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If you are wondering whether it is safe to use Beauty and personal care products of top beauty products brands, then this post is meant for you. Here you will get to know the best way to distinguish and buy the most effective products from global beauty and personal care market. First, start with what are must-haves in your makeup bag.

Now many among us, who are just starting to learn makeup, don't always know what products they need to buy for starting with the makeup. While picking up, beauty care and personal care products, you need to reflect on your own style. Invest in some of those cosmetics that will suffice your daily need. Few of them are:  Moisturizer: Moisturizer hydrates skin and makes it look young. Moisturizer will prepare your skin for the application of makeup  Sunscreen: Choosing the right sunscreen is necessary. As per your skin type, you can choose either sunscreen or sunscreen powder. Now as per the finish you want, you can either buy dewy finish sunscreen or matte finish sunscreen. Choose SPF 20 or upper.  Primer: Primer even outs the appearance of pores and prepare the skin before makeup application. It will let your makeup stay longer.  Eye Primer: it preps the eye for eye makeup application  Eyeshadow: To create layers of drama in your eyes  Eyeliner: Available in four or five colors and is essential to create an attractive eye makeup

 Brow powder/ Brow Pencil: to redefining your brows and make those look more prominent.  Kajal or Kohl pencil: To add a dramatic effect on your eyes.  Foundation: Make sure you are choosing the perfect shade for your skin, or else it can ruin your look.  Compact powder: to set the foundation in the skin  Contour: you can reshape those areas in your face using contour. It gives a shadow and slimming effect.  Blush: It will add a hint of natural color in your cheeks  Bronzer: use the bronzer where the sun would hit your face, to get a sun-kissed look.  Highlighter: use these to define facial feature to get more natural and glowing look.  Setting spray: use these to set your makeup and make it stay for long. Buy appropriate beauty blender and makeup brushes to create a stunning look. This list of Beauty and personal care products is just to start with as you become a pro, you can develop your own vanity bag.

Beauty and personal care products  
Beauty and personal care products