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Social Business Software: Solutions that Address Top Business Needs In order to thrive, businesses must transform their relationships and connections with all their communities, including customers, members, partners and employees. This is especially true for businesses that: have a high percentage of knowledge workers, are heavily reliant on brand recognition and loyalty, need to maintain a strong reputation to build credibility and customer trust. Choosing the right social business software has become a critical step in successfully managing the key business functions of marketing and sales, customer service and product development. Given the expanded role of social media in the lives of most individuals, customers have heightened expectations when interacting with a company—in other words, they expect social customer service. Enabling all your groups to communicate, share and collaborate easily in a community where you control the user experience opens up powerful strategic advantages, including the ability to: engage with customers, employees and partners in a valuable way that makes information and experts easy to find, at the same time as it builds and strengthens your communities; use the power of gaming mechanics that incent improved productivity of your employees and reward customers and partners for their positive contributions; build your brand through interconnectedness, attracting stronger sales prospects at every stage of interaction; achieve efficiency through streamlined communication and enable quick response to enduser feedback. Moving your company into the arena with enterprises that fully implement social technologies could achieve an increase in productivity by as much as 20 to 25 percent2. Integrating a social business platform like HiveSocial offered by Enterprise Hive into your business workflows will transform your relationships with employees, customers and partners. The result will be to drive customer satisfaction to new levels as you reduce costs and increase sales. HiveSocial is a SaaS platform that simplifies the management of complex relationships between and among employees, customers and partners with collaboration spaces that include such features as wikis, forums, document management, training tools with digital certificates to teach and reward employee achievement, as well as sophisticated gaming mechanics that reward and incent users for their contributions. Interacting with customer communities through game mechanics gives a company more control over its brand and user experience in the open arena of social business. Games or quests can lead customers to help solve each other’s issues, create positive content and share best practices through simple techniques like awarding points. Adding awards for achieving certain levels can

improve employee productivity, decrease support costs, build community and strengthen customer loyalty. There are opportunities to layer in even more levels of interaction and create a greater sense of community by recognizing top contributors through leaderboards as well as with badges, certificates or coupons. Transforming your organization into a social business will position a company to address three key business needs: knowledge sharing—encourage easy social collaboration among all connected communities (customers, employees, partners); customer engagement— empower customers through social customer service by interacting with them and quickly responding to their needs; expert discovery—maximize the knowledge base contained within communities, making it easy to find the person with the needed expertise at just the right time. Ultimately, the enterprise that adopts these approaches will improve employee productivity while decreasing costs, increase customer satisfaction that builds brand loyalty and grow exponentially. Bio: Enterprise Hive, based in Irvington, Virginia, creates social business software solutions including its flagship community platform, HiveSocial. Using cloud-based technology, HiveSocial delivers a secure, private online experience that empowers all employees, customers and partners to connect and collaborate. HiveSocial offers a dynamic mix of social business features including content management, game mechanics and advanced communication and collaboration tools. Enterprise Hive proudly practices sustainability and resource conservation in their product development methods, and supports many philanthropic and volunteer activities. 1. 2.

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Social Business Software: Solutions that Address Top Business Needs | Social business networking is growing at a rapid pace....