH), Amy Berger, previously an aide to Senator John Rockefeller (D-WV), Padgett Wilson, previously an aide to both Paul Coverdell and Nathan Deal (both R-GA), and Kevin Ring, previously an aide to John Doolittle (R-CA) and John Ashcroft (R-MO). In Pennsylvania the level was 25%. Roosevelt was now ready for Social Security, a program he designed to defeat what he knew would be future attempts to destroy it. Ramses crushed this first worker's revolt in history as if he were the Governor of Wisconsin. Give her the best, and as cheap as you can." It seems the Senator had agreed to provide Althea with rooms at the Grand, which was connected via a convenient second story bridge across the street with Sharon's more opulent Palace Hotel (above). In 1932 fifteen thousand well organized WWI veterans marched on Washington, petitioning their government for early payment of their long promised war bonuses. They called this hybrid a "factor". Daniel would have been condemned to die in obscurity, remembered only as the first defendant to use the temporarily insanity defense in America, but the outbreak of the civil war saved his reputation. This proved to be a bad idea, as just two days after launcing their tiny armada, two men drowned and two canoes were overturned (dumping all their food and supplies) as the river alternated between cascades, rapids and rock stewn shallows. He was put on a high-fibre, low cholesterol diet, and advised to reduce his smoking and drinking. And to everyone's amazement, Ponzi won a $500,000 judgment. Fast. In the public's mind, Mellon, who was by then 70 years old, had become the face of the "old system". And George Hoyt just wasn't fast enough in escaping. I mean, there's Attila, Genghis... The fifth shot misfired, and witnesses managed to restrain Daniel from delivering a 'coup de grace.' Not that it mattered; Phillip Key would soon be dead. The eight defense lawyers reminded the jurors that Daniel was " a state of white heat, (which) was too great a state of passion for a man to be in, who saw before him the hardened, the unrelenting seducer of his wife". "Man is to be found in reason, God in the passions." George Lichtenberg - 30 FRIDAY: TINY BUBBLES Champaign and Capitalism. A NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE CHRISTMAS Unique Case of Aerial Sleigh-Borne Present-Deliverer's Syndrome Source: North Pole Journal of Medicine, vol 1 no.1, December 1997 Author: Dr. And, yes, there were great invisible social forces guiding events that hot summer night, and cold blooded economic factors as well. I will offer you a few guidelines to help you weed out the flash in the pan jackasses and incompetents from the truly deserving egotistical political hacks. But problems arose when

some of the little cheepers in ever shipment died in their boxes en route, and the customers sought reimbursement from the Post Office. The ladies reluctantly agreed. In 1856 Daniel was elected to the New York State Senate, which shortly thereafter censured him for giving a tour of those august chambers to Miss White, who was at this time identified as the operator of a popular N.Y.C. He was wrong, course, since very few humans, other than politicians, behave like big clouds of hot gas. And that was probably not an exaggeration. * At a time when railroads were the high tech, Jacob Little, tall and slim and "careless in his attire, wearing a hat like that of a farmer, and not a very prosperous one", was known as the 'Railway King'. But Grant didn't trust Johnson. Having led armies to defeat slavery the General had no intention of aiding a President seemingly intent on protecting the institition. Amos had thus created the "Spoils System". No matter whom you arrested, ten minutes with the prisoner strapped to a rack and you could get them to admit almost anything.Of course, if your suspect was too connected to be tortured, the only alternative was to lock him up while you slowly collected evidence. Edgar Hoover to tap The Cork's office phones. Louis to avail themselves of the bounty. . He asked him to go to Richmond to attend the trial of that lightning rod of Federalist politics, Aaron Burr. * Burr (above) was, depending on whom you choose to believe, either a hero seeking to strike a blow against the Spanish empire, or he was a traitor who had raised a small army to foster rebellion within the United States. Nobody ever asked Madame Montespan or the Duchesse of Orleans how their names came to be on a list of people who had bought "inheritance powders". Judge Field ordered David Terry to spend six months in the Alameda county jail. Then, as darkness began to fall that night, "...almost as if Fate, unconvinced the exploding chemicals...had struck a death blow to Halifax, was now calling upon nature to administer the coup de grace...". He built pipelines and refineries. Percival had even calculated Planet X's mass, and he knew exactly where it had to be in the sky, 40 times further out from the sun than the earth. * For ten years Percival and his assistants - okay, mostly his assistants - scoured photographs of the night sky, searching for the tell-tale movement in the star field that would herald the discovery of Planet X. Under instructions from Jack Diamond, it is alleged, Connie asked Judge Crater to reverse on appeal some lower court decisions which had hurt Jack Diamond. There was no third act. Mahon, and steal $175 from his wallet. As the addition of the word "Commercial" indicated, Ralston was dreaming big - very big. They tied a napkin around the bomb and then the three of them, the cops and the office boy, carried the bomb suspended between them to the local police station at the rather mis-named Rue des Bon Enfants (Street of the wonderful children.) There the bomb exploded, killing four cops and the office boy. Henri had to lay low for awhile, but he was still living in anonymity in a crummy apartment when he opened his anarchist newspaper on February 4, 1894 to read of Auguste's dramatic speech at his execution. - 30 - NEXT WEDNESDAY THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Three Optical Delusion FRIDAY WAR AS WAS What Has Changed Over the Last Four Thousand Years HOME IS THE HERO

I hate misplacing things. And it turns out neither of these guys had any business running anything. Thorn left first, on September 8, 1810 in command of the 290 ton, 10 gun ship, the Tonquin. A few moments later, Stackpole guided Althea and David Terry to seats at a nearby table. He carefully left this "infernal device" outside the second floor offices of a mining company just before lunch on November 8, 1892. A lowly Porter noticed the sauce pan, and realized immediately it was probably not somebodies' lunch. had always done more to help blacks than the Democrats had - Not since the Civil War, but its the thought that counts, right? The Young Republicans organization was founded during this election to get out the "youth" vote. At the same time the Union Navy in New Orleans ran war ships up the Mississippi River past the guns at Fort Hudson and tried to shell Vicksburg into a quick submission. Across the street from the opera house the Great Unknown Smith unloaded again, this time to the press. Harding for President. Joseph. He has had all his immunizations, including all available vaccines for tropical diseases. And more directly, Rove's take no prisoners style can be traced through Lee Atwater, (of "Willie Horton" ad fame) to one Murray Chotiner, who was Nixon's brain.. * Murray Chotiner was probably the last political campaign manager who had a day job. For two decades the American electorate was looking for something else. That fall of 1860 the Northern Democrats nominated Senator Stephen Douglas, The Constitutional Union Party nominated John Bell (but only because their first choice, John Crittenden, said he felt he was too old), the Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln (above), while the Southern Democrats nominated John C. The California Attorney General appealed to the U.S. Peter' Field, told a friend, ""At Waterloo, there was man to man. Congress stayed in session until 6:30 that evening, debating the impending doomsday. But if he sought something, he would not be deterred or impeded in his effort to acquire his goal." ( ) * "Can you smell money?!?!?!" Jake Abramoff * I present to you now a partial list of the people convicted of corruption in "The Abramoff Scandals"; Jack's business partner Adam Kidan, Bob Ney (R-Ohio), David Safavian (White House staffer), Italia Federici, Lobbyists, Mark Zachares, aide to Don Young (R-Alaska), Michael Scanlon, lobbyist and former aide to Tom Delay (R-Texas), Neil Volz, lobbyist, Roger Stillwell, Interior Department, Steven Griles, Deputy Interior Secretary, Tony Rudy, lobbyist, William Heaton, aide to Bob Ney, and Thomas Hart, aide to Bob Ney. * "They realize that spending millions to save billions is just good business."

Jack Abramoff * The crimes of Jack Abramoff had been previously committed by the rich and powerful themselves, ala Mr. But in reality his army lacked faith in them selves, faith in their leaders and they certainly had no faith in Joseph. It was a great victory which didn't cost the Turks a dime. Rolling back the tin foil, there, with his nose bent by the weight of the coffin lid, was the recognizable face of John Paul Jones. The couple had a daughter in 1901 and a son in 1907, but Andrew became convinced that Nora was seeing a certain debonair and dashing cavalry Captain, George Alfred Curphey - who had already been named as co-respondant in the South African Vivian divorce case of 1907. - 30 WEDNESDAY: 1920 - SEVENTH INNING STREATCH The Beginning of the End. FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN I don't mean to disappoint you, but Betsy Ross did not create the American flag. I command here! Mr. He was a painfully shy, solitary man, "touchy, opinionated, and quarrelsome". He was still dead. Marie panicked. One was moral, but the other was not in the eyes of the wealthy, who, of course, owned and had invested in the current technology - the railroads. Put in such stark black and white imperatives the argument may seem absurd to us today, and, in fact there are indications it seemed just as absurd to the citizens of 1894. The partners let it be known that if the Bull of Wall Street showed his face in Boston again, they intended on claiming his ears. * It was maneuvers such as that which inspired a handful of the lesser wizards of Wall Street to plot Jacob's demise. In fact, freighting for the Vulture was more profitable than mining. Allen learned that the little cheerful Italian had received over a quarter of a million dollars in loans from the Hanover Trust Bank, he ordered in two examiners. It took the examiners only a couple of days to realize that McMasters had probaly gotten it right; Charles Ponzi was in all likelyhood overdrawn. A week after the accident, on Janurary 30th, he died. * Nixon's office released the following statement on February 3rd, 1974; "I am profoundly saddened by the death of Murray Chotiner. Outraged, a group of female Cave Dwellers chained themselves to the trees - their final line in the sand had been drawn at trees, not people. There had already been three attempts on Diamond's life by the Schultz mob. Robert Knox was not a member of the University, but since the University's lecturer in anatomy was dull enough to bore students to death, the popular Dr. When someone dies you wear black. One was Charles Burn, a police officer and Frank's brother. in a smoke filled room. The Napoleon of the Board Room had been broken and broke right before their eyes. Judge Fields telegraphed the Marshals' office in Stockton, which immediately notified the U.S. Instead, when he retuned to Mali in about 1325, he was inspired to rebuild Timbuktu, already a mud brick metropolis of 100,000 people.

* Mansa brought an architect from Muslim Spain to design his new palace, as well as the mud brick Djinguereber Mosque (above), where 2,000 people took their daily prayers. I do not." He didn't. Mr. Knox was troubling. Crater thought it was a mugging and he fought to get out of the cab. For the first time it its history, ignorance reigned in Timbuktu. By evening the Boycotts and a young niece living with them, were alone in the house. * A letter written by "Captain" Boycott was published in the London Times. He had worked as a store clerk in Charleston, South Carolina, and tried homesteading with Daniel Boone in Boonsboro, Kentucky. August 20, 1872, found Arnold and Slack once again on a train bound for their Diamond Mountain, this time leading the party of investors and Henry Jannin. The Cubs left 6 men on base and batted a sickening .172. (In fact, this section would not be fixed until 1925 when it was finally paved) The mayor of Frederick, Maryland (above), one John E. And he now refused to surrender his office, saying he would "hold on to the chair, the seat, and the office of Governor until the cows come home." While the legislature bickered downstairs, Thayer barricaded himself in the governor's offices. SarDeasai). Travel history is extensive, as he visits nearly every location in the world annually. Weaver, 2000) She might have added he was also a drama queen. His supporters were the FFV, the First Families of Virginia, including the bloodlines of Lee, Spencer, Washington, Randolph, Fitzhugh, Harrison, Custis, and others. In fact, this western corner of England was a violent incubator for the industrial revolution.It is human nature that wealth surrounded by poverty requires a human justification. To describe her as normal, even for San Francisco, would be an insult to the abnormal. In short, diamonds. That there will be no more opportunities open to labor in the next four years than there have been in the past four...That there will be no more flour in the bin with a McKinley in the White House than there has been with a Cleveland....We admit that this is rather a gloomy forecast; but experience warrants it and events will justify it." They certainly did. What Coxey wanted from the Federal government was not charity. This may be due to a repressed psychological trauma he experienced, head trauma, or, more likely, the mythical nature of his existence. When the KC "Star" described all these new buildings as "Pendergast's concrete pyramids", Tom merely smiled. They were thus returned to Germany for execution. Mellon & Sons. Although he reports satisfaction with the sex he has with his wife, I sense he may feel erotic impulses when children sit on his lap, and I worry he may have pedophillic tendencies. While the Erie Board prepared to receive the invaders, Jay managed to slide a bill through the New York State assembly making the issuing of worthless stock retroactively, legal. This slight of hand was achieved by the simple expedient of giving William "Boss" Tweed, the head of political graft in New York, a seat on the Erie board. 'Passing water' was not an idle description. But Speaker Elder was certain the actually winner had been John Powers, of his People's Independent Party. The first was their family name. But of the remaining six - Van Buren, Tyler and Polk, Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan (above) - not one of them won a second term. From the "Turks" point of view, they were not attacking they were retreating, under heavy fire. He was answered by Senator Judah P. Now, Thomas was handsome, smart as a whip and as popular as canker sore. He spoke at Front rallies (below), and allowed his name and image on Front advertising.Then in January of 1940 (another Roosevelt election year) the F.B.I. He stood over six

feet tall. Neelly was delivering a white prisoner to be shipped down to New Orleans for trial. What Jannin neglected to mention was that he had no practical experience at panning, either for diamonds, sapphires or gold. "The morning of the 16th was hailed with exultation by the many thousands...At an early period numbers came pressing in from various and distant parts of the is supposed that no less than 150,000 people were congregated in the area near St. Two veterans were killed. Silver shot up from 84 cents an ounce to $1.50. chooses between good and bad actions... And it was certainly important that justice was seen to be done. This was followed, in January, by the ship Kennersley Castle, with another 200 settlers, this time mostly doctors, accountants, and lawyers. Three lead coffins were found, the first on February 22, and the second a month later. The idea was not to kill the unfortunate honoree, but to torture him, and thus to entertain the crowd. Some one described his exile as the "death of feudalism in Europe". - 30 WEDNESDAY: THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART THREE LOBBYISTS GO BIG GOING TO SEE THE ELEPHANT I want to tell you something about fame and fortune. A financial reporter watched as a mutilated body in the street, "half-naked and seared with burns, started to rise. Edward was nabbed, pinched and restrained. It turns out the philosophical antithesis to twitter was written in 1854, not long after the Mores telegraph hinted at the self obsessed simplicity which was to follow. * It was written by that old foggey, Henry David Thoreau. At six feet tall, Phillip had "sad eyes and a languid charm" (according to Edward Pinchon who wrote a bio of Dan Sickles), and his "...fine figure, fashionable air, and agreeable address, rendered him extremely popular among the gentler sex", according to Felix G. And, as I recall, that was when hamburger jumped from 35 cents a pound to something closer to a $1.25 a pound. And then he was arrested. Jereboam stabbed himself in the abdomen. IT took three reboots before I got here, and the hard drive is near dead. It raised and spent as much cash as the two established parties combined (30% of it coming from the DuPont family alone). And that made John Thayer the original "birther". Here the Grinders enlarged and hacked out a couple of clearings amidst the oaks and dogwoods. Still all those labors had kept Pemberton constantly shifting troops nervously back and forth, like a poker player constantly checking his cards. He was just trying to live up to a treaty with Catherine the Great of Russia, but it was not a popular decision with the ruling elite in Vienna. Medical History: Mr. If they are successful, they claim, as a matter of right, the advantages of success. But it faced one insurmountable hurdle. They have asked the obvious questions, but have been willing to quickly accept that they would never know the whole truth. 1532 ************************************************************************************* James "Blackie" Audett explained the methods Boss Tom developed for himself. Human beings are such messy creatures. The victims were given medical attention and treated with antibiotics, but not given rabies shots because, as the Santa Clara County Vector Control District Manager explained, "Generally speaking, squirrels are not the type of animal that can survive an attack by a rabid animal. Times described him as "...a brilliant, abrasive and passionate political strategist whose campaign instincts were so acute and effective that his opponents feared him as the "Machiavelli of

California politics." A friend described him as a "...a very aggressive, hard driving fellow... By 1855 20% of the population of Ireland had starved to death, and another 20% had emigrated. * The British government struggled to respond to the disaster with church based relief, but politics now compounded the human misery. Then, on the morning of August 28, 1858, almost in Lyman's own backyard, the foreman of the Pennsylvania Oil Company spotted fresh oil standing in the 69 foot drill hole he had decided just the night before to abandon. And in order to avoid the embarrassment, Boss Tom had not declared it on his Federal income tax. When James Pendergast won big, betting on horse named Climax, he invested the winnings in a bar, restaurant and hotel in St. Lawyer Dove kept Oliver confined to a chest until his death in 1687 - Mr. In Scotland the target is humiliatingly referred to as an "April Gawk" (?!), in England as a "Noodle" and in Canada as an "American." I would have expected mental health professionals to call for a stop to this public insanity but evidently they are too busy setting their patients' shoes on fire. Not even a war could snap the world out of this cruel insanity. He was living lavishly while average Americans suffered (an exaggeration). Terry decided to simply ignore the federal court ruling. President Johnson, who had promised to cease obstructing the Reconstruction acts, would survive. In a footnote - Arnold's nemesis, Henry Hardworths, was not satisfied with having mortally wounded Arnold. Pentaweret was forced to drink poison. So they began to treat those flowers with pepper spray to discourage the rodent-al assaults. The Federal government decided that the problem was not that the working stiffs had been pushed to far, it was that not enough force had been applied to keeping them under control. When Joseph took the field in the summer of 1788 to join his 100,000 man army in laying siege to Belgrade, disaster seemed inevitable to everybody except Joseph. And worse, for the Pooh - man, even the Republican Rasmussen Poll found that 52% of voters are opposed to limiting workers' rights to organize, while just 38% were in favor of it. There was an immediate run on the "Old Colony" offices. Terrified investors jammed Room 227 in the Niles Building, each demanding to withdraw their cash. He landed on that enormous head of his and broke his neck. Should he be such a glutton for punishment as to re-enlist, this was raised to $15. The trooper was now a "50-cent-a-day professional" soldier. And it was a very long day, starting " 5:30 a.m.," wrote Marlin, "with the dreaded call of Reveille, and ended at 10:00 p.m. According to Tom Elliot, who had helped Tommy in drafting the law, the strongest opposition came in the Senate. Still, if there is nothing new in the story about a lad being arrested with Queen Victoria's undies stuffed down his pants, it is at least entertaining to read about it.Early on the morning of June 20th, 1837 Alexandria Victoria made a typically teenager's entry into her diary; "I was awoke at 6 o'clock by Mamma....I am Queen." Except in her case it was real. And thus the diminutive monarch was set upon a collision course with an equally abbreviated young lad, who first made his appearance in history on December 14, 1838, when his soot blackened face suddenly appeared at the glass door entrance to The Marble Hall in Buckingham Palace...from the inside. The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe paid him $150,000. Major Dwight David Eisenhower, who was the liaison with the district cops, described the burning of the shantytown as "pitiable." MacArthur, who had pity only for injustices suffered by himself, was quietly retired and given the job in the far off Philippines where it was to be hoped, he would never be heard of again. He had no doubt that God meant him to be wealthy and wanted him to expand his empire. Which meant Ponzi's business model was not possible. This information, combined with what the investigative staff of the Post had already collected, portended doom for Ponzi. And other than the few souls who would have drunk aftershave if aftershave had been invented yet, the residents of Champagne mostly drank imported Burgundy.

Lord knows, the diet did not help.Each day each soldier received 12 ounces of pork or bacon, 22 ounces of flour or bread and less than an once of ground coffee. Again, the mark went to the police and this time William Moore was sent to Sing Sing for several years, for assault and attempted blackmail. Van Dyck was certain that they did. However none of them had been effective. In a story that would be familiar to any who watches local news, Holdsworth left the bar and returned a few minutes later with a double barreled shotgun. And on top of that Jamie's mother came looking for him. In Egypt they were called the Sea Peoples, and fighting them off left the treasury flat broke. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study done in 1971 calculated the real cost of the Vietnam War (in 1971 dollars) was about $750 billion, equal to the first Wall Street bailout thirty-five years later which caused all fiscal conservatives to flinch.("Vietnam; Past and Present" by D.R. Bone was shattered. Murray was taken to the hospital with a broken leg and seemed on the way to a quick recovery when he developed a blood clot. But second, since the wine was bottled so late in the year, there was always yeast still surviving when temperatures dropped low enough to stop the fermentation in each bottle. Jacob had a mine hidden in the mountains; where else could the ore have come from? A year later the "Arizona Enterprise" noted in its pages that Julia had sold her business (an ice cream parlor) and was actively prospecting the Superstitions, searching for Jacob's "missing" mine. But the vast majority of the men stayed in camp, where they had little to do but talk. "Well," said the Head, "I will give you my answer. And it was not until recently that these protoScandinavian tribes had discovered their "metallum sudaticum", amber. Every time the level of the Baltic rose and then fell, with each successive glacier pulse, whole coastal pine forests had been flooded. Squirrels have successfully shut down the NASDAQ stock exchange at least twice and caused numerous outages at prestigious institutions like the University of Alabama. But if I had, Craig could probably have coaxed that out of my machine. Next Grant tried less digging. But I can say it has been the goal of Wall Street players ever since to rig the game so that they never run the risk of dying broke, ever again. Ward. Still,the Republcan platform for 1936 charged, "The New Deal policies, while purporting to provide social security, have, in fact, endangered it", and claimed that "the fund will contain nothing but the government's promise to pay" and is "unworkable". Again, does any of this sound familar? Bertrand had a master plan for victory, funded by a $14 million war chest (equal to $207.5 million today), with over a million of that coming from just three families - DuPont, Pew and Rockefeller and the rest almost entirely from business leaders anxious to prevent further Federal regulations of their business. And then there was "The Liberty League," described by one historian as "...the best-financed and the most professionally run...anti-big-government organization ever to come down the pike." The League was the original "Astro-turf" grassroots organization. And then came the final insult. In 1937 plans were announced to cut down 50 of the imported Japanese Cherry trees to make room for the planned Jefferson Memorial. They quickly found the cache of stolen silver and re-stole it. Nothing leaves the mine site except for refined gold - under guard. And FDR was too stubborn to admit defeat in November 1940, which also had five Thursdays, and was a Presidential election year. A month later they were in London, and in late April Charles Stuart, son of the last King of England, was crowned Charles II, the next King of England. And Republicans were determined that he should not get a third term. I have long thought that this uncharacteristic outbreak of French "humor" was actually inspired by Charles' Italian Queen, Catherine de Medici, who was already famous throughout Europe for her gastronomical gags, such as her duck a la cyanide with a hemlock sauce. But Jefferson had made no promise of secrecy, and he filed the information away for use at some opportune future moment, which came in 1797, which is how we know of the entire sordid tale.

* Shortly after Jefferson leaked the entire story, the lovely Maria divorced her imprisoned husband James, and immediately married his partner in crime, Mr. And one of the cops on duty at the Half Moon that night was Officer Charles Burn. * In 1939 Stella Crater remarried, to Mr.Karl Kunz. Perhaps Neelly could accompany Lewis and watch over him. Again he poured black powder into the drill hole, but in haste he forgot to add the sand. They named it the Commonwealth Building. But this time the government had the tools to respond to such a petition. People who don't have tiger blood and Adonis DNA. Rehab is a dumping ground. Over centuries the pronunciation became a "gaunger". It was only in reality that he was a complete fool. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, Albert had a fight with his mother and ran away from home, saying he was going to join Coxey's Army. Gibbs explained he had a heavy load to transfer from a boat. * Having thus obtained the tools required, Gibbs and Dawes returned to the beach, and, according to Brownrigg, the four men buried the remaining $5,000 in Mexican silver, marking the spot with a strand of ribbon tied to the saw grass. Over that same period Boston did nothing but disappoint. The American election of 1920 was the most disappointing one of the 20th century. Palmer's dreams of reaching the White House had faded away. August and the hot dog days of summer were on the horizon. As Harry Hopkins, who would replace The Cork, explained, " "Tom, you're too Catholic to trust the Russians and too Irish to trust the English." But Roosevelt fired Tommy in typical FDR fashion. His reason was that he got a kickback from the $630 paid to the land owner for three months rent on the new campground.The move was completed on June 9, 1809, just in time for the height of summer. It is also alleged that she had recently attempted suicide, but whether out of desperation or calculation I cannot say. The second bullet hit Hoyt in the arm - maybe. * Bat Masterson claimed years later that George Hoyt fell from his horse, dead on the spot, but that seems embellishment. ""I do not doubt that further prospecting will result in finding diamonds over a greater area...and that I consider any investment at the rate of $4,000,000 for the whole property a safe and attractive one". Like a button and eye they were binding the Confederacy together. He was unable to pursue his case because he died in early May of 1791, of an epileptic seizure. He produced a bottle of whisky and poured them equal amounts. He caught up with Phillip at the corner of Madison Place and Pennsylvania Avenue, just across the street from the White House. At some point in the meal the priest noticed that the American had stopped eating. But what friends and opponents remember most about Wyatt was his manner. The editor of the Providence, Rhode Island Mercury noticed that on the day announced, nobody from the ABRS had been on the Boston to New York train. Corbin, who happened to be President Grant's brother-in law. It is the philosophy of greed. Following normal investment procedures the cash is out, earning interest for the customers. Acording to Time, Hoover told the faithful, "Fundamental American liberties are at stake. "Chipping" is an old Welsh word for market, and "wold" is Welsh for an upland meadow, so this was a market

town amidst the rolling limestone hills and open fields which were once the property of the Saxon King, Harold. I am Secretary of War. But on Sundays he crossed the border to preach at churches in Detroit.It was in Detroit that Charles (above) used his God given talents for speaking and making political connections. But at the end of that second season the park lost its landmark. And that makes it seem likely that Bart got that much right; Wyatt fired only twice. Doctors now had patients and skulls aplenty to examine, and upon reflection they reached several conclusions. And that was what they did. * At the stroke of midnight about fifteen people were standing in Dorthy's living room wearing their overcoats, the few men holding their pants up with one hand, the majority women with crossed arms to support their belatedly liberated breasts. With the refinement of observations of the outer planets a number of new great mysteries appeared in the night sky, as they always do. All three men were found guilty, fined five dollars each and sentenced to an additional 20 days in jail. Coxey's Army stayed in Camp Tyranny for two weeks, playing baseball, drilling and attending rallies, until the D.C. In 2009 alone, the Center for Responsive Politics records that $3.47 billion - BILLION was spent on lobbying by the 30,000 registered lobbyists in Washington D.C. * "Only a genius like Abramoff could make money lobbying against an Indian tribe's casino and then turn around and make money defending that tribe against himself. Thus ended the naval and diplomatic career of Lt. And for the first time Congress began to take public note of the marchers, and their first reaction was, of course, panic. This was not a diet, it was a ration, and had as much flavor variation as "Spam, spam, spam and spam". As the army needed soldiers, it also needed laundresses. They were as much in the service of their country as the soldiers they served. First, the grapes were very sweet to begin with, so sweet that the yeast farted so much CO2 that the wine was filled with bubbles. The very next day, on February 1st. Needing to make money quickly, Yancey's very first editorial was a passionate defense of slavery. He did his part. So the hereditary kings of Christendom were behind the eight ball on this one. Later, when their Grand Master refused to admit to even more hidden wealth which Phillip was certain the Knights had, Philip had him slowly barbecued, Texas style. Suddenly the fixes failed. He could not mine for himself, however, because only an American citizen could own a mineral claim. Boycott then appealed to the tenants personally. He made it go." The fans had a different perspective. They threw their men into firing lines and let go with volley after volley. Under oath Broadus insisted, "Litigation is coercive." Neither the judge nor the jury failed to see through that little fig leaf of judical logic, but... This was not an impossible dream, as another Hoosier politician would shortly prove - one, Benjamen Harrison. * Yes, Grey (above) had a nifty plan, clever enough to be worthy of Machiavelli. Its huge soft padded feet allow it to climb sand dunes with ease. birth certificate in 2008. And a single Bessie in "heat" can set off a Daisy chain of cow girls "mounting" herd mates in a riot of bovine dominatrix behavior. , he still maintained a suite at a Baltimore Hotel for his assignations with Fanny White, and other "soiled doves" in her employ. Shortly after the legal couple moved, Daniel was introduced to Phillip Key, and the two struck up a friendship of kindred spirits. Ouch, that little insult must have hurt. Those men without names died to create our world. As her condition  quickly worsened she called for a priest, and after seeing

him she told the ladies caring for her that she wanted to be buried as she was, without the usual washing and re-dressing. His ineffectualness at dealing with the Great Depression (the stock market crash had occurred just 6 months after he first took office) was so obvious that Herbert won only 6 states - Pennsylvania, Delaware, R.I., Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. And because Jacob had been born in Germany, making him a "Deutsch man" or 'Dutchman' to parochial American ears, the magical mystery was marketed as the "Lost Dutchman Mine."You too can find the Lost Dutchman Mine. Curiously the accident happened directly behind the home of Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy. The government of Chile charged him with espionage. Even though he neither smoked nor drank himself, Hays kept the cigars lit and the booze flowing "Neighbor", he and once said to Herbert Hoover, "I want to be helpful." It was his natural instinct. * Harry Daugherty's (left) natural instinct, on the other hand, was his drive for his man. "It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Cows share a common ancestor with whales, the "Pakictids", which 53 million years ago had a whale's ear and a cow's teeth in a really ugly little dog's body, sort of a Mexican hairless meth addict with hair. Sometime after midnight, Elder ordered the doors locked and told the sergeant-at-arms to admit no one without a written pass - from him. * Meanwhile, the presumed victor, Boyd, requested an immediate hearing before the state supreme court to require Speaker Elder to immediately certify his election as governor. His gambling had put him in debt to just about everybody he knew, even his boss, General James Wilkerson. Sensing blood in the water, Jay and friends printed up 100,000 common shares of Erie stock, which The Commodore promptly bought, and which the board of the Erie - Drew, Fisk and Jay Gould immediately declared to be worthless. Bilked out of $7 million, Vanderbilt filed legal papers to examine the Erie's books. Parker (the inside man) confessed that during the early 1880's he sold the Brooklyn Bridge twice a week. And to those who dream about the transforming- log-jam busting magic of a third party in Congress, let the experiences of the PIPs be a lesson in reality. * Cornhusker politics have often been a lot more colorful than the reticent citizens are wont to admit to outsiders. Earlier in 1825 Frankfort had burned down its sixth state capital building, and was currently renting a Methodist Church for that purpose. By 1803, after the Louisiana Purchase, "The Trace" saw as many as 1,000 travelers a year - the crews of flatboats and rafts returning home on foot with their profits. Within a few weeks of arriving in the Phoenix area, Henry stumbled upon a vein of quartz that eventually produced $200 million worth of gold and silver, the Vulture Mine. And the incident was immediately forgotten; but not by the squirrels. In San Jose, California, on May 9th a single squirrel turned an entire First Grade classroom into a nightmare on Elm Street - except it didn't happen on Elm Street. The only actual physical evidence against Bartolemeo were the shot gun shells found in his coat pocket at his arrest. Within three months consumption of cigarettes dropped 20%. In 1710 a Claudius Du Puy opened a museum of curiosities in London containing as its most curious curiosity of all, the head of Oliver Cromwell. Every ten men were to receive per month; 15 Small Horse Farms For Sale Memphis TN lbs of beans or peas, 10 lbs of rice or hominy, 30 lbs of potatoes, 1 quart of molasses, 15 lbs of sugar, 3 lbs 12

ounces of salt, 4 ounces of pepper and 1 gallon of Vinegar. Mr. It is a level of hubris that may well spell our doom. John must have been doubly pleased.* Most people in London knew Will as an actor, but we know he also wrote poetry, because there is a 1593 copy of "Venus and Adonis" and a 1594 copy of "The Rape of Lucrene" with dedications signed 'William Shakespeare". By now Governor Grey, down in his offices on the first floor, had heard the ruckus, and had called in the Indianapolis Police. Willie, the President's eldest son, composed a poem in his memory. Postage for the stunt both ways was $2.26 cents. * On June 13, 1920 The US Post Office Department issued new rules, announcing that children would no longer be accepted as a parcel post. But Daniel came away from that meeting convinced that Phillip could be trusted. And with that, officially, Althea was now a perjurer and forger, in both the Federal and the State courts. While these momentous events were unfolding, the time limit for Althea to appeal the Federal Court Order, requiring her to hand over the marriage agreements and the will, ran out. It was a common story, an angry fourteen year old running away from home, not worth repeating on the front page of a large newspaper, except for the name in the headline "Coxey's Army". "Once, indeed, the Tin Woodman stepped upon a beetle that was crawling along the road, and killed the poor little thing. The original definition was a piece of kindling, a piece of burning wood used to start a larger fire. Their decision was announced by Chief Justice Fuller: "Manifestly," he said, "the nationality of the inhabitants of territory acquired by conquest or cession becomes that of the government under whose dominion they pass...The judgment of the supreme court of Nebraska is reversed..." It was an 8 to 1 judgment, issued on January 2nd, 1892. It was a shrewd political move, making certain his side of political events made it into print, and had probably been suggested by Jefferson. * Lewis would need all the help and support her could muster, as in St. And then they got her name wrong on the tombstone. And just when the bad press had brought his carreer to a a dead end, luckily, his brother died in the colony of Virginia and left him a small fortune. John Paul decided to stay in Virginia, and to confuse any hounding lawyers added a third name to his moniker. But if a man note Tyburn, 'will appear, That there's a tree that bears twelve times a year." And there, from a rude gibbet, a rough wooden beam, William and Jane, hopefully blind drunk, danced together at the end of their ropes. For this double murder, Moses rewards Phineas. In fact, a few people may have; probably it just never made the papers. Leland was one of the Big Four who built the California half of the first trans-continental railroad, supposedly completed with a golden spike in the summer of 1869. Thousands of investors were wiped out, including Abel Corbin, and an angry mob swarmed the Gould's brokerage offices, smashing the furnishings and chanting "Who killed Charles Lessup?" Of course the trio of Gould, Fisk and Drew, walked away from the wreckage with an $11 million profit. Daniel Drew was to be Jay's next victim. And to his two children." *

But Eddie had offered up his own obituary years earlier. He lost. New Orleans had been captured by the U.S. A year later, Philip expelled the Jews from France - after seizing their property of course. Hamilton, however, was not willing to use his official office to cover up his personal peccadilloes. Eddie said something about the victory being tainted, and Parnelli punched Eddie in the face. Tommy explained to Abe, "He is a rich man who's scared...I think you can get $100,000 down this morning." Fortes called Tommy back the next day and revealed that Rubinstein had handed over a check for just $5,000. They constructed a makeshift fort from the gypsy wagons and, as the infantry approached, fired a warning shot or two. Facing clear proof that no gender gap existed, the media insisted that it did, and that women had voted for Warren G. The other 150 million have only one man who is elected at large to represent them - that is the President of the United States" Harry Truman 1947 * In comparison, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (above) was begun in November of 1938 took 3 ½ years to complete. Quietly he gathered his staff and they fell upon the three villains. The "curds" constantly cowlick one another. To his widow Nancy we extend our extreme sympathy and regret. The 40 thieves banded together, hired themselves a "press boat", stocked it with food, a cook and alcohol, and named it "The Flying Demon". Finally they reached the traditional site of execution, where a large crowd waited, at a spot where there once had stood a tree. As the old poem went, "I have heard sundry men oft times dispute, Of trees, that in one year will twice bear fruit. Mr. He was there to log-in a little suck-up time with his boss, President James Garfield, who was about to leave for a two week vacation on the 9:15 train to Baltimore. * Yes, Garfield had only been on the job for about three months, and it might have seemed a little quick to be taking a vacation, but he was the boss and the rules are different for bosses. But so strong was the public support for change that the newspaper's leadership ignored the ban and set the date for the Rally as August 16th. The tenants were not surprised. Bob left him there, and returned to his holiday weekend. * It had all the makings of an obscure footnote in history, until the doctors showed up. O'Brian) McCloundy, and finally, Peaches O'Day, who was convicted of selling the Brooklyn Bridge in 1901. He was presently cut down, and his head and heart shown to the people, at which there was great shouts of joy...After that I went...home, where I was angry with my wife for her things lying about, and in my passion kicked the little fine basket, which I bought her in Holland, and broke it, which troubled me after I had done it." Ah, death, where is thy operant conditioning? Oliver Cromwell, being legally and retroactively the villain-in-chief would not be spared these humiliations just because he was deceased. Ponzi was not worth $8 million, but was $4.5 million in debt. She urged Robert to urge the King to offer Thomas the post of ambassador to Russia. It was also Wilkerson who was responsible for the U.S. Clearly it was the head of the living cow that Gandi was thinking of when he wrote, "The cow is a poem of pity...She is the second mother to millions of mankind." She is also, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the source of 18% of the world's methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. It was located in one of the most unfrequented parts of the United States....once...on a very still day, I thought I heard something in the far distance that sounded like the ghost of a whistle. During transport to the Alameda county jail, Althea repeatedly

said she intended to kill the judge. And schools were suddenly uncertain of vacation schedules. As proof of this contention I now present you with the head of Emile Henri, who lost his head over the injustice he suffered because of another inarticulate Frenchman who sought to challenge the establishment and managed only to blow his nose at them. Everything about Auguste Vaillant screams of irony. The ten doctor panel was unanimous in finding a direct link between smoking and lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cardiovascular diseases and cancer of the larynx. And when a French Cardinal was elected Pope, Philip had him placed under house arrest in Avignon, thus ensuring Philip could now plunder all the church accounts he could reach. Noted Porter, "Slime, mud, and mephitic (fould smelling and poisonous) odors were encountered, and long red worms appeared in abundance." "Two more large shafts were sunk in the yards and two in the Rue Grange-aux-Belles, making five in all. The same goes for the mark in the human game. * Shortly after Hamilton's first liaison with Mrs. But it was. * The image was that everyone seemed to be getting rich off land speculation. "Every gal in Cons-ta-tinople, lives in Istanbul not Con-stan-tinople. A critic described her as short, with dark hair and eyes, a few missing teeth, stoop shouldered and "in no way a handsome or desirable woman." And yet inside Anna there still burned a passion, which had metamorphosed into a burning fierce hatred of her old boyfriend, Solomon Sharp. He was socially inept. Foyt, described racing with Eddie Sachs on the thousands of small dirt and asphalt tracks (above) across America in the 1950's; "He could take the worst-handling pig...and just manhandle that thing into looking like a winner...Most drivers have a bad day now and then, but more often their cars have a bad day. As the freeholders intended, that put the Governor in a bind, because the dead Indians had signed a peace treaty. His son and heir, Heqamatre, became Ramses IV, but he ruled for just six years. But that slight seniority had moved Heqamatre next in line to be Pharaoh over Pentaweret, and replaced Tey as the Great Wife with Isis. He cursed the crew for singing a sea ditty. The retreat reached such levels of panic that Joseph was knocked off his horse and fell in a stream, not a recommended treatment for a man recovering from malaria. But thanks to their investment, Frankfurt was, in 1825, and remains to this day, one of the smallest state capitals in the Union. But in the bottles and the casks the monks could not consume over the winter (and they tried to drink it all), the spring temperatures re-started the fermentation. There was no law on "The Trace". He was now facing an actor just as capable of historanics as himself. Overnight, Nathaniel slipped out of town and returned the next morning in front of an ad hoc audience, er, army, of 300 freeholder militiamen. That suggests rations, which suggests an organized raiding party which was crossing the Tollense River in the summer, when the water level was down. However, all this merely proves that a smart woman is just as likely to have terrible a taste in men as a dumb woman. But again, Jacob was not lucky. No Campaign corks popping. He was lying of course, but that would not come out until Harding was long dead. * It wasn't as if the party managers issued orders and the party regulars fell in line. And after an uneventful summer, when Justice Field took the afternoon train from Los Angeles on Tuesday,

August 13, 1889, bound for Sacramento to connect with the transcontinental train to return to Washington, Marshal Neagle was still traveling with him. As the train headed north, at each station, Marshal Neagle stepped off to observe who was boarding the train. In the Middle East they were called Philistines, and they spent a couple of hundred years bringing "tsuris" to the wayward Israelites. The people of Boston, now ready to believe that Ponzi might be a liar and a crook after all, were handed proof that he had been a liar and a crook in the past.  However Mr. Now, farmers could order chicks from breeders and they would be delivered, cheaply and reliably, right to the farmer's front door. Obviously the vast majority of these little creatures (above) had gone extinct. The landing was a disaster. And every Wig contractor had their mail contracts cancelled, unless they hired only Democrats (a tactic duplicated by Republican Tom Delay's 2000-2004 K Street Project). The towns of Halifax and Dartmouth were just starting their work days. The outcome was, I think, the measure of our skill as lobbyists. It would be difficult to maintain an image as a heartless dedicated anarchist with a mommy. According to the New York Times, On May 21, 1894 at "4:07 a.m....the iron doors swung apart...Henri was ghastly white, but walked with a firm step. The new Secretary of War, John Armstrong, could never make up his mind what the objective of the campaign was supposed to be. He ordered his men to surround the meeting house, and announced he would kill everyone inside if he were not given total command at once. The next year a Pensacola, Florida probation officer shipped six year old Edna Neff to her father in Christiansburg, Virginia. He grew into a strikingly handsome young man, and a natural leader. Fourth, the interstate slave trade was to be unimpeded, even in the Free States. The suddenly widowed Mrs. And at 1625 K street, you can still find some 24,000 square feet of floor space available for rent at just $40 a square foot. No Guardians appeared with boarding passes. ( But I love the "il catalogo e questo" when the servant Leporello comforts the rejected Donna Elvira by listing Don Juan's feminine conquests. "I feel just like a young kitten that has been brought into the house and set before the fire." And then on November 13, 1885, Senator Sharon appealed to a higher court; he died. A devout Muslim, Mansa felt no need to convert all his subjects. So, for a third time, the old soldier pushed his rock of Presidential command up the hill to confront his nemeses. When Dorothy presently asked him a question the Tin Woodman could not open his mouth, for his jaws were tightly rusted together. But the most famous Maverick of all was another Samuel, this one born in Pendleton, South Carolina, in 1803. * This Maverick, Samuel Augustus, graduated from Yale in 1825 and was admitted to the bar in 1829. Because he experiences total darkness lasting many months during winter at the North Pole, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may be a contributor to his depression. His father had begun the naturalization paperwork in 1849 but events, both personal and political, had intervened. All four members of the corporation were arrested.The invention of "Burking" which had given rise to the company, had also so disguised the method of death that it might prove impossible for the authorities to prove any murder had even occurred. And he bought a lot of souvenirs. * Mansa was leading 80 camels just to carry his gold. Treatment and Counseling: All Mr. Twice he was forced to resign from the Army. He had become obsessed with finding the body of John Paul Jones in 1897 after a biography of the old salt was published. And for "Boy Jones", talking seems to have been a primary form of personal entertainment. Which makes his response to the magistrate who visited him the day before his release disturbing. Nash was a man. I agreed to it."

* The assignations took place at 888 Fifteenth Street in Washington (above), between K and L streets, in a run-down racially mixed neighborhood just around the corner from the Sickles' rented home. He had then managed houses of prostitution in Peoria, Illinois for several years, before becoming a lawman in Wichita, Kansas. Recently, on the playground of a Florida preschool, a small child and a Highway Patrol officer were assaulted by an average everyday squirrel, a creature most humans would take no notice of. The curse, it seemed, had been either broken or maybe it was just exhausted. And, alas, William fell victim to his ambitions. Ă‚ Early in 1710 he stole a bay gelding, the property of Mr. They are looking to attract an audience, i.e. In fact, under Elizabeth's orders, officials of the English court had been visiting Edinburgh for years, to smooth the transfer of power. And if farmers thought the prices for hides were approaching the bottom they might hold onto more of their bulls, thus ensuring more cows for next season, when the prices might be better. The town was then divided between the uptown establishment Republicans, and the working class Democrats who were litterly on the bottom land. In any case, Tey even had conspirators working inside the Thebian police force. They are prey animals..." It was the kind of comforting speech often given by movie experts to explain why Godzilla or the zombies or the Killer Squirrels are not going come back, usually just before they return and eat the expert. He wrote to a Philadelphia friend, Mahlon Dickerson, in early November, "What may be my next adventure, God knows, but on this I am determined, to get a wife." * Many women were interviewed for the job, in Virginia and Philadelphia and even Cincinnati, but none were willing to move with Lewis to the distant frontier, even as a Governor's wife. And if you are feeling sorry for the Commodore, remember that Cornelius himself once said, "Law, what do I care about the law? Ain't I got the power?" Another libertarian hero. With the Commodore's cash, and further fortified by looting the Erie's assets, Jay, Fisk and Drew began their own complicated scheme to raise freight rates on the Erie Railroad. And ultimately, like all the other great forces of nature, Paul Boyton came to Coney Island. * In 1895, when Paul Boyton stepped off the train from Chicago, his sly but unapologetic mustache was still brown. But by now Tommy had a long list of clients, who did pay him. * Ă‚ In late 1945 a D.C. Harding (above center), who gave a rousing speech at the dedication. She was buried "...through the kindness of individuals" under the name of "Parcella Post." How could you call such a world as that, "simpler" than ours? * As you would expect from people living in such complicated times, the denizens of that ancient confusion were able to predict the problems and solutions faced by our current, "simpler", electronic age. Burke had abandoned a wife and two children in Ireland, but in Scotland he had picked up a common-law wife, Helen M'Dougal. For example, we know the Pharaoh's harem had a very nice choir.

* But besides harmonizing, the ladies of the harem must have earned their keep between reproductive sessions by cutting ribbons at temple openings, encouraging teenagers to just say no to drugs and reminding stone masons of their vital role in the Pharaohonic economy. It may seem a complicated train of events, but please bare with me, while I try to explain how my mind works. The lobbying business on K Street is still green. * "You can't beat somebody with nobody." Jack Abramoff - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER? The legend behind the "Missingest Man in America" FRIDAY: ONE NIGHT IN DODGE CITY Law and Order and Gun Control in the Old West. THE FUNDAMENTALIST CREED I began reading "The Fundamentals; A Testimony to the Truth", the seminal work of Christian fundamentalism, and quickly began to wonder how such a document had come to exist. When he died in 1870 he left holdings of over 300,000 acres and a reputation for independence - not being branded by any special interests. * His son, Samuel Maverick jr., fought with distinction in the Civil War (for the south) and was promoted to second lieutenant. The verb "to squirrel" meaning to save something for later use was not recorded until 1939. Nash showed talent as a seamstress and tailored officer's uniforms for extra money. Thanks in large part to Amos' constant attacks, Jackson easily won the election. Our defender of the honor of chaste womanhood was thus alleged to be a dead-beat dad of an illegitimate child. The tamping rod landed 80 feet away, smeared in blood and brain matter.. But the boy actually was evidently a socialist,  who did not appreciate the virtues of Burke and Hare's capitalism. Regulations maintain the market. Many put their money back into his company. On May 5th, 1875 pitchers for the Washington baseball team surrendered twenty runs to their opponent. He gleefully dispatched Congressmen James Monroe and Fredrick Muhlenberg to confront Hamilton in person. They were adorned with engraved bracelets and their robes were held together with bronze pins with perforated round heads. And so he never had to deal with the gobbledygook his son did. - 30 -

WEDNESDAY: THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART FOUR How The Money Rolled In BIRTH OF THE BOYCOTT I can describe the exact moment of conception. It was too late for Roosevelt to change his mind in 1939. But the economic depression inspired at least in part by the Democratic economic policies, had become too deep. And even though Joan and Richard both insisted on their innocence, the investigators felt certain that John had not lied, as he had implicated himself by admitting he had suggested the crime. Of course, most of that money had to go right back out in order to pay dividends to earlier investors. He became the smitten Cupid to her Psyche. That brought the Erie War to a temporary end. The government's response was to ban the rally. I encourage other physicians with access to patients working in allied professions (e.g.Nightly Teeth-Purchasers or Annual Candied Egg Providers) to investigate whether analogous anatomical/ physiological/psychological syndromes exist. He needed lots of investors, and lawmakers to protect the investment. "Thus", said Judge Bayard Paine forty-five years later, "tragedy was averted in Nebraska statecraft." Instead, tragedy was converted into low comedy. * The outgoing governor, Republican John Thayer (above), was the most hated man in Nebraska, the man whose behavior over the past year had been most responsible for the defeat of the Republican Party in the past election. The surf was pounding. The two infants who died in this assault were MacArthur's trophies, as were the hundreds of mostly women, who were beaten and bloodied in this lesson for the lazy. But one of the occasional side effects of a frontal lobotomy are seizures caused by scar tissue within the brain. Byron said "who the God's love die young." Eddie was 37. And everybody began to suffer from malaria. Spurling in the chest, killing him instantly. The judges, shocked at the interruption, decided there was no point in continuing Jane's trial for coining, and immediately tried her and William for the murder of poor Mr. Homophobic troopers tended to shoot first, and just say no afterward. And although the horses never complained, they were kind of important to survival on the plains and so that form of animal husbandry was discouraged. So prostitution by the laundresses was tolerated as long as the woman did not become really good at it or "notorious". In short Mrs. So by the time the Captain arrived, although the Elephant hotel was still open, it was on its last legs. * Paul Boyton was attracted by the 16 cheap acres directly behind the failing hotel (the above photo was taken from the Elephant's hinie). The important thing for them was that he was gone. * Will Hays served as Hardings' Postmaster General. To call Bob a Jonah seems over-wrought. And just in case Robert decided to blurt out some embarrassing truth at his trial, two men stood at either side of Robert while he testified, just in case it was necessary to muffle the mimbo. The result of the trial was a far gone conclusion. He helped Morse create and run the International

Telegraph Company (it would later become International Telephone and Telegraph). She was three months pregnant when, in 1853, she and Daniel were married a second time, at her parent's insistence, by the archbishop of New York. * Not that the religious ceremony influenced Daniel's piggish behavior in the slightest. Holy, cow! P.S. They were both sentenced to death, but instead the King ordered him sent to the Tower for life, while Francis was confined in her home, which is where she would have been anyway because she was "with child". And when, in January, Crittenden presented his "Compromise" again, this time to the new Congress, the new Republican majority replaced it with an assertion that, as Lincoln phrased it, "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." It was a fundamental point upon which Lincoln and the Republican Party were not willing to compromise. Just short of a year after the great debate, Edward Baker, serving as a colonel in the Union Army, would die in a foolish and pointless battle at "Ball's Bluff" in Virginia. Hamilton resigned from Washington's cabinet in January of 1795. Back in the woods they planted corn and rye, built a cabin, and a barn and a stable. Most of the Army had long since stopped listening to his speeches, referring to him in private as the "Great humbug." But they also noticed that after the oration, while they settled into their bed rolls on the cold ground, Browne and Coxey spent every night in warm soft beds in local hotels. Only a Medici could see the humor in humiliating the people who handled your food. But Ponzi did not stay there long. A railroad had recently been completed, connecting the U.S. He suffered from bad teeth, a bad back, and about 10% had suffered from some form of healed head trauma even before they enlisted, making them eligible to play in the NFL. The intended bronze likeness of Jefferson would not be cast and put in place until in 1948, when bronze was no longer a vital war commodity. * Later that same year, 1943, the new 11 story office building at 1625 K street, built on the site of the Little Green House, would be also be completed. But, as Jesus before him, Lyman found he would need funds to support his ministry. Thomas' ego could not resist boasting to everyone that he was the brains behind Robert's success. By six the next morning Sir Thomas was dead. That confession produced an investigation led by Sir Francis Bacon (above), part time playwright and the Royal Attorney General. The huge windows in the front of NYSE shattered, showering glass on the trading floor. And Harry Burn, who had a long record of voting against suffrage, had finally decided to vote for the 19th Amendment to the constitution because his mother told him to. Less than six months after Allen and Slack had shared the existence of the Diamond Mountain with him, Ralston was planning on transplanting the entire Amsterdam (above) diamond market to San Francisco, replete with cutters, polishers, graders, wholesalers and, of course, customers. It was simply unbelievable. "We all need to look into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is, the passion. But as Newt Gingrich could tell you, its the details that get you killed. But the merucrial clerk died four days after being confirmed by the Senate, on Christmas Eve, 1869. From Vicksburg these supplies can be distributed by rail all over the Confederacy....Let us get Vicksburg and all that country is ours. "Highgrading" was the name of this practice, stealing the highest grade pieces of ore. The only other losers,, besides the Ausrians, were the tzigani who not only lost their schnapps but also lost their horses, and an unknown number of human casualties. Instantly a squirrel assaulted Andrew.

Company profits went from $10 million in 1900 to over $50 million in 1908. First; Landon had balanced the Kansas budgets because the New Deal had kicked in millions of dollars to offset the state's deficits. Potatos were molding away in the fields. delegation tour of London. And the object of his passion, Mrs. That combination, the harbor and the nearby Great Circle Route, made Halifax a convenient place to rest and load coal before challenging the North Atlantic, or to recover after a harrowing voyage to the new world. proceeded to address the immense multitude, recommending peace and order...Whilst thus engaged...we were surprised, though not alarmed, at perceiving a column of infantry take possession of an opening in the assembly". In fact they were also locals, pressed into service as "special constables". The punishment was set by yet a third group of witnesses to the murder, as death - all while the corpus delicti was still warm. Needless to say, Jefferson was not happy that Christmas had been canceled. That ambivalence seems to stem at least in part from his work at Diamond Mountain. Admit it; there is no defense against April Fool tomfoolery, except a preemptive strike. It turns out the one nation Oliver never even attempted to conquer was Gaul And then at the age of 59, on his death bed, on the afternoon of September 3, 1658, Oliver was beset by humility at long last (as well as a urinary tract infection - which is what kills you when you don't have antibiotics). The "Super Squirrels" of Chorlton have become "pepper spray resistant" and there was no stopping them now. After the old gentleman was revived he was effusive in his thanks. And although Sharp's widow eventually identified Jereboam's voice as the one she heard call out "Covington", she had initially identified it as the voice of one of her husband's political opponents. What with the revolution and wars, by 1796 the cemetary was abandoned and forgotten. He wrote Pratt sycophantic letters, in one describing the organizing meeting for the new community. The Imo's prow sliced into the starboard bow of the Monte Blanc. Yancey shot the man dead on the street. The next morning, Eddie and Parnelli had breakfast together. Here to save our country from a communistic plot. Large crowds stopped to watch as the two ships sounded their horns in alarm and drew inexorably together. English linguistic bull artists have noted that cows moo in local dialects and inflections. But what did raise this tawdry tale of sin and politics out of the common sewer and dropped it right onto the throne room was that from all indications one of the killers was sleeping with the King - along with one of the most beautiful MILFs in all of 17th century England. But what do you wear when you find testicles on a dead woman? Picture America as she was approaching her centennial year - she was a nation of about 45 million people. Or as Jimmy Kennedy put it, "No, you can't go back to Con-stan-tinople, been a long time gone, Con-stan-tinople, Why did Con-tan-tinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks." Words of wisdom to ponder as we enter the woods again. He would have abandoned them to their fate, had not the wind fortuitously shifted and allowed the exhausted Canadians to collapse, vomiting, back on board. in a duel W.O.O.O.F.C. "In 1954, I returned to the track and... She was buried with her parents, back in New York; free at last from her insensitive and violent husband. * Meanwhile, Daniel Sickles went on command one third of the Union Army at Gettysburg, a battle in which he lost a leg and almost cost the Union the war. Some of them, like the Anti-Bell Ringing Society went so far as to announce platitudinous field trips, which nobody actually showed up for because there was actually no body in the clubs. Ray Standard Baker, covering the march for the Chicago Record, noted that "Coxey's carriage (stopped) near the "B" street entrance to the grounds...Rising from his seat, he stooped over and kissed his wife, as if realizing something of the terrible ordeal to follow".

Jacob Coxey then "leaped nimbly to the ground, and in a moment he and Browne were swallowed up in a wild surging mob of men which lifted them from their feet and bore them bodily across the street to the Capital grounds. But there was, of course, another side to the rock hound, a human side. But alas, Lyman's lease proved to be a dry hole. He reports anger at not receiving royalties for the widespread commercial use of his likeness and name. His subordinates were unanimous in wanting to attack. The normal trickle you could jump across had grown to a mile wide rampage. And south of the "deadline" (Front Street, which bordered the tracks of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad) it was worse. The service was started in 1912 as an attempt to encourage economic development in rural America. * The first flaw in the plan became visible when Postal authorities deemed it permissible to mail live chicks (in special containers) for 53 cents apiece. Yet I have had acrimonious differences with almost every person with whom (I) have been associated in public business...But before God I cannot acknowledge that I have been blamable in one instance." And he never would admit it. * A few weeks later, Bates (above) related how he was getting along with Lewis. "Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys", wrote Henry David, "which distract our attention from serious things. Morton" the justices had to slap down the state's power structure for stealing land from a poor sod buster and using it to bribe state legislators in the infamous "Skriptown scandal". Boyd's attorney argued his case before three judges of the Nebraska state Supreme Court, in a hearing room crowded with armed angry spectators from various political factions. He immediatly started selling more farms in this tropical paradise that sounded too good to be true. The next morning would begin at midnight, but each minute would be made up of 100 milidays, each hour of 100 centedays, and each day would consist of 20 decadays. It is alleged that the following morning nobody in Australia showed up for work on time, but it is unclear if that was because the April Fools joke or merely because, being Australia, they all still had a hangover, mate. Article IV section 15 of the Wisconsin state constitution, makes the members of the legislature "privileged from arrest". He was well qualified to fill all of those positions. A shroud of ugly black smoke instantly loomed over the track. Yes, FDR's New Deal had already created six million jobs, and had doubled industrial production and sent corporate profits from a $2 billion loss under Hoover to a $5 billion profit under Roosevelt. When he saw Dorothy and her companions the man asked, "What do you wish in the Emerald City?" "We came here to see the Great Oz," said Dorothy. Then he would pour a measure of sand on top of the powder. The others quickly agreed to become pirates. * As the vessel crossed the gulf bound for New York, a second man sobered up and expressed regret. The patient's face was erythematic, and he was in mild respiratory distress, although his demeanor was jolly. They are but improved means to an unimproved end...We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate." And, what with the current Texas Governor advocating the re-secession of Texas from the union of states, it would appear that our modern politicians are leading the way by getting simpler and simpler all the time. * - 30 -

* SUNDAY * TOO MANY GOVERNORS * Corn Huskers Revolt THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Three I suppose the simplest way to describe Henry Janin (above - not him) would be to call him a "hale fellow, well met." His fellow mining engineers described him as "Cool as a cucumber...self-reliant, determined, and confident". Governor Walker signed into law a $140 million tax cut give-away to corporations and wealthy individuals, which presaged the $137 million deficit, which he now claims can be blamed on the state's working stiffs. Ernst von Brucke had suggested that all living organisms obeyed the laws of thermodymamics. And that was illegal. ******************************************************************************* "The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning." Adlai Stevenson. ********************************************************************************** The end came quickly. But by 1880, of the four million souls still surviving on the emerald isle, fewer than 2,000 owned 70% of the land. But he remained convinced that God would not let him fail. * In 1877 Lymen teamed up with a roustabout from the Pennsylvania and California oil fields, named Wallace Hardison. It was temporary tomb because Congress had yet to pass the appropiation to pay the cost to recover the body. When the hero arrived home, Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech. Mr Forester, Chief Secretary for Ireland, at once vetoed the project of an armed invasion... * "It was accordingly decided to pick out some fifty or sixty from the great number of Orange (Protestants) from northern Ireland who were anxious to volunteer. Then there was a Mrs. The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pockets...." I have never found a more cogent and accurate description of the strategic situation in the winter of 1862, than that. Over the winter Boyton was easily convinced to lease the park to competitors, Frederick Thompson and Elmer Dundy, for 25 years.

