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Doing business in Armenia

Cargo transportation Transport remains one of the main issues for export of merchandise to Armenia. Actually, owing to the closing of the border with Azerbaijan and surface border with Turkey, certain roads are closed and the transportation costs are high. Thus, 85% of merchandise has to transit through Georgia and the remainder - through Iran; meanwhile the air borders exist only via Turkey. Nevertheless, if the transportation costs to Armenia remain high, the exportation costs from Armenia per cargo weight and destinations are less costly. Air transport infrastructure

Civil aviation infrastructure consists of two international airports: “Zvartnots” and “Gyumri”, and nine local (nonmilitary) airports. The following carriers are serving Armenia: BMI - "BRITISH MIDLAND AIRWAYS LIMITED", Armenian Branch (UK), Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (Russia), S7 (Russia), Austrian Airlines (Austria), Czech Airlines (Czech Republic), Armavia (Armenia), Air France (France), LOT Polish Airlines (Poland), Flydubai (UAE), Air Baltic (Latvia), Air Italy (Italy), etc. There is only one company – Air Armenia, possessing cargo airplanes and operating cargo flights from Armenia to the rest of the world. This company operates regular flights twice a week from Yerevan to Frankfurt (Hahn) and from Frankfurt to any other destination. Yerevan-Frankfurt flights are operated on Sundays and Wednesdays and flights from Frankfurt to Yerevan are operated on Mondays and Thursdays. Any corporation having more than 10 tons of cargo for © 2012 Grant Thornton CJSC. All rights reserved. 48