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Doing business in Armenia

registration the given entity will be deemed automatically recorded with the tax body and will be awarded a Taxpayer Identification Number. The founding (governing) document of the legal entity is its charter. The charter determines the size of the entity’s statutory capital, the composition and competencies of the governing bodies and the rules for decision-making, the rights and obligations of the participants/ shareholders/ partners, the rules for exit and the transfer of shares of a participant to another person. Generally, incorporation takes 5 working days once correct documents are filed. However, it is possible to register within 1-3 days upon payment of the service fees to a special treasury account. The creation of an enterprise consists of two stages:

• elaboration and collection of documents envisaged by the law;

• submission of documents to the RA State Register of Legal Entities required for state registration. For registration of an enterprise, it will be necessary to provide the appropriate territorial subdivision of the RA State Register of Legal Entities with the following documents envisaged by the RA Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities”:

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