* They renamed the 16 acres "Luna Park", built palaces and lit the place with electric lights (still a novelty to most people, even in New York City). His fee was standard - $2,500 in cash, all expenses paid to and from the claim, chemicals required to confirm the quality of the claim, and the right to buy 1,000 shares in the enterprise at a nominal price. "You people with hearts," he said, "have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful." - 30 -NEXT WEDNESDAY; COXEY'S ARMY; PART SEVENCLIMAX AND CONCLUSIONFRIDAY: A LIFE IN SERVICEMRS. The un-dearly departed hung in public, like hams in a smoke house, until four in the afternoon. Now, since Pendergast had no direct authority over the insurance commissioner, this fee was legal. William Lent was named as President, Ralston named himself as treasurer, and David Colton became the general manager. The Kennersley Castle dumped the new settlers on the beach with the first bunch and sailed away. Many of the white collar crowd refused to even help build their own shelter, because they had been lied to. Only Genghis Kahn ruled a larger empire. * Mali was a multiethnic and multi-religious kingdom larger than Western Europe, and containing some 400 cities and uncounted villages. That might take decades. He reports great stress over having to choose which gifts to give to children, and a feeling of guilt and inadequacy over the decisions he makes as to which children are "naughty" and "nice". And finally Lyman Stewart (above) had reached the top of the mountain. "Gentlemen," he said, "these are beyond question precious stones of enormous value"...In an official statement, still available, his valuation on the lot was $150,000....At that figure, we had diamonds enough already in stock to make up a total of $1,500,000 in hard cash, whenever we wanted to turn them into money....The news of the Tiffany appraisement...soon became common property in New York and made a big stir in speculative circles." Thrilled at Tiffany's estimation of the value of the diamonds, back in San Francisco William Ralston officially incorporated the San Francisco and New York Mining and Commercial Company, with a million dollars in "working" capital, and 100,000 shares of stock, initially valued at $40 a share. "I have lost money enough today to buy this whole square. But Marshal Neagle had no intention of observing social conventions. His conjunctivae were hyperalgesic and erythematous, and Fluorescein staining revealed numerous randomly occurring corneal abrasions. Maybe she was drunk. He made the boy a Knight, then the Viscount of Rochester, and showered him with gifts of money and land, gave him a key to the royal bedchamber, made him the keeper of royal documents and, according the King's own letters, they spent most nights together. Chotiner, though, in reality, he lacked a middle name." Murray was married four times, hung out with gangsters, and the L.A. The tenants simply refused to work at those wages. * The Boycott family and servants by themselves struggled for half a day to cut and harvest the oats before admitting defeat. One of his competitors described him as "prone to over valuing himself and undervaluing others", which was the polite Tudor way of calling him arrogant jerk. Wells to write "War of the Worlds", as well as inspiring Edgar Rice Burrows, who besides "Tarzan" wrote 13 adventure books centering on Mars. But a few days later he deserted with her money and was never seen again. Still it was natural that Mrs. He "made a showy appearance, wearing medals and gold buttons on his braided uniform." And this was at a time when general officers in the Army usually

designed their own accoutrement's. And although it was described as a general use Office building, because of its location, just three blocks from the White House and the Executive Office Building, it was a prime location for lobbyists. * "You know, the only trouble with capitalism is capitalists, they're too damn greedy." Herbert Hoover - March 1934 * In 1950 the British Medical Journal - The Lancet - published a study indicating a close link between drawing cigarette smoke into your lungs and and cancer. But by then over-production had driven the price of oil down to ten cents a barrel, and Lyman and his partners lost their oil stained shirts. * By now chemical analysis had determined that oil had once been living plants and animals. Accepted military thinking and some experience said they would be sitting ducks to heavy artillery atop the bluffs at Vicksburg. And an attempt to follow Steele Bayou to Black Bayou to Deer Creek to Rolling Fork Bayou to the Sunflower River to outflank Haines Bluff on the Yazoo cutoff north of Vicksburg, also failed. Massachusetts merely mirrored the nation. The reality was that women did not "elect" Harding. Pierstroff of Grangeville, Idaho, loaded her four year old daughter, May Pierstroff (above), into the mail car of a train bound for Lewiston, Idaho, 55 miles away. Instead the justices held an immediate huddle and after a few moments Chief Justice Cobb announced that the weighty issues of freedom of speech, suffrage, democracy, public order and good government were all irrelevant. That item cries out for an answer to the question, "Who got his first best bed?" How come Mr. Was it possible they had not seen the Judge and his bodyguard as they came in? The big man stared at the judge for a moment and then urged Stackpole, "Go and watch her! Go and watch her." Stackkpole rushed out of the room, and David's way was now clear. Over three days he paid out an estimated $2 million in cold hard cash to panicked investors. Hayes offered him the post of Assistant Secretary of State, Bob said "No, thanks". After a twenty day trial the jury was out for only an hour. * A hundred fifty people attended Daniel's victory celebration. Lorillard, and Philip Morris - hired as their chief lobbyist ex- Kentucky Governor, ex-Senator and ex-majority Whip of the House of Representatives - and close personal friend of President Lyndon Johnson - Earl C. On Wednesday the 29th , the New York Times headline read, ""Eight White Sox Players Are Indicted, On Charge of Fixing 1919 World Series, Cicotte got $10,000, And Jackson $5,000" in payoff money. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we're busy denying." Sue Grafton - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: PASSION AND OTHER SINS; PART TWO What To Do When Your Ex-Wife Starts To Carry A Gun

FRIDAY: BIG FOOT IN MY FREEZER Who Is Lying To You Now? INTO THE WOODS I would call Jimmy Kennedy a lyrical genius. However Carl Browne and another aide had been arrested in the melee. On Wednesday, May 2nd. The stroke, oddly, has helped because it has slowed my typing considerably. And third; I had a very hard time getting on line this AM, which is why I am writing this note at this time. Ireland was teetering on the edge of a revolution. * On Tuesday, July 3rd, 1880, three men emptied their revolvers into the head and face of twenty-nine year old David Feerick, an agent for a absentee landlord, outside of the village of Ballinrobe, County Mayo. But his silk hat floated away with the tide. Lincoln was the only man who ever controlled Stanton, and it took a lot of his time. The proof of this was that the standard practice in New York was that an appointment to the bench required the payment to Tammany Hall of one year's salary, and in April of 1930, just after Governor Franklyn D. But this time the sheriff ran up against an armed militia which refused to surrender. Every winter Jacob would wander the bitter wilderness of the nearby Superstition Mountains, searching for gold. The patient's occupation is delivering presents once a year, on December 25th, to many people worldwide. Knox required a steady source of corpses. He had made the trek many times before, except that this time, he did not return.At about 9 p.m. Harlow convinced (paid?) Phineas' sister and brother-in-law to disinter Phineas just long enough to chop off his head and ship it and the tamping rod back to Boston. He died in 1791, famously buried in a pauper's grave. He never returned. He had, of course, neglected to include any interest during the five year delay. The Guards became political appointees, who bought their offices from the King, and who became addicted to bribes just like the King. And Tey even managed to enlist Iroi, Ramses III's personal priest-physician. They arrived there just after 9:00 a.m., forcing their way through the growing crowd along the shore, all drawn there by the spectacular show. Of the 33 qualifiers for the 1955 500 mile race, 17 would die while racing. She was arrested again on September 9th, 1710, and pardoned again on June 6th. And by a happy coincidence, that describes Phineas Gage perfectly - an oracle of measurement. And a non-partisan court would tell Pooh that. And in its place an 11 story steel frame structure would rise. says they didn't know me is almost certainly lying." Jack Abramoff * On Monday, January 8, 2001, the still 42 year old Jack Abramoff joined the 1,800 lawyers working for the lobby/law fjrm of Greenberg Traurig. Williams, ".(and then) got up and vomited; the effort...pressed out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor." The tamping rod had performed the first recorded frontal lobotomy in modern history on Phineas Gage's brain, disconnecting and destroying that part of his mind which dealt with "....future consequences... Gold and silver went straight out of the government coffers and into the collection plates. - 30 - FRIDAY TOTALLY INSANE The First Man Found Temporarily Insane Was, Of Course, A Politician

THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Two I don't suppose most people have ever heard of Henry Comestock (above). With difficulty they found the opening in the bar, and led the ship to the safety of the bay. So pay attention Harold. Business was booming!Not that there weren't problems. There had been men in Althea's life before our story beings, in particular a lawyer - Althea had a soft spot for lawyers - but he had recently abandoned her. The canal, also called the Grand Old Ditch, had not reached Cumberland until 1850, eight years after the railroad. In 1856 the Boyd family had moved to Nebraska territory and had become involved in business and local politics. Once every generation a new French King was crowned in Reims, 37 Kings in all between 816 A.D. In fact, her reputation was left in tatters no matter which side was believed. Ann had withdrawn in isolation on her widowed mother's plantation, where Mr. It was no longer possible for Jacob to buy stock to meet his options. Out" (MacBeth), or "Oh, ye fen sucked fogs!"(King Lear)? Considering that everything attributed to Will was based on earlier works by classic authors like Plato and Plutarch, not to mention the works by that most prolific writer in the ancient world, Ann Ominous, it is clear that Will knew the first rule of good writing; steal only from the best and steal often. * In ten years in London's theatre community, generally a hand to mouth existence then as now, Will made enough money to buy the second largest house in Stratford, to keep Anne and the children comfortable and quiet, even while he remained in London. In August of 1875, fellow robber baron and close personal friend Senator William Sharon, broke a promise to Ralston and sparked the collapse of the Bank of California. I think he was just an innocent shlimazel. - 30 SUNDAY FAMOUS AMOS Guarding Your Poltical Cookies WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER? I wish I owned a time machine. The last 48 hours this situation has reversed. Coughlin renamed the "The New Deal" the "Jew Deal" and sent demonstrators into the streets to block the acceptance of any more Jews escaping Nazi persecution. It has bred fear and hesitation in commerce and industry, thus discouraging new enterprises, preventing employment and prolonging the depression....We pledge ourselves: To preserve the American system of free enterprise, private competition, and equality of opportunity.. And like the rest of Washington, it would be filled with lobbyists. A few years later Hoosiers elected to choose their Senators by popular vote, I suppose under the theory that the general population of drunks and lunatics could do no worse then the professional politicians had done already.* * - 30 *

WEDNESDAY: AMERICAN ARCHETYPE; PART FOUR * Wearing Down A Hero WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN I used to know everything about computers. He was a digger with a pick and shovel. A reporter once asked Eddie which track was his favorite, and Eddie replied, That's easy - Salem (Indiana) Speedway. Prisoners were by definition, in the public charge. But trust depends upon the bankers and the investors and the politicians being worthy of that trust. Maybe she was exhausted from another day of drudgery and wallowing in filth. While some recoil from the label "politician," Murray was rightly proud of it because he was a professional who had the respect and admiration of those who worked with him...he will forever have my gratitude" * Effective at noon on August 8, 1974 Richard Nixon resigned as President. In 1582, at the age of 18, Will married Anne Hathaway and six months later she gave birth to their first daughter. In the struggle, the gun went off, firing over the Constable's head, but striking Mr. But the seizures got worse, and on May 21st, 1860 he died of what the doctors called complications of epilepsy, six months short of twelve years after he forgot to load the sand atop the black powder. And there he bobbled about in heavy winds until at least 1672, by which time it seems, people had begun to forget just whose head was which head. Not surprisingly he missed. * Phillip, who until that instant had been unaware the affair had been discovered, grabbed for the gun, and the two men struggled for a moment while a dozen witnesses watched in amazement. Munitions ship on fire. What a bunch of "Big Government" people these pro-mail people are. * The ultimate complication of this ultimate complication of expression was Parcel Post, in which individuals were encouraged to send not only words from one end of the nation to another, but goods as well. Later, when the marchers had grown in number and in fame, he polled 290 of them. She could not. Maybe the twenty year old girl was just fed up with Daniel's philandering, and maybe it was payback. Clearly John or his wife had reached the conclusion that even though John had not heard opportunity knock, but had to be awakened to it, he was still deserving of the larger share of the stolen silver. In September of 1870 Henry Comestock took advantage of the poor man's retirement plan. They grabbed their booze and went galloping for the only escape route. Then without warning the Mount Blanc turned to the right, as if moving to dock at a pier on the Halifax shore. Pratt. In the old days there were no passionate amateurs willing to bring on a political doomsday, just to muck things up. And knowing that part of my money would go to supply computers for kids, made me feel that I was playing a small part in passing forward the future to the kids of working familes. It seems likely they were crossing the river, perhaps on their return, when they were attacked by perhaps 150 Frisians. But if not, then I would suggest that Dorthy Martin could teach Harold a thing or two about dealing with cognitive dissonance, which is what happens when what you believe does not

match up with what you know. And believing this was just what the American people were looking for in a politician, Kendall decided to give him the nickname of "Old Kinderhook", calling attention to both his age and his different-nesss at the same time. All across the American west, farmers had bought their land from the railroads. A few got rich. And by tracking the aliases they had used in Amsterdam against shipping manifests Lees could confirm they had sailed - in both 1870 and 1872 from the Canadian port of Halifax. By late November they were already deep into their grain stores, and watery stew. On April 7, 1939 Boss Tom (above) was arraigned on two counts of tax fraud. After the Civil War Maverick jr. Edward was tried in secret by the Privy Council. They found reasons to travel abroad and avoid their draft notices. And the judge aquired a body guard. The man chosen by Field's friends was William Neagle, an ex-Marshall of Tombstone, Arizona, and the very same man, now a U.S. It had been established at a ford across the Kentucky River, and was named for Stephen Frank, an early settler. The village became the state capital because local boosters contributed $3,000 in gold to the state treasury, and property for public buildings. Goodrich, Gulf Oil, Heinz Foods and dozens of other corporate giants of the dawning 20th century. But even more misleading was that the symptoms of mercury poisoning - numbness and pins and needles in the hands and feet, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, mood swings, memory loss, impairment of speech and hearing and mental disturbance- are the same symptoms as advancing syphilis. He listened to their passion for tradition. The three million tenant farmers own nothing, and over the two previous years their rents had been increased by 30%. According to Herodotus these civil service riders were so dedicated that "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"; which is not the official motto of the U.S. The cavalry overran them, and the entire Austrian army melted away, pausing only to plunder a few villages and rape a few peasant women. In truth, the Army was awaiting the arrival of additional unemployed men from Philadelphia, which the A.P. "A number of distinguished men were present to see the gems displayed...General George B. charge them high. And you have nobody to blame but yourselves if I keep writing. Kimit COMPROMISE I am not surprised that it was old John Crittenden (above) who offered the last real chance to avoid the violence and bloodshed of the American Civil War. At 3:30 p.m. Key was also the Federal District Attorney for Washington, and thus a good man to know for anyone who might anticipate developing legal problems. "He really did not have a malicious bone in his body. In the morning, when Dr. Almost all the victims were, like the horse, beasts of burden, messengers, clerks, brokers and stenographers. And now Weiss knew they were on the right track. On March 31st the miners hit the third lead coffen, without a plate The crew decided they needed more fresh air before they opened it. If he was not the writer of plays, where did that money come from? Crack hadn't been invented yet, nor had tobacco. But cabinet members had to be approved by the Senate, and often saw themselves as the President's future competitors. On the first ballot Wood led with 285 votes, Lowden showed 211, Senator Hiram Johnson, of California, a Teddy Roosevelt progressive, was third with 133 votes. And maybe the greatest compliment you can pay the professional politicians of that era is that they did not let Will Hays become President. * The Republican Convention that June was officialy taking place 9 blocks south of the Blackstone hotel, in the old Chicago Coliseum on South Wabash Avenue. On election days we just hauled these

people to the right places and they went in and voted..." **************************************************************************************** "The political machine triumphs because it is a united minority, acting against a divided majority." Will Durant. ******************************************************************************************* With the arrival of the Great Depression, Boss Tom did not wait for Hoover to sympathize with Kansas Cities' 38% unemployment. In January of 1810, after the Secretary specifically ordered the troops back to New Orleans, there were barely 1,000 men fit for duty, with 166 desertions and the rest dead. Fist fights again broke out, until Boyd ordered his side to retire. * On January 10th it finally occurred to the Captain Rhody that he and his little band of men had been maneuvered out on a limb, and if that limb collapsed he was the one most likely to be lynched from it. But the bad news was just starting for the Magician of San Francisco. And, just as Francis had planned, the King was enraged by the rejection of his "gift". "I am to be sent off, without seamen, in boisterous weather, and on the most perilous of missions." Captain Thorn bellowed, "Mr. Did I mention their critics were also non-existent? According to the stream of press releases, issued by the Lord High Chancelor of the ABRS, the group had elected a "Professor of Bell-ecution", and a "Benign Reliever of the Bell-y-ache". She had inherited the business, in the West Port section of Edinburgh, when her first husband died.In 1827 Margaret renewed her acquaintance with William Burke, another Irish emigrant, who was returning to Edinburgh after working as a weaver, a baker and a shoe maker. They generated $75 billion in fees and charges, which left them with a $2.8 billion loss. Muhlenberg and Monroe were so nonplussed they agreed to keep the affair secret. Fist fights broke out. * On January 10th it finally occurred to Captain Rhody, in command of Thayer's little army of 25 men, that he was out on a limb on by himself. Gangrene set in and the cowboy died a slow and foul death, passing at last on Wednesday, August 21st, 1878; 26 days after Wyatt shot him. And now Gregor McGregor walked into the British Foreign Office and announced that he had been made a prince (or Cazique) of the principality of Poyais. He noted in his diary, "Saturday 13 October...went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-general Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered...He looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition. Now, popular culture today may give credit to some who do not deserve it, and that happened in the 17th century as well. Despite the addition of even more politics into the mix, nine states switched from the Republican Thanksgiving to the Democratic one. And who were these agrarian managers of such foresight that they would have impressed Scotsmen like Adam Smith and David Hume? Those two Irish transplants to Scotland, Msrs. The difference between first and second place was $65,000 in prize money. Hamilton would say after the election, "The Lord himself couldn't have beaten Roosevelt in 1936, much less the Liberty League." Maybe; but the election was the death knell of the Liberty League. And rightly or wrongly, in the public's mind, Andrew Mellon as well as Hoover bore the responsibility for the disaster. Capitalism had reached such a point of concentration of capital that while the millionairs still had plenty of money, there was no where for them to invest it. In Oregon State, closer to the North Pole,

the deviation of cows is all of 17.5 degrees. There is nothing more I could want out of life" * Nineteen Sixty-four would be the last year the 500 would be won by a front engine roadster. In 1956, I passed my test and became the first man in the history of the track to run a 40-lap test." Eddie declared himself to be ""beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest failure in the history of Indianapolis Motor Speedway." * When racing returned to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the World War Two, the engine that dominated was the reliable, powerful four cylinder 4.2 liter motor developed by Fred Offenhauser. But if this were another time and place, I would suspect "Ruby" was a secret agent of the British government. There was also the trumpeter named "Windy" Oliver. Browne. Remember, The Great Unknown Smith had been recruited by Carl Browne (above) and had been his partner in the patent "Blood Purefyer" business before Coxey had even appeared. As the price of the stock began to rise, Jacob quietly offered to sell his partners a portion of his shares at $89 a share. He had predicted another on July 4th. Needless to say this geological cataclysm would doom all of humanity, and Dorthy had been singled out by The Guardians from Clarion to deliver the eviction notice. * It is interesting to note that unlike Harold's heralds, the followers of Dorthy (called Seekers) felt little compunction to spread word of the approaching apocalypse, except for a single article in a Chicago newspaper. The four men, explained John, had been crewmen of the small brig Vineland, docked at Vera Cruz, Mexico, loaded with a cargo of cotton bales, and casks of molasses and rum. * Late in the day Thomas Wansely had been ordered by Captain William Thornby to stack a half dozen heavy barrels in the Captain's quarters. He had documents showing he owned not only the bridge, but also Grant's Tomb, the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Three had days later, on October 3rd, they reached Big Town, a village not much smaller than St. In fact, Julia was probably the only lucky thing that ever happened to Jacob. Because, besides being compassionate Julia was curious, and susceptible to greed. But Stanton never left the building. There was a move to impeach Johnson for this attempt, but the votes fell short. But, since the Governor of Nebraska served just a two year term, the antics of Governor Thayer and Speaker Elder, had effectively cut Boyd's term in half. * And that is the kind of political victory that only makes sense when figured by the quarterly profit and loss statements of a corporate boardroom. He has had no major illnesses or surgeries in the past. The vast majority of machismo players, who caught bare handed, mocked Waite as a member of the 'kid-glove aristocracy', much as owners of the N.F.L. He met Queen Victoria and

floated down most of the rivers of Europe. And sixth, no further amendments restricting slavery could ever be considered. So on May 20th 1941, Roosevelt announced the program to help retailers had not worked. Physical Examination and Review of Systems, With Social/Occupational Correlates: The patient wears corrective lenses, and has 20/80 vision. The old man intoned, "I will stand here." Stanton responded, "You can stand there if you please, but you cannot act as Secretary of War. Their clients were, according to Murray, "unsavory, to say the least". He waited by "Door at the hole", where under guard, visitor were allowed to pass food, drink and money to prisoners waiting in the docket. The President replied "Lord knows. And unfortunatly for the next 100 years John Paul Jones floated in rum, and slowly decomposed while the mundane world went on with out him and about him. Great sums had been spent to isolate the communists, far more than was spent in relief efforts. So Andew smashed 12 of them with an axe. But after some hyperventilating, congress voted down appropriations for a violent reception to Coxey's Army. And even though they had no internet, no ipods, no electricity, no running water, no antibiotics and no gummy bears, they people were not that much different from the 300 million who reside in America today. But no one was ever charge for this act of terrorism. Chief amongst the suspects was Mike Boda, AKA Mario Buda, the owner of the car whose retrieval had led to the capture of Sacco and Vanzetti. Fundamentalist Islamic-Christian-Marxist- Socialistcultural-political justifications matter only to the perpetrator; I say again, baloney. As if to prove my point, one week after the glorious execution of Auguste, Henri entered the restaurant at Hotel Terminus, next to the Gar Saint Lazare train station in Paris. It is after Joe Crater died that the stories separate again. * Stephen Ellis, relating the story he heard from his father, claims that the thugs drove Crater's body to a crematorium in New Jersey, where it was disposed of, and that may be the truth. Eddie, its going to scare you so bad your foot is going to come off the gas so fast you might break your foot And Eddie, when you get back into the pits and the guy who owns the car looks at you and asks, "What's wrong?" You just say, "Mister, this car isn't getting enough gas." And that was what Eddie Sachs did. his servant, John Perry, was sent out to look for the old man in the villages of Charingworth and Paxford. Because it was Perignon who made champagne drinkable, by accident. She was too cute. Its name derives from the Dutch 'Conyne Eylandt', meaning Rabbit Island. It was the perfect time and place for little Marie to practice her new trade.When Marie had perfected the formula she had gotten from Sainte-Croix, which she did in 1666, she had no compuction about slipping the poison into her father's lunch. Perhaps if the payment had been less generous, or if Gibbs had paid in any other currency, his secret might have remained secret. But he does a really good impersonation of the man of steel. For more than ten thousand years it has followed the same sinuous forty-two mile course across forest and marshland in northeastern Germany, now winding this way, now twisting that as it hesitantly approaches the Baltic Sea. Customers now literally followed in Stephenson's tracks. The Samoan Garment Manufacturers Association paid him $160,000. The late Bob Lincoln was early this morning, I guess because he himself wasn't going anywhere. But he did not tell her. In the election of 1828 it was Amos's talent for invective which made Andrew Jackson President.Amos, working under the guiding hand of campaign manager Martin Van Buren, eviscerated the incumbent, John Quincy Adams (above), day after day on the pages of his newspaper, "The Argus of Western America." According to Amos, Adams was effete and too European. Ah, if this had been the late 1830's you and I would have been ROTFL right now. And Layman hit the black gold again. However, according to the U.S. What they found were survivors of the Honduras Packet. " Since the top three vote getters were not willing to compromise with each other, the Senators were now looking for "The best of the second raters.", and Daugherty suggested

that Harding was their man. There was absolutely nothing temporary about his mental condition, no matter what the jury said. - 30 UP THE STAIR I confess that my favorite nursery rhyme might be considered a bit morbid. The party chairman had cut the ground out from under Hoover. Alf, was the only Republican governor re-elected in 1934. He was also helping out during the summer while that the Supremes were in recess. And in September of 1883, under his guidance, Althea had a public outburst, in the local press, where she told the whole sordid tale (well, at least her side of it) and then had the Senator arrested for adultery. While most of the American recruits did not read or write, the immigrants who did not speak English compounded this problem...."A trooper started off at the pay of $13 per month. It seemed that God was eliminating all of Lyman's competition. * Now at last Lyman Stewart had the fortune to fund his ministry. He was found and killed, his murder justified as rabies testing. For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because, today's the day the teddy bears have their pi-cnic." I have a long held the image of the "Teddy Bears Picnic" being sung by that looming giant of economists, John Maynard Keynes. I made sure that nobody would ever break my records. No one was ever charged with that murder. Jacob Little, the Antebellum Napoleon of the Board Room, was that over the span of just a few moments they both stood to win or lose a fortune. Short stop Zeb Terry went oh for three. Part of the Mont Blanc's anchor landed two and a half miles away. * At the center of the blast the temperature exceeded 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit, instantly converting the 40 degree sea water in The Narrows to steam. "It was a little cockier spaniel dog...and our little girl Tricia, the six year old, named it Checkers....and I just want to say this,...we are going to keep it." Needless to say, even though Nixon never fully answered the questions about his favors for friends, the speech saved his career and propelled him into the vice-Presidency. * Murray was there when Kennedy defeated Nixon in 1960, and when Nixon failed to win the Governorship of California in 1962. This time it took the Coldstream guards to trap the loonies in a couple of taverns and through musket fire and the bayonet (above), finish them off. But, since the Governor of Nebraska served just a two year term, the antics of Governor Thayer and his political allies had cut Boyd's term in half. This was something not uncommon for the laundresses who needed the extra income but who could neither bake nor sew, and who showed more talent for the other half of the midwife equation. The State Journal, a paper that endorsed Walker, has advised him to take a deal. The road - to give it a generous title - began where the first high ground above New Orleans, touched the Mississippi River, at a human den of inequity called Natchez. Ponzi was at least $8 million in the hole. Four hours after the legislative riot had begun, order was restored to the capital of Hoosier democracy. Jane seized the weapon, but another constable

knocked her to the ground. Because of the devotion and dedication of the Seekers it had been decided by the "God of the Earth" to not end the Earth. But in 1940, he lost a nasty contest to Harry Truman, who had been a long time Pendergast man. The Bismarck Tribune went so far as to headline a story, "Mrs. Hunt and the other organizers had been arrested, after the cavalry charge, that rioting broke out in some areas of Manchester and surrounding villages. For, much as they are today, the press and the politicians, to their mutual advantage, avoided any honest and open discussion of middle ground, preferring instead to debate positions that most people considered absurdist extremism. But the cause of the common man, championed by Coxey and Browne, was not helped by the men Browne had brought in to be his Marshals, the second tier leaders of the group. But since they were also suffering in a recession, they could not. It was during these years that the Hoover administration, still following Andrew Mellon's theories, drove the economy from a recession into the depression, eventually dropping the market, on July 8, 1932, to an all time low of just 41 points. Wyatt and Jim Masterson ran after Hoyt, and after he was disarmed him, they sought out Dr. Ralston wasted no time in moving to minimize the damage to his reputation. They were in birch bark canoes and the plan was to follow the Lewis and Cark trail over the Rocky Mountains. They even had campaign buttons printed up reading simply "OK", and started OK clubs, urging supporters to say, "I'm voting for OK". In response the Wigs insisted that OK actually stood for "Out of cash" or "Out of credit", revealing once again the endless wealth politicians can mine out of America's mountains of economic insecurity. But some how, no matter how close they came, the bayous always seemed to end just before reaching the Red River. The man Raston picked for this final and most important appraisal of the diamond mountain was one of the most respected consulting mining engineer's in America, a man whose 600 previous appraisals had been so accurate his clients had never lost a dollar on his jobs; Henry Janin. It leaves me wondering why the French waited so long to start chopping off heads. We begin in 1659, with a little tramp named Marie Madeleine Margherite D'Aubray Brinvillers. That drove the prices up, which made the almost unlimited American lands, painfully expensive. In an abundance of caution, he immediately removed the boys deformed feet, to avoid being accused of being a heel.There was no doubt, success had caused the stockholders and employees of Hare and Burke to put their foot in it. Many saw it as justice. He captured British merhcant ships in full view of the English coast. But, rather than fight, "Big Jim" cut a power sharing deal with Shannon. The march was badly organized. Many were cheated. Turner, it was decided to speed him along with a coupe de grace, right up the coupe de shute, via the steady hand of William the late apothecary assistant. But what made it all possible was that evil, evil, evil horror of all horrors to any modern peusdo-capitalists - BIG GOVERNMENT! As is noted in Wikipedia, the Counts of Champagne guaranteed "security and property rights of merchants...ensuring that contracts signed at the fairs would be honored throughout (Europe). But in 1878 when a "rather intelligent looking young man" named George Hoyt, a young vaudevillian named Eddie Foy, and a young assistant sheriff named Wyatt Earp collided in Dodge City, Kansas, they made history. * Dodge City owes its fame to a tiny tick, the Boophilus microplus, which carries anthrax. Althea lived within that institution's walls for the next forty-five years. Throughout the engagement, General Wilkerson rode about in full view of the enemy as if he wanted to get shot. He used some of this unearned wealth to finance the impeachment campaign against President Bill Clinton in 1998, and

the idea that Barak Obama didn't have a valid U.S. Adams had even, charged Amos, brought gambling into the White House. This ungulate with three stomachs evolved in North America, but went extinct there about 1 million years ago, at the start of the ice ages. Parenthetically, this buffoonery was intensified by including an explanation of the ersatz slang gag in parentheses immediately following the acronym, as it "N.C. "Tom(my) took four senators, I took four senators, and Charlie West from the White House took four senators. As Wikipedia points out, Lincoln would have still have won in the electorial college "...even if the 60% of voters who opposed him nationally had united behind a single candidate." Still, there were many who simply refused to see any clear choice in those numbers. In the lame duck congress, convened after the Republican victory, Senator John Crittenden (above) rose to offer the nation one more chance to avoid a bloodbath. But the way they did it makes the word "odd" seem inadequate. Familar again, right? * Just three years before this original "Year of the Woman" the artisans working in the royal tombs had stopped work because their pay had stopped. And that was where he died, and where he was buried.But let the last words be James Wilkerson's own. He was a pussy. If you're part of my family, I will love you violently. I got magic and I've got poetry in my fingertips, you know, most of the time, and this includes nap It's just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee. If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you'd be like, 'Dude! Can't handle it, unplug this bastard! The novelty factor hasn't been there for a while. Can't is the cancer of happening. I'm bi-winning. I will not believe that...I have to follow a certain path...for people who aren't special. She had always been carrying a grudge, and the more the lawyers questioned her the heaveir that grudge became. He repealed the Sherman Act. In just four days silver lost a quarter of its value. Mansa spent so much gold on his Hajji, that for the only time in all of recorded history, the price of gold in all of Europe and Africa and the Middle East was determined by one single man. Pierpont was very popular in upper crust social circles, and closely tied to the crown. According to Harpending (above) their four day journey was hindered, because "At times our leaders seemed to be perplexed, to have lost their way. The position was no longer powerful enough for him. She was three months pregnant when, in 1853, she and Daniel were married a second time, at her parent's insistence, this time by the archbishop of New York. Not that the religious ceremony influenced Daniel's piggish behavior in the slightest. He retired in 1860. failed my driver's test. All he had to do was buy enough British politicians to send the Royal Navy to force the Chinese to leave his opium fleets alone. The economy did not need old spaces given new names. Daniel showed the note to a friend, George Wooldridge, and then "put his hands to his head and sobbed in the lobby of the House of Representatives."

* On Saturday night, February 26th, Daniel confronted Terressa in her bedroom (they had separate sleeping arraignments, on different floors), and he forced her to write her confession in her own hand. Governor Robertson was thrown out of the Senate and the doors were locked and bolted behind him. The bodies had been slowly decaying in the soil, and the miners introduced waves of fresh air that hastened the decay. Chief of the Chamber, Pebekkamen, and his assistant were down with her plan, as well as Peynok, Overseeer Of The Harem and his scribe and seven royal butlers, who were all titled members of the bureaucracy. Jannin's report, made public on September 3, 1872, in the Engineering and Mining Journal. After a few minutes Rubery gave a yell. But the average incubation period for syphilis is about 21 days. And when the "Little Magician" took the oath of office in March of 1837, it looked as if the Democrats would rule Washington permanently. Coxey's Army, speaking for the vast armies of unemployed, trudged step by step over the 2,000 foot high Big Savage Mountain. The season was finally winding to a sad end for Boston. - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: 1020 - GOING OUT WITH A BANG The Black Sox Scandal Breaks FRIDAY: THE WALTZ KING Motzart Was a Victim of History TURKEY DAY I don't understand why anyone believes the popular myths about Thanksgiving. In 1888 he married Ada Copeland, an ex-slave who had moved from Georgia to New York. For awhile he was the president of a small college. I mean, just think this thing through. In manufacturing...the aggregate of all wages paid is at the starvation point." The depression would continue for yet another two long years, and during this lost decade, those with little imagination fiercely contended that there was nothing that could be done to mitigate the disaster; Nothing. Then, in 1898 the United States went to war with Spain. Every January the season opened at Lagny. In this earlier life, like a traveling infomercial, Bazarro had made his living providing a show, featuring testimonals and a protracted sales pitch. Yancey returned home in frustration and defeat. People had begun referring to the roadsters as "dinosaurs". In 1825 Englishman George Stephenson's locomotive "The Rocket" took less than two hours to haul 36 wagons of coal nine miles to the docks on the River Tees. And for that matter, I need more than vanilla. So the wood was thin but coated with a paint or varnish. I guess it always pays to hire the best lawyers, particularly when you pay them with other people's money. By the fall of 1826 Gregor McGregor was back in England, and he spent the next decade selling Poyais in one form or another. It is impossible to decipher early 21st century conservative politics without an understanding of "The Fundamentals; a Testimony to the Truth". * The first target of the Fundamentalists was the growing acceptance of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection. There were fewer houses and fewer fruit trees, and the farther

they went the more dismal and lonesome the country became." The New York Times noted in their dispatch that by the end of the first day's march of just eight miles, ending outside of Canton, Ohio, twenty-five men had "dropped out". Before regulations, this was the Wall Street version of the Wild West - have printing press, will fleece all suckers. Anna then grabbed the knife and stabbed herself in the stomach. Vanderbilt then had arrest warrants issued for all three men. And since New York law could not touch them, the Commodore began to assemble ships and men to invade New Jersey, all by himself. Charles Gordon Greene, continued the gag by responding as follows: "We said not a word about our deputation passing "through the city" of Providence.--We said our brethren were going to New York... It looked as if, come morning, the nation would be either defended for stolen by a coup d'tetat. What saved the nation this disaster was that Washington, D.C. Jefferson chose to believe the latter because he hated Burr. * After Burr was acquitted, Meriwether Lewis returned to his mother's home, not far from Jefferson's home at Monticello. Stanton never actually shot anyone, but when he was a young man he did carry a large knife in his pants, which would have fascinated Freud had he been born yet.  GUIDELINE NUMBER ONE: ARROGANCE. The contender must display an inability to realize their own limitations. And it was George McClure, the companies' head gemologist, who oversaw the army of designers who created the Tiffany jewelry style. But he missed the mines of his youth and continued his profession in the silver strike boom town of White Oaks, where he became "one of the oldest and most universally respected citizens..." in Lincoln County, New Mexico. By 1868 he had amassed a small fortune on the gambles taken by others, and from that he had somehow aquired a reputation as a savvy oil man. To the point, she was thus unencumbered when she met by happenstance or connivance the sixty year old United States Senator William Sharon. He (above) was a dirty old man, one of the richest dirty old men in California, and his taxes alone made up 2% of the entire budget of the city of San Francisco. But eventually the Parisian bullies grew bored with taunting the unresponsive peasants and in 1572 they shifted their attentions to the Huguenots. But both peoples knew enough to gather the bounty left by the tide. What the rotund Congressman Butler (above) from New York delivered were a few words added to the General Mining Act of 1872, approved in record time and with a minimum of debate in either the house or the Senate, and taking effect on July 9th. Jacob Coxey was in court to show support and pay the fines for his two friends. Because when Mansa paused in Cairo to stock up on souvenirs, he paid in gold. "...A party of thirty tramps is reported moving down the valley from Carlisle." In the village of Middletown, said the press, "deputies are being sworn in to protect the town." Still, even the alarmist press was forced to admit that "the conduct of the Coxey men In Hagerstown has so far been exemplary."More than that, it was evident that the Army had learned a thing or two about marketing. Because He Was Sexy? Really? THE VALUE OF MONEY I understand why Republicans have such naive faith in capitalists. He attributed these symptoms to being "not as young as I used to be, HO! HO! HO!", but thought he should have them checked out. But scientists seeking out the magnetic orientation of hills created by the European ground mole

(Talpa europaea), stumbled over the meaty idea that perhaps larger mammals might also be influenced by something other than human magnetism. German researchers examined Google Earth photographs taken at the same local time of day, observing some 8,510 individual cows in 308 separate herds on five different continents, at essentially the same moment. First there was the Saturday of June 25, 1876, when over two hundred and twenty of their husbands and lovers were left dead and mutilated on the windswept hills overlooking the Little Big Horn River. They called that Custer's Last Stand, but it killed several members of the Custer family. But over the long dark winter months Hunt started to think for himself, a mistake which was to prove disastrous. By early December, when the Tonquin stopped for fresh water in the Falkland Islands, the passengers had begun speaking only French in the presence of Captain Thorn, because they knew he did not speak French and it drove him crazy. His corpse was removed to the University anatomy theatre, carved up and used as an abject lesson in sin and immoral behavior - not a very productive example when the profession was seeking to encourage others to donate their bodies to medical science.And to drive their pointless point home even stronger, Burke's skeleton remains in Edinburgh to this day, in a glass case, labeled as a notorious fiend and a serial murderer. He materialized out of the Sahara heat shimmers like a mirage in 1324. In that sudden wealth, Lyman Stewart saw the hand of God. * Yet, it was a risky business, looking for oil. (But) I don't think it's going to cause a problem unless the flickering makes the dispatcher dizzy and she has a seizure, falls out and hits her forehead on the desk." Less drolly, the Chief of the Billard Volunteer Fire Department, in East Texas, admitted it was a suicidal squirrel attack that caused a 30 acre brush fire that damaged 11 cars, a motorcycle and a house. So we started on a widely extended prospecting trip. Clearly the Turks were intending on opening a supply line to Vida, down the Timas and then up the Danube to Belgrade, breaking the seige. The constable jerked William's arm up and drove a shoulder into his waist, as the head turnkey, Richard Spurling, raced forward to help. And second, it never turned a profit. Almost two thirds were skilled mechanics, but less than half of those were union members. Both men tumbled to the floor, the turnkey knocked silly. To get this movement started we need lots of tools and cranks." (lyrics and music by Michael Brown) His commanding officer in the forerunner of the CIA, Major Gustav Krause, described the situation rather simply; "Militarily, John Birch brought about his own death." Birch was a life long missionary on a military mission on August 25, 1945, when he ran into a patrol of Mao's Red Army. Harding ( above, shaking hands with Ruth)  - and his running mate Massachusetts governor Calvin Coolidge (above), even though, in the inimitable words of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Coolidge looked "as though he'd been weaned on a pickle." Harding and Coolidge (red counties) won 60% of the popular vote, and 404 electoral votes. Louis writer noted, "Pendergast never did hunt ducks with a brass band. Captain Meriwether Lewis had commanded this post for awhile back in the 1790's, and now as Governor Lewis he was back. Of course, contained within them were the seeds of destruction for the entire enterprise, and everyone associated with it. He served them more coffee and promised to replant any trees damaged. There was none.

Instead, over Saturday and Sunday an estimated 6,000 unarmed curious citizens visited the encampment in peace. Then you find your opponent's weakness in his record or conduct - he's too liberal, he's soft on defense, he's too weak on criminals, he's got character problems - and you move in, hitting harder and harder - with no letup. Or maybe I'm still just a rock hound. So here was poor Bob, wandering around this cavernous hothouse, pathetically hoping to make some headway against his biggest rival in the cabinet, the even bigger suck up, Secretary of State James Blaine, known about town as the "monumental liar from the state of Maine". It was estimated that between 1930 and 1959 11 million smokers worldwide would die of smoking related cancers and strokes. The industry paid $3 billion in taxes and spent $250 million in advertising. On May 19, 1826, after just one hour of deliberations, they returned with a verdict of guilty.In his jail cell Jereboam dropped all pretense of innocence and wrote out a lengthy confession, filled with all the drama and heroics he clearly wanted to believe had characterized his life and reputation. The two new convicts now had a new enemy. Now, if these two litigants had regained full control of their faculties, and issued a pro forma apology, as any sane person in this situation would have done, that would have been the end of this tale. Not that he wants to be king - Antonio is no Richard the Third. To achieve this, they had to first butcher his Swiss guard, and their bodies were dumped into a common grave right next to Jones' resting place. Attorney General Palmer had predicted a communist-anarchist uprising on May Day. The declaration went on to demand the arrest of Will and 19 other FFVers as "traitors to the people". Proof of the importance of women in Ancient Egypt can be found in events which occurred some 4,200 years ago, at the end of what is called "The New Kingdom" - which gives you some idea of how old Egyptian civilization really is. But not Walker. Within a few weeks this once abandoned well, outside of Titusville, Pennsylvania, would be producing the unheard of bounty of 20 barrels a day. The only silos to store their harvested crops while awaiting shipment were owned by the railroads. He arrived with a smile and a quiet self assurance. "Every one of my workers has a fund to buy food, coal, shoes and clothing. Still, adjusted for latitude, 70% of all cows point toward the magnetic pole, and this is much too large a percentage to be a mere homogenized coincidence. I burp occasionally. Under questioning the brothers confirmed the details but, no, they insisted, they knew nothing else. Jack needed to reestablish control, and that included his control of the courts. And then in early September Joseph received intelligence that the Turks were sending troops to reinforce the fortress of Vivda, on the Timas River, a tributary of the Danube. During the days he slept in the 24 room mansion he also built on Mars Hill. The lady scratched faces, the old man threw punches, but once order was restored, the court completed reading the decision of contempt on the earlier court order, which, needless to say went against Althea and David. There is no longer any gold behind your dollar, and, really, there is no silver, either. Several Federal Marshals and assorted guards and lawyers who had been waiting for just this sort of outburst from these two, descended upon the feisty pair. But they also record something else, equally as ominous and philosophically troubling. Cominsky had refused to hear him. And it left Daniel Drew, abandoned by his partners, out $1.5 million. It is worth noting that the building had originally been constructed to house a prison, Richmond's Libby prison, bought lock, stock, and barrel by a Chicago candy millionaire and shipped north to form the centerpice of a Civil War Museum. Surely these ancient women had to be multitaskers. Young. Corcoran got all of his four.". Dr Knox was forced to dissect Jamie's face first to calm those few squeamish students and to disguise the evidence. And all we know for certain is that John Perry, Richard Perry and Joan Perry slowly strangled at the end of a rope, as punishment for a crime they did not commit. Daniel had so far made a second career out of developing legal problems, so he decided that Phillip Key was the perfect man to escort Terresa to Washington social functions, while Daniel was "relaxing" in Baltimore with Fanny White, and others. *

Friends tried to warn Daniel about Phillip's reputation, and in March of 1858 Daniel had a confrontation with Phillip concerning accusations that were already bubbling up about his intentions toward Terresa. Unfortunatly, despite the construction over the graves, the ground was not well compacted, and a great deal of time would have to be spent shoring up the shafts, and supporting the building walls. Gilbert Russel, the current commander of Fort Pickering, had ordered the post medic to prevent Governor Lewis from drinking anymore laudanum. However he also leased a suite at a Baltimore Hotel for his assignations with Fanny White, and other "soiled doves" in her employ. * Shortly after the couple moved, Daniel was introduced to Mr. Buckley even mentioned it in a column posthumously published in March of 2008, entitled "Goldwater, the John Birch Society, and Me." In discussing how to distance conservatism from Welch, Buckley made a joke, which he explained this way; "The wisecrack traced to Robert Welch's expressed conviction...that the state of Alaska was being prepared to house anyone who doubted his doctrine that fluoridated water was a Communistbacked plot to weaken the minds of the American public." I like to think of Alaska as the new Texas, that way. The John Birch Society is part of a long line of insanity that stains the American psyche, from the anti-French and anti-Irish 'Alien and Sedition Acts' of 1798, through the "Order of United Americans", the "Know Nothing Party", the Immigration Restriction League, the anarchists scare, the "Yellow Peril", the imaginary Pearl Harbor betrayal plots, the Black helicopters hiding in our national parks, the militia movement and the mythical bombs planted in the twin towers. His cause of death is, oddly, given nowhere in his obituaries. - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET The Logical Progression FRIDAY - FEET OF CLAY Investing In Chicago and America LIBERTARIAN HERO  I wish the average libertarian could meet Jay Gould, because he was unfettered capitalism in the flesh, "the human incarnation of avarice," as one minister described him, the Mephistopheles of Wall Street, the robber baron par excellence, "prince of the railroad schemers", annd the man within whom all the theories of the libertarians about capitalism and freedom met the reality of human nature, and got the tar beat out of it. He was a "...short, thin man with cold black eyes, a narrow face and, in his maturity, a "full black beard". And in the age of corporate America, they may not be mere facilitators, but ideologically proselytes, who are driven to bribe and seduce in search of a cultural holy grail. That hurt troubled railroads. Over the next four years, failing railroads (156 of them) led to failed banks (almost 400 of them), which produced failed small businesses (almost 5,000 of them). Harrison and Zachary Taylor. Harding, who had lost in the Indiana primary and could muster just 65 votes. Under this cloud of

conspiracies, even those railroads that were real, suffered from endless manipulation. Pierre did not invent champagne. . So the the entire trip had been unnecessary. WSJ columnist Stephen Moore wrote, "It's foolish to believe that backing down will satisfy the unions. Businesses couldn't expand because the government had sucked up all the credit. " say we rob you; you say we intend to establish a cordon of Free States around you; you say that we are persistent in what we do on this say that the difficulty seems to arise chiefly from a difference in our construction of the Constitution." Judah Benjamin interjected, "The charge is not that Congress does it, but that the States do it." Baker swirled his cape in front of his opponent. "Very well," he said. Nothing was well done without him". Into the acrid gun smoke and sudden silence this unnamed Democrat announced that he was prepared to start killing Republicans if they kept fighting. * With that, Lt. Terressa barely survived that war, succumbing to tuberculosis on February 5, 1867, at the age of just thirty-one. Franklin was hanged. Then Will magnanimously pardoned him. Still, with the incoming new adminstration there was reason for the wealthy denizens of Washington to hope. When he returned to the office, Thomas announced that he would now issue orders as Secretary of War. Thomas tried that, but discovered he could no longer get in. Of course, George had since improved on his design, adding six inches for increased stability. It seems to provide proof that four thousand years ago, war had already become a standardized, ritualized young man's game, just as it is today. Army's worst peace time disaster. Well, a few people may have been shot, but the newspapers probably buried the details. He just made it to the bedside before his father died, but then Bob had to share his private grief with the grief of millions of strangers. He had never felt better, he told the reporter, and denounced the rumors as a "da-n lie." Two months later he suffered a stroke and really died. Ender's only reaction was one of admiration. The Front's defendants were largely acquitted. It seemed there was an air of uncertancy hanging over England, inspiring the citizens to begin to demand certainty.In April of 1661 the Perry family were brought to trial, convicted by a jury of their peers and duly hanged. The next day, Stanton wrote his letter of resignation. Abandoned, Thayer surrendered the Governor's offices, and Boyd moved in. * But Thayer was far from ready to give up. Treasury to sell $4 million in gold. It was just a raid, and was not intended to come close to Vicksburg. On the other side of the bridge, officers were throwing up a defensive line to hold back the Turks, of whom there were actually none within fifty miles. Then they put her in a box, and sent her off to Doctor Knox. He served for just one year, and performed such assignments as introducing Emilia Erhart to the King of England (above). Nathaniel immediately marched his little army off to butcher some local Indians. The Marshal immediately informed Judge Field, who was asleep in his compartment. It arrived on November 20, 1922, and carried no "return address". They would then dump the stock and leave the suckers owning a suddenly broke and worthless railroad; As the lawyer Tom Hagan explains in "The Godfather", "Its just business, Sonny." * Just to keep all the crooks honest, any member of the "cartel" who sold below $90 a share pledged to pay a $25,000 fine to his fellow conspirators. *

Jacob Little was one of the few non-New Englanders in on this game and one of the largest holders of Norwich stock. By the end of the summer of 1862 Halleck had been transferred, and the task of capturing Vicksburg fell to Lt. He was late, of course, and when his parents invited Bob to go to the theatre with them, Bob begged off and stayed home. We know it was Hopkinson because he actually submitted two bills for his design - the first one for 9 pounds. From this it was theorized that oil would never be found in the rocks in which it had formed, the "source rock". In their Vulgate Latin a "jalle" was a measure of liquid, equal to our gallon, and a "jalgium" was the stick or rod inserted into an amphora to measure how much wine was left. But so brilliantly had Jacob gamed the system that future generations of Wall Street bulls used his trick to transfer future fortunes into their bank accounts at the expense of future generations of suckers - until the rules were changed to require a convertible bond be held for at least sixty days before it could be transferred into common stock. *  Most Wall Street fairy tails end the story here, with The Napoleon of the Board Room winning until he faded into history. Tallow candles were made from farm animal fat, and every rural home had a candle box. Will demanded an apology from his nephew, who proudly refused. Then in June of 1676 Nathaniel arrived in Jamestown for the opening of the House of Burgesses and Will took the opportunity to arrest the little snot. Mellon called it "weeding out". Once the area around capital had been cleared the General led his little army across the river to attack the shackytown where the desperate veterans had left their families (above). Nothing was well done without him". Collisions with birds during his flight, gunshot wounds (while flying over the Los Angles area) and bites consistent with reindeer teeth may also have contributed to these wounds. Patches of leukoderma and anesthesia on his nose, cheeks, penis, and distal digits are consistent with frostbite caused by periods of hypothermia during high-altitude flights. It was the purposeful invention of the one term Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and later Congressman, the Honorable Fontaine Muaury Maverick. * The mayor served only one term because a communist had rented a meeting room in the cities' Civic Auditorium. This gravitational pin ball game had pulled the moon into a collision with the Earth, and allowed its capture. But it did not last. * While Amos had been running the Post Office, he had decreed that local postmasters could refused any mail which they deemed to be either abolitionist or proslavery. Leo Africanus, an Islamic historian, wrote that in Timbuktu, "There is a great demand for books, and more profit is made from the trade in books than from any other line of business." The scholar Ahmad Baba claimed that his personal library was one the smaller ones in the city, containing only 1,600 books. In retrospect it seemed the investors were so busy trying to cheat each other, they made it easy for the professionals. And it was there, on July 17, 1792, that the 45 year old was found lying face down on his bed, dead as a doornail. That very afternoon, Commissioner Allen seized Hanover Trust. He was a partisan in the extreme and his politics were always personal. In 1870 Fisk and Gould secretly sold their shares in the Erie to the Commodore for $5 million. I felt I had gotten more than I had paid for. Grandpa managed to beat the killer squirrel to death with his crutch. It would be far more effective

for both of these men to make their appeals together, and safer for Governor Lewis if he had someone to watch his laudanum consumption during the trip back. In 1882 Andrew became the President and primary shareholder. If you go down to the woods today you better go in disguise. When confronted in August by Pratt, Gould stunned the man by offering to buy him out for $60,000. The paperwork thus complete, Nathaniel marched off with 1,000 men to butcher the nearest Indians. About now it dawned on the more thoughtful freeholders that they had hitched their fortunes to a rather temperamental artist. And when Robert told Francis about Thomas' threat, it was open war between Francis and Thomas. He wanted to be a politician. As it does the river collects vast amounts of gold, which could teased from the waters. * Dugout canoes then carried the gold downstream, following the river north, penetrating the desert. So he became known as the Great Unknown Smith. After the brawl the South Platte faction removed themselves across the river to the hamlet of Florence, which had, according to the newspaper "Nebraskian", "...been, for months, laboring assiduously to delude strangers that it was a city". * The entire place only became a state over President Andrew Johnson's veto in 1867. I guess, as the old saying goes, no news is good news, and really good news is no news at all. * Dorthy retreated from Chicago to familiar territory, a Dianetics training facility in Arizona. The Cooper was the only rear engine car at the Speedway that year. The ownership of human beings converted Yancey to pro-slavery. But as Fowler acknowledged, "....phrenology is either fundamentally true or else untrue..." - a statement which standing alone is undoubtedly true. Arnold pulled his pistol and fired twice. You must die!" Thereupon Daniel pulled a derringer and fired. In March of 1807 he reported to the President in Washington, D.C. Franklyn Delano Roosevelt became "Stalin Delano Roosevelt". The top five percent of the population control most of the nation's wealth, and are using fear mongering to reduce the government to impotence. The value of Donald's corpse was set by Dr. I will countermand." In front of Thomas, Stanton then dictated a letter to Thomas, saying, "Sir: I am informed that you presume to issue orders as Secretary of are hereby commanded to abstain from issuing any orders other than in your capacity as Adjutant-General of the army." Stanton then signed the completed letter, handed it to Thomas, and ordered him out of the office. A bewildered Thomas slinked back to the White House and informed Johnson of this conversation. Immediately Frederick's lawyers requested an order of contempt be issued against her, which the Federal Court, meeting in the Assessor's Building in San Francisco (above), immediately agreed to issue that contempt. Terry's strategy of defiance was thus proven bankrupt. On November 21st, of 1840 Victoria gave birth to a daughter. The move saved the small town from financial ruin. In 1859 Phineas rejoined his mother, sister and her husband, who were now living in California. Knowing Eddie I assume that's the way he would have wanted it. Under military protection (of 1,000 troops) these men harvested Captain Boycott's crops... But he could prove nothing. They dragged it inland a few hundred yards, divided and re-buried it in two new caches, one of $40,000 and the second of $16,000. (Even today, the U.S. It was all boiler plate, industry standard arraignments. And that wealth along with his intimate knowledge of sugar's effects on children's teeth gave him the

authority to lecture to 12 true believers for two days straight, about the worldwide communist conspiracy. As they rode up Bridge Street on their way back to camp, they passed the Comique. Things got so bad that the Secretary of War, penny pincher William Eustis, suggested that the General move his troop to healthier ground north of the city, even as far as Natchez . Instead, Wilkerson moved them down river, into the swamps - to a spot called Terre aux Boeufs. There is a reason the practice of criminalizing poverty has been discarded. The playboy dropped to the ground, begging, "Don't shoot me", and shouting, "Murder." Daniel finally pulled his revolver, and his third shot hit the tree. He had been re-elected President without serious opposition because, luckily for Teddy, Mark Hanna had died of typhoid fever in February of 1904. Whoever wrote this stuff, this was not your average stuff. In truth, we are the answer to all those questions. And shortly thereafter he died. He has experienced chronic back pain for several years. And that proved the case for Julia. Unseen by inattentive humans, a pasture of grazing Gurneys is in reality a seething mass of bored libidos on steroids. Second; Alf publicly supported so many parts of the New Deal that he was at odds with the Republican party platform. Third; Alf was a terrible public speaker. Those who wear them should bear in mind that it will require their most strenuous exertions ... James Cox (above), the Democratic candidate for President in 1920, vacillated between support for Wilson's League of Nations and rejection of it, and so lost both Wilson's endorsement and the support of those Democrats who disliked Wilson. And it was about here, as the fall of 1886 approached, that Frederick Newlander opened yet a third front against Althea and David Terry; the political front. "But this had been a sin of passion, not of principle, nor even purpose." Nathaniel Hawthorne In the elections of November of 1886, Fredrick Newlander threw huge sums behind the "Blind Boss", Christopher Buckley. And, as one observer at the time noted, "Some one or other told James that it was commonly reported that, whilst Rochester ruled the King, Overbury ruled Rochester." That angered the King, who didn't like Thomas much anyway. At lest one of them was bound to warn Jacob about the brewing coup d'etat. It is a borrowed word, which is a nice way of saying it may be the only English word for which the Shakespeare family is does not collect royalties. He flies in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, and gains access to homes via chimneys. In September Judge Jeremiah Sullivan ruled that what Althea and Senator Sharon shared was a common law marriage, and awarded Althea alimony of $2,500 a month. So thank you all for reading and responding. Second, I do not repond to discussions because since the stroke, I simply do not have the concentration to write and respond. And then he went one step further himself, beyond his authority. Mr. Nora strongly denied the accusation and a special master who carefully examined Andrew's evidence, rejected his claim. In fact there were three Presidents present at that ceremony. Those two had copper plates identifying their occupants. Still the validity of the prophecy was reinforced by a stream of letters "The Guardians" mysteriously left in Dorthy's apartment over the following weeks. While the trapped Democrats sulked in the cloak room, Speaker Grey staged votes for the 13th, 14th and 15th reconstruction amendments to the U.S. Ordered to clear the "Bonus Army" from around Jenkin's Hill, the imperious MacArthur sent in tanks and troops with fixed bayonets and tear gas. He drew his chair close to mine - there was a pause in the conversation - I availed myself of it arose and walked to the opposite side of the room...He knew my resolution not to speak to him except on business, and he ought not to have thrust himself in my way." *

And these two men now found themselves in charge of dispensing millions of acres of land to the hundreds of speculators who had flocked to St. Ă‚ But it made it into his obituary in most of the newspapers in the English speaking world. He had been born in Germany. And thus were the wages of sin for what today would be called "Gifters". * And in case you are thinking that these are dusty historical footnotes, a couple of years ago, in San Antonio, Texas, Ted Roberts, attorney at law, was convicted of three counts of theft for a badger scam he ran with his wife and fellow attorney, Mary Roberts. Farmers, working the best soil available, grew wheat and hops to brew beer. Jacob was betting, of course, that the price would go down, and as a board member he had the power to help that happen. Instead his mother pressured him to put on the collar.She won. The cellar dwelling Phillies won, three to zip. The losing pitcher for Chicago was their best, right hander (Old) Pete Alexander. The battle failed, but the court got the message and abruptly reversed itself on several subsequent decisions. And as Jacob fastidiously signed over each share required to fill the options, he was also diluting Erie Stock so that, come morning, the stock took a nose dive. * The wizards had been so intent on cutting off the limb that Jacob had climbed out on, that they failed to notice they were on the same limb. Knox at 7 pounds 10 shillings, for a profit to Hare of three pounds ten shillings - a small fortune for men such as Burke and Hare.The market for selling dead bodies had been fairly steady in Edinburgh since the school of Surgeons had combined with the Royal College of Physicians to form the world famous University Faculty of Medicine in 1726.Dr. They flashed the legal papers, ushered the workers out and padlocked the doors. By 4 AM the remaining would-be passengers were offering competing explanations as to why salvation had not yet arrived. He served two presidents, and one of his enemies, President John Quincy Adams, said that those two chief executives were merely, "...the tools of Amos Kendall, the ruling mind of their dominion." * Amos was tall, thin, asthmatic and prematurely white haired. That is my field of expertise. * I saw graphics flash across my monitor I had no idea were hiding inside my mystery box. Even Abraham Lincoln once jumped out a window to avoid giving a majority party a quorum. The very concept of a quorum was created to prevent a super majority from drowning out the voice of a substantial minority. The verdict was guilty for both defendants, delivered by even more wittnesses to the murder. As King he was responsible for the economic collapse of medieval France. swept into the Front's Brooklyn offices, arresting nine men and seizing 15 bombs, 18 cans of cordite, dynamite, fuses, incendiary chemicals, 16 rifles, 750 rounds of machine gun ammo and "one long sword". A Mali proverb observed, "Salt comes from the north, gold from the south...but the word of God and the treasures of wisdom are only to be found in Timbuktu." *

The city was famous for its libraries. You know what? You can't do that, no matter how many voters may want to believe that you can, you can't. It is not merely a case of the cure being worse than the disease. And then, because there wasn't anybody left still doing business in France to steal from, Philip began seizing Church property. But the catch was that Carl Browne knew who the Great Unknown was. When Boss Tom died in January of 1945, his funeral was well attended, and the only thing that changed about Missouri politics was the names on the ballots. ******************************************************************************************* "If you can't convince them, confuse them." Harry S. William McMasters. The son found John Perry, who explained he had been looking Mr. Still, in the early months of 1860, it became clear that Jay was hiding assets from the family. Lawyers and 40 deputized men were dispatched to the tannery (above) on Tuesday morning, March 13, 1860. He discovered that the bodies had not been moved. Then came 1961 and one of the greatest finishes in 500 history. * Eddie and A.J. He just wasn't lucky. He was plump and ruddy faced and usually had a drink close at hand. There he was arrested loitering near Buckingham Palace, and was returned to his ship under arrest. Join the John Birch Society, help us fill the ranks. And since the magazine had a nice little side business going selling American flags to schools (their goal was to have one in every classroom) Francis thought that a pledge for this special occasion would be an inexpensive way to increase the sale of flags. Behind him came the financial supporter and ideological inspiration for the march, Jacob Coxey, ridding in a Pheaton buggy, drawn by a matched pair of magnicent white horses. 19221939 ******************************************************************************** In 1916 Tom Pendergast had himself appointed to the leadership of the Jackson County Democratic Party, headquartered in a two story yellow brick building (above, left) at 1908 Main Street. His employer explained that Edward was fascinated with the Queen and often spoke of her, always respectfully. Edward had entered the Palace, it developed, by coating himself with bear grease and squeezing through a crack in a marble arch by the Palace's front door. Samuel Pepys was there for the anticlimax. Will was persuaded to sign his nephew's commission. But I have a pretty good theory about what became of him. * This story comes together from three separate sources; first from Stephen Ellis, the son of Emil Ellis, one of the lawyers who represented Mrs. And with no living male relatives to defend her honor and challange Sharp to a duel, Anna had no way to respond. See, according to chapter ten in the Qur'an, God gave Jonah a dangerous job, and to avoid the assignment he jumped ship for someplace else. Sill the jury was willing to believe that Vanzetti was guilty. The defense attorney did such a bad job that modern readers of the transcripts suspect he might have even thrown the case. But that would have made the war even more unpopular than it already was. The stench of alcohol filled the tunnel. And just about every editor in America agreed, it would make a really good story .

