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Doing business in Armenia

Though this situation tends to evolve in a positive way, however nowadays, the majority of large-scale projects are financed by international organizations (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, IMF, USAID, European Commission) or by foreign governments (Japan, Germany, the United States, France). Banking transactions

All banking transactions are possible in Armenia (opening a bank account, banking transfers, currency exchange, collection of liquid assets, letters of credit, savings, credit card services, check books), even if some of them are less frequent than others. The majority of the banks, for instance, offer checks issuance services, but this method of payment is hardly ever used in the country. Operations with credit cards are more frequent, even though this system of payment is not yet widely spread. All banks offer their own credit cards and ATMs. More and more shops are accepting payments by credit cards. The full list of banks operating in the Republic of Armenia is available at:

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