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Words from the Editor It is again with humble thanks I bring you the debut issue of Flash Fiction Aficionado. As you know, this digital literary publication is unique in that it specializes in works created for the "flash fiction" audience. When I sat down to edit this magazine, I desired to bring you the very best in flash fiction that the unknown talent market had to offer. With four new, amazing stories, I believe I have done just that and so much more. It was also the goal of this issue to focus on Love. Love comes in so many forms. It was my strongest desire to share those forms with you. No matter what happens in your life, you should always let love be your guide as you move throughout the world. A HUGE "Thank You" to Michelle Early, a Baltimore native who contributed in a major way to this publication. Her three submissions were the linchpins that made this issue possible. As this is a quarterly publication, our next issue comes out in mid-September. I would love for you to follow throughout the publication journey. Feel free to visit at www.flashfictionaficionado. com for more information and follow us on Facebook to ensure that things are progressing. Always remember to be BRAVE, be BOLD, and WRITE ON!!!

Celeste Williams Editor-in-Chief

Where the Sky and Sea Kiss

Where the Sky and Se BY Michelle Early

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!”

I heard Pastor Jenkins say. I looked over at the handsome groom as he smiled softly before leaning in to kiss the blushing bride, my best friend, Melissa. As they kissed, it all became real and I realized that my last single girlfriend was now someone’s wife. And I was not even in a text-ship with anyone. “Forever the bridesmaid, never the bride,” I muttered to myself as I threw on the biggest smile that I could muster. I was happy for Melissa and Mitchell; they were perfect for each other! But, a big part of me longed for the happiness that I saw in them. They had fought so hard for their love and had ultimately won. Their passion won. And I just wanted that, too. When my last relationship with David ended two years ago, I vowed to be more selective in my dating process, but that backfired, as I hadn’t been on one date since. Now here I stand, a 38-year old single woman, at her best friend’s wedding reception, secretly thinking about the Chinese food platter that I’m going to order this weekend instead of going out on a date like a reasonable person.

“I am pathetic…” I whispered as I sat at the head table with the rest of the wedding party.

“Amber!” I jumped as I heard Melissa calling my name.

“Sorry, Missy. I must have been in a daze. What’s up, hon?” I said.

“I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing. I know this can’t be easy for you, but I thank you for having my back.” Melissa said. “Yeah, with Mitchell being David’s best friend I didn’t know how this day would go but I’m pressing through. But enough about me; this is your day! You should be celebrating, not worrying about me!” I said, playfully poking her in the arm. “Am, just because my last name changed doesn’t mean that I’ve changed. After God and my family, you are it... my heart and then some! We’ve been rolling too deep for the last 30 years for me to let some name change us. I will always care about you; I will always check on you, girlie.” Melissa said with a warm smile. I had no words to say, so I smiled and hugged her. She was the best, and I wished her the best as she entered this new season of her life. After the festivities, I drove to the shore, took off my shoes, and walked to my favorite spot right at the water line. I gazed out at the horizon and began to cry as I looked at the point where the sky and the sea


ea Kiss

Flash fiction Aficianado


Where the Sky and Sea Kiss


Flash fiction Aficianado

“kissed.” Everyone was getting kissed today except relationship with God and waited until He told me for me. I fell to the sand in tears. it was time to come back to this place. This place where we first kissed and this place where we shared “There’s already enough salt water here; no our hopes and dreams. There is no other woman for need to add your tears.” A familiar voice said from me, and there never will be. I knew in my heart that behind. Embarrassed, I turned around to see David you would be here and that’s why I bought this…” standing behind me. He pulled out a ring box and continued, “the “What are you doing here?” I asked while ring you have always wanted. The ring that, while it wiping tears from my face. is beautiful, will never be as beautiful as you.” “I came to check on you, Am. I knew you When he opened the box, I saw that he had would be here; it was always our favorite spot. indeed given me the ring that I had always desiredStanding in the sand and the water, looking at my great-grandmother’s ruby wedding ring. where the sky and sun kissed.” Chuckling, he asked, “Remember when we were kids and we wrote our “Oh my gosh, David!” I exclaimed. “How names in the sand, declaring that that was exactly did you….? When did you….? Why did you…?” where we would get married?” “How- I asked your father. When- two years Slowly, I stood up and added, “Yeah, I ago. Why- because I love you and I always will.” remember. But then we grew up, broke up, and David responded. those dreams blew up.” Always the gentleman, “David, I love you more than I have ever David helped me to stand and brush the sand out of loved any man in my entire life. I’ve loved you since my dress. the 3rd grade when you pulled my hair- and that’s “Did we break up? Or did you decide that why I kicked you in your shin…but what about the you wanted more than I could give you at the time?” last two years? We’ve been apart… I love you so David asked. much, David…. but are you sure?” “David…. That’s not fair. I know you were “Amber, I’m more sure about this than I’m working hard on your career, but I was too. We just sure of my name.” As I thought about it all, I closed grew apart and-...” my eyes on him and opened them on the horizon. “No and. Call a spade a spade- you wanted more than I could give. But here’s the thing, I never stopped loving you. I knew when you kicked my shin in the 3rd grade that we would be married and I have not changed my mind.” David said.