"The north and south winds met where the house stood, and made it the exact center of the cyclone. And after the Civil War, as the population of New York City approached 3 ½ million, the occupants began to look for a way to escape, at least for a few hours. * Steam powered rail lines spread out from the city, carrying the wealthy to summer mansions and genteel racing tracks on the Long Island sea shore. * Luxury hotels sprang up in Brighton and Manhattan Beaches to house their middle class pretenders. Not the conception, certainly, which may have occurred orally a hundred years before, maybe a thousand years before. Congress had ignored the President's request. Heading the project was M. Gage. And no one had ever heard of Mansa before, nor of his kingdom of Mali, nor of the city he claimed to have come from, the mysterious and mythical, Timbuktu. Years of bad harvests were followed by the 'bitter winter' of 1672-73 when half the colonies' livestock starved to death. David asked, "Why? Who is here?" Stackpole answered "Judge Field". And the farther you were down the food chain from the original government auction, the less chance you had to see a profit. As George galloped his horse back up Bridge Street, Wyatt drew his own weapon and fired after the fleeing cowboy; once, and then a second shot. By the time Philip died of a stroke in 1314, he had reduced France and Champagne to a disaster area. The Privy Council noted the new lapse in security, found Edward guilty of being a rogue and a vagabond and sentenced him to three months in the brand new Tothills Fields Bridewall prison, also known as the Westminster House of Correction.The new Tothill Prison was considered the epitome of modern penitentiary science in 1840, where the most common violation of the rules by inmates was talking. The biggest technological improvement of the age was laying the engine on its side, and offsetting the driver's cockpit. And without the insulating sand, that set off the black powder. There was a sharp loud crack. Could this ancient proto-cow have been the source of the current magnetic deju moo? It could. So it seems, upon rumination, that we owe cows an apology, that to err might be human but to forgive could be bovine. Knox. In fact, OK is the strongest remaining artifact of telegraphy in our culture, the equivalent of a "Record Player" in the era of compact discs, and compact discs in the era of music downloads.Twenty years later the young six foot five inch James Pyle left his family home in Nova Scotia to seek his fortune in New York City. There was a Maverick aboard the Mayflower. Richard Weston was hanged. And in the best tribal council fashion, one by one the wizards presented their options to their cornered prey. He often, he claimed, hid behind the furniture and overheard the Queen and her ministers discussing matters of state.At his next appearance in court, at his trial, our hero was confronted with the truth. He also agreed to provide a monthly payment of $500 to her as well, from which she furnished the rooms. So when you do, it inspires contemplation, which follows. The year was 1714, and the place was London. In the latter category was 14 year old Albert Hicks, of East 83rd street in Manhattan. Anna was educated, witty, flirtatious, with a passion for men and for gambling and for gambling on men. It took an armed band of militia to chase the loonies out of the church.Three days later they stormed a prison and tried to free the prisoners. He retired in 1860. Of course, as long as every day brought in more money than the day before, Ponzi's business plan stayed afloat. And anyway, noted the Washington Post at the time, each of those broad avenues

could be controlled with a single Gatling gun.Meanwhile, back in Cumberland, Coxey's Army camped out on a baseball field, and the businessman from Massillon, Ohio even managed to show a little profit, charging ten cents for people to observe his footsore unemployed. At one point James sent a note, complaining that Robert was "withdrawing yourself from lying in my chamber, notwithstanding my many hundred times earnest soliciting you to the contrary." By 1610 Robert was one of the King's closest advisors. Of course Robert was not smart enough to advise the king about anything, But Thomas was. He had made his fortune by inventing "Sugar Babies", "Junior Mints" and "Pom Poms". He was spared the pain, but then there had been the urinary tract infection. Jacob wrote a treatise on the subject, and Carl drew impressions of the glorious out come. He spent his last day on earth, Sunday, November 5th, 1825, conferring with political allies as he prepared for the election for Speaker of the Kentucky House. But it turns out, that was where the trouble all began. Sir Thomas Overbury (above) was one of the court officials sent north to prepare James and his court for their new responsibilities. Help me and I will help you." It became evident while April proceeded what the members of The Army were talking about - their leadership. With Pratt's money Jay built an entire company town, which he named "Gouldborough". Bazarro knew the monitary possibiities of mixing politics with a sales pitch. Harding remained proudly boring, defiantly placid and belligerently dull, a vacuous lump at the center of the universe, a black hole if you will, by choice. But first they must remove all metal from their bodies, including zippers, bra straps, cigarette lighters wedding rings, ear rings, even eyeglass frames held together with tiny little metal screws. He never gave a thought to pecuniary gain. So he didm't tell most of his officers where they were going or why. A friend ran down the pier, dived overboard and pulled him out. But because of this dependence, in the decades after 1845, the blight created "The Starving Time". These savage natives had largely converted to Christianity. Well, the John Birch Society cemented all that lunacy together on a firm foundation of anti-Semitism. But the microphones Andrew had hidden in their home failed to produce any evidence of it. He was certain his "friend" King James would never allow him to be questioned, because he knew too much. Except, as much fun as Sainte-Croix had with little Marie, she wasn't making him any richer. Dave Ender mowed the grass between the tombstones he spotted a flash of red, white and blue amongst the limbs of a nearby tree. That could mean something like six thousand "Kinder Surprises" the owner will need to supply just to keep one squirrel happy over his lifetime. At that hour the streets were jammed with autos and horse drawn cabs and delivery wagons, and pedestrians. And when Jackson moved into the White House, Amos came with him. * Officially, Amos was given a vague job in the Treasury Department. So he alerted a nearby school crossing guard. He was also brilliant. It was the largest office building in the world (at the time) with some 6 ½ million square feet of space, but only four stories tall to save on steel. But as far as our little circle within the Court of James I, everybody was happy. Moore was in route to Durban with his wife, Fayne Strahan, when, while spending the night in Paris, he surprised the lovely Fayne "flagrante delecto" with a Russian nobleman. They found themselves drawn toward the Democratic Party, and in the Presidential election of 1896 they aligned themselves behind Nebraska Democratic Senator William Jennings Bryant, for President. with dingy dresses and dark shawls..." Another observer wrote in a private letter, "Nothing but ruin and starvation stare one in the face...the state of this district is truly dreadful". The survivors were overjoyed to be on dry land and away from the insane Jonathan Thorn. removed from their environment these abbreviated jokes shriveled up and just died. There, the final commodity, slaves, were exchanged for the salt and then marched, locked

in shackles, back upstream. * And it was at the point of contact between the two worlds, the Arab north and the African south, that the economic ties were joined. So, with congressional approval, he hired on with the Russian Navy. They sold preferred stock and common stock, and several varieties of bonds in their non-exsistent roads. In '46 he worked for Republican Senator William Knowland, under the slogan, "We Will Not Surrender" without ever identifying to whom the Senator would not surrender to. And he knew how to dress well. . However that solution seemed obvious to those who had worked with their hands, men raised to believe that a better world could and ought to be built; specifically, men like Jacob Coxey. At thirty-six years of age, this wing-collared revolutionary could have been the physical twin to Japanese Emperor Hirohito, with a round face framed by rimless spectacles and accented by a thin mustache. He died a hero only to those who never did business with him. It was, by general agreement, the original "Smoke filled room", and the 130 pound Hays was the host. And rather than waiting until the fruit ripened and fell into their arms, these master cultivators forced the crop into early maturity. Both Bertrand and Hamilton were Af's front men, and Hamilton made Alf's nominating speech. This success led, in 1915, to Bertrand being elected to congress. The Senate counter-informed the Republicans in the lower house, ditto. But the attendant inflation caused banks to cut back lending. The stubby scoundrel was carrying a sword, linen and a letter written to Queen Victoria, amongst other items purloined from the Palace. First there came Mr. But the wine produced in Champagne was different in two ways. But Lt. A chase began in the Marble Hall was concluded outside on the Palace lawn, when the intruder was captured near St. In the boy's own bone chilling statement, "'My mommy said the squirrel sneaked down behind me and he was hugging me, but when he kissed me it was really a scratch.". William Riley, writing for the World Christian Fundamentals Association in 1922, declared "We increasingly realize that the whole menace in modernism exists in its having accepted Darwinism against Moses, and the evolutionary hypothesis against the inspired word of God." There are hundreds of teachers, Riley argued, who were pouring the "poison" of Darwinism into youthful minds where their evil teachings could "take root in the garden of the Lord." Except.... * By the 1920's Union Oil's own geologists had come to realize that the various species of extinct Foraminifera could be used to measure ancient ocean temperatures, and the amount of oxygen present in the ancient seas. Ten thousand dead and wounded Austrian soldiers, with their equipment, were scattered across the fields around the village of Karansebes. He had been declared, officially, temporarily insane. That made him the Republican wonder-kid, the perfect man to oppose the "tax and spend" Roosevelt. Alff's candidancy had a few problems, of course. It was not a prime landing spot, but at least it had fewer mosquitoes than the previous fort, and once there Lewis began to improve quickly. Clark. One half of all children died before the age of five. Writer Angus Reach described the city for the Morning Chronicle as "...smoky brown streets all round long piles of warehouses...great grimy mills, the leviathans of ugly architecture....There are swarms of mechanics and artisans...undersized, sallow-looking men...factory girls somewhat stunted and paled... He is supposed to be the moving spring of the administration; the thinker, planner, and doer, but it is all in the dark." And Virginia Democrat Colonel Augustine Clairborn described Amos

as a "...little whippet of a man" who was "...the Atlas that bore on his shoulders the weight of Jackson's administration. , in an appropriately dramatic fashion, twenty-five year old Nathaniel Bacon had just overthrown the royal governor of Virginia. Wrote the Saturday Evening Post, "No occupants of the White House since Theodore Roosevelt had been so significantly favored as to birth and material circumstances (as FDR). And even while brave men died by their tens of thousands, this pair joined Daniel Drew, director of the Erie Railroad, in their own, private war. Their enemy was Cornelius Vanderbilt (above) who owned every railroad in the east except the Erie. He hated his father's business and wanted to be a missionary. "I am in over (my)shoes"? I will be over (my) boots!" He soon was in over his neck. But the humans who had to examine each one of the thousands of photographs, failed to notice the one dot that had moved slightly. It's the golden rule; he who has the gold makes the rules.  The Award will be announced Sunday, March 13th, 2011. For a few cents more Priscilla could supply a bowl of warm gruel. And the third joke was that there wasn't anybody actually in the anti-bell ringing society.See, during the 1830's there were 43 newspapers in the city of Boston, from the weekly Advertiser to the Daily Wig. That night the press reported a "drunken brawl", but the details were never confirmed. Howard Hunt, of Watergate fame, admitted in his biography to cutting his "special ops" teeth on offensives against land reform minded politicians in Guatemala, all inspired by Tommy to protect United Fruit's stranglehold over the local governments. *  "(Tommy Cororcoan) ...inhabits that lawyer ruled limbo between government and business, where deals are made and big fish are caught in a seamless net of arguments, favors and threats. To get what he wanted, James Pendergast's first instinct was always to negotiate. ************************************************************** "You use a saw to shape wood, not a hammer." James Pendergast. And then incoming President Grover Cleveland made things even worse. And then their bones were ground up and their ashes were scattered to the four winds, condemning the immortal souls of these original resurectionists to wander the after-life without a body. It remains a wonder. In this case, an engineer would determine where rock was to be removed. In desperation, the starving Canadians split up into four groups. I might add both men also had the emotional maturity of a seven year olds and the sexual proclivity of bunny rabbits. * Before he was even twenty, Daniel Sickles (above) had already been indicted for fraud. We are all sharks circling, and waiting for traces of blood to appear in the water' Alan Clark. He went to bed early and had to be awakened when word arrived that his father had been shot. Of course no one was executed. That trial had opened on Tuesday June 22nd and the guilty verdict had been read out just one week and two days later, on Thursday July 1st. The powers that be called out their District of Columbia police force (above). He never wrote another opera, and spent the next two years spending more time writing letters begging for money than he spent writing music. But they never completely beat the railroads, which retained a great influence over Nebraska and national politics well into the 1950's. Union Forces under General Steven Halleck (above) followed that line and managed to occupy Corinth, Mississippi on June 1st, 1862. Mickey later recalled, "Everyone from around here that was on the 'pad' naturally had to go. Louis in the fall

of 1810, barely 45 staggered into Fort Astor, the last arriving in February of 1812...just in time for the war of 1812, between the United States and Great Britian. Captain William Black, of HMS Raccoon, was startled at what he saw. He visits a psychiatrist weekly, and reports doing "Not too bad, HO! HO! HO!". That summer saw 70 days of cold rain out of a season of just 92 days. And maybe she was just lonely. The crises had been resolved. Nixon took America off the gold standard. So the professionals stepped in and the convention adjourned for the night. When the stingy Continental Congress balked at paying that he lowered his price to "A quarter cask of Public Wine"; meaning, the cheap stuff. "I think of Indianapolis every day of the year, every hour of the day, and when I sleep, too. And for a time it seemed that the only effect of "Peterloo" had been a wave of repression that followed. But by 1835 most of the political reforms sought by the demonstrators at "Peterloo" had been achieved, and the powers that be and the reformers that would be had both moved on to other battlefields, such as the eight hour work day and health insurance. First he made arraignments to repay every investor in full. A Chappe telegraph operator repeated the 174 different combinations of arm positions to relay up to two words a minute. He insisted he knew nothing about the scandal, even tho Shoeless Joe had tried to warn him at the time. Browne." It was a clever move, a clear statement of intent to the men of the Army from the very man paying for the food in their bellies, and the shoes and the socks these men were now wearing. But it took a few moments for the Army to realize the choice they now had to make; give up the march, or give up the Great Unknown Smith. And just as that realization dawned on the men, into the stunned silence Coxey added, "I further order that the Unknown Smith be forever expelled from the Army." And he called for an immediate vote of agreement. A few voices were raised in protest that if The Great Unknown Smith should be expelled then so should Jesse Coxey, their leaders son. But even they were disarmed when Coxey reluctantly agreed to the logic. Coughlin's association with "The Front" was not merely philosophical. The day after his arrival, on Saturday September 16th 1809, Lewis wrote to President James Madison that "I arrived here yesterday...very much exhausted from the heat...but having taken medicine, feel much better this morning." * The medicine he was taking was a combination of opium and alcohol, known as laudanum. But at least one person had figured that out ahead of time. But she was now infamous and hubby wanted nothing to do with her. But he was also a wife beater - if we believe Maria. The Board of the New York Stock Exchange adjourned for the day to attend his funeral, but I can not say for certain whether they did this out of respect, or to confirm that Jacob was really dead. -30SUNDAY: HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE The Dirtiest Campaign in American History - I Guess. PASSION AND OTHER SINS; PART THREE "Love is often gentle, desire always a rage."Mignon McLaughlin I suppose, if Leland Stanford had his way, the little village of Lathrop would have been one of the most important cities in California. Six other candidates held the remaining 132 delegates.

* On the second ballot Wood gained just ten votes, while Governor Lowden's total grew by 40. And when Mr. For about ten years America seemed willing to go along with the "Fighting Priest". But, like a later hate monger and anti-Semite, Glen Beck, why was Charles Coughlin so full of anger and hatred? Why did he hate people he did not know? Who was he really angry with? I do not presume to know. But he did not run again in 1938. But if you made it to sixty, even in Newport Market, you could expect to live till you were 72. And the world did not end. He is a preacher's son who is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, who is showing an arsonists attraction to the fires of hell, an ideologue intent upon steering his party's bus over an ideological cliff, Wisconsin's Poohvernator, Scott Kevin Walker. In a January 31 memo the Wisconsin Fiscal Bureau, a non-partisan state budget office, determined that Wisconsin would end the year with a $121.4 million surplus. I will try and tell it in sequence. One in four had needed charity to survive the winter just passed. In 1823 Phineas P. They were both sins that were to be repeated untold times over the next 300 years, and probably for another 300 after this. Capitan performed an autopsy and determined that the heart and liver were normal, but the left lung showed signs of "small patches of broncho-pneumonia partially cicatrized" He wrote that he had come to the conclusion that "the corpse of which we have made a study is that of John Paul Jones". Teddy Roosevelt ordered up a fleet of 11 battle ships to escort Captain John Paul Jones back to America. Even the Cave Dwellers dropped their masks of indifference and cheered openly. To argue it was not intended as "genocide" misses the point. But the ultimate proof of phrenology would be provided by the words Pheneas P. Then when the elders dropped off they could funnel the insurance money through a private school and into his pockets." David Brooks New York Times March 22, 2005 * Jack Abramoff was sentenced to 70 months in prison and ordered to pay $22 million in "restitution" to the American Indian tribes he had bilked. He is mostly forgotten today in part because for the next hundred years, his sins were the Democratic Party's sins. Less than a year later, in August of 2007 visitors to the Manchester Crematorium, on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton, England, were frustrated to discover their floral memorials to departed relatives were being ripped from their pots and devoured, leaving behind the scattered crumbs of chrysanthemums and carnations scattered about. Fox, if you are afraid of water, you should have remained at Boston. It all functioned because the Counts of Champagne established the fundamental structure without which capitalism cannot exist; regulation. Visiting English journalist Harriet Martubeau, noted in 1834, "I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the invincible Amos Kendall, one of the most remarkable men in America. And he wondered what sort of creatures had constructed such a massive, intricate water system. In particular Jacob Clingman sang to Hamilton's arch enemy, Thomas Jefferson. * Jefferson thought it was Christmas. But the debate continued in bar rooms around the country even until this day; what ever happened to Judge Crater?30 -

NEXT WEDNESDAY WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER - MAYBE FRIDAY THE CURSE OF BEING BOB The Strange Deaths and the Life of Robert Lincoln SMOKE AND MIRRORS I miss the old smoke filled rooms - sometimes. At one minute after noon the bomb went off. The expanding shock wave shattered the wagon and the horse. Bejamin would later be known as "the Brains of the Confederacy." After resigning from Congress he would become first the Confederate Attorney General, then its Secretary of War, until he was forced to resign from that post. Of all the tracks we race at, it's the closest to a hospital." * They called him the "Clown Prince of Racing", but it was no joke. The legendary pitcher for the Washington Sentators,  "Big Train" Walter Johnson, threw a no hitter shutout against the Red Sox on the very first day of the month. Bard was named President of the new company, Lyman was named Vice President, and Hardison became the treasurer. That was a purely political decision, made because the Democrats in the 1830's were pursuing a "Southern Strategy", which sought to shore up their base of support in the South. When the Federal capital moved from New York to Philadelphia in 1791, Pickering was tapped to run the Post Office. That night, at a White House masked ball in honor of George Washington's Birthday, and emboldened by a little wine, Thomas boasted that in the morning he would break down the walls of the War Office and arrest the Secretary of War. Without the addition of alcohol or chlorine, quenching your thirst with water is playing Russian roulette with bullets in five chambers. That was why Jacob Coxey was able to make a good deal on hiring two canal boats, normally used to carry coal, to transport his Army down stream, cutting a hundred plus road miles off his Army's march, and saving perhaps three days of shoe leather. But he took time off to travel Texas and Dakota Territory to continue his schooling in poker and games of chance. But they also discovered that Ponzi had invested none of his own money in his own company. It is an enduring truth about both politics and religion, and twice as true twice as fast when the two are combined, that the hotest fad is usually the first to fade. Although he had always had a love of mathematics, at his father's urging, Percival went into business in Japan (above - the tall looking one without the hat). The retreat immediately turned into a rout. It ain't a real game if you are "too big to fail" because then, you can't lose. Forty additional deputies were sworn in to keep them out. And on February 25, 1820, while the House of Representatives was debating the crucial issue of the "Missouri Compromise", deciding wether or not to take the first step that would lead to the Civil War, Congressman Walker arose and began to pontificate about the wonders of Buncombe County. Shortly thereafter Kaiser, who had never built a ship before in his life, was granted $645 million in naval construction contracts. When I mentioned this to Arnold, he merely smiled. The aging reprobate hero is challenged to either repent or burn in eternal damnation. Paget noted, "much profit was not likely to arise from the sale of the old man as a slave...especially as the old man was delivered in a wounded and imperfect condition."So where did Harrison disappear to in the summer of 1660? Given that transportation in that age was mostly limited to "shanks mare", William Harrison could not have walked more than a few miles. And by the time he died in 1715

Dom Perignon had created something close to the Champagne we drink today. Today, just down the road from the Abby of Hauntvillers, lies the village of Epernay, on the banks of the river Marne. But whatever her motivation, according to Terressa's own confession, "I did not think it safe to meet (Phillip) in this house, because there are servants who might suspect something....He then told me he had hired (a) house as a place where he and I could meet. And Eddie Sachs would be far from its last victim. It is for you to say men, who shall command you...Will you have Smith ...or this leather coated polecat?" It was a loaded question, and the Army responded as expected,  with chants of "Smith, Smith , Smith!" Even Coxey's eldest son, Jesse, joined the mutineers. Lt. Carl dressed like Buffalo Bill, in a fringed buskin coat, buttoned with Mexican silver dollars and set off with thigh high cowboy boots. There were more cops than marchers. And every goat voted the way the Pendergasts told them too. general counsel, who reeked of "animal vigor." Hamilton was paid $15,000 a year to be the parties' attack dog. Using his own authority, the Commissioner ordered Hanover to freeze Ponzi's accounts while they checked further. "A general scamper was made by the crowd, some getting under the stage others running out the front door and behind the bar; in the language of the bard, "such a gittin up the stairs was never seed". That was what the British meant by Freedom of the Seas. He reported that the Judge had left their apartment in perfect order, none of his clothes were missing and his luggage was still in the closet. Once again another computer repair company that refused to acknowledge that they do not provide the fixes they claim. The press agent quoted from documents he had found in the company offices which showed that, contrary to the public records (such as those which Mr. She was buried with her parents, back in New York; free at last from her insensitive and violent husband. Meanwhile, Daniel Sickles went on command one third of the Union Army at Gettysburg, a battle in which he lost a leg and almost cost the Union the war. This day, too, the Chief of the D.C. Muslims formed the first stock companies, the first banks and offered the first lines of credit. In fact there was an outragous rumor running about camp that the Great Unknown Smith was in fact a Pinkerton spy - and by his later actions, he may have been.In the teeth of a snowstorm, on April 11th 1894, the Army made the hard march spouthwest out of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. In 1931 he became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. It's connection to its past is the Dodge City Cargill packing plant, whose 2,500 employees can slaughter up to 6,000 head of cattle a day, turning them into four and a half million pounds of meat shipped all over the world. * That was always the unpleasant underside of Dodge City. It is sad to point out here, that although Percival Lowell spoke fluent Japanese, he did not speak Italian. * In 1896, Percival retired from the business world and built his own world class observatory in the mountains, 7,180 feet above Flagstaff, Arizona, atop a peak he named Mars Hill. Keynes was the very best. He ordered Civil War hero General U.S. Directly across the street from this temporary cathedral of democracy was the rented abode of Solomon Sharp and his wife and children.Jereboam waited in the shadows of the church until Sharp returned to his Madison street home, sometime after midnight on November 6th, 1825. The 430 foot long Imo was thrown against the Dartmouth shore like a toy in a bathtub (below), her bottom ripped out. As John Brownrigg before him, William Johnson began to have second thoughts. In the long run of human history the only constant is the struggle for human dignity. Over the next two years the slavery loving pro-Union Democratic President Johnson struggled to find a way to make Stanton "heel". We staked off in a rough way an enormous stretch of the country, set up notices of claims...." Unnoticed by the civilians, Henry Jannin

managed to stake a private claim to one of the few water ways which bisected the incredible diamond Mountain, a feat which, if upheld in a court of law, might have given the engineer a strangle hold over the entire operation. However the port was closed by the Panic of 1893. Carl Browne saw him do this and was infuriated. If the Bank of California was to have any future, then Ralston had to at once restore the full trust of men like the Baron Rothschild. Second, slavery was to be permitted on all military bases, even in Free States. They took their honeymoon cruise on the French cruiser "Normandie". If anybody was going to be punished for this crime spree the cops needed one of the conspirators to turn on their fellow conspirators.The Lord Advocate went to the smartest member of the corporation, offering him immunity in exchange for a full confession. Moore gave the head to an apothecary in King Street, who then sold Oliver's skull to a Mr. Being thus connected, the outrage against him was investigated with zeal, and it was not long before William was incarcerated for the theft. It was not unusual for convicted thieves to be condemned to death, and on June 4, 1711, in the Old Bailey Courthouse, William was so convicted. So I didn't need to do anymore thinking." Eddie was forced to pit, giving the race to Foyt, who won over Eddie by eight seconds. And he had probably contracted syphilis (I assume another accident). * There is no unambiguous proof of this later affliction, of course. But this was quickly followed by reports from the London newspapers detailing the bizarre Americans who bought diamonds in bulk. And when he recovered he sought to re-establish his reputation. But always the simplest explanation is that Will Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare. I became the first man in the history of the Indianapolis Speedway to fail his driver's test twice. The newspaper men might be forgiven then, for treating these desperate men as if they were members of a sideshow confidence game. It was clear to everyone that the lead would have to be taken by the United States, because we were the only nation that ended the war with more gold than we had started with. He was from the border state of Kentucky, and was used to straddling fences. Wansley died for the crime of murder. There was a war on, as the saying goes, and that explained the unexplainable, as you would know if you have ever considered the full implications of that phrase; "There's a war on." * Halifax exists because it is one of the largest, best protected ice free harbors in the world, a gift of the Sackville River. Naval Academy, in Anapolis, Maryland. Then, in 1845, Amos became Samuel F. And after the "Great Vowel Shift" in English at the end of the Middle Ages, the pronunciation was shortened to "gage". And the Sevier County Courthouse in Arkansas was damaged by what the Texarkana Gazette called a "kamikaze rodent" that short circuited a transformer, causing an explosion and a loud bang. and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. Joseph, Missouri. And what is most amazing is that we expect it to work, and complain when it doesn't. * As of 2009 the 656,000 employees of the USPS (as it likes to refer to itself) processed 667 million pieces of mail every day (7,700 every second). The Nebraska governor's office was beginning to resemble the prize in a game of musical chairs, but without the music. *

But what Thayer had done was a desperate power grab and doomed to failure in the long run, if for no other reason than it assured that any Irish Republicans in Nebraska were not likely to vote Republican again in the near future. Who knows, tomorrow may be Christmas." Republican Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire urged the President to simply abolish winter by fiat. Amos had been "a newspaper editor, party organizer, political propagandist, postmaster general, telegraph builder, and promoter of language for the deaf." Amos had helped found, and had left most of his fortune to, Gallaudet University, the unofficial national school for the deaf. But James had moved on to a new young friend, George Villiers, and was no longer interested in Robert. But a 1598 book written by Francis Meres does mention twelve plays defiantly written by William Shakespeare, including Two Gentlemen of Verona, A Comedy of Errors, Love Labors Lost, King John, Titus and Adois, Romeo and Juliet, and Henry IV, and what must be a lost work, William Shakespeare's The Matrix Redux". * The usual argument given by the "antistratfordians" is that Will was the front man for a nobleman who could not publicly admit to being involved in the theatre, not because being theatrical back then was considered "gay" - there was no "gay" stigma before the Victorian era - but being theatrical was, periodically, illegal. They were looking forward to a few weeks holiday touring Europe when in the midst of the bon voyage celebrations an angry ex-city worker took a shot at brand new New York City Mayor, William Gaynor - shades of Garfield's shooting! Gayner was hit in the throat, and in the famous photograph taken just seconds after the shots (above), the old man in the white hat rushing to assist Mayor Gaynor, is none other than the late Bob Lincoln - and thus we have photographic proof that Bob was a shlimazel! The doctors largely left Mayor Gaynor alone, and he died of his wounds, three years later. * The only other public occasion which involved a living President and Bob Lincoln was on Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 30th, 1922. The new congress was sworn in on Tuesday, January 7, 1868, and on Monday, January 13th Ă‚ it voted to back Stanton. Biddle. She kept a bright and tidy home for John, planting and maintaining flowers in front of their modest quarters. His corpse was entombed in Westminster Abbey, along with all those kings and queens he thought himself superior to. Please get me a check as soon as possible for $150,000 made payable to American Marketing Inc. It was these ships of the desert, combined with the great river, which built the greatest of West African kingdoms, Mali. * Mansa was the second Musa (or "King of Kings") from Mali to go on Hajji. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the man who had vouched for the value of worthless diamonds and sapphires, reestablished his reputation in 1878 by buying himself a French Legion of Honor Award. Why was this man in an expensive blue and white stripped duster traveling alone? Why had he not taken the bypass? According to Priscilla, he tried to set her mind at ease by telling her that his two servants should be arriving shortly with pack animals. Marshall Institute, The Coalition For Employment Through Exports, AMS Consulting Group, The Environmental Literacy Council, National Foreign Trade Council, The Media Access Project, The American Association of Blacks in Energy, The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, The Heritage Preservation, Biotechnology Industry Organization, The Response Group, National Legal Aid and Defender Association, The Benton Foundation, The National Network for Woman's Employment, The National Organization on Disability, and The Hill, a conservative leaning daily newspaper reporting on events on Capital (or Jenkins) Hill.

* "Almost any important Republican who ... Under the sofa, upon which Victoria had been sitting just two hours earlier, was discovered the grinning horrible edifice of Edward Jones. Barnum's traveling circus. Next,Ă‚ a prostitute named Mary Paterson and a woman begger named Effie made their contributions; ten pounds apiece. And the presence of that third party set the entire state on fire. * This alliance of destitute farmers was the political response to decades of corruption and corporate influence peddling, and a drought not equaled until the dust bowl of the 1930's. But no matter how profligate the wealthy might be in their spending, what the nation needed in the spring of 1894 was more consumers, more members of a working middle class, with disposable income. And it worked, for awhile. But the following year, no concentration of pepper spray was enough to discourage the bucktoothed little omnivours. Overnight they had confidence again in Charles Ponzi. And after thinking the thing over carefully, Mr. It seems so important to me to remember that no matter how traumatic or shocking the news may seem on any given morning, it has always happened before. And when, luckily, the shooting started in Boston, Captain John Paul Jones packed up his resume and offered to fight for his new country as a privatier. At first he did most of his fighting just to get a ship. Bob was also the only child of Abraham Lincoln to reach adulthood, and to have childern of his own. He managed but a few whispered words with his Jane before a constable and a turnkey placed him under arrest. The instant they attempted to clap him in handcuffs, William drew a pistol. The reality is not that people never change, it is that PEOPLE never change, from Jack the Ripper to Boy George to Mahatma Gandhi to Genghis Khan to Richard Nixon, history is not a trail of regrets, it is a Mobius strip. But like old Joe Kennnedy, John Shakespeare was ambitious. In 1938 he ran himself in the Republican primary for a California Assembly seat and lost. B. Federal spending rose from $9.4 billion in 1940, to $13 billion in 1941, to $30 billion in 1942, and $65 billion by 1943, and from just 9% of the total Gross Domestic Product in 1940, to almost 50%. Astor's "genius" was that he saw the American fur trade was not about fur, it was about dope. See, post-revolutionary war American didn't have enough customers to support a native industry. Just who were these senators that Daugherty claimed would support Harding at the Republican Convention, come June? * When Daugherty refused to take the bait, the reporters suggested he must be expecting Harding to win the nomination in some hotel back room with a small group of political managers, "reduced to pulp by the inevitable vigil and travail" of a deadlocked convention. And the rhyme known as "Burke and Hare" has a similar history, just a bit more bloody.Try to imagine little red headed girls playing jump rope, keeping time by chanting this Scottish ditty, "Up the close and down the stair, In the house with Burke and Hare, Burke's the butcher, Hare's the thief, Knox the man who buys the beef. Will was probably even educated in the King's New School, a sort of junior college for civil service types. Cohen also claimed that his support for Nixon had been ordered by "''...the proper persons from back East. This would later be reprinted on the front page of Haper's Weekly, a national newspaper. Gould scoffed at the idea that Wall Street should be regulated. He called his suspect

Planet X. Honestly I think the odds were pretty good that eventually somebody somewhere was going to shoot him for shooting his mouth off at the wrong time. The show was a comedy that had opened the night before, "Dancing Partner", but no one remembered seeing the judge there. * Stella grew worried when Joe did not return by the 9th of August. The harmless "Pop goes the Weasel" tells the story of a gin addict, gin being a product of the mulberry bush. Hare was so angry over the debt that he decided to take action. So on Friday, July 30th, 1920, they began to draw away the curtain, slowly, like a magician unveiling a disappearing elephant. There were just 18 of them. In 1961 the still single Stella Crater finally wrote a book about Joe's disappearance, and about the man she now realized she had never really known. While Wanesly and Brownrigg stood guard over what was left of their loot, Gibbs and Dawes walked to a tavern Gibbs recalled in the isolated village of Carnarsie. * The tavern was run by the Johnson brothers, John and William. And Congress never did pass that authorisation to pay for the effort. Lawrence until they reached a narrowing of the river at a place called Crysler's Farm. John Paul would not have been surprised to discover that a hundred years had not made the Congress any more rational. And my attempts to get help resulted in the presentation of a large new bill, as opposed to an honest attempt to fix their work. And the court, sitting with Justice Field abstaining, decided "...any duty of the marshal to be derived from the general scope of his duties under the laws of the United States, is 'a law' within the meaning of this phrase." In short, defending judges is the duty of officers of the court, and does not require a specific statute. It is to Amos's credit that, when the war finally came, he publicly supported the Union cause, which, for a Democrat who was unending in his criticism of the Lincoln administration, was not an easy thing to do.The amazing Amos Kendall died on November 12, 1869, at sixty years of age. Politicians are not hired to create perfect systems, just systems that function for the time being. Each piece of organ would be burned before the sufferer's eyes, and when he was completely disemboweled, his head would be cut off." And not quickly removed, with a single swipe of a massive sword or an axe, but via repeated whacks with a meat clever. And when the "Little Magician" took the oath of office in March of 1837, it looked as if the Democrats would rule Washington permanently. It was an accusation never made against General Wilkerson.The debacle of Terre aux Boeufs forced Wilkerson to resign from the army, but the War of 1812 got him reinstated, not as over all commander this time but at least as a general in command of 12, 000 men. But whether she did or not, when Terry's body was examined later by local police, no weapons were found. The partners had agreed to hold their stock until Norwich topped $90 a share. John Boyd was officially declared the official governor of the state of Nebraska. And when President Jefferson (above) had Burr arrested for treason, Wilkerson became his chief witness against Burr. And until the last moment, he was going to lead it himself, since he did not trust Wilkerson, and since the next in the line of command, General Wade Hampton, refused to work under Wilkerson. An eyeless clerk, his feet blown off, tried to crawl away." Joe Kennedy, who would be the father of a President and three senators, was thrown to the floor of the stock exchange by the blast wave. Finally, on August 11th their numbers had dwindled to the point that the Governor of Maryland dispatched Baltimore Police Officers to sweep in and arrest the remaining 80 men on charges of vagrancy. Governor Stark (above) hoped to use the toppling of Boss Tom to propel himself into the U.S. The Red Sox finished the month just five games below .500, their record now at 59 wins and 64 losses. But that wildcat strike indicated that Tey was not just trying to make her son Pharaoh, she was trying to reverse the decline of the power of The Pharaohs. He helped Morse create and run the International Telegraph Company (it would later become

International Telephone and Telegraph). He was living lavishly while average Americans suffered (a gross exaggeration). And just when it looked like this absurdity would be the place where reality could intervene, he followed it with a naked power grab by removing all pretense of an economic motive, and simply stripped the workers of all rights.. But he could not arrest the Democrats. The nation celebrated and cheered, but Victoria thought all infants were ugly and that breast feeding was barbaric.Ă‚ Thus the Palace was crowded with more than the usual number of servants eleven days later, when, just after one in the morning on Thursday December 2nd , a night nurse named Mrs. It turned out to be a lot of work for a mere eight pounds. But what America did posses in 1800 that we do not have today was was land. She died of uterine cancer in 1632, and he died in 1645 of old age and probably, terminal stupidity. And thus ended one of the most amazing murder cases in England history, in which at least four people hanged, and two reputations were destroyed, because they helped to murder a man no body even liked. And isn't it amazing that Planet X became the official IX planet in the solar system? You don't often get to use Roman Numerals in a joke.Ah, but things were about to get even more amazing. Lincoln's last official act before heading out to Ford's Theatre, was to overrule yet another Stanton overreaction. On the day Lincoln died Andrew Johnson from Tennessee was sworn in as President and inherited the pit- bull lap-dog that was Stanton. They did not find them, but within a few days Garfield found he had a raging infection. That forced an immediate audit of the company. He was a Medal of Honor winner who had graduated medical school and then risen to Army Chief of Staff, and had even won the New Hampshire primary. * And while Will Hays had not entered any of the twenty primaries held that year, he still had hopes that Wood and Lowden would deadlock, and the convention would turn to the little Hoosier to beak the tie. * The convention finally got down to the balloting on Friday evening, June 11th, and immediately things started looking up for Hays. Lees had championed innovations such as photographing all arrested suspects, and originated the rouges gallery of their pictures. When Jay started issuing his own maps for sale, Diston sued. It might have been written down as an off day for the Cubs, but Bill Veeck had received several telegrams before the call of "Play Ball" warning that the game was fixed. It is never won, and as long as humans struggle, it is never lost. This was the reason coins came with a date stamped on them. It was not much of a utopia, but it was a successful town. Thank God he turned down a job offer from the English Foreign Service in Nigeria, otherwise we would have been cheated out of such evocative lyrics as, "South of the bor-der, down Mexico way. Here they established what they called Camp Stevens. Over the next four years the number of survivors with brain injuries multiplied. At the peak of that arc, in Timbuktu, slabs of salt, mined from the blistering floor of the heart of the Sahara, and carried 500 miles south across the sands on camel back, were exchanged for the gold. * The salt was then transferred to other canoes for distribution a thousand miles further south in the equatorial heart of black Africa. Calendars could not be changed over night. And if you knew what

they had been doing, it would, in all likelihood, deflate the punch line. "Hurrah, Hurrah, we'll sing the jubalee, Hurrah, Hurrah, for the flag that makes you free, So we sing the chorus now, Wherever we may be, While we go marching to Congress." But if they did sing, it was not for long. Oh, and he also had several pairs of her majesty's bloomers stuffed down the front of his trousers.That afternoon the frightful looking young man (everyone agreed he had a very large head and ugly features) was arraigned in the Queen's Square Police Court, where he gave his name as Edward Cotton. In early December she finally did so and the next day Mr. The Italians labeled him "L'uomo pesce" - the fish man. But as David Letterman could explain, chastisement is not enough to disparage a determined stalker.During this same time Queen Victoria was busy as well. He stood about six feet tall, weighed about 160 pounds. Every dairyman has herd that cattle tend to face uphill, into strong winds or turn their flank steak to the sunny side on a cold morning; and that all seems plausible. Governor Isaac Grey was without doubt the most hated Democratic governor amongst Democrats, in the entire history of the state of Indiana. In 1848, at 38 years old, in Natchez, Mississippi, Jacob had filed a letter of intent to apply for citizenship. Enraged, William fought to his feet, and leveled the second weapon. A culture cannot afford that kind of technology unless it has something to sell. James Wroe, editor of the Observer, acting as a reporter, described the day for his newspaper. He also schooled Tom in local politics, lecturing him that, "The important thing is to get the votes." In 1900 James secured Tom the position of Superintendent of Streets. Once I even cancelled a check just to get some attention. * In desperation I searched the internet for a friendly logo, somebody who followed a different business model. They had no uniforms or training. If there were no cap rock and the oil made it to the surface, it formed a seep. But, for some strange reason, when Dorthy's little group tried to spread the good word that the world was not going to end, the news media was not interested. And at about the same time that William the Conquer was winning the battle of Hastings, the village of Timbuktu was founded. * What made this trade possible, what made the city of Timbuktu possible, was the Niger River and an extraordinary pack animal, the Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius). Nash were seen to argue a great deal, still they seemed happy enough for a year or so. During that year Libbie Custer, wife of the General noted "...a company ball...(was) organized...Officers and ladies attended....Mrs. It seemed a single woman named Ruth Reed was suing Jereboam for child support. The members of the house hung out the windows of their parliment building, mesmerized by the preformance. Never one to let an audience go to waste, Will came stomping out of the hall and ripped open his shirt. The length and complexity of this document indicates a successful man. He first rose to the surface after the 1934 midterm elections, when, improbably, the party in power added nine more seats in the House and nine more in the Senate. Robert Welch died in 1985. And, amazingly enough, the corporation was not accused of robbing a single grave. Each ominous river and stream crossing on "The Trace" was reputed to be the unmarked graves of boatmen who had been set upon by gangs of "Land Pirates". "For everyone you take out, two more will come in". This appears to be caused by dust, debris, and other particles which strike his eyes at high velocity during his flights. Worse yet, for Chappe's family, he copyrighted every thing about his brilliant invention except the name. * In 1837 a failed Calvinist minister, a proslavery Federalist, a pedantic anti-catholic and anti-Semitic

conspiracy freak named Samuel Fineley Breese Morse, co-opted the name for his "electronic telegraph" which he copyrighted from top to bottom, including the name. Stunned, the floor demonstrators paused for a breath, and in vague confusion the demonstrations petered out. Except, Herbert had not left the building. He was in fact, just off stage, waiting to be recalled by the carefully prepared demonstrations, and proclaimed the nominee by acclamation. Webster's dictionary gives a horribly generalized definition. Lindberg and her son, the as yet unknown flyer Charles Lindberg, to convince the management of tiny radio station WJR to provide him with a free hour on Sunday afternoons. On the contrary, good will and benevolence were slopping over...Mr. "The price of farmland, except near cities, averaged between ten and fifteen dollars per acre...Many an Eastern farm must have sold in 1800 at a higher price than it did, with better buildings, in 1900." The values of actual sales were in direct contrast with the official price, set in 1795 at a mere $2 an acre. Under Father Perignon the cuvee, or the vat, in which each blend was made, became the measure of Champagne, the equivalent of its vintage. His father was a successful banker, and when Andrew was 17 he loaned the boy enough cash - at reasonable interest rates - so that he could found his own lumber company, following the mantra, "What would father do?" After paying daddy back and making a small fortune of his own, Andrew sold out. He was reported seen prospecting for gold in California, shooting craps in Atlanta, on a steamer in the Adriatic and running a bingo game in North Africa. Every summer night for the next 23 years, Percival Lowell (above) sat at the bottom of his telescope, observing Mars. Mr. The result was 31 Canadian dead, 148 wounded and 13 missing, while General Wilkerson admitted 102 killed, 237 wounded , but he never gave a total for the missing. Of course most of the judges had been appointed by Thayer, but Boyd chose not to call the Lincoln County Sheriff again. But all these incidents made it into the 1,723 page report the examiner provided to the two Federal judges who would decide the case. In his sales brochures he called it a "telegraph" (Greek for "far writing"). Now, because of the time compression, deleted conversations, subtle "background" music additions and the myriad of other minor manipulations that fall under the label of "editing", the only common element between a modern day "Survivor" contestant and Mr. As a political manipulator Murray claimed to have created Earl Warren, who was elected California Governor in 1942. And the investors, many of whom had stood in line for hours to hand over their lives' savings, got back just thirty cents on every dollar. Wrote the London Times, "The purchasers were evidently unacquainted with precious stones; they purchased without reference to size, weight or quality, the lot including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. Knox made a nice living displaying brains freshly removed from skulls and explaining how the corpses' medulla oblongata was just as highly developed as that of the Bishop of Edinburgh, or discoursing upon the ways an alcoholic liver reminded him of the Lord Mayor of Edinburgh. The deal gave Vanderbilt his monopoly, but it also revealed that the Erie was bankrupt. She shrieked and Stockpole, who was following her closely, grabbed her handbag. Then we would take the address and assign them to people we could depend on - prostitutes, thieves, floaters, anybody we could get on the voting registration books. As the following battalions crossed the bridge they heard shooting to their front. On the frontier, as in the Eastern cities, money talked. Those kinds of obstacles and those kinds of delays made the world a very complicated place. The price of wheat skyrocketed, and entire civilizations of farmers and fishermen became hobos, stealing that they could not buy, be it food or and new place to live. At this point Republican Senator Johnson challenged the chair directly, telling him, "No man will be scared by you." "You're awfully scared now, " said the Democrat. William "Billy" Ralston (above), aka "The Magician of San Francisco", founder and manager of the Bank of California, had no intention of suffering a similar fate. Nobody did, really. ""My Dear Mr. And still their Austrian officers drove them onward, without stopping for food or rest. The b-tch was back. In desperation, Johnson turned to a character he could control, a 63 year old paper pusher, the Armies' Adjutant-General, Lorenzo Thomas (above). Contact the E-town Heritage Council for details. It came out of Paris, turned left, looped all the way around the city and re-entered on the other side

of town. Biddle. The economic engine had lost its spark. So button up your top button, zip up your pants, tie your shoes and look out for that cat. Bartolomeo's Vanzetto's sentencing was set by Judge Thayer(above) for  the middle of August. On the face of it Althea came out ahead. And that was why it was in Lathrop that Althea and David Terry gave their final performance. "The only sin passion can commit is to be joyless." Dorothy Sayers In the morning of Wednesday, August 14th , the Los Angeles train pulled into Lathrop station(above). Two years later, the Denver News would still note, "There are millions of heads of families partially or wholly out of employment...In the agricultural districts wages have fallen onehalf. Collectively they were called a harem, but that conjures up Victorian images of sex starved coquettes waiting impatiently for the a few moments attention from their sugar daddy - a male Egyptologist's fantasy if ever there was one. And once the crowd was captured, and while they were resting their buying muscles, Browne would make his appearance and pitch his ideas of going off the gold and silver standards, and union organizing. And to encourage women to vote Republican, fashion shows were staged. Every show would start with a woman wearing a wooden barrel on suspenders, marked, "If The New Deal Wins", followed by lovely models in Paris designs, marked "If Landon Wins." Women were expected to be swayed by such "fashion politics". A few weeks before the election, thousands of workers opened their paychecks to find what looked like an offical government notice. Three years later, Boyton bought the property and replaced the elephant with a large ballroom. His unexpected arrival stunned the Islamic potentates of Cairo and Mecca out of their smug self assurance, and shocked the European Christians out of their complacency. Put those together, even on the hyperspeed of cyber-news cycle, and you get a circle f--k of horrible and continuing perportions. Alexis de Tocqueville saw that "In Manchester civilized man is turned back almost into a savage." A social commentator described how "twelve or sixteen persons" were living in single room apartments. People dropped dead all the time in 17th century France. But at issue was not what the average American thought, but what the bought and paid for politicians in Washington and the various state capitals were willing to publicly consider. McMasters' ex-employer, The Post, had paid him $500 for the all the dirt on his new employer. McMasters said he had not been a Ponzi employee for very long before he realized that his boss was, in McMasters' own words, "a financial idiot who didn't know how to add". What finished the poor schmuck off, on September 19, 1881, was a heart attack, which is what kills you after two months of fever and diarrhea. "Even in the backwoods, he rode around in gold stirrups and spurs while seated on a leopard skin saddle cloth." He also fathered six children with two wives, and one of his distant ancestors tried valiantly to defend his reputation. Their problem was that none of them could agree upon who the party should rally around, either. What seemed impossible at the time was that from the moment Grierson rode out of La Grange, Tennessee, Vicksburg had just five weeks left as a major Rebel supply base. With that much profit to be made, such an collection of offended egos did not portend a profitable future for any one not skilled at bureaucratic infighting. - 30 * FRIDAY: MAY I HAVE A WORD WITH YOU?

* How a Bad Joke Shaped the World's Language. SUPREME SELF-CONFIDENCE I could tell you a lot of nasty thing about General James Wilkerson (above), but in the spirit of Donald Rumsfeld's memoir, let me begin by offering some known positives. Call it a lesson in unintended consequences. * "I want to make a million dollars in one year, that's all." Tommy Corcoran 1940 * Under Roosevelt's protection, Tommy's created Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers - U.S. The cityand empire of mystery had been killed by ignorance. * - 30 *  SUNDAY - THE  LIBERTARIAN HERO * The Anti-Christian Faith In Money THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART SIX I believe it was the great Sam Rayburn - Speaker of the House for so long they got to calling him "Mr. This attracted the attention of the woman sitting next to him. On the plus side, they were joined by 42 reporters from various newspapers, just about one reporter for every two marchers. A financial reporter for the Boston Post, Princopio Santosuosso, wrote a column, questioning Ponzi's financial scheme, and Ponzi sued him for liable. The first victim to be tortured, er, I mean the first suspect to be questioned was the apothecary, James Franklin, who admitted to preparing seven concoctions to be used against Thomas Overbury; sulfuric and nitric acids, copper vitriol, mercury powder, arsenic powder (lapis cotitus), "great spiders and cantharides, otherwise known as Spanish Fly. According to Franklin the list had been prepared by Mrs. The Unetice and the Frisian languages, art, religion and culture all had to be devoured before our language, art, religion and culture could come into existence. It went way up above the clouds, so far that a current of air struck it and carried it many, many miles away. Thorn, the manager of the neighboring Grand Hotel; "Miss Hill (is) a particular friend of mine, and a lady of unblemished character and of good family. And that is the kind of political victory that only makes sense when figured by the quarterly profit and loss

statements of a corporation, like the big railroads in the 19th century, or the big banks in the 21st century. But he had come back the following night, December 1st, at about 1 A.M., and had hidden in the Palace all the next day until he was caught. The American Humane Society has taken note that if one herd member is shocked by an electric fence, the entire herd avoids the wire. To instead have named Clark as the acting governor was an insult Lewis was not required to deliver and had probably not intended upon delivering. He hated the teasing and ribbing about it to the day he died. Fifty years before the first swimmer made it, Paul paddled across the English Channel while floating in an inflatable rubber survival suit. ,"financier" named Serge Rubinstein came under investigation for draft evasion. As one St. I guess Julia was just not very lucky. As others have noted, "The story told by Harrison is conspicuously and childishly false." And as a Mr. Now anyone who has experienced the Parisian version of "good manners" can imagine what came next; the locals mocked the bewildered peasants and made them feel like complete Americans,...ah, I mean,fools. There Paul erected the greatest innovation so far in entertainment history; a fence - with a ticket booth at one end. That was lucky. The blast shattered Auguste's right arm. And Voor Huisen Project Management paid him $300,000. Knox's dissection class where the product was found, waiting to do her service for the medical profession. Bazarro, and that the silent veiled lady who always followed him around was Bizarro's wife. Stella Crater in her lawsuits against the insurance companies; the second source is from a letter marked "Not to be opened until after my death", left behind in the first decade of the 21st century by a 91 year old widow; and the third source is news stories published in the 1950's. "The little rascals", he thought, "They're just amazing." Yes, rascals indeed; and not merely amazing, but horrible, too. Welch spewed out such gems of wisdom as, "When Woodrow Wilson, cajoled and guided even then by the collectivists of Europe, took us into the first World War, while solemnly swearing that he would never do so, he did much more than end America's great period of happy and wholesome independence of Europe. Book copying was a big business in Timbuktu. * Musa ruled his kingdom for perhaps 25 years. He served a one year term in the State Assembly, during which he joined a N.Y. I paid their price more than once, invested in the new programs they suggested, struggled with the new manuals they led me to, and the end was always the same, on the telephone arguing over service verses payment. She preached there for a small congregation for the rest of her life, preaching of the approaching doomsday and the rescue of faithful via flying saucers, before"transitioning" to a higher plane in 1992 - 38 years after she saw the world end. Grierson and 1,700 troopers of the 6th and 7th Illinois and the 2nd Iowa cavalry regiments (above) on a raid deep into Mississippi, to do as much damage to the Central Mississippi Railroad as possible, even cut it if he could. But "Tricky Dick" eventually found a way to make it "tenable". When he saw that every other rancher had branded their cattle, Augustus decided there was no need for him to bother with the expense of branding his. * In 1847, when Samuel moved back to San Antonio, he left his cattle under the care of his ranch hands, who saw no reason to pay more attention to their jobs than their absentee boss. He was a natural born hucksture, a salesman in the extreme. In 1868 he homesteaded 160 acres in the Salt River Valley. Secondly, the politician must have made a major jerk of themselves in the past year. She had very wealth parents. And so when Asbury Harpending stepped off the train in Pennsylvania Station in the spring of 1872, it was Charles Tiffany's valuation of the gems that he was seeking. But connecting the work of Scottish geologist James Hutton and the English Naturalist Charles Darwin, whose "Origin of Species" had been published in 1859, it seemed it might be unimaginably old, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years old.

