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Doing business in Armenia

Regulation and remuneration of labor Labour relations in the Republic of Armenia are governed by the Labour Code, which became effective on 21 June 2005. This Code aims at adapting the labour legislation to the present-day realities. It should be noted that this Code has recently undergone several important amendments. One of the crucial modifications was the introduction of the individual act on recruitment as a basis for the formation of labour relations in case of mutual consent of the employer and employee. Thus, at present the Labour Code foresees 2 bases for formation of labour contracts and extends the application of provisions on contractual relations over those arising from the abovementioned individual act. Labor force of Armenia Qualifications

The main wealth of Armenia is probably its young and highly qualified population (68 % of the population ranges from 15 to 59 years old). The labor legal capacity in the Republic of Armenia arises in full from the moment of reaching the age of 16 and in some cases at the age of 14. The retiring age established by the law is 63. The educational system is the biggest advantage of Armenia. Today there are about 64 universities and 9 branches of foreign universities, enrolling more than 123,700 students. Personal work-book

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