“Yes, David. Yes, I will marry you.”

“What are you talking about, David? It’s been two years since we broke up, and there’s no way you can still feel the same way that you did 30 years ago!” Falling to one knee, David responded,

“Amber, in these two years I worked on my


Where the Sky and Sea Kiss


Flash fiction Aficianado


Sunflowers and Eclairs BY Michelle Early

On the first day of every month, Jared would head to the local florist and buy a bouquet of sunflowers for his wife, Daisy. He began this tradition 60 years ago when they started dating, as their first date was on the first day of June. He said he knew that day that they would get married one day but he just needed time for Daisy to realize it, too. The sunflowers were his way of continuing to show her his deep love for her. When she asked why sunflowers, he responded, “because daisies would be too obvious.” She asked the same question every month, and every month he gave the same response. Even as they hit financial hardships over the years and it became hard to afford a full bouquet of sunflowers, Jared still found a way to bring her sunflowers on the first day of every month. Jared loved Daisy more than words could ever explain, and this day was no different. “Good Morning, Mr. Washington. Here to pick up your sunflowers?” the clerk asked. “Yes sir, Robbie. Same as always, please. Only the best for my Daisy.” responded Jared. “Well, here you are, sir. Enjoy your day with Mrs. Washington!” “Thank you, young man. Enjoy your day as well.” Jared said as he walked out with a whistle. Usually, Jared would go straight home and give the flowers to Daisy, but today he wanted to do something different. Today Jared drove to his and Daisy’s favorite bakery and picked up her favorite sweet treat. She loved eclairs, and while Jared wasn’t too fond of them, he ate them joyfully whenever she brought home a batch. After he left the bakery, Jared drove down Main Street. He looked at all the new shops that had popped up in decades past, replacing the ones that he and Daisy would frequent in their youth.

Flash fiction Aficianado

Jared smiled as he remembered that first date with Daisy, 60 years ago. “Jared Washington, you watch yourself with that chocolate ice cream, now! Mama pressed my white dress just right, and I don’t want it soiled by you and your food tricks!” Daisy said as they shared a banana split at Troy’s Ice Cream Shoppe. They had just finished eating their meals, and Daisy said that she had a sweet tooth. When Jared asked what she wanted, she responded that she loved banana splits… but only with chocolate ice cream. Jared laughed and when Daisy asked why he said, “because that’s the only way I eat them.” They had just finished eating their meals, and Daisy said that she had a sweet tooth. When Jared asked what she wanted, she responded that she loved banana splits… but only with chocolate ice cream. Jared laughed and when Daisy asked why he said, “because that’s the only way I eat them.” Once their chocolate banana split arrived, Daisy began eating happily. Jared played in the ice cream a bit. He wanted to be serious with Daisy, but in his shyness, Jared just goofed around in the presence of the one, Miss Daisy Sumter. Troy’s had closed years ago after the son of the namesake owner retired and moved, but Jared and Daisy still held onto their memories of their first date. They had lived in the same town all of their lives and never dreamed of living anywhere else. Jared and Daisy loved to travel, but their home was always Shelton- nowhere else could keep them permanently. They took their first trip together was right after they had their daughter, Margaret. Jared’s job gave him the opportunity to travel to Cameroon to work with the country as they stepped into their new independence in the early 1960s. That job afforded them the chance to visit many other countries in Africa as a family, and their time abroad also saw the births of three additional children. Even while they were overseas, Jared somehow still managed to give his wife flowers on the first of every month. “Where we live does not change my love for you, Daisy,” he would say as he gave her the flowers every month. Daisy loved the flowers and loved Jared’s love for her. When they returned to Shelton after almost a decade in Africa, Jared struggled with readjusting to life in the States. He suffered emotionally and ended up losing his job after a year. Since the children were all in school, Daisy got a job to support the family. Jared hated the idea of his Daisy working, but she would say to him, “We are a family- one unit. It doesn’t matter who works because when one works, all eat.” After a few years and time with a counselor, Jared was ready to return to work, and when he returned, Daisy returned to her work at home. In her role at home, Daisy discovered a love for homemaking and started her own cleaning business. After a few years, her business was booming, and both she and Jared were able to retire comfortably, passing the company over to their children. And through it all, Jared brought Daisy sunflowers on the first of every month. On this day after Jared got the sunflowers and eclairs, he drove to give his gifts to his loving wife. He turned right onto Cascade Drive and then left onto Hummingbird Way. He turned off the ignition, grabbed his presents, and stepped out of the car. “Well, Daisy,” Jared said with a smile, “today is the first of June, and I am here with your sunflowers. I even brought your favorite treat from that bakery you love, Daisy.” Jared kneeled down and laid the flowers on the tombstone of his late wife, Daisy Washington. It was the first time in 60 years that Daisy did not respond to Jared’s gifts, as she was called home to Glory in the middle of May. And while Jared was still hurting, he rose this morning and decided to bring Daisy the sunflowers that he had been bringing her for the past 60 years. “Death can never end my love for you, Daisy,” Jared said as he sat, smelling the sunflowers and eating eclairs with his beautiful wife, Daisy.