* In 1866, after serving in the Civil War, Lyman Stewart returned to the oil fields. John Slack left an estate of $1,611.14. And Coolidge would last another nine years before he died. Jacob was late to the board meeting because he had stopped in the corporate stock transfer room to convert Erie "convertible bonds", bought weeks earlier on the London Stock Exchange, into Erie common stock. Finally, in 1912, he actually charged her with adultry in court papers. However there was malaria, and plenty of it. But here it was downright murder." John Lees died of his wounds on September 7, 1819. Regulations define the market. There were literally millions of Americans in agony. Edward, deciding on a brazen approach, charged the officer. She stayed there a short time before, after changing her name to "Sister Theda", she moved to Peru and established a religious retreat on the shores of Lake Titicaca. There were 11 deaths at the Speedway between 1947 and 1960. And the furniture dealer, who had started all the questions about Charles Ponzi, he did not even get his furnture back. On Monday, August 16, 1920, Bartolomeo Vanzettii was bought back before Judge Webster Thayer for sentencing in the Bridgewater attempted robbery case. He was, in the words of that genius Bruce Catton, " of the men tossed up by the tormented decade of the 1850's (John Brown was another) who could help to bring catastrophe on but not do anything more than that." That the North had twice the population of the South, that the North had ten times the industrial and agricultural capacity, that slavery was already dieing in the South, that the North would not fight to end slavery but would fight to preserve the union, that Lincoln did not believe the Federal government had the power or the right to outlaw slavery, all this meant nothing to Yancey. This was a two seat two car roller coaster, and the first in the world to feature a complete 360 degree 25 foot tall loop. N'o more shall sorrow grip us, We're on the way to wealth...With a glass in every hand; Sing to Coxey and his army, And free lunch all in the land.""...and the Witch said to the Scarecrow, "What will you do when Dorothy has left us?" "I will return to the Emerald City," he replied, "for Oz has made me its ruler and the people like me. In Chicago 100,000 homeless men were sleeping in the streets. But by then the tradition of humiliating people for your own amusement on the first day of April had become popular. And the villain who requested this barrage of food born punishment, was the lady Francis (Howard) Carr. Francis (above, another impression) was smart enough to confess her crime under the mere threat of torture. Postal Service, there were only about 27,000 coupons in circulation, worldwide. I don't think she'll mind. In 1922 Hays took another job, running the Hays Production Code office, which set standards for on- screen morality in the Hollywood film industry. Federal clerks toiling away in the unconditioned offices now numbered a daily invasion of 200,000, since most could only afford to live outside the district. He suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage in the summer of 1926. After he disappeared rumors said he had committed suicide or (more likely) run off with a show girl, or that he had died in bed with a prostitute or was killed for reneging on a debt. Quickly his grief, and the ridicule and the questions, asked and unasked, became too much to bear and two days after returning from patrol to find his" wife" dead, John Noonan deserted his post and on November 30, 1878, shot himself to death with his rifle. John Noonan now lies buried now in the National Cemetery adjacent to the Little Big Horn Battlefield, his tombstone identical to all the others who died in the service of their country on the Western Frontier. And rightly so. But there is no headstone (and no grave) for Mrs. However, when he died in 1892, Jay Gould was the ninth richest man in America, worth about $77 million. Hamilton even borrowed from friends in

order to keep James silent. I agreed to it." The assignations took place at 888 Fifteenth Street in Washington, between K and L streets (above), in a run-down racially mixed neighborhood just around the corner from the Sickles' rented home. Louis, where he was working in the affiliated professions of cabinet maker and coffin maker. And at the bottom of this pyramid of profit it was possible for yeoman farmers to pay as much as 40% interest to buy their farms. for the initiated. Often it was nearly impassable, and its dismal condition was disparaged and deplored by the local press and public." English General Braddock had almost been defeated by this very stretch of road long before he was killed in Pennsylvania, a generation before the American Revolution. And on his return in 1807 from that three year, 6,000 mile trek across the continent, President Thomas Jefferson had rewarded him with the governorship of the Upper Louisiana Territory. It was so unlike him to sneak out of town before the his chance at a really grand performance. - 30 WEDNESDAY; PASSION AND OTHER SINS The Lady Loses Her Mind PASSION AND OTHER SINS; PART ONE "Love without passion is dreary; passion without love is horrific." Lord Byron I should begin by reminding you of one of the lesser known legends of the Greek Goddess Psyche, which describes her as persecuted by Venus because the girl was so beautiful. It was not going to help them. Shortly after paying Ralston to go away, Philip Arnold opened a hardware store at 58 public square in "E" town. But it did fail, and the terror was inspired only by those who read the reporter's inventions. And to hear him tell it, the hypocrisy of the political attack and counter-attack against Anna had awakened an almost religious hunger for justice in the twenty-two year old...or so he said. But having brought America to the precipice of civil war by one compromise piled upon another, he could see no solution except by another compromise. It's 2.5 liter engine was about half the size of the Offenhauser's. Janin (above - still not him) enjoys the confidence of those who appreciate merit and worth " Still, somehow, amongst all that praise, it is difficult to find either profile as positive toward his talents in his life's work. Mr. His family name was English. But it was just a cover for his real career in Washington. And, as a topper, the War Department denied any expenditure for fresh fruit for the troops; too expensive. But Murray's tactics in that campaign so alienated Warren that the Governor refused Murray's help for his 1946 re-election campaign. On the morning of the race, if you told me my house had burned down, I'd say, "So what?" The moment that race starts is always the greatest moment of my life, and the day I win that race, it will be as if my life has ended. They responded to her by bringing in the oat crop before the winter rains ruined it. * On September 19th, Charles Stuart Parnell (above), an Irish politician, addressed a mass meeting in the town of Ennis. But it was a beginning. And amazingly, since that date, almost nobody seems to have noticed, he won. So, no matter what the right wing sympathizers may chortle about in their blog posts, Roosevelt won. The sister of an officer in the Nubian Archers, who was one of the "harem six", urged her brother to "Incite the people to hostility! And come thou to begin hostility against thy lord." Well, I suppose, she could have been more circumspect. He was warned what was coming, and he walked into it anyway. The connotation became negative because after Warren G. He opened a factory in

Greenwich Village, where he repackaged sodium carbonate powder as "Pyle's OK Pearline Soap". Army pilots in American P-40 fighters, bearing Chinese markings, which were shooting down Japanese aircraft a full year before Pearl Harbor. * Ă‚ But at the same time, now technically a private citizen, Tommy was also paid $25,000 to introduce Henry Kaiser (above) to the chief of the Production and Management Office. In fact he was a hound, and his sexual proclivities were not directed toward monogamy with either of his wives. But the incident made clear that the nominally bucolic Wyatt Earp would not sit idly while his honor or his life was insulted, not even by a woman. * So when George Hoyt began blasting away in the dark, Wyatt made the immediate assumption that the cowboy meant to kill him. There were 88 Democrats in the army, 39 Republicans and 10 who declared themselves to be members of the Populist party. There, mail clerk Leonard Mochel delivered May to her destination, the home of Mrs. In fact the Canadians reported the battlefield covered with American dead and captured 120 Americans. The dreaded day came on Thursday, February 24, 1859. And it can do it for fifty years. * The camel was first domesticated in Arabia about 3.500 years ago, and by the time they were introduced into the Sahara by Arab traders about the second century A.E, there were few wild dromedaries left. David McCullaum was an economic author who, under the no de plume of "One of the Dogs", a supposed Cherokee Indian, had written a pamphlet entitled "Dogs and Fleas". It took two trials, but in July Gregor McGregor was found... Continued Mr. Some people succeed while you fail because they are more talented than you are, or more persistent or prettier, and some are smarter...and some are just so lucky they could walk through a car wash and not get damp. General Grant (above) really had three enemies to defeat. Browne even knew The Great's Unknown Smith's real name, A.B.P. Driven by passion William slipped into the central court room at the Old Bailey with two loaded pistols in his coat pocket. When the weather cooled for Bond Event Seven, (ten thousand years ago) humans responded with the invention of agriculture. I do not believe it to be organic in nature-rather, he has a number of unresolved issues in his personal and professional life which cause him distress. Morse's business manager. Fox, do not be a coward. The little Green house, now a little green office building, sat empty, waiting for something to happen. She could have stared in the "Jersey Shore". * Well, she wasn't a girl, she was a grown woman who had given birth to three sons, and she was at least forty years old by now. The Frisian villages along the Baltic coast were the likely target. Searching for oil beneath the ground remained in 1859 a matter of pure luck - or, if you asked Lyman Stewart, divine intervention. * On December fifth 1858, Layman used his life savings of $125 (equivalent to $3,000 today) to buy an option on a section of land not far from Penn Oil's big score. After this it appears that Oliver made a clean getaway, no mean feat for a man with no feet...or legs. Not a one. But to the vast army of

unemployed, that did not seem to be so much an answer as a justification as to why Ford's family was not going hungry like theirs. It did not matter. The game went on for two years, with Hamilton enjoying the nubile Maria in Philadelphia, while urging his wife to stay in Connecticut. Corcoran. At about two the following afternoon, as Daniel was being comforted by yet another drinking buddy, Samuel Butterworth, he spotted Phillip Key walking slowly back and forth on the street in front of his house on Madison Place, waving a white handkerchief in the general direction of Terressa's bedroom. * Daniel took the time to put on an overcoat, dropped a revolver and two derringers in the pockets, and went charging out on the street. He did not discover it. That had been the last significant road improvement project the Federal Government had undertaken, over ninety years earlier. Now this motley Army was petitioning their government for a new, larger investment in national infrastructure. Do you get the feeling that the public morality of neither the times nor Mr. Beauchamp was not quite what they claimed to be?Frankfort was a wooden town of just 1,500 souls when Jereboam arrived in November of 1825. Then he said: "Do you suppose Oz could give me a heart?" "Why, I guess so," Dorothy answered. Then he became Secretary of State, a post he held into the next administration, until May of 1800 when President John Adams fired him because Pickering wanted to declare war against the French. * This was the man Fort Pickering had been named after. Just the year before, in far off Germany, Dr. Their man was a proven expert in finance, and wealthy enough and so well connected to the power strucutre in Boston and New York that he was not afraid of the little Italian's lawyers. Still, the actual turnout favored men by 18%. After befriending the Bates (victim), the rope would allow himself to be convinced to share his inside info on some of the fabulous business opportunities available for any America with a little ready cash. The tick and the disease were endemic amongst the herds of Texas Longhorns, which had developed a resistance to the fever. The bureaucrats argued that Francis was already on salary, which meant they had already paid him for the design. A bowie knife was stripped from David Terry's fist, and a loaded pistol was confiscated from Althea's purse. Regulations create the market. In this cause the first joke, to the jokesters, was the anit-bell ringing law itself. But in its first century of its existence, the distance remained a significant challenge. Thus, should Gray offer his resignation in exchange for the Republican dominated legislature appointing him an United States Senator , they were likely to agree, since that would make the Republican Robertson the new Governor. And for Harold's sake, I hope that prediction comes true. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." L. While the army was officered almost solely by German speaking Austrians, the bulk of the soldiers were divided between Italian speaking Lombards from south of the Alps and Slavic speakers from the Balkans. At its southern end is "The Narrows", which closes to a little less than a mile wide channel. * In 1917 the town of Halifax, home to 50,000, rose on the steep hills along the west side of the Narrows, while the suburb of Dartmouth, with a population of 6,500, occupied the east shore. *

And beyond the bottleneck of The Narrows was Halifax Harbor, which opened directly to the North Atlantic. A few moments later Harry Morris, the conductor, stumbled upon the little girl sitting quietly atop a pile of mail bags. Karl Marx referred to this as the "Club Effect", when he said, "I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." Or was that Groucho Marx? Anyway...There were inside-joke clubs, like the Association of Presidents of Bankrupt Insurance Companies, or the Mammoth Cod Association, or the Flouring Committee. And then, to everyone's dismay, after Richard had strangled to death, the youngest boy, John, whose confession had just led to the execution of his family, recanted his confession. "Hamilton's plan was to gather quick returns even if speculators would also profit greatly from land sales...over one-half of the land disposed of by the federal government in the history of this country went through the hands of professional land dealers before it was occupied." * What this meant for early America was noted by Krout and Fox in their seminal 1944 book, "The Completion of Independence". He started screaming. described in the most alarming terms. The Astorians, as they referred to themselves, surrendered to reality, secure in the knowledge that whatever nation's flag was flying over the fort it remained the private property of an English citizen who had hired mostly French Canadians to do his dirty work. Another route up the Tallahatchie was blocked by a Rebel fort. And Astor saw the connection between those two. Plugged into the global English banking system, Astor realized he could buy furs in the Pacific Northwest from native Americans for the price of some fish hooks and axes, sell them in China and Japan for working capital, with which he could buy Afghanistan opium, which could be sold in China at an enormous profit.  He claimed that the unnamed man had long since departed, but that he had been living in the palace for the past year, dressed as a chimney sweep to allay suspicions if he were spotted during the day. During the evenings he sat upon the Queen's throne, and examined the books and paintings in her library. It sounds fraught with opportunity for delays and errors, and it is. Boyd was out and ex-governor Thayer was Governor again. But there was a catch, of course. * Neely was not good material for a guardian angel. But above all, Murray Chotiner was my friend. How did you happen to be here?" "We are on our way to the Emerald City to see the Great Oz," she answered, "and we stopped at your cottage to pass the night." "Why do you wish to see Oz?" he asked. "I want him to send me back to Kansas, and the Scarecrow wants him to put a few brains into his head," she replied. The Tin Woodman appeared to think deeply for a moment. College students of today are no more given to sexual escapades than those in 1829, and several of Dr. And some of the people's representatives found comfort in the genius of Charles L'Enfant, who had designed the capital as a series of angled broad straight avenues, each of which terminated in huge traffic circles - a plan guaranteed to reduce tourists to tears, be they barbarian invaders or rebelling peasants, as in the case of Coxey's Army. Chipping Camden looks untouched since antiquity. He enters a chocolate shop twice a day to steal a treat called a "Kinder Surprise". Barnum had to shoot one of his elephants, Charles Tiffany bought the poor pachyderm's hide and had it sewn into cigar cases, diaries and

wallets. And Halleck was forced to slink back again to Tennesee. Once there they shouted a warning for the Imo's crew about their volital cargo. And it was the business of the merchants of Dodge City to separate George from as much of that cash as possible before he left town. That was not quite true. During his 12 years as an independent broker Jacob had built friendships and done favors for local bankers from San Francisco to New Orleans. It is the Camden Wonder. Also, the stuff just did not taste very good. They required relearning how to design, how to maintain and how to drive a race car. * The next year rookie Parnelli Jones qualified in a roadster at an average speed of 150 mph. Phillip Key was living proof of the old adage about fruit never falling very far from the sapling tree. In 1862 he was named Secretary of State, and remained in that post until the end of the war, when he managed to escape to England. Even the vino impaired English resisted consuming the "weird and foaming" wine the Counts of Champagne tried to unload on them. In fact he earned his nickname "Legs" by avoiding these murder attempts. He hired his own attorney and on January 13th 1891, appealed to the state Supreme Court. * His argument was inventive; John Boyd was not qualified to be governor because he was not an American citizen because he had not been born in America. If  they had just stopped earlier, they would have been a successful politician. Then, as the clock approached two in the morning, he knocked on a side door. Barron (above), and besides residing in a mansion at foot of Beacon Hill, he was also the owner and editor of "The Wall Street Journal." Within a year he would also found "Barron's", making him the unofficial "diarist of the American Dream". First, Barron's staff checked the public records. The only difference is we don't know how to speed faster and Eddie Sachs did. It was almost a repeat of the 1838 shooting When the hot headed Yancy reached for his gun, Hill grabbed the only weapon at hand, an inkstand, with which he hit Yancey on the head. In 2005 the mystery was solved (we think) at the University of Nice, France. They also disappeared into the surf. The mob wanted him lynched. Ramses now followed Ramses with such rapidity that the High Priest of el-Kab who had helped Ramses III celebrate his Heb Sed, was still in office when Ramses IX died in 1111 B.C.E. Only now, with the ranks of his opponents thinned, did the captain dispatch able seamen. It was a voice, added the commentator, "made for lies." As the radio show grew in popularity Charles he started a magazine, "Social Justice" and soon it had over 30 million readers. The subscriptions that poured in built a new, magnificent octagonal edifice on Twelve Mile Road and Woodward, in Royal Oak, and paid for Charles' network of broadcast stations.Coughlin blamed communism for the rising divorce rate, and called for old age insurance for American workers - what would eventually become Social Security. When five of his passengers went sightseeing and missed his deadline to return, Thorn weighed anchor and set sail, leaving them desperately rowing for three hours to catch up. Home-building dropped by 80%..." The stock market simply followed suit. ...for some reason, a gadabout Englishman named Alfred Rubery (above), whose only claim to fame up to this time was having been convicted of outfitting a raider for the Confederacy in a San Francisco, having been sentenced to ten years in prison for this, but then having been pardoned by President Lincoln and expelled from America. As she sank into the muddy waters of the bay the four men in the low riding skiff set off for shore, at what is today Rockaway Beach. *

It was not beach weather. Just five years later, on Tuesday, August 20,1878, Philip Arnold got into a fist fight in a bar with Henry Holdsworth, who worked at a competing bank. Dawes and Brownrigg served short jail terms, and disappeared from history. So, many land sales were foreclosed upon again and again. And nobody knows exactly where. Of course, it turns out, working at a distance has its own price. To put his plan in motion Astor hired two men. And not very long after his death, Althea miraculously found a new will, in which the late Senator left every thing to her, and nothing to his three children. Most of these existed merely to allow their wise-acrer creators to announce non-existent meetings for these non-existent clubs in the newspapers. There was no coup d'tetat because at nine a.m. Mr. But the stories of so much gold attracted the interest of European monarchs, and in the sixteenth century Portuguese "explorers", pushing down the coast, reached out and destroyed Timbuktu without ever seeing the city. And thus, a firebrand is also a perfect description of a dangerous poltican. This was Manchester in the summer of 1819; simmering with discontent. But at the core of this darkness was the Manchester Observer, called by Henry Hunt, "the only newspaper...fairly and honestly devoted to such reform as would give the people their whole rights." In March of 1819, the newspaper began calling for a public rally to support the election of a sympathetic member of parliament; that man would be, in all probability, Henry Hunt (below). But she did not remain so for long. In 1873, the lady, now called "Old Mrs. And thus so did the Army. And while the level of violence never approached the legends, meeting a group of strangers at an isolated ford or forest clearing, could still be an unnerving experience.Robert Evans Grinder and Priscilla Knight were both born within sight of Moore's knob (above), the 1,700 foot high granite mountain that looms over Stokes county, North Carolina. And it was extremely unlikely if anyone would have paid any attention to the march whatever had not the editor of the Massillon Independent posted notice of Jacob Coxey's grand plan on the national wire services. And like most gamblers, he usually lost. This was the fifth time they had achieved that mirserable distinction, in just the last five games. They could have been the direct ancestors of today's Washington Senators. Everybody else, Helen M'Dougal, Margaret and William Hare, got a walk. It was clearly a case of an excessively outspoken squirrel. - 30 Genius

See all 3 photos GENIUS The Beginning I want to try an experiment, telling the story of the most amazing military campaign in American history, U.S. Ă‚ The officials hoped that since the boy had been chastised and would be kept under a close watch, he would stay away from the Queen and the Palace. When the Battle of New Orleans was fought on January 8, 1815, the War of 1812 had been over since the Treaty of Ghent had been signed on December, 24, 1814. That "enough force" had a name - General Douglas MacArthur (above, left). His first broadcast (above), on October 3, 1926 produced only eight letters in response.

What Percival had seen as canals proved, when seen through a bigger newer telescope, to be just an optical illusion, or maybe the blood vessels in the back of Percival's own eye. Thanksgiving would now be not the last Thursday in November, but the fourth. He opened a string of service stations, to sell his gasoline. waterboarded), tried in secret, and on July 16, 1676 she was forced to drink eight pints of water (more waterboarding)... Amazingly he's a little too short to be Superman. He was seeking a job as a secret agent for the Spanish government. This was his job application as a traitor. "Do your shopping early. In England the basic unit of currency was the "Pound Sterling", which was minted from 16 ounces of real silver. But that merely meant that now the children would be just as miserable as Andrew was. By 1920 Andrew had become so brittle that one writer would described him as a "dried-up dollar bill waiting to be blown away". It could be grown almost year round. But they only made about six miles that day, stopping for the night at the little community of Hyattstown, where some of the men were provided with home cooked meals by locals, and the rest were welcomed to camp along Little Bennett Creek. And monks, who usually established their monasteries on poor soil, grew grapes and fermented wine. The playboy dropped to the ground, begging, "Don't shoot me", and shouting, "Murder." Now Daniel finally pulled his revolver. It must have been the most bizarre procession that ever walked down Washington's 16th street, not excepting the parade formed by Dolly Madison as she fled the White House in 1813, with wagons piled high with silverware and paintings, just ahead of the British arsonists. As they had formed up for the final march, Carl Browne had told the men, "The greatest ordeal of the march is at hand. But the only person who died, if not immediately, was Auguste. Indeed Boyd had been born in Ireland in 1834. However Mr. But over several days of constant questioning, John told several stories. He was the Republican National Chairman, and had hopes of being President himself in 1920. He was one of two men from the Alamo elected to the Texas Independence Convention. Even when the courts re-opened after the summer recess on August 28 without Judge Crater, no public alarm was raised. * Then, finally, on September 3, 1930, the dam broke, when a desperate Stella finally called the New York City Police to report her husband missing. When Hampton got word that Wilkerson was now in command, and as threatened, he resigned.As was to be expected, Wilkerson's army was poorly fed, and poorly supplied. But none of the Imo's crew spoke French. And after their 1824 wedding, as soon as it was convenient, Jereboam traveled to Frankfort, looking to settle the score with Mr. Harding because he was a handsome ladies man. And with that weight lifted, the Army moved on 14 miles to Addison, Maryland. Twenty years later, Jacob Coxey would explain why he stood up for Carl Browne (above) that cold morning in a half empty opera house, and why he had tolerated the bombast and pretense which Carl Browne exhibited, and why he trusted him despite the man's less than sterling past. There were differences, of course. But the rails did not reach unbroken to the western sea until November, when Leland's own California Pacific Railroad finished a bridge over the San Joaquin River, just south of Lathrop. She always wore a veil or a shawl, and it was assumed this was because of scaring from smallpox or one of the many other skin diseases common at the time. The Harding landslide was the biggest in American history until 1984 when Ronald Reagan took every state in the union, except Massachusetts. In the box was the body of a child who seemed to have had died of natural causes. As it was, 19 year old William immediately woke up his older brother John, and after

examining the weary horse's hooves, the brothers searched the beach. Having predicted the end of the world on May 21, 2011 - at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time - the California prophet of pessimism was forced to explain as of May 22nd, why the world had not ended. Crowds of government workers shouting "Shame, shame" at the soldiers did not shame MacArthur. As he approached the platform he shouted, "Courage comrades. In the Rio Satillo Valley, the eighty year old retired miner was forced to lash himself to a tree and spent that night, and the following Friday, day and night, with just his head and shoulders above the cold pounding waters. The Sacramento, California "Sunday Union" reported on the 22nd, that "The northern edge of this flood...entered the city of Phoenix, flooding out many of the poorer families....About a hundred adobe houses fell in...The churches and public buildings have been thrown open to the shelter-less, and a subscription started for their benefit, but many families are still without protection. Average men might occasionally die for a flag, but for banlers, money always trumps patriotism. - 30 - SUNDAY: GETTING A HEAD Oliver Cromwell Loses His Head. 1920 - GOING OUT WITH A BANG I admit that the game of Tuesday August 31st, 1920 between the last place Philadelphia Phillies, playing 23 games below .500 and nineteen games out of first place, and the Chicago Cubs, battling for the National League title, arouses some suspicion just by reading the box score. Press excellerator, car goes. His name was actually Edward Jones - the London press began referring to him as "Boy Jones - and he was just 14 years old. It is the Camden Wonder. One of his college professors described Birch as "a one-way valve; everything coming out and no room to take anything in". He told her he was going back to the city for a day or two to "straighten those fellows out", but he promised to be back in Maine by August 9, her birthday. He shot himself. But what brought Tom Pendergast down, was another legal business; political consultant. **************************************************************************************** "There are no true friends in politics. And he had chased the shinny metal across the Atlantic. With 293 Electoral votes available, the winner in 1860 had to secure at least half - 146 1/2 votes. But then what can you expect from a man who would honeymoon on April Fool's day? Bad humor moved into the electronic age in 1957 when BBC Television News broadcast a report about the successful and bountiful Swiss harvest of spaghetti.  On April Fool's Day in 1992, National Public Radio in the United States, broadcast the announcement that Richard Nixon was coming out of retirement to run again for President, under the slogan, "I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again." Some years later, ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Company, carried a report that the nation was about to switch to "Metric Time". Russel, "all symptoms of derangement disappeared and he was completely in his senses...". helped preserve the Alamo, donated "Maverick Park" to San Antonio, and lived to swear in his own son, inventor of the term gobbledegook, as Mayor of San Antonio. But after "Mrs. He slept in closets and empty rooms each night, and found what food he could in the kitchen after hours. I guess some things never change. The other members of Birch's group were held for a few hours and then released unharmed. Engineering For Fools SHAKESPEARE ON THE LOW DOWN I am very unhappy with Sir Derek Jacobi. And Van Dyck was correct.

* The instant Gibbs had crossed William Johnson's palm with the silver, the mastermind in William knew that something serious afoot. And in the final rendering the squeaky veal always gets the oil. Jereboam then fled into the night. Louis, the captain was feeling better. He had already moved on to Paris, where, in August of 1825, he issued a new constitution for Poyais, and secured a new 300,000 pound loan through a British bank. Evidently Thomas was unfortunate enough to possess an iron constitution. An inland ocean would form between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains, joining Hudson Bay in Canada with the Gulf of Mexico. Phineas was originally an Egyptian title, meaning a dark or bronze skinned oracle. But Thayer was far from ready to give up. In the Republican Party he is a leader." Harry Truman ******************************************* I would descriibe it as a generation gap. All his life Oliver had been such an imperious narcissistic autocrat, that in retrospect, the despotic and conceited Charles I now seemed reasonable - once Oliver had beheaded Charles. But still nobody was close to the 439 votes needed to nominate. She shouted at one man, "I will shoot him yet; that very man sitting there!" When the examiner asked her to be still, she drew her gun. In return Governor Meriwether Lewis signed an IOU for $379.58. And if I had the chance I would get close enough to get a look at the cab driver's face. The trial of "The Christian Front" conspirators was no easier than the trial of the Chicago Seven. Responded DeMotte, "When he gets ready, he will." * As the Lt. And he took a share in the stocks of every one of them. Andrew (above) was, by 1899, the fourth richest man in America. They have gotten more skilled by following the career path of Tommy Corchoran. And the 21 year old Willaim Johnson returned the $16,000 in pieces of eight left behind in exchange for a very small reward. * On April 22, 1831, on the island which would one day support the Statue of Liberty, criminal masterminds Charles Gibbs and Thomas Wansley climbed the thirteen steps of a scaffold, where they were both hanged by the neck until they were dead. And the $5,100 in cash he left with was meant as a payoff to Diamond. The river is the somnambulant Tollense (above). The fact that he was born a generation too late to experience the revolution is irrelevant. Their excitement grew as the minutes ticked by until...nothing happened. That is quite an accomplishment, to have betrayed the most famous traitor in American history. To hear your child screaming the way you've never heard before - it was just bone chilling. The cops were not going to torture the King's mistress, but they would have no hesitation about putting a lower level nobility cutie like Marie on the rack. But one of his sons and a grandson fought for the South, while two other sons and another grandson fought for the union. He explained himself this way; "I am a royalist by trade", a truly conflicted description by a man whom, I suspect, did not fully understand what a tradesman was or did. But Benedict Anton Michael Adam Hapsburg (his real name) was astute enough to hire Amadeus Mozart to waltz his court, and turned him lose to produce his greatest opera, Don Giovanni; and for that we all should be grateful to the man they called the "Musical King". They talk a good fix, and

then refuse to respond to their own mistakes. Crossing over the bridge late in the afternoon, the fatigued scouts fell upon a camp of tzigani, commonly called gypsies. And when Bob Lincoln became the real late Bob Lincoln, he was the last surviving member of the Garfield cabinet - having outlived his rival James Blaine, who did not even make it out of the nineteenth century (he had died, January 1893) . I don't blame Nixon for our economic mess. The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians paid him $1,040,000. But his intentions were put on hold when he chased the California gold strike of 1849. In 1816 he was appointed to Congress, to represent the Blue Ridge 'hollars' and the French River valley of Buncombe Country. * The county was named after American Revolutionary War hero Colonel Edward Buncombe, who had been wounded and captured at the battle of Germantown, in 1777. But he always returned to his first love; astronomy. The only ray of hope in Msr. Constitution. I am here, unarmed." Smith testily responded, "We are all unarmed. She cared for the difficult old man as best she could, in part because Julia became intrigued by the heavy candle box Jacob insisted on keeping under his bed. For forty years Sarah was the editor of the prestigious "Godey's Lady's Book" magazine. The chief admitted, "I've fought several fires in the past that were started by squirrels." So perhaps word of the secret war is slowly getting out. And that was the end of Poyais - in reality. But each stream and river still had to be forded, even if the traveler could afford to pay a toll along those short parallel sections improved by local entrepreneursIn 1802, when Louisiana was still French territory, the customs house in Natchez reported a million dollars worth of tobacco, flower, hemp, cider and whiskey on its way down the Mississippi to New Orleans. And you never give voters more than they can handle. The second named Thomas as Secretary of War. The world takes you at your own valuation. He later justified this hot blooded murder, writing he had been, "Reared with the spirit of a man...and taught to preserve inviolate my honor...", which seems to me like lousy justification for murder. They lay in the river unattended for some time before a flood carried them downstream and stuffed them into a mud bank, like an ancient memento left between the pages of a forgotten diary. He served a one year term in the State Assembly and then joined a N.Y. Then, according to English Wikipedia, "A splash of water was usually employed to wake the man if unconscious...A large cut was made in the gut...and the intestines would be spooled out on a device that resembled a dough roller. On the wrong side of the tracks there were assorted brothels and dance halls where "anything goes". * All the bars served the latest mixed drinks and ice cold beer, and enticed customers with a piano player or, in the case of the Long Branch saloon, a five-piece orchestra. And that anonymity must be driving Oliver out of his skull! - 30 - WEDNESDAY: 1920 - THE YEAR WITHOUT A REVOLUTION Women Elect Warren G. The nondescript wagon stopped unnoted at the corner of Wall and Broad Street. To anyone in the world in the know this was simply "The Corner". Down Broad Street was the New York Stock Exchange. Americans were not offended at the murder, but at the show of marital compassion. Eighty-three percent of eligible voters showed up at the polls and Roosevelt won almost 61% of their vote. Cowboys who found unbranded cattle thus identified them all as the property of "Mr. Jacobi ignored that little problem? - 30 - SUNDAY THE GAME OF POLITICS Theordore Roosevelt Is a Sleezy Poltician - In His Own Words

LEGACY OF A FIRE BRAND I recently heard a politician called a "fire brand". And he wasn't married to either one of them. You see, when the virgin Queen Elizabeth died the early dark of March 24, 1603, she figured it would be better for England if her crown went to the son of her worst enemy, Mary Queen of Scots. William swore on his deathbed that a guard, who seemed to be in on the plot, had first drugged Sir Thomas' wine and then helped William roll the defenseless man over, while William had inserted the tube into the terminal junction of his digestive canal and released the clamp. McKay, ordered to accompany the madman north, handed over his journals and bade his friends goodbye. Some of them had been, and recently. Except. At last the Nation was to have a President and First Lady who have enjoyed exceptional privileges due to family position and wealth". The money was supposed to be paid in 1945, but the men were hungry now, their children were hungry now. C's medical history, I have discovered what I believe to be a unique and heretofore undescribed medical syndrome related to this man's occupation and lifestyle, named Aerial Sleigh-Borne Present-Deliverer's Syndrome, or ASBPDS for short. Twice the camera on Percival's 12" Clark took pictures of the moving X. Philip Arnold did not die quickly. Van Buren's only response to the "Panic of 1837" was to cut government expenditures, so tightly that they even sold the tools used to construct roads and bridges. But the reverse spin on Imo's propeller pulled her into the center of The Narrows, and directly into the path of the looming Monte Blanc. * It was 8:45 A.M., local time. This holiday for the humor-impaired spread around the globe with the new calendar like a fungus, infecting and evolving a little in each afflicted nation. They are what attracted the feckless paranoid lunatic Philip IV. Nobody would ever believe that stuff. Then a hotel in Bladensburg, Maryland provided free rooms for the newly released Coxey and Browne, while the Army cramped in the back yard. And then, as the six months ran out, they began to buy up every share of Erie stock they could find, bidding the price up 15 points above the price of Jacob's options.Ă‚ Jacob remained so blissfully unaware of the doom that was impending, he actually bought even more options, digging the hole he was in that much deeper. * The ultimate "Survivor" moment arrived at the 2:00 p.m. E. Let the games began. * The original badger game involved sticking a live badger in a box and then sending in a terrier. But he could have given her even more comfort if he had told her that he was the Governor of Upper Louisiana Territory, and one of the most famous men in America.. Everything Eddie Sachs thought he knew about race cars was turned on its head. His funeral was attended by 50,000 people. And as the end of the 19th century approached, Percy was attracted by the approach of Mars. * The more people looked at the red planet, the more it looked like earth. Just to amuse myself, and keep the good people busy, I ordered them to build this City, and my Palace; and they did it all willingly and well. At Rawlings Springs station they left the railroad, hired horses and pack mules,

and headed out across " a mass of clay or sand and alkali--a horrible and irreclaimable desert". He had stopped at two other bars earlier but, he claimed later, they weren't crowded enough. So the Senate made it a law, changing just one word. It turns out they were not masterminds of any kind. In desperation his father had sent Edward to work for a builder. He also became the owner of the New York State Oil Company. In terror she ran outside and down the street, eventually literally shaking off her attacker, who next assaulted a builder, and when he proved too robust the attack-squirrel attacked a 72 year old pensioner. I saw diagnostic displays that made the stuff on Star Trek look like a children's art show. It would take five more ballots before the crowd at the Collisseum would give up and hand the nomination to Harding. He has had shortness of breath for several years, which worsens during exertion. He has no evidence of acute cardiac or pulmonary failure, but it was my opinion that he is quite unfit due to his mainly sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits which, along with his stress, smoking, and male gender, place him at high risk for coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, emphysema and other problems. You might think the joke here was that Harrison would win the election but died just a month after his interminable inaugural address. Marie was a tiny pixie-doll of a woman with sparkling blue eyes who seems to have committed no major public sins until she was about thirty.That was when her husband (above) introduced her to a handsome cavalryman named Godin de Sainte-Croix, to whom the husband owed a whole bunch of money. What they would have done if the old boy had not been up to it, I don't know. He died some 13 years after his Hajji, about the year 1337. That closed the Mississippi river at its mouth. The respected endgineer claimed to have washed a ton and a-half of gravel off the platau, which produced 1,648 carats of diamonds, and 7,200 carats of ruby. He ordered an assistant to cash two checks for him, closing out some stock and bond accounts, totaling $5,150 cash. He died in November 1788, broken by his failures. He returned to Cavendish in April of 1849, and Dr. In a Milwaukee speech, he called the program ""unjust, unworkable, stupidly drafted and wastefully financed." It was socialism, communism, and an attempt at the resdistrubution of wealth. The stack got very impressive. The price of bread in Vienna went so high that bakeries in the capital were actually looted. Usually the mystically mistaken spend the rest of their lives rationalizing their inexplicable existence - much as the rest of us do normally. Father Coughlin preached a practical Christianity with, said one observer, "...a voice of such mellow richness, such manly, heart-warming, confidential intimacy, such emotional and ingratiating charm,...". Danaher pointed out, in four out of five years, the last Thursday in November was the fourth Thursday in November. So when my computer became conflicted pondering the morality of down loading my E-mail files, I was as lost as a yacht with engine trouble off the coast of Somalia. Knox unveiled his new corpse for his dissection class, several of the students recognized Jamie, having seen him quite recently - and in good health at that. It is a way of avoiding a solution. In all the others, all she loves is love." Lord Byron Justice Field hung onto his position after his colleges were aware he was senile, merely because he wanted to set the precedent as the longest serving justice on the court. Sharp and thus fulfill his promise to his new bride.Of course there might have been another explanation for the timing of Jereboam's (above) expedition to Frankfort, besides convenience. Louis on October 21, 1810, but traveled only 450 miles up the Missouri River before winter forced him to camp just south of present day St. And no attempt was made to bridge the divides between them. They rewrote the resolution as a law, noting that there was nothing to designate the day as a holiday except the Presidential Proclamation each year. And when, during the campaign, Nixon was accused of influence peddling, it was Murray who tore up Nixon's resignation telegram to Ike, and pushed him to make his famous "Checkers speech.

* "We did get something, a gift," confessed Nixon. The stench was often overwhelming. Will was a playwrite and a fighter, a Cyrano, who Mary Newton Standard has described as, "Every inch a gallant soldier, every inch a gentleman, yet haughty, unsympathetic and unlovable; narrow in mind and in heart." (The Story of Bacon's Rebellion, Neale - 1907 ©, Jeffrey C. He needed to rush, because thanks to the advances in medicine in the intervening quarter of a century since Garfield's murder, McKinley suffered for only eight days, before the doctors helped him to die on September 14, 1901. There was talk of having the old reprobate arrested, but it would have been a public relations nightmare, and cooler heads prevailed. My fingers are crossed, and that may account for some of the typos. So, thank you again for reading. And Bond Event Three, which came four thousand years ago, brought on the collapse of great empires in Asia and Egypt, and, of more interest to this story, in an act of war at a ford across a slow, meandering river in northern Europe. The attorney announced that his client was ready to sue Joe Crater for "breach of promise", asking for $100,000 (Over another million today.) * A grand jury was convened, and Sally Ritz joined Stella Crater and half the denizens of Tammany Hall in testifying under oath. He was also a puritanical workaholic and a hypochondriac with such a talent for venom that he carried a pistol for protection; although he was so nearsighted it is unlikely he could have hit anything. You take the letter to a collection point, a post office or mail box. The upper crust of Washington had acquired the nomen of The Cave Dwellers, because they were rarely seen outside their Kalorama neighborhood, to the North of K street. He wanted half a billion dollars to be spent on building and improving roads. This sent the boat and its passengers skipping across the lagoon. had a swollen left scrotum, which, upon biopsy, was diagnosed as scrotal cancer, the likely etiology being the soot from chimneys. Psychiatric Examination and Social/Occupational Correlates: Mr. Instead, he went into the newspaper business. And he now refused to surrender his office, saying he would "hold on to the chair, the seat, and the office of Governor until the cows come home." Whatever happens in Nebraskan politics, one way or the other, it always seems to come down to cows. * While the legislature bickered downstairs, Thayer barricaded himself in the governor's offices upstairs. B. And then Clements swung into operation. * "I earn a living fronting an organization that kills 1200 people a day. Those days are past. And "going to see the elephant" acquired an entirely new iconic meaning. The cockpits were open, to give the drivers' more arm room. Twice he appealed the contempt court orders all the way to the U.S Supreme Court, and twice the order was affirmed. He caught up with Phillip at the corner of Madison Place and Pennsylvania Avenue, just across the street from the White House. "We choose this place of assemblage because it is the property of the people," he had wanted to say. And as the Monte Blanc approached The Narrows she found herself head-on to the outbound 5,043 ton, 430 foot long Norwegian SS IMO, running ballast, outbound for New York to load humanitarian supplies for occupied Belgium.

*  As the two ships approached they each signaled by ship's horns their intention to maintain course and speed. All you need is a map and an understanding of the intricate and complicated stories weaved to explain how once located, a source of immense and instant wealth could have become lost again, and why, with some 2,000 people every year searching for it in the Superstion Mountains Wilderness Area, "The Lost Dutchman Mine" could have remained lost for a hundred years. There are the Arkansas and White Rivers which can supply cattle and hogs by the thousand. Knox's 1829 students had been customers of Mary Paterson - some of them recently. Terresa's only excuse in marrying Daniel (against her parent's wishes) was that the poor child was just 15, when the 34 year old Daniel seduced and married her. William Randolph Hearst asserted in a pro-Landon editorial, "The Bolshevist tyranny in Russian has ordered all bolshevists, communists and revolutionaries in the Untied States to support Roosevelt!" It all sounds so familar in the post-health care bill world of 2010. But as of 2:15 A.M., the decision has been made, just as Daugherty had predicted; if nobody seems to be winning, we will rally around Harding and make do. But wheat, which was growing healthy and abundant in Ireland, was too expensive for the starving Irish to buy, thanks to the Corn Laws. The bass was voiced by Robert Dawes, cook and nonentity, a plump man with no criminal record, as of yet. It was women's first opportunity to add their voices to the political life of the country, and led to the conclusion that they could not carry a tune. To quote Ronald Regan; "Trust and verify." And to quote French President Sarkozy, "We must rethink the financial system from scratch, as at Bretton Woods". Of course, he had some help. Herbert Hoover had not only lost the 1932 Presidential Election, he lost it by almost 18 percentage points. That Republican was Dwight D. What Kansas got for its investment in the future was the "Power and Light Building", still a landmark in KC., as well as a new City Hall, the Jackson County Court House, a new Police Headquarters, a new Municipal Auditorium, and several schools. The first time you drool in your sleep in an iron mask, you would be rusted in shut. It was a velvet mask. the Tollense preserved a desperate fight for survival. So since death has a thousand or more doors, Eddie Sachs exits this earth in a race car. He shut it down. When the infantry fired back, more of the drunken cavalry fired. Spurling, A jury made up of witnesses to the murder was impaneled. It commemorates the day, 2,055 years ago, when Roman Senator Gaius Cassius Longinus brilliantly settled a political standoff by imposing term limits upon Julius Caesar, presenting him with the "Laurel and Dagger" award and the "Knife-in-the-Back" plaque. What started out as a local Los Angeles contest, was converted to a national award when I moved to Indiana. Presumably this location was picked by The Guardians because it was the birthplace of Frank Loyd Wright, Ernst Hemingway and the voice of Homer Simpson. Only then did Grant tell President Johnson he had quit. But, perhaps in response to those and similar debacles, that same year Boston first baseman Charles Waite introduced the first baseball glove. Instead, Terry reached inside his jacket, where, Neagle knew from personal experience, Terry carried his bowie knife. An uncharitable depiction of the man might suggest he was as obsessed with money as any Jew. In 1593 he began to dismantle the economic engine by first exiling the scholars, men like Ahmad Baba, because he considered them "disloyal". Mrs. She died an hour later. Harding, named as his Secretary of the Treasury. And since both involved selling positive self images to wealthy clients, Alvan dropped his brush and took up the polishing rag. The first political assignation in American had just been committed. There were, of course, elaborate conspiracy theories which sprang up around the assignation of Solomon Sharp, spurred on the victim's politics and the $4,000 reward offered. I would say that qualified him as an anti-Semite. It is also clear in retrospect that Father Coughlin was not above enlightened self interest. He is mostly portrayed today as a hero, mostly it seems to me because he had no aversion to spinning tall tales and because he was that true

rarity, a gambler who usually won. * After the railroads penetrated south Texas in the mid 1880's the need to drive cattle a thousand miles to Kansas came to an end. Joseph abandoned the army in front of Belgrade, turning it over to retired Field Marshal Gideon von Loudon. - 30 WEDNESDAY:Ă‚ THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREETĂ‚ PART FIVE Washington Depressed A HOLE IN THE HEAD I suppose there are a hundred measures by which to assess the history of Phineas P. The company's headquarters (above) was established in the pretty little town of Santa Paula, at the corner of Main and Ojai streets, surrounded by the nodding mechanical donkeys, pumping oil. * Success and wealth merely confirmed Lyman's faith in his own righteousness. Asbury Harpending (above) described Tiffany's dramatic performance, at his lawyer's home. Eddie Sachs took his driver's test in 1953, and spun out. At his suggestion they signed a pair of contracts. He was a gentle funny man by the name of Eddie Sachs. As she did this, Mr. You see Philip was drunk on his own hot air. In the laboratories of race tracks the limits of the technology and human reactions were pushed to the limit over and over again. * In 1946, nineteen year old college freshman Eddie Sachs lied his way into the garage area of a local race track. The Americas eventual rejection of "The Father of Hate Radio" may not have been so much about a sense of decency, as was about the public's fickle tastes. The key to this shift was surprising. Then he scheduled to fill that post in the mid-term elections, midway through his four year term. Governor Robertson entered the second floor chambers to take his seat as President pro tempore of the Senate. Over the first three years of the first Bush administration, "Casino Jack" himself had 345 meetings with White House staffers, including ten face to face meetings with President Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove. And just to be sure, they then burned her corpse. She called other servants and the room was searched. Frazee, who may have been a fool, was not a mean man. There were sixteen of them, and several of them shoved their dirty fingers into the President's wounds, looking for the bullets. Many of them ended up in jail, or disgraced, or at least spending a lot of the graft they had collected on lawyers. * Harding appointed Harry Daugherty (above) as his Attorney General. And then there had come the expedition, the greatest achievement of his life. In the election of 1828 it was Amos's talent for invective which made Andrew Jackson President. * Day after day, in the pages of his newspaper "The Argus of Western America, Amos, working under

the guiding hand of campaign manager Martin Van Buren, eviscerated the incumbent President, John Quincy Adams (above). There was nothing to eat here beyond the fish in the river. Was it good for you?- 30 -WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY; PART FOURThe Army Climbs the Mountain DEATH BY ENEMA I want to relate to you one of the most famous murder cases in English history. He had not been scheduled to pitch that day, but hours before the start time the Chicago club president, Bill Veeck, had offered Alexander a $500 bonus if he won the game. He had a blood pressure of 150/95, a heart rate of 90 beats/minute, and a respiratory rate of 40. Of this the Calvinists were certain. He began to describe himself as the "most hated man in New York", but he never changed his ways. His competition for Democratic votes was Joe Shannon who controled the police department. Six towns and about a five weeks for each fair - a week for the set up; stocking the warehouses (the Fairs were strictly wholesale), establishing bank credit (everything was financed by the Italians), partnership contracts were signed, rates of exchange were agreed upon and stalls set up, where the actual business would be conducted. And then our budding business moguls made their first big mistake.They figured a mentally retarded 18 year old with a game leg named Daft Jamie would be an easy profit. Just past noon some 200 men, covinced by Jay they were defending economic freedom in America, stormed the building with axes, muskets and rifles. The next day, Cubs pitcher Eddie Ciotte appeared before the jury at his own request and confessed. I'm sure it was just an accident. The next time the Red Sox had a chance at winning the American League Championship would not come until long after Babe Ruth retired from the Yankees in 1934. - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: 1920 - THE YEAR WITHOUT A REVOLUTION Women Vote For The First Time and Men Keep Mucking Things Up In The Old Same Old Way FRIDAY: THE VALUE OF MONEY John Jacob Astor Founds An Empire AFTER THE FALL I would like to introduce you to Mr. This was to become the bedrock foundation document of the United States. when the cleared lands went up for auction, a speculator could out-bid the squatter...." * George Washington was a speculator, as was Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Andrew Jackson, and Meriwether Lewis. And it made a lot of money, enough to give everybody a cut. Louis Post Dispatch, "naturally inspire terror and clashes with the authorities or citizens must come." Babcock, writing for the Chicago papers, warned that Coxey's Army, "can scarcely fail to cause bloodshed in Christian Communities". In the coming years, that would prove an enviable record. On Saturday, September 11, 1920 Sacco and Vanzetti were indicted for the robbery and two murders in Braintree, Massachusetts. Are you LOL yet?Taking their cue from these latter day "You Tube-erites" the newspaper columnists launched their own abbreviated inside-jokes, abbreviated because they relied on initialism, also known as acronyms. Economists call the economy Nixon

placed us on a "Floating Currency" but I call it the "Trust Economy". 1945. * They called him "The Cork" because he was irrepressible - he just kept popping up. They were following the old National Highway, which had first been created by President Thomas Jefferson. He lived in a one room apartment he shared with his poverty stricken father, a tailor, and his five siblings, on York Street in the Westminster section of London. But Boyd's father had never completed the naturalization paperwork. Of course by that time it was a little too late.( story behind the trial takes place in Chipping Camden, the Cotswold, England. This had not been ordered. There, in October of 1881, he took part in the infamous Gunfight at the O.K Corral, which in fact was a gangland brawl which occurred in a vacant lot down the street from the rear entrance to the O.K. And the only feasts they had were in the summer, when food was plentiful. The new Bishop of Detroit, Frances Mooney, immediatly ordered Coughlin to stop his public crusades. Most people can't absorb more than two or three issues during a campaign. First contact diseases killed thousands. And watching Craig's fingers fly accrross my keyboard, I was reminded of the way a Hollywood script doctor can turn an eighteen year old teenage girl into a ten foot blood sucking vampire lobster-man without losing the underlying story line of hope and remption. "See how gloriously we advance, step by step," he announced. Early on, a member of the 42,000 man army of clerks, the vast majority of whom were women, went into labor. But unlike Jacob, Henry was lucky. And where there are profits, there are those who would steal. In 1950 the CIA purchased those same planes for a million dollars, one third of which went into Tommy's pocket. * "Once you get into this business you've got to be a draft horse and you've got to wear blinders," Tommy Corcorcoan * It was the CIA connection that convinced managers of the massive United Fruit Company to hire Tommy as a lobbyists, even giving him shares in the company. Browne had begun to refer to the reporters as "argus-eyed demons of hell." The cadre of reporters had never felt favorable toward Coxey's Army, but with the loss of copy from The Great Unknown Smith, they had turned openly hostile, inventing and spreading rumors. The leaders were captured, tried for treason, hanged, drawn and quartered. And with each storm tide more and more fossilized pine tree sap from those now long dead forests washed up on the sandy Baltic beaches. But his was a far from triumphal return. By the best estimates, 14 % of the irrigated land and 2% of the population were owned by the temple priests. But, and this was Astor's genius, the west coast of North America was still filled with fur, swimming and walking around. And I just did. In fact there had been government meetings behind the scenes before the march had even begun, on how to receive the Army should it make it to Washington. In this case, the cure reinforced the disease. *

After his month long delay in St. And it all happened because the humorists in Boston had become cannibalistic, consuming their own jokes. But OK would probably have died aborning (or a-boaring) had not it been saved by the Presidential election of 1840, which pitted the incumbent Democrat Martin Van Buren against the Wig, William Henry Harrison. The strain and curiosity drove Wansely to pry open one of the leaden barrels for a peek. There were about 1,000 residents in 300 log cabins, interspersed amongst fields of corn, rice, tobacco and cotton. Perhaps he found animals a better gauge of Gage than humans. Devotees sold their homes and belongings, and even abandoned spouses and family. Things were now getting frustrating even for Dr. Ah, if they only knew that Captain Strangeways was actually the non-plume of Gregor McGregor. On March 20, 1822, the Kennersley Castle arrived off the mouth of the Coco River, dividing modern day Honduras and Nicaragua. He packed 20 sticks of dynamite into a sauce pan rigged to explode if it was jostled. Governor Lowden beat him with 311 votes on the fifth ballot. * Still, no one seemed to be gathering enough support to win it all. Commander Alan B. But these outbreaks were quickly ended. There were only two things that could have gone wrong, and they both did. Robert began a torrid love affair with Francis, and although neither her husband nor the King seemed to mind their dalliance, Thomas did. This typical "Texas-Hysteria", was in response to Maury's defense of "Freedom of Speech", and almost got him lynched. That was too small to have perturbed the orbits of Neptune or Uranus. C's wounds were cleaned and dressed, and he was prescribed an antibiotic ointment for his eyes. Tom's first instinct was always to go for his opponent's throat. *******************************************************************. "Today, politics may be our friend, and tomorrow we may be its victims." Owen D. There was no consumer demand because the consumers had been "weeded out" of Mellon's system. bordello. Anne Turner (above), the widow of a London doctor, who made a living selling love potions and the like to wealthy patrons. The developers got a building fronted with a limestone and with a polished granite lobby. The adults were treated and released. Without DNA technology the remains were unidentifiable. Key generally goes first... He refused to help the crook. There was talk of having the old reprobate arrested, but it would have been a public relations nightmare for the charity, and Daniel was still rich enough to afford another dream team. But none of that mattered Harding also "waffled" on the league. And since he was being paid by Percival's endowment, and still using Percival's 12" Clark, Planet X was named using Percival Lowell's initials - PLuto. But stop the stampede for animal rights. And that has not been a reality for corporate managers in America for so long as to make it hard for modern readers to imagine it was ever true. More pebbles in a given layer indicated more icebergs, which indicated more glacier ice, which hinted at cooler temperatures and lower sea levels world wide. They came mounted on horses, and carried millet, which did not grow this far north. The case was argued by other witnesses to the murder. And at their first mythical anniversary dinner party they (myth-ically) toasted the ladies as, "the only belles the members of this society will ever ring to." In mid-March of 1839 they even took a mythical train trip to New York City. And I think that is a groundbreaking philosophical position to take. *

Of course Harold then negated his achievement by declaring we will all notice when the Pearly Gates of Heaven officially slam shut on October 21, 2011. She engaged them in chat rooms until they either revealed their fantasies or actually met her for sex. * There upon Ted would knock on the door and quietly inform the marks that he was going to sue them for "alienation of affection", unless they agreed to "settle" out of court. In Michigan it was 44%. Coxey called Browne "...the most unselfish man of my entire life's acquaintance. Since the Governor's didn't want any Indian war, he exited at once, stage right. L. And many others saw it an example of racism and religious bigotry. On Sunday, September 12, 1920, the Boston Globe ran a feature story, under the headline, "Marry Young If You Wish Success, Says Millionaire, Once Newsboy" The millionaire was 37 year old Archie Andrews. And Jackson just happened to be one of Jacob Coxey's heroes. It was the meeting of these two personalities, the shy, confident thinker and the bombastic and profane huckster, which gave birth to the idea of a "petition with boots on", a march on Washington to petition the government for a response to the staggering unemployment.Ă‚ It came to Jacob in a New Year Eve's dream that the march should begin on Easter Sunday, March 25th, 1894. Washington and New York society cut him dead. * Daniel would have been condemned to die in obscurity, remembered only as the first defendant to succesfully use the temporarily insanity defense in America, but the outbreak of the civil war saved his reputation. * Terressa barely survived that war, succumbing to tuberculosis on February 5, 1867, at the age of thirty-one. Still, Tey must have been an impressive broad, because six of the other wives sided with her in this matter. It was a singular achievement and was it may have been this further insult to the honor of the upper crust that resulted in the arrest of William's own lady love, Jane Housden, charged with her third "coining" offense. At the other end of the criminal hierarchy from highwaymen were clippers. He served in almost every job in Stratford city government, and as the son of a pre-capitalistic bourgeoisie, William got the best of everything. And on March 24, 1608, when Robert broke his well turned leg during a jousting tournament held in honor of King James, James noticed that leg. Nobody got anything done because nobody could hear anybody else. And should they ever forget to notice this disparity in creature comforts, The Great Unknown Smith was always careful to point out that he was sharing all the discomforts of the march with them, unlike Mr. Douglas won 12, Bell won 39, and Breckenridge won 73. But in the Old Kingdom they used to kill him if he was too feeble. * His harem had of course come with him, headed by his new Great Wife Isis-Ta-hemseret. Then, leading by almost 30 seconds, he saw the flashing of the warning tread in his left rear tire. *

Said Eddie, "I looked down at that tire and saw fabric and kept on going. It seemed possible his next stop would be the United States Senate, and then, possibly, the White House; except, an exgirlfriend of his had other plans. Her name was Anna Cook, and in her youth she had been a real Southern Belle from Bowling Green, the same region and culture that would produce Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln's wife. The Black Sox scandal was off and running. While this was going on, the Boston Red Sox were beginning their long retreat into mediocrity. They granted him a modest pension, and he died there in December of 1845. And if it seems that Gregor McGregor's lonely death in Venezuela offered a moral to close out our tale, allow me to point out that most people die feeling bitter and feeling alone. He had sued one of their compatriots and won a half million dollars, and they were not going to let that happen again. They also had the emotional maturity of a seven year old and the sexual proclivity of bunny rabbits. Before he was even twenty, Daniel Sickles (above) had been indicted for fraud. The steering wheels were huge, to give the drivers leverage in the age before power steering. As H. The only conventional hero in our tale seems to have been the geologist and professor, Clarence King (above). Drivers tried weaving around the wreak. Charlie West got nobody...I got two and lost two. And like dominoes the Austrian battalions fell over, one after the other. It took this man of faith two years of hard work in the oil fields to save up enough cash to finance a second try. But the tired, old, plaintive ideological repetions were heard just as loudly in 1894 as they are today - that surface roads built by the government were somehow less "moral" than the railroads, privately owned but each built and run as government endorsed monopolies, and usually funded by government backed bonds; that somehow the sweat expended building a government owned road was less moral than that produced building a privately owned railroad. They uncovered a hand written confession by Sainte-Croix (Why do upper crust muderers always feel the need to become authors?). And when Daniel was elected to the U.S. Ten years later, in 1941, Reles would become famous as "The canary who could sing but could not fly." After testifying against another member of "Murder Incorporated", Kid Twist took a flyer out of a sixth floor window of the "Half Moon Hotel" on Coney Island, where police were supposedly guarding him. He did not run to the sound of the gunfire. He was already charged with the April 15, 1920 robbery and double murder in Braintree along with Nicola Sacco. The villagers enjoyed probably the best diet in the world, with plenty of surf and turf. But politics seems to have been, to "The Great Unknown", much as it is to FOX News, just another marketing ploy. Oh; and to make it easier for the newsmen, The Great Unkown let it be known that he would also answer to the name of "Smith". Quickly they were trapped in a quarter mile wide abyss, between 700 foot high walls of solid basalt. But young Will got sidelined by that thing that side lines most teenagers, sex. Bush of medieval Europe. He would die flat broke nine years later, just one more partner and one more victim of Jay Gould. Big Jim Fisk was saved from a similar fate when, in 1871, a competitor for a woman shot him to death in a New York Hotel. Wilkerson led his dispirited troops up the St. One in four Americans lost their jobs. Kaiser never paid him. After his release from here he got a job as a pie seller. The towers of Ancient Babylon had been constructed in part with asphalt, but even by 1859 there was no explanation of how petroleum, or "rock oil", was created, nor why it was found where it was. But because he failed to "lock out" the commie his opponents were able to rabble rouse a riot, complete with tear gas shells being lobbed about in front of the auditorium. The New York Stock Exchange was closed for the day. "I can hit a four-bit piece nine times out of ten." While pointing her pistol at

one of the opposition lawyers, she assured him, "I will not shoot you just now, unless you would like to be shot and think you deserve it." A federal marshal disarmed the lady. We don't know how long the assault took, or the tactics employed by either side, but we know it was horribly violent. In the end it was marked by farce and melodrama. But it behooves us to consider the implications of what without focus, seems like a simply grazy observation. The boy had a " mischievous and restless disposition", explained the father, and would often disappear for days with no explanation when he returned. Ohio Democrat, Representative Joesph Outwaite, called for Mr. With extraordinary perseverance, Professor Bond identified the pebbles as having come from particular cliffs in Eastern Canada. The Associated Press reported on the 21st, that, "The people of Hagerstown are preparing to make the best of the...Army for another day, or perhaps two days. The Prime Minister eventually met with Yancey, but then asked if he had been serious about his call for a resumption of the slave trade. In essence Dodge City was a tourist trap, dependent for its yearly livelihood on the May through August 'Texas trade'. * The little town of less than 1,000 year-round citizens could boast, during the season - June to September - 16 saloons. That job lasted barely six months, because that was only as long as his boss lasted.. * Just after nine on Saturday morning, July 2nd, 1881, at the very beginning of another disgusting hot, humid Washington three day holiday weekend, Bob Lincoln was pacing around the central waiting room of the Gothic eyesore that was the Potomac and Baltimore railroad station (above), at the corner of Constitution Avenue and 6th street. In 1959 Eddie started second again, and raced the entire 500 miles. I say lesser known legend because, really, few people who survive high school would feel any empathy for a narcisitic "pretty girl" like Psyche. The inevitable executions which followed produced a macabre precursor of Super Bowl Week. I mean, who would want to live in such an infamous den of inequity? That question was answered during the roaring twenties, when 1625 K street became the home of various fraternities associated with George Washington University - the campus is one block south across Pennsylvania Avenue, between 24th and 19th Streets. The general feeling at the time was that human actors on stage were a degenerate form of amusement, whereas the other great public entertainment of the time, bear baiting, was wholesome and family friendly. For reasons beyond understanding the Parisians snuck up behind their confused country cousins, surreptitiously stuck a paper fish to the bumpkin's backs and then shouted in a loud voice, "Poisson d'Avril!", which translates as "April Fish!", and then collapsed in raucous laughter and shouts of "tres bien." Why would they shout "April Fish!"? I have no idea. They stopped. In a followup editorial he even favored reopening the slave trade with Africa, which had been closed down by British Naval patrols since 1819. By selling general admission tickets to his "Sea Lion Park", which opened on Thursday, July fourth, 1895, Boyton kept his customers captive so he could sell them food and drink all day long, pulling in around $1,000 a day during the 90 day long season. And the next day, when the Army marched out, their numbers were now 400 strong. It was on Saturday, April 28th that Coxey's Army, reached the doorstep of their goal, Brightwood Riding Park - now the Brightwood Recreation Area - along Rock Creek, just outside of the border of the District of Columbia. Into the room sauntered two reporters seeking a quote. Wroe; "Our fears were raised to horror, by the appearance of the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry Cavalry, who came galloping into the area, and proceeded to form in line ready for action; nor were they long delayed from their hellish purpose...the bugle sounded the charge...Men, women, and children, without distinction of age or sex became the victims of these monsters."

