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Our goal is your student's academic success!

Why hire a private academic advisor?

Each student is responsible for their own education and students, together with their parents, must determine their goals for higher education. Our role as your private academic advisor is to help parents and students develop a plan, understand the requirements and assist you in the progression towards achieving those goals.

The college admission process has become more complex and extremely competitive. This creates a stressful situation regarding the appropriate steps that need to be taken throughout the high school years to ensure your student will be able to attend the college of choice or in selecting a college that best fits your student’s abilities. High school advisors are often overloaded with as many as 500 or more students and simply do not have the time to attend to all of these students’ individual needs at the level necessary. Additionally, during these developmental years there is a natural level of tension between parents and students that is often minimized by an outside voice in this guidance process.

What do we bring to the table? Over 15 years of advisement to high school students and many success stories where success wasn’t expected. Development of your four-year plan is of primary importance and includes specific curriculum tracks for freshmen through senior years designed around your goals. We also provide clear cut guidance throughout the student's high school years and in the college selection and admissions process. Through our associate alliances we provide enhanced services to our clients within special focus areas including, advanced tutoring, test preparation, financial aid & scholarships, specialized admissions and college expense planning.



. . . A complete understanding of the curriculum tracks necessary at all levels and an understanding of the balance between requirements and the “other things” college and university admission offices are looking for in your student. . . . The ability to provide clear cut guidance in the academic process and in the selection of the college or university where your student will thrive. We also bring strong alliances we have built with other professionals within special areas of focus to further enhance our consultation services to our clients. With these professionals we provide improved subject knowledge and proven response strategies for standardized tests, as well as assistance in specialized admissions, financial aid and scholarships, educational expense planning & funding.




Academic Advisement Group  
Academic Advisement Group  

Our role as your private academic advisor is to help parents and students develop a plan, understand the requirements and assist you in the...