All Jessica Reaves wanted was to be loved. It was more than a want. It was a need, nay, a desire. For her to be with someone, who loved her unconditionally. It was that feeling, that desire that led her into the arms of Richard Feinstein, instead of Lorenzo Trapper, aka, her true love. The nights Jessica spent with Lorenzo were hot, steamy hot and the stuff she dreamed of at night. She would scream at the mere thought of his touch on her naked skin. In her heart of hearts, he was her one true love, despite the fact they had only known each other for four months. Their first night together was more than passionate: it was euphoric. As they entered her boudoir, the room smelled of fresh roses and paper moons. Lorenzo caressed her shoulders as she slipped one arm out of her spaghetti strapped, black lace print dress. The other strap fell loosely across the middle of her arm; then, the entire dress fell to the floor, exposing her almost naked frame. Jessica turned away from Lorenzo as she finished undressing and when she spun back around, he was completely naked; his semi-erect penis almost ready for what was to come. That night, they made sweet, passionate love, unlike anything Jessica had ever experienced previously. From that moment on, she was in love with that big, hulking black man.


That experience was completely different from her first night with Richard. The small, Jewish man sat on her living room love seat, begging for Jessica to look at him the way he looked at her. However, she didn’t see it. She never saw him, not like he wanted to be seen. They sat on her couch and watched an episode of the local talk show, Something to Talk About. Richard tried to put his arm around Jessica’s shoulder; but, she moved away just as he was positioning himself. He resigned himself to the role in her life of “best friend” and lent her a shoulder to cry on the day that Lorenzo left her. Their last two weeks they together were pure bliss for Jessica. She and Lorenzo made love every night they were together. They canoodled on the couch while feeding each other grapes, they flexed against the fridge as she took in all 9 inches of his broad, manly strokes, and rode each other bareback and unashamed in her bed all night long. Alas, the time had come for Jessica to realize that all good things must come to an end.

“He was married!” Richard exclaimed as Jessica recounted her last rendezvous with Lorenzo.

“Damn. I--I--I can’t believe it. But, Lorenzo was with you every night.” Richard stated.

“Yea, he was. And, we made passionate love on almost every surface of this house.” Richard readjusted himself as he felt his penis swell in excitement.

“Where exactly did he wife think he was when he was here with you?” Richard asked, genuinely wanting to know the answer; his white face flushed with anticipation of the response.


BY Celeste Williams

Flash fiction Aficianado




Flash fiction Aficianado

“She thought he was working out of town. That’s all I was to him… some out of town job that he could “do” whenever he had a spare moment!” Jessica stated as she flopped down on her love seat, her perky, erect nipples were peeking through her think jog bra as she dripped with sweat from her morning run. “I would never do that to you,” Richard mumbled under his breath. He was trying to keep it quiet, but he could contain his emotions no longer. Jessica heard every word. “What did you say?” She questioned, her curiosity officially piqued. Richard swallowed hard and made the decision he’d been holding back for months. “I said that I would never do that to you. I would never lie to you and use you. I would treat you like the Queen you are.” Richard walked over to the loveseat and kneeled before Jessica. It was sweet and romantic; although, Jessica was stunned.

“What are you talking about, and what are you doing down there?”

Richard grabbed her face and pulled it close to his. Then, he planted a kiss right on her lips. His soft, yet firm lips pressed against hers with even pressure mixed with an undeniable passion and emotion. It caused Jessica’s neck to pull around into a circle and her back to arch. Her nipple brushed against his chest slightly and for the first time… in their entire friendship, she saw in Richard what Richard had seen in her. She saw passion and fire. It aroused her and turned her knees into jelly. Richard stood up and pulled Jessica to her feet. Just then, he scooped her up and carried her off into her bedroom, where they made love for the very first time.