The sixty members of the cavalry unit were likewise locals, led by a local factory owner.  resisted the idea that repeated blows to the head might be reducing the long term intellect of professional football players.In 1875 the moralizing "Our Boys" opened on Broadway. It followed the adventures of an Englishman and his butler and their pair of disappointing sons. He was buried with all honors. He told Julia that with a short climb from his mine you could see the peak known as Weever's Needle, but from the Needle you could not see his mine...You could see the military trail that ran through the Mountains from his mine, but you could not see the mine from the trail...You had to crawl through a hole to see the gold in his mine...that near his mine was a rock shaped like a face...and that the setting sun shown on the entrance of his mine. Without the certain avenging hand of justice there would be no respect for the law, and English society would return to the rule of the beast, the rule of eat or be eaten. He'd been made a general by Simon Bolivar, himself. Only a narrow waist between Fort Hudson, just above New Oreleans, and on the north Vicksburg, Mississippi, remained in Confederate hands. But by 1886 the Hadison and Stewart Oil Company was producing 15% of all the petroleum product in California. * In 1890 they merged with three other local oil companies controlled by Thomas Bard, to form the Union Oil Company of California. And the reasons a young man might join the cavalry were similar to the reasons a young woman might become a laundress; a roof over her head, food in her belly and a new start in life. Almost half of all modern English words were adopted from the French spoken in Normandy in 1066, the year the Normans conquered England. Stackpole, who had been warned by the earlier telegram, stepped forward to David and asked if the lady was about to do something "indiscrete". He first appears in the Old Testament (Numbers 25, verses 7-8), as a priest's son who spies the Hebrew prince Zimri entering the Tabernacle with a Midianite woman. Why would they be saying "thanks" for staving to death? The mother of Thanksgiving was actually the widow and poet (she wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb".) Sarah Hale, the 19th century Martha Stewart. He came to be known as the "Sisyphus of the Wabash", after the legendary Greek king, renown for his avariciousness and deceit. Maybe she spoke out of fear of her husband, Robert, or of someone else, or maybe she concocted the unbelievable stories to cover her own sins. What was going on in that huge misshapen head of his, we will never know. Daisy actually enjoys a rich emotional life, nurturing animosities against her fellows, developing b.f.f.'s, and perhaps even chewing over the bovine equivalent of the Stephen Sondheim conundrum, "Is this all there is?" This shared self-obsession of our two species matches the obsession of Bessie with a subject familiar to many obsessive humans; sex. Harding... In 1937 some 40,000 people jammed Washington's Union Station (above) twice a day, coming and going. William Burke danced at the end of a rope, alone. Here Mr. General Andrew Jackson called him a "double traitor." John Randolph, Virginian politician supreme, described him as " the very core a villain!" One of his business partners published a book entitled, "Proofs of the corruption of General Wilkerson." And that was just for the offenses people knew about. He has shown success with these lifestyle changes so far, although it remains to be seen whether he will be able to resist the treats left out for him next Christmas. Remember this was when the largest civilian department in the government was the Post Office. In 1920 the federal government was providing $1,329.77 per person per year in benefits. In fact, the confrontational approach probably added to the Army's numbers, as the unemployed who before had just been desperate, now began to get angry.

Bright and early on April 23rd some 300 plus members of Coxey's Army marched out of the Hagerstown camp, with flags and banners flying. But if not Shakespeare, then who; if not Shakespeare, then why: If not Shakespeare then Whatzzup? All other theories as to the plays authorship require a conceit of some kind, some slight of hand and trick of hidden identities and women disguised as men and men in horse suits with stolen credit cards, the kind of stuff that Will used in most of his plays. Grant. And it had flung Uranus and Neptune out of their formation orbits and into their current orbits, leaving behind a lot of oddities as they swerved out into the edge of our solar system. The final joke on Phillip Arnold is that his hardware store has become a law office. She explained, "When I came in here, I wasn't in this condition." * "Fifteen million people in the United States are represented by lobbyists. However, Jay had anticipated this, and had already lined up a richer and more docile partner. Fox Searchlight Pictures. Thank God he didn't record them on Betamax. * But why does Sir Jacobi think that a common jerk could not have written "To be or not to be, that is the question..." (Hamlet) or "Out damn spot. In 1835 Samuel Maverick moved to Texas. He was convicted of manslaughter but served only a few months before being pardoned. Jacob Waltz, on the other hand, almost drowned in the middle of a desert. To be fair it was a once in a hundred year rainstorm. During 1930 and 1931 Herbert Hoover saw to it that Andrew Mellon spent much of his time out of the public purview, in Europe, with the thankless job of trying to get America's ex-allies to repay wartime debts. Shots were fired. Still in the store he carefully opens the foil package, eats the chocolate, and then runs away with the plastic "surprise". These are huge, earth shaking history making momentous events that grind up individual human beings like a butcher grinds hamburger. In the southern hemisphere (Africa and South America) the alignment was slightly more north-eastern, south-western. The whole thing came to a head, say the ancient accounts, when he decided to spend a night with the girls. * Since Ramses III's mummy was discovered in 1886 we know that the Pharaoh received no knife or spear wounds. The harem had given Ramses III ten sons, of whom six were still living including Isis' boy, 22 year old newly crowned Prince Heqamatre, but also Prince Pentaweret, who was Usimare's son with Queen Tey aka Tiy. They never even found the murder weapon. Newly elected President Richard Nixon tried to close the budget deficit Johnson created by shutting down many of the antipoverty programs started by the Democrats. (about 20% of all women in London worked at least part time as prostitutes.)  And they knew that Jane was William's mistress. A warrant had been prepared in advance for William's arrest, signed by Lord Chief Justice Parker, himself, just in case William should appear at Jane's trial. The date was Wednesday, September 10th, 1714. To label it a mere chance encounter could be seen as denigrating the life of one who died and the one who killed him. But those attempts to limit freedom, even when done out of the best of motives, such as prohibition, fail, and are doomed to fail, and fail our democracy as well. This tragic design error,(the world's first Traffic Circle) made communication with the majority of the nation difficult (and introduced the phrase "Out-of-te-Loop"), and when combined with the French telephone system - which was in no better shape in the 16th century than it is today - meant that a lot of peasants never got the King's memo concerning

the calendar adjustment. Here, for $20,000 (half a million today) Percival installed a 24 inch Clark refracting telescope. But I tend to believe the version recounted in Stella Frrucci's letter, which says that Crater's body was buried that night at the end of West Eighth Street, under the Coney Island boardwalk. * I believe that version because in 1956, while digging the foundation for the new New York City Aquarium, several human remains where uncovered under the Boardwalk near eighth street. I also want to say I am sorry about some of the spelling. I was perhaps the worst speller in history and spelcheck has only made me worse. The Canadians had a few Congreve rockets. When finished, four months later, the wooden and tin inn stood seven stories tall and was constructed in the shape of an elephant. * To enter you climbed a stairwell in a rear leg to reach the reception desk in the abdomen. Those who were evicted usually died. Because of all the construction, the only way to recover the hero now was to tunnel into the graveyard, not a pleasant occupation, but a great plot for a horror movie. Before he could dig, Porter had to get the current owners' permission. The squirrel was tested for rabies. A reporter for the New York Times placed a telephone call to his home on Fifth Avenue. The 'puter man at CBL here in Lafayette, has promised to come by today to instal a new hardrive, and so I guess I may be here on Wednesday or not. (The state Senate, serving 4 year terms each, remained 31 Democrats and 19 Republicans.) * But more importantly for Governor Gray, the newly elected Lieutenant Governor was a Republican, Robert Robertson. August 9, 1910, Bob and his family boarded the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, in Newark, New Jersey. If he does you are through, pure and simple. This story really starts with the sudden death of the Governor of the Colony of Virginia, Samuel Mathews, Jr, in January of 1660. A flat bottomed boat was released at the top of a long ramp. It is impossible to say with certainty how she came to obsess on the up and coming politician, but when Anna's young suitor, Jereboam Beauchamp, had proposed to her, Anna had said yes on the single condition that he first promised to kill Solomon Sharp.Seem five years before Anna had attempted to derail Sharp's political career by publically charging he had fathered her stillborn child. L. And right in front of their eyes, Jacob climbed down first. * Clearly somebody had leaked the plot, and, in retrospect that was inevitable. We raised an army and invaded Cuba. There was no aid for the disabled, and there were no cost of living alliances. Eventually, oilmen found they could depend on Foraminifera fossil species in their cores, to lead them toward unseen oil. * The move west did not change Lyman Stewart's core beliefs. A woman's head, still wearing her hat, was stuck to the exterior wall of the JP Morgan building. It can easyily consume our homes and our lives. But all of this would prove a mere foretaste to the bounty of bovine pie hurling offered up after

the election of 1890. * To the farmers living on the Nebraska prairie in the 1880's it seemed the railroads were standing on their throats. Reynolds made his re-appearance in the role of the wronged husband. That is why, when Justice Field came back to California in the summer of 1889, to help out in the state courts, he was assigned to Los Angeles, far away from Terry's old haunts in San Francisco. Nash. He formed a life saving service on the New Jersey coast, and pulled 71 swimmers back from the brink of death. But it seems to me that the farther you get from the pain of your own mistakes the less you are a capitalist, and the more you become an elitist. That distant volcanic eruption wasn't Ramses III's fault, but he got the bill. Redpath wrote, "He was the first man who uttered the word, and I was the first who wrote it." (Talks About Ireland, 1881) And thus was born another contribution to the English language. Kevin was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. Where, oh, where was Sainte-Croix going to find enough money to live in the style to which he wanted to grow accustomed to?Sainte-Croix developed a multi-step plan. Being a man interested in results Maury quickly grew frustrated with the growing complexity of official language which prolonged the already almost endless committee meetings he had to attend. * In his article for the New York Times magazine, Maury defined his new word as a type of talk which is long, vague, pompous, and uses mostly Latinised words "...when concrete nouns are replaced by abstractions and simple terms by pseudo-technical jargon..." all of which made him think of the mating call of the wild turkey's back home, as in "gobble, gobble, gobble, gook". * In a later memorandum Maury ordered, in pure Texas style, "Anyone using the words "activation" or "implementation" will be shot". He died 12 hours later; the only player ever killed in a baseball game. His mail was not being delivered. Why the French originally celebrated New Years Day on April 1st, I have no idea. Now, in the 16th century, France had only one road. They have their own lives. The other shadow was legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. * Wyatt on this night was 30 years old. He carried every state in the union except Vermont and Maine, giving rise to the Democratic twist on the old adage, "As Maine goes, so goes Vermont". Roosevelt won 532 electoral votes to Landon's 8. Patients subjected to a frontal lobotomy do "...not respond to imaginary situations, rules, or plans for the future...pursued immediate gratification without regard for consequences.... We're talking two jumbo jet plane loads of men, women and children. One Wig columnist described them as " "frightful letters ... But however it started, the Parisians knew a good time when they saw it and they sent peasants on "fool's errands", and tricked peasants with "fool's tales", until every April 1st, France reverberated with gales of laughter and shouts of "Poisson d'Avril!" Good times. It all appeared and disappeared with such rapidity that had Craig not ceased explaining them to me, it is likely my head would have exploded. *

I was glad to write Craig a check. If you made it to thirty years of age in 1714 you could expect to live to sixty, unless you lived in Newport Market section of London, where the overcrowding and lack of sanitation almost seemed to guarantee you would still be dead by forty. They anchored in an isolated corner of Jamaica Bay. My guess is he had not yet drunk enough courage. Jereboam lived long enough that the jailers had to manhandle the wounded thesbian up the thirteen steps of the scaffold, where he died, two hours after his wife.They were buried together in the same grave, under a lengthy poem, composed by Jereboam, filled with noble words and mauldin sentiment. He was, all things considered, the worst possible man for this job. And with Roosevelt's re-election in 1940 and the entry of the U.S. He was 77 years of age. Today's buxom white breasted Tom Turkey is too obese to climb atop an equally buxom white breasted hen. And the explosion was heard in Cape Breton, 225 miles to the east. Average life expectancy was under 40 years of age, but that was because 12% of all children died before their first birthday. Physicians at the time can be forgiven for thinking mercury could cure syphilis because in the normal course of the disease, the symptoms disappear and then reappear at random, perhaps with years between outbreaks. And the first product of the method produced a ten pound profit. He had pale light blue eyes. To describe life in this age as brutal and short is accurate, but a bit misleading. It fell short of conviction. And she restored her nest egg. It looked, recorded one of its denizens, "like a floating picture by Victor Hugo." On Thursday, April 19th, Coxey's Army disembarked at Williamsport, Maryland, and marched the six miles to Hagerstown. And that only those ammendments to the constitution which enlarge rights, such as female suferage, even when done for the worst of reasons, make the nation stronger. The Nebraska governor's office was beginning to resemble a game of musical chairs. * What Thayer had done was a desperate power grab and doomed to failure, if for no other reason than it assured that any Irish Republicans in Nebraska were not likely to vote Republican again in the near future. He had been declared, officially, temporarily insane. The only hiccup occurred when Daniel publicly forgave Terressa. But while they were in vogue, they reduced the world to a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Predicting the apocalypse doesn't have to be your apocalypse. to the value of over $15,000." Shortly there after King himself arrived in San Francisco, with full details of the salted claims. It takes so long to write the columns and rewrite them, that I lose energy. But I don't want to write a treatise on the vexillology of the American flag. Unable to achieve that, they burned his house to the ground and attacked his family.In part this social rejection of "resurectionists" accounted for the high price required to attract entrepreneurs to the profession of grave robbing. Generally, at any given moment, 70 % of the cows in any herd are standing about five degrees off of true North-South orientation. The M-1, the money supply in circulation, had contracted past the point where the economy could recover from the next stumble. Without cash moving through the system; "Industrial production fell by nearly 45% between the years 1929 and 1932. J.P. I'll bet it was both. (remains to be seen)." Nobody was actually shot, except of course the writer who was shooting his mouth off, but i.e,. You have made a whole family miserable." * James was a born con-man who had been one of Hamilton's commissariats during the revolution, scrounging food, clothing and ammunition for the Continental Army despite the penury of Congress.

The Democrat, James Boyd, received 71,331 votes, and was, according to county election officials state wide, the winner. In 'upper crust' Washington, "Old" Washington, the removal of General MacArthur was a defeat equal to surrender at Appomattox Court House. But with Newlander money, Democrats under Buckley were swept back into office. The Canadians beat the pants off the Americans.In the confused melee, the Americans maneuvered and the Canadians attacked. Burkes the Butcher, Hares the thief, Knox's the yin that buys the beef!" Of course it didn't quite happen that way, but it is still catchy, isn't?William Hare was an Irish immigrant to Scotland who worked as a "Navvy" on the Union Canal. I order you out of this office and to your own." Thomas answered, "I refuse to go and will stand here." It was a circular conversation, and getting nowhere fast. After trying to issue orders to everyone he could (and meeting impassive resistance), Thomas gathered his wounded pride and asked Stanton, "The next time you have me arrested, please do not do it before I get something to eat. Oliver became so supercilious that in 1650 he could write to a Scottish opponent, "I beseech you in the bowels of Christ think it possible you may be mistaken," and just three years later he suffered no such introspection while making himself dictator, because, "...the spirit of god (was) so strong upon me, I would not consult flesh and blood." Flesh and blood has bowels, while Oiliver, it seems, did not. Those bottles of that "weird and foaming" wine, make Epernay in "dry and beggarly" Champagne, the richest little village in France. "The great champion of the South... this time, as he was released from Tothill, Edward was kidnapped and shanghaied aboard a British Man-of-War bound for Brazil. Over that same time span Greenberg Traurig went from $1.7 million in billings to $8 million. Reynolds, American Tobacco, Brown & Williamson, Liggett & Myers, P. According to Maritza Diaz, director of the Children's Academy Daycare Centre, in Orange, the little grey assailant settled on three year old Kevin Santiago, perhaps because he looked helpless. Peter's Field, in the very center of Manchester, perhaps 80,000 citizens had gathered to peacefully request help from their government. Continued Mr. His name was William Harrison and he must have been an amazing fellow, as he was already 70 years old, and facing an eight mile hike to collect rents for his merchant master and return home by dark. And yet it has worked in America for two centuries. Try and build your own silo, and the state legislators would make it illegal. All past indiscretions were forgotten, if not forgiven. And I believe that for every second of his 91 years of life , Daniel Sickles was totally and completely insane. Supreme Court. Jay and friends grabbed the company records and retreated to New Jersey, where they re-incorporated. Of the 64 who had set out from St. The public, which had supported the heel, now suddenly turned on him. 25, which consists mainly of eggnog, Cola drinks, and cookies). The gun barrel was pressed so close the blasts scorched his scalp. When it was suggested Bob might wish to attend another Presidential speech, Bob responded, "No, I'm not going, and they'd better not ask me, because there is a certain fatality about presidential functions when I am present." But it turned out Bob's affliction not only affected Presidents. * Six years later, on Tuesday. You were safer drinking your own urine than from a clear rushing mountain stream. And in he forty-four years since canal had seen its better days. Naturally James expected his "friend" Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to rescue him. Hilarious. Porter started the work, on his own dime. The lovers intended a joint suicide, but instead produced only a double regurgitation marathon. Each of these elements should be integrated with direct conversations with legislator." Milo Public Affairs LLC

* Emblematic of this change was the Pentagon, which was built in only 15 months (on land once occupied by some of the Bonus Marchers shantytown), and officially opened on January 15, 1943. Unijacke and meanders its way for 25 miles south eastward, spilling from one lake to another until it reaches the head of The Bedford Basin. Coast Guard station at Desperation Bay responds to 400 calls for help every year.) Fox begged to be allowed to replace the Frenchmen. He threw pair of opera classes at Daniel to cover his retreat, and hid behind a tree. * Daniel followed, and produced the second derringer. Daniel answered the phone himself. Amadeus Mozart lost his cushy court job. Politics in Nebraska were so rotten it was said the Union Pacific Railroad picked one of the States' two Senators, while the other was chosen by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. * Theoretically the American two-party system would offer the oppressed a choice. That year Americans smoked on average 4,300 cigarettes apiece. "Anger is the most impotent of passions. Again he refused. This time, before his release, he was also offered £4 a week (about $600 dollars today) to make appearances at a London Music Hall. The Great Unknown Smith was out. It was not a generous act, as the boosters got rich selling lots in the new burg. Burke put his hands over Miller's nose and mouth while Hare sat on his chest. Harding won in a landslide, he and his "Ohio Gang" - his buddies, including Harry Daugherty - moved to Washington D.C. For if I should kill another bug or beetle I should surely cry again, and crying rusts my jaws so that I cannot speak." Thereafter he walked very carefully, with his eyes on the road, and when he saw a tiny ant toiling by he would step over it, so as not to harm it. And I suspect she thought that was a fair trade. The face of cigarettes, the Colonel Sanders of nicotine." "Thank You For Smoking". Eisenhower, He was a national hero, and a product of the Landon influence. Governor was dragged toward the front doors of the Senate Chamber a Republican Senator shouted that if he went, all the Republicans were going with him. The entire struggle for women's rights had come down, by happenstance, to a 24 year old Tennessee State Representative. (above) was, has always been, and remains to this day, a small southern town filled with gossips. Cox and his running mate, pre-polio Franklyn Roosevelt (blue counties), won 34% of the popular vote and only 127 electoral votes. But all things change over time, and eventually we Americans were feeling so rich and all powerful that we tried to pay for our "Great Society" and our Vietnam War both at the same time, and both without raising taxes. I wonder if the Emperor ever got it? - 30 SUNDAY: AFTER THE CRASH The Man Who Invented the Great Depression 1920 - DOG DAYS OF SUMMER I admire the way the Boston Post handled the attack on Charles Ponzi. State government in Indiana had ground to a halt. *

Lt. She had a passion for his money. He gained control of Champagne province when he married 13 year old Joan I, the Countess of Champagne, in 1284. I went there alone." And there, confessed Terressa, "I did what is usual for a wicked woman to do" * Occasionally they also took carriage rides to various cemeteries, where, according to the coachman, "They would walk down the grounds out of my sight, and be away an hour or an hour-and-a-half." Whatever they were doing out of sight, it was not enough, evidently, to wake the dead, or Daniel. * The torrid affair between Terresa and Phillip was one of the best known secrets in Washington, which has always been, at heart, the provincial Southern village it started out as. She was draped in an American flag. First a high pressure shockwave raced through the air at 500 feet a second, flattening everything within 4 square miles. * Then a fireball took just 20 seconds to rise a mile into the air, where an enterprising photographer snapped a picture (above) from thirteen miles away. Louis, I attended early, and was seated in conversation with some gentlemen when the Governor entered. America had to be an exporter. This exchange of gunfire, first, convinced the infantry officers it was Turks to their front, and second, stampeded the tzigani's horses, which convinced the officers they were about to be attacked by Turkish cavalry. Still the town should have barely noticed when on December 5th , 1930 some 3,000 communists came from all over the eastern half of the United States to stage a "hunger march" in Washington. That gave the appearance that "the fix" was in, and other investors jumped on the bandwageron. He had first attempted to escape via a chimney, which is how he came to be covered in soot. All history is cannibalism. And on February 3, 1894, the guillotine finished what Auguste's own bomb had started. I want to talk about the pledge of allegiance to it. * You see, the pledge was written as a sales gimmick to sell flags. But the high roller coasters, the parachute rides, the Ferris wheels and the joyful screams of patrons was a constant temptation for those masses to spend the quarter and go to "see the elephant" behind the fence. * Having spent half his life on such a quest, Paul Boyton was no longer curious enough to look. Edible apples are possible only through a science of grafting - but then the John Birch Society never believed in science - too many Jews.- 30 A LIFE IN SERVICE I would say the 1870's were a very hard time for the women of Fort Abraham Lincoln. But that did not last for long.While Amos had been running the Post Office, he had decreed that local postmasters could refused any mail which they deemed to be either abolitionist or pro-slavery. But Bertrand had already determined that the party nomine would not be Hoover. The Austrian officers ordered a retreat, wondering why their scouts had not warned them the enemy was so near. Albert made it no farther than the Brooklyn Bridge, where a police officer took him into custody, and called

his father to come to collect the boy. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the revolution demanded by the Great Depression was suddenly unleashed. He wrote to the President that he was not continuing down the Mississippi as planned, but rather would be coming overland via the Natchez Trace. And by then, lobbying in Washington had become bigger than any idividual. * "Every time I wag my ass on the Hill, someone reads cosmic importance into it." Tommy Corcorcoan - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART SEVEN Democracy Goes Up in Smoke FRIDAY: FROM HERE TO TIMBUKTU When Africa Black Was Great WHEEL MAN I want to talk about revolutions on the small scale - the American, the French, the Industrial, the Electronics Revolution. And that made him one of the primary architects of the disaster that befell the Republican Party the first time they ran against the New Deal in 1936. Examining the throne room, officials found a handkerchief filled with cold meat and potatoes, filched from the Palace kitchen, sitting on the arm of the throne. She was followed by Jacob Coxey's 17 year old daughter, representing the goddess of Peace. That does not state the case strongly enough. And after three years of research through old maps and confusing government records Porter found the cemetary where Jones had been buried, now adjacent to the Rue de la Grange aux Belles, or in the more prosaic English, Street of the Beautiful Barn. More than four hundred mounted policemen...rode into the crowd with the intention of capturing the two...but they might as well have attempted to arrest a cyclone. The early owners of the mine treated harshly anyone caught doing personal mining. In 1920, at 14 Wall Street was Federal Hall, now a Federal Reserve Bank. But the fourth shot, delivered point blank over the prone Phillip, blasted a hole in his chest as big as a silver dollar. None of these bodies were buried with funeral goods. On January 7, 1886, two weeks after this lecture, Althea and her lawyer, David Terry, were married. David Brooks (conservative voice on the NYTimes) has criticized him for an "unbalanced" approach to cuts. They fished from long plank canoes with curved and pointed bows. Gibbs and Dawes were quickly tied to their chairs, but Wanesly broke for the woods, followed by the courageous waiter Robert Greenwood who was armed with an unloaded flintlock pistol. I like to think that if I had been on that jury, I would have had second thoughts. The Fairs supplied him with enough money for wars against the English and two wars in Flanders, one of which he won. But for all the hoopla over his disappearance, nobody even reported him missing for three weeks. * The judge had left his wife Stella on Sunday August 3, at their summer cabin in Maine. There is some mystery about why. Vengeful Republicans poured into the great room. They used the local effervescence to anoint their new monarch, and to drink a toast in his honor; a real test of their gag

reflex, no doubt. In May of 1938 Republican Governor Loyd Stark (below, right), a Tom Pendergast pick (below, left), ordered an investigation. Ralston sent his good friend and sometime business partner, the magically named Asbury Harpending to New York City on the transcontinental railroad with a bag of gems and instructions to get them valued by none other than the "King of Diamonds", Charles Lewis Tiffany. The postmaster's decision was just one of the myriad of compromises which brought on the American Civil War, and certainly not the most important one. He didn't. But on this late summer afternoon as Mr. But at least, at last, John Paul Jones was home. "If you ever see us again it will be a miracle". There was no miracle. Forty-five years later he told an interviewer, "I've always felt different wondered if something's missing from my soul." Phineas never worked as a "navvie" again. He had been the official leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition . Why not?- 30 - NEXT WEDNESDAY: AMERICAN ARCHETYPE: PART TWOMeriwether Lewis - The Price of Being a Hero FRIDAY: THE CAMDEN WONDER Why Are Juries Always So Certain TOTALLY INSANE I do not agree with the jury. But it was a pitiable last stand. And here Francis discovered her real talent was not sex, it was revenge. Her plot was simple and simply devious. He died in 1958, while a Republican occupied the White House. That million dollar hit to his personal finances was huge, but in the days before the Securities and Exchange Commission, and their meddlesome regulations, tens of millions of dollars in investments could vanish with a mere whiff of rumor against the reputation of one man. Bob (above, on the right) was 78 years old by then, when he attended the dedication of his father's memorial in Washington, D.C. As Connecticut Senator John A. The heart of the Chicago batting order, Robertson, Barber and Paskert, went one for sixteen. And the longer this went on, the less confidence actual voters would have in any eventual choice. Holdsworth fired one barrel, missing Arnold but hiting two innocent bystanders, one of them in the neck. That removed Tommy as an irritant for FDR but The Cork was far from sunk. It's time to roll out of bed and meet your maker. Poor General Porter had to take up a collection. She was living proof that with all our technology and insights and smothered under blankets of public morality, we are today just as screwed up as our ancestors were. Some linguists say this word originated with a Mexican card game, a version of three-card monty, but that is just so much "bunk". * Thirty years before the invention of the Mexican card game the word was used to describe a speech by Felix Walker, a congressman from North Carolina. This may be insolence in a singular category or an expansive sweep of foolishness  But arrogance is an essential component for any nominee. GUIDELINE NUMBER TWO:  GREED The contender must be driven to over fill their plate, with power, with money, food, booze, sex, or sanctity. In the Berber language of the desert tribes, the name means "the well at the end of the world". *

The river Niger begins as a tiny spring in the West African highlands of Ghana, just 150 miles from the Atlantic. Before the development of electricity, oil for lamps was expensive to buy and transport. But that's OK, because Martin's political loss was a big win for theoretical lexicography.You see, the Democrat's campaign manager, Amos Kendall, decided it would be a good idea to emphasise his man's roots. Jay's attorney, T. A brainy New Dealer came down in person and served the ladies coffee in china cups. By then the priest werethe power in Egypt, and the country was run for their benefit, sort of like the bankers run America today, and Egypt slipped into a cneturies long dark age. * When the working day is done, Oh, girls, They wanna have fun. * Ah, if only Tey aka Tiy had been quicker, then the New Kingdom might have lasted a few hundred years longer, and women might have played a bigger part in history. And then, almost over night, Percival's magical red world was deflated by his doppelganger, George Hale. * George Hale also came from a rich Boston family. He had opened his stationary store in 1837 with $1,000 in capital borrowed from his father. Again the Privy Council considered what to do, and again Edward was sentenced to three months at Tothill Prison, but this time at hard labor.The labor of choice for prisoners in this most modern of English prisons in 1841 was spending six hours a day walking on the treadmill, described by the "Hidden Lives Revealed" web site as "a big iron frame of steps around a revolving cylinder", or Picking Oakum (above), defined as teasing apart the strands of a hemp rope so that the strands could be twisted into another rope, which would be presented to inmates to be teased apart again.Ă‚ After three months of enduring this repetitive repetition in silence, another magistrate offered Edward another chance to join the Navy. In fact, suggested Earl Clement, those labels could be powerful defense against wrongful death lawsuits. Then, each Group would build a cooking fire, while their leaders would collect and distribute rations either bought by Coxey or donated by sympathetic locals. She even attracted a few financial backers. On the south side of the street was number 23, the fortress offices of J.P. In exchange for a $2 million settlement and her freedom, Nora did not fight Andrew when he demanded primary custody of the children. That was a purely political decision, made because the Democrats in the 1830's were pursuing a "Southern Strategy", which sought to shore up their base of support in the South. He never forgot and he never forgave. He fell in love with the sport and spent the next year following the circuit as an a mechanic's assistant for $15 a week. On the evening of September 22nd, 1880, Father John O'Malley was sharing a meal with American journalist James Redpath. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the U.S. Maybe, just maybe, the answer is that all those people before you have just been more unlucky than you. If they are successful, they claim, as a matter of right, the advantages of success. Within a week the Governor was ready and eager to continue his journey. His brother Jim was outside standing next to Wyatt, but he never spoke of the shooting. At noon, Friday September 17, 1920, a rally sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution, drew thousands to "The Corner." Patriotic songs were sung and patriotic speeches were made. He also pushed hard to cut the upper income tax rate from 77% to 24%, and cut taxes for middle class Americans at the same time, although by not nearly as much. And that is a fact. The decision to lay siege to Belgrade was logical. Into this place of confinement she snuck a bottle of laudanum, a potent mixture of 89% grain ethanol, 10% opium and 1% morphine. to be my lawful and wedded wife..." Of course, no ceremony

took place, and no license was ever issued. On advice from Chief Justice Charles MacDonald, Hoyne broadened the investigation to include the rumor plagued 1919 World Series. Most people would probably call him a Jonah - but that would not be entirely accurate. He told Robert he would do everything he could to prevent the divorce. If the dog held the badger in its jaws, it was marked as a plus. Arnold and Slack were both indicted for fraud in San Francisco, but Philip Arnold had no intention of giving himself up. Everywhere I looked were "experts" flying the Jolly Roger, who offered to save my floundering vessel in exchange for a share of my cargo. She and the missing Judge Crater were both now loose ends connected to Tammany Hall. Mr. He kept drilling new wells, to feed the growing demand for his product. In 1836 the nonexistent residents of Poyais got yet another new constitution, a flag with a green cross on a white background, and some competition. It opened in 1943. His voice has been described as a foghorn. Now, "convertible bonds" are usually not worth the premium they sell for. The infantry officers, unsure what was going on, shouted for their men to halt, pronounced in German as "halfte, halfte". The Grays called the police. It was highly addictive and the Governor was not merely feeling better, he was probably high. But the frat parties came to abrupt end with the onset of the Great Depression. Colonel. Richards, who received just 68,878 votes. People paid just to watch the more adventuresome ride through the loop of the "Flip Flap", but because of injuries the amusement did not last into the Park's second season. * That year, to replace the nausea loop, Boyton added a mill ride and cages of live wolves. Bob Lincoln slink-ed out of town, determined to avoid contributing to any further bloody historical events. * It would be the last time an American President would be assassinated until 1963, and who can say that was not because Bob Lincoln chose to be circumspect about being near another President. GETTING SQUIRRELY I believe the horror officially commenced on September 6, 2006, and it began in the midst of a deceptive calm. This put the American economy on a solid financial footing. * This was a good idea, but there was a downside, as explained in "Land Speculation and Other Processes in American Historical Geography", by Donald Holtgrieve, published in the Journal of Geography in 1976. Even if true, how that justified the cold blooded murder of a father of small children (On his gravestone the word "father" had even been carved in stone), Jereboam did not attempt to explain. Mr. He must have heard of their impending deaths and of their executions.Still, the old man did not return for two years. But why did he not return sooner? Why return at all? And why did John Perry tell such wild tales? Why did he send his own mother and brother to the gallows? Why did he not recant until the last moments of his life?It remains a mystery. Buildings shook 78 miles distant. Then I thought, as the country was so green and beautiful, I would call it the Emerald City; and to make the name fit better I put green spectacles on all the people, so that everything they saw was green." "But isn't everything here green?" asked Dorothy. "No more than in any other city," replied Oz; "but when you wear green spectacles, why of course everything you see looks green to you."Â

 - 30 -NEXT WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY; PART SIXThe Army Arrives in WashingtonFRIDAY: BY ANY OTHER NAMETo Detachable-ly Connect a Pair of Adjacent Flexible Parts. FAMOUS AMOS I contend that, politically speaking, Amos Kendall was one of our founding fathers. And since Federal budgets had been progressively cut year after year, the economic health of the nation became dependent solely on the swing of business cycles. "You and I have roughed it together," he reminded them. Beauchamp had sought her out, for reasons left unexplained. The happiness of children everywhere depend on effective management of these syndromes. - 30 - THANKS FOR READING ALL YEAR LONG AND MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS SUNDAY: TAKING THE DAY OFF No, I'm Taking the Day Off. Step two was for Sainte-Croix to make the acquaintance of certain people with a knowledge of chemistry, such as a man known only to history by the name of "Auguer".Now, in the days before CSI the only way to prove poisoning - as opposed to just an unhygienic cook - was to catch the suspect pouring poison on the food, or to get him or her to confess.This is why torture was so popular for so long. Born into poverty, his mother was active in the Methodist Church until her death, when Jay was 10 years old. A gale was approaching. How could you not admire a man who could write, "A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous" That kind of self knowledge belies the life of a boy who was abandoned by his father at the age of ten, at twelve watched his mother die in the bed next to him, and was then adopted by a cousin who shortly thereafter committed suicide. Harding might have said that giving a job interview while standing in his pajamas might qualify as an embarrassing moment, but he did not. He was tall for the age - about 5.8", smart, competent and dedicated. Instead he and Stanton came up with a plan of their own. As proof, I present to you a German flute maker who made his fortune in England, and doubled it by investing in the American fur trade; John Jacob Astor (above). Slipped into pine coffins the remains were buried by inmates from Riker's Island, just a few more of the 2,000 dead buried each year in unmarked mass graves of Potters Field on Hart Island. And only behind this final exhibit of female pulchritude, did the public at last get a view of the object of the entire discussion, the army of the unemployed, totting banners and signs. By the end of the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago, its new home range was the arid and unforgiving Arabian Peninsula. * This amazing beast can lose up to 40% of its body weight, and can gulp down, up to 21 gallons of salt laden brackish water within 10 minutes; either of which behavior would kill a lesser creature. He needed cash. Unfortunatly, Nathaniel had picked a bad time to make a new start. Beginning in 1670 Virginia had suffered from a string of hailstorms, floods, and droughts. She also urged Robert to urge Thomas to turn down the offer. According to legend it was famed painter Gilbert Stuart who first examined the bends and curves of the new district and observed that, to him at least, a map if it resembled a salamander. The war was, at worst, an inconvenience.

When the Treaty of Ghent was signed in December of 1814, a special clause had been written in which specifically transferred Astoria from Britain back to the United States, where Mr. There is no memorial of her years of service to the unit, of the babies she delivered, of the hardships she endured. Hamilton paid, and James then wrote, "I have not the least objections to your calling (on my wife), as a friend to both of us". Officially Powers had received 70,187 votes, making him second by a mere 1,144 votes. But if it is so, then the war spending and the end of the depression was one heck of a coincidence in 1898, and again in 1942. I think the best memorial for those unnamed heroes of the spring of 1894 was provided by a bar fly in New York City named Feeb, who composed and preformed songs for his supper. She tried to make dirty, foul Pittsburg a home. The bronze age was late in coming to the Baltic Sea. Women and children were ruthlessly ridden down...All this time Coxey had been struggling through the crowd toward the central steps of the capital....Before anyone knew it Coxey was bounding up the East front...He was up to the tenth step before he was recognized. It was not uncommon for a raiding constable to discover "a woman sitting beside the fire finishing a pile of counterfeits with a knife and file, while her husband occupied himself with hot flasks and other coining tools." It was estimated at the time that a pair of crooks ...could produce twenty-five pounds of silver filings in a day - and this when a family could live quite comfortably on fifty Pounds a year. Mrs. Politics had nothing to do with it. And at this point the corpses hit the fan. In the spring of 1167 B.C.E. But by 1810, hunters had so decimated eastern populations of beaver, otter, squirrel and fox, that trappers were shipping furs fifteen hundred miles just to reach an Atlantic port. Two more voyageurs were swallowed up by rapids and another went mad." The survivors finally exited this purgatory by climbing out of the canyon. Still, rules are rules, and the jury had spoken, and so John was duly hanged as well. She was pretty, sophisticated and charming. In 1942 came his work for Earl Warren, and in 1944 Murray was elected president of the California Republican Assembly. In this country everyone must pay for everything he gets. From there he emptied the second barrel at Arnold, hitting him in the shoulder and "lacerating it terribly". And for four score years America had been avoiding the solution to slavery. From March 4, 1837, when Andrew Jackson handed over the Presidency to Martin Van Buren, until March 4, 1861 when Lincoln took the oath, eight men occupied the White House. Supreme Court. Solomon Sharp was dead almost before he hit the floor. It was upon the evolutionary lines of those long dead life forms that the profits of the big oil companies, including Union Oil, were founded. * And thanks to Layman Stewart's largess, millions of dollars in those profits from this oil provided for the Los Angeles Mission, which has helped to feed and shelter tens of thousands of homeless and lost souls, and a Fundamentalist Christian collage, which explicitly taught its' graduates that evolution, such as that exhibited by those microscopic creatures used to find all that wealth, had not occured. * It is that conflict at the core of Fundamentalism which renders it a schizophrenic philosophy. - 30 WEDNESDAY

THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART EIGHT The Logical Achievment of Lobbyists Culture THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART SEVEN I guess it must have been like awaking from a dream. And to seal the deal, Hamilton read a telegram from Governer Landon promising to support the anti-New Deal platform. Said the Republican platform; "For three long years the New Deal Administration has dishonored American traditions...has been guilty of frightful waste and extravagance, ...has created a vast multitude of new offices, ...set up a centralized bureaucracy, and sent out swarms of inspectors to harass our people. It looked to Percival as as if there had to be another planet further out from the sun, tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Over the next three years this produced 5,000 pages of transcripts. Coxey to remember that "if from 10,000 to 50,000 men can intimidate Congress to do one thing, then another 10,000 to 50,000 men can intimidate them to do another thing--which leads to anarchy." Of course some might say that was almost by definition not anarchy, but democracy. And like a latter day "Lost", Jules Vernes' 1875 novel, "The Survivors of the Chancellor" told an episodic science fiction adventure story of a British passanger ship, lost at sea. The most popular song of the day consisted of the repeated lyrics, "Carve dat possum, carve dat possum, children. Carve dat possum, carve him to de heart." Ala "Who Let the Dogs Out", the 19th century chart topper was offically entitled, "Carve dat Possum".  Oh, the future was coming. One story told is that Allison was a friend of George Hoyt's, and was looking for revenge. Then, three years later, Anne gave birth to twin girls. It was an hour and forty minutes before it could be restarted. Eddie put his foot to the floor, determined to seal his victory. It was worse so in 1863. The salt water here is warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream Current, and the Great Circle commercial route is just one hour sailing time out to sea. Long live anarchy."  He had evidently worked this out and wanted to be quoted exactly. The cantankerous old judge grunted, "I hope they have a good night." With that Judge Field went back to sleep. After all, Senator Sharon was dead, which, David Terry argued, had rendered any court decisions concerning the California divorce case an "ineffective, inoperative, unenforceable pronunciamento." And by simply ignoring the existence of the Federal Court order vacating the will, he avoided dealing with the charges that the will had been forged. The museum went bust in 1899, and the owner "reimagined" the space as a public meeting center. * It was into this den of iniquity that some 2,000 delegates and their alternates marched on Tuesday June, 8th, 1920, sixty years after Republicans had first met in Chicago to nominate Senator William Seward for President, but instead chose Abraham Lincoln. When he arrived the squirrel immediately leapt on the cop. But Usimare was also a really unlucky guy. The following morning, on the front page of an Indianapolis newspaper, was a still smiling Eddie Sachs, with a black eye and a small checkered flag stuck between his teeth. * In 1964, just two years after Parnelli's record setting 150 mph pole, Jimmy Clark won it in a rear engine Lotus, at 159 mph. But the real cost of Anna Cook's revenge was three lives; her own and the lives of two men she professed, at various times, to have loved. Food was brought in, and and drink, and Grant appointed a special guard to defend the building - against whom he did not say.

Today that amount is closer to twenty pounds. But the popularity has come at a price. These peoples buried their dead in stone crypts, and prayed to the male earth god Inguz, who drove his chariot across the sky as easily as he dived beneath the sea. Their verdict was that Daniel Sickles was temporarily insane when he murdered his good friend, Phillip Key. They are still there. Explained Daniel, when he was arrested, "He deserved it." * It was the trial of the century! The prosecutor spoke of the "echoes of the church bells" still lingering in the air" while Daniel pulled the trigger over and over. The other was Robert Good, Stella Ferrucci's husband. * Their intent was to scare the judge, maybe even rough him up a little and let him know what would happen to him if he did not play ball with Diamond. Besides, increasing taxes and government investment in infrastructure could not revive a depressed economy. And no one at any of the Judges' usual hangouts remembered seeing him. They promptly disinherited their daughter. And those now struck Phineas. It came down gradually, and I was not hurt a bit. Ahh, those Germans. In March of 1914, there were rumors that Daniel had finally died. His reputation as a murderous hot head did nothing to prevent him from being elected to first the Alabama legislature and then, in 1844, to the U.S. The budgets increases were far too small and it was far too short a war. He had been one of them. C, an obese, white caucasian male, who appeared approximately 65 years old, but who could not accurately state his age, presented to my family practice office with complaints of generalized aches and pains, sore red eyes, depression, and general malaise. He was an ex-circus barker and a current patent medicine "faker" named A.B.P. That whimper was the end of Coxey's Army of 1894. In the speech Coxey had intended upon reading on the steps of the capital, was a desperate plea. In something less than one second, the 35 pound rod was driven out of the hole, penetrating just below Gage's left cheek bone, destroying his left eye, plowing through his brain and blasting out the top of his skull. Why would any owner suffer such an expense? Perhaps the answer and the ultimate core of the attack squirrel conspiracy was revealed when Finnish baritone Esa Ruuttunen (above), perhaps best known for his powerful performance as Telramund, was viciously assaulted while on his way to rehearsals of the new Finnish opera "Kaarmeen hetki (Hour of the Serpent) at the Helsinki Opera House. Those papers had gone into the two locked brief cases he had left the office with that afternoon. And when Craig saw my internal porch light flicker, he stopped trying to explain what he was doing to my machine. He investigated and discovered a large and intricate "drey", or squirrel's nest, constructed from the tattered and masticated shards of dozens of miniature American flags. . He was described by the author Charles Dickens who interviewed him as " of a most repulsive appearance; but he was unconscious of this defect as he affected an air of great consequence". Bazarro. Before they had been induced to join the march, The Great (and his wife) had concoted their "blood purifyer" in a makeshift lab and mass production line on the near West side of Chicago. He called up a company of State militia and local police to stand guard. * Having finally taken the oath, Boyd moved into other offices in the state house and dispatched the Lincoln County sheriff (again) to take procession of the executive suites. Even the bondsman now

considered Ponzi a bad risk. The first recorded "Mores Code" telegraphed was "A patient waiter is no loser", in 1838; it was the dot and dash equivalent of "The quick bown fox", etcetera. Pendergast, the jury saw Edward as a pitiable character who had no malicious intent. Step one was to encourage Marie to do some charity work. Just up the street the cab unexpectedly pulled over and two more men quickly climbed in. As a little kid, just wonder if he'll always have fear." The boy, now with red scratch marks all over his body, is probably too terrified to enter any park with trees. But even now a few sensed the impending disaster. * Mr. A referral to a physiotherapist was made to ameliorate his disk problem. In fact, ideologically, the John Birch Society was (and is) a sort of thinking man's Klu Klux Klan, where the KKK remains a sort of the idiot's version of the "Tea Baggers". In 1966 the New York Times described the JB Society as "...the most successful and 'respectable' radical right organization in the country", which, if you think about it, is the equivalent of being named Miss Congeniality in a mental institution; she even brings smiles to the invisible people. His shock, and probably anger at this previously unknown (to him) interloper who was questioning his dream, must have been overwhelming. Four men were shot, others were badly beaten, and according to the New York Herald, "...those who did not escape were violently flung from the windows and doors..." As Jay would later boast, ""I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half." The courts would eventually throw Jay Gould out of the tannery, but by then he had shifted his operations to a place more suited to his nature; the unregulated economic free-for-all that was Wall Street. While North and South battled over slavery, Jay Gould formed his own brokerage firm, Smith, Gould and Martin, and made the acquaintance of James "Big Jim" Fisk, who had made his fortune smuggling southern cotton through the Federal armies and selling Confederate War Bonds. And the Federal District had gone from less than 1 million residents in 1940 to 2,100,000 in 1943. Then, as the Imo backed away, the scrapping of crumpled metal against torn metal, threw sparks. Only then could you travel by rail all the way from sea to shinning sea. Heavy rains in June drove the marchers to higher ground and this time they moved to Roslyn, Virginia. They got out of the market. After all, you can't pledge allegiance to the flag unless you have a flag. * His pledge, published in the September 8th, 1892 issue of the magazine (above), was just 23 words long and could be recited in less than 15 seconds; "I pledge allegiance to my flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." On October 29th the pledge was first recited in classrooms across America, and at the opening of the Chicago Columbia Exposition. He raided British ports. They marched into town, with flags flying and drums pounding. Russel's accounts had also been questioned by the bureaucrats back in the War Department, and Russel was awaiting permission from his boss, General Wilkerson, so he could also have it out in person with those annoying bean counters. Because of a refueling malfunction Foyt was forced to make an emergency fuel stop at lap 184, surrendering a 3 second lead. More importantly, only at Vicksburg (above) was the ground on the east and west sides of the river solid enough so that a railroad line could touch the Mississippi itself - there was no bridge, but railroad cars could be ferried arcross. He was the original DINO, Democrat in Name Only. *

Twenty years earlier, at the close of the Civil War, this same Isaac Grey had been the Republican Speaker of the state Assembly (above). But, he added, their patron was growing impatient after trying to kill Sir Thomas for months. In Jyvaskyla, Finland an allegedly cute squirrel is displaying an amazing level of brand loyalty. Instead, in 1851, he found a job at the Hannover Inn in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, as a stable hand and coach driver. Senate campaign, labeling his opponent, Democrat Helen Gahagan Douglas, as "The Pink Lady", alleging that she was a communist sympathizer - "Pink right down to her underwear," said Murray.Gangster Mickey Cohen threw another fund raiser for Nixon that year. The award is for a singular achievement this year. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? The winner for 2010 was Republican Senator Jim Bunning. The winner for 2009 was Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagonevich. The winner in 2008 was New York Democratic Governor Elliot Spitzer. The contest has been growing in popularity, and beginning last year I opened the nominating process to you, the readers. But without consumers, there was not much of a swing. Louis in late September of 1806, they tarried there for six weeks without any reasonable explanation. * Today an infection of syphilis would be treated with a course of antibiotics. When he was seventeen, Jay apprenticed himself to a surveyor, Oliver Diston, at the salary of $10 a month. and 1825 A.D. Persumably, so was Mrs. What came out of their joining was a populist Democratic party, a party that saw government as a force to redress grievances, a party which, for all its numerous failings, was a people's party. On race day, driving a roadster, Eddie started far back in the field and finished third. So, after the debacles at Memphis and New Orleans, the Confederacy decided to turned Vicksburg into "The Gibraltar of the Confederacy." On paper it looked simple- the city lay just south of a thuge "S" bend in the river. In fact they were more determined than ever to put the little Italian out of business. Parnell estimated the harvest had cost the English government "one shilling for every turnip." * Boycott left Ireland with his family on December 1, 1880, traveling in the back of a miltary ambulance and escorted by soldiers. They then returned to their camp at Hyattsville for another week. He wrote two autobiographies. (and) override(s) and suppress unacceptable social responses..." (Wikapedia - "Frontal Lobe"). Neptune and Uranus, said the French astronomers, had actually formed in the inner solar system, and out of rock, like the Earth, Venus and Mars. * Four billion years ago the newly formed gas giants Jupiter and Saturn had turned the inner solar system into pool table on the break - with the still molten planets and asteroids slamming and careening into and off of each other. Police departments around the nation still have squads of officers assigned to uncovering fraud and cheating scams, named "Bunko Squads". A hundred fifty people attended Daniel's victory celebration. They saddled their horses at a nearby stable. His public manners were "accommodating and popular" - in short he was a politician and ambitious. But Jacob's box was too heavy to be holding candles, or papers, or keepsakes. I suspect that Murray

Chotiner would have called him a quiter. - 30 WEDNESDAY: AMERICAN ARCHETYPE: PART TWO MERIWETHER LEWIS And The Cost of Being a Hero THE CAMDEN WONDER I might have voted with the other members of the jury in the Perry trial, even though one of the defendants had been charged with being a witch, and I don't believe in witches. Harrison all night. In short I can not say exactly what occurred that pitiless night. Auger.The list included included Madame de Montespan, who was Louis XIV's mistress - which in pre-revolutionary France was almost a cabinet position - and the Duchesse of Orleans, Louis's sister-in-law (above), and...Marie Brinviller. P. It is a definition that makes a mocker of the adage, "know your enemy". It was quite wonderful how generally the gems were scattered over a territory about a quarter of a mile square and of course we were only doing surface examination. Authorship had just been invented, and they didn't have it standardized yet. The negative publicity probably prevented another child mailing until 1919, when it appears a press agent for the Aluminum Company of America arraigned for the mailing of five year old Marmi Hood and four year old Evan Hedge to their respective fathers, who were locked down inside in the company's plant in Alco, Tennessee, surrounded by union picket lines. He bought a small home in Brooklyn and died in relative obscurity in 1924. In dramatic testimony she explained, he "...jumped me." Thinking quickly, Barb "...pulled him off." She was treated for scratches and released. ...".Ă‚ Sound familar? But the platform saved its most vicious critisim for that newest New Deal program, Social Security. He was buried with all military honors. (ditto)Ă‚ And no obstruction of public roads would be permitted, either. And he tolerated my constant talking in his ear while he remained more interested in my hard drive than my hard drive-luck story. By the fall of 1940 Roosevelt saw the problem. In other words, if it was a real marriage, it was a marriage of convenience. Every one else, including Tey herself was slowly simmered to death on a barbecue, cooked until the flesh was just falling off their bones. For a political revolutionary to be living with a woman who could not hear his rants against capitalism passes beyond ironic into the realm of absurdity. This bill established the price of a mining claim on federal land at $2.50 to $5.00 an acre, a figure which has resisted all pressure for an increased benefit to the federal purse for the last 140 years. I did not expect it to win Dancing With the Stars. And an attempt to dig another bypass of the big bend just north of Vicksburg, the Duckport Canal, also failed. He then became a diplomat, proceeded to to seduce a Spanish Queen. But the Confederates refused to fall for that trick as they had done at Memphis. Eleven days later General Wilkerson was relieved from command.Afterward came the court-martial and the acquittal. And like the men, the women overwhelmingly voted for Warren G. And why not: if you believed in the power of unfettered capitalism, what better man to guard its future than one of the most devoted and disciplined unfettered capitalists in the world? After resigning from the sixty boards of company directors he sat upon, Andrew accepted the post. Allen got together a group of unfortunate investors in the "Old Colony" and helped them to all file for bankruptcy. Then he successfully ran a cheese factory and then a lumber company in upstate New York. Then came Carl Browne, dressed in his buckskin fringe. The invaders were from the forests to the south, members of the Unetice culture. She was pretty, sophisticated and charming. A few new investors even lined up to hand over their life savings. But maybe it was murder.Grinder's Stand, as it was called, stood along the ridge route called the Natchez Trace or "The Devil's Backbone". And cancer - he refers to cancer a lot.

