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Doing business in Armenia

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the legal status and organizational form of the legal entity; the registration date in the country of residence; the juridical name of the enterprise; the place of residence of the enterprise; the length of activity; the competences of the managing bodies of the enterprise (Assembly of the founders, Council, Executive body, Board);

• the managing body, competent to make decisions on the foundation of this enterprise, acquiring a share in the charter capital and on termination of participation. A foreign physical entity who wants to open a firm in Armenia must also attach a translated and notary certified copy of his/her passport to the required documents. It is worth noting that on 19 March 2012 the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia has adopted a new Law “On Introducing changes to the RA Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities”” which will enter into force on 25 July 2012. This new Law totally revises the RA Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities”, even the title of the latter (the new title - the RA Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities, State Record of Legal Entities’ Separate Subdivisions, Institutions and of Private Entrepreneurs”). According to the anticipated major changes, it would be possible to electronically carry out the whole registration procedure. Moreover, the registration term will be shortened and will take only 2 working days instead of 5 working days. The RA State Registry of Legal Entities 15 Grigor Lusavorchi Ave. 0015 Yerevan, Armenia © 2012 Grant Thornton CJSC. All rights reserved. 18