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Doing business in Armenia

transportation may apply to Air Armenia to deliver its merchandise directly to the airport of destination, without transiting Frankfurt. It is equally possible to charter the entire airplane for round trip from Yerevan to any desired destination. Depending on the weight of the merchandise, the cost of cargo transportation from Armenia starts from 1,2 EUR, from Europe – 2,85 EUR and from the USA – 4 USD per kilogram. The maximum weight of cargo accepted by Air Armenia per flight is 17 tons, the minimum - 1 kilogram. Transportation by rail, road and sea

The total length of railroads is 725 km. The railway has 69 operating stations. The Armenian road network (7, 704.3 km), despite certain obsolescence, serves the whole country. It operates all the year round. The main roads are:

• Yerevan-Ashtarak - Spitak - Tashir - Tbilisi or Yerevan Ashtarak, Spitak - Vanadzor - Bagratashen - Tbilisi that connect Armenia with Georgia;

• Yerevan - Ashtarak - Gyumri - Ashotsk - Bogdanovka that connects Armenia with the Georgian ports Batumi and Poti. The average length of the road is approximately 700 km (four days);

• Yerevan - Yeraskh - Vayk - Goris - Kapan - Meghri, that allows reaching the western border of Iran. This road is not

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