Warned, Mr Welch, "...both the U.S. There Doctor Harlow used it as an exhibit in his second (and more colorful) paper written about Phineas, and which made Phineas famous as the the man who reset the gauge for brain injuries. There are only two rules governing nominations- all nominees must have stood for election. Handing a glass to Thomas, Stanton said, "Now, this at least is neutral ground." Over the next weeks, while the Senate heard President Johnson's impeachment trial for trying to fire Stanton, Stanton remained barricaded in the War Department. Hodsworth then ducked behind a tree. The temples also owned 500,000 head of cattle, 88 large ships and some 53 workshops and shipyards. Armies from Morocco then killed more when they captured the weakened city in 1591. * But although the Moroccan leader Ahmad I al-Mansur hungered for the wealth of Timbuktu, he had no conception of what that wealth was based upon. But the jury was never told what a whoring booze-hound Daniel Sickles really was. This child of poor parents from Massachusetts, by dint of his intellectual brawn, guile and his drive to succeed, reshaped the political landscape in America and he helped create the Democratic Party in his own image. But he did not. But when a dam at the northern end of the dig collapsed, flooding out the Union camps, the canal was abandoned. When a poor man comes to old Tom's boys for help....we fill his belly and warm his back and vote him our way." ***************************************************************************************** "Politics have no relation to morals. Niccolo Machiavelli. In a few hours their joy at escaping the stinking marshes was replaced by exhaustion. The Battle of Crysler's Farm is referred to north of the border as The Battle That Saved Canada.Wilkerson retreated downstream into winter quarters. "I am a humbug." - 30 -NEXT WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY; PART FIVEWhy We MarchFRIDAY: LUCKY PEOPLEHow The Lost Dutchman Mine Got Lost THE MAN NOT IN THE IRON MASK I have some shocking news for you. Nash fell ill. And David went so far as to invite a newspaper man, Thomas Williams, to conduct an interview while he served his sentence, announcing his intention of slapping the judge, and "...if Judge Field resists, I will kill him." That interview, published in the San Francisco papers, and subsequent letters David Terry wrote other newspapers, made the couple's rage unambiguous. No satisfying plop of a head into the basket. In 1869 they began to hoard gold, because raising the price of gold would raise the price of wheat, which would allow them to raise the freight rates they charged farmers for shipping the wheat. It was all gamblers from Vegas. After a hundred years he needed a shampoo, but that was to be expected. Doctor J. But the family of the deceased wanted their loved ones to rest in peace, in one piece, pending the resurrection. Underneath the veil and the dress and the petticoats Mrs. They plodded in the snow past the grave of the British General Braddock, who had been ambushed on the road to Pittsburgh. The court had decided that certifying election results was simply a clerical duty and not a matter of choice. Making friends was difficult for him, and he had the sorry capability of turning first-time acquaintances into instant lifelong enemies. So over time all lenses tell lies, even a Clark

* One of Alvan Clark's most enthusiastic customers was Percival Lowell, whose mommy gave him a 2 1/4 inch Clark on his fifteenth birthday. But beyond that passing tribute, "dry and beggarly" Champagne remained a stagnant social backwater - until the importation of capitalism. After an early meal, designated groups would canvass the area for more donations of food, clothing and money. What the Slavic infantry heard was "utisit, utisit", which is Czech for "Allah". Two policemen took up the chase. But the Democratic Party that he founded has changed so much in the last 150 years, as to be all but unrecognizable. By then he had profited several times that amount by shafting his partners exactly as they had planned on shafting the suckers. Tommy "The Cork" Corcorhan's pathway to fame and power by selling his experience in working for the people had become a four lane highway to wealth and power for "Team Abramoff". * "If I read the articles about me, and I didn't know me, I would think I was Satan." Jack Abramoff * Over the next two months members of Team Abramoff appeared in White House logs 200 times. An hour later Greenwood returned with Wanesly in tow. * The justice of the peace, John Van Dyck, was summoned, and next morning Brownrigg lead the authorities to the buried treasure. And Lincoln's 1863 proclamation for a day of Thanksgiving, issued after the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, and now traditionally reissued by Presidents every year, specifically designated Thanksgiving as the final Thursday in November - in this case the 30th . That left the biggest thief in uniform running the campaign, with predictable results. He still had no body to support him. His family had emigrated to America when he was 14. He does little exercise and eats large meals with high sugar and cholesterol levels, and a high percentage of calories derived from fat (he subsists all year on food he collects on Dec. They ate cool lobster cocktails and cold chicken for dinner.Later, someone picked up the single ticket Crater had reserved at the Belasco Theatre. But Abraham Lincoln won 180. And then the Panic of 1837 wiped out cotton prices and with them William Yancey's newfound fortune and social status. At about 3:00 a.m., when the train paused in Fresno, California, Neagle saw Althea and David Terry climb on board. But by now the adolescent word was strong enough to stand on its own two letters. With his free arm Selover began slapping the Mephistopheles of Wall Street and shouting, "Gould, you are a damn liar!" When Selover finally let go, Gould dropped 8 feet to the stairs. That night, in the house of Father O'Mally, the word "Boycott", as a verb, was invented. Mayor Walker and the city council posted a $5,000 reward. * A lawyer surfaced with a show girl client who had spent a weekend in an Atlantic City Hotel with the judge just a week before his disappearance. In 1960 (above) Eddie captured The Pole, being the fastest qualifier, but he was forced to drop out on lap 132 with a bad magneto. A fire quickly broke out aboard the Monte Blanc, ignited or fed by the Benzol, sending grey smoke skyward.

* Within 10 minutes the Mont Blanc's forty man crew had been forced to take to their life boats. In 1886 the original hotel had burned down but it was quickly rebuilt, and dozens of independent hotels and restaurants sprang up to compete with the railroad for the new tourist business. The cheerful little man from Italy had been released from a Canadian prison in 1911, after serving a sentence for forgery and financial fraud. Ergo, argued ex-Governor Thayer, John Boyd was not qualified to be governor of Nebraska. At last, on the fourth day, early in the morning, Arnold set out alone, to get his bearings, as he said. The process was dispassionate, calculated and handled by people who saw politics as a job, aided, of course, by political writers who supplied the passion in print. In 1929 60% of families were living on less than $1,500 a year...." And then the Revenue Act of 1926 , pushed hard by Andrew Mellon, cut the taxes of those making $1 million or more a year by more than 2/3rds. The problem seems to have been that somebody else was offering other members of the Chicago Cubs more if they threw the game. The Phillies scored two runs in the second inning, and one in the ninth. He said to the men, "I cast 154 votes for Mr. He ordered Thomas to return to the War Office and begin issuing orders. But every other seat, eighteen in the senate and fifty-four in the house, gave a clear majority to an upstart third party, the so called "hogs in the parlor", the People's Independent Party. He was the last of the great vaudeville entertainers before the advent of film, and so is almost forgotten today. But the end of the game was predictable, given James' character. * James Reynolds and his partner Jacob Clingman were arrested for cheating revolutionary war veterans out of their back pay, which Congress had been cheating them out of for years. There was a circuitous maze of bayous that logically seemed to eventually connect an abandoned Mississippi bend, Lake Providence, 50 miles north of Vicksburg, to the Red River just before it rejoined the Big Muddy above the high ground at Fort Hudson south of Vicksburg. Maverick junior died in 1936 at the age of 98. The reason was simple - like J. And as the Assembly session for 1887 opened, these hard liners were willing to set the state on fire if they could also burn up Isaac Gray's Presidential dream boat. * The Indiana State Senate (above) was about to come into session at 9:35 on the morning of Saturday February 24th, 1887, when Lt. The commander asked Birch to hand over his revolver, and, surrounded by nervous soldiers, Birch decided to argue about it. By 1927, after seven years of Andrew Mellon 'efficency' at Treasury, that spending had fallen to $180.57 per citizen per year - for the Post Office, the Navy, the Army, for everything. So if Mellon was making government efficent by 1929, what went wrong? As one historian has explained, "Between 1923 and 1929 manufacturing output per person-per hour increased by 32 %, but workers' wages grew by only 8 %. I believe that we need is freedom and choice when it comes to our ice cream, and the definition of liberty. Joey: But that's not what we're talking about. Nick: Ah, but that's what I'm talking about."

"Thank You For Smoking. But, of course, politicians are not rational beings. When the bill on Thanksgiving (House joint resolution 41) reached the Senate, those gentlemen simply had to improve upon it...somehow. Washington and New York society cut him dead. In other words, Bates was the man who was legally required to be the acting Governor. Terry grossly accosted Justice Field at Lathop station this morning and was shot dead by my deputy." Shortly there after, Sheriff Thomas Cunningham of San Joaquin County was served with a writ of habeus corpus, to deliver Marshal Neagle to the Federal Court in San Francisco. And the next day, March 2nd, 1841, Edward was released from Tothill. Janin was exultant that his name should be associated with the most momentous discovery of the age, to say nothing of the increased value of his 1,000 shares; while General Dodge, Rubery and myself experienced the intoxication that comes with sudden accession of boundless wealth." "Everywhere we found precious stones - principally diamonds - although a few sparklers of other kinds were interspersed. Selover went broke, as did Keene. Their sheer bulk demands respect, if not religious devotion. By now, all the heirs in the Brinvillers family were getting nervous. Tommy also introduced Kaiser to the head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which loaned Kaiser the money to build a magnesium production plant in San Jose, California. The bursts come in 1,500 year intervals, giving an almost respiratory aspect to our planet's atmosphere. There is a strain in American juries which, in the cool light of day, don't like to convict people for thinking about a crime. This was Grinder's Stand, one of seven such "Stands" along The Trace in 1807, where for thirty cents you could rent a bed or part of a bed or just a roof for the night. Her husband, the mimbo, Robert Carr, remained convinced he had nothing to worry about. On June 22nd, 1943 Congress made the pledge the offical pledge of allegence to America. Realizing this they then acted accordingly. Unemployment was still at almost 10% in 1941, but by 1943 it had dropped to less then 2%. Nash" died on November 4th the women decided they could not show her such disrespect. Two of her closest friends began to strip her, in preperation to washing and re-dress her body. Postal service has no official motto. * The next major technical advance in communication didn't come along until 1792, when Claude Chappe invented a 'semaphone' network in France. At twenty he was the youngest general in the American Continental Army. The fact that he was born a generation after the American revolution is irrelevant. That should have been a hint to Johnson about Thomas, but the President didn't take it. Coxey...lost his footing and in a moment he was at the bottom of a pack of writhing, struggling humanity." "The mounted policemen lost their heads...and began striking everyone within reach. He immediately hired a carriage and drove all night to intercept his Army at dawn, Saturday April 14th, in the well named town of Frostburg (above), just over the Maryland state line. This was why Washington had been established. But it is another sad truth that making optical telescopes is an ephemeral art form, since glass is not really a solid but a very, very slowly flowing liquid. Annie L. Bob raced into the exhibit, in time to see McKinley drop to the floor. And to everyone's surprise, Speaker Elder did as the law required. Enumerating the six proposed amendments, and the Northern "sins" they were to rectify, Baker pounded home his point. And that seems to have been enough of a victory that as November 1941 approached, (also with five Thursdays) Roosevelt asked New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to study the sales figures. The boy was innocently sitting on the swings when "The squirrel attacked him and didn't want to get off..." Kevin was bitten 9 times, despite attempts by the staff to rescue the boy by "...throwing things at it to try and get it off,..." Thank goodness no one on the staff was caring a gun or little Kevin might have had his head

blown off. What was dark about this love story was that King hid his true identity from Ada, telling her that his name was actually James Todd, that he was a black,man and his profession was as a Pullman Porter. She played psycho to his old fool. But the desert had swallowed Kankan and his party without a trace, and after a year of silence, in 1307, Mansa had been crowned Musa of Mali, Emir of Melle, Lord of the Mines of Wangara, conqueror of Ghanata and Futa-Jallon, and quite possibly the richest man in the world. And the dinars hit the fan when control of Champagne passed from the reliable Counts to the King of France, Philip IV; the George W. Anyone who could be helpful to Ralston's grand plan, including Congressman Butler, was granted shares in the new venture. But several witnesses testified that Jereboam had repeatedly threatened to kill Solomon, and after a 13 day long trial, the jury had no doubts. The answer was no. He refused suggestions to add a helmet and protective accessories to his uniform. And the second joke was in the group's name. I find its always better to just assume I lost the thing years ago and believe it will eventually turn up. Ricardo Pimentel wrote in the conservative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Scorched-earth warriors...don't win until everything is toast." And a professor of political science described the tactics as "...a highstakes game of political chicken." By early March even that right wing source-aqua, the vaunted Wall Street Journal, seemed to have taken notice of the ant farm the Pooh-man had laid all their beds upon. And yet modern excusers like to say he was "accused" of anti-Semitism. Edgar Hoover, Wilkerson knew where all the bodies were buried, occasionally literally. Finally, Oliver was as aloof as he had always imagined himself to be, head and shoulders above all other contenders...except he no longer had any shoulders. I know he had enjoyed a dinner at The Chop House with a chorus girl and a male friend. Fred pointed out to the President that in 1939, November would have five Thursdays; the second, ninth, sixteenth, twenty-third and thirtieth. And in 1601, Thomas was in Edinburgh when he was introduced to a drop-dead handsome 23 year old servant lad named Robert Carr. Now, Robert (above) was a mimbo - a male bimbo. But the revolations, the weapons seized and the attention to the language used by Father Coughlin in support of the Front, caused much of the public support for Father Coughlin evaporate. A century and a quarter later the sitcom "Two and a Half Men" mined this same comedic vein, but better. In his turn under enhanced interrogation, Richard Weston admitted he had slipped the poisons, one after the other, into Thomas' food and drink. To find Judge Crater's bones and identify them now, if they are there, would be effectively impossible. * Jack "Legs" Diamond would die just a year later, on December 18, 1931. And we now know know something about the loser and winner of that battle. "Even as the sun with purple-colored face - Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn - Rose-checked Adonis hied him to the chase; - Hunting he loved, but love he laughed to scorn". Allow me to show you just one example, and see if the following situation sounds familiar. And it is a shame Tey did miss. * In his will, Ramses III donated 86,400 slaves to the estates of the god Amon's temples. But being caught while reaching too far, is a to be expected of all nominees. GUIDELINE NUMBER THREE:  SELFISHNESS Does this political gasbag deserve to be deflated? Has he or she left a trail of damaged careers and smashed hopes and dreams in their wake? Has he or she built their success upon the efforts of

others? Then they deserve to win the Ideas of March Award.Ă‚ So let me know what your choices are. Just before he became Pharaoh a volcano in Iceland blew its top, and the shadow of its ash cloud damaged crops for twenty years. It is an estate today's firebrand's of the right and left might take note of. - 30 - WEDNESDAY THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Five How They Did It TOO MANY GOVERNORS I am surprised that nobody in Nebraska got shot during the winter of 1890-91. Bazarro, a patent medicine salesman and hypocrite. It was a lucky thing they did. On April 8th they they finally struggled to pry loose the coffin lid, under the watchful eye of Ambassador Porter (above, left). But Andrew screwed it up. In 1900 the 45 year old Andrew tried to escape his desolate fate by marrying the vivacious 19 year old Nora Mary McMullen (above), "The prettiest woman in London", and heir to part of the Scottish Guinness Brewing fortune. And since Casino Jack went to jail at the end of March 2006, the situation has only worsened. His strategy worked so well that tobacco use actually increased, as did the cost of smoking - almost $100 billion in lost productivity each year and $22,000 in additional medical cost over the shortened lifetime of every smoker. In 1955...I failed my driver's test again. And it was love at first sight. James (above) began his courtship by giving the convalescing Robert daily lessons in Latin (as opposed to Greek). "In Italy, six hundred and forty; In Germany, two hundred and thirty-one; A hundred in France; in Turkey, ninety-one; But in Spain already one thousand and three." But I digress...Ă‚ Joseph's catalog of failings came into sharp focus in 1787 when, displaying a miserable sense of geopolitical timing, Joseph declared war on the Ottoman Turkish Empire. It sputtered and slowly died. * When Europeans finally arrived in the nineteenth century they were shocked to discover the mysterious and romantic city of Timbuktu was a dusty backwater, little more than a local market town, slowly being reclaimed by the desert from which it had sprung. But because he had insulted Frederick Bates, from that moment forward Bates was Lewis' sworn enemy. government would betray the country's sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order, managed by a 'one-world socialist government.'" Did I mention that the JBS was anti-Semitic? Ayn Rand, no Semitic lover herself, complained, "What is wrong with them (the JBS) is that they don't seem to have any specific, clearly defined political philosophy." She might have been talking about the Tea Baggers, who, in fact, have been encouraged and funded by the JBS. Meanwhile the drunken scouts had begun to suspect they might be in some trouble. Benzol drums were thrown about Monte Blanc's deck, spilling the corrosive fuel. But since the toll road by-pass had opened, the Grinder's income had dropped off. And the usual method of controlling judges was to use women, in this case a showgirl named Connie Markus. * Connie Markus was one of a "chorus" of girls who worked for Jack Diamond. Martin Mahon, proprietor of the New Amsterdam Hotel, in New York City. But the police stuck to what they could

prove, and four nights after the murder Ă‚ JereboamJereboam to the murder, and what there was the cops lost. She was convicted of 5 counts of fraud. He was a kin of Lee Harvey Oswald, a little man who wanted to be important, but lacked the necessary attention span. No squeamish notions filled his breast, The Union was his theme, 'No surrender and no compromise..." Judah P. William Johnson lived in Brooklyn until 1906. What other state's tourism motto could boast with a straight face "We go both ways"? Either they don't think anybody else is bright enough to get that joke, or they aren't. Hunt faced an open rebellion from his French Canadians, who found their thighs badly chaffing. But these men were not looking for family. the board of governors for the NYSE decided to reopen for business the next day, as usual. They then returned to Johnson's house and Gibbs paid for the rental with a generous bag of new Mexican coins. * The four men were headed for lower Manhattan, where they would claim the ship had been lost in the storm. He exchanged setting the Federal district between Virginia and Maryland, two states which had little debt, for allowing the Federal Government to take over all the States' debts. A year later, he ran for the South Carolina Legislature, but his anti-secession opinions contributed to his defeat. Mon Dieu! Cele semble suspecte?! The cops were brought in. Timbuktu was the gateway for Islam into Mali. Practitioners, like the American Orsen Squire Fowler, would run their fingers over the bumps on your head and divine your occupation, your character flaws, even why you were having trouble sleeping. For the only time in American history, the adage about land being the one thing "they were not making any more of" was not true. I suspect, if the locals could have drunk the water without dying, they would have stomped the champaign grape vines. The fat man, (above left) was Chief Justice William Howard Taft, who had been President in 1911 when he signed the bill authorizing the construction of the Lincoln Memorial. His predecessor, Kankan Musa, had appointed Mansa as his Deputy King when he began his pilgrimage. He is a politician who has managed after just a month and a-half , to convert his administration into a real life re-enactment of "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree". Nathaniel was dragged in front of the council and required to apologize. But officials then had warned that if she were arrested a third time for the same offense, there would be no pardon; which made it so serious when Jane was arrested once again on August 13th, 1714. That's enough to justify the formation of the "Flag Makers Association of America", a lobbyist group required because American made American flags are 30% more expensive than Chinese made American flags. On Thursday, September 2, 1920, they split a four game series against the New York Yankees, which brought their record to 62 wins and 64 losses. Cobb signed the writ of mandamus on the spot. Not dissuaded, Arnold fired three more rounds, again missing Hodsworth, but this time hitting a local farmer named John Anderson, in the gut, and killing him. And Sir Walter steamed, when in November, the King made Robert Carr the Earl of Somerset, as a wedding present. But loyalists in the Democratic party never forgot Grey had counted them as "present but not voting". It effects nothing it goes about, and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed." Carl Sandburg The dead man had lived most of his life in Stockton, the next stop north on the rail line. This Old French was mostly based on the everyday language spoken by Roman soldiers. Boyd (above) asked for a writ of mandamus ("...a court order that requires another court, government official, public body, corporation or individual to perform a certain act"). Maria's divorce attorney back in New York was Aaron Burr, who would in a very few years shoot Alexander Hamilton down in a duel. A hint is that in later centuries, Egyptians invoked Ramses III's name when seeking divine assistance in the case of snake bite. Paul Weiss, who had been trained as a mining engineer, and he was going to

need all that training. It is was an untenable situation. And although Ralston did not invent the idea of giving the miners the shaft, he did practice it on an industrial scale. On Tuesday November 4, 1890, the Republicans and Democrats spilt seven seats in the state senate and forty-six seats in the house between them. He had lost a third of his army and he hadn't even fought a battle yet. In 1923 Bishop Gallagher (above) offered the rising star his own parish, a new suburban church, "The Shrine of the Little Flower", in Royal Oak, Michigan. It wasn't until after the hanging that the festivities really got started. What a way to pick a president! And it worked. * At 5 A.M. Forty-eight hours later a small part of the real Turkish army, sent to secure the fortress of Vida, stumbled upon the remains of a great battle. She died at the age of 80, appropiately enough on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1937. Buckley's bi-partisan political machine had run San Francisco city hall for years, but had been recently thrown out of power by Republican reformers. He had a reputation as a fiscal conservative who cut taxes and balanced the state budget. Grant to the War Office, to tell Stanton he was being temporarily suspended. That night Crater took in a show and had dinner at the Abbey Club, a notorious gangster and Tammany Hall hangout. Shortly there after they found the King's Swiss Guard, in their mass grave, stacked one atop the next. But the destruction of the Bank of the United States came back to bite the Jackson Democrats. * During the first three weeks of April 1837, 150 businesses failed in New York City, wiping out $100 million in wealth. 1974 ******************************************************************************************** Since 1922 the State of Missouri and 137 insurance companies had been sparing over rate increases for fire insurance, regulated by the state. He left most of his still accumulating candy fortune to the John Birch Society, which continues to produce cadres of indoctrinated Johnny Apple Seeds, planting fear in every dark nook and cranny where it might take root - sort of like tooth decay.But the thing about Johnny Appleseed was that the all the apples which grew from his seeds were sour. Nash". And this time the assassins were taking no chances Jack would leg out an escape. "Then can I read a protest?" asked Coxey. On that day the entire Cleveland team was on the train back to Cleveland to attend the funeral of their teammate, shortstop Ray Chapman. On the 16th "Chappie" was hit in the head by a pitch from the Yankee pitcher Carl Mays. Editor John Swinton wrote, "...we have seen the growth of a horde of paupers, beggars and tramps." Minister George Herron, noted that the richest nation in the world now "finds a vast population face to face with famine". The captains of industry, who had created this mess, expected the government to aid them with tax cuts and tariffs to restrict competition. Now that he had put the worst of the troublemakers ashore, and before the supplies had been completely unloaded, he sailed north, intending on returning in few weeks. When the boat slowed, the onboard operator would then pole the boat to the landing. The unusual structure quickly became an icon on Coney Island, a landmark, and people traveled all the way from Manhattan to be able to say they had "gone to see the elephant". * But financially the hotel was a disaster. But the horror of that day was simple to deal with compared with the trauma which happened in 1878, when the fort's women gathered to bury one their own, a resident of "Suds' Row". And on that day those poor women saw

something which they had never expected to see where they found it. Like most of the 49ers, he found no gold.In July of 1861 Jacob finally became an American citizen, in Los Angeles. He rode up to Smith and berated him, and then returned to the lead. And Jackson did not intend on taking any advice from either his opponents or his competitors. This produced a situation in which, wrote Nicholas Biddle, "The kitchen predominates over the parlor". His fuel tank exploded in a ball of fire. And then the Civil War and broken out. * The Boyd family were still residents in 1867 when Nebraska was admitted to the union. Like an anceint totem which had lost its magic, in early December of 1941 the Little Green House on K street was finally bulldozed. But he finally admitted he suspected his own mother and brother of murdering the old man and robbing him. He died in 1884, in Paris. In a way, it was the great compromiser, John Crittenden, who suffered the most because of the war he had tried so hard to avoid. He was able to keep the war out of his own state. And that is an apt description of Jacob Little. * Jacob's contemporary, Henry Clews, claimed that Jacob "...made and lost" nine fortunes on Wall Street. Their price was $660,000.00; half up front and half upon a final examination by a third engineer, picked by Ralston, and the revelation of the exact location of the claim. However , Nora had suffered enough. Breckenridge. delegation tour of London, where he introduced his mistress, Miss Fanny White (under an assumed name) to the King of England. Diggs, carrying the American flag. Although John Slack was was nowhere to be found at the moment, the Pinkerton agency had easily tracked down Philip Arnold, living amongst the 2,000 residents in his home town of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The less visible side and rear of the building showed a cheaper brick veneer. Us humans have a limited set of emotional reactions to things, and an unlimited set of crazy. Afterward he climbed into a taxi and seems to have simply disappeared from the face of the earth. Simon was ranting over the change because it had disrupted his Ohio State Universities' Thanksgiving day football game. A few cops were beat up. Who would dare to argue with a dying woman, to her face. But this time the little bastard had picked the wrong little old man. But the story of April Fool's Day began over a century before that comedic-tragic event, when in 1564 King Charles IX decided to follow Pope Gregory's suggestion and begin the calendar on January rather than April. And the second pronouncement was the professional code of conduct which Murray Chotiner lived by: "Victory is all that matters". * In 1950 Murray took full control of Nixon's U.S. He published the "Potsdam, New York CourierFreeman" and ran it until 1949. Phillip finally broke free and ran across the street, throwing a pair of opera classes to cover his retreat, and hid behind a tree. Daniel followed, and produced a second derringer. But is there really nothing we can do to defend ourselves? Apparently no: according to the newspaper "The Derrick", last November ,30 year old Postal-woman Barb Dougherty was on her route in Oil City, Pennsylvania, when, stepping off a porch, a squirrel went postal on her. Barron's detailed explanation of the impossibility of Ponzi's plan to buy and sell international mail coupons. It took far less finger pressing to tap out the word "OK" (you could ignore the "o" and the "K" was just "dash - dot - dash") than to tap out the words "All Correct". And his brain, which worked very different than my own.

* I didn't want my computer to make me breakfast. And when William fell ill in the summer of 1615, Sir Walter's agents were on hand to obtain his deathbed confession of his part in killing Sir Thomas Overbury. The apothecary, read William's confession, was nervous. You trust that your dollar will provide you with goods and services of value. But he was still living with his parents and eating porridge for dinner. The tzigani were well stocked with schnapps, which they reluctantly sold to the cavalrymen. Gosh, who would have thought that could happen, other than all those Democrats who have been warning the Republicans they were toying with disaster. Oliver whispered, "My design is to make what haste I can to be gone." But it was too late to be hasty. Grant, almost by default. Good luck with that. And just around the next bend, the next canyon, the next turn of the card or the next scratch off lottery ticket, you too could be the luckiest person in the world. And being a good little soldier, he did. But William also had the ambition to be a highwayman. Mary trolled the internet looking for married men who were seeking sex. In 17th century France the streets were littered with dead poor people. And that ending may not have been entirely his fault. Strength was not a requirement, merely protection from the rats and mice attracted to the tallow's odor. "If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. If it was a race, she won. Tey's two eldest sons had already died, and Penatweret was just a few months younger than Heqamatre. Yes, and half the people in it," he said. Democrat" - who explained, "Every administration should have at least two Tommy Corcorcorans." Sadly, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had them both. And on the 12th of February 1811, after stops in India and China to confirm business arrangements, the Tonquin anchored off Hawaii, for pork and water and to pick up a few additional workers. Although this was such a dependable system that the Swedes kept theirs running until 1880, Chappe never saw it turn a profit, for two reasons. In short, it was Bertrand Snell's fault. they formed a corridor within the crowd, allowing for access to the central platform. I cured it with my brain. I'm not Thomas Jefferson. In exchange Ralston dropped all claims against the Kentucky con man. But their weapons were stone axes and wooden clubs like baseball bats. It is interesting to note the commonality of Charles'Ă‚ message supported by those powerful and wealthy names from Detroit; religious certainty, anti-communism, anti-Semitism, and an affinity for fascism. Field. Fields (above)Ă‚ was a sitting justice of the U.S. You write a letter, usually by hand. "I have been holding that axe in the air ever since I rusted, and I'm glad to be able to put it down at last. During the year they scored 650 runs, but gave up 698. Somehow the office boy made it in once piece, but he felt a little uneasy about just leaving it on the sidewalk, in case a passing pedestrian should be injured. Again he refused. His sermons impressed the Bishop of Detroit, Michael Gallagher, who made certain the young man met the right people - rich and important people - like City Councilman John Lodge and his niece, Evangeline Lindberg, and auto maker Henry Ford. The U.S. And Jackson did not intend on letting his opponents or his competitors give him advice. AWALY (Are we all laughing yet?).e.g.; in June of 1838 the Boston Morning Post (one of the participating newspapers) carried the following note: "Eliot Brown, Esq., Secretary of the Boston Young Men's Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Indians, F.A.H. Roosevelt signed the new law into effect on December 26, 1941. In this case the prophet warned that if the voters followed our winner, they should "hold onto their hats". He and other workers in the yards ran for their lives. Groundskeepers at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Eau Claire, Wisconsin had noted for some time that vandals were stealing the small American flags left to honor veterans' graves. But they still kept the airplanes. Just not friendly toward the bear's family.* But Will's plays were popular and profitable, with lots of violence and sex, and beautiful poetry. Very

astute, these Muslims; because they were promoted based on talent rather than on blood lines. After that Jay was reduced to stealing from lesser partners, such as Major Abin A. Each member had a simple job, which is to say their collective task was a technically complicated jigsaw puzzle of mundane occupations, which when combined in a specific order, changed the world. And by all indications, August would be a very eventful month in Boston. - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY: 1920 - DOG DAYS OF SUMMER The Fall Of Ponzi FRIDAY: ANGER MANAGEMENT The First Attempt To Kill JFK REPETITION, AGAIN I do not believe that history repeats itself. Evelyn Pierrpoint, a member of the peerage and a leader in the House of Lords. Primedia paid him $440,000. English journalist Harriet Martubeau, while visiting the United States in 1834, noted, "I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the invincible Amos Kendall, one of the most remarkable men in America. This investigation uncovered that the insurance companies had delivered a half million dollars in cash to Tom Pendergast as a "political consulting" fee, just before the settlement. When those options matured in six months, if the option holders demanded it, Jacob would have to deliver the stock, whatever the price. So when he shoved down the iron tamping rod, it sparked against the granite. And it stiffled most of the press as well. The Post even ran a July 24th story filled with praise for the Old Colony Foreign Exchange, Ponzi's company. George pulled his six shooter and banged out three quick shots into the side of the building. * According to Eddie Foy, inside the hall "Everyone dropped to the floor at once, according to custom." Amongst the crowd of 150 gamblers and poetry aficionados in attendance was lawman Bat Masterson and gambler Doc Holiday, both of whom, according to Eddie, beat him to the floor. Then a tidal wave 36 feet high swept back and forth across The Narrows, sweeping away everything onshore in its path. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry." George Eliot. *********************************************************************************************** The reformers patted themselves on the back, and the Republicans reveled in their triumph over Democratic sin. He was in New York City on the 16th, and shortly thereafter returned to Italy. It was at moments like these that it should be clear that a lack of government regulations is a severe hindrance to the trust which makes larger international investments possible. Another historian has observed that, "The Mellon tax policy, placing its emphasis on relief for millionaires...made the maldistribution of income...even worse." By 1929 the American middle class was being squeezed out of existence. To finance his dependency

he spent his entire life looking for the next bank account to plunder. According to the Breckenridge News from Cloverdale, Kentucky, Arnold was just leaving the bar when he saw Holdsworth approaching. "There was a bed in the second story, " wrote Terressa, "The room is warmed by a wood fire. Everybody now had a thorn in their side; Captain Thorn On Christmas day this happy ship rounded Cape Horn, at the southern tip of Africa. An hour behind the scouts in the gathering dusk came an equally weary infantry battalion. At any time or place they could tap into a telegraph line, and begin sending urgent dispatches about the progress of the army. For a decade Nora pleaded with Andrew for a divorce, but Andrew wanted custody of the children. As any good politician John liked to refer to himself as just a simple guy, a mere maker of gloves, in much the same way 350 years later Joe Kennedy liked to call himself a liquor importer, instead of a Wall Street bootlegger, which is what he really was. Phillip finally broke free and ran across the street. "I thought I was pretty agile myself, but these fellows had me beaten by seconds at that trick." The Dodge City Globe agreed. Phrenology was bunk. Nova Scotia lost more of her citizens in that one instant than were killed serving in her army and navy units in all four years of World War One. * Slowly rescuers began to move into the devastated square mile, removing the dead, comforting the wounded and searching for survivors in the rubble of their homes and businesses. General U.S. Two other companies started selling Poyais bonds, but found it not profitable enough to press the scam. The Counts provided the fairs with 140 Guards who heard complaints and enforced contracts...weights and measures were strictly regulated...." The French King even granted free and safe conduct to merchants traveling to and from the fairs, for a cut of the profits, of course. Clingman. They raised cattle corralled behind their village palisades. But the jury was never told what a whoring booze-hound Daniel really was. That claim, and the governor's choice of brinkmanship as his preferred governing style, has led Pooh-vernor Walker to his own brink, and revealed, like Pooh, a tear in his stitching. The staggering death toll made for the convoluted plots of some very popular French novels and plays.So when poor people started dropping dead at the hospital where Marie had volunteered as a nurse, nobody took notice. But then, Althea was not finished with Senator Sharon either. I love it all, from the first to the last day in May. Any fool could see that much. Turner was hanged. Blood tests subsequently revealed higher-than-normal CO levels, which I attribute to smoke inhalation during chimney descent into non-extinguished fireplaces. By the year his third book was published, in 1907, Percival Lowell was the recognized world expert on the planet Mars. They beat the heck out of obscurity and poverty. And this legacy of lunacy and head up your exclusion duct paranoia officially began in Indianapolis on December 9, 1958. Robert Welch organized and financed the meeting. And that would move Gray to the United States Senate, one step closer to the White House. But instead of Nora providing Andrew with a way out, he dragged her into his miserable life. to 9:25 a.m., there is a memorial service held in Halifax to remember the victims of the largest man made explosion on earth ... He saw what looked like mountain ranges and plains and long mysterious grooves which criss-crossed the planet, which he described in Italian as "canalii". They see nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy." The President himself argued, "In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people, no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another." The speaker was Andrew Jackson, who innocuously described this conversion of government into plunder merely as the "rotation in office". But conservative economists argue that this war could not have revived the economy. The press, particularly those from Chicago, had known The Great's real identity all along, but he was such good copy as The Great Uknown Smith, that they had not shared this information with their readers, or the Army. In the end it was a capital offense. In the bag, the

manager found a loaded pistol. But the fossils of 275,000 different Foraminifera species were found in the drilling cores. Once again the Americans maneuvered and the Canadians attacked The Canadians lost 11 killed, the Americans 13. They had to get to the bridge, to escape the Turkish trap they had obviously stumbled into. He left with the files and the cash in two locked briefcases. * He then headed off to dinner with his friend Bill Klein and the showgirl Sally Lou Ritz. And that kind of thinking produced four modifying prepositional phrases on top of the two we already had making six in all. * Is love of country really that complicated a concept that it has to be explained in such great detail? Does the detail actually make things clearer? Isn't it enough if your lover says "I love you"? Does the involvement of fifty lawyers make a divorce less likely or more likely? * I guess the basic question is, are you looking for an affirmation of love, or absolute protection against having your heart broken? Because, you can't have both, particularly when you are talking love of a democracy. - 30 BADGERS MAKE STRANGE BEDFELLOWS I have always admired Alexander Hamilton. As Ezra Klein observed in the Washington Post, "The problem with trying to game out Gov. As Eddie put it, "In the long run, death is the odds-on favorite." Thirteen times over his own career, Eddie Sachs left the track in an ambulance. * In 1957 "rookie" Eddie Sachs finished this first Indy 500 in 23rd place. And it turns out that this perfection delivered 12 g's to the passenger's necks, equal to the maximum endured by the astronauts during a Space Shuttle launch. But even fewer know that within 10 short years Henry was flat broke again. In Winter Park, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports, 3 year old Carson Cox was bitten several times by a squirrel assailant on the calf while playing soccer in the park, a few moments before 19 year old Dylan Osborn was attacked and bitten on the leg, and John Hindman was scratched and bitten on both arms, in what apparently was a rodent spree assault. Did you know that the Muslims invented capitalism? The original dollar was the dinar. The army did not stop until they returned to their siege lines outside of Belgrade and the perception of safety. In 1939 Missing Person File # 13595 was closed, and the courts considered the Good Time Judge Joe Crater to be legally dead. Conservative deity William F. Hamilton confessed later, "Without Liberty League money we (the GOP) wouldn't have had a national headquarters." The campaign that followed saw the constant repetition of the attack. "Come, boys, turn around the beer keg. But there were still 8 million Americans unemployed, and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was charging that the new Social Security Administration was part of a facist/communist take over of the federal government. Phineas Gage died just as the American Civil War was exploding. In the perfect environment for trickle down economics there was no trickle. And

before your eyes glaze over, allow me to explain that Will Shakespeare was not that different then the average person today. But he simply could not afford to add new rides year after year. Except that the back room was a suite of meeting rooms in Chicago's Blackstone Hotel at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Balboa, numbers 408 through 410, with Room 404 set aside as the reception room. * The suite had been rented by Will Hays, the big-eared big-talking "mighty little ear of corn" from Indiana. It was called the Crittenden Compromise. The offer of this "compromise" produced, amongst other effects, a powerful debate on the floor of the Senate, between the advocates for slavery and the sworn enemies of the institution. His opportunity for dealing with this perceived threat arrived on March 22, 1811, when the Tonquin stood off the mouth of the Columbia River, at a cape with attractive title of Desperation Bay. Captain Torn ordered his first mate, Ebenezer Fox, to take four of the Canadians and find a route over the treacherous sand bar at the river's mouth. They didn't remember her coughing or showing signs of illness. Then Margaret Hare got into the act, finding investment number three, another old alcoholic woman; ten pounds more. It was put to immediate use. * The next morning, September 23rd, a large crowd from Ballinrobe (above) marched to the Boycott home and urged the servants to leave. Zoologists Sabine Begall and Hynek Burda of the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany have made the startling discovery that at any given instant on any given day, two out of every three cows standing in fields all over the earth have steered themselves along North-South magnetic lines, as if they were oversized leather covered compass needles. Turn on monitor, computer goes. There is no time scale in its current, but in the sediments piled along its course, about the year 1250 BC. Jonathan Thorn, dispensing death to everything and everyone he touched. The feisty talk assured public opinion would materialized firmly behind the local boy who had outfoxed the robber barons, but Arnold also hired a real lawyer or two. He became greatly frightened at this and made many motions to Dorothy to relieve him, but she could not understand. "If virtue be sin, if piety be guilt, all the principles of morality, goodness, and justice be perverted." It might be poetry but Nathaniel was now addressing a skeptical audience. And by dying, Joseph now abandoned Mozart. Jay Gould was wise enough not to press charges, since no jury could be expected to convict anyone of assaulting Jay Gould. Buisness at Sea Lion Park that horrible summer has been described as "macrabe". You decide whether you're Tiffany or Woolworth--not the market." Tommy Corcoran. * Immediately after the war, Tommy cut a deal to distribute relief supplies in China by air. Still, he was a midwife at the birth, and that deserves tobe figured toward his credit, as well. - 30* WEDNESDAY

* WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER - MAYBE * Hoods and Politicians - A Conspiracy Theory THE CURSE OF BEING BOB I want to label the late Bob Lincoln as a shlimazel, but its a Yiddish term and not generally known. But cabinet members had to be approved by the Senate, and often saw themselves as the President's heirs, if not future competitors. Frank Baum, who the next year would pen the children's book "The Wizard of Oz".The crowds lined the route of the Army down 16th Street to Massachusetts Avenue, then across to Mount Vernon Square (to avoid passing the White House), south on 9th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, which they followed directly to the capital building. "This is a great comfort," he said. Within a few years Lafferty was forced to sell his poisonous white pachyderm of a public house to a Philadelphia syndicate. ("Excuse me, but is that a sauce pan bomb in your pocket or are you just unhappy to see me?"). That led, in 1932, to his being elected Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. And yet, still, for Jack - just as for Tommy Cocorhan, it was never enough. * "I have chatted with Ralph (Reed) and we need to get the funding moving on the effort in the 10 congressional districts, ... Arnold put the rest of his money into the safe in his two story brick Italiante home at 422 East Poplar street, in the hills on the north side of "E"town, along with 500 acres of farmland where he bred horses, hogs and sheep. Three or four females establish lifelong bonds, a cow herd within the herd, or a "curd" if you will. And then on the morning of Wednesday, August 11th, 1920, the Post delivered the coup de grace. By the spring 1676 wheat and corn or so scarce that Will had to ban their exportation even to neighboring colonies. In cash-poor Virginia colony, where debts and salaries were often paid in tobacco and crop futures, this created a credit crunch which hit the newer settlers, like young Nathaniel Bacon, much harder than their bankers, who were usually members of the FFV, and close friends of William Berkeley. The newer settlers were known as 'freeholders', and these men, such as William Drummond, wanted more cash in the colony, and they didn't like paying taxes, and they wanted a war against the Indians, which, of course, would have required more taxes. Like his inlaws before them, the freeholders took quick measure of Nathaniel Bacon. The future does not belong to techno-drwarfs like me. And it was only a matter of time before some moralizing busybody felt the need to drop Daniel an anonymous letter detailing the whole sordid affair. He agreed to give Barrow his freedom, knowing full well that New York would snatch him up.Ă‚ And on October 29, 1920 Ed Barrow became the General Manager for the New York Yankees. Vince Coleman, a dispatcher for the Inter-Colonial Railway yards (above) just a few hundred yards inshore from the piers, not only saw the accident, but knew of the Monte Blanc's deadly cargo as well. Doomsday had been canceled. Eventually the Mellon Bank settled for $668,000 (the equivalent to $10 million, today).

But by then Andrew had died, on August 27, 1937. The American economists were the bears and they were there to picnic upon the corpse of the British Empire, and John Maynard Keynes had the unenviable (for an Englishman) assignment to act as the America's maître d'. Would you like to know what kind of an economist Keynes was? He was married to a ballarina (above), that's what kind of an economist he was. On evening of Friday, February 3, 1905, Mr. Pratt in adoration, the 21 year old Jay proposed to write the older man's biography. At six feet tall, Phillip had "sad eyes and a languid charm" (according to Edward Pinchon who wrote a bio of Dan Sickles), and his "...fine figure, fashionable air, and agreeable address, rendered him extremely popular among the gentler sex", according to Felix G. He had dragged his entire court to Thebes for the five day celebration of his Heb-Sed, or Feast of the Tail of the Jackal. The city of Timbuktu was ruled by his descendents for another century, until the empire of Mali was replaced by the Sunni empire, which was more African than Muslim. But Crater was connected. It took him two years to negotiate the price for a 3 month contract with all the local land owners. It did detail in full the travails of Captain Boycott and his family. We advocate: Abandonment of all New Deal policies that raise production costs, increase the cost of living, and thereby restrict buying, reduce volume and prevent reemployment. Ramses III could have overridden these automatic adjustments in his royal household if he had felt one heir more suited than the other, but for whatever reason he did nothing. John E. The banks which held their mortgages were owned by the railroads. The food supplied to the troops was spoiled, the mosquitoes experienced a population explosion, the water supply was polluted, and the few medicines available were limited by orders from the Secretary of War to no more than $50 for the entire 2,000 man force for the entire year. The charges laid against all three men were carrying banners illegally and walking on the grass. His most dangerous opponent was the War Department in Washington, which meddled away the Union strengths. Observed Bat Masterson, "Foy evidently thought the cowboy was after him, for he did not tarry long in the line of fire". * But in George Hoyt's impulsive decision to blast away at the Comique, he had failed to notice two men lounging in the shadows on the sidewalk. No pea pod space ships arrived. It was just as likely the shooter would have been his next door neighbor. "Oh, we're meetin' at the courthouse at eight o'clock tonight. No le Dick Clark. Smith responded by commanding the Army to "Forward March". But the two never crossed paths. It looked like a toy next to the the big powerful front engine roadsters. But, upon further investigation, I discovered that the two anonymous Christian laymen were Lyman Stewart and his younger brother Milton. But sadly his last heir - and thus Abraham Lincoln's last blood relative - died in 1985. He died in 1896, at the age of seventy-six years. When you get to Oz do not be afraid of him, but tell your story and ask him to help you. In a fit of offended religious passion, Phineas runs them both through with a spear. Every thing else about this case is a mystery and a wonder. This caused an explosion which killed the squirrel and blew his smoldering corpse to the dry brush on the ground. McGregor was not there to defend himself. There was a shoving, grasping cat fight for the precious totem, which Meiklejohn eventually won. He claimed that a year earlier, while living in Hertfordshire, he had met a man who induced him to travel to London and sneak into the Palace. It has something to do with age. The passengers would be unloaded, before a cable pulled the boat back to the top of the ramp for the next joy ride. *

* In addition, inside the fence Boyton had the "Flip Flap Railroad". It would be funded by payroll deductions because that way, said Roosevelt, "no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program." And the man he chose to ruthlessly push that program into life was the "boyish, but intellectually quick ", Tommy Corcorcan. * "If, as our Constitution tells us, our Federal Government was established . Nor is the case unusual because the victim and the killers were both wealthy and powerful. Reynolds, Mr. The night porter, Mr, William Cox, was startled by the apparition, and called for assistance. With the invention of the internal combustion, it became a possibility. Jacob never told Julia he highgraded the ore in his candle box from an established mine like the Vulture. And all that was required were six amendments to the constitution. First, slavery would be forever prohibited north of the Missouri border, all the way to the Pacific. Said a Washington sage, "A switch in time saved nine." * But it was also Tommy who suggested the Anglophobe Joe Kennedy (above) as ambassador to England, and who pushed for American neutrality during the Spanish Civil War, which helped make Franco dictator in Spain for fifty years. You see, Joseph had a logical reason for doing everything he did. After Keene and Selover had both been battered by Gould in a contest for control of Western Union, Jay and Selover happened to meet on the street one day. In this alternative inside joke universe the initials KY were substituted for "know yuse", which had already been substituted for "no use". Harry was taking kickbacks too, but the professional politicians decided not to prosecute him. Robert Knox, a lecturer at Barclay's Anatomy School. Pratt, who knew a lot more about the tanning business than young Jay, had begun to see through the fog of compliments. Pratt (above) showed up at the plant unannounced in the summer of 1858 to go over the books, and discovered them to be a confusing mess - showing unauthorized risky investments and a private bank which Jay had established in Stroudsburg, apparently with company funds, but without the company sharing equally in any profits. Then he released Lewis to visit with his family in Virginia, and prepare his journals for publication.Then, unexpectedly, before Meriwether was ready to assume his new post, the President added to Captain Lewis' burden. Weiss sunk the first shaft 18 feet straight down into a back yard. The word was so new, is still so new even today, that its spelling has yet to be standardized. Later owners may have silently condoned personal mining when they were not able to pay their workers." ( Every successful hard rock mine in the nineteenth century suffered these deprivations, and that is why all modern mines include stamps and smelters on their premises. It cost $500,000 ($6.5 million today). Rubinstein called The Cork. Those who actually saw the Army were generally favorably impressed with its discipline and decorum.  The reporters were not going to be left behind when Coxey's Army took to water. As he jokingly put it, "No guy, and I mean no guy, ever went further on less ability than I did." *

To compete at Indianapolis, each driver must first pass a ten lap test, increasing his speed by ten miles-an-hour every two laps. And it has long been common knowledge that ungulates form their own bovine breakfast clubs. Maverick", and mavericks thus became any unbranded cow or horse. * Samuel Augustus Maverick favored Texas being annexated by the U.S., and after it was, he fought its secession from the Union in 1861 until he realized there was no stopping it. WINNIE THE POOH AS JULIUS CEASAR I believe that this year's recipient of the most un-coveted Ideas of March Political Award is indeed Caesar-like, in that just as Julius was warned about his arrogance, so a prophet foretold our winner that of his character flaw could doom his ambition. In the decade of the 1950's, Offys won 10 straight pole positions and often captured all the top finishing spots The Offys had no speedometers, no tachometers, not even an oil pressure gauge. Things did not begin to improve again for the backwater province until 1688, when the Abby of Hautvillers received a new treasurer and cellar master, Dom Pierre Perignon. But where Percival's father had insisted he attend business school, George's father had sent him to MIT to become a professional astronomer. In the spring of 1963 the big six tobacco companies - R. Cyrus the Great of Persia invented pony express riders to carry "words" to bind his empire together. But whatever her motivation, according to Terressa's own confession, "I did not think it safe to meet (Phillip) in this house, because there are servants who might suspect something....He then told me he had hired (a) house as a place where he and I could meet. They stayed in their cells. During Washington's second term, from January to December 1795, Pickering was appointed the Secretary of War. This is about my only connection to the outside world. Ostler, followed quickly by one of Helen M'Dougal's aunts, Ann. The school went into immediate lock down which evidently prevented any further assaults. Bob sure seems to have been. * In fact, the late Bob Lincoln himself (above) would die sooner than any of his final potental victims. Spivey (No, seriously, that was his name), said that the badger game as played by the couple from law school was not illegal because it was not substantially different than a lawsuit. It had not been tried in America since the revolution. Still, working class Americans came out to have a look at Coxey's Army, which was doing this odd thing, and they were not frightened by what they saw. And on January 27, 1946, Tommy called Abe Fortes, and old buddy from his New Deal days. But even in that, he failed. And the real magic was that Astor never had to go to any of those places himself and look dead otters or dead addicts in the face. And I've always felt that the primary reason Burr was not convicted of treason is that the jury disliked Burr less than they mistrusted Wilkerson.General James Wilkerson was court martial-ed three times and investigated by Congress four times, and every time he came out smelling like a very well fertilized rose. And out of the mists of future tech came Craig Martin and his magical fingers. Board of Health ordered them to move. But, whatever the spirit, Amos was a member of the original "Kitchen Cabinet", "the common reservoir of all the petty slanders which find a place in the most degraded prints in the Union", according to Mississippi Whig George Poindexter.During Jackson's second term Amos was appointed the Postmaster General, and proceeded to empty the bureaucracy of every Wig sympathizer, replacing them with reliable Democrats. Marie inherited a little more money. This venture finally made Amos a wealthy man. But neither David nor Althea were able, once they calmed down, to regain their perspective. The governor gathered his own supporters at Jamestown, and counter-proclaimed his nephew a traitor. Nathaniel marched his army back to Jamestown, and on September 19, 1676 Nathaniel burned the capital of Virginia to the ground. Finally, Phineas would light the fuse.

After the resulting explosion, workers would remove the broken rock and the engineer would determine where the next charge would be placed After a had day's work, at just about 4:30 P.M., Phineas ordered his weary drilling team to take cover yet again. - 30 WEDNESDAY: LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART SIX New Deal to Steal Deal A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS I apologize, but the closest I can come to describing the drama in the board room of the New York and Erie Railroad on that crisp November afternoon is to recall one of the concocted tribal councils on the "reality" television show "Survivor". But in both cases it also left behind dead; five in Ohio, and in Manchester at least 18 dead, including an infant, knocked from his mother's arms by a cavalryman blocks away, before the confrontation had even occurred. In 1819 some 650 were wounded, trampled by the horses or cut down by the cavalry sabers. Clearly the poor philistine from Providence was not in on the joke. The very life was being squeezed out of them. * Meanwhile, most of the largest, wealthiest landowners, those benefiting from the Corn Laws, were absentee landlords, Englishmen and women who hired local farmers to manage their Irish estates. Just after 8:30 am, as students and adults at the Evergreen Elementary School were preparing to leave on a field trip, the small grey Ninja assassin slipped into the room via an open door and ran up the leg of one of the mothers. He had invested his ill-gotten gains in an troubled bank run by Thomas Polk, now renamed the Arnold and Polk Bank. People on this board have made too much of an investmnent in me (by reading me and helping me) for me to let them down. The absurdity of that sickening episode was matched only by the ineptitude of the jailers, because, just two days later these pin-headed penitenciariests allowed Anna to carry a knife into the cell for another unregulated visit. The voters ignored that cryptic admonition and our winner was elected with 52% of the vote, just 2% less than polling by an independent company, Public Policy Polling, had predicted. All his advertisements framed traditional images of children and dogs and kitties, with that hip new word, OK. History proved it to be a temporary delusion, to join those other temporary delusions people have claimed as justification for random murder; communism, fascism, Black power, White power, the Basque Independence Party, the Irish Republican Army, the John Birch Society, the Confederacy, and the myriad other stupid self-justifications invented by humans. Hatred is a lot like ideology in this respect - reduced to its core it is all about self. - 30 -WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY: PART SIXON TO WASHINGTON! COXEY'S ARMY: PART FIVE I would say the last thing America needed in 1894, was more millionaires. In October 50 survivors made it back to London, and reported the story in full - sort of. Some of the returning survivors even signed a letter saying that after it all they still believed in Gregor McGregor. Following Ponzi's amazing adventures in the Post, Mr. The politician Murray is usually credited with "creating" and the one who never broke trust with him was indeed Richard Nixon.

