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Social Networking Software for Business Leading enterprises have discovered the advantages of social networking platforms for business, pointing the way for companies of all sizes to build more connected communities, increasing efficiency and collaboration among employees, customers and members. Private social networks that attract and engage people to improve business outcomes allow companies to stay in charge of their communities and own their branding, content and user experience. When all groups are connected, accessing and contributing to information, transformation happens. Large companies with employees in multiple locations—and multiple countries—must successfully blend their diverse cultures, while encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Even smaller companies in one location will find a ready platform through social business software, allowing employees to contribute, respond to customers, and be acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions. Customers, formerly an anonymous group with vaguely defined needs, can now collaborate with employees, sharing ideas and feedback. Customers are engaged through the dimension of social customer service as employees and company partners interact with them and quickly respond to their needs. Recognizing top contributors through leaderboards, as well as with badges, certificates or coupons, creates incentives for further interaction, building customer trust and brand loyalty, vital components in today’s customer centric organizations. Social networking enhances expert discovery, enabling customers to directly locate the right person with the expertise and experience they require. Employees and customers alike can document and share solutions to common problems, enabling others to quickly find and use the resources needed. Social tools used within private networking systems enable secure, shared access to knowledge and interaction among communities, integrating diverse internal business systems like CRM, help desk and ERP. All key communities, including members, partners and others, participate in the same way, adding to the flow of communication along with employees and customers. When companies enable all groups to communicate, share and collaborate easily in a controlled user experience, they gain powerful strategic advantages, like using the power of gaming mechanics to incent improved productivity of employees and reward customers and partners for positive contributions. When games award points for certain activities, they can be a significant motivator for action, especially if rewards are attached to accumulating points. As people achieve levels and status through games and awards, they experience a sense of accomplishment and community. The next step is collaboration to achieve broader game goals together. Using a social networking software platform like HiveSocial, offered by Enterprise Hive, creates interconnectedness that builds your brand, attracting stronger sales prospects at every stage of interaction. The enterprise achieves greater efficiency thanks to streamlined communication and quick response to end-user feedback. Activate the power of your existing dynamic networks to attract and engage people for improved business outcomes. For more information about HiveSocial, please visit

Company Bio Enterprise Hive, based in Irvington, Virginia, creates social business software solutions including its flagship community platform, HiveSocial. Using cloud-based technology, HiveSocial delivers a secure, private online experience that empowers all employees, customers and partners to connect and collaborate. HiveSocial is an all-inclusive cloud-based platform that offers a dynamic suite of collaboration tools, , game mechanics, and connectors to integrate with enterprise systems.. Enterprise Hive proudly practices sustainability and resource conservation in their product development methods, and supports many philanthropic and volunteer activities.

Social Networking Software for Business | Leading enterprises have discovered the advantages of social networking platforms...

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