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Enterprise MENTORTM Tools and strategies to help your line-managers become mentors to your employees What is Enterprise MentorTM? Enterprise MentorTM (EM) gives your line-managers the content, delivery tools and proven methodology to successfully mentor your employees – so employees feel involved in your business, and want to consistently deliver the highest level of excellence for your customers. What will Enterprise MentorTM do for you? Enterprise MentorTM helps you create higher levels of engagement and motivation with your employees. Time-tested research and evidence has shown conclusively that when employees are motivated and engaged, you achieve high levels of retention, productivity, performance, creativity, innovation, revenue and profit. How does Enterprise MentorTM work? Enterprise MentorTM takes a blended learning approach and leverages MP3 technology (or Flash technology), workbooks, face-to-face mentoring (i.e. your managers mentor your employees), presentations and various other learning approaches to make sure the principles and lessons your people learn are long lasting, effective and practical.

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1. MP3/Flash Mentoring Sessions


3. Face-to-Face Mentoring Sessions 4. Sum mary Sessio ns

5. Presentat ion

6. Protege Becomes Mento r

7. Follow-Through Enterprise MENTORTM uses a seven-step multi-learning approach which combines face-to-face learning with digital MP3/ Worlbook based learning. This proven combination allows employees to initially learn at a time which suits them, and then expand their knowledge in group mentoring sessions.

Who licences Enterprise MentorTM? Typical decision makers who decide to licence Enterprise MentorTM are CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Heads of HR, Heads of L&D and operational executives responsible for growth.

Who uses Enterprise MentorTM? Enterprise MentorTM is designed to be used by your front-line employees and mangers. This may represent as much as 80% to 90% of your workforce.

Traditional Mentoring



Enterprise Mentoring

The mentoring programme is designed to be used collaboratively by your line-managers and employees, who embark together on a journey of personal, professional and business development, and where your managers take the lead and facilitate the mentoring of your employees.

Why does Enterprise MentorTM work? Enterprise MentorTM creates a bond and relationship between your line-managers and employees. It gives a framework for your employees to learn more about themselves, your business and your customers. It also helps your managers understand more about your employees. By getting your managers to mentor your employees through EM, you involve your employees at a deeper level in your company, and create an environment which engages and motivates your employees, and which leads directly to higher revenues and profits.

Traditional mentoring using an outside mentor is very expensive and normally only takes place at CEO/Board level—however, using Enterprise MENTORTM you can now bring mentoring to your front-line employees and use your own line-managers as mentors.

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Typically your senior executives have their own leadership development programmes and personal mentors, but the rest of your organisation (who are customer facing, or are responsible for the day-to-day work of your company) seldom have the opportunity to get this level of business education. Therefore EM is for the majority of your workforce to get them more involved in your business and understand it at a deeper level. What do you get with your licence? : 21 digital mentoring sessions: (each session is around 15 minutes long, a total of approx. 5 hours) which your employees and managers can listen to on their MP3 players, mobile phones, or watch as multi-media Flash sessions on their computers. : 218 page workbook: which can be customised and personalised for your company. : 21 summary MP3 sessions: which your employees and managers can listen to many times to recap the programme and make sure their new business education is deeply ingrained at a subconscious level. : An implementation methodology (the strategies): which allows you to get the greatest results from the mentoring sessions, and make sure that the new learning and business education your employees and managers receive has the greatest impact on your business. : An extra 15 hours of additional digital mentoring materials: where employees and managers hear first-hand from some of the UK’s highest achieving business leaders who were initially interviewed to create EM.

Enterprise MENTORTM Tools and strategies to help your line-managers become mentors to your employees

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What will your employees/managers learn with Enterprise MentorTM? Sessions 1 to 5: Focus on Your CUSTOMERS Sessions 11 to 20 : Focus on Your EMPLOYEES and MANAGERS 1: Growth Through Innovation, Creativity and Change 11: Half-Way Review and Introduction To Personal Leadership 2: Gaining New Customers Through ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ 12: How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief 3: How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers 13: The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire 4: Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson 14: How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs 5: The Six Fundamentals of Business That You Must Master 15: How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You 16: How To Achieve Extraordinary Results With The Power of Goals Sessions 6 to 10 : Focus on Your TEAMS 17: The 5 Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals 6: People! The Key To Unlocking Your Profit Potential 18: How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself 7: 7 Essential Steps To Make Your Team Believe 19: Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential For You To Succeed! 8: How To Maximise Your Results Through Communication 20: Your Role as an Enterprise Leader 9: 7 Proven Strategies To Get The Most From Your Team 10: Motivation! How To Get Your People To Go The Extra Mile

20+ MP3/Flash Mentoring Sessions


Practical Workbook Exercises


Your Line-Managers Become Mentors to Your Employees

Enterprise MENTORTM brings together digital MP3/workbook mentoring (which your employees and managers work through at a time to suit them) with group face-to-face mentoring sessions with their line-managers and fellow mentees.

How do you licence Enterprise MentorTM and how much does it cost? Enterprise MentorTM is a fully licensable set of mentoring tools and strategies, which you can use in your organisation to get the very best performance and results from your employees and managers. EM is available to license at a company-wide level (through a site-licence) so that every employee and manager in your organisation can receive a world-class business education and personal and professional mentoring experience. The programme is also available for ‘named users only‘ so that you can specify precisely who will benefit from the mentoring experience. Each company who licences EM has slightly different requirements, and the number of licenced employees vary, but whether you are a large multi-national or smaller SME, the materials you’ll receive will be identical. : 5 User Licence: £999 : SME Licence: From £1,999 : Enterprise Licence: From £9,999 Who do you contact to learn more about Enterprise MentorTM? To bring Enterprise MentorTM to your company, division or team, simply email or contact us on +44 (0)207 558-8017. Alternatively visit

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Enterprise Mentor Specification Sheet  
Enterprise Mentor Specification Sheet  

Enterprise Mentor Specification Sheet