* Doctor John Lungren, personal physician to Richard Nixon, recalled a breakfast lecture he received from Murray Chotiner in 1952. And that made the neighbors envious. But when he heard people shouting that the President had been shot, Bob ran toward the Constitution Avenue entrance. Jane Housden, may have believed the same thing. He failed miserably - Thank God. In the end the Americans would steal their land and ship these Christians across the Mississippi. *  In Big Town Lewis and Neeley picked up the Natchez Trace, the "Devils Backbone" trail that wound north-eastward through the dark and ominous forest to Meriwether Lewis' final destination. - 30 * NEXT WEDNESDAY ; AMERICAN ARCHETYPE PART SIX * IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS TODAY * FRIDAY: FOOD FIGHT The Role of Munchies in History APRIL FOOLS DAY I don't approve of practical jokes. And on March 25, 1960 Oliver's morally certain head was finally buried somewhere near the chapel of Sidney Sussex College, in Cambridge, England. After that Stark was through in Missouri politics. The worst blizzard in ten years buried the shocked port in several feet of snow and condemned untold injured to death by freezing. * Every year, the city of Halifax donates a Christmas tree to the city Boston, as thanks for the assistance which was rushed to them in the weeks after the explosion. She was a noted baker and her pies were much sought after. He must have been close enough to Chipping Camden to have heard, in the eight months between his disappearance and the trial of his accused murderers. Wages were stuck while prices inflated. And Henri was green with envy. Now, there might be some who feel my tone slights the victims of such attacks; baloney. Eric Idle has described cows as the "...librarians of the animal world; mild by day, wild by night." And John Webster, a professor of animal husbandry at Bristol University in England, describes cows as "gay nymphomaniacs". The other knocked him down and restrained him. He actually made it to South America and back to England in 1843. Hamilton was his political enemy. Althea's alimony had already been reduced, from $2,500 a month, to $500. Their average age was 31 years old and on average they had been unempoyed for five months. But a tip led the lawmen to Dr. Timothy Pickering (above) was a hot headed right-wing nut the President was forced to include in his cabinet

to appease the ultra-conservatives who threatened to tear his administration apart. History and many newspapers would record it as the "Black Day of the Indiana Assembly." * The following Monday the triumphant Assembly dispatched a note to the battered Senate Democrats, that they would have not further correspondence with the upper house. At times they climbed high peaks, apparently in search of landmarks....The party became cross and quarrelsome. By law, Mayor Maverick could not refuse to rent the room to anyone. But the Niger immediately turns its back on the ocean and instead flows eastward. We have E-mail, and I-phones and twitter and face-book and every other pseudonymous instantaneous electronic communication device which, with apologies to Socrates, proves that a life under punctuated is a life not worth being self-obsessed about. Says his modern-day biographer, Jan Bondeson, "He didn't have any children and never wanted anything to do with women, apart from his beloved queen."Though out most of his life, Edward Jones remained infamous for those nights he spent in Buckingham Palace with Victoria's underwear in his pants. His funeral was one of the best attended in the history of "E" town, and his monument on the rolling slopes of the Elizabethtown Cemetery is one of the tallest. (Good luck hope you enjoy the ride.) Professor Bond collected and cataloged rocks from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. He originated, or was consulted in advance, upon every great measure."Before Jackson (above), a President would look to his cabinet for advice. Some years later she moved to London where she took to the stage, as a chorus girl in the hit musical, "The Messenger Boy". Virginia Le Valette. By the middle of July both Palmer and J.Edgar Hoover, his man at the Justice Department's Investigation Bureau, had both been reduced to laughing stocks. They weren't even there. The fifth shot misfired, and witnesses managed to restrain Daniel from delivering a 'coup de grace.' Not that it mattered; Phillip Key would soon be dead. He sold them all, over and over again. General John C. Terry was thus surrounded by friendly officials, who arrested Judge Field and Marshal Neagle for murder. With didn't make a damn if his car was having a bad day or not. A bright, brief shinning light had been snuffed out by greed and stupidity wearing a crown. The sugar is converted into alcohol and the yeast farts cabon dioxide, until all the sugar is consumed and then the yeast dies. His name was Clarence W. I believe that history is running on an endless loop. It had not happened. Phillip, who until that instant was unaware the affair had been discovered, grabbed for the gun, and the two men struggled for a moment while a dozen witnesses gaped in amazement. By the time Peaches worked the scam, the bridge had been devalued down to $200, and the very idea of selling the Brooklyn Bridge had become a joke. And to be honest with you, I don't think the longer version is any clearer about its meaning. The Republicans would gain strength until 1948 when it looked like they were certain to regain the White House. Roosevelt began to push for an amendment to the Constitution adding a new justice to the court every time one of the original nine justices reached 70 years of age. meeting on Friday, November 16, 1855. And to those concerned that Health Care Reform or Union busting I urge you to study the century long struggle against the railroad monopolies. According to one Republican observer the "hayseeds" envisioned the world as a combination of a Victor Hugo plot and a Baptist revival meeting. By the end of that summer unemployment nationwide had topped 10%, and mobs were raiding food warehouses. Exactly what he does with all of these surprises has not been reported, but I would advise the owner that squirrels can live anywhere from ten to twelve years. A life time of being a stinker is impressive but not enough. But again there was no classic street shoot out. To finance his addiction, Jacob owned a sandstone quarry outside of Massillon, which, by the way, carried two mortgages, the second held by his first wife, Carrie Coxey. Jacob Coxey was a visionary, and like most, sometimes he was also a bit myopic. Navy to loan him Lieutenant Jonathan Thorn, hero of the battle of Tripoli. Coxey was quoted in the papers as explaining the march this way; "Congress takes two years to vote on anything...Twenty-millions of

people are hungry and cannot wait two years to eat." On Tuesday, May 1st, 1894 perhaps 15,000 people crowded around as the Army of 500 left camp (above) for their final seven mile march on the Capital. In 1958 he started second but engine trouble put him out after 68 laps. It's a big landfill. Bring me Dr. Winfield Scott, who would one day command the army himself, suffered through this debacle and publicly described Wilkerson as "a traitor, liar, and a scoundrel." Wilkerson had him court martial-ed and sentenced to loss of pay and rank for one year. But I am dying to know what was going in her head, when she did..                    - 30  SUNDAY: TOO MANY GOVERNORS          When Governors Go Bad AMERICAN ARCHETYPE: PART TWO I can say with confidence that Meriwether Lewis was, at 35, an American hero. (Sound familiar?) Adams had permitted the rape of an American servant girl by the Russian Czar (a complete fabrication). Some returned fire. Publisher Richard Grozier and city editor Eddie Dunn had enlisted a "short, rotund powerhouse", to reinvestigate Ponzi. Two years later James Wilkerson published his memoirs, entitled "Memoirs of My Own Times." It was not a best seller. Next Ralston moved to get his money back. Grant took notice of that. First came the afternoon rains, which matched well with a level of humidity capable of inducing bread growth under the soldiers' armpits. It was the Hays Commission which gave us forty years of married couples sleeping in twin beds, no acknowledgement of drug use, no adultry in marraige without retribution, and endless stories with sacerin sweet "Hollywood" endings. And, like a lot of other bearded prospectors in the area, every summer Jacob made ends meet by working established mines for his next grubstake. How was Will able to afford a partnership in the Rose playhouse unless it was as compensation for the content he created for the company? And where did he get enough money to buy those snazzy little leotards everybody wore? * There are always other explanations and theories as to how and why Will Shakespeare could not have written all of these magnificent plays. He felt the market was about to take a downturn - which it promptly did. Phineas quickly rose to the level of foreman, and was entrusted with the dangerous job of blasting through the hard New England granite to ensure a level road bed for the rails. God sent a terrible storm to swamp the boat, and when Jonah confessed his sin to the the terrified crew, after a few moments of theological discussions, they threw the wayward prophet overboard. * That is when, in the words of the Christian hymn "...A whale came up and swallowed him whole." During the three days Jonah was inside the great fish he prayed for forgiveness, and guided by God, the fish "threw Jonah out on a bar of sand." Every year on Yom Kippur Jews read the Book of Jonah

and ask for God's forgiveness. * And now you know why Christians, Jews and Muslims have spent the last 2,000 years slaughtering each other; its because they share so many stories like this one, which differ only in the details. It seems that for all of Percival Lowell's careful calculations, and for all of Clyde Tombaugh's perseverance, and for all the power of Alvan Clark's thumb, finding Planet X right where it was supposed to be was...just a coincidence. Foyt traded the lead, lap after lap, racing wheel to wheel, first Foyt leading and then Eddie. The first letter fired Stanton (Again!). He now had $80 cash money burning a hole in his pocket. As Richard Neuberger would write, "It was a winter of famine, and they boiled their buckskin footgear and drank the fetid broth. It had ground up the rocks trying to form a planet into the asteroid belt. Clements (above). * "Lobbying, like all persuasion, is story telling....When you lobby, tell a good story. Prologues all define drama's, not comedies.The reality is that everything comes from something else, and every beginning is actually the coda for another story. As an example, Jacob Sechler Coxey came from Massillon, Ohio, a village founded by 150 Utopians, inspired by a similar effort at New Harmony, Indiana. He had uncovered the scam, and its fame had made him the first director of the United States Geological Survey. The remainder tried to scratch their survival out of the unhappy land. In Tunisia they established Carthage, and a thousand years later became the Roman Republic's worst enemy. On January 3, 2011 our winner took his oath of office, and by his behavior, a short 45 days later, he had reversed those election results. According to a PPP survey, released on February 23, 52% of voters would now vote for the other guy, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, who was also our prophet. But forty-five minutes later, they are all proven wrong when Dorthy received yet another missive from The Guardians, via automatic writing. * However, this missive was different. The youngest, William, who answered the door that night, recognized Gibbs and was willing to loan him a horse and wagon for an hour or so. Burke and Hare they were a pair, Killed a wife and didnae care. He was just 15. Another paper noted that of the "seventy-five stragglers" who had finished this first day, several had spent the prevous night in the local jail, and were released just before the march had begun. This trip, undertaken to settle his financial problems, was putting Lewis deeper in debt. * Before dawn, two days later, Governor Lewis and James Neelly, along with their servants, an Indian interpreter and a few Chickasaws, left the fort by horseback. He called up 25 men of the State militia under the appropriately named Captain Rhody, and the Omaha Police Department, to stand guard over his self. And thus the election of 1890 was finally decided, over a year later. * Boyd resumed his office on February 3. The postage was 15 cents.

* The public was unsettled by this mailing of children, since the percentage of child molesters amongst the population in 1914 was about the same as it is today. He then made good his twitchy nosed escape. By September 17th the forward cavalry scouts had reached the Timis River. Just two years later the ship burned at the New York docks as it was being refitted for war duty. "What da-n fool got the president to do this?" Simon barked. Long before that John Hamilton had his own reactionary reckoning. In 1937 Hamilton's wife sued him for divorce, on the grounds of "gross neglect of duty, abandonment and extreme cruelty." That same year Alf Landon had Hamilton removed as Party Chairman, as Landon tried to rebuild the party in his own Midwestern less reactionary lessidelogical image. Under Landon's non-red baiting non-FDR hating guidance the party stopped trying to overturn the New Deal and began to climb its way back. Three years later, on Wednesday September 13th, 1848 a Rutland and Burlington Railroad construction crew, headed by the 25 year-old foreman Phineas P.Gage, was preparing a road bed outside of the little mill town of Cavendish, Vermont. Or if they had ever used them.And shutting down the investigation also left unanswered another set of unpleasant questions: who was Msr. And then on December 17th The Guardians of Clarion threw Dorthy and her followers a lifeline. * In a crucial phone call, Dorthy was told that at midnight on December 20th, several pea-pod shaped space craft, each big enough to hold ten passengers, would land in the nearby suburb of Oak Park. But over time memories of Philip Arnold have shifted and every October the residents of "E"town stage the "Philip Arnold Dead Man Rolling Bed Race"- to raise money for charity, of course. And Charles Ponzi greeted them with cookies and coffee and a smile and gentle words And he loved to go very fast * For most of human history, traveling 500 miles in a single day was the stuff of fantasy, Aladdin and his magic carpet. Gibbs had been convicted of piracy, and was the last man hanged for that crime in America - so his death was not entirely without meaning. On this night Wyatt did not seem legendary at all. * After serving in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War Wyatt became a teamster between the port of Wilmington, outside of Los Angeles, and the desert mining town of Prescott, Arizona. Then there would be a week taking delivery and paying debts and sharing profits, before moving on. There was bitterness in that description, since Jackson and Amos were intent upon dismantling the Bank of the United States and firing its president, who was Mr. But I digress again; my point is that capitalism requires a certain amount of rationalization, and profiting from the symbol of our nation is just another one. The revolution was just beginning. For some thirty years the "Captain", as his friends called him, was the most famous man in the world. The dog now had the scent and Hamilton continued to visit Maria and pay James regularly - in April, $135, in May and June, $50, in August, $200. But, it seems, every generation must relearn it on their own.

But the commission that ran the District of Columbia went even further. That project drew the pair into a partnership in a new leather tannery south of Scranton, Pennsylvania. My guess is we could be apologizing to Daisy and Bessie "auf die Ewigkeit warten", as they say in Germany, and it would make no difference because Daisy and Bessie are not particularly interested in our moo-tivations, because cows are just as conceited as we humans are. Eventually, embarrassed and frustrated, the officer shot him. Jonathan Watson, the man who had leased the site to Penn Oil, became the first oil millionaire. With that much money at stake, explained Gibbs, they were now all under suspicion for murder. After smoldering over the insult for a mile or so on the down slope, Smith rode back to the lead of the column and unloaded on the buckskinned duomo, calling him a "fat faced fake" and threatening, that if Browne ever spoke to him like that again he would "make a punching bag out of your face. This time, however, he opened an office in Titusville, helping other wildcatters negotiate leases from local farmers. (and) tended to be distracted by immediate stimuli" In addition, the patient displays "an empty euphoric effect...(and) can get unusually aggressive and tends to use puns a lot." In other words, Phineas Gage was a new gauge. But Speaker Elder was certain the actually winner had been John Powers, the candidate of Elder's People's Independent Party. It never failed. The next question is, of course, why have cows got magnetism? Cows are not migratory, but they once may have been. She was also attempting to seduce the head of the Egyptian Treasury, which was called The White House. The date would henceforth be known as "Black Friday" (at least until October of 1929). (Adams had bought a pool table and a chess set). It was no accident then that the Nuevo-rich Calvinist wool merchants in the Cotswold created a belief in predestination - the certainty that you are wealthy and successful because God has predestined you to be wealthy and successful before you had even been born. Talk about a world in which your problem doesn't exist, lay out the existence of your problem, and why the target is the key to the solution." Milo Public Affairs. In 1963 Eddie was running fourth before, on lap 181, he spun out in oil laid down by Parnelli's leaking roadster. Sharon sued, charging Althea with attempted blackmail, and alleging that the marriage contract was a fraud. Hubby had to move out of the country to avoid his other creditors, but he left Marie behind,  as a sort of payment on account for Sainte-Croix. By 1825 she was a spinster approaching forty, and her rose had withered a bit. The complexities involved stagger the imagination. The safe in the backyard was plowed over. He had extensive ecchymoses, abrasions, lacerations, and first-degree burns on his head, arms, legs, and back, which I believe to be caused mainly by trauma experienced during repeated chimney descents and falls from his sleigh. we come to remind the Congress here assembled of the declaration of a United States Senator, "that for a quarter of a century the rich have been growing richer, the poor poorer, and that by the close of the present century the middle class will have disappeared as the struggle for existence becomes fierce and relentless." That was what all he had wanted to say. In the wake of Coxey's Army, ex-President William Howard Taft was asked what a man with a family was to do when there were no jobs. It was the human mind which mistook blind luck for a deep cosmological insight, just as the swelling in the blood vessels behind Percival Lowell's eye had built the canals of Mars. * It makes me wonder how we can ever really be certain we are certain of anything. Political journalists and writer want-a-be's do not count. Instead the justices held an immediate huddle and Chief Justice Cobb announced that the weighty issues of freedom and public order and good government were irrelevant. So what happens now to the Republican wave that was sweeping America, as the Pooh-vernor's legacy subsides into a generation of vicious recall elections, smashed

political relationships, betrayed trusts and bitter anger? As was carved in Sir Christopher Wren's gravestone, "Si moumentum requiris, circumspice.", translated as "If you seek his monument, look around you." Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Scott Kevin.Walker, the closest thing to Julius Caesar this year.  - 30 -FRIDAY: BEING CERTAINTelescopes as Mirrors TOO MANY GOVERNORS I am surprised that nobody got lynched in Nebraska during the winter of 1890-91. I think he was trying to make a point but he didn't get that either. "Farmers were thus forced to grow (not food for their own tables, but )cash crops like tobacco or cotton, to pay their debts." And even if, "...a farmer who found a desired piece of land became a squatter by clearing and planting it with the hope of one day purchasing the acres he had improved... And Grant understood intuitively that all that mattered was to occupy the Vicksburg bluffs and permanently cut the rail line that touched the Mississippi. He was a skilled officer who had been given limited means (40,000 men scattered between Vicksburg and Jackson, Mississippi) to defend an objective of unlimited importance. "I might have stood there always if you had not come along," he said; "so you have certainly saved my life. Instead, on March 13, 1660 the Burgesses, members of the Virginia colonial assembly, decided to take a step back to the future by appointing "the honorable Sir William Berkeley" as their Governor, again. Eight years before "Will" as his friends called him, had been a popular Governor. "Judge," she demanded, "are you going to take the responsibility of ordering me to deliver up that marriage contract?" Barely pausing in his recitation, Judge Field ordered, "Remove that woman from the courtroom. His last words, before the blade severed the rest of his head from his body, were, "Mort à la société bourgeoise! Vive l'anarchie!" The translation would be, "Death to the Bourgeoisie! Long live Anarchy!" Even his last words turned out to have been ironic. The irony developed because, of the millions who were outraged by Auguste's departing utterance, the most significant turned out to have been another nobody anarchist fanatic, this one named Emile Henri, a 21 year old who was consumed with envy. As Republicans today might note, this action only deepened the depression, and insured that in 1840 the Whigs elected William Henry Harrison as President. * Amos (above) tried to go back to running newspapers. Still, it was a long train ride when you could "see the beast" a lot closer to home and save the 35 cents. Moore offered to swallow his insulted pride for a mere $2,000, but the Russian chose instead to call the police. Now, on February 21st, 1868, the President handed General Thomas two letters. This would prove to be such an outrageous power grab, a Federal court would declare it unconstitutional in 1892 However, the savvy Gray knew that the voters would take their revenge much sooner than the courts. * So, in the summer of 1886, Grey convinced his Lieutenant Governor, Mahlon Manson. Cost for the trip was 17 cents. So Marie signed herself into a convent in Liege, Belgium.This placed the pious nuns running the convent in a moral bind. The passengers were put in local hotels for the night while mechanics tracked down the Texas squirrel bound for the Far East. One commentator described him as having a " for gab, lust for life, and the pluck to take great calculated risks." And his life reads like a comic book adventure hero.

* During the American Civil War Paul joined the U.S. She received this terminal revelation via a letter from a complete stranger - as in a stranger from the planet Clarion. In fact it was from their bosses and the Republican Party, warning the workers that if Roosevelt were re-elected, come January they would all suffer a 1% pay reduction. This prompted the head of the Social Security Board, a life long Republican, to issue an immeidate response, asserting that ""Any political message in a worker's pay envelope is coercion. And they were all the daughters of powerful families. * In addition, Tey had considerable support from the bureaucracy which maintained the harem. Edgar Hoover claimed that "The Front" was plotting to blow up a Jewish newspaper, a movie theatre showing Russian films, a Post Office, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and thus spark a revolution (Oh, and it was also alledged they wanted to assassinate President Roosevelt). For the price of a full night's stay, a guest could sleep in the Shoulder Room, the Throat Room, the Stomach Room, or any of the other 27 bedrooms. The fact is not so. The timing was stupid. They see nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy." President Jackson himself argued, "In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people, no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another." The President innocuously described this conversion of government into plunder merely as the "rotation in office". And maybe that was what infected Bob, and turned him into a shlimazel.. * As the son of Abraham, it was inevitable that Bob Lincoln would be drawn into Republican politics, but he resisted as long as he could - late again. And when the expedition returned to St. And he did later go into private practice with the prosecutor. With the puncturing of his inventions, and with the help of his lawyer Mr. We are fore-armed, though." That belligerent mood was now general in the chamber. "Born and educated in America," he wrote,"I embraced its cause in the last revolution, and remained throughout faithful to its interest, until its triumph over its enemies: This occurrence has now rendered my services useless, discharged me of my pledge, dissolved my obligations, even those of nature, and left me at liberty, after having fought for her happiness, to seek my own; circumstances and the policies of the United States having made it impossible for me to obtain this desired end under its Government, I am resolved to seek it in Spain."That ought to have been carved on his tombstone.- 30 -WEDNESDAY: AMERICAN ARCHETYPE; PART THREEBoom And Bust - It's the American Way HALL OF MIRRORS I think it profound that all telescopes involve mirrors. I have had nothing to eat or drink all day." Now it was Stanton's turn to be magnanimous. Where would a lowly commoner get money for such a trip? And why would such a man suddenly want to travel to a country where he could not speak the language? Sir Walter eventually tracked down William in Holland and had him followed closely for over two years. Mr. And that is why, on April 17, 1863, Grant sent Colonel Benjamin H. The remaining 1% of voters split their support between James Ferguson of the American Party, William Wesely Cox, of the Socialist Labor Party, and Robert MaCauley, representing the Single Tax Party. Enlisting Burke's aid, a weight was substituted for the deceased in his coffin. He plastered Manhattan from the Battery to the Bronx with the word "OK" until the denizens were seeing it in their sleep. So as the sod busters plowed across Kansas they insisted the state restrict the rail heads for Texas cattle drives further and further from their farms.

In 1876 the demarcation line was moved to the 100th meridian, which made the town on the north bank of the Are-Kansas River, the new "Queen of the cattle towns", the 'Wickedest Little City in America', "The Beautiful, Bibulous Babylon of the Frontier": Dodge City, Kansas. * Like the other ten to fifteen cowboys in his crew, George Hoyt had just ended two months of hard, dusty, dangerous and monotonous work. What was not noticed at the time, was the fatal flaw in the logic of "live" parcel post. * The path to Parcel Post ad nauseam was first made visible on the morning of February 19, 1914, when Mrs. So much money was being made there, that the optimistic little town became known locally as the Port of Massillon. But even Francis could not resist tampering with perfection. But more importantly, he moved to improve the "efficiency" of government. But if James thought he might put "the touch" on Governor Lewis, he was quickly dissuaded. * On Wednesday, September 27, Lt. None of the criminals was insane enough to follow the fanatics. And then in 1662, wonder of wonders, the victim, William Harrison, walked back into to the village of Chipping Camden, certainly alive and allegedly well.When questioned the old man (he was now seventy-two) told a murkey tale of being set upon, stabbed, kidnapped, hustled aboard a ship, and sold in a Turkish slave market. Shepard, sitting atop a Redstone rocket, assured his controllers that, "Everything is A-OK." And because the American space program performed in public, and the entire world was listening with rapt fascination, this anachronistic sliver of American English slang instantly became the first phrase of modern international slang. Everything was indeed "OK." People the world over, who do not speak or hear English, know and use OK. In fact he saw it as his personal obligation to turn the bubbly into a dull flat dark wine. They erected a canvas screen around their camp, and charged admission to stare at the unemployed men cooking their meals and tending to their daily needs, even selling their hard-tack biscuits as souvenirs to the gawkers. Navy on May 1, 1862. To bring the play to a close, Shakespeare is even forced to induce magic to convert Antonio to pacifism, but that is a dramatist's trick. He told them, "...Vicksburg is the key. Under the Normans it became sheep country.In 1340, in Chipping Camden, the wool merchants were already so wealthy they built a hall on the High Street, using the honeycolored "Cotswold stone" as facing. They were preparing the way, they said, for the return of Jesus Christ, whom they intended to crown the next King of England. Nash. Even more depressing was that in the reality, women voted like men, and less by 3 to 2; "every known instance of available data in the United States has revealed a lower rate of turnout or registration among women as compared to men...the difference between male and female turnout is in the neighborhood of 20 percentage points..." Of course the news media of 1920 were no more eager to let go of their much ballyhooed image of the election than they are at present. In the election on November 4, 1890, the Republicans and Democrats spilt seven seats in the state senate and forty-six seats in the house between them. Still, his crimminal career didn't really get started until, at 26, he passed the New York State bar exam. Overnight the streets were cleaned, sweeping up the blood and the evidence and carting it away. The next morning the Stock Exchange opened on time. So as they had every year, thousands of these ill-informed peasants journeyed to Paris during the last week of March and on what they thought

was New Year's Eve, gathered in Bastille Square to say bonjour to 1565 and watch the guillotine drop on 1566. This second shot hit Key in the thigh. It woould be Governor Alf Landon, known affectionately to the faithful as "The Kansas Coolidge". Abandoned, Thayer surrendered the offices, and Boyd moved in. Curtain on Act One. The curtain now rises on Act Two. On July 30, 1676 the boy General published a "Declaration of the People". The day he called them back to work Boycott also informed the tenants that their wages were being cut by almost half. It began to snow. The authorities banished Samuel from Scotland for seven years. As O. Thirteen days later, Edward was back in the Palace. But when Robert and Frances started planning to divorce her husband so they could marry, Thomas went ape. Marie didn't seem to mind the arrangement, and neither did Sainte-Croix. His trial with Sacco would not begin until the summer of 1921. Spotting his intended target, the French President, standing on the Chamber floor, Auguste revealed and armed his 1 quart sauce pan. On February 10th, 1840 she was married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and within a few months she was pregnant. The governor immediately ordered Justice Field, a member of the Supreme Court, released without bail, before his arrest became a "burning disgrace" to California. And that may be so. After Lazarus, the President had also heard from the National Retail Dry Goods Association, as well as executives of Gimbels and Lord & Taylor. I guess you could call Craig the man of silicone, ecept that sounds a little weird. * I do not twitter, I do not tweet. But as Chennault explained in a July 18, 1946 phone call with Tommy, "This thing would be a great money-maker if we didn't carry a pound of UNRRA cargo." So they didn't. She called the police, and two patrol officers responded. Those who still had a job saw their wages fall by almost half, at the same time that the price of food went up. Overland transportation costs now made American fur a luxury item in Europe. The following year, Wallace Hardison died in Sun Valley, California, when his car was struck by a train. Five weeks later, while William was confined in the pestilent Newgate prison (above) awaiting shipment, he escaped. He's the actor, probably best known as star of the BBC series "I, Claudius", who has officially signed on with a group trying to sell the idea that William Shakespeare did not write the plays of William Shakespeare. So the Bretton Woods accords, presided over by Keynes, tied all of the world's monetary systems (the pound, the franc, the yen) to the American dollar, because each and every ounce of gold in America's vaults was officially represented by 35 dollars . After Roosevelt took America off the Gold Standard, Coughlin campaigned strongly for substitution of the Silver Standard. Their decision was announced by Chief Justice Fuller: "Manifestly the nationality of the inhabitants of territory acquired by conquest or cession becomes that of the government under whose dominion they pass...The judgment of the supreme court of Nebraska is reversed..." It was that troublesome old 14th Amendment again, this time upheld in an 8 to one decision, issued on January 2nd, 1892. * Boyd resumed his office on February 3rd of 1892. As proof I give you the life of the "fearless frogman", Paul Boyton, the Victorian era's Esther Williams and a newspaper editor's dream. C. Each year more and more of the crop was consumed by the moldy blight. And this time we (the United States) ain't got the gold, so we ain't making the rules. And then there was the river, which even today - after almost two centuries of vast public works - remains a twisting, tortuous and argumentative stream. And that made John Thayer the original "birther". *

Indeed Boyd had been born in Ireland in 1834. The postmaster's decision was just one of the myriad of compromises which brought on the American Civil War, and certainly not the most important one. So, in the end, said Mrs. Two of them had died while in office - William H. And to those who have helped me and encouraged me over the last four years, and who have read my stuff and said I stink, all of you who are my angels - Thank you again. They revealed that Charles Ponzi had served time in a Canadian Prison, convicted of forgery. (Adams had bought a pool table and a chess set). But every other seat, eighteen in the senate and fifty-four in the house, went to a third party, the so called "hogs in the parlor", the People's Independent Party. And Stella's marriage did not last much longer than the ship. It has become a mantra for the party ever since. And Bertrand Snell, the Minority Leader of House of Represenatives? He had been one of the few Republicans re-elected in 1936. Over thirty years of service, Lees had managed to avoid any taint of corruption while rising to the top of a department awash in payoffs and political favoritism. Metropolitan Police publicly announced that if the Army entered the Federal City, he would enforce an 1830 regulation making it illegal for anyone to enter the District who would likely become a "public charge'. It made no mention of the raising of rents, only of the refusal to pay those rents. - 30 - Â NEXT WEDNESDAY: LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREETÂ PART SIX New Deal to My Deal FRIDAY:Â A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS Jacob Little Out Foxes the Foxes of Wall Street CHARACTER FLAW Â I would suggest that in its beginings the life of Charles Edward Coughlin was marked with omens and portents -Â and by a smothering mother. Daniel bellowed, "Key, you scoundrel, you have dishonored my bed. At the same time President Roosevelt submitted a special appropiation to pay the $35,000 price tag to dig up John Paul Jones' corpse. The small southern town inside Washington was suffering a revolution - as usual, hardest felt in the mundane things of life. which was superseded only by the first atomic bomb test in 1945, when there was another war on. * Â - 30 GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN I come home in the morning light, My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?" Oh ,mother,dear, We're not the fortunate ones, And girls, They wanna have fun. * I am not sure how to describe the Pharaoh's women. President Pro tem Smith shouted back, "They can go if they want to. With him died "Bacon's Rebellion", leaving Will free to hunt down the freeholders. They were only told what a whoring booze-hound Phillip was. And during World War One the Bedford Basin was the logical place for allied convoys to form up in hidden safety.

*  Early on the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917 there were some fifteen cargo ships crowded into the Basin and several Royal Navy warships in Halifax harbor. Atypical of all of these ships was the Steam Ship Monte Blanc; 3,121 tons, 320 feet long, and inbound for Bedford Basin. The court will deal with her hereafter." As a Marshal reached for Althea, David Terry's drew his six foot muscular frame up from his chair, and warned the Marshal, "No man shall touch my wife", and then punched the marshal right in the mouth, knocking out one of his teeth. "Passion is a sort of fever in the mind, which ever leaves us weaker than it found us." William Penn The fight was on. Van Dyke could only choke the four birds he still had in his hand, held for now in the Flatbush Jail. * And then something curious happened. Understandably they mistook the retreating solders for advancing Turks. She spoke five languages. Under the progressive President Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. You still are. And there was no great mystery either, since the killers left their fingerprints...well, all over the crime scene. It was said of this self taught optician that while polishing his lenses, he could feel imperfections in the glass through his thumb. * For over a half a century Alvin and his sons ground magnificent telescopes for rich clients who saw funding observatories as grand monuments to their own intellectual beneficence. Had he stolen the silver from his own brother? Well, John was married, so there was John's wife's incipient criminal mastermindy-ness to consider as well. It seemed the authorities were intent upon arresting the speakers. Because after Jacob had done this several times it dawned on the crafty New Englanders that they had to buy his stock in order to avoid a price collapse of their stock. * But once Jacob had unloaded all of his Norwich stock at $89 a share, he dutifully mailed a $25,000 check to his "partners". And just because he lived before the invention of the iPad he is considered boring? Posh! A bisexual philander? They are always relevant in the theatre community!* John Shakespeare, the father, was a landowner and politician, with a trophy wife and a coat of arms. But whatever the truth was, I simply do not believe this woman heard two gunshots shatter the early morning darkness, heard her only guest begging for help at her door and never investigated. This venture finally made Amos a wealthy man. He was buried next to his beloved 12" Clark. NASH JOINS THE CAVALRY THE IDES OF MARCH - NOMINATIONS - 2011 I have been making "The Ides of March Award" for almost ten years now. James' business was so succesful that he became one of the town's most powerful councilmen. In short the ship was a floating bomb. Tom stepped in to fill his brother's seat on the council, but resigned after just five years. The dreaded day came on Thursday, February 24, 1859. The officer immediately recognized

Edward Jones and started after him. Only a giant like Abramoff would have the guts to use one tribe's casino money to finance a "Focus on the Family" crusade against gambling in order to shut down a rival tribe's casino. Botanist John Steadman, at the nearby Fletcher Moss Gardens, claims to have never heard of squirrels eating flowers before but says the local rodents have been known to eat entire sugar packets from lunch bags. Wilson's body, or the rents he had collected. Wells, ponds and streams were searched for poor Mr. And that would prove to be a fatal choice because Tey was the kind of a girl who carried a grudge. And being the King, his orders were obeyed. He died in 1902 at the age of 90. It seems, having grown up in a capitalistic system, we assume a free market is the natural state of affairs. Ramses III sat down to talk with his wives, and he almost did not get up again * Usimare (Ramses III's real name) was a good example of the vagaries of picking a Pharaoh. Then, suddenly, the state agreed to a settlement, giving the insurance companies $8 million in higher rates, and the right to future increases. And Mansa was certainly that. And reading all this, the nonmythical readers of the Post were by now having a jolly good time at the expense of the rubes from Providence. Russel thought he ought to accompany him. * Lt. I do read your comments, really. Postal Service. Unfortunately, the quick acting heroine was also badly wounded, as were at least 20 politicians. House of Representatives. In 1858 Yancey wrote what Horace Greeley called, 'The Scarlett Letter', in which he invented the term "fire eater" to describe himself. Still, it must be counted against Amos that while he never owned slaves, he did nothing to encourage slavery's demise, when he had the chance. There was absolutely nothing temporary about his mental condition, no matter what the jury said. * - 30 * WEDNESDAY * THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Three * The Perfect Man For The Job WAR AS WAS I hate to admit it but that effete, arrogant, pompous intellectual snobish Frenchman Marcel Proust was right about two things - first, when he observed that "We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history", and second that "A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves." Both of those profound insights struck me again recently when I stumbled upon an

article in an archeology magazine (Antiquity), which illuminated a forgotten memory of the work of a quiet rock artist, named Gerald C. There, your friend reads your words from the very paper you once held. The Pew Research Center found that 42% of Americans nationwide sided with the unions over the Pooh-vernor (31%). He had to be carried into the post on a stretcher. * The fort stood back from the Mississippi River, atop the fourth of the Chickasaw bluffs, in the midst of what is today Memphis, Tennessee. Now, in standard fermentation, the yeast eats the sugar in the grape juice. After all, just over a year before had not Henri stricken a much more effective blow against the bourgeois but had received little of the press coverage afforded to the now headless incompetent. Henri had decided to strike his blow for striking miners. - 30 - NEXT WEDNESDAY THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Four Bursting the Diamond Bubble FRIDAY PARCEL POST Mailing Stuff TOTALLY INSANE I do not agree with the jury. Very confused. If the American Communists had been better organized, they might have posed a real threat to the capitalist system, because President Hoover decided the best capitalism could do was to encourage those with money to invest it. Republican Senator Edward Baker of Oregon, a long time close friend of President elect Lincoln, demanded to know where in the constitution South Carolina had the right to secede from the Union. According to Virginia Whig Henry Wise, Amos was..."the President's thinking machine and writing machine and his lying machine... Daniel bellowed, "Key, you scoundrel, you have dishonored my bed. The next day Grant locked the Secratary of War's office, handed the key to an aide, and left. There Lewis hired Joseph Charles to run the newspaper he intended starting in St. In November of 1838 the ABRS went so far as to file suit in court to overturn the anti-bell ringing ordinance. To call their marriage an affair of the heart seems somehow to have missed the point. Progress was so slow the party cleaned out every edible creature within reach of ther river. The score was now Canadians two and General Wilkerson nothing. Then their heads were removed; I presume they cut off Oliver's last, as we are told it took eight chops. County Judge Dick Tillman downplayed the significance of this assault on a government building, pointing out the power never went off and the lights merely flickered. Because. admits to drinking only once a year, and only when someone puts rum in the eggnog left for him to consume during his working hours. Among those who knew him only by his record, Fredrick Jackson Turner, the historian who closed the book on the American frontier, called Wilkerson "the most consummate artist in treason the nation ever possessed." Teddy Roosevelt called him "the most disgraceful" commander the U.S. They were ripped from the hull and sent spinning away at supersonic speeds. ... He warmed up quickly. Murder has been anathema for at least six thousand years, when the ancient Egyptians made "Thou shalt not kill" their first commandment, predating Moses by at least a thousand years. And while the Democratic Party that he founded has changed so much in the last 150 years as to be all but unrecognizable, still, he was a midwife at its birth, and that deserves to figured toward his credit, as well.-30-WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY: PART FIVEANCHORS A WAY LUCKY PEOPLE I must tell you that your parents were right; the world is not fair. Nathaniel then announced a general war on the Indians and demanded an oath of allegiance from all government officials. Jefferson then appointed the Captain to the governorship of the Upper Louisiana Territory, with its

capital back in St. It was passion. In fact, Kennedy called for the ambulance. Paul's Cathedral in London and started roughing people up. Well, two of the villains. According to his diatribe, Solomon had repeatedly admitted his crime against Anna, and in the final moments of his life had begged for mercy. Coughlin even serialized the fraudulant "Protocol"Ă‚ in his own newspaper. This politicizing of entire departments of government was justified by New York Democratic Senator William Learned Macy, this way; "If (a politician is) defeated, they expect to retire from office. First he dispatched Wilson Hunt, who was a New Jersey businessman (and a junior partner), at the head of 64 French Canadian trappers, to head overland for the Columbia River. Omar Bongo, the President of Gabon, paid Jack $9 million for a meeting with President Bush. Using it as a base, and his connections with the Pittsburg elite of Carnegie and Rockefeller, Andrew helped found ALCOA, B.F. We never got out of that house again. The very set he was preforming upon, the edifice painfully constructed over a century of painful effort, at the cost of thousands of lives, had been put to the torch in one adolescent thespian outburst. But his problem in this case was that to properly exploit the diamond mountain Ralston figured he would need $50 million, far more than even he possessed. And the few who know he was the namesake of the 1859 Comestock Lode strike, probably do not know he had acquired his share of the richest silver strike in history not with a pick and shovel, but by trading a mining claim for an blind horse and a bottle of whiskey. And in that I chose to find hope for humanity. April was going to set the scene for Grant's campaign. The President must have been flabbergasted. The fields were worked by African American slaves, something the Chickasaws had in common with the Americans, along with their religion. Perhaps she was having an affair. On February 9, a bilateral orchidectomy was performed, and no further cancer has been detected as of this writing. But handsome though he still was, that career never suited him. On board the Imo, the captain, the harbor pilot and five crew members were killed. McClellan, Horace Greeley, Mr. to take early retirement. Moore's diplomatic appointment was revoked and he was forced to return to the United States. * Then in 1898 the pair tried the same gag on Mr. But we're taking down the names of everybody turning left. Loudon would capture Belgrade the following year. They thought their own officers were warning them the shooting was coming from Turkish Muslims. The truth is our Puritan forefathers were a humorless bunch who showed their gratitude by going hungry - fasting. As a "cop" in Dodge City Wyatt's fame did not extend beyond stopping spit ballers disrupting an evening's performance at the Comique, and his recent slapping of a prostitute named Frankie Bell. And now as I wander, my thoughts ever stray, south of the bor-der, down Mexico way". But still nobody suspected the little elf, the little pixie, Marie Brinvillers. Cute people can't be serial murderers. And just when the homicidal little pixie was about to knock off her own mother for another load of cash, Gordin Sainte-Croix, the greedy mastermind of the entire slaughter, unexpectedly fell ill and dropped dead himself. Giles Road, to Tyburn Road (now Oxford Street), with several stops along the way at pubs where the condemned were encouraged to imbibe. Althea simply purred at the decision. Put off!" At about 1:00 p.m. Key generally goes first... Colt, or facilitated by hosts such as Mr. "It would be as easy as to give the Scarecrow brains." "True," the Tin Woodman returned. Or, as Abraham Lincoln put it, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." You can see a little hope in that, if you wish to. and then mercifully she was beheaded. It is alleged that George saw an elf in his bedroom, but he saw no canals on Mars. *

The photographic proof was conclusive. He told the judge, "It never occurred to me to inflict such pain on my mother." In fact I suspect Henri was more concerned about sullying his image. Phillip Key, and the two struck up a friendship of kindred spirits. But then, how many people are masters in any line of work? * The lead voice in this group was Charles Gibbs, a diminutive thirty-six year old fire plug - and the last pirate in New York City who did not work on Wall Street. Back in the United States, in 1852, Daniel met his legal lady fair, his personal Alice Alquist from "Gaslight", Terresa Da Ponte Bagiolo. Terresa Sickles (above) was the perfect political wife. John D. And they were vital, because along the whole torturous course between these two high ground, from the river banks to breadth of up to forty miles, the approach to the river as half swamp, part river and part solid ground.. The rules denied the customer's appeals, but they appealed anyway. It just continues in an endless loop. Auger, really? And what did he know? And more importantly, did he have any plans to write his biography or maybe a 'how to' book? Was he the man in the Iron Mask? And what does any of this have to do with Leonardo DiCaprio?Nothing: like I said, the "Man in the Iron Mask" was really the "Man in the Velvet Mask" and velvet just sounds too fey for a novel plot. In the middle of a cyclone the air is generally still, but the great pressure of the wind on every side of the house raised it up higher and higher, until it was at the very top of the cyclone; and there it remained and was carried miles and miles away as easily as you could carry a feather." 1900. They became two more lodgers of Margaret Hare's.In December yet another lodger known to history only as Donald, died of "natural causes" - alcoholism - leaving an unpaid bill of four pounds. In part this was because so many of those responsible were already dead, and in part because it was a time and a place where obsessions could not be tolerated. He was counselled to wash soot from his body regularly, to avoid lit-fire chimney descents where practicable, and to consider switching to a closed-sleigh, heated, pressurized sleigh. He was William Burke the butcher, while William Hare, the brains behind the outfit, is usually protrayed as "the thief". It was a huge clockwork enterprise that developed over a century. The first Tommy Corcorcoan pushed through the original Social Security legislation and became FDR's special liaison on Capital Hill, while the second Tommy made millions abusing the contacts established by the first. But in Boston, which had never been cordial to woman's suffrage, over the next ten years, only three women would be elected to the school board, and it would be 1937 before a woman would be elected to the city council, and then only because her brother had held the seat before her. So, despite the predictions and the hopes of a social revolution, female suffrage changed almost nothing in American politics. It had been a singular day in the Old Baily. This time there was no pardon and no escape. Here the Slackville disappears into a drowned river valley, a protected anchorage four miles long by two miles wide. Fleming, boasted that Coxey's Army would never set foot in his town. The Red Sox would end September and their season with 72 wins, against 81 losses; 25 ½ games out of first place. Well, perhaps offer is the wrong word. Duncan, of the banking house of Duncan, Sherman & Co....(and Congresman) General B. This was the central cause for which Coxey's Army marched, the desperate need for improvements in the nation's roads, and work that was desperately needed by the millions of unemployed. As soon as they were out of sight of the mine, the freighters would begin picking through the ore, pocketing the best nuggets. Henri shot one of them. And every year, on December 6th, from 8:50 a.m. They might have fit the shot gun used in the attempted robbery, but neither the gun nor any spent shell casings were ever found. The third building was a detached kitchen, and stood behind the first two. The only thing

that worries me is how to cross the hill of the Hammer-Heads." "By means of the Golden Cap I shall command the Winged Monkeys to carry you to the gates of the Emerald City," said Glinda, "for it would be a shame to deprive the people of so wonderful a ruler." "Am I really wonderful?" asked the Scarecrow. "You are unusual," replied Glinda." - 30 WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? I would not have gotten along with John Birch. Phineas Gage would then pour a measure of black powder into the hole. Still nobody (well, a few libertarian lunatics) are suggesting that snail mail delivery should cease. Our new venture capitalists now had capital.In February of 1828 Abigail Simpson was "burked"; ten more pounds. In May of 1790 he returned to Paris. He saw canals - real canals - more than 180 of them, some of them 4,000 miles long. That's why I stopped for that tire." * But finishing eight places back that year was quite revolution, a rear engine race car (above). He took the overnight train to New York City, arriving on the morning of Monday, August 4, 1930 at Grand Central Station, just in time for the start of a heat wave of ninety plus temperatures. * Joe went immediately to their two bedroom co-op at 40 Fifth Avenue where he cleaned up and told the maid she could take a few days off, but to return on Thursday, August 7 to clean up after he had left again for Maine. He originated, or was consulted in advance, upon every great measure." * Before Jackson (above), a President would look to his cabinet for advice. Mont Blanc's cargo hold was penetrated. But the wizards decided to use Jacob's genius against him. * First, they quietly bought up all of Jacob's options. He received all dispatches and reports and had full accesss to the telegraph lines. Jane Housden (aka Jane Newsted) had been arrested in 1701 for "coining", and given a pardon. Five times Alvin Clark and Sons produced lenses for the largest refraction telescopes in the world. Together they continued the search, and in the morning, on the road, found William Harrison's hat, slashed by a knife, and his shirt, caked in blood.I don't know why suspicion settled on John Perry. "Sometime after this there was a ball in St. Within a few square miles of L'Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, in some 200 million bottles yeast is happily frarting away. Baring his chest, or at least his ruffles, Will declared to the spectators, "Here I am! Shoot me before God! (It's a) fair mark, a fair mark! Shoot!" Nathaniel calmly said no, thank you. Like the Gettysburg address, Bellamy's pledge was eloquent in its simplicity. He joined the other two in the sea. *

Their doubts thus drowned, on November 23, 1830 the Vineland reached the westernmost barrier island off New York. Then we began to have all kinds of luck. It was forged in response to decades of railroad corruption, railroad influence selling, and political stagnation - sound familiar? (I'll give you a hint - substitute the word bank or insurance company for the word railroad) And then on top of that, a drought not equaled again until the dust bowl of the 1930's reduced many Nebraska farmers to poverty. "We all went to work with our primitive mining implements- picks, shovels and pans. They practically threw it in his face. * And to everyone's surprise, Speaker Elder did as he was ordered to do. "Captain" Charles Cunningham Boycott was one of these local farm owners/managers. And just across the Pacific were millions of Chinese opium addicts. At about two the following afternoon, as Daniel was being comforted by another drinking buddy, Samuel Butterworth, he spotted Phillip Key walking slowly back and forth on the street in front of his house on Madison Place, waving a white handkerchief in the general direction of Terressa's bedroom. Daniel took the time to put on an overcoat, dropped a revolver and two derringers in the pockets, and went charging out onto the street. They delivered the box to South Bend where the "package" was accepted and opened by the infant's divorced father. With that,  Smith (actually Bazarro) led the army down the slope, while Browne, now bereft of command, galloped to the nearest telegraph office. Jacob Coxey was in Cumberland, Maryland, arranging supplies and support in advance of the Army when Browne's desperate telegram reached him. He had then almost immediately run afoul of American Immigration authorities for his part in a immigrant smuggling scheme, and served two years in the Atlanta Federal Prison. Upon his release, he had gone to work for his father-in-law, as a lowly clerk in an Italian grocery (above). Astronomy was the kind of hobby mother and son could share atop their Brookline mansion without engendering whispers from the neighbors. This meant that any warships coming down from the north would have to slow to make that hairpin turn. He said of Harding (right), "I found him sunning himself, like a turtle on a log, and I pushed him into the water. This force was supposed to conquer Montreal...maybe. Parnelli won that race, but what people remember was Eddie strolling down pit lane, rolling his tire which had come off, grinning like a winner and waving to the crowd. And Althea did not respond well to pressure. In 1931 the frat house at 1625 K street was remodeled into office space. Silver mining was still profitable, but corporate interests convinced Washington they needed price supports. The non-existant citizens of Poyais must have been thrilled to learn they now lived in a Republic. In December of 1825 Gregor McGregor (above) was arrested by French authorities. On paper Joseph was a genius. Ramses III boasted on a temple wall, "I did mighty deeds and benefactions...for the gods and goddesses of South and North." Those benefactions hastened the bankruptcy of the national treasury. Ah, ceste se la guerre. Finishing ninth was beating very long odds. Then, precisely at 9:04:35 the line went dead. * In that instant, in a single white hot flash, the 3,000 ton Mont Blanc was converted into shrapnel jagged sections of iron weighing from slivers to half a ton. Clemet Clay, the biggest gossip in a town that still lives on gossip. It could happen.- 30 -SUNDAY: FAMOUS AMOSThe Evil Genius Who

Founded The Democratic Party COXEY'S ARMY: PART FOUR I suspect there were growing murmurings amongst the rank and file of Coxey's Army as they breached the mountain ramparts southwest of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. No one could tell what depth might produce...Two days' work satisfied Janin...The important thing (he said) was to determine how much similar land was in the neighborhood...this new field would certainly control the gem market of the world and (it was)...all-essential...for one great corporation to have absolute control. "He is powerful and terrible, and if you come on an idle or foolish errand to bother the wise reflections of the Great Wizard, he might be angry and destroy you all in an instant." The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" 1895 On Tuesday, April 17th , 1894, Coxey's Army arrived in Cumberland, Maryland, just a hundred air miles short of the nation's capital. But it was enough to start her imagination racing. It looked like the entire frontier would erupt in an Indian war. He served in the Confederate Senate, opposing Davis' power to draft troops and blocking Davis' attempt to form a Confederate Supreme Court in the spring if 1863. It was during debate over the Court when Yancey and Benjamin Hill of Georgia got into a brawl on the Senate floor. Charley Comisky (above), owner of the Cubs, immediately suspended all players named before the Grand Jury. These helpful aliens even started calling Dorthy via the primitive technology of the Illinois Bell telephone system. * In any case, as the final destination date approached the members of Dorthy's little group suffered the emotional pendulum swings between joy at meeting their savior to the horror of meeting their savior. He had been born in America, and there were high hopes he would be a brave new leader of a brave new world. His reaction to the unbraiding she had received in court was as blunt as a knife fight; "They shall not brand my wife a strumpet." The legal strategy he chose matched his temperament. Tommy sent Kaiser a bill for $135,000 and 1/3 of the shares in the plant. And just the month before he had asked the penny pinching Secretary of War, William Eustis, for a loan. He made in his life time the modern equivalent of $110 billion, so much money that his fortune survived two hundred years, it survived the great depression, four generations of 20th century "death taxes" and two world wars, so that his distant heirs are still enjoying its benefits. Being born rich has its advantages, and Percival would have been a fool if he had not taken advantage of his advantages. * And what he saw through the eyepiece of his expensive magical tube was amazing. As the months passed Julia teased out Jacob's story, and it seemed the old man had spent most of his life chasing gold. Wroe; "Mr. Nearby Cuesta Park has become a hotbed of insurgent squirrel activity, with six attacks in the last few months. In that town the tracks of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and the telegraph lines, ended because the "Panic of 1874" had bankrupted the company. Known in Arabic as a Jamal, the camel can easily carry 200 pounds of cargo for twenty miles a day through blistering heat. And at the center of all three is the infamous prohibition gangster, Legs Diamond. *

The original Jack "Legs" Diamond was a thug, a sociopath and a killer and almost as famous for whom he betrayed as how he died. As they thundered over the wooden bridge, the Austrian artillery opened up. That left just sixteen celebrating the "old" Thanksgiving. "There was a bed in the second story.... "The shopkeepers have been warned to stop all supplies to my house. From this point the business of government in Nebraska got very noisy and ground to a halt, all over the issue of the certification of the new governor. * As these things were normally counted, the clear loser had been the Republican candidate L.D. She was 33 year old, just about the right age for the full onset of schizophenia. Wisely the crew decided to investigate. Neither was John Paul Jones. And in the 1870 Supreme Court decision "Baker V. Those who lost their home or apartment threw up shacks and shanties on vacant land and called them "Hoovervilles". Althea would get nothing for her efforts except the life's blood of the man who had defended her. "In her first passion, a woman loves her lover. His Mother, Jennifer Packard, told the San Jose Mercury News, "'It was such a horror. The Hopi Indians paid him $60,000. By the time the officers arrived, the body was gone. A produce wagon, pulled by an old dark bay horse, was driven through the narrow streets of Manhattan's financial district. But even tho it needed them, the army was not likely to encourage the women to stay a single day longer than necesessary.Linda Grant De Pauw lays out the vulnerbility of such women in "Battle Cries and Lullibies; "...a laundress wrote to Major L.H. The story and the scandal was a great distraction from the bread lines and other depressing signs of the Great Depression.The scandal over Judge Joe Crater and what it revealed about graft in New York City was the final crack in the walls of Tammany Hall, and spurred the election in 1933 of the reform Mayoral candidate Fiorello LaGuardiaBut none of the revolations and sweeping reforms got anybody any closer to finding the Judge. * In 1937 poor Stella Crater had to hire the law firm of Ellis, Ellis & Ellis, (brothers Myron, Emil & Jonas), to sue the insurance companies and force them to pay out on Joe's life insurance policies. We don't know what Victoria felt when she heard the news. Reason eventually prevailed. Thus the curtain finally fell on the career of an American priest who wanted to be a politician. This bitter, hate spewing little man who had pledged his life in service of the "Prince of Peace" died in well deserved obscurity in 1979. Abraham Lincoln tried to explain the importance of Vicksburg to those celebrating the capture of Memphis, Tennessee on June 6, 1862. The truly powerful perhaps heard the blast, or saw its aftermath, if they were quick enough and interested enough to approach the scene. For the first time in its history, trading on the NYSE exchange was halted. Long live anarchy." His voice...trembled noticeably...As they pushed him against the plank he shouted again, ""Courage comrades. Navy. And although it would be unfair to pile all of the blame for the debacle of the 1813 Canadian campaign on James Wilkerson, he did not help the situation one little bit. But there is also one petty little item in the will about leaving Anne his "second best bed". His publishing ventures failed. So the first secret of cows is that every cow is bull-limic. The emotional life of the average Daisy or Bessie has been described as comparable to a potato on sedatives. Hays had built his entire career selling smoke and mirrors, and he was not going to get out of that business just because he had gotten out of politics.

- 30 WEDNESDAY WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUDGE CRATER? The Missiningest Man In America ONE NIGHT IN DODGE CITY I suppose the way these three men crossed paths could be called fate, or kismet. But other accounts agree that the two lawmen ran up the street together, after Hoyt. * Given the lack of adequate street lighting in the frontier cattle towns of 1878, as he rode up the street Hoyt would have soon disappeared in the dark. He worked hard to split his own (Democratic) party on the issue of slavery, believing the election of a Republican (anti-slavery) presidential candidate in 1860 would radicalize the south. But with this conviction, the prosecutor might have suspected that Vanzetti would turn on his fellow defendant. Oh sure, Oliver Cromwell had some self doubts while he was dying. A Jonah is cursed, and he drags his curse around with him, rubbing it off on unsuspecting victims who are drowned because God is actually trying to punch the ticket of the guy in next stateroom. Because of his political obligations he also missed the victory at San Jacinto. Really. WEDNESDAY: PASSION AND OTHER SINS; PART THREE Women and Guns Can be Dangerous. PASSION AND OTHER SINS: PART TWO "He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason."Cicero I would say producing the "new" will was a serious overreaching on Althea's part. The sash weights were likewise converted into shrapnel. It was all over in less than five confused minutes. Jacob Coxey was not arrested on the capital steps, no matter what the history books say. The town depended for its fame and fortune upon the death of so many. - 30 SUNDAY SMOKE AND MIRRORS The Invention of the Smoke Filled Room THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART EIGHT I present you now with a partial list of the current residents of the original site of the little green house at 1625 K street, now the Commonwealth Building: The National Petroleum Council, The

George C. A CBS/NYTimes and a USA Today/Gallup poll both found 60% opposed to taking away collective bargaining rights for public employee unions, while just 33% favor it. Aristocratic in his tastes, gentlemanly in demeanor, and careless of the opinions of those he does not esteem, Mr. And with it the "Queen of the Cattle Towns" became just another small American town of some 25,000 people. But the crime is not famous because of the weapon used. But by 1890, thanks to political contributions from the railroads, the Democrats supported a laissez faire approach to capitalism, while the Republicans were tied to an activist government in favor of the the railroads and their bankers. But late in that campaign they gloated too publically about finally overturning the New Deal, and that public gloating handed Harry Truman his turn around re-election. I went there alone." And there, confessed Terressa, "I did what is usual for a wicked woman to do" Occasionally they also took carriage rides to various cemeteries, where, according to the coachman, "They would walk down the grounds out of my sight, and be away an hour or an hour-and-a-half." Whatever they were doing out of sight, it was not enough, evidently, to wake the dead, or Daniel. The torrid affair between Terresa and Phillip was one of the best known secrets in Washington, which has always been, at heart, the provincial Southern village it started out as. The rest of July would be even worse, with the team that had begun the year by selling Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees, finishing the July 13 games below .500, at 40 wins and 53 losses. Worse, on July 17th, Babe Ruth, broke his own and major league baseball's record for home runs in a single season, hitting numbers 30 and 31 against the Chicago White Sox. And to drive the point home even more strongly, on July 27th, he hit number number 35, leading the hated Yankees over the Red Sox, 8-2; and the season was only half over.  But July was even worse for Bartolomeo Vanzetti. After his third conviction on December 17, 1928, George received a life sentence in Sing Sing, where the old man was very popular. George Parker was followed by Reed (The Kid) Waddell, Charles and Fred Gondorf (whose name was used in "The Sting"), William ("I.O.U. James Street by Constable James Stone. Sharing every navalinfatuated idea has become de rigueur for the Obama generation. People who were sick wanted a trained knowledgeable doctor to save their lives. And Methodist minister Norma Vincent Peal was outraged, calling it "...questionable thinking and contrary to the meaning of Thanksgiving for the president of this great nation to tinker with the sacred religious day with the specious excuse that it will help Christmas sales. The negotiations shifted to the infamous fourth floor rooms at the Blackstone hotel. * Actually political junkies were meeting all over Chicago that night, but Hays' rooms at the Blackstone got all the publicity because that was where Associated Press reporter Kirke Simpson was working. Knox, who financed the entire operation, was never even charged.William Burkes' real crime may have been that he was always arguing with his business partners. Bob Lincoln was also the only man in American history to have been present at the murder of two American Presidents, not to mention his relation to a third, his own farther. Henri was convinced that Auguste's noble death scene should have been his. And calling the marchers "stragglers" was one of the kinder characterizations. Andrew then joined with his father and brother in founding a bank, T. You have no right to expect me to send you back to Kansas unless you do something for me in return. Adams had even, charged Amos, brought gambling into the White House. Still, by 1869, he was broke again. And then in the summer of 1893, at the Chicago World's Fair, Jacob found a kindred spirit for both of his visions, in a lunatic named Carl Browne.

Carrie Coxey called Browne "a deep-dyed villian" and it is easy to see what she saw. But the principles of finance being what they are, it was inevitable that eventually the field would attract capitalists (think, a WalMart for the dead) who found a way to undercut their competition in both overhead and supply of fresh corpses.Instead of expending the effort required to unearth their raw material, these savvy investors simply harvested the wheat while it was still able to deliver itself to the reaper. But, what is more likely; that in an age when the printed word was still subservient to the spoken one, that a writer known for his scribbled poems would be misidentified as the author of well loved plays, or that Shakespeare was who we think he was and that Derek Jacobi is just full of hoo hoo? * In 1610, when the Shakespere twins were old enough to be married and out of the house, Will returned to Stratford and to Anne. In January 1826, from his Paris prison cell, he issued a proclamation to his fellow South American potentates. But it was just a cover for his real career in Washington. In doing so the Observer insisted again that the rally was to support, "the most speedy and effectual mode of obtaining Radical reform in the Common House of Parliament". Oh, and because they were stupid enough to get caught at it.- 30 -SUNDAY: THE MAN NOT IN THE IRON MASKPolitics and Sex Make Strange Bedfellows A WOMAN SCORNED I don't know if Solomon Porcius Sharp (above) could have been President. Rhody announced to Thayer that "I have saluted you for the last time", and then marched his little army back to their barracks. The assumption was, of course, that the offenders were hippies or communists or just local punks, perhaps the spoiled offspring of wealthy but inattentive parents or the troubled youthful offenders of single parent families. On the very afternoon of Elizabeth's death, it was officially announced that James VI of Scotland would become James I of England. In 1846 this concept was stumbled upon by the obsessive-compulsive painter Alvan G. Thus, their right to secede was to be found " the ninth and tenth amendments to the Constitution." But the "charismatic and controversial" Senator Baker (above) disagreed, contending the constitution " made by the people...not the States." The inveterate gambler then went over to the attack. By the time this loose end had been tied down, Philip Allen and John Slack were back in San Francisco again, with another bag of diamonds and sapphires. Browne has determined on revenge for the rather cold reception of yesterday". This too Edward turned down. And then, in his early twenties, he ran out on her and their three daughters, and then made a nice living as an actor and 14th century sex symbol, who probably had many meaningless affairs, perhaps with members of both sexes, but who also continued to provide for his family at great economic sacrifice to himself. They were speaking with their boots, as they struggled past Fort Necessity, built by George Washington, the construction of which had set off the French and Indian War in North America. Guiteau had already given himself up, eagerly confessing to everyone and anyone within earshot. German Americans felt he had betrayed them at by going to war, and Irish Americans felt he had betrayed them at the Versailles peace conference. not guilty. He paid them back by acting the petty tyrant. They let the animals wander the open range. Of course he still maintained close contact with the family bank, now under his brother's stewardship. The entire modern Republican economic game plan was on display while Andrew Mellon (above, center) ran Treasury through the terms of Presidents Harding, Calvin Coolidge (above, left)  and Herbert Hoover (above, right). Routinly they were identified as "bums", or "tramps".