BY Michelle Early

London Love

“It’s just another sad love song rocking my brain like crazy, and I’m all torn up. Be fast or slow it doesn’t let go or shake me, and it’s all because of you...” I crooned from the driver’s seat of my car. “Janiah, if you sing that ol’ sad song one more time! Girl, I’m sick of it! I’m sorry that you and Trevor broke up, but this has got to stop!” my best friend, Renee shouted. “We didn’t break up, Nay…he’s just overseas right now… and I can’t talk to him. I miss him so much!” “Well if you haven’t broken up, then stop singing this depressing song! You know Toni ain’t make no happy music! Skip her, Mary, and Faith-- their songs will only have you deeper in your feelings. Put on some Biggie or Pac, something with a beat, to cheer your tail up!” Renee quipped with a smile. I shook my head and just laughed at my best friend. She always knew how to bring a smile to my face and lighten my mood. Trevor and I had been dating for almost six months before he got a job opportunity to go work in London for six months on his company’s expansion plan. It’s been one month since and we’ve barely spoken since he left. He said that he didn’t want to break up and would not date anyone else; but, with the lack of communication, I don’t know what’s going on with us. All I know is that I miss him and I’m beginning to question what our future holds; or if there is even a future. As we drove, my phone rang, and I saw that it was an unknown number. I usually don’t answer those, but something made me pick up anyway. “Janiah? Is that you?” I heard a voice ask. “Trevor!!!” I screamed. I almost swerved into another lane at just the sound of his voice on the other end of the phone. “Watch it, girl!” Renee yelled. “Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to call more often, this month has been crazy. How are you?” “I’m better now. I’ve missed you!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Renee shaking her head during my response. She always told me never to show too much emotion, but my heart’s honesty spoke before my mind’s rationale kicked in. “Niah, I can’t stay too long, but I have a question to ask: would you like to join me in London for a few weeks? I know it’s short notice, but I miss you, too, and I can make all the arrang-” When I arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport, I saw Trevor standing at baggage claim with a big sign and a bunch of yellow roses- my favorite. I dropped all that I had in my hands and excitedly ran towards him. It had only been six months, but they were six profound months. Trevor had been my prayer partner, biblical study buddy, and closest friend. Yes, Renee was my best friend, but we were at an impasse with our spiritual beliefs. Trevor challenged and grew my thoughts on God and His love for His children. We connected in every way that a man and woman could… without ever being physically intimate. Our spiritual connection was the glue that kept us together. But as I landed in his arms, I realized that I had missed his touch and his overall presence. My heart fluttered, and my knees got weak just from his embrace. After our long welcome hug and kiss, Trevor put me down and held my hands to pray.

Flash fiction Aficianado

“One last stop, Niah.” He said to me on my last night in the city. As we got off the Tube at Waterloo station, I saw this enormous Ferris wheel-like structure standing before me. He held my hand as we walked towards it and then revealed his surprise. “Here is it, the city, all for you to see. It’s called the London Eye, and I have arranged a private capsule for us.” Because I am afraid of heights, I was terrified to enter Cupid’s Capsule, but Trevor continued to hold my hand, and I felt peace in his touch. Our ride was only 30 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime as Trevor held me in his arms and we looked out over the city. “The day that I called you I had come here for a meeting. I was riding in one of these with my colleagues that I realized what- who “How was your flight?” he asked. was missing… it was you. I love you, Janiah.” “It was long, but I loved the sleep that Trevor said before pulling me into his arm for a I got; no cell phone ringing or deadlines to be passionate kiss. met,” I responded. The ride ended, but our love had just “Yeah, owning your business is hard but begun. you do it well,” Trevor said, taking my hand into his and gently kissing it.

“Amen.” Trevor and I said together.

Blushing, I said, “So how are you? How is this city treating you?” “It’s been lonely without you but looking brighter now.” He said with a smile. Trevor’s company paid for a rental flat in the heart of London, and it had two bedrooms. Once we got my things situated in the spare room, he and I departed to view the city. Sleep would have to wait for me until I returned to the States because I intended on spending the next few weeks seeing all that this city had to offer. During my time in London, Trevor and I worked non-stop during the day and then stop at 1500 hours to venture into the city. We explored every afternoon, and by nightfall, we’d make a stopover somewhere new for dinner. Our time together in London brought us closer to God and each other. Each day I felt more and more like this was the man that God had created just for me. As I looked into Trevor’s eyes, I could tell he felt the same.


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