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Doing business in Armenia


There are several types of holidays, memorial days/leaves. Below are recalled the main ones:

• December 31st - January 2nd: New Year • January 3rd – January 5th: Christmas holidays

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January 6th: Christmas

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May 1st: Workers’ Day

January 7th: All Souls' Day January 28th: Army Day March 8th: Women’s Day April 24th: Day of Commemoration of Armenian Genocide May 9th: Victory Day May 28th: The First Armenian Republic Day July 5th: Constitution Day

• September 21st: Day of Independence Paid leaves

The length of an annual paid leave is 20 working days in case, if the working week is comprised of 5 working days, and 24 working days - if the working week is comprised of 6 working days. The annual leave may be provided in parts by the request of the employee. In any case one of the parts of the annual leave should last at least 10 or 12 working days depending on the length of the working week. Annual leave for each working year shall be granted in the same working year. The transfer of the annual leave is allowed only through the mediation of or with the consent of the employee. In any case the transferred © 2012 Grant Thornton CJSC. All rights reserved. 26