But four days before the march began the magazine "The Coming Nation" noted, "There is to be a presidential election this year; in view of which it may be well to remark-- That workingmen will not be taxed less under a Republican president than they have been under a Democrat. In 1861 he joined with other investors in buying another lease. From informers the authorities knew that Jane had often alerted William to wealthy travelers. William married Margaret Laird, who ran a boarding house, "Logs Lodging". The section of the National Road beyond Hyattsville, between Rockville and Gaithersburg, Maryland had been described this way; "Deeply rutted and dusty in dry weather, it became a muddy morass after a heavy rain. Judge Field was determined to have breakfast, and he and Marshal Neagle were the first two admitted into the dinning room, escorted to their seats by the restaurant manager, Mr. And it seems that no matter how big our telescopes become, we will always looking into a mirror. - 30 * SUNDAY: SUPREME SELF CONFIDENCE * The Second Greatest Traitor In American History THE IDES OF MARCH AWARD, 2011. But the economic depression inspired at least in part by the Democratic economic policies, had become too deep. In the spring 4 year old Andrew Packard was on a picnic with his mother when she handed him a muffin. This was a man who was passionate about the cold logic of the law, with no doubt about his own correctness, and not forgiving of those who disagreed with him. In other words, he was the perfect counterbalance to Althea's passion for emotion without thought. As he droned on, reading the intricate legal justifications of his decision, the irrepressible Althea leapt to her feet. Of course the importance of this invention requires a little explination. * Freed from its incubator in the central highlands of Mexico, 'Phytophthora infestans', the Potato Blight, arrived in Ireland in the 1830's. He is virtually forgotten today, but he should be remembered. It was a Christmas miracle. We were once more put back even in the same bed by Franklin D. In the German village of Passau a woman in her home was assaulted by a rambunctious rodent. With the votes from the Irish and Italian neighborhoods in his pocket, Tom drove Shannon's people out of the police department, making him the invisible hand in writing of the new city charter, adopted in 1925. According to Amos, Adams was effete and too European. After a twenty day trial the jury was out for only an hour. There he passed the bar and established a pofitable practice. Chief, Will Hays. It required a series of towers spaced 20 miles apart, upon each of which were erected two moveable arms connected by a longer moveable arm. Even dead, Oliver could no longer escape the judgment of those who had suffered under his turgid arrogance. Has no pain in (his) head, but says it has a queer feeling which he is not able to describe." Phineas' cryptic response brings to mind the 12 year old boy who was subjected to a pre-frontal lobotomy in 1960. Roswell, who gave his name to the New Mexico town where, in 1947, space aliens attempted to communicate with humans. Mr. Roosevelt had announced Crater's surprise appointment, Crater had withdrawn $23,000 from his bank (the equivalent of a a quarter of a million dollars today). It is almost impossible not to call this trial a travesty of justice. He died broke on Sunday, March 28th, 1865. He

gave his name as Sananda, and his message was one of great joy. And having jumped, he wanted to squeeze the original founders of the strike, Philip Arnold and John Slack, out of the deal completely. That was plainly illegal and extra-constitutional but Sam figured that desperate times called for desperate measures. * However, Elder's plans for a grand investigation of election fraud and a remaking of state government were derailed when Meiklejohn grabbed the gavel off the podium and refused to return it. And that simply encouraged the young liberals to see the war as a betrayal of the democratic ideas Joseph had seemed to support. Ergo, argued ex-Governor Thayer, John Boyd was not qualified to be the current governor of Nebraska. * And on May 5th, 1891 the State Supreme Court agreed with Thayer. The Confederate Senate censured Yancey and took no action against Hill. So it seemed that even his political allies and friends did not like William Yancey very much. The coda to this regulation, and perhaps a comment on the continued poverty in rural America even during the "Roaring Twenties", was the C.O.D. ('nuff said), when the writer might have simply written "enough said" instead, or "GTT (gone to Texas), or PDQ (pretty d-mn quick) and SP (small potatoes). Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged." Samuel Johnson After their arrest and conviction for the courtroom outbursts of 1888, Althea and David Terry (above) were not shy about their rage toward Judge Fields. The public, which had supported the heel, now suddenly turned on him. Fifth, the Federal government must compensate all slave owners for all runaway slaves. In the stroke of a pen the dollar was no longer backed by gold. "You know I have been with you...while others were enjoying their ease. But the brain behind the argument was Amos Kendall, and there was nothing innocuous about Amos' thinking.It was Amos who ran Martin Van Buren's (above) successful Presidential campaign in 1836. He also sued him for $7,600 for injuries suffered during their original bar fight. No one willingly fights for a place at the table just to become the meal, but evetually we all are. It had been another scheme worthy of Machiavelli. But whoever said it first, it was Benjamin Russell, editor of the Boston Sentinel, who renamed the proposed district a Gerrymander, after the Governor. It was an ominous bit of history to consider if you were General Leonard Wood or Illinois Governor Frank Lowden, as they were considered the front runners for the 1920 Republican nomination. * The dour faced Lowden (above) wanted to be president so badly that when both houses of the Illinois state legislature voted to abolish the death penalty, he had vetoed the bill, proving again that politicians are even willing to kill people to win a few votes. * In contrast, Leonard Wood (above) had few political skills. And it was about time he did. It is a restriction designed by the founding fathers to force a governor to govern , not dictate. It was quite a gift; 8 million acres of virgin rain forest, chocked full of lumber, or, if cleared, crop land perfect for

growing sugar cane, cotton or tobacco, according to McGregor. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." L. A company of troops from Governor's Island marched through the streets. And this was the man the South had staked its future upon. This one came from one Guardian in particular. Louis. Having finally taken the oath, Boyd moved into other offices in the State House and dispatched the Lincoln County sheriff (again) to take procession of the executive suites. Arnold's partner in crime, John Slack was eventually tracked down in St. The sole survivor, engine driver Billy Wells, wrote, "The first thing I recalled after the explosion was standing quite a distance from the fire engine...the explosion had blown off all my clothes as well as the muscles from my right arm." At least 2,000 people had been killed outright, and 9,000 wounded, not counting the Innuit dead. There were in 1825, a few brick structures in town, but fire was constantly updating the architecture of all the wooden buildings. She carried 34 seamen, French Canadian trappers and clerks, and everything needed to set up Astor's fur collecting station at the mouth of the Columbia River. Here he claimed that he had actually entered the Palace on Monday November 30th , by scaling a wall to reach an opened window. The name was CBL Computers and Repair out of Lafayette, Indiana, and I sent them an E-mail begging for help. package mailed to an undertaker in Albany, New York. This traumatic event also converted Yancy into a radical. Yancey went back to the profession that he knew best, and in 1838 he bought a failing newspaper. But, whatever the spirit, Amos was a member of the original "Kitchen Cabinet", "the common reservoir of all the petty slanders which find a place in the most degraded prints in the Union", according to Mississippi Whig George Poindexter. * During Jackson's second term Amos was appointed the Postmaster General, and proceeded to empty the bureaucracy of every Wig sympathizer, replacing them with reliable Democrats. Russel signed the paperwork loaning Lewis two horses and a saddle from the Fort's herd, and gave him a personal check for $100. But it turned out that the real problem had been identified by Simon Lazarus. The headline in the New York Times said it all; "PRESIDENT SHOCKS FOOTBALL COACHES" The coach of Little Ouachita college in Arkansas warned, "We'll vote the Republican ticket if he interferes with our football.'" Chairman of the Athletic Board at New York University wrote to Roosevelt, " has become necessary to frame football schedules three to five years in advance, and for both 1939 and 1940 we had arranged to play our annual football game with Fordham on Thanksgiving Day..." And then Roosevelt had changed the date! A Gallup poll found that 62% of Americans wanted the President's decision reversed. With out the limit of gold reserves on the treasury we could afford any war we wanted, and all the oil we wanted. Without further intercourse Marshal Neagle drew his pistol and shot David Terry directly in the heart. After the hearing it was expected that the judges would retire to consider the arguments. He has headaches nearly every day, usually starting half way through the day, and worsened by stress. Fontaine, who wrote "The Washington Tragedy". He was an ignoramus about gourmet food or wine in fact he did not drink at all. Shortly after the Seventh Cavalry regiment was formed in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1866, she took up residence along "Suds Row" as the laundresses' quarters were commonly called. Grant took possession of the office. Wilkerson paid more attention to his own land deals than he did to his troops. A small group of British adventurers were already at work, overseeing natives constructing the new capital city of St. The leadership were ready to put the matter of the Compromise to a vote, and after listening to Walker's rambling speech for several minutes, they urged Walker to stop wasting the congresses' time and sit down. *

But Walker explained that his speech was not intended for the benefit of the congress, but for the "simple folk of Buncombe County back home". Americans were not offended at the cold blooded murder. The only way to get their wheat and corn to market was via the railroads. The apothecary offered William £20, literally a small fortune in 1613, to administer a massive dose of arsenic directly into Sir Thomas' bloodstream, in the only way it could be administered without cutting the skin and leaving a mark. It was a rationalization that another Francis was certainly willing to make. * In 1892 Francis Bellamy (above), who was a fired Baptist minister, was working as the publicity director for a Boston magazine called "The Youth's Companion" and was also responsible for the planning the 400th anniversary of Columbus's "discovery" of America, for the National Education Association. It belongs to those kids, who will probably use their technology to make me as obsolete as my copy of "Foretran for Dummies". * So I urge you to give DBL a call, at 765-490-2978, or e-mail them at . I assure you, you will not be sorry. MAY I HAVE A WORD I guess it would be okay to say the whole thing started when somebody noticed that according to the criminal code of Boston, ""No person, unless duly licensed by the mayor and aldermen, shall ring, or cause to be rung, any bell, or other instrument, in any street, to give notice of the exercise of any business or calling...under a penalty of not less than three nor more than twenty dollars for each offense." This bureaucratic banality inspired the formation, on October 26, 1838, of the Anti-Bel-Ringing Society, or in abbreviated form, the ABRS. He betrayed every commanding officer he ever served, including Benedict Arnold. Evidently, Daniel assumed that Terresa could also be trusted. * Maybe the twenty year old girl was just fed up with Daniel's philandering, and maybe it was payback. He pledged that with like minded southerners, he would, " the Southern heart instruct the Southern mind - ...and at the proper moment, by one organized, concerted action, we can precipitate the cotton states into revolution." This was why Yancey was called the "Orator of Secession". ...I will leave the story there, in case there is anybody left in this nation who does not already despise lawyers.  - 30  Last updated on August 19, 2011 You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this article up or down. . But this time the sheriff ran up against a militia and the local cops, who refused to surrender. And the hamlet's only historical claim to fame, other than the bridge, is that Lathrop is where the insanity of Althea Hill and David Terry played out its dénouement.

"Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. June 8, 1934 * In January of 1935 the Social Security Act was introduced into both the Senate and the House of Representatives simultaneously. He has performed this work for as long as he can remember. Like the stock market bubbles of later generations, those drawn into the land market bubble had to quickly sell at a profit or they went broke. The entire city and its environs was said to hold during the golden age of Mali perhaps 10,000 ancient, pre-Islamic manuscripts. And all the students laughed. Edward Williams. And then on Monday, August 2nd, the paper featured a column written by Mr. Said Murray, "First, a basic truth - you must define your opponent, never let him define you. But the fourth shot, delivered point blank over the prone Phillip, blasted a hole in his chest as big as a silver dollar. He left behind an estate valued at $35 million. California wells were now producing almost 78 million barrels a year. And Stumbles. BUYING THE FARM I have a bridge for sale, if you happen to know a fish. This cavern had been home to every Republican Convention since 1904. Of course I let them think so, because they were afraid of me, and promised to do anything I wished them to. If he had, she probably would not have believed him, for Julia, like Jacob, had been bitten by the gold bug. One, a shoemaker, just lay down on his cot and shot himself. "Quite possibly, " he wrote, "such Martian folk are possessed of inventions of which we have not dreamed...Certainly what we see hints at the existence of beings who are in advance of, not behind us, in the journey of life." * Percival wrote three books, "Mars", "Mars and its Canals", and "Mars as the Abode of :Life". His image was used to sell cigars, calendars, music and playing cards - so many items that a new word had to be invented to describe his popularity; "Boyton-mania". He came from a land whose ancient name was Kaya Magha, which meant "King of Gold". Terresa's only excuse in marrying Daniel (against her parent's wishes) was that the poor child was just 15, when the 34 year old Daniel seduced and married her. Seeing this, the Imo (below) desperatly reversed her engines, intending to slow and give the Mount Blanc room. It would be another 400 years plus before the RIAA sued college students for downloading music. In 1894 Bard resigned over fights with Lyman. And, "Six to eight weeks after the initial sore disappears the patient will feel tired, may experience a headache with a fever, have swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat. After that the demonstration aquired the name of "Peterloo". It was after Mr. Every man was cold, wet and exhausted. "Boss" Tom could now manipulate both the city and county governments, both the Democratic and Repubican parties, from behind the scenes, following a simple rule; The important thing is to get the votes-no matter what." *********************************************************************************** "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber." Plato 400 B.C.E. *********************************************************************************

Boss Tom's name never had to appear on another ballot. He never stood for election, and when President Rutherford B. As the official record notes those were "...the last words spoken by a Republican Senator in the 55th General Assembly." The Senate then tried to get back to business, appropriately taking up Senate bill 61, setting aside $100,000 for three new hospitals for the mentally insane. Amos had been "a newspaper editor, party organizer, political propagandist, postmaster general, telegraph builder, and promoter of language for the deaf." Amos had helped found, and had left most of his fortune to Gallaudet University, the unofficial national school for the deaf. George had set his new rails four feet eight and one-half inches apart because that was the "gauge" of the old rails, used when the wagons were pulled by horses. The word itself comes down to us through French (1327) from the Latin (Vulgar) "Sciurus", which comes from the Greek "slirouros", meaning "beast that sits in the shadow of its own tail". Instead it was theorized that once having formed (some how) it then flowed into a permeable "reservoir rock", and might be trapped beneath an impermeable "cap rock". And when the the first Transatlantic Telegraph cable was completed in 1858, Tiffany bought several hundred yards of the excess wire, sliced it into sections and sold it mounted on plaques. GRANT And The Fall Of Vicksburg THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Six I can not imagine the shock and shame felt by William Ralston when Mr. Rather than see himself mocked and derided in Kentucky courtrooms, the robber baron decided to cut a deal. And it seems Sainte- Croix even left a list of names of his satisfied customers, everyone he had directed to the mysterious chemist, Msr. To call them bad luck seems a pathetic explanation. And Matthew Smith, in his book "Sunshine and Shadow in New York" recorded a moment of introspection which Jacob experienced while walking past the mansions surrounding Union Square in New York City. The old man was exhausted by his life's work, and died while running for re-election, in July of 1863, three weeks after the great Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg. In September of 1822, the Honduras Packet set sail for Poyais with 70 settlers, and a chest loaded with new Poyais currency. And nobody can cut your throat more quickly than a Press Agent who suddenly starts telling the truth. The Press Agent, it seems, had gotten a better gig. He returned about noon, said everything was all right, and we set out again with high hopes. When a people ostracize a land grabber..." And Redpath struggled for a moment, before explaining, "But ostracism won't do" The priest, according to Redpath, "tapped his big forehead, and said, 'How would it do to call it "to boycott him?" Mr. She called it "The Empty Robe" - 30 NEXT WEDNESDAY THE SECRET OF CAPITALISM Part One The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872 FRIDAY CRIMMINAL MASTERMINDS The Last Pirate in New York (Until Wall Street) FAMOUS AMOS

I contend that, politically speaking, Amos Kendall was one of our founding fathers. But just as Jeff Probst was about to say, "The next person voted off Survivor,..." Jacob Little pulled an immunity idol right out of his derrière. *  Actually he pulled it out of London. Elder presided from the podium, calling on speakers and announcing votes, while Meiklejohn sat at the clerk's desk, doing the same. I cannot see how you can have any one treat me so--I, who have always been so good and kind to you--the carpet is all taken up in my hall --the door (the front door to her rooms) is taken off and away...Ah, Senator, dear Senator, do not treat me so --whilst every one else is so happy for Christmas, don't try to make mine miserable... One turned back for civilisation, stumbling upon the broad South Pass through the Rockies along the way, while the other three groups headed further down "The accursed mad river." As they decended the Snake River they entered a narrow canyon. But in 1868 anthrax on imported Longhorns killed 15,000 cattle across Indiana and Illinois. into the war in 1941, Democratic politicians no longer felt the need to handle Father Coughlin with care. A year after that, on October 13, 1307, Philip wiped out his debts to the Knights Templers by arresting all of them - and seizing their property, of course. Then the officers closed in on him."Holding Coxey's arm, Captain Garden of the Capital Police demanded, "What do you want here?" Coxey replied, "I want to make an address." Gardner told him he would not be allowed to do that. Kepler was the first to realize that Mars was a neighbor of ours. There was a shoving, grasping cat fight for the precious totem, which Meiklejohn eventually won. There is no indication that anybody even mention Will Hays - not even Will Hays. * They dispatched a small delegation to Hardings' room up stairs, roused the stunned man from his bed and asked him if there were any embarrassing episodes in his past. As he dialed for an ambulance the guard chastised the woman for even coming to work in her condition. Counsel to Durban, South Africa. So the politicians passed the Sherman Silver Act of 1890, which committed the nation to buy and stockpile silver. Senator DeMotte from Porter county shouted something from the floor, and acting President Smith ordered him to take his seat. Harding never left Ohio. on Friday, July 26th, while Eddie was just beginning his reading, George Hoyt and several of friends were leaving the Comique. He also left 16 survivors back at Fort Astor, stranded on the lonely west coast of North America, without supplies and with no way of communicating their plight to anyone who cared to listen. Meanwhile, as you may remember, Wilson Hunt was now leading a party of 65 French Canadian trappers out of Missouri. Because if the driver was who I think he was, then the passenger would be the newly appointed New York State Supreme Court Judge Joseph Force Crater. These were duties (taxes) charged on imported grain. And that did not arrive from nowhere, either. The 1849 California Gold rush proved so rich that by 1873 the U.S. But they produced nothing. He hired others to do that. But perhaps because no one was, the continued human attraction to verbosity has since produced nonsense such as "Pentagonese", "Journalese", "circumlocution", and other such gobbledygook words used to describe Maury's gobbledegook. * In an interesting (I think) side note, gobbledegook was the Maverick family's second addition to the

American lexicon. And because I think it is vital that we remember THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE I try to remind you of that. I might say that, for instance. But Ramses III also contributed to this power shift to the priesthood by continuing the practice of donating large sums to the temples. He reported no pain. He was a neighbor in Bowling Green and had been a law student in Sharp's office. And the recovery, which finally came after 700 years of poverty and travails, can be traced directly to the Blanc de noirs stained front door of the Abby of Hauntvillers, bottlers of the monastic barfly's inebriate of choice, the cheap bubbly booze from the pre-bubonic Benedictine generation, champagne. You see, the Champagne plateau (about 100 miles Northwest of Paris) is so far north that the grapes ripen very late in the year. 20006 * For his amazing work, in 1966, Clements was named to the well paid position of president of the Tobacco Institute He died in 1985 and was buried in his hometown cemetery, in Morganfield, Kentucky. His steam locomotive was not only a revolution in speed, but also reduced transportation costs by two thirds. In 1965 only six of the cars qualifying for the race had front engines. Boy Jones never actually got to meet the Queen, which was good because the young majesty confided to her diary the next day, "But supposing he had come into the Bedroom, how frightened I should have been." Quite.This time it was decided to avoid the courts and the publicity. Bond. And they were certain that opposing them was to oppose God's will.Thus, after seven years of civil war, these deadcertain Calvinists were comfortable in beheading their intransigent King, and suspected Catholic, Charles I, in 1649.The Calvinist experiment in government came to an end on January 1st, 1660 when soldiers under Colonel George Monck crossed the River Tweed at the village of Coldstream, thus earning his regiment the future title "The Coldstream Guards". For while his "Good Roads Association" sought to mitigate the endless capitalist cycle of boom followed by bust, his belief in reincarnation sought to minimize the trauma of life itself. He finished 17th. Seventy-one percent of Black Americans voted Democratic, as well as 57% of women, 63% of men, 76% of low income voters, 80% of Catholics and 86% of Jewish voters. The joke around town was that the building was so big that a teenage Western Union Messenger got lost amongst the endless corridors and by the time he made it out, he was a Lt. This politicizing of entire departments of government was justified by New York Democratic Senator William Learned Macy, this way; "If (a politician is) defeated, they expect to retire from office. "When a man takes a farm from which another has been evicted, you must show him on the roadside when you meet him, you must show him in the streets of the town, you must show him at the shop counter, you must show him in the fair and the marketplace, and even in the place of worship, by leaving him severely alone -- putting him into a kind of moral Coventry -- isolating him from his kind like the leper of old." Unstated, was the reality that this was a religious war, the Catholic south of Ireland against the Protestant north and England. * On September, 22nd, a local process server, accompanied by police, issued eviction notices to eleven of "Captain" Boycott's tenants. The 1.3 billion cows alive at this moment are ponderous moovers and shakers, and udderly unimpressed with humanities' crème-de-la-crème, logic. Stanton had locked the doors. Stanton now went native. House of Representatives in November 1857, and he and Terresa moved to Washington, D.C. By April over one quarter of his army, 500 men, were on sick call. And he was not the twin of King Louis XIV or any other Louie. It isn't. Then, when P.T. And I suspect they were having such a good time that they failed to notice the momentous event which had just occurred -

the birth of a new word. Out of the tug Stella Maris' crew of 24, only five survived. Louis. * This was the main Chickasaw town. That the exhibit was a financial failure was no fault of Oliver's. And upon its opening, on April 13, 1943, the centerpiece statue was painted plaster. And despite all that energy pounding on his own front door and demanding admittance, Warren G. And like any good mid-westerner, even when speaking clearly he didn't blow his own horn very much. Mr. Phillip's father, Frances Scott Key, had been so familiar with a certain popular drinking ditty (so difficult to sing that it was used as an 18th century sobriety test), that on the fly he converted it into our national anthem, translating "And swear by old Styx, that we long shall entwine, the myrtle of Venus and Bacchus' vine" into "Oh, say, does that star spangled banner yet wave, Ore the land of the free and the home of the brave." Phillip was forty-two year old widower at the time, with six children, and "the handsomest man in all Washington society", according to Mrs. The railroad was at least a hundred miles away, he said." The party could barely contain their greed, and wasted little time making camp before they began their search for jewels. And yet Herbert still had hopes he could engineer a come back. No matter how hard he looked. The river began to fall Friday afternoon..." That Saturday, February 21, 1891, one of Waltz's neighbors found the old man shivering in the ruins of his home, crouched atop his soaked bed. To his other clients, corporate, municipal and state governments, he was just the cost of doing business. I'm supposed to be a Great Wizard.""And aren't you?" she asked.Ă‚ "Not a bit of it, my dear; I'm just a common man."Ă‚ "You're more than that," said the Scarecrow, in a grieved tone; "you're a humbug."Ă‚ "Exactly so!" declared the little man, rubbing his hands together as if it pleased him. It was a bad time for a fight, so of course they had one. As they reached the peak the Great Unknown Smith - who was mounted this day - rode back to the commissary wagons to grab a snack. The oath now reads "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all". And once a beachcomber had discovered Mexican eights rolling in the surf, and was joined by hundreds of others combing the sand, there was no way of proving where the crazy eights had come from, the stolen caches or the surf. a mechanic, a nuts and bolts man". Key was living proof of the old adage about fruit never falling very far from the sapling. Tom immediately hired two hundred new employees, all loyal goats, as Pendergast supporters were called. The haughty Democrats were assaulted in their own chamber and thrown out of it. And, as evening settled in, the rope might even be induced to introduce the fish to Mr. Cows belch so much because they re-chew their cuds, regurgitating and re-digesting the cellulose over and over again. Its long eyelashes and double eyelids allow it to survive the most fierce sand storms on earth. They will be gathered up and relieved of the holocaust of coming events." So you see, Harold, there is life after death, or at least life after Judgment Day. Jereboam then cut the conversation short by thrusting a dagger into Solomon's neck, severing his aorta. And then Walker returned to his endless platitudes. On some of the better looking leases, Lyman waved his fee in exchange for a share of any oil found. He was unable to swim. Ce n'est pas tragique, c'est le plus absurde. Auguste's trial was brief. "Thus", said Judge Bayard Paine forty-five years later, "tragedy was

averted in Nebraska statecraft." Instead, tragedy was converted into low comedy. * At that point in time the most hated man in Nebraska was probably the outgoing governor, Republican John Thayer. The insurance company replied that they would be willing to make a generous settlement, which might not leave the brothers filthy rich, but at least they would be free from worry of future legal entanglements. He took up the search for the the last great mystery in the night sky, the powerful conundrum of Planet X. * According to Percival's own mathematics, there was something very odd about the planets Neptune and Uranus. Richards, who received just 68,878 votes. Empty pockets turned inside out were called "Hoover Flags". Still the government managed to overreact. McDonald's car careened back across the racing line, spewing flaming gasoline. Another politician would've taken the concrete concessions on pensions and health-care benefits...and thrown himself a parade. A representative of the United States Postal Service (your stand in) then physically carries the actual letter to your friend's home. I can get no workmen to do anything, and my ruin is openly avowed..." * Harpers Weekly Illustrated News for December 18, 1880, recorded what happened next. But tenor and ringer was John Brownrigg, who possessed a fatal combination of a conscious and stupidity, which caused him to first commit a crime and then to confess it unbidden to a complete stranger. * Perhaps it was the warm food, or the hot rum or perhaps it was the flames of purgatory which drove John Brownrigg to draw innkeeper Samuel Leonard aside and spill his tale on that stormy afternoon of November 24, 1830. He was followed by Carl Browne, mounted on a white stallion, and bedecked in his buckskin jacket and a huge western hat. The fortress was called Bada Vida, or Grandma Vida, because it had been a border fort since before the Romans. Does any of this sound familar? * Ramses III tried to reduce his expenses by replacing his bureaucrats and large parts of the army with slaves, supplied by independent contractors, a practice in current vogue with the American government. And just two years later he was dead, in an isolated hostel just over the border of Tennessee, shot twice and with knife cuts across his throat. * Before the march over the Rocky Mountains, before he even served as the personal aide to the President, Lewis exhibited all the indications of suffering with a mild form of asperger syndrome. I told you he was lucky. - 30 - WEDNESDAY THE SECRET LIFE OF CAPITALISM Part Two And Yet He Did Everything Right APOCALYPSE......NOT

I've got to give Harold Camping credit for being original. One biographer has described him as a man with multiple personalities: "A jurist, a professor, a Tammany Hall stalwart, and a family man." He was also "Good Time Joe", with a penchant for liquor and lovely available showgirls. In 1932 the average American ate just two pounds of turkey a year. Fontaine, who wrote "The Washington Tragedy". One also claimed to subsist only on oatmeal. And almost no one was surprised when Judge Webster Thayer threw the book at him; twelve to fifteen years in prison. August had shown a resurgence for the Boston Red Sox.Ă‚ It was interrupted on the 20th when the Red Sox were schedualed to play the Cleveland Indians. This produced a situation in which, wrote Nicholas Biddle, "The kitchen predominates over the parlor". It is important to note that there were no reports of crushing by the crowd, no stampede to escape the assault, supporting eyewitnesses who emphasized how well behaved the crowd had been. That forced any assault from the north far inland, down the line of the Mississippi Central Railroad toward the state capital of Jackson. But because he pleaded guilty his sentence was commuted to transportation to America. He was known to have badly beaten several of his victims, and was suspected in at least two murders. But I do know that hatred and anger always destroys its owner. His photos remind me of a vulture, for some reason. In 1863 Jacob joined a wagon train bound for the new gold fields around Phoenix, Arizona. "In 1909 God moved two Christian laymen to set aside a large sum of money for issuing twelve volumes that would set forth the fundamentals of the Christian faith..." Of course, being a skeptic, that explained nothing to me. It was untraceable because, without a standardized national currency of their own, Spanish and Mexican coins circulated so commonly in America, that prices were figured as the equivalent in Spanish (and Mexican) currency, to the point that today's ubiquitous American "$" sign was borrowed from its Spanish inventors. * In the morning, Gibbs and Wansely opened one of the barrels of rum and shared it with Dawes, Brownrigg and the other crewmen. And he may be a squirrel...a great big, grey one, with sharp bitey teeth and maybe a bazooka. Humans are singularly ignorant of the 300 plus species of squirrels in this world. Without a decent tasting wine to sell, a monastery could not thrive. After 47 years of - dare I say it? - religious attention to detail, Pierre turned the haphazard blending of wines in the Champagne region into an art. Van Buren's only response to the "Panic of 1837" was to cut government expenditures, so tightly that they even sold the tools used to construct roads and bridges. He was now 22, and this was his second swing through the western circuit, telling such local jokes as "What's the difference between a cow boy and a tumble bug (a dung beetle)? One rounds up to cut, and the other cuts to round up". But closer examination of the facts reveals what it really was: a power struggle between two very strong personalities." Strong personalities? I would call them two of the biggest hams in American history. - 30 WEDNESDAY: COXEY'S ARMY; PART TWO The March Begins. But geologists still had no way of gauging how old oil was. But then Oliver went on the ultimate ego trip, launching a bloody war trying to eradicate Catholicism from Ireland. He got a job as a farm hand in Santa Clara County, at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. April 11, 1960 *

We know so much about Tommy's immediate post war business because in May of 1945 the new President Harry Truman asked FBI director J. That was the plan, anyway. The man in the Iron Mask was not Leonardo DiCaprio. One was Jim Masterson, younger brother to Bat and a fellow city deputy. And internal border crossings, each exacting a tariff, began to multiply across France as Philip's losses increased. It seems that Wyatt sensibly stayed out of sight until Allison left town, despite Wyatt's later stories to the contrary. * In 1879 Wyatt and his brothers moved on to Tombstone, Arizona. Approaching pier six. They loved him, they just weren't willing to lend him any more money. He was ably qualified for both of those jobs. She engaged the services of a big (6') blustery, bowie knife-wielding lawyer, a hot headed exjustice of the California Supreme Court named David Terry (below). He won for the simple reason that in 1920 America wanted to go back to sleep. Harding was helped by the Democrats, who, in shades of the 2000 election, could not decide if they liked their leader enough to vote for him. Wilson was despised by everybody. Over the following years Captain John Paul aquired a reputation for brutality. daring and apparent recklessness in time of danger." But those were later descriptions. The sudden influx hit the market like a bomb, on September 24, 1869, when gold dropped 30%. And when Robert and Francis took their vows the day after Christmas 1613, Sir Walter Raleigh was already hard at work, tracking down an obscure man we know only as William. What made this William stand out was that although he was a lowly apprentice to an apothecary, he had suddenly left England for Holland. She was able to deflect his throw so that the sauce pan bounced off a decorative cornice before exploding. And after three heady years, Harry was forced to resign when his chief aide, Jess Smith, was caught taking kickbacks from bootleggers. And after that cab pulled into the New York night, he dropped off the face of the earth. * Judge Crater was, until Jimmy Hoffa, "the missing-est man in America". The room is warmed by a wood fire. And Speaker Elder was demanding an immediate investigation. * With the Republicans siding with the Democrats against the Independents, neither side dared to adjourn. Moore, a "friend" of President McKinley who appointed him U.S. He mumbled. Each time it had been lost again, the last time in 1739, but there was a young leader on the throne in Turkey, and Joseph was looking to grab a quick trophy to assuage his critics. At least they waited until after noon for it to warm up before they even began their treck. First there came a man on foot carrying an American flag, who the press duitfully identfied as a "negro", thus mocking Coxey's determination to treat all races in his army with equal respect. On May 22, 1939 he pled guilty. Wrote one of the party, "The loss of eight of us within two days was deeply felt." They immediately began building a fort, which they christened with the name of the man who signed their pay checks (and who had hired Captain Thorn!); Fort Astor. Captain Thorn did not wait for the construction to be completed. And just like thousands of other twenty year old's, he pestered the owners to give him a job behind the wheel.

* According to Eddie, the drivers warned him, "Eddie, when you climb into that race car and when you punch that gas pedal down, things are going to happen you never dreamed of before. "I bring with me", he wrote, "duplicates of my vouchers for public expenditures... "He can learn to know men in this way as in no other, no matter whether (you are) selling shoes, phonographs, real estate or insurance...It is only a question of psychology, anyhow." Just before noon, on Thursday September 16, 1920 a lesson in psychology was offered to the American protestant ruling class, if they cared to learn such a lesson. If history is any guide, more than 90 percent of union money will be used to defeat Republicans no matter what happens." And every day Pooh refuses to let go of the honey pot of union busting, that 90% gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Others came from England, France and Italy. Elder presided from the podium, calling on speakers and announcing votes, while Meiklejohn sat at the clerk's desk, doing the same, but for other people. In 1968, when Nixon won the Presidency by a narrow margin, Murray was still there again, if now behind the scenes. It did not work.George Washington did not trust James Wilkerson, nor did John Adams or James Madison. Joseph, under construction or otherwise, and no farm land. And in 1674, there landed in the midst of this fraternity Will's nephew, the impatient and ambitious 24 year old, Nathaniel Bacon. Will welcomed his nephew (above) warmly, giving him property and a trading concession with the Indians. Normally these dioxide farts would disapate into the air while the wine fermented. From this point the business of government in Nebraska got very noisy and ground to a complete halt, all over the issue of the certification of the new governor. * As these things were normally counted, the clear election loser was the Republican candidate L.D. And not a single one of them would have willing made that sacrifice if it had been offered to them, because for our world to be born, theirs had to die. A stock broker the next day quipped, "It was characteristic of Mr. Of course it has stuck around as a vestigial etymological fossil, but any current criminal shrink can now vouch that the loonies who espoused anarchy were really just pathological egotistical narcissists. Nash has b---s as big as a bull!" Dispite the story being gramatically incorrect (Mrs. As Time Magazine detailed, "After 15 minutes (of) yelling, shrieking (and) hooting, (Hoover) was allowed to begin. But it had cost Meriwether more than is or was then generally understood. * While on this three year adventure, not only had he repeatedly starved, been frozen, and nearly drowned several times, he had also been shot by one of his own men (by accident). And when you do you will understand why William Ralston had been so willing to believe, and why capitalism depends upon a fantasy and a fraud. As that repetitive plotter Antonio puts it in The Tempest, "What's past is prologue", which he says while plotting yet another assignation. Both Nixon and Knowland won. * Politics was still a "hobby" at this point for Murray. And when Jackson moved into the White House, Amos came with him.Officially, Amos was given a vague job in the Treasury Department. But the next morning, faced with a cold rain and an impending battle, General Wilkerson came down sick, and the actual command fell to a General Boyd. Eventually the sick old coot was forced to admit that he had a mine. Louis. Or torso. Almost overnight Walker's speech was transformed from being about

Buncombe to being "pure Buncombe" itself. The truth was that Pendergast Ready-Mix Cement was probably his only entirely legal business. But those official bargains were only available in parcels of 320 acre lots. * And as was, again, noted in "The Completion..." "The common Carey Plow (above) was made entirely of wood, save for an iron collar to cut the sod...With such an implement an acre was a good days work." In other words, any farm over forty acres was simply of no use to a family depending upon farming for its livelihood. * The only people who could afford to buy into the Federal auctions were wealthy speculators and combines of speculators, who re-surveyed and subdivided the land, and then re-sold it to smaller speculators, who re-surveyed and re-sold it to even smaller speculators. The prosecutor spoke of the "echoes of the church bells" still lingering in the air" while Daniel pulled the trigger over and over. All this kitchen chemistry was required because 19th century turkeys were scrawny and almost exclusively dark meat. William Stead, from the magazine Review of Reviews, noted that "Never in the annals of insurrection has so small a company of soldiers been accompanied by such a phalanx of recording angels." It would quickly develop that he was one of the more sympathetic angles. "The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick," said the Witch, "so you cannot miss it. Together they opened an embasy in London, and in Scotland they began offering Poyais farmland at bargin prices, as " asylum only for the industrious and honest." Almost overnight they sold some 200,000 pounds worth of Poyais bonds. And yet she was about to come within a hair's breath of controling one of the biggest fortunes in America, while entertaining an entire nation for a decade. In 1923 the America Legion, then made up mostly of veterens of World War One, the Spanish American War, and the Phillipines Insurection, decided that the phrase "my flag" was too open to interpitation. The rest of us just hadn't noticed it yet. They held the place for a little over six hours, until Jay returned from New York. of course, that required that at the same time they belittle and dismiss the millions of their desperate fellow citizens whose plight the march was trying to publicize.The crime was that the news media of 1894, like the media of today, were perfectly willing to ignore the drama, and instead protray the march as a joke. "Am I really wonderful?" asked the Scarecrow. "You are unusual," replied Glinda" - 30 - FRIDAY: DOES YOUR COW POINT NORTH? Chew on This Cuddly Little Morsel. DRAMA QUEENS I think I may have stumbled upon an historical explination as to why people would bring guns to a public meeting about health care. The click of the knife was heard the next moment, and Henri's head dropped to the ground. It was the philosophy of Jay Gould. - 30 -

WEDNESDAY LITTLE GREEN HOUSE ON K STREET PART SEVEN Lobbying Sends Morality Up In Smoke FROM HERE TO TIMBUKTU I have to say that Mansa Musa made quite an entrance. The final choice is mine, but the nominations are yours. Please, have at it! Name names.   - 30 OH, HENRY I have long held the view that "anarchist" as a label became passé with the invention of psychiatry. Edward refused. And that is my favorite definition of insanity - the inability to for reason to calm your rage - even overnight. "Death is the only pure, beautiful conclusion of a great passion." David Lawrence - 30 - NEXT WEDNESDAY: PASSION AND OTHER SINS; PART THREE There Is Only One Way This Can End. FRIDAY - A NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE CHRISTMAS How Much More Can You Ask Of This Man? HYPERBOLE I guess the modern politician whom Edwin Stanton reminds me of most is Dick Cheney. OK was far easier to spell, too. But the lady goddess did have a perfect living example of the breed, a walking earthquake of passion and self-centered delusion named Sarah Althea Hill - she didn't much like her first name and was known to friends and enemies alike as Althea. They were shocked at Daniel's display of marital compassion. Explained Daniel, when he was arrested, "He deserved it." It was the trial of the century! Again. This is what happens when lawyers stop thinking with their big heads. "It is with our passions as it is with fire and water; they are good servants, but bad masters." Roger L'Estrange So, on September 3, 1888, Althea and David Terry found themselves back in the Assesors' Building (above), while the final decision in their contempt case was read out by the ancient, pompous, humorless, Federal Judge Stephen J. And, since these experts believed that adding another week to the shopping season would increase sales by 10%, Franklin announced, this year, at least, he was moving Thanksgiving to Thursday, November 23rd. The first alarm should have gone off when Fred Lazarus ran into his younger brother Simon. And a 17-year old apprentice, Samuel Maverick, had been struck down by 'lobster backs' at the Boston

Massacre. He hired the best detective he could find, the long time San Francisco Captain of Detectives, Isaiah.W. Althea was sentenced to one month. What he was, was a marketing genius. And if there were second thoughts after John's gallows conversion to innocence, they were put aside. Does that look like anti-Semitism to you? Who but an anti-Semite would deny it? At the time Coughlin openly justified his anti-Semitism by claiming "Jewish persecution only followed after Christians first were persecuted" and promised, "When we get through with the Jews in America, they'll think the treatment they received in Germany was nothing." He preached the same strain of ugly hatred that underlay Charles Lindberg's "America First" committee, and Henry Ford's American publication of the Czarists fraud the "Protocol of the Elders of Zion". And when the Nebraska legislature convened in joint session in January of 1891 things very quickly developed into that Victor Hugo melodrama. * To begin with, the new speaker of the House, Independent Sam Elder, decided he was going to bypass the acting President of the Senate, Republican George Meiklejohn (who was also the lieutenant-governor) and preside over both houses of the legislature all by himself. I seen nothing humorous in having your shoes set afire while you are wearing them. The brilliant photographs are from the creative mind of Glen Wexler, in "The Secret Life of Cows". - 30 SUNDAY: COMPROMISE When The Middle Ground Is The Losing Ground COXEY'S ARMY: PART TWO I am glad I was not there on that Easter Sunday, March 26th, 1894, when what the press would call "Coxey's Army" set out from Massillon, Ohio. His family connections in Hardin County, Kentucky, and his donations to local politicians were only reinforced by the interviews he gave to the "Louisville Courier"; "I have employed counsel, a good Henry Rifle" he announced. The army hesitated, but enough men automatically leaned forward, that Smith (actually Bazarro) sensed an advantage and seized the moment. He turned his horse and rode back amongst the men. A month later who should arrive but King George Frederic (yes, he was real) aboard an English ship. All past indiscretions were forgotten, if not forgiven. * And I believe that for every second of his 91 years of life , Daniel Sickles (above) was totally and completely insane. Tariff's were now levied on every wagon load of goods bound to and from The Fairs. A generation after that war, Thomas Jefferson's road improvements bill had failed to fix the problem. His public image remains as a villain in films, plays, history books and a child's nursery rhyme. But things did not work out that way. And yet, curiously, land prices remained cripplingly high. *

This all came about because of Alexander Hamilton's great compromise. And in a rational world, that would have settled that. The Frisian villagers who gathered the amber up in hand held nets could not have known where this amber had originated from anymore than the Celts in England knew their Sea Coal had a companion under their feet. And that, one way or another, is the way most badger games end. * In contrast there was William A.E. For a long moment the two ships hung there in the middle of The Narrows. It is to Amos's credit that, when the war finally came, he publically supported the Union cause, which, for a Democrat who was unending in his criticism of the Lincoln administration, was not an easy thing to do. * The amazing Amos Kendall died on November 12, 1869, at sixty years of age. Before them stood a little man...He was clothed all in green, from his head to his feet, and even his skin was of a greenish tint. The old man - at 73 he was the oldest man in the Senate -had crafted a course of action he was assured would placate the firebrands in the South. He was attracted to drama, which was unusuaul for a student of "the dismal science" of economics. Amongst the things settled at Bretton Woods was how to structure the world's economy after World War II. Here is the Red River, which will supply the Confederacy with cattle and corn to feed their armies. The Frisians fashioned the amber into jewelry and sold and traded it with their inland neighbors. Eddie Foy died of a heart attack in 1927 at the age of 71. * In September of 1878 a cattle broker and gunman named Clay Allison came to Dodge looking for a showdown with Wyatt Earp. The church objected but that only slowed Philip down, it did not stop him. But nobody outside of the diamond industry had ever heard about those guys. And their personal history provided some insight into the movement they had fathered. * Lyman Stewart (above) was the deeply religious eldest son of a tanner. The term "ad nasseum" leaps to mind. But Elder believed with good reason that 2,000 fraudulent votes had been cast for Boyd in Douglas County, centered on Omaha. Now it was embarrassing.There was worse to come. The board of directors of his new company were empowered not only to dig out the diamonds of Diamond Mountain - where ever it might be - but they were also empowered to cut and polish the stones, and develop the market for them. No trace of the old man or the money was found. He would prove to be an effective opponent - for Frederick Bates was a very good at being an unpleasant man. *

As Bates wrote to his brother, "My habits are pacific. Every indication was that first thing Monday morning, he would easily be elected. Barron had access to), Mr. Astor had now taken up residence. By 33 he fell into the profession of footpath, a thief who waylaid fellow pedestrians at gunpoint and robbed them. William was suspected of much more. But Howard has found a new way to avoid facing up to this reality check. * On May 23rd, 2011, the day after the day after doomsday, Howard went on his church's radio network and assured his confused followers that, in fact the world had ended two days earlier, just as he had predicted. He inspired H.G. However, on the 24th , Coxey's Army, now 340 strong, marched into town, escorted by the deputies. The two mobsters fought back, trying to keep Crater in the cab, and at some point in the struggle, Judge Joe Crater was killed. Be careful when you get there, we hate to be bereft. - 30 - NEXT WEDNESDAY GENIUS Laying The Ground work The Amazing Capture of Vicksburg FRIDAY IN MEMORIUM; WILLIAM HUSKINSON, M.P. Gage...was relating the manner in which he was injured to the bystanders," wrote Dr. The truth was both men were (in the words used to describe Phillip by one of Daniel's defense lawyers), "confirmed and habitual adulterer(s)". Morgan (above), the world's most politically powerful bank. I didn't need it to anticipate my moods. But rather than evacuating the offices he ordered an office boy to carry the suspect sauce pan down to the street. "We are all speeding toward death at the rate of 60 minutes every hour. You do not have to follow these guidelines, but applying them to possible choices may sharpen your nominations. In 1868 she married a Quartermasters Clerk named Clifton. Let me know which politician you believe has in the past year achieved their "Level of Incompetence" and blazed beyond into the stratosphere of political insanity. The first place and time I would visit would be West 45th street in Manhattan, just after 9:00 PM on the night of August 6, 1930. They were no better trained than the Ohio National Guard troopers who opened fire on unarmed civilians 160 years later at Kent State. He was never paid, of course, but it stilled any public concern about his investment scheme. Barnum's museum in New York, there is no evidence he ever did. In fact, William Burke was the man who paid the price, of being remembered as a fiend, but whose real crime was just not being very nice. - 30 COXEY'S ARMY: PART SEVEN I imagine that every one of the seven miles from Brightwood Park to the capital were very tense for Coxey's Army. Nash wore a pink Tarleton (which she sewed herself) and false curls, and she had "constant partners". Then, unexpectedly, Sergeant Nash stole his wife's savings and deserted her and the service. He supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election ("Roosevelt or Ruin"), but by 1935 Coughlin was calling him "The great betrayer and liar...Franklyn Double-Crossing Roosevelt". So between attacks of debilitating fevers, Joseph ordered an immediate forced march to capture Vida, and the nearby village of Karansebes. Call me a romantic. We're supposed to be beyond that in this country." Well, we are approaching a century later and we still aren't! Finally, Landon himself was coaxed into joining the anti-Social Security bandwagon. Afterward this technique, which left no visible wounds or bruises, would be called "Burking". Clown shoes. See results without voting THE PRICE OF GRATITUDE I know it is popular to demonize Karl Rove as Bush's brain, but in fact he is merely the latest in a

profession that goes at least as far back as Democrat Amos Kendall, who was Andrew Jackson's brain. Hamilton not only survived this horror show but within ten years became one of the most successful and powerful men in America, the man who invented the American economic system. The 66 year old strode up behind Judge Field. "Subdue your passion or it will subdue you." Horace. Terry slapped the seated Judge across both cheeks, as if intending to precipitate a duel. Then he mentioned his real reason for all this effort. This time, when they were on top, the pair sold out to Rockefeller's Standard Oil of Indiana. But then in August, Roosevelt handed them an early Christmas present. Franklyn had received a July visit from Fred Lazarus (above), head of the Federated Department Stores, the single biggest volume retail chain in America, including Macy's and Bloomingdales in New York City, Filenes in Boston, and Strauss in Brooklyn. - 30 - WEDNESDAY: PASSION AND OTHER SINS The Dangers of Dating A Millionaire, And Vice a Versa In Three Parts THE WAGES OF SIN I am certain William Johnson believed he was dying in the name of love. And there was one small problem with that.It was well known that the dissection of human corpses was essential for the training of doctors. But Marshal Neagle did not. Lees immediately set out for Europe and found, as he suspected, that there were many along Tulip Street who recognized the photographs of the two odd Americans from their 1870 expedition. The skeletons of the horses were also detritus of this bronze age battle. That made Tennessee the 36th state to ratify. So they gave their horses as gifts to the local Indians, and the trappers set about constructing birch bark canoes. And as a practical matter, prostitution by laundresses was not activily discouraged by the officers. This was the frontier and the only other option for amorous release by a trooper was with either his fellow troopers or the horses. The Champagne Fairs really got running smoothly about 1270, and they resembled the NASCA season. - 30 - Next Wednesday GENIUS Setting The Stage April 1863 FRIDAY GETTING SQUIRRLEY Forget the Genetically Modified Apes. But we are looking for the handful who, over the past year, have displayed a self-destructive blindness. He joked with me and exhibited an impressive desk side manner. Also on hand were 1,500 federal troops (3 for every member of the Army), with more in position in Baltimore, Annapolis, and Philadelphia, ready to rush to the capital to put down any rebellion. It was also the junction of the National Road, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. This order had the effect of ruling retroactivly that the common law marraige of Senator Sharon and Althea was retroactivly null and void. The unprepared customers, sitting upright, suffered whiplash, blackouts, headaches, nausea, tunnel vision, and loss of balance for hours afterward, not the mention the joy of losing your lunch at thirty-five miles an hour while upside down. Walker had been born in 1753 in the mountains of western Virginia. But every time he ventured south from that base, Rebel cavalry under Nathan Bedford Forrest slipped around "Old Brains", captured his supplies and burned his bridges. And the explosion blew his nose completely off his face. In other works, if the state gets stung following Pooh's economic plan, the problem is with the worker bees, not with Pooh's plan; never with Pooh's plan. Did life have anything to offer Andrew other than an "Oedipal competition" with his father

which he could never win? It did. The new county named in his honor was so large it was locally referred to as "The State of Buncombe." * Facing contentious re-election in 1818 and again in 1820, Felix Walker quickly learned the value of a well publicized and well received speech. So the Grinders depended on their fall-back industry, selling corn mash whiskey to the Chickasaw Indians, whose nation's border lay just a few yards beyond the Stand's front doors.It was into this wilderness oasis where a tall, gaunt man materialized out of a cold rainstorm, in the gathering darkness of October 10th, 1809. The first is "Chotiner's Law"; "An incumbent forced to fight in a close primary election almost always loses the general election that follows." (This was the origin of Ronald Reagen's 11th Commandment - "Never speak ill of a fellow Republican"). Of course, the very next day, he recalled it. The lesson here I would say is that people who bring matchlock black powder muskets to public meetings have a "flare" for the dramatic. But we already know the answer. "So, if you will allow me to join your party, I will also go to the Emerald City and ask Oz to help me." By this time the crowd was so large, it was being led by 25 mounted Metropolitan Policemen, just to keep the Army moving. Johnson also told Grant that if Stanton still refused to leave, Grant should arrest him. So limit your themes, focus and refine the issues and drive them home again and again." (Healing Richard Nixon; A Doctor's Memoir 2003.) * Murray was a "cigar chomping wheeler-dealer", "...a chubby lawyer...(dressed in) monogrammed white-on-white dress shirts and silk ties with jeweled stickpins. Most politicians who achieve national fame are arrogant. Inside he found newly minted Republican silver coins - Mexican pieces of eight. Plus, if Althea continued to hold onto the marriage contracts, in defiance of the Federal court order, she could still use them as evidence in her California divorce case, which Sharon's son Fredrick continued to fight in state court. This made sense to Meriwether because he was new in territory and he knew and could trust Clark. * But it was also a disaster, because Frederick Bates was the Lieutenant Governor, and had been the acting Governor for almost a year while Lewis had slowly made his way west. Morgan's son was killed, as was the chief clerk for his father's bank. And in all probability, the leaders of the Uentice and Frisians spoke about the honor and nobility of battle, and the necessary sacrifices of their brave young men who died along the ancient banks of the Tollense. He realized there was more money to be made in making lenses for telescopes for rich benefactors than in just making portraits of rich people. He had come back after the Civil War, and now claimed to be "on vacation". He would have had better luck trying to reintroduce the snakes. He did not, perhaps because he could not. Meanwhile, in downtown Boston, and in "The North End", Charles Ponzi was having a very good month. Despite rumors that he appeared in P.T. Albert Bigalow Paine described Coney Island as where "the cup of gaiety and diversion overflows." Thousands still went to the beach to frolic in the surf for free. It could be the spring of 1970. Probably, whatever your politics, neither would you have. Unfortunately for Jay, the families' lawyers caught the omission. This created an artificial shortage of the stock, which drove the price up. Upon examination and ascertaining Mr. And in the end it did not matter, because, as one commentator has pointed out, it was at this point that the

entire affair "went from tragedy to romantic melodrama."Anna was being allowed to share her husband's cell each night, coming and going during the day. That had not worked and Sherman later burned the heart out of the Confederacy. Vennigerholz, the girl's grandmother. * It was the beginning of a disturbing trend. Still, Eddie explained, "I wanted to win that race so bad I could taste it, but I wanted to live even more. What that strategy produced in 1929, and in 2008, was panic selling, when over-confident investors suddenly realized that actually applying the rules of capitalism to them meant that, besides being the next winner, they might also be the next loser. But by then, Paul Boyton had retired from the limelight. * But his idea was developed by others, and soon Coney Island became crowded with amusement parks, fence touching fence, each competing with its neighbors for the customer's nickels and dimes. Of course there is nothing unusual in that. Craig's been doing this for almost ten years, and he's heard all these sad somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs before. And still the attackers came on, charging through the darkening shadows. The following Monday, September 27, 1920, details of the secret grand jury hearings appeared in several newspapers. The English were shocked, as were the Americans, but I'm pretty sure this was not the first working girl to meet an English King. Where had that most recent $2 million in cash come from so fortuitously, so suddenly? Normally no business, certainly not an investment program such as the "Old Colony", has that much cash on hand. The results were not what he had hoped for; 158 for The Great Unknown Smith, and just four for Browne. Enthralled, Thomas took the boy home with him as a sort of souvenir. This child of poor parents from Massachusetts, by dint of his intellectual brawn and his drive to succeed, reshaped the political landscape in America and created the Democratic Party in his own image. But he had a chameleon's talent for impersonations, and a quick broad sense of humor. The rumor is that alone at last on their country estates the pair learned to loath each other. Hunt ascended (the platform)...about half-past one o'clock, and ... Now, the Supreme Court of the state of California granted the estate of Senator Sharon an entirely new trial - forcing a living woman to argue she should be granted a divorce from a husband who had been dead for two years. Jack was paid by the Chitimacha Tribe and the Coushatta Tribe, both of Louisiana a total $1,820,000. It was their cry for justice which had produced the results of the election of November 1890. He reminded the Senate of the raid against Harpers Ferry by John Brown. But the truth was, all that most of these farmers wanted was for somebody to just acknowledge the railroads were standing on their wind pipe. Fayne, meanwhile, went to South Dakota where she got a divorced from William. admits that there is no ground of complaint that the Federal Government ever has attempted to interfere with the existence of slavery....But it is said that the Northern States, the Western States, in other words, the Free States, do so interfere. In 1864, almost by slight of hand, he convinced twenty-two of California's Gold Rush millionaires to finance his new bank. Over the next few years he filed three claims for mines in the Bradshaw Mountains. Last heard of, he was living in luxury. The magistrate then ask him to promise not to ever invade Buckingham Palace again. But this was the moment of birth, March 23, 1839, the first appearance in print that has so far been uncovered of the word "Okay" or OK. and the people of Massachusetts, by an enormous majority, elected him their Governor." Judah then charged that " is the desire of the whole Republican party to close up the Southern States with a cordon of Free States..." Baker was now moving like a picador, pricking his foe, and feeding his temper. In Portugal, today's innocent victim is hit with flour, sometimes while it is still in the bag - the flour not the victim. "Is this the great Fort Astoria I have heard so much of around the world? Good God, I could batter it

down with a four-pounder in two hours!" But he did not have to. And that is how you solve a problem like Marie.It looked like all hell was about to break loose in France. In April of 1613, noted a chronicler, "Sir Thomas Overbury is sent to the Tower for saying he could not and would not accept a foreign employment." Once locked away in dank rooms of the Tower prison for five months, by the end of September, Thomas was dead. Ever the schemer, in 1821 he went Mexico City, seeking a land grant in the disputed territory of Texas. The Germans added the "Kick Me" sign, and a second day which they call "Taily Day", to further enjoy the frivolity of bruised buttocks. For a day and a night I traveled through the air, and on the morning of the second day I awoke and found the balloon floating over a strange and beautiful country. Eugene Debs, a labor leader running on the Socialist ticket, won 3% of all votes, and Parley Parker Christianson representing the Farmer-Labor party represented another 1% of the American electorate. After a few seconds the owner would pull the dog out. He finished serving his sentence on December 13, 2010. Instead he borrowed to pay for the war. He was the most successful businessman in Massillon, a millionaire. But he was working on his second marriage and rumor had it that his gambling had ended his first. The 1810 census recorded the nation's population as just over 7 million. She told Hamilton that her husband, James Reynolds, had abandoned her and their daughter. Bob was late again, and as he was just running up the short steps of the Temple of Music Pavilion (above - X marks the spot), when he heard two quick gun shots. * William McKinley, the third President of the United States to be assassinated, had just been assassinated. After the election the Democrats held the Senate, 75-16, and the House, 332 to just 88 Republicans. Landon would admit that his attack upon Social Security had been a mistake, and henchforth he publically opposed any attempt to dismantle this New Deal program. But thanks to Percival's fortune, the search for Planet X continued. * In 1930 Clyde Tombaugh found Planet X. He also betrayed Generals Horatio Gates and George Washington. In fact the infamous Aaron Burr conspiracy was invented at least in part by James Wilkerson. The truth was both men were (in the words of one of Daniel's defense lawyers), "confirmed and habitual adulterer(s)". But a man who had the job, John Quincy Adams, described the Kentucky lawyer as, "The brainiest man that ever came over the Allegheny Mountains." The 38 year old had already served two terms as a Congressman, four years as Attorney General for Kentucky, and was now starting his second term as a state legislator - so the boy was not lacking for ambition, brains or talent


The 30th was labeled as the Republican Thanksgivin